About the Ordon Sanctuary

90 Worgen Death Knight
I've been searching on forums and topics for a while now.
And i just can't find my awnser.
How can i get access to the Ordon Sanctuary.
I got no engineering, so the Goblin Glider ain't an option.
Alt: Magicelone (90 mage)
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60 Undead Mage
You can use the weekly crane statue just before the bridge to launch you into the air and then slow fall over the bridge. I have a sneaky method on my Rogue but, I'm keeping that one to myself.
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100 Human Hunter
Flying around the Isle there are Albatrosses. At certain parts they come low enough to be hit by a ranged spell.

At the lake, but that is surrounded by cats, and at the steps leading to the celestial court is a good place.

Hit the albatross, it will pick you up and fly around with you for a loooooong time. Wait about 5 minutes and when over the red lake at the top, smack it to stop and then proceed to kill it.

I am sure, you should find they way from there. One thing though is, since you don't have the legendary cape, do not enter Ordos' place; it will port you right back to the celestial court
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100 Gnome Mage
Well you won't be able to get in the actual Sanctuary until you do the legendary questline up to where you actually get the legendary cloak, but it is possible to get onto the island where the sanctuary is on. You can buy Golden Glider for 1000 Timeless Coins from http://www.wowhead.com/npc=73819 which can be used to hop across it if you do it right. If you try to enter the sanctuary though you will be teleported back down to the Celestial Arena thing. You can get the chest in the "semi-circle looking place" behind the sanctuary though which I believe is a guaranteed Burden of Eternity.

Or use the albatrosses.. that works too... :/
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100 Dwarf Paladin
There are these white birds called albatross, you attack it then they will pick you up and fly off-once it flying dont attack it until you want to drop, take this bird to the sanctuary and kill the bird so you can land over the bridge.

Or you could get someone with a two seater mount to jump you across with them-they have to have the cloak though.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Get a friend with a 2 person mount who has the cloak.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Plenty of ways :)

Buy Golden Gilder for 1000 coins
Ask a friend with a 2seat mount and legendary to get you over
Ask a druid with stag glyph and engineering/glider to get you over
Buy a ride over
Use albatross
Ask a mage for a slow fall
Mount outside of the island and fly towards Ordon Sanctuary, sometimes it wont dismount you straight away and you will die around the sanctuary, release - you will be resurrected there.

And many more hehe
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98 Pandaren Monk
Mount outside of the island and fly towards Ordon Sanctuary, sometimes it wont dismount you straight away and you will die around the sanctuary, release - you will be resurrected there.

Hehe, did this yesterday and i just missed and dropped face down on the rocks below.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
What's this legendairy questline you are talking about?
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90 Undead Mage
What's this legendairy questline you are talking about?

oh dear :(

it's never too late !


it's a long quest chain, that involves a lot of raiding and farming sigils (and it can be fully complete via LFR)

you'll get rewarded with a legendary cloak in the end,
one of the cloak bonuses, aside from its imbaness, is giving you access to the Ordon sanctuary by just walking over the bridge, and access to Ordos hold.
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90 Human Death Knight
Just jump off the bridge and have someone mass res you from the other side.
You can get to the burden of Eternity chest without the Cloak.
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