The dust finally settles and the enemy is on the run. You’ve thrived in battle and brought victory to your faction in countless theaters of war, but the fighting is not getting any easier. It’s time to head back to the nearest quartermaster and outfit yourself in new arms and armor—tools that will see you through when the going gets tough—for the glory of the Horde or the Alliance.


Honor Points and Conquest Points are the two types of PvP-centric currency in the game, and they allow you to purchase gear that will improve your odds against other players. As an added bonus, you can use this gear to quest and run instances, but take into account that it won´t be as effective as PvE gear. You can earn Honor Points by slaying members of the opposite faction, completing objectives (both in the world at large or in the Battlegrounds), defending nodes, and winning battles. Conquest Points, on the other hand, are used to acquire top of the line PvP gear. To accrue Conquest Points, you’ll have to face the brutality and carnage of the Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds. Sharpen your blades, prepare your spells, and accept the challenge!

Honor Points Conquest Points

Where to Buy PvP Items

The latest PvP gear is available from faction-specific vendors in Ashran, near the staging area for your faction.

War Mounts and lower level PvP gear are available in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Just ask a guard for directions to the Champion's Hall (Alliance) or the Hall of Legends (Horde).

Champion's Hall
Hall of Legends

Dressed for Success

The unspoken rule of warfare is to campaign in style; in STYLE. If you like the looks of military-issue armor, but you prefer to slay monsters, no problem. Visit your nearest Consortium Ethereal representative and put their Transmogrification services to good use. That said, you cannot go charging enemy lines on that old nag, soldier. Get a proper war steed from your faction’s mount vendor (for a price, of course). These completely loyal—and armored—creatures will stick with you through thick or thin unless you get dazed. You know what they say: parry with the helmet, lose the horns… or something like that.


Maybe you wish to “Know Thy Enemy” or turn into a “Wrecking Ball”. Perhaps “The Grim Reaper” is a fitting moniker in your mind, just don’t get “Overly Defensive” about it. Problem? “Call in the Cavalry”, for stuff like “That Takes Class”. Never forget, however, if you “Step Into The Arena” for the first time, you have to fight; “Duel-icious”! Go forth then, heed the “Call to Arms!”, do some “Disgracin’ The Basin”, become a “Battlemaster”, and remember: “We Had It All Along *Cough*”.

PvP Item Costs

Weapons Gear
One-Handed Weapons 1750 - 2250 Head, Chest, and Legs 2250
Two-Handed Weapons 3500 Shoulders and Trinkets 1750
Shields and Off-Hand Items 1250 Neck, Back, Wrist, Hands, Waist, and Rings 1250