Secrets of the empire and Titan runestones.

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Honestly RNG is a pretty dumb concept when it comes to these quest items.

I also wonder who's great idea it was to make two parts of the same quest line nearly identical, only that the quest item is named differently and only drops from half the bosses.... Dont be too creative now... /sarcasm

Anyways, it can take a ridiculously long time to collect these. Im still only collecting SotE and i only have 11 from 4 weeks, so im counting it taking 4 more weeks untill m done (3 if im lucky), this is really way too excessive to spend 8 weeks on a single step, not to mention the Runestones probably will take just as long if not even longer.

What i propose is a soft fix, to make SotE a 100% drop from every "end" boss in the LFR wings (same translated to normal and hc ofcourse) while keeping the small chance as there is now from the other bosses. Similarly with Runetones, make them a 100% drop from Dark animus also and let the chance remain from the other 4. This way it would take 5 and 6 weeks maxmimum, which is already a really long time.

As it is now, its simply ridiculous. Especially when there is no other reason to go through the raids every week.
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I have 6 level 90's and in the same week after I completed the secrets of the empire I have never received any Titan Runestones while there were still Thunder King bosses alive. Is this some kind of bug?
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For LFR, if you haven't killed the last 6 bosses in Throne of Thunder by the time you complete Secrets, and assuming you have picked up the Echoes of the Titans quest, you should have a chance to receive the runestones still. Lei Shen has a 100% chance of dropping the Titan Runestone, so if you don't get one from him, and you haven't already killed him that week, you should open a ticket.

Same for Normal/HC, I would think; if you haven't killed those bosses, you should still have a chance to get the items.

However, there is a shared chance of 1 drop per boss across all difficulties. So, if you've killed the 6 bosses on one difficulty, you won't have a chance to get the items on another.

Also, in case you didn't know, the Titan Runestones only drop from the last 6 bosses (last 2 wings of LFR).
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90 Dwarf Death Knight
Ok now I get it. Last week I had already done the last wing to get the last 3 secrets. So I had only the 2nd last wing to get runestones but I didn't get any. Thanks for the great reply.
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It should take some time to get a legendary item.
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