Ironcurtain's full World PvP guide

10 Blood Elf Warrior

World PvP, unfortunately, is never fair, and if you want to succeed in it, you have to follow the cunning tactics and be ready to forget about honorable combat, at least in some situations. The elixir of winning consists of a mixture of combat tactics, proper scouting, knowing strengths and weaknesses of your enemies, correct handling of negotiations and public relations and, most important, proper decision-making.

In nearly all cases except personal liquidations or vendettas, when more than 2 players of each side are involved, the group with bigger numbers usually wins, unless massively outgeared or outbalanced by presence of more healers, etc. In other words – if you got considerably more men, you will probably crush the enemy party.

However, not every situation is similar; very often there are other factors that can play along with either you or your opponents, such as: nearby city / village / strongpoint, a high cliff or a building, a cave, etc. Sometimes there are also friendly or enemy NPC, which can be significant enough up to turning up the tide in combat. You absolutely have to consider these NPC while defending and especially while attacking, even if you do have the superior force.

This was the introduction; now, let’s get to the details.

1. Getting equipped properly: items, gadgets, consumables and addons that make the difference.

1.1. Here is a small list of items that, IMHO, every serious World PvPer has to have in order to be maximally potent in present times (Mists of Pandaria):

*Hardened Shell:
Dropped by rare spawn Nessos the Oracle in northern Kun-Lai Summit

The major must-have item in your inventory, this turtle shell can dismount an enemy player in flight if thrown from close enough range; the cooldown is 15 minutes, but the shell always hits.

*Crystal of Insanity:
Dropped by rare spawn Sulik’shor in quest area of Valley of the FourWinds.

This item acts like a flask, except its effect wears off when you get killed. However, the cooldown is just 15 minutes, so you can use it pretty often. What is especially great in it, it gives you +500 to all stats, including Stamina, which boosts your survival in World PvP.

*Salyin Battle Banner:
Dropped by rare spawn Salyin Warscout along the river in Valley of the Four Winds.

This item gives any non-stealth class an ability similar to Feign Death, which also gets you out of combat and removes you from enemy’s target. Thus, you can escape corpse camping or just get out of fight when you need it.

*Eternal Warrior’s Sigil:
Dropped by rare spawn Gar’lok in Dread Wastes.

While usable only in Pandaria, this item can still be a difference between life and death, if you can get far enough from your enemy and use it.

*Overgrown Lilypad:
Dropped by rare spawn Sele’na in Valley of the Four Winds

Grants you a Symbiosis ability as if a Druid cast it on you. Very useful, though can sadly be used only in Pandaria.
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10 Blood Elf Warrior
1.2: Engineering gadgets

Engineering is hands down a must have profession for a World PvPer. It makes a huge difference thanks to these gadgets:

*Goblin Glider:
Not only saves you from possible falls and pushbacks, but also allows you to navigate while descending, including shooting at enemies in the air or on the ground.

*Nitro Boosts:
Allow you to escape ganking / outnumbering enemy group, moving with incredible speed. Side effect can be really bad though.

*Invisibility Field:
My personal preference. This item is great for classes that don’t have Stealth at all. You can use it both offensively to sneak on unprepared enemy,and defensively to escape corpse camping.

*Portals and wormholes:

Wormhole generator: Pandaria:
Wormhole generator: Northrend:
Dimensional ripper: Everlook:
Dimensional ripper: Area 52:

Having all these grants you much better mobility across the World of Warcraft. If you need to get to another continent or a place quickly and you don’t have a Mage with you or aren't one yourself, this would ensure you come in time to any place you need. Especially great for solo missions. Think of players having other professions, who have to wait for HS cooldown in order to teleport themselves to other continent.

Other useful professions that can be paired with Engineering are all the crafting ones (Tailoring, BS, JC, LW, Alchemy, Enchanting and Inscription). Mining is possible to keep due to granting quite a bit of additional Stamina. I would not recommend Skinning, since the benefit is too negligible at 90, or Herbalism - the healing from Lifeblood is too tiny to make a difference.

1.3 Consumables

*Blackened Worg Steak:
Learned from recipe shops in Dalaran, costs 3 cooking awards to buy.

This food is a must have for any non-Hunter character. Track Humanoids is a key mean to find out how many enemies are around or catching your target during liquidation missions. Note: while Druids have a free Track in Cat Form, they still can’t use it in Flight Form, so they still need it for optimal performance (tracking from the air).

I always have a stack of these steaks in inventory.

*Invisibility potions:

Lesser Invisibility Potion:
Invisibility Potion:

Like in Invisibility Field’s case, these both are great for classes that don’t have Stealth at all. You can use it both offensively to sneak on unprepared enemy, and defensively to escape corpse camping. Either version is good enough.

Interesting enough – the Field and the potions can be used after oneanother and the usage won’t break Stealth. That means any non-Stealth class can remain in stealth for nearly 30 seconds in a row!

*Potion of Deepholm:

Neglected by majority of players, this potion is absolutely fantastic! It works everywhere and in every situation when the player is not in combat, and the teleportation effect is INSTANT. I tried to use it when I was falling down after getting dismounted, and it still worked and saved me. It is also very cheap to craft.

Getting to Deepholm means getting to your faction capital city, since there are portals to both Orgrimmar and Stormwind in the Temple of Earth. It also ensures the safety of the one who used it, since the Temple is a sanctuary.

*Elixir of Camouflage:

This elixir negates the effects of Track Humanoids, this allowing you to remain off radar, unless enemy has a Spy addon.

*Noggenfogger's Elixir:

Good old tool. The buff which makes you smaller is a huge contribution to your survival. Smaller enemy is harder to notice and harder to target.

1.4 Useful addons.

*Spy – this addon acts similar to Track Humanoid effects, but also warns you about stealthed enemies nearby and gives much more other options, such as alerting
you with sound when it detects your special enemies, marked as “Kill on sight”.

*VialCooldowns– this addon works in a similar way to arena-only Gladius. It displays enemies’ most important cooldowns above their nameplates. Can be modified.

*Healers have to die – good for beginners or players who find it hard to distinguish a healer in mass fight. Places a red cross above healer’s nameplate.
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10 Blood Elf Warrior
2. Scouting and counter scouting

2.1 Scouting

The best way to know where your enemies are is, of course, to have an opposite faction character which you simply use as a spy of a sort. It doesn't really matter what level this character is for most of its uses, however sometimes it’s good to have a level 90 character as well. I’ll explain why later on.

Basically,for personal enemies and enemy guild leaders you use the “add to friends” method. Just add their nicknames to friend list (not battle tag ofc!), and you will see when they are online and where they are looking on your friends’ list.

“Who”commands is the way to check whole guilds’ whereabouts. /Who ABC will display all players belonging to ABC guild who are online at the moment. /Who ABC 90 will show only level 90 characters, and so on.

Make friends in opposite faction. This will help both to spy on enemies in a more efficient way (so you won’t need to relog too often) and get you informed about what’s going on in enemy trade or defense chats.

The ultimate method of getting information is, of course, inserting your character into the enemy WPvP guild. This, however, requires a lot of work and perfection. Good guilds will always use the means I will describe below. Guilds with poor security, however, can be easily fooled.

2.2 Counter scouting

The best way of counter scouting on personal level is to ensure you don’t keep unknown people or people you don’t fully trust in your Battletag or Real ID. Yes, they can still spy on you using a simple method described above, but Btag and Real ID update faster and will also show all your characters or alts unknown to the enemy.

To counter spying on guild level you need to protect your roster from spy insertions. The easiest way to know if a suspicious player is an alt of enemy player, is to check his achievement points, latest activity and battle pets using Battle.Net armory and browse the rosters of all enemy WPvP guilds to try and look for characters with exact or very similar number of achievement points. If you found such matching numbers of achievement points, check each character. The 3 battle pets (or their absence) will be the same for EVERY character on this account, regardless of its level or faction. This is also the most efficient way to find your enemies’ alts.

If you have an in-game chat channel intended for the means of WPvP guilds’ cooperation or any related discussions, always set a password for this channel in time when
active discussion takes place. Do not give the name of that channel to anyone in whom you aren't 100% sure. The same rule should apply to any voice communication programs: always keep it secured and don't give a password from your TS3, Mumble, etc to outsiders as well as fresh guild recruits.
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10 Blood Elf Warrior
3. Mass WPvP combat: battle strategies

3.1 Never attack before you know exactly what kind and how many adversaries you are going to face.

This means, if you are about to assault an Alliance base in Tol Barad, for example, check first how many people are there, how many healers they have, whether there are
guilds or individuals requiring special attention, etc. Think twice before attacking or the outcome will be laughable.

3.2 Always count guards and other NPC when you are about to attack a fortified location.

Even if enemy partyseems smaller / weaker / having less healers, do not forget to calculate the possible impact that guards and other NPC can do. Therefore, such places as faction strongholds on Isle of Thunder, Tol Barad bases, Stormwind Keep / Grommash Hold should not be assaulted without careful consideration and serious preparation.

3.3 Do not hesitate to use your own guards, bosses and NPC in order to help your cause.

I know that this might cause the enemy faction players to accuse you in non-honorable behavior on battlefield, however be sure – the smartest of them always do it themselves. If you’re outnumbered or feel enemy team is going to win, turn around and try to reach your base and friendly NPCs.

Luring entire packs of enemy players into a base would hugely help a small expedition force to prevail – there are many outrageous and less cunning players
(especially the younger ones) who will forsake any caution and rush after you only to find themselves surrounded and slain by guards after a couple of minutes.

3.4 Peel your healers during combat.

Healers’ survival means pretty much the entire group’s longevity. DPS should watch for enemy stealth units assaulting the healers and neutralize them as soon as possible. Applying such debuffs as Faerie Fire, Hunter’s Mark and especially bleeding effects will significantly cripple the effectiveness of enemy Rogues and Druids. Dispel most dangerous CC if you can, such as Deep Freeze.

3.5 Do NOT! LoS your own healers and refrain from overextending in general.

This,sadly, happens quite often. DPS, rushing forward, pull away from their healers, overextending or getting behind a corner / inside a building the way healers
lose the lign of sight and therefore can’t help them. This mistake is most common in base and city assaults. Don’t do that cause then you will simply die.

Only classes that can sometimes overextend at will are Rogues with their unique escape mechanism, Druids to some extent and Paladins with bubble’s CD available
(unless there are many warriors or priests in enemy team).

3.6 Bring at least one Death Knight, a player who have a pushback, a Rogue and a Disc / Holy priest.

These are our MoP realities. Disc / Holy priest at the moment is a strongest PvP healer by far, and provides invaluable CC, utility and survivability to entire team, so I wouldn’t recommend getting into a massive clash without having one. Death Knight is a necessity as well cause of the ability to grip key targets out of enemy bases and strongholds. Rogue is also a must, since the smoke bomb can win you the entire game if used in right moment. Example - killing a targeted enemy healer while other two cannot save him cause of the bomb. Classes with pushback abilities can also have a drastic influence if the battle is taking place on bridge, tower or any other high cliff.

3.7 Kill enemy leaders and protect your own.

Taking down enemy leaders and known public figures is both a good bonus for a total victory and “something in hand” in case of an overall loss. Of course, do not make them
a primary target unless it is a healer, cause you would want to decimate enemy healers or CC force (Rogue, Mage, Lock) first, but the leader(s) should be targeted after all these are down. Do not let them escape and don’t forget to use the Jin-ji Knife Set, Scarecrow or Flag of Ownership on their corpses (see next chapter).

Note that most enemy teams will try to do the same; that means – you got to protect your own leader(s) well. Watch their health pool and peel them if needed. Leaders should not rush forward – it’s better for them to stay near the healers and never LoS them, even if the leader plays a Rogue.

3.8 Using opposite faction alts to undermine enemy defenses.

Here we would need a level 90 player, belonging to opposite faction. During the battle, a trusted ally will get into a battle zone and report enemy stealth units location and additional info about the enemy party directly to you via Real ID, Battle Tag or voice communication program. Your AoE DPS can strike the areas where enemy Rogues, Hunters or Druids hide, and get them out of stealth while using this maneuver.

3.9 Get reinforcements during combat and not when it’s too late.

Keep a Warlock with a portal stone ready and one more player nearby to assist him in summoning players before starting a mass fight. In case you need reinforcements, the Lock and his assistant will summon these right away. Both should hide in a safe spot in like 300-400 yards away from battlefield, so the enemy party won’t notice their presence.

3.10 You wiped the enemy group, what now?

NEVER stay in same spot after you wiped the enemy team, unless you are absolutely sure they cannot get reinforcements and if the fight takes place deep inside your territory.

If you wiped the enemy party near their base / stronghold / town, you should immediately LEAVE this place as soon as the fight is over and you are victorious. The strong odds are that they are going to call more players – more precisely, the number which will be sufficient enough to deal with your party. So if they managed to regroup and get onto their flying mounts / hide inside their base, you HAVE to move out of there as soon as possible. Staying there would mean your own possible wipe.

If you decide to stay and wait for them to regroup and to beat them again anyway (despite I strongly recommend NOT to do that), send your Hunters / players with Track buffs / Spy addon to fly over the base / regroup point, and simply count the red circles there. If the scout sees additional players coming, get the hell out of there as fast as possible.
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10 Blood Elf Warrior
4. WPvP politics, propaganda and global regulations.

4.1 Realm forums: dealing with trolling

Whether your guild wins or loses, on WPvP realm you will always be verbally assaulted and trolled. While “don’t feed the trolls” is an acceptable solution to this problem in most cases, sometimes you still need to reply or clean yourself from certain accusations. Sometimes (if you are really skilled in the art of trolling) you can try to provoke your enemies by creating a trolling topic yourself. Note – this requires a real finesse and great verbal skills, and you must avoid any forum rules’ violations that can cause you to get reported.

Do not let guildmembers, who aren’t verbally skilled, to get into any provocative discussions,
cause their wrong answers might have bad consequences for you and your
position. Do not hesitate to press Report button in case of most obvious trolling and insulting, especially if a player used an excerpt of a whisper or a chat log, which is a clear violation of forum rules. This can get your enemy banned from forums, which is a great bonus by itself.

Refrain from posting your guild recruitment topic on realm forums. The best way to recruit players is still to do it in game. Believe me, you don’t need it – the only outcome of creating such a topic would be the coming of opposite faction WPVP players and their allies into that topic in order to troll and insult you, and sometimes even players of your own faction, playing in rival WPvP guilds, to do the same thing.

4.2 Dealing with enemy rage whispers and properly handling your own ones

Such whispers occur very often, whether they are rage ones or a matter of notification / attempt to make you angry. Let’s see, which whispers you should ignore right away and which require reporting and thus making a screenshot.

If you get a whisper like “you killed my alt, watch your back now”, don’t do anything unless it also contained serious insults. You can try to reply something like “go ahead and try”. If the whispering person is a nerd, he might get mad and try to insult you for real this time. In this case just /ignore him and report using new Report function.

If you get a whisper after defeat, like “hehe, we wiped you, you’re pathetic”, pull yourself in hands. Unless you can reply to this in steady or figurative way (something like: “very well, we’ll get our revenge next time”), better just ignore that player. If you know you got a hot temper, STOP right there: you might lose control and say the words you’ll regret you said later on.

If the person make a whisper that contains heavy personal insults which aren’t game related (something bad about your family, friends or yourself), immediately SCREEN this whisper and report. Keep the screenshot. It might be used as a strong card vs. this person in the future. Remember,however, that it is illegal to put a link to such screenshots according to
Battle.Net forum rules.

Similar rules apply if you are the one who is about to make a whisper. Using clever whisper technique can provoke most hot-tempered enemy players into insulting you (so then you can report them). If you are playing on RP realm, it’s possible to use figurative language for such purposes (“Thou art vanquished by my silver sword, infidel!”).

Always remember: be a decent person. Laugh about player’s PvP prowess, his lack of gems in gear slots, wrong talents picked up, etc., but do NOT touch his family, friends or personal life. Not only will it get you reported and possibly banned, but also alienate others away from you. It’s the worst thing to do.
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10 Blood Elf Warrior
4.3 Total war politics and demoralization of enemy guilds

Sometimes the tensions between the two or more WPvP guild reach the point when the two sides absolutely hate each other and there can’t be any amendments between the
two. If you have such an enemy on the realm you play, the possible solution to cripple the guild you’re fighting against, to demoralize it is the personal assassinations method.

What is a guild? Usually a large group of players, in which about 90% of its participants are directed and led by 10% others which are its officers and leaders. The guild’s policy, therefore, is dependent on these, and if these people are douchebags, you cannot expect any good outcome for you and your side. Therefore, these douchebags need to be dealt with.

Make a group of well-geared and skilled players (stealth classes like Rogues / Feral druids, or classes with high burst like Mages and Hunters) and terrorize enemy officers and leaders. Find out where they are every day using all possible scouting methods, learn their habits and identify their alts using Armory (the battle pets / achievement points identification system I described in Paragraph 2.)

If you’re aleader or a notable officer of opposing WPvP guild yourself and are skilled enough in single combat, you can try to carry out these assaults yourself. Note, that you have to be extremely cautious, have Engineering as a must and most (if not all) the tools I advised to use in Paragraph 1, especially when you are dealing with a counter class or an uncomfortable opponent (Paladins vs. Priests, Rogues vs. Hunters, Warriors vs. Mages come to mind). You must not fall; worst acceptable scenario is getting away alive if you failed to kill the opponent.

Slay these players as often as you can and use any of the three demoralization / humiliation items (or all 3 at once) on their corpses:

*Pandaren Scarecrow:
RequiresThe Tillers-Revered

Looks like a R.I.P. sign

*Gin-Ji Knife Set:
RequiresThe Tillers-Exalted

To make a steak out of hated enemy leader’s corpse – what can be better than that?

*The Flagof Ownership:
Sadly, aTrading Card Game item, what makes it extremely hard to obtain.

This is the best of three items, no doubt.

After a week or two of keeping this on, you’ll see that targeted enemy leaders either become completely paranoiac and surround themselves with protectors / hide in their faction capitals, or notify you that they are ready for negotiate the possible end of this escalation.

Congratulations, you reached your goals.

4.4 Using PvP videos as propaganda

While posting certain screenshots and pictures can be perceived as derogatory / insulting and lead to forum ban, it is allowed to post PvP videos made from neutral PoV (and not containing any illegal comments or offensive language).

When you’re going into a mass WPvP fight, take a player who knows how to make videos with you. If you were victorious, use this opportunity and post the video link on
realm forums. This will be the best mean of propaganda for your guild as well as a major blow to enemy guild’s population.

4.5 Make pacts with other WPvP guilds of your own faction

It is especially important if your faction is not dominant on your realm, or if you are facing a real threat from enemy WPvP guild. Be polite to your possible allies. Try to make them interested. Propose a cunning World PvP operation which can be carried out using the combined force of both guilds.

If you are following at least 2/3 of my recommendations given in this guide, you will be victorious in most, if not all, World PvP conflicts on your realm.
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90 Troll Druid
Good stuff you posted here Erme:) Thumbs up for gathering em all together in one place; liked and requested sticky
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10 Blood Elf Warrior
Thanks. I also requested sticky cause I believe this guide can help a lot of WPvP guilds around.

P.S. I am not seeking personal fame; hence I post everything important from this character.
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95 Human Warrior
Obviously alot of time and work went into this so I'll give it a thumbs up, request sticky etc :) Great work dude ^^
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90 Orc Shaman
Nice guide.

As far as the engineering items go I'd say that Flexweave Underlay (pre-MoP parachute) is still pretty useful given it's shorter cd, especially for some classes like hunters to pull off some nifty tricks with disengage. The glider is cool but depending on the situation you may want to have two cloaks and just account for the 30s cd for swapping cloaks as needed. There's a recent bug as well with nitro boosts active that precludes using the glider or a parachute so you'll want to have something similar to this macroed to your parachute bind:

#showtooltip 15
/cancelaura Nitro Boosts
/use 15

I still really rate Frost Grenades as a self-peel as well as Cobalt Frag Bombs as an extra interrupt and always keep a few stacks of both on my characters. Surprisingly, I rarely see others use these in W-PvP/BGs. Both are castable on the move, share the 1m engineering global consumable cooldown, work on level 90 players (even though they're TBC and Wrath-level items respectively) and will occasionally even bait interrupts. The Alarm-o-Bots are also useful for breaking stealth.

And then there's all the other vanilla/TBC Gnomish and Goblin specialities that one normally wouldn't want to sacrifice a trinket slot for now yet they can produce some good laughs when the opportunity arises. Stuff like the Gnomish Shrink Ray, Gnomish Poultryizer, Goblin Rocket Launcher, etc.

Free Action
and Living Action potions appear to work again now (after their effects previously being disabled for level 85 players in Cata) and can get one out of a tight-spot given the ridiculous amount of stuns in the game now.
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10 Blood Elf Warrior
Free Action and Living Action potions appear to work again now (after their effects previously being disabled for level 85 players in Cata) and can get one out of a tight-spot given the ridiculous amount of stuns in the game now.

Thanks! I didn't know they are working again. I will add all the mentioned items to the guide, thanks a lot Grilka.
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90 Troll Druid
Aye, living action pots are always in my bars. About frost granades i am not that sure they are that useful anymore though:/ too many breakers atm and almost everyone can do ranged damage

About the engineering trinks i wish the vanilla ones get a revamp for 90:( I miss the ice/shadow reflecting ones especially:(
Edited by Zultajie on 16/06/2013 09:35 BST
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100 Human Warlock
Dont forget speed pots, nice one

Also you can get a (was it 2000 or 4000?) haste buff called kafka craze, its great for these sort of things aswell
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10 Blood Elf Warrior
I didn't add Cafa Press since not every class and spec benefits from haste. However, it is indeed a nice item for many.
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100 Orc Warrior
Love the guide, it really shows what wpvp is all about.

100% sure worth a sticky.

Great job erm!
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90 Orc Death Knight
nice guide, lots of work went in to this i thank you :)
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Most important rule of WPvP is to not give information out to your enemy, ABoC spent a lot of effort keeping several things (Camo pots, tracking food, Spy) secret and it was a great success. To the point where they dominated the server at times. Sadly other wpvp guilds got hold of the information and made it public, enabling people to hide out in the world.

You're also wrong about having a leader run from the fight to avoid death. The greatest asset of a Leader is as bait, if people hate them enough they will be so focused on the Leader they will get tunnel vision and wipe as a result. A good example of this was in the old GDI in cata, it was a planned fight between GDI and ABoC in which the members of our team (GDI) all focused on faylum out of spite while our healers were picked apart by their team, resulting in a horrible loss. The loss was so horrific several members broke off as a result (myself included) and created the guild Amnesia on Horde.
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90 Orc Shaman
...About frost granades i am not that sure they are that useful anymore though:/ too many breakers atm and almost everyone can do ranged damage...

They're certainly not as beneficial as they were pre-MoP. However, even against classes with spammable root breakers (ferals, rets) I find them useful for getting (glyphed) capacitor totems off by rooting them mid-global. For most classes they can get provide you at least an extra second or two self-peel, which is sometimes all you need.


I look forward to reading the comprehensive, fully annotated and reasoned W-PvP codex you must evidently be able to share from your no doubt extensive experience :)

Everyone has at least one magnum opus in them...even BM hunters.

Most important rule of WPvP is to not give information out to your enemy, ABoC spent a lot of effort keeping several things (Camo pots, tracking food, Spy) secret and it was a great success...

The general point is valid but the application is hardly the preserve of one guild. W-PvP'ers have been using addons like Spy, VanasKoS, Stalker and many others since launch. Tracking food, pots, trinkets and other items with buffs/abilities/etc useful to W-PvP have also been used since they were introduced.

And if you're referring to the act of spying on opposing guilds/players: again, that's not new. It was harder before RealID and when the faction restrictions were removed from PvP realms in Wrath, but even then W-PvPers with more than one account were known to infiltrate opposing guilds or at least try to monitor their opposition with low-level alts.

However, this is one of the many contributing factors as to why W-PvP was so much better in the halycon days of vanilla and TBC. Most realms had very strong communities driven by faction pride and because of the faction restrictions it was a lot harder to broadcast upcoming raids even if one wanted to leak something or if someone gleaned a tip in a clandestine fashion.

In vanilla entire tracking networks used to spring up on some realms to monitor enemy guild's movement and progress against world bosses or settlements. Players would also take to the realm forums of course, where the banter was usually of a decent calibre. In the main, the communication was driven in-game which added to the immersion. Plus with no flying on Azeroth and without the crutch of LFG/LFR and other streamlining one would be out and about in the world so much more. If there was real-time cross-faction communication then it was usually via a server-affiliated IRC channel or MSN (kek).

That said a lot of players and guilds with a W-PvP focus didn't need or want information of their whereabouts and activities restricted because the game encouraged a more spontaenous and frequent W-PvP environment. If you were farming scarlet crusaders in early vanilla for gold you knew certain guilds or players had a reputation for ganking in various hotspots. Similarly, you always passed through zones like Burning Steppes or the Badlands with trepidation not knowing whether you were about to bump into a raid group on their way to BRM or if a gaggle of rogues laying in wait. Or both.

Usually both.

In TBC, players were running heroics and farming Khorium throughout the expansion for example because they were worthwhile things do in the end-game progression journey. Halaa continued to see frequent PvP even on backwater realms because Nagrand was a major leveling hub and the Arena vendors were nearby, amongst other things (Elemental Plateau never forget <3).

Keeping a lid on information is only more of an issue now due to the kind of contrived W-PvP that has regrettably become the norm in recent expansions where Guild A stalks members of Guild B or a group of RP'ers minding their own business and actually out there putting a bit of life into the world of warcraft. That or they hang around in TB waiting for their raid group to outnumber any opposition; fly in and zerg a confined space in a city or camp the same PvP vendors everyday before proceeding to spend more time swinging handbags on the forums than actually skirmishing in-game.

Guild rivalry (and respect) as well as individual grudges or vendettas of a good-humoured nature have always been worthy W-PvP motivations but the whole experience seems to have become so petty in recent years. Personally, I don't find this kind of W-PvP compelling at all yet alas find myself drawn to it from time to time because it's the only fix going.
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90 Undead Death Knight
Most realms had very strong communities driven by faction pride and because of the faction restrictions it was a lot harder to broadcast upcoming raids even if one wanted to leak something or if someone gleaned a tip in a clandestine fashion.

Only thing i miss from those days :'(

Anyways please keep it on topic. Its a good guide, NAUTRAL and my guess is that its purpose was to be shared to the EU wpvp community.
Real wpvpers know most (if not all) of them already, aspired ones have something worth reading to check on the contrary to the usual garbage and qq in these forums
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