24 Jan [Diablo II] Support Ending for Windows XP With an upcoming platform patch intended to streamline the process of launching and connecting to Diablo II, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Vista. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively. As we continue to support our legacy titles, we have found the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to newer versions as well. Once our next patch update hits, Diablo II will no longer run on Windows XP or Vista. We encourage any players who are still using one of these older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Radathryl0 24 Jan
19 Dec Warcraft III Classic Installation Hello! We just wanted to let you know that if you pre-purchased Warcraft III: Reforged, you are able to install and play classic Warcraft III. To do so, please use following installers: Windows Mac After starting the game for the first time (after installation), you will see two options. You can choose to enter your Classic CD keys or log into your account that has pre-purchased Warcraft III Reforged.Nenyasqi0 19 Dec
26 Jan 2018 [MAC][WC3] 1.28 Mac Troubleshooting We are currently addressing issues with the patch. Please read this message in its entirety before you proceed. We are working on new installers for the account management page, but here is a direct link to the Mac launcher: You need to perform a one-time manual step before running the game. After you install the game you must do the following: 1. Create a text file named “roc.w3k” in the root of your Warcraft III installation folder 2. Open the text file and type in your CD Key with no dashes and no new line, it will be 26 bytes on disk – ex 01234567891011121318192021 3. Save the file 4. Repeat the procedure for Frozen Throne (if purchased) and use the file “tft.w3k” instead Some Mac players are also experiencing error, “Warcraft III was unable to find a CD Key…” This indicates a few possible problems that we are still working to find the root cause of. Here are a few workarounds: 1. First, check the CD Key files described above exist and have accurate keys 2. Try renaming “Warcraft” to “Warcraft” and then back to “Warcraft” 3. Try moving the Warcraft III installation folder to another directory and then move it back to the original location 4. Try rebooting your machineNenyasqi0 26 Jan 2018
19 Mar 2014 Temporary Restrictions *Update* We will try to update this information when we can as it's not currently accurate on reflecting the restrictions on both keys and IP addresses. I'm leaving the post up in it's entirety still for reference as much of it is still relevant and will remain so. If you receive the message that you are temporarily restricted or unable to connect, the first step is to attempt to log onto another realm, for instance if you are on Europe (Northrend), attempt to log onto USWest (Lordaeron). If you cannot access only one realm then you may have a temporary IP restriction. Possible causes for temporary restrictions include: All Games: Spamming text or chat commands such as /friends list or /whisper or /whois (often associated with bots). Rapidly connecting/disconnecting to/from - over 50 connections/hour (often associated with bots or switching between characters). Viewing multiple profiles in a very short time period. Exceeding 8 connections to (often associated with bots). Repeated use of an incorrect password may lock an account login for your protection. Use of third-party/add-on programs (hacks) - these include but are not limited to sending bad packets, flooding the server(s), and the use of hack programs. Diablo II Only: Scrolling through skill selection using the mouse wheel. Going in and out of accounts/characters too quickly. i.e Muling Going in and out of games too quickly (most common cause). i.e. Muling, magic finding, Baal/Pindleskin runs, etc. Repeated requests for a new screen to see what you wish to gamble for. Going up and down a way point to refresh the screen in a shop (see above). Repeated use of a spell with no cast delay such as Amplify Damage or Glacial Spike.This lasts a maximum of 12 hours. Restrictions lasting longer than 72 hours usually indicates that you were witnessed by a representative doing something against the Terms of Use Agreement, which warranted a lengthy restriction. These restrictions will be for connecting to the realm at all. Common causes for extended restrictions include, but are not limited to: Attempting to use an invalid CD-Key (often associated with bots). Excessive spamming or flooding in a channel (often associated with bots). Spamming over multiple channels - even if it is just one line per channel. (often associated with bots). Use of flood or load bots. Harrassment of another player and/or clan. Advertisement of an inappropriate website URL. Use of third-party/add-on programs (hacks) - these include but are not limited to sending bad packets, flooding the server(s), and the use of hack programs.This type of restriction can last up to 2 weeks. Unfortunately, you will have to wait it out or obtain a different IP address from which to play. Please note that we will not provide support for changing your IP address. If you are absolutely certain you did not spam, keep in mind that anyone behind your network, or if your ISP shares your IP address (as in more than one persons are given the same IP address), gets restricted from, you will suffer the penalties along with them. This is the unfortunate disadvantage of using a shared IP address. Also, keep track of siblings and other people with access to your computer and/or network who play on, as they can get you restricted as well. It is also possible that your computer may be infected with a virus that has resulted in the restriction. It is important to realize that these restrictions are not exactly a punishment, but rather that they are necessary for server stability. When you spam, it places a much heavier load on the server and ruins the gameplay experience for everybody. For restrictions other than spam - such as using an invalid CD-Key - you are restricted to prevent abuse - such as stealing someone else's CD-Key via brute-force.Lurdlespor0 19 Mar 2014
19 Mar 2014 Welcome to the Classic Games Support Forum Welcome to the Technical Support forum for Blizzard Classic Games! This forum exists to provide our customers with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum and will do their best to assist you with your issue. If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we recommend checking our Knowledge Centre for resolutions and workarounds for common issues at and if unable to locate a solution, please go ahead and create a new post regarding your issue using the guidelines below. Please keep all posts on topic. This means technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues. When requesting assistance with or discussion an issue, please create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but different from the original topic means that your request may be missed or the original request ignored. Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated, and does not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is acceptable to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting the information here on the forum is not permitted. We hope that this forum can continue to be a place where users can find quick resolutions to their issues. To help do this we ask that the Forum Code of Conduct and forum guidelines be observed at all times when contributing to discussions.Lurdlespor0 19 Mar 2014
7h Shortcuts? If I launch any game from the shortcut that has been placed on the desktop and/or in the start menu, the only thing they do is open the Application. I've tried reinstalling the applicatoin and the games. But each and everytime the application places a shortcut icon on my desktop and I double click it to launch the game, then it will either launch the application and open it or if the application is allready running, it will then open the application. It never starts the game. I actually have to click the Play button in the application for it to start. Anyone else with the same issue?LawaBoy1 7h
14h Battle net is not responding Hello I just bought (from battlenet eshop with a new product key), installed (from battlenet account management) and patched (trough battlenet (1.14D)) Diablo 2 and Lord of destruction for the first time in approximately 10 years. However after the patching process battlenet isn't responding any more. I am using Huawei E5776s mobile router (if that helps pinpointing the problem) I was very curious about his so I did the following: Step 1: Tried all different battlenet servers --> problem repeated Step 2: Ran in admin mode --> problem repeated Step 3: Reinstalled and repatched --> problem repeated Step 4: Opened windows firewall tcp ports 6112 and 4000 for inbound traffic --> problem repeated Step 1 and 2 again Step 5 Waited an hour and then tried step 1 again ---> problem repeated I'm kinda sceptical that I could have A ban wether it is a permanent or a temporary one considering I haven't played for 10 years and the game is newly bought. So do I understand the situation correctly: I just spent 20€ for a product that won't ever work? or is there a solution to be had?Warptal6 14h
1d Wacrcaft 3 friend always offline Hello, I and my friend tried to play Warcraft 3 in ranked 2x2, but my friend is always offline and I am offline for him. It's not correct, because we can play custom games. How to fix this? Both game versions are 1d
1d Blizzard Gear store problem. Yesterday, i tried buying few things from the discount sale. I put everything in my card. I go to checkout. I fill all my billing and shipping info. Click on card, fill the info there too. And then when i try clicking "pay now" i get this thing. I tried few times, every time the same. Tried different browser, same. I tried to link my card to the Bnet account under the same email, it worked. I used my card on another place, it worked. I go back, to Blizz gear store, same problem. So i went ahead and "live chat" to the support. They told me no transactions come to their end and that i should check up with the bank. So i went to the bank, they told me nothing shows up for them either, no blocked transactions, no pending, nothing. So have any of you stumbled upon this issue?DLPh03n1X4 1d
1d Diablo 1 connection problem Hello, So I've been trying to get into the new diablo from the gog release of the game. It shows the following error message: "Your Internet connection is either very poor or is not processing UDP packets through port 6112. You will be able to chat but will not be able to play games" So I added firewall rules, forwarded the ports 6112-6119 TCP/UDP on my router. I disabled windows defender, updated .NET, updated windows, factory resetted my router, flushed my DNS and confirmed my host file looking normal. I recognize this is an ancient game so I'm prepared to be patient. is my only reason for buying this game again. If it doesn't work for me i might try to get a refund as my original CDs work just fine for single player. I am interested in any information that can help narrow the problem down. Did anyone else have a similar problem? ThanksHulkhoden1 1d
1d payment option had a credit card expire and trying to add the the new card but when i try to add it i get as far as selecting new credit/debit card screen and then it looks like its trying to load the next screen but nothing happens after 15mins it just goes back to the overview of payment options. how do i fix this to add a new cardLeviathanprm2 1d
2d Support? where? What a Joke. I've been trying to simply install the B.Net app 300mb or so for 2 hours it freezes on 75% majority of the time and when it works once in a million "invalid installation folder" i only have one damn Disk as it is. I've tried opening a ticket, requesting a callback, and even livechat all of which "continue" buttons are greyed out. Legit might as well just go play runescape at this rate, at least that game runs.StankyPants1 2d
2d Diablo 2 - Connecting to the fastest server. Hello, I'm unable to connect to servers in Diablo II due to "Unable to connect to" after "Connecting to the fastest server.". The issue does not seem to be in the connection between me and servers but rather elsewhere. Any clue? Ports are forwarded and I have attempted using my computer in DMZ mode in order to sort that potential issue out. I run on a network where I am etherneted to a router that is etherneted as an AP to a main router that is WANed to the ISP. My ISP's DNS are:; Pathping:...Zandskel3 2d
3d Connection to game lost, items lost too. Today i lost connection to a game in which after trying to reconnect to the same game finding, it no longer existed and was no longer able to connect to games for like 20 mins on the same character. The items i picked up and placed into my stash, along with the items i was yet to pick up from the floor due to lack of inventory space. All gone. Are these items lost forever? they were quite valuable and this has set me back quite far in progression. USEast ladder Diablo II:LoDDragoon15 3d
3d Forgot Warcraft 3 password I have forgotten my password to battlenet on Warcraft 3, so i can't login. I have tried the password recovery, but i don't receive any mails. The password you have provided is incorrect. Please try again. (32)Balthasar1 3d
3d Diablo 2 - Connecting to the fastest server. Hello, I'm unable to connect to servers in Diablo II due to "Unable to connect to" after "Connecting to the fastest server.". The issue does not seem to be in the connection between me and servers but rather elsewhere. Any clue? Ports are forwarded and I have attempted using my computer in DMZ mode in order to sort that potential issue out. I run on a network where I am etherneted to a router that is etherneted as an AP to a main router that is WANed to the ISP. My ISP's DNS are:; Pathping:...Zandskel1 3d
3d Can't connect to Battlenet Diablo 2 Please help I can't connect to Battle net on diablo 2 i just bought it, i tried opening port 6119 and 4000 and still dosent connect.Maw11 3d
5d Help playing WC3 Dota on Mac I just installed warcraft iii on mac to play dota, but when I downloaded a map and put it in the maps folder it didn't show up in the game. My warcraft version is 1.30 please helpPersisus1 5d
5d Playing Dota on Mac I just installed warcraft iii on mac with the version being 1.30, how do i play dota? i've tried downloading a map and putting it in the maps folder, but it's not there in the game. Please helpPersisus1 5d
6d uninstalling my games from launcher Came on to today and found out that my games have been uninstalling from after my internet was down for a few days This is the second time this has happened to me This causes a lot of annoyance for me especially for games like D2 which are massive downloads and take quite awhile to install I don't know if this is a bug or not and if it is not please can you guys give me some advice on how to speed up my installations on Some help would be much a appreciatedDeano6551 6d
6d Problem with charging my Battle Net account! Hi guys, so basically i want to charge my account on battle net, but when I enter the code it comes up with a red sign that tells me that the codes can't be entered on a trial account, any suggestions about what I need to do?Maxter45414 6d
6d Blizzard Connection Issues I can't open any blizzard games and I can't connect to some blizzard web pages even. Also my profile picture mysteriously disappeared. When I try to connect to Overwatch, I get a timeout message, and when I try Hearthstone it's just stuck on the initial still frame. Before I continue I should say that all other internet services work well, just as they did before. I was also able to connect and play hearthstone using my phone, connected on the same router as my computer too. Here's what I've tried: - Reinstalling everything ( and the games) - Using 4G internet through my phone (instead of the fiber connection) - Changing DNS servers (to Google's) It started yesterday around 22:00 and as of now (04/11 - 19 19:30) still hasn't changed.SurfinBird4 6d
12 Apr Diablo II: "Checking Versions..." I redeemed my old Diablo II and LOD CD-Keys. I downloaded Diablo II and LOD through blizzard, given new CD-Keys to install the games, and updated to 1.14D. While trying to log into with Diablo II, I get this message. "Checking Versions..." "Battle net is not responding, please try connecting again in a few minutes" TCP PORTS and UDP PORTS opened for Blizzard Downloader and Diablo II: 1119, 1120, 3724, 4000, 6112, 6113, 6114, 6112, and 4000. All allowed through Windows Firewall, Incoming & Outgoing. Problem persists no matter what region or realm I try to log into.PeterEngberg3 12 Apr
12 Apr Diablo II Mac rapid crash I just bought and installed D2 for my mac. Installation was a breeze. Starting application, the initial video clip begins and I hear the audio from it for a second, then the app crashes. I started it again a few more times with the same results. Thinking that maybe LoD might be more updated and work better, so I installed it as well from the blizzard download page. Same results. Resolution switched, the video begins, and it crashes. I tried clicking to skip the videos and it worked. I got to the initial main menu screen. For an instant before crashing again. I tried some more times, and I found that no matter what I do, it takes about one second from app launch til it crashes, whether I skip the video cutscenes or not. Any ideas about a fix or workaround? I'm using High Sierra 10.13 Mac Pro (Mid 2010) 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 32 GB 1066 MHz DD ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MBOren2 12 Apr
11 Apr Hearthstone No arena reward on RoS release Hi Support-Team, on Ticket-number EU65974779 your mods tried to help me through my problem, sadly they could not help me and said that I should open a bug-report. The problem: With the new expansion my arena-run got finished for me 4/2 and I opened 70g and a RoS-Pack. I did not immediately see it but thought that it could take a while because everyone was logging in and opening packs (it was all a bit laggy, maybe that caused the problem?). Although I have to say that if i go into the arena screen I got the free run, so I received at least that part. Now are 48 hours over and I still have not received the rewards that I saw finishing the arena-run. Please check why I do not receive them, I would be very happy if you can resolve the issue. (I hope I found the right place for this topic) Regards, SebastianDorentor1 11 Apr
10 Apr Black Ops 4 Performance issues So. I have some severe stuttering while playing blackout. My specs are around the recommended hardware: GPU: AMD RX570 4GB Asus CPU i3-8100 RAM: Ripjaws V 8 gb DDR4 2133 mhz MB: MSI Z370-A Pro mystic light rgb Storage: M.2 sata SSD 240gb and 2tb hdd storage (The computer is self built) The game is stored on my SSD. Can anybody tell me if there is a problem with my hardware, or if it is software sided? Also, my ram usage is pretty high while not doing anything on my PC (around 50% idle).ColgateGator2 10 Apr
08 Apr Problems with new Warcraft 3 account Yesterday i created a Warcraft 3 account to play the black road with my friends. Today i wanted to log in and it says that my account does not exsist and i need a new account. I played more than the required 2 hours for my account to be considered as active. Account: Markasezu Any help is appreciated. Edit: Somehow fixed itselfKordemaiser1 08 Apr
08 Apr Can't get one of my accounts back I recently wanted to play some overwatch which i bought on one of my other accounts and when i tried to log onto that account but it told me this email isn't connected to any account, when i checked my email it said that my email was changed and I dont know how to find out what email my account was changed to i dont remember changing but it might have been me. Is there a way to check the email that my account was changed to, this was the battletag: Senpai # 22347Hiraku2 08 Apr
05 Apr Fail to join/Disconnect D2 lod Anytime I join a game I get disconnected within a few seconds and then get fail to join after that, only on my level 73 sorc for about a day now..But I can join/make games on my level 1 barb. what gives?Beerfest7 05 Apr
04 Apr Diablo 2 Eu gateway Latency Spikes Hey guys , I'm trying to play d2 on europe gateway , i've been playing on and off d2/lod forever , last year i played again on battlenet ladder hc europe , and i wanted to start again couple of days ago . When i'm in town /standing still latency is arround 40-60ms , as soon as i start moving it's going 300-400+ and mob hitting gets delayed . This didn't happen last year , or the years before that ( last year i played on same pc i have now , years ago i was playing on a cheap old laptop ) . I tried some stuff i found online like running in window mode or sven's wrapper , compatibility mode , port forwarding , no antivirus , but it did not get better . I am running on windows 7 . The spikes only happen on battle net , private tcp/ip is working great . Any other thing to try , like some trace route or ping or something . I really want to play d2 on hc ladder ! . Thanks guys !Curva8 04 Apr
04 Apr "Peer-to-Peer Is not Enabled" I have recently decided to download the nostalgic adventure's of Diablo II, It being a small 1.5g game download, is rather taking forever. How do I enable this setting? Perhaps It will increase download speeds. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Redekkar7 04 Apr
04 Apr Game already activated problem Battle net says I need to buy Call of Duty Black Ops 4, but I already own it and it is activated on my Blizzard Account. Also, I already played it, so it makes no sense to me that it says that I need to buy it. I tried to delete cache, but it didn't work. Help me please.JOJO2 04 Apr
03 Apr Warcraft 3 unable to change resolution Hi, I bought Warcraft 3 (1.3) and i am having issue with the display options. Resolution options are greyed out so i cannot change them at all and aspect ratio button is missing. I played public test beta version at spring and it worked fine. It had aspect ratio button and i could use my native resolution 1440p Screenshots for ingame menu and game settings Dxdiag 03 Apr
02 Apr Diablo II Position in Line to make a game Is this an in season April fools joke? "Create Game You are in line to create a game. Try joining a game to avoid waiting. You position in line is: #####" 02 Apr
01 Apr Battle.Net Button Greyed Out - Wc3 Just updated WC3 - Haven't been on in a couple of weeks. Once updated, booted game. Get into main menu, but the "Battle.Net" button is greyed out. Looked around online and have seen a few people mentioning just being patient, and waiting 15-30 mins. Eventually the button lit up for them. So i waiting 60 mins on the dot. Eventually gave in... Done a game repair. Booted up. Still same issue. Next step. System restart. Nothing... So i went along and re-installed Wc3. Why not ey? Still same issue... :/ Have run out of idea's / options on how to try and solve this myself. But failed. Please help! Cheers!Keetun11 01 Apr
01 Apr Unable to connect for 3 months! Hi there I am extremely disappointed that I am still unable to find a match on blackout. In fact I am unable to find a match in any part of COD 4 at the moment. I have read 10's of forums about open NAT and non of it works. I literally cannot play the game. This has been the biggest waste of money on a computer game I've ever made in 25 years of playing games. In fact I do not believe I have ever purchased a game I cannot play. Please please help me find a match. I bought the game for blackout and I think I have played it 7 times in 3 months. Thanks AndrewCptdarling2 01 Apr
01 Apr BO4 Taken Away From Me A while back I asked for a refund on BO4 that was denied. After this it tells me I no longer have the game. No money was ever returned to my card. I would like to be able to play the game I paid for. Especially after my refund was denied.Kota1 01 Apr
31 Mar COD BO4 Where has the killcam gone and the platypus programmers don't listen as I have told them enough times about guns shooting underwater and just played a game where I shot someone twice with a rocket and nothing happened to them. Another game I was hiding behind a rock and this player without knowing that I was there ran round the rock and killed me with 1 hit from a bowie.........obviously cheating but you cannot report them now. This game has become a piece of crap........MortDe4th2 31 Mar
31 Mar D2 You are in line to create a game Hello, I just wonder if I did something wrong and am afraid to be banned by mistake. I was making Pindleskin runs and on the 22nd run the game said that im in Que and I cant create more games. I cant join games as well. Is there a limit of games Im allowed to make. Was I making them too quick? Is this permanent? Please help.Velmar30 31 Mar
31 Mar Diablo 2 - Isolated Disconnect on Barbarian Hey there, I am noticing an ongoing issue on D2 (US West). When I am playing on my frenzy barbarian, i often am getting disconnected from the server and can no longer join/create any games on my barb for 15 minutes or so. I am not doing anything out of the ordinary when this happens. It has happened both when standing still, killing, and even equipping items (it even costed me a very nice ring i traded for, b/c as soon as i tried equipping it i got disconnected and when i re-logged the ring was gone). This only happens on my barbarian. Is seemingly a sync issue (i come to this conclusion based on the nice ring completely disappearing from my character). Is there any answer to what is causing this? Or how to fix it? I feel somewhat helpless knowing i am liable to get d/c on my barb at any moment, and which may have drastic consequences for gear i recently find/trade for. My barb is essentially a ticking timebomb. Any suggestions?Deathlegend0 31 Mar
29 Mar Invisible Battlenet App Since the last Win 10 update my battlenet-App is completly invisible.I just see the icon in the taskbar and can start games per rightclick on it. It´s so stressfull i cant chat with my friends or see any news or updates ^^ I have already reinstalled battlenet and updated my drives but the app is still invisble. Would be wonderful if you can help me out. Kind Regards Kimkimow1 29 Mar
29 Mar Code of conduct violation esports -----Megaost1 29 Mar
27 Mar Connection Issues Started yesterday after the WoW reset, couldn't log in, and some blizzard sites wont work. The US battle net site wont work, but the EU one here does. Deleted everything, got a link for the launcher, and it gets stuck on downloading new files at about 5-10%.giff1 27 Mar
27 Mar Random Black Screens in several games Hello So the past week I've been having an issue with random black screens appearing in both WoW and HotS. The game does not crash, I can hear sound and when the screen comes back I'm where im suppose to be (though the game has continued while I was gone). The black screen occures for about 1-5 seconds and is very random. Sometimes it appears already at start of the game and sometimes I can play hour long before anything happends. I've updated all my bios and drivers and done windows updates etc. The trouble is that this only occures if I play in fullscreen mode (windowed fullscreen that is). If I choose to play in regular windowed mode nothing happends. This also doesn't happend when playing other games outside of Wow and HotS. Is this a known issue? I've only found of handfull of simillar when googleing but none of the solutions there seem to work. EDIT: So I've also noted that this only happends when I'm inside of the game. If I for example click on anpther program on another monitor to have it selected no black screens occur on the game. Thank you in advance.Dornimell2 27 Mar
26 Mar Warcraft 3 was unable to iniitialize. error 3 Warcraft 3 will not even start... tryed reiinstaling the game, even the entire systhem to no avail... please helpAliceD2 26 Mar
26 Mar Warcraft 3 problem Hello, I keep receiving an error when i try to login on You have been temporary restricted from the server. Please try again later. (3.46) I dont know whats going on...BIELu13 26 Mar
26 Mar [WARCAFT 3] Resolution Issue/Bug Hi. I've found big Issue with resolution 1280x1024 (aspect ratio 5:4) in Warcraft 3 under current patch (1.29.2). When war3 uses this resolution I can't correctly select by mouse all interactive buttons, from menu to the game bar: commands are displaced to the right a little, so for instance, when I select to build an altar by clicking at top left button's corner, it gives the command to build an orc burrow instead and so on, all commands are dislocated. Under resolution 1280x960 (4:3) everything is ok, but my monitor has the best quality only under 1280x1024. I had never had this problem before at previous versions of war3. I sincerely need your help!NikoMalick8 26 Mar
25 Mar Diablo 2 account recovery When i try and log into my account it says it does not exist. Help please im really hoping to not lose all my hard work.Vexation1 25 Mar
25 Mar Diablo II I'm about to go nuts. So I have my keys on the account, Download the client, It keeps taking me to "Buy Diablo II". I have bought it. I own it. It's on my account yet I can't install it. Please help.Duriel2 25 Mar
24 Mar ipad 6th generation hearthstone since two weeks ago can't log in account. they say ( closed : the game was unable to log you in blizzard service ) i uninstalled and reinstall several times but still same big frustrating please anyone can help about this?Gorribal1 24 Mar