World of Warcraft® Mobile Armory

Browse, Buy, Sell, Chat - Anytime, Anywhere

Ever wanted to check your raid schedule, look up a piece of PvP gear, or concoct a new talent spec while on the go? The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app for iPhone®, iPod touch®, and Android devices lets you access World of Warcraft character and item information, use the auction house, chat with your guild, and more from anywhere you have a mobile connection.

3D view Detail View
Full Character Profiles Available on iPhone, iPod touch, and Android

View all of your characters’ gear, stats, achievements, talents, and more, and show off your character using the app’s built-in 3D model viewer. The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory also lets you search for and view other characters’ and guildmates’ profiles, whether you’re looking for ideas for a new talent spec or just want check out a friend’s new gear.

Remote Auction House Available on Web and Mobile Devices

Browse, buy, and sell on the go! Browse the World of Warcraft Auction House, post items up for sale, place bids, and collect your hard-won auction house gold -- all through the World of Warcraft community website or the free World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app for iPhone, iPod touch, or Android devices.


  • Around-the-clock access to the Auction House via web or mobile app
  • Bid on, buy, and create auctions in real time
  • No requirement to be in a city to access the auction house
  • Combined bags, mailbox, and bank slots for quicker inventory access… no more running back and forth between the bank and mailbox!
  • Unique ability to relist expired auctions
  • One-click gold collection for all successful auctions
  • Review competitor prices when creating auctions
  • Easily track all of your auctions to maximize profits… time is money, friend!
Remote Guild Chat Available on iPhone, iPod touch, and Android

Real-time guild chat on your phone. Keep in touch with your guildmates and always be in on your guild’s discussions with the Remote Guild Chat feature. Using the World of Warcraft Armory app, you can view and participate in your guild’s chat in real time, engage in one-on-one conversations with other guild members, and more!


  • Stay in touch with your entire guild wherever you are
  • See which guildmates are online
  • Initiate one-on-one conversations with guild members
  • Keep the guild up-to-date with your Arena team, Battleground, and raiding plans
  • Filter by guild chat, officer chat, and whispers
Other Features Events, guild information, and more

The Mobile Armory also includes a number of other handy features to help keep you connected to the game. Use the in-app calendar to keep track of upcoming in-game events, like the arrival of the Darkmoon Faire, and accept invitations to events set up by your guildmates and friends. Check out the latest guild news and keep tabs on your guild’s achievements, perks, and roster.

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Download and install the appropriate app for your iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device. To find out more, read the FAQ.