Garrisons Update


Model Updates: Blood Elves Back to Top

  • We’ve added new, higher resolution Blood Elf models that accurately depict their pride and intensity.

Keep Your Twitter Followers UpdatedBack to Top

  • Your Garrison followers aren’t the only ones wanting to see what you’ve been up to; now you can keep your Twitter followers updated as well!
  • You can add a Twitter account under the Social pane within the Interface menu. Use the /share command to Tweet screenshots, achievements, items, and more.

Extra Follower UpgradesBack to Top

  • You can now use spare Garrison Resources to purchase additional Follower upgrade items from Sergeant Crowler (Alliance) or Sergeant Grimjaw (Horde).

New Garrison Visitors

  • Each day, a unique character may stop by your Garrison and offer different types of quests, which can be completed by you or any friends visiting your Garrison. These visitors will offer new quest types: Bounties, Relic Hunting and Pet Battles. They also offer brand new Dungeon & Raid missions.

Music Box

  • Bounty and Relic Hunter follower missions may reward you with new items which you can collect to build a Music Box at your Garrison.
  • Defeating enemies throughout the world may yield new songs for your Music Box.

Follower UpdatesBack to Top

  • Followers may now learn the Treasure Hunter trait, which increases the amount of gold rewarded from missions.
  • You can now unlock new profession-related missions by leveling a profession-related building to level 3.
  • New raid missions to Blackrock Foundry have been added, as well as missions that reward Apexis Crystals, Savage Blood, and Augmentation Runes.
  • The follower missions interface has been improved, and now calls out followers that can counter the dangers of available missions.

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