Healing Friendly Group of npcs in raids

90 Draenei Priest
I don't know if it has been asked or mentioned but reading tactics from first bosses at SoO I see that we need to heal/dispel friendly npcs in some encounters. Like Immerseus friendly targets or Norushen healer's test.

What I wanna ask for people that may have seen the fights or read anything about it is how those adds will be handle, and I have also some specific questions if anyone knows (as I haven't seen the encounters yet):
-Do their frames show up somewhere? If yes, is it at blizzard unit frames or also at addons (like vudho)? If no, is it only like boss frames (or not even showing at boss frames) where you have to target them in order to heal/dispel them?
-Does aoe heals affect all of them? I am guessing yes, but does this count for Prayer of Healing too (group based heal)?
-Can I use prayer of mending on them? Will it bounce? (again depends if they are considered a party).
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90 Troll Priest
Norushen's healer test adds show up in boss frames. In Vuhdo you can select a 'Private Tanks' group for your target and focus target, so it's 2/3 of them if you want, but I don't think there's another way of them showing up in raid frames. Some mouseover macros might be more helpful. I haven't payed much attention on heals so don't quote me on that, but I think I saw PoM bounce...

Have to say that it was much less cancerous to mostly dps as disc, compared to healing as holy.
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90 Blood Elf Monk
Immerseus adds can be AoE'd but won't appear in any frames, making them really annoying to heal and I'd suggest making a keybind to tab to the nearest friendly unit as clicking is gonna be a nightmare. Also they don't belong to any group so Prayer of Healing won't affect them, single target heals such as Flash heal might be strong here.

As Fuhus said, Norushen healer adds will be put on your boss frames. From my experience with Norushen though, if you're a disc/MW, you can heal the npc's purely through Eminence/Atonement. Remember that was PTR so they might actually require healing on live.
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90 Draenei Priest
I guess I will follow the smite healing if it is enough, and "private tanks" group is a very good idea (I have it for that kind of cases anyway, like Tsulong).
The idea of the solo challenge seems fun and I am looking forward to see it.
Thank you very much for your sharing you experience/thoughts about it!
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90 Human Paladin
I'm using Clique and some mouseover macros. Then this was simple enough:

- Target the friendly npc, then use your spells as you normally would on your healing frames but heal on your focus frame instead.
- You will gain mana once they are fully healed, so cast your quickest and best heals even though they are mana hungry.
- Consider small changes to your build for more burst healing.
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90 Tauren Druid
For Immerseus, just click the adds. They're a different color (light blue) and have low health, so you never really have to see their health bars. AoE heals and smart targeting do not work. They sometimes target fully healed adds, leading to confusion, but every log will show AoE healing at zero effective healing done.

For the Norushen trial, use shift+V to show their health bars. The healing trial is really easy, so don't worry about it. It's more of a break to regenerate mana than a serious test of your healing skills. The most important thing is to dispel, but you can see a big purple cloud around whichever NPC needs to be dispelled and can just click them. Again: that part of the fight is really easy, so you don't have to worry about being "optimal".
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90 Draenei Shaman
I just clicked on them and healed. On Immerseus there's no reason not to spend the fight facing away from the boss, so you can see em rolling in easy like.

Other fights dbm gives you some frames to click on =)

I think Shift V gives a player frame to freindly targets too if you having trouble targeting them.
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