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8h Please destroy corpse lance. After having bought the necromancer, looking forward to perhaps a poison build or a pet build I end up drastically disappointed to see every single top tier build uses corpse lance as their main form of damage. A skill that is unbelievably boring to use. I don't like it, I don't like how I'm being pushed towards using it if I wanna try to compete with everyone else. As a side note, necromancer overall has been very disappointing. So far regretting my purchase and would 100% refund if possible.Bibby2 8h
1d Pestilence Lancer reroll question Hi, im new in necrobuilds and starts with Pestilence lancebuild. I found a nice primal tranghouls weap. Need help. which stat shall i reroll? What is most importent, essence or cdr?Brandon1 1d
2d Necromancer "Frailty" is control impairing effect? Can anyone answer: Necromancer skill "Frailty" is control impairing effect?bankeris6 2d
3d Big disapointment. So iam long time Blizz and D1/D2/D3 FAN and i have to say most of times ia was really happy with all the stuff. But this Necromancer is just big disapointement to me. why ? here is my feedback: Lack diversity of builds ( rly strong ones) - most guys play with army of skeletons... just go play public game necromancers everywhere 99 form 100 got skeletons. Golems, Corpse explosion and some other nice stuff.... most people dont use them for Grifts ... I tried both they are nice maybe max to speed t13... i would be ashamend if i were u ... 15 dollars that like a 50% for regular game ... this Necro is so cheap made ... unbelievable. NOT unique gameplay at all ... Compared to other classes i feels like All 4sets just bufffing dmg and dont adding anything interesting. Trag, rathma, innarius.... In comparisson look at monk... 1.inna -passive dmg, pets auras ..Unique set. 2. uliana- very unique set -very unique gameplay 3. Thousand storm set - unique gameplay 4. Sun Wukong ... very unique ... NOW LOOK AT NECRO ! WOW .... so cheap, so stupid ... so un-unique Innarius = push bone armor to have 3k% dmg! WOW amazing ! Trang= blood spellls got 3k% dmg ! WOW what a unique gameplay! what an amazing funny mechanic! Rathma=summon 4 mages to have 3k% dmg ...WOW blizzard this is huge disapoitment , this is so cheap made and poor performence for u for such a iconic HERO as NEcromancer is. SET should allow u do UNIQUE things ! all sets give u just DMG buffs! And u can do simmilar things with each set! u rly sell this for 15dollars /eur to people ? I played 2days and i could not believe .... necro is no fun after 2days these sets are basiclly same with such a little differences and so boring after few hours.Narsilian6 3d
4d Death Nova fails to hit There seems to be some issue with the hit calculation of Death Nova (Blood Nova). Every now and then it fails to hit monsters that are clearly in range (25 yds). There have been no apparent "line of sight" elements or walls that could have prevented the hit, nor have the monsters been of the kind that can block or avoid the damage (we're talking normal zombies). My only guess if it is "LoS" is that my pet / Golem somehow gets in the way and blocks the hit? Otherwise, it seems like bug to me.saz0 4d
4d looking for build(low geared) necro looking for good build to farm GR 45-65. my dmg is 1.1 mil , wep is not so good and paragon 410+- help;P)Vanhelsing2 4d
4d The future is (hopefully) bright Seen a lot of negativity with the Necromancer recently. Thought I'd offer my .02. Yes, the Necromancer as it currently stands is a fairly bland class for end game. Most high GR builds rely on one or two high CD super buff abilities, which then open up short, high damage windows. This Prep > Survive > FIRE EVERYTHING > Cooldown style of play is difficult to gear for sub 1000 paragon players (CDR on everything possible), and often reliant on GR density and other such RNG. In other words, it's Archon. For Necromancers. And that's sort of lame. Nothing comes close to Rathma Land/Simulacrum and Pestilence/Trag'oul Corpse Lance builds for GR pushing, and they're all "Archon" playstyles. Hopefully, a year or so down along the road, with a few more patches under its belt, Necros can become more diverse for GR pushing. And hell, there are some people who enjoy the Archon playstyle. I'm sure Land/Simulacrum builds will always be top tier in some regard. Hopefully with the emergence of alternative pushing builds like Poison Scythe, Necros can continue to evolve. I've been playing since vanilla, and was very excited to grab the Necro. Let's hope things continue to get better.ExarKun1 4d
11 Nov Command Skeletons Enforcer qol change Wouldn't it be awesome that instead of lowered resource cost for itself only, you would actually get resource back overtime or per hit, that way that skill(rune) would be more desirable/useful overall. Considering it's one of those special skills that really doesn't benefit much from resource cost reduction, especially with the scythe and shield set that makes command skeletons active automatic. You would be able to make more use of resource cost skills that actually need to be actively used.IchigoMait0 11 Nov
10 Nov As a HC player it is so disappointing belt still broken Among the top ranking feed back was the belts dependency on having an enemy cursed to benefit from the damage reduction. Why? It still baffelse me why it was designed this way when literately no other class has to put up with similar BS. Just use an ability, get damage reduction for x seconds. Fair and square. But no Necors need to be dependent on the demons you are supposed to slay to be alive and poof demon died bye bye necro. Coz without the toughness from the belt u are dead within a second. Its ridiculous. And frankly quite annoying. How was this not fixed? How has this not been made to work similarly to other classes options? pls inform me about the design philosophy behind it. I love the class, but seeing how i prolly have not died more often and frequently with any other class in game, while just doing some regular farming at that aswell, not pushing GRs. Just doing easy steem roll content that still just oneshots me the moment my curse goes down. I am just sick and tierd of it. Something fun and good like this getting ruined by such a dumb choice of design that frankly diverts from everything else for no reason. Please please please give me a proper explanation behind this choice of design. Why are Nercos by default suppsoed to be so defenseless compared to other classes?Marmites0 10 Nov
08 Nov Returning player - need a build Hi guys, I just purchased Necromancer, as I want to play D3 again. I've been out of D3 for a while now, and I plan to start new character on HC. I would welcome any suggestions as how to start, what gear to aim for, what skills to choose in order to quickly level up. Thanks.Shrink2 08 Nov
06 Nov Why Pay for Necromancer ? I have been playing blizzard games since 2004, I did play Diablo I and II back in the days, where the game was complete and I did purchase a game that was functional with complete content. Diablo III is an incomplete game @Blizzard. You are supposed to keep patching it, you are supposed to give us more content and the necromancer is part of that content. I have paid for an incomplete game and I am not satisfied, I do not want to pay for a dlc every time you want to introduce a new character. Keep the wings and the pets. We all paid for an incomplete game, how many years have passed and yet the auction house is still down ?? why ?Pestilencer162 06 Nov
05 Nov Necromancer Summons: Rework Summary I understand this topic has been discussed plenty, and now I would offer a short summary of what I believe the player base desires, how to get there, and why it does not necessarily mean sacrificing the underlying design principles. In other words, all the angles relevant to justifying the changes we all look forward to. What we want: the Necromancer archetype gameplay that is about becoming the minion lord. Watch them rip it, and control the flow of battle on a macro level via curses and such. What we got: a summoner gameplay that is about tediously maintaining extremely temporary minions and stacks, effectively preventing all other activities due to plain time and focus constraints. The design principles: this is where it gets interesting. It was assumed that by keeping our gameplay "active" the necromancer would prove a more engaging experience. While this is not a downright incorrect assumption, the means are currently off. To us, "active" does not constitute the repetitive resummoning of minions we are condemned to. Active means to use an array of skills - not maintaining the stacks of one. For iteration: the current implimentation prevents real active gameplay since we cannot afford the attention to react or interact with the battle scene in any way; all our focus is hijacked by resummoning minions and refilling Essence. Design philosophy: a staple in Blizzard think has been living a "class fantasy". I subscribe to this notion completely, but in the Necromancer's case this fantasy has been misunderstood. Refer to "What we Want" to realize what class fantasy we are actually craving. How to fix this: The hard way. A painful redesign of two skills - Skeleton Mages and Revive - and all collateral elements (we'll get to these). 1. Mages shall be permanent. This can be done by using "Command Skeleton" as a reference (autosummon, active component), or by limiting the amount summoned via "reserved Essence" - all summoned Mages reduce your maximum Essence by a given amount. 2. Revive lifespan dramatically increased. I'm talking about 10x - 20x. Give us the space to do else beyond resummoning. Enable us to toss those curses and corpse explosions. The Collaterals: 1. Passives. "Extended Servitude" may be reworked into increasing Mage & Revive amounts. 2. Legendaries. "Circle of Nailuj’s Evol" changed to increase Mage damage or amount. As a note, the legendary power of this item is a silent acknowledgment to the nature of the Mage skill: they know it's tedious. Good design shouldn't resort to special items to provide basic quality of life. 3. Sets. "Bones of Rathma". The ultimate summoner set. Let's make it so: change the (6) Piece Bonus to a simple "All minions deal X% more damage". This automatically frees up our gameplay for variety outside resummoning. With the Mage permanence-change this set would allow us to experience the real class fantasy we all so desperately desire. Massive and Passive. Lord over those Hordes! ------- As an extra mention, Blizzard, you really hit some balls out of the park. Command Skeletons is amazing. The Golem skill is great. Curses are beautiful. Corpse Explosion rocks. Please consider this post to make the Necro even more rewarding. If you want to go the extra mile, there is more that can be done to emphasize our class fantasy. Imagine passives that increase minion amounts. Legendaries that give double (or triple!) Golems. Help us get the most out of the greatest side to the iconic Necromancer.Elrathi6 05 Nov
05 Nov Skeletons look abysmal D3 destroyed the diablo universe for me after its amazing predecessors in D1 and D2. With plenty of WoW tokens to feed my blizzard balance I thought why not give my beloved necro a chance in D3. But damn how wrong I was: it's 2017 and my skeletons look like trash created by an intern who obviously likes a comic style - or you might think there is some graphical glitch which interferes with the real model: Picture of D2 skeletons from the diablo wiki: 05 Nov
01 Nov Oculus ring on follower not working with Rathma ?? i'm using using jesseth + rathma pets build I am getting zero oculus ring procs from my follower. Anyone else having this issue? is it intended or needs a fix ? this will help for sure in pushing GRs Regards,alwared18 01 Nov
30 Oct No avatars for the Necromancer? There are avatars for all character classes except for the Necromancer. This should be fixed quickly. Also: Why not move the Necromancer chest slot portraits to where the other chest slot portraits are instead of putting them at the very end of the chest slot portraits and signs? It would make much more sense.Supergirl0 30 Oct
28 Oct Need some tips for a a hardcore necro (2 players group) Hey there my fellow practitioners of the dark arts. I've recently stated playing diablo 3 with my friend (he played it for quite some time). He is a crusader and I'm a necromancer. We've just reached the second act (lvl 44-45 atm). So far everything went pretty smooth but I'm starting to feel a bit squishy. I haven't got any good gear (except for Aquila Cuirass, but considering that I use my essence quite often , damage reduction is not active most of the time). as you can see. I was wondering what could I change to increase my damage output and what's even more important my survivability. What should I aim for? As in gems, armor,weapons, skills, gameplay. Although we do have a tank in our small 2 players party ( and this tank does some pretty impressive damage) I would still prefer to be hard to kill coz, well,, hardcore ;) Thank you.Vesdaris1 28 Oct
25 Oct Rathma 2.6.1 build Hi , So with the new rathma changes has anyone come up with adjustments to the build ? I’m thinking of running sycle of cycle , blood sucker and iron rose. Not sure what to swap command skeletons for ?Aljin0 25 Oct
24 Oct Can Strongarm Bracers proc on frozen enemies? I want to know if when i cast land of the dead wearing halcyon amulet will it apply the strongarm extra damage buff only on those mobs it can actually make jump (as in those that were not blinded/stunned/frozen before i popped land of the dead)? Any help would be greatly appreciated ;) - thanks.gZuppl1 24 Oct
19 Oct scythes - cycle vs. reilena vs Fang i have the 3 of them both cubed. which would be best to apply to Jesseth's in case of Rathma /Jesseth mages / pet build? thx!JackTheDark4 19 Oct
10 Oct Simulacrum not working? Help! I have a blood lance Necro but have problem. Simulacrum supposedly gives a 10 sec use of corpse lance. My friend showed me and I have the exact same gear/ skills as he. It works with is toon.However when I try to use simulacrum, nothing happens and my toon says: "I need a corpse" I end up dying as I have no corpse available to proc corpse lance. I ran a scan on my game files to no avail. Anybody have advice? Pleas help ThanksSilvershadow2 10 Oct
09 Oct My Necro-bone armor/thorns build hi! so, i was thinking about how to build a Necromancer- Bone armor/thorns build, and i saw that a lot of people would love to play a build like this! so, i've tried to combine the Necro's bone armor build with the Crusader's thorn build. i still "have to do my homework" but i think the build i will show you its a good FUN build. i say it again: its a FUN build and i have to thing more things and combinations to make it a good one, but stil i think its good enough! :) so this is it: i would realy like to hear your oppinion! :) PS: sorry i forgot to tell you that it's for Paragon 600. and i dont have explanation, so you can ask me, if you have any question!ILUMINUS4 09 Oct
02 Oct How to get more damage? Hey guys! I am new on Diablo 3. Started on a bit before season 3. I play necro rathma. my damage now is around 2.3M. The problem is i see people with items not so good as mine and yet they have 3M+ damage. What am i missin? Any suggestion? This is my necro 02 Oct
02 Oct Question as if i should build a set or stay this way? Hey guys, so this is my account And ive been wondering, should i get a full set of a green set because if i will ive noticed the damage will be lower, is it worth it? im using devour and skeleton magesFruitSaladz2 02 Oct
30 Sep Question about Leger's Disdain Does it work only whit empty/half empty essence or also whit full essence???Dracula2 30 Sep
23 Sep siphon and jesseth so they ill atack again and again a new target or only one time? and the wep wit siphon take blood from 2 more targets... so ill generate more essence? i tested but cant see so good the diference yetxromaniaa1 23 Sep
20 Sep So, what to farm now? At the moment, I'm quite ok doing GR70+, but it's not an easy ride. What do you guys suggest build/gear wise? Should I just keep leveling to be able to do higher grifts, or is there generally room for improvement? 20 Sep
20 Sep Support with Command Skeletons There are roughly 2 types of necro supports: Death Nova: Bone Spear: Death Nova build is pretty straightforward, but why do people keep taking Command Skeletons with decreased essence cost for Bone Spear one? When Land of the Dead is on cd you probably still should spam Bone Spear for Zodiac ring procs, when LotD is on you should still spam Bone Spear for same reason. So where is the room for Command Skeletons cast and what is it for?PainTrain1 20 Sep
20 Sep Mantle of Channeling Skill: Siphon Blood - Siphon Blood heals you for 2% of your total health every second while channeled. Is siphon blood intended to receive the legendary property buff, or not by design? I'm not sure if this question has been aired but hey-ho.Jay1 20 Sep
19 Sep Speed Demon Hey Guys. I got abit of a problem with speed demon conquest. Therefore im looking for some1, who would help me out with this Conquest. Looking forward to hearing from you :D Thank you. Battletag: paen#2449Paen4 19 Sep
12 Sep I cant play Rathma :( This sucks!!! So I have some ok items right now (Char = Lylith) ... the standard Rathma skills/build etc... 41% CDR ... Devour on numlock etc For the life of me... I cant just find the right rhythm to play this build!!! I start clicking way too many different things... then all of a sudden lose Mages, lose Essence and cant do anything! I end up running around kiting looking for health globes for Reapers Wraps hahaha T_T Its probably my time playing Lazy Inarius, giving me bad habits XD Any tips? Key binding locations maybe? Plz I wanna git gud :(Grishnackh26 12 Sep
12 Sep Jesseth set vs Reilena hook hi guys my mage necro was running with jesseth /reilena hook in cube/ but i just got this 2h reilena hook with asurdly high dmg...when i equip it my sheet dps goes u from 750k to 1,2 i dropped jesseth and stic with reilena /scythe of the cycle in cube/ and basically the difference now is bone armour instead of command skellies. but command skellies is 400% bonus dmg and cyclone 300% but i guess this sheet difference in dps in more then worth this 100%, right...? my health went down a little though, from 850k to 760k... cheers!JackTheDark16 12 Sep
11 Sep CHC vs. CHD Hi guys, is there a general consensus on the above, CHC vs. CHD - shall there be any proportion, any rule of a thumb? Atm, my rathma / jesseth mage necro has 40.5% CHC and 440% that ok? I am running T10 now and looks ok but my EQ is lacking a little with key pieces missing like TNT and Krysbian sentence :(JackTheDark6 11 Sep
11 Sep Inarius Set bonus + Bone Armor model? When you get the 6 set bonus from Inarius Set, the Bone Armor model is no longer displayed. Is there a way of making it visible again? I just love that model and I found it rather disappointing that the set specifically made for bone armor does make it disappear. Thanks in advance!JamezBondo1 11 Sep
09 Sep RATHMA FACEROLL SUMMONER 95+ BUILD ... Here is smooth and easy to play real summoner build. Make sure you read the build description. Gamestyle is incredibly fun and the dmg is amazing! Short description: Singularity mage on autocast get fueled by spike bones (Reilenas Shadowhook), devour an autocast and globes (spawned by life from death and mobs, essence from reapers wrath). Command skeletons with enforcer rune give dmg buff and control. Land of the Dead (massive globespam) is pure armageddon. ... ... If you like the build, please upvote and give +1 here and on diablofans, so more people see this and can enjoy the true necro pet build :)Melancholy36 09 Sep
08 Sep Area damage Hi! I'm curious about area damage. The definition in game says that there is a 20% chance to apply all your damage to enemies within 10 yards. 10 yards. But where is it from? I mean around your character or around the targeted enemy? With my rathma necro I have 89% area damage and I can go for +20% as well. I'm not sure that area damage works with rathma because we are trying to stay far away from enemies. Maybe attack speed is better (on my coe now I have 8% cdr and I can change it for attack speed or are damage or int). In addition I can roll attack speed insted of area damage on my bracers as well. Please help me to decide. Here is my character: Ty, LPLadyPaka5 08 Sep
05 Sep What to choose? So ive been looking over some builds on diablofans and im new to necro, now im trying to figure out which builds to use for solo and group. i got the idea that blood lancer is one of the popular builds atm when i check the leadersboards but i keep seeing ppl asking for znecro or rathma for groups. now i got some builds that i think are ok but i just wanna know like the top 5 builds to focus on since there are 5 slots in the armory. so at this moment i got these builds that i wanna check out. For solo/group GR: For speed t13 or bounty: For group GR: now is my question, are these the best choices and can you recommend any other build that is better than these? also looking for a 5th build for last slot.Kiriha0 05 Sep
04 Sep Help with GR Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any advice for how to clear GR 70 solo. I am currently able to do 67-69 with some difficulty but 70 is just too tough. Here is my pg Any thoughts on what I should be working on or what I should be changing? ThanksMorker4 04 Sep
02 Sep dmg drop vs dmg gain from endless walk ? Hi again, I just got my Compass Rose from Kadala but it rolled /but it did roll finally/ with bad stats /dmg, int, vit, armour/ and I rerolled IAS to socket and got inside esoteric alteration for dmg mitigation. Anyway, i had another ring befor in this slot with chd and chc. When I changed to Rose i got a drop in sheet dps from 705k to 625k. But now I can see very often this dmg bonus from endless walk set active as most of the time i stand commanding skellies, casting spikes for stun or curse etc. So, is this drop in sheet dps worth equipping the rose and getting the 2 set bonuses? cheers guys!JackTheDark3 02 Sep
31 Aug Repair pestilance and other builds LoN should work for normal legendary not ancient. For Crusader - upgrade builds which using Shield bash, Fist of heavens, Phalanx For Monk - upgrade builds which using Inna set For Necromance - rework Pestilance set, corpse expl and lance is stupid, its supported by trog and inarius, make supported for example primary skills or poison nova. For WD - upgrade builds using Zunnimasa bulds, There is no big diferens betwen zuni and hell for top bulds - always pets also items with special power which is not chose by rhykkers and others who make bulds and others copy that. are now less usable than before - planty of items, sklls - runas, and set (for example blackthorne) is now mega shi tyZasz0 31 Aug
30 Aug Necromancer - synergies questions? Hi againa, I really got carried away with this necro thing...and funny thing I am not much of a gamer Anyway, could you help me with some isues? - scuthe of the cycle - as long as i have bone armour on my mages deal 300% more dmg? so it is only a thing of casting BA every minute or so? - frostburn - does it apply to my cold mages? this 20% increased cold dmg and 50% chance to freeze? I want to cube it as now I have 2 pairs and apply it to my armour as atm I am rolling cold mages waiting for the Rathma do drop :( - Jesseth set - when my skellies are commanded my minios do 400% dmg. But - is it only when i command them? Because in the skill description it says if they kill target they are automatically commanded - so when they are auto commanded do I still get the 400% bonus? how long does the bonus last? Btw, is there any magic trick to get missing pieces of Rathma and Inarius quicker ;) cheers!JackTheDark6 30 Aug
29 Aug sheet dps drop with rathma set Hi guys, beginning /noob/ necro player here again with yet another question: I am slowly working towards full pet becro build, collecting rathma set atm /got 4 pieces :)/ I also managed to craft jesseth set :) But what I noticed is i will have a drop in dps when equipping both sets. at te same time these two sets offer huge bonuses to skeleton mages and command skeletons - in hundreds of percent. So - will this percentulal dmg increase to skeleton mages damage from the two sets compensate for the damage loss in sheet dps? I guess equipping the sets willdrop my dps from 700k to 500k. How shall I handle this whole dps issue with regard to this huge +hundreds % dmg boost to skeleton mages damages? Cheers!!!JackTheDark2 29 Aug
29 Aug back with few noob questions Hi guys, - is pain enhancer any good for a pet necro? /skellies/skelly mages/ - dayntee binding - can I get it form Kadala? cheers!!!JackTheDark2 29 Aug
28 Aug Dmg Range vs Int (Primal Ancient, High Paragon) At high paragon levels w/ Rathma, what is better on a ring, int or damage range? Looking at a primal ancient Krysbin's with 650 Int / 105-210 Damage / 7%AS / Socket. (Yes, no crit, boo). Deciding what to roll off for Crit.Immoros3 28 Aug
27 Aug Pestilance build play GR 70+ 27 Aug
27 Aug wish i didnt buy the necro cause it sucks necro sucks for solo leveling , cant survive on anything above hard without pets. u just dont get xp when a minion kills the mob even when u curse the crap out of every mob u see. started the season at 5pm with high hopes to play necro. 7hours later and only 50 , man i wish i didnt buy this crap and just leveled a nice demonhunter or crusader like always. 2 hours level 70 on a demonhunter or crusader . !@#$ the necroRozallaWow13 27 Aug
24 Aug extracting / applying legendary powers - Trag Oul Fang Hi Guys, if I extract the power "deal 150% - 200% more dmg to cursed enemies" and apply it to my necro current 1h yellow scythe does it mean I automatically do 150% - 200% more dmg? - I run skellies / skelly mages build with CE as support; bone spikes for essence buildup. And I always curse before any fight ;) i.e. my skellies, my skelly mages and CE dmg is increased by these 150% - 200% always provided I curse the enemies first? or do I have to use this cursed / grim scythe combo to get this result? Cheers guys!JackTheDark5 24 Aug
23 Aug necromancer and his damage Hi guys, I am running a necro using skeletal mages and corpse explosion mainly. How should I optimize my damage in this case? I rerolled some stats on yellow gear to get +%skeleton mages dmg and +%corpse explosion dmg. My CHC is 40% and CHD 270%. Skeletal mages and corpse explosion in the description reads "350...400% weapon dmg" So only weapon dmg is important? What about other bonuses? Do my mages and corpse explosion inherit other bonuses from other items, like CHC, CHD, flat +dmg from rings and amulets etc? Shall I even look at the dmg displayed at my toon profile under 'damage"? Basically, how should I maximize the damage for my necro - who uses mages, skeletons and corpse explosion? cheers!!!JackTheDark2 23 Aug
23 Aug Rathma build - 90GR - tips for higher? Looking for some help with this build. I finished a 90GR in 13:10, but I dont think I can do much better. Maybe if I do some fishing. I don't have a ton of cooldown on my gear (currently 20.5%), and I know I could do better with it, but I would give up some damage, unless I got some really perfect rolls on jewelry. And my jewelry is not ancient. Anything I can do to push a little higher with existing gear? I've tried switching out Decrepify with simulacrum, but since I'm rather squishy, I do worse (I have to kill trash.) I'm working towards a cooldown build, but it seems a long way off.FurianXO3 23 Aug
23 Aug Trag'Oul RG killler Hi, Can anyone explain to me in few words how to proc the stricken gem on the RG killing? I'm stuck on this operation, my mates aspect from me to kill it fast, but even I respect the rotation of CoE, I do not kill it in one round. The runs are in the lvl. 100.radu67028 23 Aug