Realm Status

This page lists all available World of Warcraft realms as well as the status of each. A realm can be listed as either Up or Down. Messages related to realm status and scheduled maintenance will be posted on the Support Site or our Twitter channel. Let us apologize in advance if your Realm is listed as down. Chances are we’re working diligently to bring it back online as quickly as possible.
Status Realm Name Type Population Locale Queue
Aggramar (PvE) Medium English Yes
Arathor (PvE) Medium English Yes
Aszune (PvE) Medium English Yes
Azjol-Nerub (PvE) Low English Yes
Bloodhoof (PvE) Medium English Yes
Doomhammer (PvE) Low English Yes
Draenor (PvE) High English Yes
Dragonblight (PvE) Medium English Yes
Emerald Dream (PvE) Medium English Yes
Sunstrider (PvP) Medium English Yes
Twilight's Hammer (PvP) Medium English Yes
Zenedar (PvP) Low English Yes
Aggra (Português) (PvP) Medium English Yes
Agamaggan (PvP) Medium English Yes
Al'Akir (PvP) Low English Yes
Bladefist (PvP) Low English Yes
Bloodscalp (PvP) Medium English Yes
Burning Blade (PvP) High English Yes
Burning Legion (PvP) High English Yes
Crushridge (PvP) Medium English Yes
Daggerspine (PvP) Medium English Yes
Deathwing (PvP) Medium English Yes
Dragonmaw (PvP) Low English Yes
Dunemaul (PvP) Low English Yes
Sinstralis (PvP) Low French Yes
Argent Dawn (RP) High English Yes
Kirin Tor (RP) Medium French Yes
Dalaran (PvE) High French Yes
Archimonde (PvP) High French Yes
Elune (PvE) Medium French Yes
Illidan (PvP) Low French Yes
Hyjal (PvE) High French Yes
Kael'thas (PvP) Medium French Yes
Ner'zhul (PvP) Medium French Yes
Cho'gall (PvP) Low French Yes
Sargeras (PvP) Medium French Yes
Runetotem (PvE) Medium English Yes
Shadowsong (PvE) Medium English Yes
Silvermoon (PvE) High English Yes
Stormrage (PvE) Low English Yes
Terenas (PvE) Medium English Yes
Thunderhorn (PvE) Medium English Yes
Turalyon (PvE) Low English Yes
Ravencrest (PvP) High English Yes
Shattered Hand (PvP) Low English Yes
Skullcrusher (PvP) Low English Yes
Spinebreaker (PvP) Low English Yes
Stormreaver (PvP) Low English Yes
Stormscale (PvP) High English Yes
Earthen Ring (RP) Low English Yes
Alexstrasza (PvE) Medium German Yes
Alleria (PvE) Medium German Yes
Antonidas (PvE) High German Yes
Baelgun (PvE) Low German Yes
Blackhand (PvE) High German Yes
Madmortem (PvE) Low German Yes
Malfurion (PvE) Low German Yes
Zuluhed (PvP) Medium German Yes
Nozdormu (PvE) Medium German Yes
Perenolde (PvE) Low German Yes
Die Silberne Hand (RP) Low German Yes
Aegwynn (PvP) High German Yes
Destromath (PvP) Medium German Yes
Eredar (PvP) High German Yes
Frostmourne (PvP) Medium German Yes
Frostwolf (PvP) Medium German Yes
Gorgonnash (PvP) Medium German Yes
Gul'dan (PvP) Medium German Yes
Kel'Thuzad (PvP) Medium German Yes
Kil'jaeden (PvP) Medium German Yes
Mal'Ganis (PvP) Medium German Yes
Mannoroth (PvP) Medium German Yes
Zirkel des Cenarius (RP) Medium German Yes
Proudmoore (PvE) Low German Yes
Nathrezim (PvP) Medium German Yes
Dun Morogh (PvE) Medium German Yes
Aman'Thul (PvE) Low German Yes
Sen'jin (PvE) Medium German Yes
Theradras (PvP) Medium German Yes
Genjuros (PvP) Medium English Yes
Balnazzar (PvP) Medium English Yes
Anub'arak (PvP) Medium German Yes
Wrathbringer (PvP) Medium German Yes
Onyxia (PvP) Medium German Yes
Nera'thor (PvP) Medium German Yes
Kult der Verdammten (RP PvP) Medium German Yes
Das Syndikat (RP PvP) Medium German Yes
Terrordar (PvP) Medium German Yes
Krag'jin (PvP) Low German Yes
Der Rat von Dalaran (RP) Low German Yes
Nordrassil (PvE) Low English Yes
Hellscream (PvE) Medium English Yes
Laughing Skull (PvP) Medium English Yes
Magtheridon (PvE) High English Yes
Quel'Thalas (PvE) Low English Yes
Neptulon (PvP) Medium English Yes
Twisting Nether (PvP) High English Yes
Ragnaros (PvP) High English Yes
The Maelstrom (PvP) Medium English Yes
Sylvanas (PvP) High English Yes
Vashj (PvP) Low English Yes
Bloodfeather (PvP) Low English Yes
Darksorrow (PvP) Medium English Yes
Frostwhisper (PvP) Low English Yes
Defias Brotherhood (RP PvP) High English Yes
The Venture Co (RP PvP) High English Yes
Lightning's Blade (PvP) Medium English Yes
Haomarush (PvP) Low English Yes
Khaz Modan (PvE) Medium French Yes
Drek'Thar (PvE) Medium French Yes
Rashgarroth (PvP) Medium French Yes
Throk'Feroth (PvP) Medium French Yes
Conseil des Ombres (RP PvP) Medium French Yes
Varimathras (PvE) Medium French Yes
Les Sentinelles (RP) Medium French Yes
Khadgar (PvE) Medium English Yes
Bronzebeard (PvE) Low English Yes
Kul Tiras (PvE) Medium English Yes
Chromaggus (PvP) Medium English Yes
Dentarg (PvP) High English Yes
Moonglade (RP) Medium English Yes
Executus (PvP) Low English Yes
Trollbane (PvP) Medium English Yes
Mazrigos (PvE) High English Yes
Talnivarr (PvP) Medium English Yes
Emeriss (PvP) Medium English Yes
Drak'thul (PvP) High English Yes
Ahn'Qiraj (PvP) Medium English Yes
Ysera (PvE) High German Yes
Malygos (PvE) Low German Yes
Rexxar (PvE) Medium German Yes
Gilneas (PvE) Low German Yes
Kargath (PvE) Low German Yes
Khaz'goroth (PvE) Medium German Yes
Lothar (PvE) Low German Yes
Anetheron (PvP) Medium German Yes
Nazjatar (PvP) Medium German Yes
Tichondrius (PvE) Low German Yes
Thrall (PvE) High German Yes
Terokkar (PvE) Medium English Yes
Nefarian (PvP) Medium German Yes
Durotan (PvE) Low German Yes
Arthas (PvP) Medium German Yes
Azshara (PvP) Low German Yes
Blackmoore (PvP) High German Yes
Blackrock (PvP) High German Yes
Hakkar (PvP) Medium English Yes
Xavius (PvP) Low English Yes
Steamwheedle Cartel (RP) Medium English Yes
Die ewige Wacht (RP) Low German Yes
Die Todeskrallen (RP PvP) Medium German Yes
Scarshield Legion (RP PvP) High English Yes
Die Arguswacht (RP PvP) Medium German Yes
Blade's Edge (PvE) Low English Yes
Azuremyst (PvE) Low English Yes
Vek'nilash (PvE) Low English Yes
Boulderfist (PvP) Medium English Yes
Frostmane (PvP) Medium English Yes
Outland (PvP) High English Yes
Grim Batol (PvP) Medium English Yes
Jaedenar (PvP) Low English Yes
Kazzak (PvP) High English Yes
Tarren Mill (PvP) High English Yes
Chamber of Aspects (PvE) Medium English Yes
Ravenholdt (RP PvP) High English Yes
Pozzo dell'Eternità (PvE) High Italian Yes
Eonar (PvE) Low English Yes
Kilrogg (PvE) Medium English Yes
Aerie Peak (PvE) Low English Yes
Wildhammer (PvE) Medium English Yes
Saurfang (PvE) Medium English Yes
Nemesis (PvP) Medium Italian Yes
Vek'lor (PvP) Medium German Yes
Mug'thol (PvP) Medium German Yes
Taerar (PvP) Medium German Yes
Dalvengyr (PvP) Medium German Yes
Rajaxx (PvP) Medium German Yes
Ulduar (PvE) Low German Yes
Malorne (PvE) High German Yes
Der abyssische Rat (RP PvP) Medium German Yes
Lordaeron (PvE) Low German Yes
Tirion (PvE) Low German Yes
Ambossar (PvE) Low German Yes
Krasus (PvE) Medium French Yes
Die Nachtwache (RP) Low German Yes
Arathi (PvP) Low French Yes
Ysondre (PvP) Medium French Yes
Eldre'Thalas (PvP) Low French Yes
Culte de la Rive noire (RP PvP) Medium French Yes
Dun Modr (PvP) Medium Spanish Yes
Zul'jin (PvP) Medium Spanish Yes
Uldum (PvP) Medium Spanish Yes
C'Thun (PvP) Low Spanish Yes
Sanguino (PvP) Medium Spanish Yes
Shen'dralar (PvP) Medium Spanish Yes
Tyrande (PvE) Medium Spanish Yes
Exodar (PvE) Low Spanish Yes
Minahonda (PvE) Low Spanish Yes
Los Errantes (PvE) Medium Spanish Yes
Lightbringer (PvE) High English Yes
Darkspear (PvE) Medium English Yes
Darkmoon Faire (RP) Low English Yes
Alonsus (PvE) Medium English Yes
Burning Steppes (PvP) Low English Yes
Bronze Dragonflight (PvE) Low English Yes
Anachronos (PvE) Medium English Yes
Colinas Pardas (PvE) Medium Spanish Yes
Kor'gall (PvP) Low English Yes
Forscherliga (RP) Low German Yes
Dethecus (PvP) Medium German Yes
Un'Goro (PvE) Medium German Yes
Garrosh (PvE) Medium German Yes
Area 52 (PvE) Medium German Yes
Todeswache (RP) Medium German Yes
Arygos (PvE) Medium German Yes
Teldrassil (PvE) Low German Yes
Norgannon (PvE) Medium German Yes
Der Mithrilorden (RP) Low German Yes
Garona (PvP) Medium French Yes
Vol'jin (PvE) Medium French Yes
Arak-arahm (PvP) Medium French Yes
Medivh (PvE) Medium French Yes
La Croisade écarlate (RP PvP) Medium French Yes
Confrérie du Thorium (RP) Medium French Yes
Uldaman (PvE) Medium French Yes
Eitrigg (PvE) Medium French Yes
Hellfire (PvE) Medium English Yes
Ghostlands (PvE) Medium English Yes
Nagrand (PvE) Medium English Yes
Azuregos (PvE) High Russian Yes
Ashenvale (PvP) Medium Russian Yes
Booty Bay (PvP) Low Russian Yes
Eversong (PvE) Medium Russian Yes
Thermaplugg (PvP) Low Russian Yes
The Sha'tar (RP) Medium English Yes
Karazhan (PvP) Medium English Yes
Auchindoun (PvP) Low English Yes
Shattered Halls (PvP) Medium English Yes
Grom (PvP) Low Russian Yes
Goldrinn (PvE) Medium Russian Yes
Blackscar (PvP) High Russian Yes
Gordunni (PvP) High Russian Yes
Lich King (PvP) Low Russian Yes
Soulflayer (PvP) High Russian Yes
Deathguard (PvP) Medium Russian Yes
Sporeggar (RP PvP) High English Yes
Nethersturm (PvE) Medium German Yes
Shattrath (PvE) Medium German Yes
Galakrond (PvE) Medium Russian Yes
Greymane (PvP) Low Russian Yes
Festung der Stürme (PvP) Medium German Yes
Echsenkessel (PvP) Medium German Yes
Blutkessel (PvP) Medium German Yes
Deepholm (PvP) Low Russian Yes
Howling Fjord (PvP) High Russian Yes
Razuvious (PvP) Low Russian Yes
Deathweaver (PvP) Low Russian Yes
Die Aldor (RP) Medium German Yes
Das Konsortium (RP PvP) Medium German Yes
Chants éternels (PvE) Medium French Yes
Marécage de Zangar (PvE) High French Yes
Temple noir (PvP) Low French Yes
Fordragon (PvE) Medium Russian Yes
Naxxramas (PvP) Low French Yes
Borean Tundra (PvE) Medium Russian Yes
Les Clairvoyants (RP) Medium French Yes