02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Crusaders Champions of the Zakarum! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Crusaders in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Crusader class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Crusaders: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: How to: Gearing a Beginner Crusader (Detailed Guide) by Deadset Gaming (reddit) Builds: Deadset's Guide Collection (T6 Builds) by Deadset (EU forums) The "Zoosader" Crusader by Leviathan (EU blog) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) Thorns Crusader! Still alive and in full force! by Fantasmagore (reddit) The "Leapquake" Crusader by Deadset (EU blog) Holy Damage - [Crafted Starter T3 Crusader] by CuckooGaming (YouTube) The "Sweeping Thunder" Crusader by Majier (EU blog) God of Lightning, the guide to Fist of the Heavens by Grxl (Diablofans) The "Return Fire" Crusader by SilverAce99 (EU blog) Condemn Crusader Guide GR 45+ (Patch 2.1.2) by Deadset (YouTube)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
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4h Blessed Hammer Am I the only one thinking that it is strange that we got loads of different runes on this skill but only using 1 of them? I would love to be able to use the other elements of this skill but they cant compare, they do to little damage. Why don't they get any love? Please, be good and not just write "they suck" or something like that.Sinjull0 4h
17h Bug hidden in invoker? Hi! A. i have only 2p bonus with weapon (axe) Hack = area dmg B. i have 6p bonus as well with weapon (axe) Hack = no area dmg A. i deal dmg from Hack like 100 to the first mob and all other mob in 15y take that dmg as well. B. its like the 6p bonus overwrite/mess up the dmg from my Hack and i still see the dmg from it on the main mob but the area dmg is missing. I am not asking that why the dmg from 6p bonus dont dmg everyone else around me i dont care about that.Falanor0 17h
3d Thorns of the Invoker V2.0 GR100+ Build Hey Guys! Patch 2.6.1 buffed Invoker's 2pc by 4x and 6pc by almost x7, so the build shifted towards Elite killing more than trash killing now. I am not a fan of this change, but we have to face reality. ------------ VIDEO GUIDE: ------------ The build: ----------- ----------- ----------- OLD BUILD HERE: (with OLD video! Check it out for FULL OLD VERSION of the build!) GR100 Clear: ---------- 3d
4d Thorns of the Invoker set should be improved The Crusader's "Thorns of the Invoker" set is the only class specific set that does not have a breastplate. This is in my opinion ridiculous; the breastplate is the central piece of any set; after all it has three sockets. But not only that, it is the piece of a set that most defines the look of a set. The crusader simply looks bad if he or she has to wear a breastplate that does not fit the rest of the set. So please, add a breastplate to that set, either as a seventh item or in replacement of, let's say, the wrists.Supergirl2 4d
5d Akkhans Addendum I used to see Akkhans addendum on the LB’s but haven’t as of late. I just got a primal addendum and it’s in my character Lora. I have a furnace with 6 % damage, 1386 str, cdr 10 percent, 1634-2014 fire damage, 3573-4162 damage range and 49% increase vs elites. Wanted to know which one was better? And what was the addendum good for? I know IAS means nothing and it’s the damage range and elites that make the furnace popular. If the furnace is better what’s the addendum good for? I do see a lot of info on any build...Soldier0 5d
17 Feb Please help with a custom crusader build Hi everyone, I recently (re)discovered the Diablo game and started playing a crusader character. My problem is that pretty much any skills build that I found have a spell (like Blessed Hammer for example) as main attack (left mouse button), while I'm used from all the other games that I play(ed) to have the left mouse button work pretty much like a default "move and attack" (like Punish for example), which when I click on a mob or on a destructable object just moves to that target and strikes it. I know I could use force stop (which I already have binded on both shift and space) and force move and that's the proper way to play the game, but it just feels unnatural and uncomfortable to me. Now my question is if you could please help me build a newbie friendly build starting from a defauly "move and attack" skill for the main attack (left mouse button). The build I'm using at this moment (which works for me, but oterwise I'm quite sure is terrible and that's why I came here asking for help in the first place) is: - Punish (Fury) on left mouse button - Blessed Hammer (Limitless) on right mouse button - Laws of Valor (Critical) on 1 - Provoke (Too Scared to Run) on 2 - Iron Skin (Steel Skin) on 3 - Akarat's Champion (Propher) on 4 So, what do you guys think? What would you advice me? And please don't tell me to use a spell like (requiring using the force stop key) for the left mouse button; as previously said, I know that's the best way to play, but it is just uncomfortable to me. Thank you in advance for any answers!ScarfaceRo2 17 Feb
17 Feb Season 12 BEST CRUSADER BUILDS (2.6.1) VIDEO: Season 12 is almost there so here's a complete breakdown and overview for ALL BEST possible Crusader Builds out there. I went through all of them during PTR, both old and new, and trust me, this season will be glorious for all Crusaders out there. If you never played the class, never tried Condemn of Holy Shotgun, Sweeper or Thorns, now is the time. I think that crusader might have the most diverse build variety out there with nearly every build reaching GR100 and above. All builds here, as usual: 1) Roland's Blazing/Lightning Sweeper GR100+ 2) Holy Hammerdin GR100+ 3) Thorns of the Invoker GR100+ 4) Akkhan Condemn GR100+ 5) Akkhan Blessed Shield GR100+ 6) Akkhan Holy Machinegun GR100+ 7) Akkhan Invoker V2.0 “MELEE BOMBER” GR100+ For speedfarming i think Condemn might be the best this season, and i also developed my own build for this, check it out: Reliable 2-3 mins clears gathering all legs and DBs with under 2 mill dps. Pretty damn good. Norvald is just as viable as before, even better: 17 Feb
04 Feb builds which was forgetten in 2.6.1 LoN should work for normal legendary not ancient. For Crusader - upgrade builds which using Shield bash, Fist of heavens, Phalanx For Monk - upgrade builds which using Inna set For Necromance - rework Pestilance set, corpse expl and lance is stupid, its supported by trog and inarius, make supported for example primary skills or poison nova. For WD - upgrade builds using Zunnimasa bulds, There is no big diferens betwen zuni and hell for top bulds - always pets also items with special power which is not chose by rhykkers and others who make bulds and others copy that. are now less usable than before - planty of items, sklls - runas, and set (for example blackthorne) is now mega shi tyZasz4 04 Feb
03 Feb Hammerdin passives question Aside from Fervor & Indestructible, I'm unsure about the other 2 slots I'm using Holy Cause & Blunt but Finery looks enticing. I've googled it but the various guides around the internet seem inconsistent. Which would you say is better out of these three (and why)?Macona2 03 Feb
09 Jan Akkhan Condemn GR100+ Crusader Build Hello everyone! VIDEO guide: This is the first BRAND NEW Diablo 3 build that's i am gonna make after a long break. Condemn is surprisingly strong on PTR and incredibly cool to play as well. It's a lot of action on the edge of death lol. I cleared GR100 with my version of the build, very mediocre gear and half lvl 80 augments. GR100 CLEAR: The build cleared as high as GR109 with similar setup but much better gear and much higher paragon and augments.Angry6 09 Jan
08 Jan Weapon Choices for Roland's / Sweep Build Solo Play I play solo only and have all the characters but have the most fun with my Crusader in Roland's gear using Sweep, Akarat, and Falling Sword as my main arsenal. I don't know all the lingo since I simply peruse the boards, etc. But, I need some help moving forward. I'm finally nearing the P500 level and have been playing the 2H Akkhan's Adendum Flail with great success since it offers the additional two Runes in addition to the one chosen in Skills. I do feel a little squishy at times even on T10 and GR53 which I'm able to clear fairly easily within 5 to 8 minutes usually. I do have two The Furnaces, several Golden Flenses, a Blood Brother and just (FINALLY) was able to get a SunKeeper from Kadala. I went ahead and added the socket to SunKeeper and still have one Ramaladni's Gift available to add a socket to a Furnace if needed. Problem is, even with the 20% reduction in overall damage to be able to wield a 2H weapon and a shield, it seems that by switching to the SunKeeper or Furnace, both my overall Damage AND Recovery are decreased too much to really see the benefit of Damage against Elites. Any thoughts or help is appreciated.Thrall3 08 Jan
29 Dec Crusader Thorn Invoker help Hello, I am new at this game, playing for about 1 mounth. I started a seasonal crusader char and i have the thorn invoker set. I am pushing Grifts and i am at 66. But it seems that my crusader its at the limit and could not progress further. Any tips how to improve my build to push forward on GRifts? Or should i change to Akkhan set (i have that set), looks like the leaders use this? PS sorry for my bad english Ty in advance.BertWarrior6 29 Dec
23 Dec condemn akkhan survivability problems Hey im quite new crusader player around 60 hours played and i got really lucky this season with gear im full ancient with 4 primals including weapon and amulet full augments i got 20k strength i can do up to 105 in two players with monk support for example in 10 minutes but solo i just cant survive even gr 95 my best clear is 100 in 8 minutes but i died like 4 times on rg and thats just because i had so much damage i killed him pretty fast i cant even imagine fighting rg for like 3 minutes. I see a lot of players on leaderboards are even using CoE and i myself cant survive RG on 95 with unity + string of ears belt equipped am i missing something or what is wrong with me i tried multiple setups putting all paragon points in vitality even using gizzard gem for healing nothing helps me getting oneshoted by rg so im here asking for help is it normal for crusaders to get oneshoted by everything in high GRs and its just about fishing or am i doing something completely wrong thanks for advice my crus just to add im keeping my slash stacks for armor up all the time but that doesnt help at all, only thing that helped me survive was changing my law but without reduced cost on condemn it was just too bad damage wise. Main reason im asking for this is RG survivability i have no problem survive even 2-3 elite packs for example on 100 with proper gear i just cant survive RG i have no regen at all on singletarget and it can basically 1-2 shot me so i can hit it like 3 times then i have to run to recharge my akrat champion which seems pretty stupid in my opinion with my gear on such a low GR like 95 and it ruins my speedfarming for gem upgrades so i have to stick on 90 with unity doing it in like 3-4 minutes and even there if i get bad RG i can die easily if i dont kill it in like 15 secondsJo1Nt3 23 Dec
15 Dec Some Blessed Shield experts around here ? Hey all, I'm currently trying to get my Blessed Shield crusader performing the most accurate way. In order to do this, i've browsed a fair amount of guides which raised a bunch of unanswered questions : 1 - Numerous guides (like this one for instance : are actualy advising players to boost the character global "Block Chance%" in order to max out your Blessed Shield DPS. For example by using " Provoke - Hit Me ", Justice Lantern, Helm of Command... As far as i know, (And as stated on the skill tooltip) ONLY your " shield chance to block % " (Yes, the chance to block % on the item in your off hand) can boost Blessed Shield DPS around 30% if the shield has the " +11% chance to block " affix. Could someone please confirm this please ? 2 - The build is using Unity in solo, so i was thinking about replacing it with " Justice Lantern " in multi for the " +16% chance to block " affix and the " Gain damage reduction equal to 50% of your block chance " legendary power. Does the damage reduction of this ring takes into account the momentary 50% block chances boost of the " Provoke - Hit Me " skill and the 30% block chances boost of " Hold your Ground " passive ? 3 - Many guides i've watched/read recommand not using the " Towering Shield " +20% boost to Blessed Shield as it should be total crap because it's additive. Some other guides are saying it's a valuable boost... So actualy, who's right ? :) Thanks in advance for your help ! :)JWar4 15 Dec
14 Dec Sets I don't need Hi Guys, I am accumulating a lot of set items that I wonder if I need. I am running with an Akkhan set at the moment with a Heavens Fury build. I only have time for the foreseeable future to run a Crusader and I really wonder if I will ever have need of some of the stuff I have picked up. For example: Asheara's vestments Blackthornes Battlegear Thornes of the Invoker (12 items!) Roland's Legacy Norvald'd Fervor (!!) Krelm's Buff Bulwark (!!) I am keeping Seeker of the Light as that seems it could make up a decent build, also Compass Rose, Travellers Pledge and odds and sods, like that. There must be some stuff I can junk but I want to be careful as I managed to salvage a Furnace!! Thanksexcalibur0 14 Dec
07 Dec Heavenly Strength... Is it worth it? It reduces your DPS to 80%, and there's Fervor, that increases your attack speed by 15%, thus increasing your DPS by the same amount. Which means that it's only worth it if 2-handed weapons are at least on average roughly 1.44 times (1.15/0.8) more powerful than 1-handed weapons... Are they?Kicker4 07 Dec
30 Nov Arachnophobia Objective as crusader Hi there, i'm pretty new to game. Just started this season. This is the only objective standing between me and my extra stash tab so far. I've been looking for a viable build to do this one but i couldn't find any. Do crusaders have any build capable of doing this. I'm hammerdin with GR75, might push up to 80ish if i really try. Should I just ask for help instead, is it possible to do this in group.VoodooKiss2 30 Nov
26 Nov What's with the drop rate? Okay, yesterday, I've been playing with my Crusader (non-season) in T5+, running mostly rifts. I did at least 50 full rifts and through a lot of them I did not get a single legendary drop. When I started to get legendaries to drop, all that's been dropping has been either 1 or 2-hand weapons, shields and belts (with an occasional ring). I got zero set class items.. all my set items came from either Kadala or Cube. I know it's all RNG but come on. When I've been playing a Barbarian or Witch Doctor, I've been literally swimming in legendaries and set items. I'm playing today on T7, but it's the same story..kudlajzzz1 26 Nov
23 Nov Improve my Hammerdin please How can I improve on this build? I die loads and want to be able to progress past 75 without dying all the time. Thanks in advancejme2 23 Nov
20 Nov Akarat's champion Bug report The akarat's champion time bar isn't displaying the remaining time of the skill correctly, several times the bar disappear while akarat's champion is still active. Please fix it.IlVet0 20 Nov
11 Nov T13 CONDEMN SPEED Crusader Build (2.6.1) VIDEO: --- Build: --- --- I've been experimenting with different T13 builds before season 12 came out and went through nearly every build possible.. Sweep, Invoker, Akkhan variations including Blessed Shield. Speedfarming with Crusader was always a big problem. Crusader can't infinitely teleport, dash, vault or run as a chicken. The only mobility skill is Steed Charge but it does next to no damage in T13 and have no complementary legendaries except Swiftmount. On top of that, most crusader builds are pretty stationary and tanky, which really hurts clear speed. Outside of LoN bomb and Norvald Akkhan Bomb there was never even remotely good builds that could clear T13 in 3 minutes. And to be honest i never liked bomb t13 variants, since it's always very annoying to wait for bomb animation. It literally takes forever. Also you need a lot of thorns rolls for that and speed will still be far from monk's or dh's. With buffed Condemn gear it's now possible though. Like i mentioned before, i tried everything., and nothing, including Blessed Shield is close to Condemn in terms of clear speed and efficiency. I also looked at existing builds out there (and there's a lot of them i know) and unfortunately could not find them optimized enough. Some of them used generators, some relied purely on goldwrap to survive, some struggled with CDR.. Some demonstrated decent 3 min clears.. well.. without gathering anything. So in the end, like it usually happens i had to do my own build. This build is pretty flexible, can definitely use Sages if you need DBs, can survive without Goldwrap and has no CDR problems. Also it gives me consistent 2-3 min clears, gathering all dbs, gems and legendaries with around 2 mill dps. Even with lower DPS it will be still effective.Angry0 11 Nov
09 Nov Season 12 crusader be viable in groups? As the title says will any of the crusader builds be viable with the next season? as it is now crusaders don't really fit into any role well in a 4 man group. Most of the time the groups are mainly taken by Barbs, nerco, WD, Wiz and Monk. Crusaders are pretty bad when put into group play. Can anyone share any information that crusader will be able to compete in groups in season 12? Thanks :)sovius2 09 Nov
09 Nov Akarat's Awakening So, how rare is this shield? I've spend a large amount of shards and DBs and nothing. Damn.phosTR2 09 Nov
03 Nov Akkhan/Invoker "MELEE BOMBER" GR100+ Build Here is the original discussions guys: I just wanted to create an "official" thread which i could further update and edit if i need to. Patch 2.6.1 tripled the damage of my original "MELEE BOMBER" Akkhan/Invoker hybrid build! The build has cleared GR103 in ptr with just p1300! UPDATE 03/11/2017: Changed Hack to Pig Sticker as prioritized weapon slot. --- VIDEO GUIDE: --- Build here: --- --- My GR100 Clear: --- In 2.6.1 it is also possible to drop Decaying Strength and use Invincible for more IAS and recovery.Angry0 03 Nov
02 Nov Akarat's Champion form Hey guys. Does anyone think Akarat's Champion appearance isn't proper for Crusader? Feels like Wrath of the Berserker, same giant and uncouth. Wouldn't it be more relevant to make it more angelic instead of mountain king alike, especially for female character? No disrespect to Blizzard here. But if I am not the only one who thinks this way maybe we get the changes.KerinFloud5 02 Nov
17 Oct T13 whitin 4 min Crusaders good enought to do t13 rift in 4 min or should i do it whit DH?Dracula4 17 Oct
17 Oct Season 12 crusader viable in groups? As the title says will any of the crusader builds be viable with the next season? as it is now crusaders don't really fit into any role well in a 4 man group. Most of the time the groups are mainly taken by Barbs, nerco, WD, Wiz and Monk. Crusaders are pretty bad when put into group play. Can anyone share any information that crusader will be able to compete in groups in season 12? Thanks :)sovius1 17 Oct
09 Oct Help on Dmg output Hi Guys, I am trying to increase my speed farming capabilities & i find that unless I activate Akkhan, it can take a while to clear bounties/Grifts. Check out my spec & advice would be great. I find having 6 bonus set with Akkhan (with Kanai cube baleful remnant) & 4 bonus Invoker helps along with bombardment but when my CDs are up I can barely kill anything. Currently only doing T4/5Ameen2 09 Oct
05 Oct Akkhan Holy Machinegun GR100+ Build Hello everyone! One of the craziest builds has arrived! A mix of three old builds using Fate of the Fell and high block chance with infinitely stacking Heaven's Fury. Pretty damn powerful now but very fishy as well, from salt to glory in seconds! -------- VIDEO GUIDE: ========= -- ========= GR100 CLEAR: --- --- As usual you can tune in at my stream to see all builds in action: 05 Oct
04 Oct Roland's Blazing Sweeper GR100+ Build First of all i can recommend this thread for IN-DEPTH info on Sweep mechanics and interactions. It is developed by one of the most experienced Crusader player in the world: ======== So, Roland got a significant buff in 2.6.1! More damage with buffed Roland, Golden Flense and Denial. In December 2016 i made a comparison video for Holy vs Fire vs Lightning and i am not sure if it was the turning point for the Fire spec to take off, but it does not really matter. FIRE HAS ARRIVED lol. We drop our toughness but we gain more damage. ==== VIDEO GUIDE: ==== ==== The build: --- --- --- GR100 Clear: --- --- Easiest GR100 for me so far across all builds! Build has already cleared GR110 and might go higher indeed. Lightning Sweeper is still good, no worries, just will be around 3-4 GR's behind (still super tanky though).Angry0 04 Oct
29 Sep Akkhan Blessed Shield GR100+ Crusader Build VIDEO GUIDE: ------------------- The build: --------- --------- --------- Blessed Shield has made a surprising return in 2.6.1 with the buffed set and both critical legendaries. Now it's absolutely viable and actually among the TOP builds out there! That GR100 was one of the fastest that i had so far and single target is not bad at all. Toughness is also impressive with the setup that i use. My GR 100 clear: 29 Sep
18 Sep Thorns of the Invoker The 6pc bonus - so it only does that dmg first time you hit a monster? Sounds not that great for me...Dracula2 18 Sep
17 Sep Crusader - some help & answers needed :) Hi guys, I am currently rolling a crusader having a break from my necro /main/ waiting for S12 to start to pick her up again :) I am extremaly at odds with the RNG this time - cannot get a decent weapon and shield for my Hammerdin :( But I got a really nice in-geom in the process so my current setup is less then optimal but still got my 6 or 7 grifts up from where I was...from 40ish to 50. I rolld a clvl 20ish Crusader and gambled at Kadala for the weapon and the shield and the pants at clvl 30ish only to cube them...and hence my current setup. Could you guys please take a look at my ARTHUR and tell me what I could potentially change and what shall be the rpiority now? Besides, I have a few questions: - is there any particular technique to fighting with the blessed hammer or I just spam it mindlessly? - what shal be the proper rotation? - I am gambling for the shield atm, and upgrading yellows to get the weapon - or shall I try a different approach? - if I reforge a legendary weapon lvl 20 for exapmle, can I get an ancient or I will end up with a weapon of still ilvl 20 but with rerolled stats - I ask as I have few low level Johanna items. cheers :)JackTheDark0 17 Sep
06 Sep REPAIRING BUILDS n i - CRUSADER Darklight Fist of the Heavens do double damage and has a 45–60% chance to be cast twice. Khassett's Cord of Righteousness Fist of the Heavens costs 50% less Wrath and deals 400–500% more damage. Armor of the Kind Regent Each enemy hit by Smith increases the damage of Fist of Heavens and Phalanx by 50–60% for 10 seconds. Max 10 stacks. Unrelenting Phalanx Increases Phalanx Damage by 150–200% and Phalanx now casts twice. Warhelm of Kassar Reduce the cooldown by 45–60% and double the damage of Phalanx. Drakon's Lesson When your Shield Bash hits 3 or fewer enemies, its damage is increased by 600–800% and 50% of its Wrath Cost is refunded. Flail of the Ascended Your Shield Glare deals damage equal to up to your last 5 Shield Bash casts. In adition your shield bash do 200% more damage.Zasz1 06 Sep
21 Aug Dmg types for Crusader Hi guys, First post here, making a comeback after 3 years. I am not much of a player - I have only 2 toons, both clvl 60 and paragon 39 /barb, monk/, currently rolling a crusader, now clvl 55, going through campaing just to remind myself of the whole story... . I got back for the 2 new classes :) Started with crusader, hence my question: I just got thunderfury, blessed blade of windseeker with primary stat +lightning dmg. Since I am doing holy dmg build for the moment , alternating between blessed hammer and blessed shield /just to get the hang of both and test out which works better/ with heavens fury I re-rolled the +lightning dmg on the sword to +holy dmg /which even got slightly higher :) / Was it a good decision or I should have stuck to original lightning dmg? Does it make any difference? If I am focusing on one element, shall I try to stuck just this element or whatever +dmg I have?JackTheDark3 21 Aug
17 Aug Please make Blessed Hammer castable while moving. Nuff said!Kadotus19 17 Aug
14 Aug Advices to beat GR70 (hammerdin noob inside) Hello, i'd like to beat GR70 with my hammerdin but i can't find where i'm lacking. Could you give me some advices please ? probly on gear, maybe on playstyle here is my build : thanks :)Mano3 14 Aug
11 Aug Crusader is so bad Crusader with 1h does so low damage that makes me cry, it's not much better with 2h neither and loose survability. Crusader is so bad class, after first huge excitment of hammerdin nostalgia I think the gameplay is very annyoing: - mashing 4 buttons nonstop with 4, 5, 8 sec or whatever duration just for staying alive !!!! - it's so bad class design, why the hell I need 3 skills for survival, when ep monk still has more defense and damage with 1 active defense skill, same for barbs .. - why I have to kite mobs with all the defensive skills and shield? - even Hota barb has more survive ability and doing 10x more dps - legendary don't synergy well, the belt is uselless and the bracers are questionable - falling sword animation is so annoying tl.dr - has low defense - has very low damage even in almost full ancient gear, tryied both 1h/2h Is there a chance that it will be fixed this season or can I just delete him?Desper38 11 Aug
07 Aug New to Crusader (Build Advice) Hey all, I have a seasonal HC Crusader on my other account, and I just got him PL'ed to 70. I wanted to make a thorns build, but since I don't have any gear with thorns yet... well that presents an obvious problem haha. Question is, what's a decent build to run when I'm starting out to try and gear up? Also, I haven't played in about two years. I'm assuming grifts are basically the way to go to get gear / paragon? Thanks :-)pikklez2 07 Aug
07 Aug Grift/ Bounty / Nephalem sets? Hello fellow Crusaders. Currently after a long absence (Season 4) I am again trying to rekindle my enjoyment for the Crusader. I am using a Rolands-Fire-Sweep build for GRifts what are the other sets for Farming (Bounties, cos the sader is sooo slow) and Speed Nephalem Rift runs ? (Solo not group) Just point me in the general direction (Build name etc) and I hope to find youtube vids and guides). Thanks for your replies!Germidor3 07 Aug
06 Aug Crusader Invoker Bountry Runner Build (Disclaimer: I am not a pro-gamer, this build is just something I put together because I was frustrated with the slowness of the Crusader in finding/ getting to the various Bounties. ) The build is centered around 2 Crusader sets. 1: Thorns of the Invoker 2: Norvald's Fervor The idea behind the build is Speed and Burst damage. Items: Armor: Invoker 5 piece set. Weapon & Shiled: Norvald's 2 piece set Chest: Heart of Iron Belt: Belt of the Trove Alternative: (Omnislash Amulet: The Ess of Johan Alternative: (The Flavor of Time Ring 1: Stone of Jordan Ring 2: Justice lantern Cube: Weapon: The Furnace Armor: Omnislash or Trove depending on which has the worst stats. Ring: Obsidian rot Zodiac Gemstones: 1: Boyarsky's Chip 2: Simplicity's Strength 3: Zei's Stone of Vengeance Skills. Primary: Slash / Crush rune (20% more Critical hit) Secondary: Bombardment / Annihilate (100% Critical hit chance) Key 1: Akarat's Champion / Prophet (150% Armor and Lifesaver) Key 2: Steed Charge / Endurance (Increase duration to 3s) Key 3: Laws of Valor / Critical (50% more Critical damage) Key 4: Iron Skin / Flash (60% increesed unhindered movement) Passive 1: Heavenly Strength (2hd + Shield) Passive 2: Indestructable (Life saver) Passive 3: Lord Commander (Cooldown reduction on Steed and Bombardment) Passive 4: Iron maiden (50% Thorns increase) Attributes: (preferable stats on equipment obviously + Thorns damage on everything if possible)) Head: Critical Hit Chance Shoulders: Cooldown and % Bombardment Chest: % Bombardment Hands: Critical & Cooldown Wrist: % Fire damage and Critical Hit Chance Belt: % Slash damage and Bombardment every 6s Pants: % Slash damage Shoes: Movement speed (frees up Paragon points) Amulet: Cooldown / Fire% / Critical hit / Critical damage Ring 1: % damage against Elites / Fire % /Criticals.. Ring 2: Cooldown / Blockchance Flail: Cooldown / Life per wrath spent / Criticals.. Shield: % Blockchance / Life per wrath spent / Criticals.. Bounties: Most Bounties requirements are to either 'kill' a certain Elite and X amount of Mobs in the local area or complete a 'Cursed Chest' event. Therefor the idea behind the build is to have a very quick short burst damage and 'long legs' on the Steed to get around the map / dungeon quickly. Synergies: Basically the idea is to have 100% uptime on the steed to be able to move around the map quickly and unhindered, and to have a massive Bombardment damage once you have found the Elite or started the event: The Gemstones add Thorns damage and damage at a distance (Bombardment damage whilst you move around the map to kill x amount of mobs, also for Cursed chests since the mobs are spread around). The Ess of Johan pulls the enemies towards you for better Bombardment control (area of attack). Blockchance increase (and Omnislash) for 35% Thorns increase 2 seconds. Gameplay: Basically, enter the map, use Steed Charge to find the Bounty , dismount right next to the Elite (for the extra 5s 100% damage) Cast Bombardment and Slash to destroy them quickly. (I also find that with Bombardment on cooldown as soon as I hit the first mob it triggers and bombs the area anyway) The 6s Belt of the Trove Proc is extreme helpful whilst hunting down the X number of mobs, and with currently 46% cooldown reduction I only have about 2s seconds where I am waiting for the Steed to come back up. Akarats and iron Skin for survival. I have tested and used this build on Torment 8 Bounty runs, which is suffient to be able to have the Horadic Caches drop all available legendaries (T6), the only difference being the non-Horadic drops from mobs and Elites etc. Improvements and other suggestions are welcomed. The Gemstones/Amulet and Rings can be swapped for others if wished, I just added which ones would be better for the build itself. Have fun chasing bounties!Germidor1 06 Aug
31 Jul Hammer Build stuck at GR 55 Hello every one, so Ive been playing for about 2 weeks now (total since LOD) and Ive started with hammerdin build : for now Im stuck at GR55 and cant seem to find any change that will help me advance. Can any one help me abit ?DeadWolf1 31 Jul
31 Jul Crusader unplayable with 4 man groups., Crusader with limitless on hammers is unplayable atm in 4 mans. Spamming hammers in big pacs will result in massive lagg then dying making it impossible to clear rifts that are 90+ . Will blizz ever fix this?sbsb2 31 Jul
30 Jul new ideas pls so i got a 180k or 190 thorns Crus and can run most things but wonder what to try next as this can get borring over time and its a season char any ideas i really dont like necros as their pets die way to fast :) did remove some gems on the char but can easy put em backTheSpawns1 30 Jul
24 Jul Support Crusader I was wondering, is it possible to do a support crusader build? I run with a WD, Wiz, Monk and Me, would it be viable to do a support build and if so, any advice? Thanks in advance all! :Dra30 24 Jul
10 Jul Upgrade builds for Akkhan necessary In the past there were few very famous builds, but now this set is worst from all crusaders sets. Builds like heavens fury shootgun, phalanx, condemn and also fist of heavens and blessed shield are playable, but only on lower G rifts. This builds still miss something and here is a suggestion how to change it: 6 sets bonus for Akkhan - While Akarat's Champion is active, you deal 1200% increased damage by heavens fury, phalanx, condemn, fist of heavens, blessed shield and take 15% less damage. there can be also Pants for supporting this skills - akkhan has 7 pieces, can use Pants with uppower, special power for pants can be +25% damage and take 25% less dmg when use that skills, for XY seconds.Zasz4 10 Jul
24 Jun Check my build Hey all. I made my build for Akkhan Set. LMB - Slash guard. RMB - Steed. 1 Laws of Valor. Uns. Force 2 Condemn Vacuum 3 Provoke Too Scared to run 4 Akarat Champion Indestructible, long arm., finery I dont have much good gear and do not have akkhan helm, but I think this still have to work. Specially with flail of charge/shield of steedSeven1 24 Jun
24 Jun Very Low damage on LoN bomb Now, I know that I still have 5 slots that aren't ancient, and I am not using the standard weapon/shield, but still, I am doing so little damage I have trouble killing a goblin in T10 before it gets away. I can survive, but I can't kill for sheetz. So clearly there is something I have missed/misunderstood. Could anyone look at my profile (Sir Bombalot (great name, I know)) and see what it is I am doing so terribly wrong, please? Especially my Thorns seems to be completely hopeless. Sometimes I am not doing ANY damage when riding over a mob. Thanks in advance.Rune3 24 Jun