Echoes of the Titans quest

90 Human Paladin
Does anybody know if that you do your lfrs and then get the quest later that week,if u go back into those lfrs will u still get the quest items
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100 Night Elf Hunter
No idea, I picked this quest up 3 weeks ago, so have run the 2 relevant raids which drop the titan runestones (3rd & 4th raid in ToT), for 3 weeks now - so a total of 18 bosses fought, and Im still yet to receive even 1 titan rune stone???.... At this rate it'll take me months to collect all 12 required!!!
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100 Human Paladin
21995 Can`t be botthered to copy.
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100 Troll Shaman
Drop rates are terrible and extremely unstable.
I started this quest 1 week before the rest of my guild, must be 1 month already, maybe 5 weeks, and i have 4!! titan runestones.

I really feel this isn't a legendary questline but a hammer with a nail to my nerves. I would prefer more boss kills or special quests and less rng. (ok still, its better this rng type that praying for a legendary weapon drop from a boss)
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90 Draenei Priest
The drop rate for these is incredibly low which makes this a terrible and stupid quest, imo. After several weeks of killing the last six bosses of ToT, I still haven't got a single runestone. I wish Blizzard would have made it so that at least one runestone drop is guaranteed during a week. But no, if you don't get lucky, you won't get these stones at all and won't be able to experience the lore any further.
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100 Dwarf Shaman
The collecting part is starting to get annoying. And yes i'm frustrated since this is the third week that i haven't gotten a single titan runestone. Instead of having us collect 32(!) completly random drops from the same raid, it feels like Blizzard really could have come up with some other form of quest to make it more intresting and less random...

Having something in the line of the bosses you have to defeat to get Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest or just put up a mob in the line of the warlock green fire last boss to make it more challenging. Making us collect 32 items from the same raid just feels like they lack imagination.

And yeah i know about the next part where you get to do a scenario, but that is if you managed to actually be lucky and get the 32 pieces... Adding some sort of "if you don't get a runestone you increase your chance to get one from the next boss by a tiny precentage". Then you at least know that your chance is increasing by every failed week you have to endure.... rng is rng...

/rant off
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100 Orc Shaman
Terrible quest altogether. 3 weeks in without drops. :(
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100 Night Elf Druid
1 stone in 4 weeks means (IF i get one next week!) 4x 12 is 48 weeks to go. That means we get it in next expansion.

O wait! It's the Blizzrd System: we grind this 20 weeks then up the droprate meaning doing this every week now is a complete waste of time
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90 Blood Elf Priest
So I've got 2 stones after 5 weeks when I did either normal or LFR (usually simply LFR over and over to ensure I won't miss it).

I wonder if I'll get the cloak before next expansion. This is really absurd.
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100 Night Elf Death Knight
18 appropriate boss kills, zero runestones. Unacceptable drop rate. Can't even get a blue post to confirm if this is intended game design or unintended.
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93 Night Elf Druid
Few weeks only 1 drop as well. So much for engaging and fun gameplay.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
4 weeks of being on the quest gave me 3/12 runestones. My friend, who has been on the quest for 5 weeks, is on 10/12. The reason he is a week ahead of me, is cus he was a lot luckier on the previous quest as well.

The difference between 3/12 and 10/12 is just too big. Worst quest of the entire wrathion chain so far.
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90 Undead Priest
yeah drop rates are really terrible nothing is constant, at least if u got like 1 per week or smth but 0 for weeks and weeks, that's just terrible quest design rng.
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90 Human Warrior
I think the drop rate was higher in first 2 weeks, i got 7 easily, thought the quest would be over with fast. Suddenly started getting 1 or 0 each week, and now last 3 weeks just had 0. And i consider myself lucky compared to others.

Legendary quests should be about Working towards your reward.

Just open this quest up to all 12 bosses, or up the drop rate, we are in 5.3 afterall, why should we wait much longer to complete this quest?
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5 weeks 3 stones... every time twins dropped it...
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Such misfortune you guys have had. Took me 6 weeks in LFR to collect all 12 runestones and I had a single week with 0 dropped. Got the last 3 needed today. I was really twitching on Lei Shen as he was last that could drop one, and it popped! So off to turn in and get next quest and reque for wing 4. As the heart is a q item looted from kingy, you can get it even if you have had lfr loot for this week.
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90 Draenei Priest
It says in the latest Escalation hotfix that

"Lei Shen will now always drop a Titan Runestone or Secrets of the Empire for players that are on the legendary quest line."

Ty for this. One is (slightly) better than nothing.
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90 Undead Warrior
Picked up the quest 2 weeks ago and have 7 atm. Still have to do the 3th lfr part. We'll see...
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