Battle on the High Seas

Introduced in Mists of Pandaria

Tip the scales of naval warfare in your favor, and send your enemies’ ships to the deeps!

As Alliance and Horde vessels surge towards Pandaria, looking to load up loot and leave soldiers, they clash along the open ocean. It’s up to you to launch yourself aboard the battling ships, right into the center of a boarding melee, and make sure your side sails away into the sunset. You’ll use cannons and ropes to travel between ships, deploy explosives to scuttle them to the bottom of the sea, and pick off key crew members to make sure the enemy navy can’t recover.

  • Stage 1: Boarding Party! Protect the Ship! Defeat the Horde Boarding party.
  • Stage 2: Explosives Acquisition Steal Explosives from enemy Demolitionists.
  • Stage 3: To Smithereens! Plant explosives on the Horde Ship to destroy it!
  • Stage 4: Defeat the Admiral! Defeat Admiral Hagman.
  • Bonus Objectives Defeat Admiral Hagman (Timed)
Rewards First random scenario of the day Achievements
  • Battle on the High Seas 10
  • Battle on the High Seas 10
  • Heroic: Battle on the High Seas 10
  • Heroic: Battle on the High Seas 10
  • Keep those Bombs Away! (From Me) 10

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