Unborn Val'kyr?

90 Worgen Warlock
Was there some hotfix that made them less common or something?
I recently resubed and went right away to find it.
Been patrolling Northrend for the last 2-3 days, but with no luck...
I have both TomTom and NPC scan*with custom npc still no luck.
I even tried alt camping, but to no avail
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Dont think so, usually fly to some of their spawns when on my way to naxxramas and usually kill em when I see a spawn so others cant get it, hehe.
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90 Tauren Druid
Chck NPCscan if you're relying on it solely, as with a lot of addons, it preloads the skins on login, so it will never sound the alarm. If I fly the entire route across Outland, I find one within 15 minutes, every time. And battle it, hoping for a rare. And fail. Again and again.
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39 Blood Elf Mage
You play on one of the most crowded realms; Sylvanas. It will probably be more difficult to catch one there than most other realms.
I also want to suggest to not trust NPCScan in this particular case. When I added Unborn Val'kyr's NPC ID and cleared my cache and logged back in, the addon told me I had found it right away even though I was nowhere near one of it's spawn spots.
Edited by Meredith on 21/11/2013 18:40 GMT
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15 Worgen Priest
A little trick.
Kill all critters in the spawning areas, not only the battle-able ones (green paw over its head).
When they respawn, have a chance to be the valkyre. They respawn after a few mins.
If you circle in Crystalsong between the 3 spawn location, they respawn as you make a complete circle.

I got mine like this after 1 or 2 hour of camping.
Edited by Benedict on 22/11/2013 09:46 GMT
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90 Tauren Hunter
Just upgrade your low quality one with a stone?
Edited by Astaa on 22/11/2013 13:37 GMT
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90 Orc Hunter
yepp, if you do the dailies frequently you should have undead battle stones to upgrade
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90 Tauren Hunter
I ended up with 9+ of them before we could trade them in for flawless stones.
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10 Night Elf Warrior
Dont think so, usually fly to some of their spawns when on my way to naxxramas and usually kill em when I see a spawn so others cant get it, hehe.

"HAHAHA, i'm a nasty troll killing minions to annoy my realm, HAHAHA".
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90 Worgen Warlock
I paid 7k for mine, invited a player from the shatar(rp low pop) and it insta spawned near dalaran.
Felt both very happy and yet disappointed at the same time.
I was camping for like 3 days, a lot of faulse npc alarms, just to have it spawn near Dala lol!
Edited by Demonto on 26/11/2013 00:22 GMT
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