Graphics issue after update to Windows 8.1

Can't really describe what it looks like, but the word 'garbled' probably suits best.

My SLI-settings were changed by Windows after the update, but even after I restored them to the settings I previously had (which is pretty much default) it hasn't improved.

Sound familiar to anyone?
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100 Troll Mage
I noticed some settings in my NVidia Control Panel had turned them self on / off when upgraded to 8.1 yesterday, namely 3D Sterioscopic or w/e it's called, only effected League of Legends though.

Try making sure none of your settings have changed in the control panel maybe.
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92 Pandaren Mage
3D effects have been known to be turned on with 8.1. A friend had this. Make sure that Nvidia's 3D settings are turned off for WoW.
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90 Pandaren Mage
I have the same issue. But how do i deactivate this (Green/Red) 3D.
I am in the Nvidia Panel and all seems as usual.
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3D effects have been known to be turned on with 8.1. A friend had this. Make sure that Nvidia's 3D settings are turned off for WoW.

Ok, thanks. I'm at work now, but I'll check it out tomorrow.

Now that you mention the 3D, it does indeed look like watching a 3D movie without the red/green glasses. :-)
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100 Draenei Shaman
I had the same problems:-

I reinstalled the NVidia driver but this time chose Custom install and deselected the 3D options. Sorted it.
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I am unable to fix it. Don't really know what settings I should be looking at.

I don't want to disable the 3D options all together, because I also play BF3.

I would appreciate any help with this. :-)


Duh! How many times can you look at a screen and NOT see something!

Stereoscopic 3D was enabled, disabled it and problem is solved. :-)
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90 Night Elf Priest
Hi, since update to Win8.1 I hade the same issue with colour setting, now I have it fixed, but game is really often crushing.
Sometimes I play about 30 minutes and everything is OK and then it will lag and crush and sometimes it lag and crush just after login to world.
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100 Human Death Knight
20/10/2013 13:25Posted by Xtrodinary
game is really often crushing

The game crashing is a different issue entirely - please create a new thread for that.
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No responses? Create a ticket:
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90 Worgen Hunter
My fps goes 10-90 it makes playing just unbareable.. Reinstall did not work for me.
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100 Orc Warrior
i got the same problems, can someone tell me what i should disable?
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5 Worgen Warrior
guys need help!!!
my computer is AMD . i5 . windows 8.1
but wow is dealy in start . How to fix this ??
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