Easiest - hardest bosses in SoO

on normal easiest would be immerseus, followed by sha. hardest is garrosh by far.

i've only done 2 bosses on heroic so far, but norushen is way way easier than immerseus.
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100 Worgen Druid
Can say this from a healers point of view from I seen in flex.. idiots are the biggest problem... sure fire seems nice and standing in it makes it so much more fun...


Nah I like the encounters so far :) and I havn't faced so maany hinders.. I have do with main gotten too hate being melee class...
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90 Troll Druid
Hello guys, we are sitting with my guild at 9/14, And we are wiping more on the spoils of pandaria then other bosses you put as harder!!!
We are really struggling, but for dark shaman or malkrok we done it after some tries...

Any advice on spoils?? Thanks

Spoils is all math, you have to open the right boxes at the right time. As a general rule we try to open the last large box of each room at 30 points..... And lust on the first large add of the second room.

You'll wipe for a while and then it'll just click.... The strict timer is the hardest part. Remember to avoid idle time in the rooms as well. When 1 add dies the next should already be 75%hp.

Also, remind your healers to point the mistweaver buff at the sparks and toward the tanks.... The wave does a lot of dmg.

On topic, id say the easiest boss is immerseus followed by galakras and protectors. I haven't cleared the whole instance on heroic yet, but so far malkorok gave us the most trouble. Dark shamans was surprisingly easy lol.
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Imho, in HC : Immersus > Nourshen > Protectors > Nazgrim > Sha > Galakras > IJ > Shamans > Malkorok > Spoils > Thok > Klaxxi > Blackfuse.
Now we are trying Garrosh, but he seems not so hard yet in overgear. But we did not hit 4 phase so far.
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6 Night Elf Druid
Haven't done any hc SoO we stucked in garrosh normal..but I've seen so far in normal mode;

Immerseus>Protectors>IJ>Sha>Norushen>Nazgrim>Dark Shamans>Malkorok>Spoils>Thok>Galakras>Paragons>Blackfuse>>>>>>Garrosh

We wiped a lot at Galakras and Blackfuse.I hate both..:)
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100 Pandaren Monk
Judging from the amount of wipes it took from us to get each boss handled, from easiest to hardest... Immerseus, Protectors, Sha, Iron Juggernaut, Paragons, Norushen, Dark Shaman, Nazgrim, Galakras, Malkorok, Spoils, Blackfuse, Thok, Garrosh.
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90 Worgen Hunter
In heroic its Norushen/iron juggernaught as the easiest and siegecraft to garrosh thats the hardest
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Immerseus is a boss?

On normal and below, all of them are easy till the end, with a special mention to Norushen for being a gear check at the start of the patch. After the facerolls it goes:

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90 Draenei Mage
Immerseus --> Norushen --> protectors --> Sha of pride --> Galakras --> Iron juggernaut --> General Nazgrim --> Dark shamans --> Malkorok --> Spoils of Pandaria --> Klaxxi of the Paragons --> Siegecrafter --> Garrosh HC!

All heroic btw

This made me laugh xD

But I agree with this one!
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
For heroic:

Spoils of Pandaria < Dark Shamans (noob strategy) < Iron Juggernaut < Malkorok < Dark Shamans < Thok the Bloodthirsty < Siegecrafter Blackfuse < Garrosh < Paragons of the Klaxxi

While Garrosh probably takes more time to progress on than Paragons, I ultimately feel that for each individual raider Paragon is harder due to the higher amount of things you need to look out for. Garrosh really isn't any more than moving from predefined spot to predefined spot.

I didn't list the other bosses as they are all so easy it is not really possible to order them in a list.
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58 Dwarf Death Knight
Only raid once a week, so we're progressing slower than most, only just done (normal) Thok. But so far the only real stumbling blocks, that took more than a couple of nights to kill, have been Galakras and Shaman. everything else if we didn't kill it the first lockout we encountered it it went down the next.
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100 Gnome Priest
We one got Klaxxi down in one night, was supprised at how easy it was so not sure why everyone has that high up!

Why would you need to bench melee on the dark shaman btw, just use the 3 tank tactic and its easy for them to go up the hill and DPS their little hearts out. (If one of them refuses to tank for you, that's your problems :P)

Immersius is defiantly the easiest
Garrosh is defiantly the hardest (As said, its a big leap up from the rest, sadly its a blloody boring fight and takes ages before it gets "hard")
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100 Blood Elf Hunter

Why would you need to bench melee on the dark shaman btw, just use the 3 tank tactic and its easy for them to go up the hill and DPS their little hearts out. (If one of them refuses to tank for you, that's your problems :P)

it doesnt matter on normal on HC melee are fu*** and u can tchinically put them upstairs but they would nearly always get the debuff and dmg is huuuuuuge then -_-
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100 Blood Elf Priest

Why would you need to bench melee on the dark shaman btw, just use the 3 tank tactic and its easy for them to go up the hill and DPS their little hearts out. (If one of them refuses to tank for you, that's your problems :P)

it doesnt matter on normal on HC melee are fu*** and u can tchinically put them upstairs but they would nearly always get the debuff and dmg is huuuuuuge then -_-

We had 9 melees and 7 ranged on our last kill. Sure you need to make sure you have enough ranged upstairs to not get tombs in melee, but you already have 3 healers, so you only need like 2 ranged there - and the teams don't need to be equal, since bosses share hp pool anyway (we had 16 ppl upstairs and 9 down).
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100 Worgen Hunter
On normal:

Immerseus > Protectors > Iron Juggernaut > Norushen > Sha of Pride > Malkorok > Paragons > Nazgrim > Galakras > Dark Shaman > Spoils > Thok > Blackfuse > Garrosh

Only done first 3 on hc so far but the order there is definitely Norushen > Protectors > Immerseus. Norushen took 2 attempts.

As always it largely depends on the particular strengths/weaknesses of your own raid group.
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90 Orc Shaman
It's time for a HC list!

Iron "Still not a boss" Juggernaut
Fallen Protectors
Sha of Pride
General Nazgrim
Kor'kron "I still hate this fight" Dark Shaman
Trash of Pandaria
Thok "Hunter fight of the century" the Bloodthirsty
Paragons of the Klaxxi
"Funcrafter" Blackfuse
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90 Night Elf Priest
That would be a "on farm" HC dificulty list.I dare you to do Iron jugg with 550ivl healers!
This is the HC list as we encountered them on progress:
8.Iron Jugg
10.Dark Shaman
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Really depends on 10 man or 25 man. Siegecrafter is known to be harder on 10 compared to 25 man version.

While 25 Paragons are a nightmare compared to 10 man.

Overall Klaxxi tends to be harder to rekill on 25 man then Garrosh, cause how repeatable Garrosh is.
Edited by Zartt on 21/12/2013 09:52 GMT
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Orgrimmar peon hardest - Goblin auctioneers easiest.

They are actually bosses.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Since my guild is progressing on heroic, I will only list the normal mode bosses. Keep in mind this is for 25-man and from a tank point of view. From easiest to hardest:

#14 - Immerseus
First boss so meant to be easy. Even on heroic this boss is a walk in the park. For tanks, it's simply the old 'taunt' at X-stacks.. (boring) oh and help out with some of the adds that spawn.

#13 - Iron Juggernaut
When we encountered this boss for the first time, we killed it at try 2.. Mainly because people forgot to pop CD's to clear the mines or accidentally jumped on one. This boss is serieusly underwhelming on normal.

#12 - General Nazgrim
The general looked hard at first. Until we simply cheated by using 3 tanks. This boss is a certain kill on normal everytime we encounter him.

#11 - Protectors
As long as people keep clear of crap on the ground and of Rook's cone attack, another easy boss dies within minutes. On heroic they are a bit harder but fairly easy for a tank.

#10 - Sha
Run out, run in.. watch your timers and this boss is as dangerous as a fluffy bunny..

#9 - Siegecrafter
Another boring, taunt when the add spawns (around 3 stacks) and kill it away from the boss.. Nice DPS numbers for us tanks though.

#8 - Norushen
A bit more hectic than other fights because there's a lot of adds etc. But otherwise it's a simple AoE fest.

#7 - Spoils
Only fun when I get the Brewmaster buff.. QQ

#6 - Galakras
See Norushen

#5 - Malkorok
Not hard.. but sometimes we still wipe due to silly mistakes (mainly people who forget to keep clear of his cone smashes..)

#4 - Dark Shaman
Talk about hectic.. Blizzard probably thought; "Hey.. let's make a fight in which tanks have to actually do something."

#3 - Thok
All raise your hand who got nomnom'd at least once! :P

#2 - Paragon
Pointless to AoE... ok.. let's AoE.. :P

#1 - Garrosh
This boss felt simular to the Lich King. Several phases which are pretty easy to do until you reach the last phase. wtb Brewmaster Monk... -_-
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