Live-Fragerunde zu Schlachtzügen und Dungeons

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Diesen Freitag haben wir Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas alias Watcher zu Gast, der live auf Twitch eure Fragen beantworten wird. Das Thema dieser Fragerunde lautet Schlachtzüge und Dungeons in Warlords of Draenor – von der Blutschlägermine bis zur Schwarzfelsgießerei und darüber hinaus!

Wann: Freitag, 27. Februar, 20 Uhr bis 21 Uhr MEZ
Wo: World of Warcraft-Channel auf (Englisch)

Ihr könnt eure Fragen über Twitter mit dem Hashtag #WarlordsQA einreichen oder einfach auf diesen Forenthread antworten. Vergesst bitte nicht, eure Fragen auf Englisch zu formulieren. Wir möchten so viele Fragen wie möglich sammeln, daher können wir nur Forenfragen berücksichtigen, die nicht länger als 40 Wörter sind.

Ihr könnt eure Fragen bis Freitag, den 27. Februar um 20:55 Uhr MEZ einreichen. Beachtet bitte, dass das Thema dieser Fragerunde Schlachtzüge und Dungeons lautet – auf Fragen zu anderen Themen können wir leider nicht eingehen.

Bis dann!
Update: Falls eure Frage schon von anderen gestellt wurden, zögert nicht, die Bewertungsfunktion zu nutzen und die jeweilige Frage hoch zu bewerten.

Is it possible that the Legendary Quest will take place in other Dungeons or Raids and if it is Blizzard allready have something in mind which Raid they will choose or which it possible will be?
Latest Raidtier(MOP) we had a straight Boss chronology now HM and BF we can decide which Boss we want to go first. Will you go back to the first variant or leave the engine running in next raids?

a lot of players are a bit sad that they will be forced to leave their Raid- Group if they are on different realms because of the mythic mode. Can we see changes to this restriction and can the Mythic mode be avaiable cross-realm?
Will there be more dungeons getting launched with later patches as content for those casualplayers, who prefer running dungeons instead of raids (LFR), or will Blizzard keep on focussing on new raids for all kinds of players?

Do you have anything in mind to make heroic dungeons attractive for well equipped players, or will they just be there for equipping new level 100 characters?
Is there any chance to resurrect the Valor/Justice Point System to make heroic dungeons more attractive for Players?

I made 3 crafted items for my twink than I leveled normally to level 100. Then I completed the 3 dungeons for the legendary quest. After that i never saw any kind of 5 man dungeon again becauce there is no need. 175 garrison ressources don't improve your charakter it don't changes anything.

quite a few Catch-Up-Mechanisms were introduced in 6.1 and as far as I can see
they are quite nice for new players and especially Twinks.
But the legendary Quest is quite important due to the sheer power of the Legendary Ring
Proc-Effect. Catching up is pretty hard and forces player to do this quest several ties per week (which is tbh boring, due to passive "collect this" stuff),
while constantly being one steop behind, because your twink started a lot later.
Is there something in planning to give new players and especially twinks of player which already HAVE
completed the chain, as far as possible.
Something like Quest Items in both Raids. Stones in Blackrock AND Highmaul instead of just Highmaul.
While Runes are still exclusive to Blackrock.
Maybe even a legendary Heirloom would be possible because the legendary Quest chain in almost collecting things only. It's just a time sink.

Hey Auróra! Ich würde dir empfehlen, deine Frage zu kürzen:

Wir möchten so viele Fragen wie möglich sammeln, daher können wir nur Forenfragen berücksichtigen, die nicht länger als 40 Wörter sind.
What happened to the raid entry attunements which are essential rpg elements?
Are you happy with the variety of niches in the game right now? i feel kinda forced to retalent or even respec every boss fight to stay competitive.
Guilds should be social communities. But currently guilds seem to be a necessary force to go on raiding mythic because the mythic ID is a fix ID like all IDs were in the past. The new loot-ID System for the heroic and normal mode grants more freedom to the raiders in the way of choosing and finding a group.

Why isn't also the mythic ID a loot-ID ?
Why are you sticking to the lfr? It devaluates content and provides no learning curve at all.
By Level 1-100 no dungeon is demanding. In some cases you need not even a tank or healer.
Why the dungeons were made so easy?
Could "old" raidcontent be upgraded to 100? "Solo one hit content" pays no one any tribute!

Content (incl. items) could be scaled up to LvL 100. Old Content 2.0 ...
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