Eye of the Storm

“Eye of the Storm” would be a florid name for most regions – but for the floating isle suspended high above Netherstorm, it’s just right. Coruscating mana storms suffuse the island’s towers with energy, even as they wear away the barrier between Outland and the Twisting Nether, realm of the demonic Burning Legion.

These nexuses of power (and the Eye’s proximity to the Naaru fortress of Tempest Keep) make an otherwise barren rock irresistible to the Light-worshipping draenei refugees of the Exodar and the driven blood elves of Silvermoon City.

It's All Fun and Games...

  • Resource Race
  • Netherstorm, Outland
  • 35
  • 15
  • Reach 1600 resources!

Play Overview

The conditions for victory in the Eye of the Storm are simple – accrue 1600 resources before the opposing team does. Your team accrues resources by controlling and holding any number of the map’s four towers, but also by retrieving the flag found in the center of the map and bringing it to a tower currently held by your side.

How to Win

An Eye of the Storm match ends in only one way:
Resource Victory – the first team to reach 1600 resources is the winner!

Unique Gameplay Elements


Alliance heroes begin an Eye of the Storm match at the south end of the map, while Horde players begin in the north. Slain players can return to life either at their starting location (if their side controls no towers) or at the graveyard nearest to a tower they control.


If a player from your team can claim the flag from the center of the battlefield (by right-clicking on it) and bring it to a tower that your faction controls, you’ll receive an immediate and sizeable amount of resources. The more towers your side controls at the moment you capture the flag, the more points you’ll earn from the capture. Slaying a flag carrier will cause the flag to be dropped in place (where it can be recaptured). Once the flag has been captured at a tower, it will reappear in the center of the map, where it can be pursued again.


Four towers, arranged in a rectangular formation around the flag in the center of the map, are among the most important parts of Eye of the Storm. On the Alliance side of the map are the Mage Tower (left) and Draenei Ruins (right), while the Horde side is positioned closer to the Fel Reaver Ruins (left) and Blood Elf Tower (right). A narrow bridge connects the two sides.

It’s critical for your team to control as many towers as possible. Each tower you control will reward your team with resources over time for as long as you continue to hold it. The more towers you control, the more resources you’ll accrue (in a non-linear fashion – holding three towers will give you significantly more resources per second than holding two).

To control a tower, your team must have more players in the tower’s radius than the opposing team (for a short period of time). The more players from your team are present, the faster you’ll gain control of the tower.

The Void

The middle of the battlefield – a narrow isthmus over empty air – often becomes an area of heavy fighting as each team tries to prevent enemy forces from crossing over to their side and assaulting their towers.

You cannot ride flying mounts in the battleground, and any player who falls from the land bridge (or is propelled into the void by an attack) will plummet to their doom.

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