Dagger in the Dark

Introduced in Mists of Pandaria

Aid Vol’jin in investigating a mysterious source of power…and defend him from attempts on his life.

A cave along the Veiled Stair houses an ancient mogu secret that might shed light on the origins of the saurok, and Garrosh has sent Vol’jin, the chieftain of the Darkspear, on a mission to investigate. But the Warchief may have ulterior motives, and Vol’jin doesn’t trust him. That’s where you come in. Escort Vol’jin into the heart of the cave to uncover one of the mysteries of ancient Pandaria, and keep him safe from Garrosh’s minions, who may use the mission as an excuse to silence the dissenting troll for good.

  • Stage 1: The Mission... Speak with Vol'jin to begin the search for the Saurok cave.
  • Stage 2: We Ride! Find the entrance to the Saurok Cave.
  • Stage 3: Guards! Defeat the Saurok guarding the cave.
  • Stage 4: Into the Cave Make your way deeper into the cave.
  • Stage 5: The Source Find the source of the Saurok.
  • Stage 6: The Broodmaster Defeat Broodmaster Noshi.
  • Stage 7: Investigation Investigate the Mogu Statues.
  • Stage 8: Ambush! Fend off the Kor'kron ambush.
Rewards First random scenario of the day Achievements
  • No Egg Left Behind 10
  • Watery Grave 10
  • Dagger in the Dark 10
  • You Mean That Wasn't a Void Zone? 10

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