lvl 80 boomkin twink

90 Troll Druid
Hello there.

I recently was running lvl 80-85 LFG:s, and I ran into this boomkin who queued up as a tank. However, he was able to pull out his job... well.. extraordinarily good.,Vs3iI8H,Vs3iI8H#1

Is that really possible for an lvl 80 twink? 250k starsurges and 166k dps(for a short period of time, though)? Even though I do play druid, I haven't played balance since wotlk and I got no idea how the spec actually fares. Any of the lvl 90 moonkins I've seen haven't been able to pull that off, though.... :o
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82 Human Warlock
Well, this char used to be lvl 80 twink. MoP ilvl 409 blues FTW! My record crit is 310k with chaos bolt and 120k burst. Any class can do sick dmg at 80. Just get some mop blues and rest cata blues. and your dmg will be insane. Also you can get lvl 90 weapon enchants if you got 409 weapon. At 80 I had about 50% crit and 90% mastery.
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90 Night Elf Druid
With MoP blues, anything is possible. People have soloed several bosses (I saw a level 80 mage solo Algalon, for example). Back when vengeance didn't cap, a level 80 prot paladin twink even got inside MSV and soloed Elegon.

Any of the lvl 90 moonkins I've seen haven't been able to pull that off, though....

While level 80 twinks are clearly out of control, doing the same thing is pretty normal for a 90 boomkin in half decent gear.
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90 Troll Druid
Aight, cool.

That is pretty wicked, I was sure he was either exploiting some very specific mechanic very heavily or outright hacking. Nice to know it was legit.
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