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16 May 2014 Welcome: Please read! As we would like EU English speaking players to be able to interact more readily with other English speaking players globally, community-focused feedback and discussion will be centralised on the North American forums. Please feel free to come and join us there: Feedback Discussion!Ulvareth0 16 May 2014
10 Oct 2018 app, the games and support tickets I seriously have no idea what is happening with your servers right now. At the point of being annoyed. The games don't want to update, I deleted the app, hoping a fresh install would fix the problem, but it obviously didn't. app doesn't want to update for a clean install. Tried logging a ticket and even that tells me that there was a "temporary problem". Temporary problems last hours, not a few days. Seriously guys, please fix this, since I am unable to play some of my favorite games. I have already followed a few of the other threads suggestions to fix the issues. Deleting the folders from both the program files and program data folders, power cycling my router and IP and a few other suggestions, which none of them worked. So please support people. Please fix the issues so I can enjoy my games. I seriously have no idea what to do on this anymore.JaggedChaos0 10 Oct 2018
04 Jul 2016 Cannot update my e-mail address I have to update my e-mail address but does not support new top level domain names. Customer Support cannot fix this and told me to post about it here. When will I be able to use my new e-mail address?fabianfabian9 04 Jul 2016