Don't be fooled by Grim Batol's humble exterior; many of this mountain fortress's desecrated chambers are buried deep in the Twilight Highlands. Once the stronghold of the Wildhammer dwarves, and later seized by orcs as a prison for Alextrasza, the city is now in the clutches of the Twilight's Hammer cult. Heroes brave enough to infiltrate the brooding depths of the stronghold must confront Deathwing's agents to thwart the mysterious evil within.

With the reemergence of Deathwing into the world of Azeroth, the black dragonflight and Twilight's Hammer cult have driven the red dragons away, and converted the dwarven-forged stone halls into a training ground. Grim Batol has once again become a battlefront.

The red dragonflight has begun to assault the gates of Grim Batol from the air, but their assault is jeopardized by the black dragons, who fight back with characteristic intensity and viciousness. If the red flight doesn't receive support soon, the battles raging around Grim Batol will calm at last - and the fortress will rest firmly in the grasp of evil.