The sacred Chamber of the Aspects beneath Wyrmrest Temple has seen kingdoms and armies rise and fall throughout history. For over ten millennia, the dragonflights' five sanctums have remained hallowed ground for dragonkind, undamaged by the chaos of the Sundering and protected from the ravages of the Scourge thanks to a rare instance of cooperation between members of all five dragonflights.

Now, an eerie quiet has settled over the sanctum. Draconic guards stationed outside of the red dragonflight's Ruby Sanctum have vanished. The stones of the portal leading into the sanctum's chambers are cracked. The tang of dying fires hangs in the air around the antechamber, and the red dragons dedicated to watching over the sanctuary of the red dragonflight have not responded to the messages of their fellows.

The absence of guardians and the weakening of the structure are enough cause for immense concern among the members of the Accord, but far worse is the implication that the Ruby Sanctum, which contains the largest cluth of red dragon eggs and the future of the red dragonflight, might have been breached.