Join the feast-ivities

We invite you to celebrate Pilgrim's Bounty with us. It's a time for reflecting on your journeys and good fortune and sharing plentiful food and stories with friends. You can partake in wonderful Pilgrim's Bounty feasts near major towns by sitting at a Bountiful Table and enjoying the foods you find.

Even during hard times, the Pilgrim’s Bounty celebration emerges across the lands of Azeroth, bringing with it the opportunity to reflect and give thanks for the nourishment the land has provided. This season is the perfect occasion to brush up on your cooking skills while sharing in a veritable cornucopia of delicious offerings found on the communal dining tables located outside capital cities. There’s also no better time to go on a wild turkey hunt, or, should wild turkeys prove too elusive, transform friend and foe into tasty turkey targets.


Daily quests

Cooking daily quests are in the spotlight for this seasonal holiday. You’ll want to cook Pumpkin Pies, Spice Bread Stuffing, Cranberry Chutney, Candied Sweet Potatoes, and Slow-Roasted Turkeys and bring them to NPCs located in all the capitals of your faction. Completing those quests will award you a Pilgrim's Bounty, which can contain seasonal food items and other rewards.


Bountiful Tables

Bountiful Tables are loaded with food and surrounded by interactive chairs that allow you to eat and share food with other players via the action bar. If you eat five helpings of any single food, you'll gain benefits unique to that food. In addition, if you eat five helpings of every food, you'll gain the Spirit of Sharing buff, which lasts one hour and increases your reputation gains by 10%.

Merchants & Vendors

These gourmet traders have almost everything you’ll need to cook delicious seasonal food, including the Bountiful Baskets you can use to create Bountiful Feasts, which provide a potent group-wide buff.

Pilgrim's Bounty offers unique rewards for joining in the festivities.


Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter
You can cover your enemies (or friends!) in feathers with this fun item. Found inside Pilgrim's Bounties given as rewards for completing daily quests.


Plump Turkey

This poultry companion is taught by a Turkey Cage, the meta-achievement reward for this event. You might want to keep him far from cooking fires.

Bush Chicken

This companion is found inside a Pilgrim's Bounty, a special reward from daily quests available during the event.


Several recipes are available for cooking enthusiasts. You can discover how to cook  Slow-Roasted Turkey, Candied Sweet Potato, Cranberry Chutney, Pumpkin Pie, and Spice Bread Stuffing. You might need to hunt wild turkeys to collect the necessary ingredients!

If you complete the 9 achievements below, your character will gain the title of Pilgrim.

"FOOD FIGHT" 10 Pilgrim's Pauch 10
Pilgrim's Progress 10 Now We're Cookin' 10
Pilgrim's Peril 10 Sharing is Caring 10
Terokkar Turkey Time 10 The Turkinator 10
Turkey Lurkey 10