The Current State Of PVP!

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I come from a Very early time in Vanilla. I've been playing right through from the start and I've slowly watched PVP implode in on itself since that point

CC and the bots have gotten out of hand, we all know this and we are all very painfully aware of how far off a solution to this issue is. (Monks tho man, Monks) It seems like every Class is designed to run away.

I am currently trying to gear and alt in pvp and the spearhead of all of these issues together is, my average alt being shoved into a BG with 90% bots and me getting litterally 30 honour for the worst 20 minutes of "PVP" i've ever seen.

Could we atleast look at boosting honor given for a loss? I mean, I'm dying constantly here and I feel I should be rewarded for doing nothing also, just like the bots!

I'm very aware that I do little anyway, being a massively Op hunter and my critique applies to my own class too.

Yours sincerely
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The first rule of PvP is self preservation. Knowing when to be cautious, when to be reckless and increasing survivability are all important but it goes further than just these things. It's also about preserving your emotional state. Being patient, knowing when to just leave a BG or just PvP for fun without caring if you win or lose are all important tools for making your experience more enjoyable. In other words, don't get mad, just make what you can out of it.
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Infuria got it all . Thread ended XP
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my average alt being shoved into a BG with 90% bots and me getting litterally 30 honour for the worst 20 minutes of "PVP" i've ever seen.

I don't believe you it is 90% bots. The real problem is that your team got players like you, alts with no gear. If all your enemies got descent gear and you don't, it is like playing 10vs9 and the percentage for winning, will decrease.

If you got a problem gathering honor points, go to Karasang wilds and farm the rare mobs, who gives you 1000 honor/50 minutes. To even increase that, find you a friend who camps an other server and you will get 2000 honor/50 min. Easy as that.
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