Possible to transfer entire guild to new realm?

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Hello, I wanted to test an Idea I had, and see what other people think on the subject,

I was hoping for some kind of option, to move an entire guild and all it's members to transfer to another realm, where the population is more balanced.

I know there is an option for the Gmaster and the Gbank to move, and the rest of the guild will follow individually. But I was hoping that blizzard would be open to the Gmaster and up to 49 of his guild mates to transfer all at once.

Is this possible, and what kind of cost would be incurred? I'm sure the guild would be willing to donate toward the total cost.

Could it be made possible?
The way I see it, this could be done from the Gmaster battle.net screen,
o - initiate Realm transfer for Gmaster and Gbank - €30
o - initiate Realm transfer for Gmaster, Gbank and additional players [#] (each addition player incurs an additional fee of €20)

Total players to move, Gmaster, Gbank, (list of Guild Member) 30 - Total Fee €630

After Each player has paid for their share of the transfer fee (via battle.net / paypal) and accpeted the Transfer time and date.
Any mailbox items / Auction House Item would be destroyed in the transfer process.

Once the Guild Master has landed on the new realm and Created a New Guild Name (if needed) the Rest of the transfers could then take place. (Game play for these characters would be suspended until the transfer was complete)

This way, the Guild could organize a realm transfer with ease, consider who will travel with them at the time of the transfer, allow each member to decide if the wish to transfer and the whole guild could move as a unit, rather than risking losing people in the process.

I know it's a little long winded, and perhaps it could be tidied up a little, or refined in some manner. But basically I would like to see a feature implemented that would allow a mass guild transfer, and allow it to be paid for by either the guild members individually or by a guild mate on their behalf. Once everyone has accepted, or the guild master is satisfied. he can start the transfer process, and have the entire guild list transferred in 48 hours.

Thoughts? is it even possible? would Blizzard implement it?
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10/02/2013 19:40Posted by Mephismo
I doubt it, how do you prove guild members actually want to transfer without having their account details ?

That's why they'll have to accept the payment or whatever from their account? ... If they don't want to transfer just decline it? Not that big of a deal, is it?
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Well My thoughts on that would be, on each player nominated for transfer by the Gmaster, they each have to log in to battle.net and either pay for the transfer or accept payment on their behalf by someone in their guild (player x would like to pay for your transer - accept?" or "Your Guild Master has invited you to realm transfer to "X" realm - accept?" - Process payment - €20 via paypal or battle.net balance.
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I really like the idea. I totally get where your coming from and it would be amazing.
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Employees working? good god, stop everything, what have I done !!

Discount, no... would be nice... but not required for this instance.

Trying to improve something that could be better, for the benefit of thousands and thousands players, and blizzard could potentially make a few quid also.. to cover staff costs and whatever...

The whole point of this idea, is to enable "GUILD" transfers, and leave "Individual" transfers for people who want them.

Any time I have heard about guild transfers, or been involved in one, the most worrying thought is that doing so would risk losing 1/2 if not more of the guild in the process.

Doing this "my way" would enable the guild leader to see who has paid, who has not, and only initiate the transfer when s/he was happy and satisfied that enough of the "core players" are indeed actually transferring.

For most guilds that attempt a mass exodus to another faction / realm has the attempt end up as becoming a death blow to the guild. When not enough players actually make the transfer it splits the great 50 man guild into, 2 weaker 25 man guilds where neither can function properly without the others.

Then suddenly 50 players need to find new guilds on two different realm, split up with their friends or drop another €20 to get back to them. All the hard work, team work, fun and comradeship is gone out the window as if it never existed.

My way ensures the guild will stay together as a unit, and no one pays any money until the guild master is happy with the number to be transferred. All the players on the list who have paid, will wake up on the following day in a bright new world with all their friends, guildmates, officers and leaders in one place at the same time and continue business as normal. If the Gmaster is not happy with the number of people from the guild to be transferred then s/he does not initiate the transfer until s/he is.

The current method, neglects to include this "safety" feature, and risks everything, and guarantee's nothing. Many guilds have been destroyed / dissolved like this, I have heard countless horror stories of pro / semi / social guilds not surviving the transfer for one reason or another.

All I am suggesting is a good way to help keep friends and guild mates together, and ensure that any guild who attempt this, have a guaranteed method of surviving it.

If you don't like that idea, that's fine! no one said you must like it, but for the people who do like it, let them avail of the feature, and the people who do not like it, still have the single player transfer to fall back on.

Nobody can get hurt, so what's to stop it being implemented? Blizzard staff are over worked? underpaid? just like the rest of us then ye?
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I think it's really good I've heard the horror stories about people being left behind/not being able to afford it/ not being bothered cus they don't think it will really happen etc etc etc.
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Wicked good idea buddy. As a fellow Guildmaster I would love to see such a feature implemented. :-) You got my vote ^^
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17/02/2013 14:58Posted by Melana
Doing this "my way" would enable the guild leader to see who has paid, who has not, and only initiate the transfer when s/he was happy and satisfied that enough of the "core players" are indeed actually transferring.

This is the core of the reason it can't be done.
The reason transfers are individual is because once you accept the individual trasnfer, having it complete means cash gets paid and your char is transferred.
Your suggestion could backfire because its meant to be possible for the Guildmaster to opt out mid transfer and as such Blizzard has to pay those who accepted back.
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Good idea in concept i agree, but unfortunately not possible in real world. The ability to transfer someone else's character is not allowed due to you not being the owner of that account. There will be to many complications like getting permissions and payment etc. The process they have in place now is perfectly fine being the users follow the correct procedure - Guild master transfers with guild - Members follow
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I could see it being implemented here. Hell, its like an money spinner for blizz. get the GM to make all the automated transfer requests, and it has everyone else actively taken to the battle.net site to dig out their cash.
What could go wrong, apart from not acepting, but if they dont then they wouldnt have anyway...
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It's definitely possible. A lot of the mechanics are in place already.

What I really like about this idea, is that it's unexploitable, since an actual fee per member is paid. And it would really make it easier to handle mass transfers.

I vote a big "yes" to this feature suggestion, given that each guild member gets an actual choice whether or not to move along with the guild. Forced transfers would be silly! ;)

You should sumbit this as a suggestion from the help interface in-game as well. There is a box for it there. If you haven't already and I just missed it. I really didn't read the whole thread....

You need to shorten it down a bit though, as you only have 500 characters there! ;)

I submit feature suggestions through it on an almost daily basis! :)
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