Silvershard Mines

Diamonds! Stranglethorn Vale’s Silvershard mines are full of the gleaming gems, and, while they’re pretty to look at, they’re far more important for what they can buy: new blades, ballistae and battle-gear for the soldiers of the Alliance and Horde. Neither faction wants its opposition digging up diamonds – not when the other option is to spill their enemies’ blood on the rocks and make off with the loot in Venture co. mine carts!

Can You Dig It?

  • Resource Race
  • Stranglethorn Vale, Eastern Kingdoms
  • 90
  • 10
  • The team that is the fastest to gather 1600 resources wins!

Play Overview

Silvershard Mines is the site of a race for resources between two teams, one Alliance and one Horde. Each faction escorts mine carts filled with Silvershard diamonds – and the carts (self-propelled through goblin engineering) just keep on coming.

Carts under your control provide your team with an ongoing trickle of resources. When they reach the mine depot at the end of their track, they provide a huge volume of resources to the team that ‘captures’ them.

To seize the most diamonds for your faction, you’ll need to keep mine carts under your control, defend them from the enemy faction, and ensure that you try to break your enemies’ control on ‘their’ carts.

Be the first team to reach their diamond quota!

How to Win

A Silvershard Mines battleground ends in only one way:
Resource Victory – The first team to acquire 1600 resources is the winner!

Unique Gameplay Elements


Carts automatically proceed along 3 different tracks in the Silvershard mines. Each track is a different length – though capturing a cart will earn you the same number of resources regardless of which track the cart is on, you have an opportunity to earn more resources while proceeding down a longer track.

Keep this tradeoff in mind, because you can change a cart’s route, directing it to a different track by hitting one of the two switches found at track intersections. These switches take a few seconds to activate, but they give you the opportunity to send a cart in a different direction – ideally towards your teammates. You don’t need control of a cart to change the track that it’s on, so plan ahead to dodge your enemies and fluster their plans.


Venture co. mine carts appear in the center of the map, and automatically move along the tracks to their destination – one of three diamond drop-off points at the end of the tracks. They’ll keep appearing and heading down the tracks until one team wins.

Multiple carts can move along different tracks at once, so don’t be afraid to split your efforts in order to control the highest number of carts.

Your team gains control of a cart when there are more members of your team than members of the opposing team in range of that cart. While you have control of a cart, you’ll accrue resources every few seconds.

If you capture a cart – if your team is in control when the cart reaches its destination – your team will receive a large number of resources. When a cart is captured, another cart will appear shortly after in the center of the map.

No more than 3 carts can be active at one time (one cart per track).


When you die, you’ll be resurrected at a graveyard near your starting position. Rather than needing to run to your corpse in order to resurrect, you’ll be periodically returned to life after a short countdown.

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