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As part of the Service, Blizzard provides various tools to allow communication between your characters and the characters of other players. As these communication tools do not constitute an electronic communication service (in legal terms), messages sent using them should not be considered private or personal. So that we can provide a fun, safe and lawful environment for all our players, we have a policy of storing and reviewing both sent and received in-game chats and other messages. By clicking the check box below, you agree that Blizzard (or one of Blizzard’s affiliates) shall have the right to (i) store in-game chats and other messages you send or receive on the Service, or through any game that is playable on the Service, and (ii) review such in-game chats and other messages to investigate potential violations of the law, the Terms of Use, or the Terms of Use agreement specific to any game playable on the Service. Blizzard will only use the information contained in the stored in-game chats and other messages for investigating and acting on such violations.


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