The BGs, where half the battle is stayin’ alive, are points of strategic importance to both the Alliance and the Horde. In the trenches, forests, and plains of these instanced areas, players fight members of the opposite faction while completing a wide range of objectives. Don’t get carried away in the heat of battle, focus on the mission and stick to your battle brothers and sisters. Keep what you capture, don’t leave anything undefended and never, EVER, fight on the roads (to hell). Remember, there are more honor points in victory; all else is dust, easily swept away.

Resource Race

Keep the resources flowing into the stores of your faction by capturing and holding nodes. Stall the enemy, disrupt their operations and you may soon be cruisin’ the road to victory.

Capture the Flag

Sneak into the enemy’s fort, take their symbol of pride (flag) and return triumphantly (means: alive) to your own flag. Do not allow the enemy to take your flag or you will be unable to capture theirs.


CRUSH YOUR ENEMIEEEES, NYAHHHHHHHHHHHH! What? Oh… *ahem*. Ride into the fields of battle and clash with the enemy force. Burn down their towers, obliterate their defenses and eliminate, or secure, high priority targets.

Deployment Options

When the drums of war begin to thunder, the choice is in your hands. Whether you’re being hot-dropped in the nearest available front (Random Battlegrounds), or you decide to heed the Call to Arms (weekly Battleground where the fighting is at its thickest), you’ll be rewarded with additional PvP currency. Conversely, if you prefer to pick your battles, you can select specific Battlegrounds, or exclude up to two of them from the list (click the ).

Once you’ve proven yourself in the field and earned your weapons and armor, it’s time to crank it up a notch. Assemble an elite fighting unit of nine like-minded—and geared—friends or guildmates, and head into the Rated Battlegrounds. These will put your abilities and teamwork skills to the ultimate test, for with the greatest challenge come the greatest rewards.

Whatever your decision might be, remember this piece of wisdom: sometimes it is okay to turn tail and /waggle (especially when outnumbered).

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