If you could design a class mount.....

100 Human Paladin
If you could design a mount for a specific class what would you create?
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100 Human Warlock
None, we don't need more class mounts.
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90 Worgen Warlock
I believe all classes should get a ground class mount, or something with mount properties (like the worgen running thing).

No examples as of just yet.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I agree with Dottie, I don't feel any more need to be added. But for the sake of fun, I might as well contribute to the thread.

I'd probably want some kind of armoured Zhevra, and I know we already have the RaF one, I'd want it to also have a saddle with two.... flaps(?) hanging from it, nearly touching the floor. They'd have to be red with a white trim and printed on them would be "Coca-Cola". That'd be for whatever class I'm playing at the time.

But on a serious note, for a Rogue I'd want a horse made of shadow or smoke, with a few patches of light armour or flesh sewn on. For a Mage I'd probably want some kind of hamster wheel that looks like one of those Mana Bombs from Theramore that's controlled internally by magic, or a different version of a flying carpet.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
I know this isn't relevant to the OP but I would love to see different types of land mounts, like Spiders, Snakes and lizards etc.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
A class mount? Laddie, if it moves an' can support me weight I should be able t' strap a saddle on it an' direct it t' me closest waterin' hole.

...Actually, I dunnae need a saddle...come to think about it I shouldnae even need a mount! Someone fetch me a damn ale, me beard is dryin' out!
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92 Orc Warlock
Warlock, Paladin, Deathknight, already have one or two.
Mages don't need one. They can blink.
Druids have their shapeshifting abilities
a Hunter could sit on the back of it's pet.
a Shaman could become one wth the earth (like the quest in Deepholm one with the earth.)
As for the rogue, warrior, priest and monks, I have no idea at the time.
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Shamans should get a "mount" like this: Earthen Rider. Summons an earth elemental that will envelop you, pull you underground and take you were you need to go.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Mages don't need one. They can blink.

not to mention freaking teleport >.<
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100 Human Monk
If you don't like my ideas, then, I do not careee.
I'm literally just making these up on the spot.

Similar to the Warlock mount but Mages version shall be a white horse and the glowing hooves and eyes should be blue/red/purple depending on your mage spec and the saddle is mixed with blue/red/purple colors too and on the back legs of the horse it should have a purple banner draping down with the kirin tor icon.
The glyph for Zen Flight should be ripped from glyphs and learned for all monks, it should be made full mount speed - ground and flight.
Should have their Travel form scale with mount speed, not just overall 40%
Should have their Ghost Wolf Form scale with mount speed, needs a new model too.
Some sort of Armored horse with battle scars and spiky armour, this could apply for most races but for races like Orcs or Taurens should have a brutalic looking kodo or wolf.
Should have levitation scale with mount speeeed.
All pets should be rideable.
No idea to be honest.. some sort of bandaged horse with a blindfold - the horse could have a leather strap drooping off with 3d looking potions and poisons attached, and a small pouch to the side full of daggers sticking out

Those are my ideas. I'm not very creative.
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100 Human Paladin
some really nice ones there Zakki, I agree with the ideas on classes that can transform being able to use them at mount speed, would be a nice touch. Also I like what Jurlock said about more ground mounts. I think flying mounts have slowly pushed out the use of ground mounts for obvoius reasons.
Maybe giving them usefull trait would be a nice addition. Something along the lines of a paladin mount which eminates an aura and anyone standing within that aura generates mana at a higher rate.

I know people say there are enough but myself I dont agree Its always nice having something that identifies your class and makes them stand out.

I myself would love to have a pally mount in the form of a white charger, not a reskin of another. A large white stallion with a cloth drape and banner identifying paladin, guild or alliance colours
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100 Night Elf Monk
I'd like a proper cloud mount for the monks, the little Zen Flight thing that splutters and disappears makes me sad.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
night elf druid bear form

trap the druid, use him as mount
side effect - only lasts one month, they still have to pay subs, but it pays yours too for being such a smarty pants
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100 Draenei Death Knight
I'd probably make a DK mount that actually looks nice...

Something that takes from the fact that a lot of them used to be Paladins and the fact that they were raised by Val'kyr.

Instead of the skeleton chicken and rather lackluster horse...

Something that looks similar to an armoured horse that Blood Elf and Human Paladins get but modified so that it has aspects of Val'kyr to it (Such as the ghostly aura they have) for the ground mount with a Frost Wyrm like flying mount that has armour on (In the style of Paladin mounts, but more corroded) with more Val'kyr style aura's and perhaps have a body like that of Val'kyrs (Kind of ghostly looking)
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100 Dwarf Hunter
I'd like a proper cloud mount for the monks, the little Zen Flight thing that splutters and disappears makes me sad.

First time I saw one o' those things I thought t' me self "Why in blazes is smoke coming out of that monk's....?". Well ye get the picture, lass.
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I should be able to ride on the backs of my pets.

that'd be awesome.
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100 Worgen Druid
I'm a druid, and here's a quick doodle of what could be cool for druids:

A forest dragon! The claws are roots, the body has bark-armor, antlers and wings made of leaves.

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Gnomes should be able to ride Tauren, just sayin'.

Edit: Accidentally a word.
Edited by Icewallow on 31/05/2013 16:05 BST
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Community Manager
I'd like a proper cloud mount for the monks, the little Zen Flight thing that splutters and disappears makes me sad.
So more like a Flying Nimbus from Dragon Ball?
But why settle for only a cloud, when you can have this and this mount AND still have a cloud? ;)

Actually I like the Flying Nimbus too. Minimalism is a beautiful thing, I’m still waiting for devs to create a flying cape! Seriously, imagine a gnome in a pair of shorts, a flying cape and a Doomhammer in his hand! Hmm… I might be thinking of a particular mini-version of a known hero right now...
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100 Draenei Shaman
For Shaman I would like to see the ability to summon a small personal (and of course controllable) typhoon... aka how Storm from the X-Men flies through the air :)
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