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21/04/2013 12:11Posted by Justdance
I like how my question about "any changes planned for DKs" got completly dodged. For some reason, neither on twitter or even in "Ask the Devs" threads I can't find the answer.

Probably because your question was vague as !@#$...They could have just as easily answered with yes and you'd still be mad.

Nah, I would have been happy even with a simple yes/no. My lovely Holinka:

Any more changes planned for DKs? Inbe4 dodging the question again.

No more changes planned for DKs

Well, what if I say that since it doesn't break ccs anymore, why does Unholy Frenzy still damage the player? Ty anyway.

It's a good point and we can look into it
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Perhaps your question didn't get many votes, Mobius. Questions were chosen because of the amount of votes they got, I can imagine a class-specific question (that is a little vague as well) not receiving many votes.
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Mobius, to answer your question as to why your question was not taken:
09/04/2013 13:39Posted by Mobius
Any changes planned for DKs? Like removing the rp cost from Icebound Fortitude or removing the health loss every 2 sec from Unholy Frenzy.
As you can see, the question is not about the planned changes for patch 5.3. For those that are complaining that you aren't satisfied with the questions we responded to, take into consideration the following things:

  • Did you ask a question? We only took questions that were posted in the Ask the Devs thread. If you don't ask, we can't answer.
  • Was your question about the patch 5.3 changes relating to PvP? If not, then it was not taken because it broke one of the first rules for the Ask the Devs
  • Did you up-vote questions you wanted to see answered? The highest voted questions were the ones we chose.

There were many questions that were able to be asked about the 5.3 changes for PvP. There was a new battleground, a new arena, many class changes that would affect PvP and as can be seen, resilience changes. No questions were avoided, if they met the rules of the thread and were voted for, then they were chosen.

19/04/2013 23:51Posted by Dumpey
The major things which are constanly posted about here and on the usa forums: too much burst, too much cc +remove the pve trinkets, are simply ignored.
There are actually responses to all three of those. The Devs spoke about CC, the PvE trinkets and the burst they create. Unfortunately, if you check the Ask the Devs thread, there are no questions which actually asked about the 5.3 changes and the way in which they would address burst, outside of those pertaining to the Shado-Pan trinkets. If you wanted an answer specifically to the ways in which 5.3 was planning to address your particular issues with burst, then you should have asked them.
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I'm happy for having my question answered because it was one of my biggest concerns.

Although, I wonder why they formed it so differently, but I'm guessing that was from the question Johnmatríx, Sylvanas asked. I originally asked:

"Will the scaling in Rated Arenas and Battlegrounds scale up every season to match the new ilvl on gear?

If not, there will be little point in buying gear new gear."
Page 5, top comment)

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the questions picked. Tanking in RBGs was also something I was eager to see what they would do with because of the resilience changes, being a tank in RBGs myself.

I suppose all we can do now is wait and see how it'll work in action. But you are doing something quite daring Blizzard. Be prepared for the worst.
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Did you really say that? I mean, c''s a question in a 5.3 Dev Q&A about PvP! Did you think they were asking for patch 6.2??? I'm sorry Nakatoir but that to me is a cop-out. End of the day no Dev will answer a question that will give them a tough time of it or if they do they fob it off as "we don't think ***** is in a bad place" or "we disagree"

If we, as a community, didn't ask the question - what is there for the Devs to answer?
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