With unexpected allies by your side, paint the snow red to save Ironforge from the Zandalari menace!

A Zandalari agent has infiltrated Dun Morogh and rallied the Frostmane trolls – it’s only a matter of time until a menacing troll army reaches the gates of Ironforge. With the support of Moira Thaurissian’s Dark Iron Dwarves, you must fight through a brutal storm in order to interrupt the troll rituals, weakening their forces and preventing dwarven scouts from become their victims. Your fight alongside Moira will help prove her worth to the other dwarf clans, and ultimately the whole of the Alliance.

  • Stage 1: The Mountaineers Contact the Dark Iron Mountaineers atop Shimmer Ridge and find a way to stop the storm.
  • Stage 2: Save Scout Stonebeard Free Scout Stonebeard from the trolls' roasting spit.
  • Stage 3: Save Scout Boldbrew Slay the trolls trying to cook Scout Boldbrew.
  • Stage 4: Save Scout Forgefellow Slay the trolls about to sacrifice Scout Forgefellow.
  • Stage 5: The Cold Cave Slay the elemental spirit in the ice cave to end the snowstorm.
  • Stage 6: Victory or Death Join Moira's forces, slay the Zandalari leader, and capture the Frostmane village.
  • Bonus Objective Rescue all scouts and stop the summoned storm (Timed)
Rewards First random scenario of the day Achievements
  • Hekima's Heal-Halter 10
  • Heroic: Blood in the Snow 10
  • Heed the Weed 10
  • Blood in the Snow 10

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