Alchemists use herbs to create strange, magical brews that heal, empower, and produce a variety of positive effects - invisibility, elemental resistance, mana restoration, and much, much more. They can also transmute mystic materials into rare and exotic new forms. With their power to create valuable consumables (one-use items), Alchemists are highly useful to groups and raids. By creating rare materials, Alchemists can make a great deal of money, enable the creation of powerful weapons and armor, and even influence the economy of Azeroth!

Most alchemical brews can be created anywhere, as long as you have the appropriate reagents - supplies that you can buy from vendors, trade for with other players, or find in the wild.

Alchemy is often paired with the gathering profession Herbalism , since herbs found in the wilderness are required to concoct the majority of alchemical mixtures.

As you advance further in the craft of alchemy, you'll be given an opportunity to choose a specialization. After completing a unique quest, you can specialize in either Transmutation, Potions or Elixirs. An Alchemist with a specialization has a chance to create bonus materials when working within their area of expertise.

  • Step 1
    Acquire the ingredients you need for the recipe you want to make. You can check on the ingredients you'll want from your professions menu.
  • Step 2
    Most alchemical recipes require herbs (which can be found in the wilderness or often purchased from the auction house) and some require other special materials (such as containers) the majority of which can be bought from a trade goods vendor.
  • Step 3
    To make your mix, simply choose 'alchemy' from your professions menu, choose the recipe you'd like, specify the quantity of potions or other concoctions you'd like, and click 'create'.

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