Trash before Ragnaros(FL)

90 Undead Hunter
I'm soloing Firelands on my paladin for transmog gear, and the only mobs I can't get down alone are the Molten spewer/erupter(the giant lava worms). I haven't found any tips on how to do it, but some people say they're soloable. Does anyone know how?
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Bubble and run past?
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90 Undead Hunter
Tried it, it doesn't work. I wont lose aggro, and if I engage Ragnaros they'll still shoot at me. I'll have to try it later with Salyin Battle Banner, if it ever drops, that is...
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100 Human Death Knight
Have you tried invisibility pots? Those could maybe work
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100 Tauren Druid
Solo firelands... Damn never thought of that one.
Hmm wonder how that goes, I could use the reputation.
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90 Human Paladin
Out of curiousity your soloing as prot right? Or does some fights need some dps bursting?

And yes try with invisibility potions (works great in CM's and other raids)
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90 Undead Hunter
Invis potions worked.

Yes, I'm doing all bosses and trash as prot. Some bosses are easier with high dps(Alysrazor, Rhyolith) but I currently have 42% haste unbuffed, using strength flask+food and standing in fire/pulling trash packs for vengeance, so dmg/enrage is not an issue. It's more about surviving the damage.
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