Player vs. Player

The blood-soaked fields of strife in Azeroth are ripe with opportunities for glory. Generals call this ordeal a war effort; combatants simply call it “PvP.” Experience the conflict firsthand as a soldier, a gladiator—or both—and forge an everlasting legend in the fires of battle.

Why Should I PvP?

The Rush of Battle

Nothing can quite match the feeling of crossing steel—or flinging spells—against a living, breathing opponent who can anticipate your every move. PvP is frantic and requires swift reactions; thus, make sure to re-map your action buttons to your keyboard instead of mouse-clicking on them. Fight the good fight and you´ll be singing war stories at the nearest tavern alongside your (good) fellows in no time.

Quest for Glory

For hardened fighters looking to distinguish themselves further, there’s a nice selection of Achievements to earn while out in the field, some of which grant rare rewards (cool titles, for example). If you’d like more information, check your journal. Who knows? One day you might be honored as a Vanquisher, or perhaps an awe-inspiring Arena Master.

Armed and Dangerous

Armies need troops, and troops need gear. Bring victory to your faction and receive points to purchase tools of war from your local quartermaster: arms, armor, gems, enchantments, trinkets, and even mounts to ride into battle with. These items will give you an edge in combat and further improve your odds if the going gets rough—it will. Be ever vigilant.

Checked Up and Good to Go

Pick Yer Poison

Battlegrounds - Instances where two opposite faction teams face off in an objective-driven battle for supremacy.
Arenas - Small team deathmatch action to determine the best gladiators of all time.
World PvP - Combat that takes place in contested territories and conflict hotspots throughout Azeroth.
Rewards - The cool stuff you can get for participating in PvP.

Suit Up

It’s never been easier to jump right into the action, and the armor off your back will suffice to begin your journey. If you wish to go the extra mile, however, you can get a Starter PvP set. Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers and Tailors can craft these for you, and the materials are not too hard, or expensive, to obtain. Regardless of which path you choose, the time for war is now!

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