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09 Jul Steed Charge Seems to run on the spot a lot of the time. Maybe i'm just not using it properlyShaolin0 09 Jul
28 Jun Blizzard should buff invoker-set I am tired of playing riftlotto at grift 107 and above were I can only beat those that almost only have yellows. Tons of times I have reached the end of the greater rift with only 80% on the bar. It would be a relief to see something on the invoker-set changed so I can be able to defeat blues in time or at least buff the 15 radius thorns AOE to higher damage against the greys/trashmob, But thanks for public games that is my resort of beating 110+Sodril4 28 Jun
21 Jun Diamond instead of topaz on invoker weapon? I have about 290 000 thorns and get 28 000 from a topaz in the weapon yet flawless royal diamond gives 20% more dmg to elites. Now by just "lookatit"math I can be sure that 28k thorns is a lot less than 20% of 290k so why arent more using diamonds in weapons?Sodril2 21 Jun
11 Jun Is this class dead? I love playing the crusader, but I have no way of getting invited to push high GRs with him. All are looking for necromancer, supp monks and pull barbs. And wizards dont like me to kill the trash and I pretty much kill everything I walk through.... do you feel the same? Is this a solo class?AntaeusMaxus7 11 Jun
10 Jun How do I get past lvl 105 with invoker? By being a single target build grift runs relies on if I can bump into yellow elites or not, it is hard to take out 3 blues and still being on time. I have thorns on all of my gear and get 2.55 attack speed with punish or w/e its called Any tips for invoker crusader on how to run 105 and beyond?Sodril0 10 Jun
05 Jun How to Increase WRATH How do i increase my WRATH .. i know after looking my profile.. you might think im crazy but tell you true.. keep clicking and time takes me here till this level.. so could anyone help me how do i increase my WRATH and which things makes more ..i know some weapons do but is there any shortcuts or you know the gems.. i also dont know about that. i got many but dont know how to use them.. if there is any gem which increase my Wrath ..please guide me.. Thanks in advance.. sorry my english is not that good. please helpTDDesigner0 05 Jun
03 Jun Invoker damage vs single enemy? I know I am doing something wrong with my crusader but I don't know what it iz. I can faceroll without problem until I become one on one vs boss or elite then there is barely no damage.Sodril0 03 Jun
27 May GYRFALCON`S FOOTE bug I am paragon 750+ in the new season (17) and i enjoy playing crusader but i have a problem. GYRFALCON`S FOOTE weapon is not dropping as ancient . Without this weapon, the build that i am working on is lacking a LOT of damage. I mention i have spent thousands of materials in the cube either to reforge or to create a legendary weapon and did not get it as ancient version ... Is it a bug or what ?Dukanu1 27 May
21 Apr video: "Double Crusader 4man 130 12:20" Hello. crusaders are really good trashkillers and bosskillers. Thanks! 21 Apr
02 Apr Monster damage solo vs group Is monster damage getting lower when playing as group as opposite to health? Why my invoker can tank gr105 with no problems in group play but cant tank gr100 solo?sanjuro1 02 Apr
02 Apr Invoker Kikaha group build party? Hi, as this build lacks survivability what paragon level it is viable from? What should be party composition to improve your survivability with this build? Thanks. 02 Apr
27 Mar 3-4 man party great rifts as hammerdin Hello guys, I wonder if anyone of you try to do hamerdin for 3-4 gr's 120+, and how effective it may be around 1500 paragon and 110 caldesans eq. My biggest issue is roll priority, i would put priority on Arrea Damage % instead of that many attack speed (especialy when i want to use pain enhancer) and make my role as trash killer but also with damage on bosses, but without gogok i thought. Someone could share their insights? I'll be glad.Grubcio1 27 Mar
20 Mar Help reaching GR70+ Hello, I'm stuck at GR65, I can complete it but I die a few times despite using Indestructible and Akarat's Champion. Basically I have two problems, survival and wrath. Wrath was fine before I used Johanna's Argument, but now can't keep up with the speed hammers are produced. I rerolled wrath regeneration on the flail and shield but it's still not enough. I have to use Akarat's Champion and Laws of Valor all the time, but can't keep them up despite having %34.5 cooldown. About health, I seem to die most of the time due to lasers and explosions, which I try to avoid but sometimes I get stuck in a bunch of monsters and die. I have a lot of life regen and LPH but obviously it's not enough. Maybe there is a way to toughen up my build. You can find my crusader profile below, I'm very glad if more experience players can make suggestions: Best Regards, Tolgajujuman1 20 Mar
15 Mar How Vo'Toyias Spiker works? I've read a lot of diverse discussion about how does special abilty works. To summarize questions: 1. It looks like it does not double 6pc invoker bonus, right? 2. How about 2pc bonus? 3. If it does not double 6pc bonus is it even noticable dmg increase when u hit with Punish? 4. How does it work with Hack and Invoker set together? 2pc invoker does not actually apply thorns on Punish, its 6pc bonus doint it, so if this shield does not work with 6pc and Punish, is it completely useless? Thanks.sanjuro0 15 Mar
09 Feb Forgotten Crusader - please Help! Hello everyone! Crusader was not the 4 one in the past time in a hierarchy unfortunately. Season was present in 4 last, there as a supporter. Wounding and for a supporter useful already since 12 Season. I would like to ask you to indicate this fact to the developers. My English knowledge unfortunately not enough. I wish you an additional good game!LUCY1 09 Feb
29 Jan Heaven's Fury Mechanics and Theory In this thread I like to talk about the mechanics of Heaven's Fury, especially when utilizing items to boost this skill's damage: Fate of the Fell, Shield of Fury and Bracer of Fury. Especially the shield's mechanic can raise quite a few questions. ... What does this mean when using the different runes available on Heaven's Fury though? Are some better suited to increase the damage faster than others? I have been experimenting with Heaven's Fury a little today and want to share some of the things I have learned. I don't claim all of this is correct. So if you can provide further information, I'd be glad to hear it. The first thing I learned for all runes except Fires of Heaven is that the game seems to regard the damage from the ray coming once every second. This means that after 1s, damage is increased by up to 30%, after 2s up to 60% and so on. When popping Heaven's Fury, the maximum increase in damage you can achieve is 180%, assuming the enemy is being hit by the ray during its entire duration. My test was not super accurate and I had an AS of about 1.3, therefore I am not sure if a faster weapon would bring different results. Next, I learned that the choice of rune doesn't really matter. The ground DoT from Blessed Ground doesn't seem to further increase the damage an enemy takes from Heaven's Fury. Interestingly though, people seem to be using that rune exclusively. The best reason I can think of is to have an easier time stacking Gogok of Swiftness. The ray and ground DoT provide continuous stacks, but this is more a quality of life improvement than anything else. I guess the Ascendancy rune would be better suited to hit bigger groups of enemies and increase Shield of Fury-stacks on more monsters. But against single targets or a few elites, the difference is probably not very significant. Next, I tried if the additional rays from Fate of the Fell had any effect. They don't. At least not for the Fires of Heaven rune. But I assume the same goes for the other runes. If I am wrong, please correct me on this one. The Bracer of Fury work as stated. The damage against enemies is increased only while the crowd control is applied. Considering Crowd Control resistance, I find this a little disappointing. This kind of diminishes the effectiveness of this build, especially as a RGK in a 4-Man group. The following questions remain: Does AS affect the speed in which the damage bonus of Shield of Fury is applied? Why is Blessed Ground the preferred rune of choice for most people?Mahaling6 29 Jan
29 Jan Laws of Valor mispells Didn't find this reported anywhere else, so here goes. I found a typo with the runes Unstoppable Force and Frozen in Terror. When having either of these runes active and checking the tooltip for LoW the passive effect is written as "Recite a law..." No other law/rune combinations have this error. Thank you.Gutenlol2 29 Jan
27 Jan Falling Sword <> Faithful Memory Greetings. I finally got to the point where my Hammer-Crusader is missing a bit of fine tuning here and there when I have noticed something that made me wonder if it was a translation error or an item that was not working correctly. So I have got Faithful Memory in my Cube, giving Falling Sword the effect, that for every enemy hit with this attack, you get a +80% DMG stack for Blessed Hammer. Now here comes the tricky thing: In the german version of the item, the last line explaining the stack mechanic reads: "Dieser Effekt ist bis zu 10-mal stapelbar." Translation: This effect stacks up to 10 times. (link to a screenshot: And usually items with a discription like that, Gogok for example, only loose their stacks when you are not hitting any enemies in a certain amount of time etc. But the thing is, that each time you land a new with Falling Sword, your stacks don't get stacked, but reset and counted a new. Now I have switched the client to american english to see what the items tooltip says here. It simply reads: "Max 10 stacks." (link to the english version: So yeah... is this a bad explained tool tip, a bad translation or is the effect actualy not ment to reset with each time you use Falling Sword again?Grevan2 27 Jan
18 Jan Nerf condemn - Buff Akkhan. This is going with the assumption that Akkhan didn't get any buff because it would overpower condemn. Other classes have had their "standard set"* buffed, but Akkhan is left behind. If the issue is condemn, wouldn't it be better overall to nerf condemn items, but equalize it with an Akkhan buff. That way condemn gets to stay where it is, but it empowers builds using other skills. Blessed shield, Fist of heavens and Phalanx builds couldn't compete before..but now it's a joke * Immortal king's call Tal Rasha's Elements Inna's Mantra Natalya's VengeanceHydra0 18 Jan
15 Jan Belt of the Trove unique effect I'm wondering about one thing, why doesn't the Bombardment from it copy the rune of your equipped Bombardment skill, for example Monks Exploding Palm from set proc does copy the equipped skill rune. Or maybe switch the runeless Bombardment to the Thorns rune type Bombardment to be in more line with the Thorns Set.IchigoMait2 15 Jan
15 Jan Creating a Crusader Greets everyone, I've been playing Diablo for a few months and I've only played one class seriously which was barbarian and know I'm thinking of creating a crusader. - I would like name ideas for a crusader; - Reasons to create one and - What's the easiest set to master? Thanks for the attention and good luck for the seasonal crusaders (:Blazt1 15 Jan
09 Jan lol wtf? 09 Jan
08 Jan Improving condemn build I have this build that I would like to improve, I am totally new the crusaders (played a steed charge build long time ago without real conviction). I know I need the furnace in hands and Blade of Prophecy in kanai's cube's weapon slot (and I do possess a nice furnace, but no Blade of Prophecy that I could extract power of so far ...) Allegedly I should have unity in the jewelery slot but as I I play mainly solo so far I used convention of elements instead. (Even in parties I am not that convinced by unity though.) Any advice ? My current concrete problem is that I cannot clear GR60 alone with this crus (T8 is somehow ok, but hard) so that this would be my short term aim.Grothendieck8 08 Jan
03 Jan Primal Andariel's visage condemn Hey. Just curious how the more fire damage roll would be on a primal Andariel's Visage? Is it 5 or 10%? And I think as a condemn crusader this helm would work well with the free Rorg we get with season 16. As it could roll with 20% holy damage.MonsterSoul1 03 Jan
19 Nov 2018 Condemn help Hi fellow saders i have a problem with pushing GRs i see in leaderbords guyz with lower paragons then me and more crappy gear and clear GRs in no time.Whats wrong with my build i cant pass 105 GR.TnxWicked2 19 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Vo'Toyias Spiker unique effect Is there any way to improve the unique effect? Instead of using Provoke only, but use Taunt effect of Provoke thus you could use Thorns gem also to proc it, would give some choice if you want to use Provoke or something else, Steed Charge, Consecration or Bombardment for example. Only minus would be that if you use Provoke that doesn't Taunt enemies, but instead Fears them you can't benefit from double damage at that time, although the unique effect would be more lore friendly to the shield considering it's about "daring to attack it's bearer" and feared enemies won't attack you anyways and will run away from ya.IchigoMait0 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Which stat should I reroll? Back from a longer break and now I got this beauty on my Condemn Crusader: Now I need your help to decide which stat I will reroll. Thinking about getting the CDR up to 10% but I want to make sure so I don't screw it up.KNIGHTHOOD3 02 Nov 2018
16 Oct 2018 Crusader Recovering Why using secondary skills decrease recovery and toughness to half for a while? thanksHoomanchief6 16 Oct 2018
15 Oct 2018 CRUSADR DMG AND TOUGHNESS Hi guys I play with condemn crusader rn, but idk why cant I deal as much dmg as other condemn crusaders do (I can do around 300 bil max without power pylon ) and why do I die so fast? What do you guys suggest to use or change for my gear?cynicaal4 15 Oct 2018
16 Sep 2018 Solo GR 100 by tomorrow! Hi fellow D3er's. This is my first post but I need help as the season ends tomorrow. I am using Akkhan Crusader. This is my best season ever & I can just about finish GR 99 solo. I am desperate to hit GR100 by tomorrow. I need help please. I have a Primal Focus Ring 105-210 damage, 650 strength & I re-rolled Vit for 8% cooldown. I also have a Ancient Focus that gives me +4.7% Damage, +2.2% Toughness & +2.2% Recovery. Am I correct in thinking this is better than the Primal? If anybody can help me level my gems so I can clear GR100 by tomorrow, I will be forever grateful. Or any tips.... I think my build is pretty good (I am not an expert), maybe my game play is wrong? Thanks in advance coxyr1#2485coxyr13 16 Sep 2018
08 Sep 2018 Condem Crusader what to do against beeing to squishy? Hello Guys, This is my first post in this Forum and i hope i dont make any Mistakes. If this is the case, i apologize in advance. Ive started this season with the Condemn Crusader and i plan to reach at least a GR of 100. I have two Questions and i hope you can help me with these. 1. I can run 80 without dying most of the times, but i notice that im way too squishy against the Rift Guardian ( especially the Blighter One), i tried to run with Laws of Justice and it helps a bit. But even with Unity in the Cube i get Oneshotted sometimes. How can i improve? 2. Ive got at least the required Items for the Condemn Build and now i have to get full Ancient, the Question is how to farm Ancient Items? Should i reroll non-ancient Items ? What should i spent my bloodshards for? I hope you can help me, and i thank you all in advance!!!redJohnson4 08 Sep 2018
08 Sep 2018 Most value in reforge I have enough materials to reforge about 120 times. The plan was to get myself a primal Furnace but Im not sure anymore that the weapon will give me the most value on my crusader. I tried different scenarios i D3Planner but the choice isn't clear to me. Please have a look: Is it worth farming for a primal Furnace just to get like 100K more dps (+4% on elites)? Or should I focus on upping the condemn dmg from the shield. Or get rings with Crit dmg and/or up the crit dmg on gloves and amulet? What has the biggest impact on DPS?Nasibi2 08 Sep 2018
27 Aug 2018 Thorns of the Invoker V2.0 GR100+ Build Hey Guys! Patch 2.6.1 buffed Invoker's 2pc by 4x and 6pc by almost x7, so the build shifted towards Elite killing more than trash killing now. I am not a fan of this change, but we have to face reality. ------------ VIDEO GUIDE: ------------ The build: ----------- ----------- ----------- OLD BUILD HERE: (with OLD video! Check it out for FULL OLD VERSION of the build!) GR100 Clear: ---------- 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 Akkhans Addendum I used to see Akkhans addendum on the LB’s but haven’t as of late. I just got a primal addendum and it’s in my character Lora. I have a furnace with 6 % damage, 1386 str, cdr 10 percent, 1634-2014 fire damage, 3573-4162 damage range and 49% increase vs elites. Wanted to know which one was better? And what was the addendum good for? I know IAS means nothing and it’s the damage range and elites that make the furnace popular. If the furnace is better what’s the addendum good for? I do see a lot of info on any build...Soldier3 27 Aug 2018
20 Aug 2018 frydehrs wrath shield doubt! I have 2 ancient frydehrs wrath shield one with 725% incresed damage plus 15% more condemn dmg , and the other one with 793% incresed dmg with 10% more condemn dmg, which one I shoud use? thanksDaniel3 20 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 overpowered lvl 21 weapon? Hi. i woner if anyone have come across the "Smite Burn" flail. i have tried googling it but without luck. surely someone must have gotten this before me. but why is there no information on this weapon online? see link to screenshot below 12 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 Need advice on how to continue pushing GRs Hello, this I haven't played Diablo since the release of RoS and this is the first season I play, I wanted to play a crusader and after searching most people did recommend playing a Condemn crusader. I managed to do GR 82 and I guess I could push more to around 85. My question is how to I push past that I want to reach a 100. What do I do first. Do I try to farm more ancients I think I only have 3 right now and after that start augmenting them. And what is the best way to farm them. Do I farm bounties so I can do rerolls in the cube or do I spam normal rifts and hope for and upgrade and what for what time I should aim to clear normal rifts to be most efficient. Right now I clear a T13 rift for around 4 mins but I noticed I am getting more legendaries that T12 for example. Do I stuck with T13 or do I drop difficulty for faster clears.eXIsTenZ2 10 Aug 2018
21 Jul 2018 Some Blessed Shield experts around here ? Hey all, I'm currently trying to get my Blessed Shield crusader performing the most accurate way. In order to do this, i've browsed a fair amount of guides which raised a bunch of unanswered questions : 1 - Numerous guides (like this one for instance : are actualy advising players to boost the character global "Block Chance%" in order to max out your Blessed Shield DPS. For example by using " Provoke - Hit Me ", Justice Lantern, Helm of Command... As far as i know, (And as stated on the skill tooltip) ONLY your " shield chance to block % " (Yes, the chance to block % on the item in your off hand) can boost Blessed Shield DPS around 30% if the shield has the " +11% chance to block " affix. Could someone please confirm this please ? 2 - The build is using Unity in solo, so i was thinking about replacing it with " Justice Lantern " in multi for the " +16% chance to block " affix and the " Gain damage reduction equal to 50% of your block chance " legendary power. Does the damage reduction of this ring takes into account the momentary 50% block chances boost of the " Provoke - Hit Me " skill and the 30% block chances boost of " Hold your Ground " passive ? 3 - Many guides i've watched/read recommand not using the " Towering Shield " +20% boost to Blessed Shield as it should be total crap because it's additive. Some other guides are saying it's a valuable boost... So actualy, who's right ? :) Thanks in advance for your help ! :)JWar5 21 Jul 2018
21 Jul 2018 Heavenly Strength... Is it worth it? It reduces your DPS to 80%, and there's Fervor, that increases your attack speed by 15%, thus increasing your DPS by the same amount. Which means that it's only worth it if 2-handed weapons are at least on average roughly 1.44 times (1.15/0.8) more powerful than 1-handed weapons... Are they?Kicker5 21 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 Good spec without full set? Hai I've been playing the sader for a while on the Playstation (so I can't link the profile) and I'm having trouble finding a decent spec whilst trying to find gear. I have Akhan head, shoulder, glove, chest and boots. Weapon: Akkhan's Addendum Shield: Ivory tower Neck: Travelers pledge Ring: Compass rose Ring: Focus Legs: Hammer jammer Bracer: Strongarm Cube: Furnace, Leorics crown and something else that's worthless and I can't even remember it. Leg gems is Bots, Bott and Asoteric. I'm doing most of my damage with the Hammer with Limitless. I also provoke too scared to run, and have a shield bash for charghe and single target. Champion of akkarat can be up pretty much constantly and I also use the Law Unstoppable force. I rarley run out of Wrath but I do have problems with tough mobs and single targets RG. I can do T7 without any real problems but I need to advance ASAP. Don't really know how to best spec with the current gear I have at my disposal. I have a mix-match of stuff, nothing for a solid build. Any ideas?rijo0 19 Jul 2018
16 Jul 2018 Buff Roland Buff roland set second bonus to at least 4000% damage instead of the 3300% damageGabrielBG0 16 Jul 2018
16 Jul 2018 Buff Roland set Make it 4000% at least instead of 3300% on the second bonusGabrielBG0 16 Jul 2018
27 Jun 2018 Crusader / New Player So I just got this game and damn Im not used to a game like this haha. Its really fun tho but the main issue is that Im terrible to see my cds and my buffs. Since Im so focused on mobs and such, maybe it gets easier? I got boosted up to almoat 400 paragon levels and trying to get pieces for a build. Need to change one passive skill or so but it feels like Im taking way too much dmg and do not perform much? In a greater rift 70, I do not even touch the mobs and by using all my skills I still die haha. I have collected a few things for my build but its getting frustrating that I cant do good. Is it only because of what Im missing or Am I that bad? :/ If anyone got more time to guide me step by step Im happy to do that on discord haha... Scarblitz#9955Scarblitz1 27 Jun 2018
20 Jun 2018 holy damage @googletranslator Hello, since I do not know much about the theory of damage calculation, I wanted to ask if it is worthwhile to change my character's cooldown on the amulet for 20% Holy damage? I would then repeat the cooldown on the Vita of the weapon. And the 1465 Vita about the Paragon points. Summed up 1465 strength against 20% Holy damage. If someone can give me some tips, I would be grateful. greetingsthanthalas1 20 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 Furnace or Blade of Prophecy in main hand Hello fellow crusaders, Looking for an advice what is best to keep in main hand in order to maximize Condemn damage, based on 2 items i got currently. So far i'm reading Furnace is the better choice due to attack speed having no effect on cast time, but is it still if the Blade of Prophecy is a much better roll. 1. Blade of Prophecy 4.3k DPS with 771% Condemn damage. 2. Furnace with 3.3k DPS with 45% elite damage. Image of the two weapons side by side: Thanks for any feedback.Furion7 11 Jun 2018
04 May 2018 Season 13 Curses Conquest Hi Fellow warriors, I'm trying all week to tackle the curses conquest with my lvl 1000 blessed hammer crusader, but I fail every time with approx. 25 / 50 monsters. I'm not familiar with the blessed hammer build, I always use condemned. Can anyone give me some advanced tips on this isue? I would be very grateful!Louwrina2 04 May 2018
01 May 2018 Fryder's Wrath or When is an Upgrade not an Upgrade? Hey guys, I have the 2 shields listed below, Normal Ancient 747 STR 833 STR 721 Vit 942 Vit 9.5% Crit 9.5% Crit 12% Condemn 7.0% Reduced CD 773% Condemn 638% Condemn 400 STR Augment Making a rough calculation on the numbers i see in combat the Ancient appears to be about 6% down. (If anyone with good theory could verify that its a downgrade on a reasonably good geared akkhans crusader Id be grateful) If i have got it right then why on the last round of balancing when legendary stats got boosted where such large ranges left on some pieces? 600-800 on the shield seems to be a massive range and unless im wildly miscalculating, theres a large overlap where an Ancient (even including a good gem augment) is not going to be better than a normal.Tashy2 01 May 2018