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19 Sep Akarat's Champion form Hey guys. Does anyone think Akarat's Champion appearance isn't proper for Crusader? Feels like Wrath of the Berserker, same giant and uncouth. Wouldn't it be more relevant to make it more angelic instead of mountain king alike, especially for female character? No disrespect to Blizzard here. But if I am not the only one who thinks this way maybe we get the changes.KerinFloud1 19 Sep
19 Sep builds which was forgetten in 2.6.1 LoN should work for normal legendary not ancient. For Crusader - upgrade builds which using Shield bash, Fist of heavens, Phalanx For Monk - upgrade builds which using Inna set For Necromance - rework Pestilance set, corpse expl and lance is stupid, its supported by trog and inarius, make supported for example primary skills or poison nova. For WD - upgrade builds using Zunnimasa bulds, There is no big diferens betwen zuni and hell for top bulds - always pets also items with special power which is not chose by rhykkers and others who make bulds and others copy that. are now less usable than before - planty of items, sklls - runas, and set (for example blackthorne) is now mega shi tyZasz3 19 Sep
18 Sep Thorns of the Invoker The 6pc bonus - so it only does that dmg first time you hit a monster? Sounds not that great for me...Dracula2 18 Sep
17 Sep Crusader - some help & answers needed :) Hi guys, I am currently rolling a crusader having a break from my necro /main/ waiting for S12 to start to pick her up again :) I am extremaly at odds with the RNG this time - cannot get a decent weapon and shield for my Hammerdin :( But I got a really nice in-geom in the process so my current setup is less then optimal but still got my 6 or 7 grifts up from where I was...from 40ish to 50. I rolld a clvl 20ish Crusader and gambled at Kadala for the weapon and the shield and the pants at clvl 30ish only to cube them...and hence my current setup. Could you guys please take a look at my ARTHUR and tell me what I could potentially change and what shall be the rpiority now? Besides, I have a few questions: - is there any particular technique to fighting with the blessed hammer or I just spam it mindlessly? - what shal be the proper rotation? - I am gambling for the shield atm, and upgrading yellows to get the weapon - or shall I try a different approach? - if I reforge a legendary weapon lvl 20 for exapmle, can I get an ancient or I will end up with a weapon of still ilvl 20 but with rerolled stats - I ask as I have few low level Johanna items. cheers :)JackTheDark0 17 Sep
11 Sep Season 12 crusader be viable in groups? As the title says will any of the crusader builds be viable with the next season? as it is now crusaders don't really fit into any role well in a 4 man group. Most of the time the groups are mainly taken by Barbs, nerco, WD, Wiz and Monk. Crusaders are pretty bad when put into group play. Can anyone share any information that crusader will be able to compete in groups in season 12? Thanks :)sovius0 11 Sep
11 Sep Season 12 crusader viable in groups? As the title says will any of the crusader builds be viable with the next season? as it is now crusaders don't really fit into any role well in a 4 man group. Most of the time the groups are mainly taken by Barbs, nerco, WD, Wiz and Monk. Crusaders are pretty bad when put into group play. Can anyone share any information that crusader will be able to compete in groups in season 12? Thanks :)sovius0 11 Sep
06 Sep REPAIRING BUILDS n i - CRUSADER Darklight Fist of the Heavens do double damage and has a 45–60% chance to be cast twice. Khassett's Cord of Righteousness Fist of the Heavens costs 50% less Wrath and deals 400–500% more damage. Armor of the Kind Regent Each enemy hit by Smith increases the damage of Fist of Heavens and Phalanx by 50–60% for 10 seconds. Max 10 stacks. Unrelenting Phalanx Increases Phalanx Damage by 150–200% and Phalanx now casts twice. Warhelm of Kassar Reduce the cooldown by 45–60% and double the damage of Phalanx. Drakon's Lesson When your Shield Bash hits 3 or fewer enemies, its damage is increased by 600–800% and 50% of its Wrath Cost is refunded. Flail of the Ascended Your Shield Glare deals damage equal to up to your last 5 Shield Bash casts. In adition your shield bash do 200% more damage.Zasz1 06 Sep
21 Aug Improve my Hammerdin please How can I improve on this build? I die loads and want to be able to progress past 75 without dying all the time. Thanks in advancejme1 21 Aug
21 Aug Dmg types for Crusader Hi guys, First post here, making a comeback after 3 years. I am not much of a player - I have only 2 toons, both clvl 60 and paragon 39 /barb, monk/, currently rolling a crusader, now clvl 55, going through campaing just to remind myself of the whole story... . I got back for the 2 new classes :) Started with crusader, hence my question: I just got thunderfury, blessed blade of windseeker with primary stat +lightning dmg. Since I am doing holy dmg build for the moment , alternating between blessed hammer and blessed shield /just to get the hang of both and test out which works better/ with heavens fury I re-rolled the +lightning dmg on the sword to +holy dmg /which even got slightly higher :) / Was it a good decision or I should have stuck to original lightning dmg? Does it make any difference? If I am focusing on one element, shall I try to stuck just this element or whatever +dmg I have?JackTheDark3 21 Aug
17 Aug Please make Blessed Hammer castable while moving. Nuff said!Kadotus19 17 Aug
14 Aug Advices to beat GR70 (hammerdin noob inside) Hello, i'd like to beat GR70 with my hammerdin but i can't find where i'm lacking. Could you give me some advices please ? probly on gear, maybe on playstyle here is my build : thanks :)Mano3 14 Aug
11 Aug Crusader is so bad Crusader with 1h does so low damage that makes me cry, it's not much better with 2h neither and loose survability. Crusader is so bad class, after first huge excitment of hammerdin nostalgia I think the gameplay is very annyoing: - mashing 4 buttons nonstop with 4, 5, 8 sec or whatever duration just for staying alive !!!! - it's so bad class design, why the hell I need 3 skills for survival, when ep monk still has more defense and damage with 1 active defense skill, same for barbs .. - why I have to kite mobs with all the defensive skills and shield? - even Hota barb has more survive ability and doing 10x more dps - legendary don't synergy well, the belt is uselless and the bracers are questionable - falling sword animation is so annoying tl.dr - has low defense - has very low damage even in almost full ancient gear, tryied both 1h/2h Is there a chance that it will be fixed this season or can I just delete him?Desper38 11 Aug
07 Aug New to Crusader (Build Advice) Hey all, I have a seasonal HC Crusader on my other account, and I just got him PL'ed to 70. I wanted to make a thorns build, but since I don't have any gear with thorns yet... well that presents an obvious problem haha. Question is, what's a decent build to run when I'm starting out to try and gear up? Also, I haven't played in about two years. I'm assuming grifts are basically the way to go to get gear / paragon? Thanks :-)pikklez2 07 Aug
07 Aug Grift/ Bounty / Nephalem sets? Hello fellow Crusaders. Currently after a long absence (Season 4) I am again trying to rekindle my enjoyment for the Crusader. I am using a Rolands-Fire-Sweep build for GRifts what are the other sets for Farming (Bounties, cos the sader is sooo slow) and Speed Nephalem Rift runs ? (Solo not group) Just point me in the general direction (Build name etc) and I hope to find youtube vids and guides). Thanks for your replies!Germidor3 07 Aug
06 Aug Crusader Invoker Bountry Runner Build (Disclaimer: I am not a pro-gamer, this build is just something I put together because I was frustrated with the slowness of the Crusader in finding/ getting to the various Bounties. ) The build is centered around 2 Crusader sets. 1: Thorns of the Invoker 2: Norvald's Fervor The idea behind the build is Speed and Burst damage. Items: Armor: Invoker 5 piece set. Weapon & Shiled: Norvald's 2 piece set Chest: Heart of Iron Belt: Belt of the Trove Alternative: (Omnislash Amulet: The Ess of Johan Alternative: (The Flavor of Time Ring 1: Stone of Jordan Ring 2: Justice lantern Cube: Weapon: The Furnace Armor: Omnislash or Trove depending on which has the worst stats. Ring: Obsidian rot Zodiac Gemstones: 1: Boyarsky's Chip 2: Simplicity's Strength 3: Zei's Stone of Vengeance Skills. Primary: Slash / Crush rune (20% more Critical hit) Secondary: Bombardment / Annihilate (100% Critical hit chance) Key 1: Akarat's Champion / Prophet (150% Armor and Lifesaver) Key 2: Steed Charge / Endurance (Increase duration to 3s) Key 3: Laws of Valor / Critical (50% more Critical damage) Key 4: Iron Skin / Flash (60% increesed unhindered movement) Passive 1: Heavenly Strength (2hd + Shield) Passive 2: Indestructable (Life saver) Passive 3: Lord Commander (Cooldown reduction on Steed and Bombardment) Passive 4: Iron maiden (50% Thorns increase) Attributes: (preferable stats on equipment obviously + Thorns damage on everything if possible)) Head: Critical Hit Chance Shoulders: Cooldown and % Bombardment Chest: % Bombardment Hands: Critical & Cooldown Wrist: % Fire damage and Critical Hit Chance Belt: % Slash damage and Bombardment every 6s Pants: % Slash damage Shoes: Movement speed (frees up Paragon points) Amulet: Cooldown / Fire% / Critical hit / Critical damage Ring 1: % damage against Elites / Fire % /Criticals.. Ring 2: Cooldown / Blockchance Flail: Cooldown / Life per wrath spent / Criticals.. Shield: % Blockchance / Life per wrath spent / Criticals.. Bounties: Most Bounties requirements are to either 'kill' a certain Elite and X amount of Mobs in the local area or complete a 'Cursed Chest' event. Therefor the idea behind the build is to have a very quick short burst damage and 'long legs' on the Steed to get around the map / dungeon quickly. Synergies: Basically the idea is to have 100% uptime on the steed to be able to move around the map quickly and unhindered, and to have a massive Bombardment damage once you have found the Elite or started the event: The Gemstones add Thorns damage and damage at a distance (Bombardment damage whilst you move around the map to kill x amount of mobs, also for Cursed chests since the mobs are spread around). The Ess of Johan pulls the enemies towards you for better Bombardment control (area of attack). Blockchance increase (and Omnislash) for 35% Thorns increase 2 seconds. Gameplay: Basically, enter the map, use Steed Charge to find the Bounty , dismount right next to the Elite (for the extra 5s 100% damage) Cast Bombardment and Slash to destroy them quickly. (I also find that with Bombardment on cooldown as soon as I hit the first mob it triggers and bombs the area anyway) The 6s Belt of the Trove Proc is extreme helpful whilst hunting down the X number of mobs, and with currently 46% cooldown reduction I only have about 2s seconds where I am waiting for the Steed to come back up. Akarats and iron Skin for survival. I have tested and used this build on Torment 8 Bounty runs, which is suffient to be able to have the Horadic Caches drop all available legendaries (T6), the only difference being the non-Horadic drops from mobs and Elites etc. Improvements and other suggestions are welcomed. The Gemstones/Amulet and Rings can be swapped for others if wished, I just added which ones would be better for the build itself. Have fun chasing bounties!Germidor1 06 Aug
31 Jul Hammer Build stuck at GR 55 Hello every one, so Ive been playing for about 2 weeks now (total since LOD) and Ive started with hammerdin build : for now Im stuck at GR55 and cant seem to find any change that will help me advance. Can any one help me abit ?DeadWolf1 31 Jul
31 Jul Crusader unplayable with 4 man groups., Crusader with limitless on hammers is unplayable atm in 4 mans. Spamming hammers in big pacs will result in massive lagg then dying making it impossible to clear rifts that are 90+ . Will blizz ever fix this?sbsb2 31 Jul
30 Jul new ideas pls so i got a 180k or 190 thorns Crus and can run most things but wonder what to try next as this can get borring over time and its a season char any ideas i really dont like necros as their pets die way to fast :) did remove some gems on the char but can easy put em backTheSpawns1 30 Jul
26 Jul Akarat's Awakening So, how rare is this shield? I've spend a large amount of shards and DBs and nothing. Damn.phosTR0 26 Jul
24 Jul Support Crusader I was wondering, is it possible to do a support crusader build? I run with a WD, Wiz, Monk and Me, would it be viable to do a support build and if so, any advice? Thanks in advance all! :Dra30 24 Jul
10 Jul Upgrade builds for Akkhan necessary In the past there were few very famous builds, but now this set is worst from all crusaders sets. Builds like heavens fury shootgun, phalanx, condemn and also fist of heavens and blessed shield are playable, but only on lower G rifts. This builds still miss something and here is a suggestion how to change it: 6 sets bonus for Akkhan - While Akarat's Champion is active, you deal 1200% increased damage by heavens fury, phalanx, condemn, fist of heavens, blessed shield and take 15% less damage. there can be also Pants for supporting this skills - akkhan has 7 pieces, can use Pants with uppower, special power for pants can be +25% damage and take 25% less dmg when use that skills, for XY seconds.Zasz4 10 Jul
24 Jun Check my build Hey all. I made my build for Akkhan Set. LMB - Slash guard. RMB - Steed. 1 Laws of Valor. Uns. Force 2 Condemn Vacuum 3 Provoke Too Scared to run 4 Akarat Champion Indestructible, long arm., finery I dont have much good gear and do not have akkhan helm, but I think this still have to work. Specially with flail of charge/shield of steedSeven1 24 Jun
24 Jun Very Low damage on LoN bomb Now, I know that I still have 5 slots that aren't ancient, and I am not using the standard weapon/shield, but still, I am doing so little damage I have trouble killing a goblin in T10 before it gets away. I can survive, but I can't kill for sheetz. So clearly there is something I have missed/misunderstood. Could anyone look at my profile (Sir Bombalot (great name, I know)) and see what it is I am doing so terribly wrong, please? Especially my Thorns seems to be completely hopeless. Sometimes I am not doing ANY damage when riding over a mob. Thanks in advance.Rune3 24 Jun
12 Jun Blessed Shield Set I dreamed a dream in a time gone by... That Blessed Shield would get its own set. I've been thinking about that recently too (since it's my absolute favorite build in the entire game) and so I've been thinking about what might make a good set for Blessed Shield: 2-Set: Your Blessed Shield critical strikes cause enemies within 10 yards of the target to bleed for 100% of the damage dealt, divided evenly over the affected targets, over 3 seconds. This effect stacks. 4-Set: Damaging a bleeding enemy with Blessed Shield grants you a shield for 5% of your maximum life and reduces your damage taken by 5% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. 6-Set: Bleeding enemies take 1200% increased damage from Blessed Shield. Damaging a bleeding enemy with Blessed Shield increases the damage they take from your Blessed Shield by 10%. This effect stacks. The theory behind this one is that Blessed Shield builds are about 20 GR levels behind the current top builds (thorns/hammers), meaning the build needs to be about 3-4 times more powerful than it is now. Based on my own character ( the bleed from the 2-set is about an 80% DPS increase. The 6-set bonus of course isn't as strong as current LoN or Akkhan's, but, I'm also assuming people will be using Endless Walk or Focus and Restraint. If you figure those sets at around a 75% damage increase, that brings you up to 2.9 times more power than the build has currently. (1200*1.75*1.8=3780, 3780/1300=2.91) Which is where the second part of the 6-set comes in. My character is currently getting 2.67 attacks per second, meaning that in just 4 seconds, a given enemy will be taking 106.8% more damage from your Blessed Shield. This was my preferred solution for the single-target problem. I preferred that to a raw single-target damage increase because, let's face it, every other set already does that and it's really boring. Anyway, I know this approach is a little unorthodox and will probably be contentious, but I wanted to think a bit outside the usual Blessed Shield box (Roland's and massive attack speed buffs). Let me know what you guys think!JaredB0 12 Jun
11 Jun HC Ranged Hammerdin Highlight Video I've thoroughly enjoyed Crusader this season, and here is my Homage. Build: 11 Jun
04 Jun Hammerdin -- Survivability & Resource problems. Not new to Diablo, fairly new to the crusader. Played a Thorns Crusader for Season 8/9. Decided to roll the Hammerdin and I am having HUGE issues I can't seem to overcome. I am using the Icey Viens build. Resource Management: This build is CONSTANTLY out of wrath. I can't make it through the Provoke cooldown before I am out of wrath. lower the density, higher the problem. Consequently, Falling sword is extremely hard to keep up. I can either spam Hammers, or kite and falling sword. Never both. 37% CDR before Gogok is up. Rift Guardians are almost impossible to kill I get two three seconds of hammer spam, then kite until Wrath / provoke come up, repeat. I managed to get a GR75 before timer was up, (Almost maxed out death timer) then spent 3m killing the RG due to no wrath. Toughness: Holy crap... my witch-doctor and DH are freaking TANKS compared to this toon. I struggle through a T13 Regular rift without dying. Full Diamonds, running esoteric alteration and 75m toughness. This toon is Instagib. Even with falling sword buff up, I frequently die as soon as I land. I rolled Life on Hit on my weapon, and swapped out the Provoke rune to cleanse. This keeps me on the knife edge life wise now (Run most of the rift @ or under 50% health with a 1.1 M health pool) What gives? What am I missing? This build really this squishy and I have to learn to play with it? I find that hard to believe seeing how its clearing 100's...Matchrocket3 04 Jun
01 Jun zCrusader? Heal/Support monk alternative? Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you tried some kind of support crusader builds in a season. I have found this nice guide -> as you may see in video they are playing Greater Rift 120 but i wonder if its viable in a season or its just late game build when you have tons of paragon points and best in slot gear. Another thing is that he is consecrating ground beneath the players which requires stationary fights ? so probably somewhere around Greater Rift 100 its being more usefull because of creatures dying slowly?Laesus2 01 Jun
01 Jun Akkhan Set Hello everybody Im in the start of my journey through the season. So now I have Akkhan set. Thing is I still need right build for it. Can somebody give me any advises? For Example, here is required some speical gear - But I dont have them. So...Seven1 01 Jun
31 May Support Crusader its time to shine Currently running at that build , I was hopping that I was going to be able to replace the sup barb , but there is no such a chance, this build as I mention to a previous post is copy - paste from a previous season where a crusader participating at tha build was able to clear GR 120 smt. So i am wondering if there is any viable sup build for our class out there that can shine on leaderboards as it has to be with 4 man parties !freescare2 31 May
18 May Shield Bash in S10? Hey, I've personally found both Hammerdin and Thorns to be quite boring. I like the style of Shield Bash builds more. Question is if it can perform? I've read posts about it being bugged as of late. Can anyone confirm? Does anyone of you play Shield Bash? Thanks!Lemonsausage4 18 May
15 May Building a thorns Crusader is really viable! Hey guys! Lvld up another crus since i had a full invoker set sitting in the stash and I must say at only 20k thorns and pretty bad rolls its really good and enjoyable. With bracers thorns will crit for 20kk dmg Really good survivability and nice to play something new for a change. Try it out! She can roll t4 rifts with ease and my goal is 40k thorns Future plans: Demons set for another 6000 thorns dmg and reflect projectiles Better wrist with CHC and CHD and preferebly thorns Better head with thorns and CHC Better Ammy with thorns Rings with thornsHubbaSnubba19 15 May
15 May My version of Hardcore Thorns Crusader I would like to hear your comments on my Invoker build, it´s mostly conventional but I guess it has some unconventional parts 6p Invoker bonus is achieved by Invoker; head, shoulders, gloves, pants and boots paired with Ring of Royal Grandure (cubed) Aquila cuirass, Belt of the trove, Sanguinary vambracers, Pig sticker, Votoyias spiker, Justice lantern, the Compass rose and Travelers pledge on the other slots in the cube there´s Akarats awakening, Heart of iron and Ring of royal grandeur I couldn´t choose between Heart of iron and Sanguinary vambracers, but this way I don´t have to choose, I feel I get a higher damage output this way instead of using Convention of elements in my cube When I go greater rifting I swap my bracers for the invoker bracers and I also switch out Ring of Royal grandeur in the cube for Unity, this way I get the damage reduction from Unity and I still keep the 6p Invoker bonus My follower uses Unity and the Oculus ring and here´s my quiestions: Should I go with something else than Pig sticker? How about Doombringer for 20% extra physical damage, Sever for exploding corpses or Hack? Should I be using Laws of Justice Decaying strength instead of Laws of Valor Invincible? Is it Worth getting Consecration Bed of nails instead of some other skill? Should I drop the Diamond in my helmet ans use CDR gem instead? Right now Im at: ~11000 Strength ~100000 Thorns ~8500 Vitality ~1000 All res ~40% cooldown reduction ~360000 Damage ~41000000 Toughness ~2000000 Recovery ~1000000 HPCarlJ3 15 May
15 May Invoker build I'm new to Crusader, and would like to know a few things about the Invoker build: I think crit has no effect, is that right? Same for +elemental damage? Presumably IAS is useful? I don't know if this is related to the Invoker build, but I've got the shield for Norvald's Fervor. Is this set useful? ThanksScourge7 15 May
10 May Throns build little help Hello guys how are you guys, it's my 1st season here in D3 and so far I love the throns crusader but now that I reach near 50 it's a little hard to push above. I am missing AA and hack as well as some little adjustments if you guys could give a look and give some advices would be wonderful Thanks all Hero name - Chara the only season hero I have thanks againzwara1 10 May
07 May Suggestion: Hammer Jammers buff should be visible Hey guys. I'm playing as blessed hammer crusader and I don't know how about you, but I would welcome to see the Hammer Jammers buff duration/proc above the castbar with other buffs, or as a duration bar on Blessed Hammer. 07 May
27 Apr when is crusader going to get a fking damage jewel when is crusader going to get a fking damage jewel like everyone else has? and when are all the other jewels going to actually function on crusaders? everything that even looks like it might be usefull is totaly busted for crusaders. wtfDenxien1 27 Apr
27 Apr Making Crusader Viable in 4 Man Meta Besides from the Support Crusader in earlier season, the Crusader was never really viable in the 4 man mate. My idea to make him viable would be to turn him into a bosskiller. The rolands set has very high aps und can stack bane of the stricken pretty fast, but against 1 target the sweep crusader runs out of resource extremly fast. How about making a new item like a belt or a bracer, that will return resource, when only 1 or 3 targets are hit. His aoe dmg would not been buffed, but the set could finally kill riftguardians. What do you guys think about the idea ?Olimmi1 27 Apr
26 Apr Strength effect thorn dmg? doesnt say in details I heared somewhere, strength increased thorn dmg. But when i look at my *detail stats on the thorn dmg it says 29.016 so 29k. When i un-equip my boots with strength on it. or take half my gear off me ( pure strength ) not any thorn dmg on it. Thorn dmg still says 29.016 ps i tested with no sockets and strength sockets. Thorns indeed increases by strength, why doesnt it say in detail stats? and yes i know. thats low thorn dmg :)RvD17 26 Apr
12 Apr My first Crusader! Need help! Hello and thanks for taking your time to read my post! A couple of days ago I decided to make a Crusader, my very first one since the release of the class! I've never considered myself a very good D3 player in general, that's why I came here to seek out some help! This is the character, and I am wondering what should I be prioritizing in terms of gear, gems, or maybe I should change something? Currently standing at Gr70 solo and 80+++ 4man GR! All help is very appreciated:) Edit: I also have Sacred Harness for when going solo grift! It feels like WH is better in +4 damagewise, not struggeling too much with survival!Sierracossie0 12 Apr
27 Mar Tougness 95m and isn`t enough to do T60 solo??? I am playing as a Crusader and i like it but im dying a lot in GR 50-55-60 with toughness 95m, 1,7m dmg and all necessery items to do it, almost all ancient! I spoke to ppl playing Crusaders with much less than me and thay are saying can do GR 60 with 20-40m toughness in 5min. Whats wrong with this game,can someone from Blizzard explain me???Vankata5 27 Mar
27 Mar Help! Stuck at GR 84... Howdy crusaders! I haven't been able to solo higher than GR 84 so far, so I would appreciate your advices on how to improve my invoker build and/or equipment below (besides getting an ancient Pig Sticker with the right stats, which might take a while)... Thanks in advance! 27 Mar
11 Mar Why was Crusader turned in to Season 1 DH? Seriously it's so annoying and boring. Crusader has only ONE good build with LoN and whole game play reminds me of Season 1 DH where you only run around and spam Sentries. Well, Crusader is almost the same except he spam Meteors. All the other Set bonuses (besides LoN) are way worse and often doesnt even have good synergy with Legendary items. For example: Why would anyone want to use Armor of Akkhan set when with 6 items bonus it gives only + 600% increased damage and 15% dmg reduction. (you still need over 50% CDR to keep Akarat's Champion perma up for that bonus) When LoN with random Acient items gives +1300% dmg and 52% dmg reduction without the need of stacking CDR. In b4 "it's hard to find acient items" - It's not, they drop right & left. On top of that there's also bounties with guaranted legendaries that may drop as Acient, reroll Legendary option in the Cube and Kadala. I've so many Acient items in my stash that i could stack 4 toons with it. All the melee builds are just useless, because even if you stack all the dmg reduction buffs it still wont be enough in high lvl GR where tanking doesnt exist and you need to kite due to absurd dmg. I suggest greatly improving set bonus values and tweaking some passives, like Heavenly Strength shouldnt lower dps but simply enable using shield and 2h. Not like shields are very useful with 20-30k dmg block values on T13+ it makes no difference. They're just stat sticks.WimhWimlaDim2 11 Mar
04 Mar Flail of the Charge I just had an Ancient Flail of the Charge drop. According to my stats my damage went from 1.5 million to 1.7 million. But when I use it my dps tanks completely. When I use my old Soulsmasher with no buffs my average Slash attack is around 120 million per hit. With the Flail it goes down to around 900k per hit. What the hell is going on?DeckhardKayn1 04 Mar
02 Mar Progress wall hello there peeps I'm hexry and well I'm kind of new to D3 as of this post its day 3 on the game so far I have cleared season 9 till champion and I'm able to solo greater nef rift floor 50 but I feel like if het the progress wal hard what I'm playing is a thorns damage crusader and clear speeds on X and XI are fine But XII is just impossible cause I get 2 shotted Any tips on improving gear ? I know the season is almost over but I would like to hit XIII just once Kind regards Hexcryhexcry3 02 Mar
16 Feb I see lots of doubtful solo rift on crusader leaderbord Hi Blizzard. First and all I like to appreciate yours hard working support. I play today as Crusader at season 9 and finding enjoying to challenge the leaderboard at solo rift. I am now today at the leaderboard and completed a rift 87. All my gear are ancient exempt a ring. All my ancient gear got augments. I have bleed and cry to get that far but... I see lots of crusader with non full ancient gear. Even with no augmenting of any sorts. That are above and below my rank. They also share the same odd problem they are only few hours play time characters on leaderboard who has actually bad equipment. I make some research and read some players have exploit a bug that use Red Soul Shard from the Darkening of Tristram anniversary event. I am sure you blizzard are aware of this error. I don't know it is fixed or not. But I know yours policy about cheating and I am also happy you taking care of this problem as well. Will these doubtful characters rank be investigated? I am sorry for my bad English. Hope you can read it and understand. Best regards CurenteCurente2 16 Feb
15 Feb Crusader adn his stats I hope the headline isn´t confusing :) i have a question does my recovery have to be higher than damage and toughness does that need to way higher than damage and recovery? so i know how to equip my Crusader to be the badass i want him to be. so my other question is shall gear have more damage and toughness than recovery? shall i go for gear with sockets? best Wishes Pekka :) "The Crusade marches on"pekkaslayer1 15 Feb
15 Feb Heal Crusader Greetings fellow community , in this season I started really enthousiastic about the crusader class that i have never play in the past as much as I would , and I am really interesting to invest at support perspective off this class. Here is the current gear , and build missing 1 passive and the star of azhkan as amulet , its actually Zhanji 's build where u can found in here Do u think that it will be able to replace heal monk in this meta? And of course if u have any suggestions feel free to inform me about. Have fun and good luck with drops !freescare3 15 Feb
09 Feb HUGE BUG report, FIST of heavens & solution So i am trying new build with fist of heavens, and the fire rune Heaven's Tempest should leave a fiery cloud on the floor that deals damage and it DOESNT spwan at all. I really love fist of heavens build and it also misses dps since it cant rly go much higher then t10-t11, but missing those clouds is also huge problem i need like 10-12 casts to kill blue elite on t10. DO something about it please, and add some viabilty to this build since it rly misses 1 little buff or item to be great atleast in t13.Ragnar0 09 Feb