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1d Best solo build? Hey fellow Necromancer boys and girls! So, I've been playing rifts and grifts as a Rathma Necro for rat runs, while the playstyle works in there it barely works solo. So, to my question; Which set/build is the most superior if I want to play solo as a Necro and carry my own weight instead of relying on others? I've heard a lot of people say Pestilence but I didn't like that playstyle so yeah... Any suggestions? Thank you for your time and best regards! -CarnageCarnage0 1d
1d Corpse lance build - need help! Hey guys, I was following icy veins guide for pestilence corpse lance build. It says, you can reach GR 100+ on it. However, I need some help with the build. I got most the gear, and I have a hard time getting past GR 50. The problem seems to be the cooldown on land of the dead. I tried watching videos to get better. My current strategy is to run around cursing everything and then pop LoTD when I see an elite pack and demolish them and then run around and try and demolish everything else before the spell ends. That works fine. However, then I have to wait for the next cooldown which is a 120 seconds minus cooldown reduction. That's a lot of time, running around cursing everything. On harder GRs I just die running around, especially in the small dungeons. I can't find a video that does the indoors dungeons and what to do when you don't have space. It seems like I die really fast. I have a hard time believing the guy on the leaderboard at the top is using the same build, and pretty much the same gear, and is pushing gr 110+. Anyone got any tips? I'm still googling and am totally new to the build!aindriu0 1d
13 Jun Issue with Necromancer Can we edit a bit necromancer game play? I'm really missing the Diablo 2 necromancer vibe. Kinda tired of looking how people make elite hunts builds. A lot people I spoke with start regretting buying the necromancer DLC since most of the builds is just about deal X amount of dmg in X amount time and then just run around and survive until your dmg window is open again.Annaironword1 13 Jun
05 Jun Rathma dps calc I was wondering how people calculate their dps when looking for a rat group. Is it the pure sheet dmg, or do you calculate it with the Physical/Mage Damage/... increase?Thantaros4 05 Jun
04 Jun Help me improve Haven't played since paragon was implemented. Getting used to every new aspect of the game looks kinda overwhelming. IcyVeins took me to GR70 in a few days, what should I do next to improve my record? Feels like I'm so squishy that my own skeletons could get upset at me and oneshot me if I don't follow their lead.Heimdall3 04 Jun
28 May Help needed Hi Guys, I would like to kindly ask you for some help. The problem is that if i want to kill the boss on 116GR - i have to do it at least 3 times. We were playing 4 players - wiz,monk,barb and me as necro. I was checking my CoE,scythe to get on maximum,the distance. Can you please let me know what i am doing wrong and if the damage and paragon lvl is the cause of my "issue". Here is my seasonal build: thank you.Mcquid3 28 May
28 May Immortal Minions? But WHY? T-T Hello guys, after long break from DIII I decided to buy the Necromancer DLC for my PS4. I was always in love with Diablo II minion master necromancer and I felt that it was perfectly designed in DII. Unfortunately, I discovered that my skeleton minions and golem are immortal in Diablo III :( Is it a bug or a feature? I'm asking cause it doesn't make any sense - you can create a wall of minions, enemies will target them and then you don't need to take any actions - just wait few minutes and move forward without taking any damage. I also tested MM on PC (difficulty: Torment II) and it's the same. Another question - if you decided that minions are immortal why the hell did you designed HUD with HP bars for them?! It is absolutely misleading. I'm not a hardcore Diablo III player so maybe I'm understanding it in wrong way :/Tenchion1 28 May
23 May What is the best way to Corpse Lance? i m playing diablo for sometime now including the necro, i started playing Rathma and i still like that build but i wondered about Pestilence build and so i made one. My question is and i tried sometimes diferente sequencies but couldn t reach a 100% answer. what is the best way to corpse lance? Of course using the CoE when using cold damage and have Essence on max when clicking LofD and Simulacrum thats ok for me but what is the correct button sequence? should i just click and hold the corpse lance button? should i click it over and over again? should i use Devour at the same time. i now this might sound weird but i tried several methods and i soemtime i think its better to hold the button other times it looks like clicking on it is better... what are your thoughts there. tks a lotValhalla1 23 May
19 May Necro sale? Is the necro going on sale anytime soon?DiscoPony0 19 May
03 May Reduce all resource cost Life is a resource, correct? So for a Trag lance build, you can use this to spend less life? If anyone knows this, Id be grateful for an answer!Kartikeya2 03 May
29 Apr Necromancer sucks so bad I dont like that class, it sucks in every way. Total ridiclous, that i really paid 15€ for that trash.Schatzgoblin8 29 Apr
24 Apr Gain levels - loose power I begun to play necromancer, yesterday I was playing lvl 15, it was needed 40 seconds to kill Hazr at Torment 1 level, Then I had 19 attack points. Now I have 151 000 attack points and decided to continue campaign at same difficulty level, just to discover that now I need 2 minutes to kill very same monster at very same level! So practically My hero becomes weaker and weaker due to his experience! I was always thinking, if I get some skill 8000 more than it was it is still better, no sir! It is 3 times less than it was. Does it mean, if I will reach more levels, I will become as weak than it would be impossible to kill mobs at basic level as well? Torment 1 is is practically inaccessible for me anymore, just because I am stronger and got new and better equipment.Малкут7 24 Apr
22 Apr HELP! Corpse Lance Elite killer 4 man Hey I am looking for a little help in regard to the Necromancer Pestilence Corpse Lance build for elite killing in 4 man. I play the support monk in my regular group and we seem to be making fine progression but our necro seems to be having some troubles. He is a great player so perhaps it is just adjusting to the build but IDK. When we are on the rift guardian his damage seems lackluster and it seems as though it takes 2-3 cycles to drop the guardian. He is also having a hell of a time staying alive. Currently we can run GRift 100-104s with these builds. His build is basically the same as any other leaderboard necro, same gear stat preferences etc. No augments, gear is still being worked on (no ancients as far as weapons yet). As the support monk I have no problem keeping the barb, myself, and wizard up but since he basically gets 1 shot the healing isn't going to help him much. Should he be stacking Vit or Int for his paragon points? We are all Para 950+ so we have some extra points to play with. Is this a gear issue with few ancient pieces (especially weapon)? HELLLLLP! :DNeLomb13605 22 Apr
14 Apr Advice w/ Pestilence I like to play mostly for fun, but still manage T13 and equivalent GRs. Necro bonemancer was my favourite build in D2 and I hope to bring this back for me in D3. Anyhow, I've got 2 slight variations of the Pestilence build and I'd just like some advice on what would be more consistent and fun. Option 1 (Pestilence/EW): Option 2 (Pestilence/CL): Cheers!Taco0 14 Apr
08 Apr Need the best build that goes with my gear hello Im looking for the best build that goes with the gear i have now for my necromancer.Now i know ya all going to say rathma build but theres so many of them i dont know whats the best one for the gear i have now.plz link the build too thx u for ur this is for NON SEASON! 08 Apr
08 Apr Finally, season 12 Primal Ancients drop! I got 2 in the same GR45 and a pretty decent Lord Greenstone... But Blackthornes were kind of not what I expected for my necro...ZeeLoyd2 08 Apr
08 Apr Season 13 - argh Are there other people that think Necromancers are to weak?terror0 08 Apr
06 Apr A little disappointed in minions Whenever a game offers minion builds I usually play them. Necromancers, summoners etc..and most of my time played in this game was on WD till now. So I was naturally attracted to the Rathma set. I gotta say though I'm pretty disappointed in the amount of time minions last. Even revives only last 20 seconds? Cmon. There should be a rune in there to only revive one at a time (so you can take your pick) and it is permanent till it dies. But mages only lasting 6 seconds? 10 with ring? 12 with feat? That's way too short. I think they should be lasting like 30 normally, another 15s with ring and then 25% on top of that so almost 60 seconds. Gives us time to do OTHER things rather than just spamming devour and running around picking up globes. Almost every boss/grift boss fight I don't have more than 2-4 mages going. Don't get me wrong they die in like 2 seconds but still. I'd be happier with a decrease in damage and a 30 second base duration or something.Thatguy5 06 Apr
06 Apr no regeneration ability most classes whose Resource does not regenerate have a passive ability that changes that. the necromancer does not. that should be changed.andreasasp4 06 Apr
06 Apr suggestions for necromancer Hello everybody, i want to make some suggestions for necromancer * death nova - unstable compound rune change it to consume all essence for x% of increased dmg for each point of essence consumed instead of radius because only way to use death nova is inarius set and it is a close range set. with this we can have different builds which uses nayr's black death, and it will change how we play the cursed scythe build. *bone spirit- i think if the pestilence set buffs bone spirit instead of corpse explosion, we can have bone spear + bone spirit builds like in d2, right now bone spirit is pretty useless because we can only buff its dmg with inarius set and defiler curses only buffs its dmg for the each second its active and its active for miliseconds... if we have have the skill buffed with pestilence set we can have a range build which uses bone spear and bone spirit like the old times. it will be fun to play when 2 simulacrums casts bone spirits and raining down corpse lances :)) * golem-it is just a utilty skill right now we need a base skill dmg increase or some buffs to golemskin breeches to make it viable. * leech - we need some changes to its runes to make this curse usable. For example some rune modifications to buff thorns dmg instead of potion cooldown to make some different builds. my suggestions is not to make necromancer o.p. just to make more viable builds to play with. what do you think? p.s. sorry for my bad english its not my native language :)Lunatik2 06 Apr
04 Apr Wisdom of Kalan rant. Apparently the only necks that exist in my mother bleeding game are Johnstone and Halcyon. That's it. RAGE! /End rantToffifee1 04 Apr
31 Mar Proc Coefficients Greetings. Any1 have a list of all necromancer skills Coefficients ?? CheersSolarNova1 31 Mar
28 Mar Opening doors as a curse necro ! How do u do it ? Is there a way ? Cause in GR i can't seem to be able to open doors or destroy items ~!Karkon7 28 Mar
26 Mar Noob Necro Question- Scythes Haven't played in years and decided to try again with the necro pack. Now my question is what's with Scythes. I'm holding a level 17 Rare 2H scythe, which apparently does -44% less damage than a blue 2H level 13 magic wand. And it's not just that one. It seems to be the case for other scythes at my level. Am I missing something here? Even damage testing shows this to be the case and not just a display error. 2H Scythes seem to have much lower damage output than other weapons. Are they bugged? Is there some benefit that I've missed? Help me out here.Terrik1 26 Mar
22 Mar Necromancer pack price as i thought the community was saying between 10-20 dollars and u went right up the middle and went with 15 dollars.... even though it has no new content in the pack only a new class and is at best worth 5 dollars since the entirety of d3 and its expansion can be bought for 20 why would we pay 15 for a non content pack.... i have played diablo series since the original and i am afraid that you just lost a die hard fan that gave you birth.... clearly something that means nothing to you... well you can milk the babies but us die hard fans that gave you life aint paying you a thing.... i hope you have a plan too turn the new adhd generation into die hard gamers some how.... but knowing them they will only play it for 15 mins then it is old already because taylor swift dumped it after it wouldnt buy her everything on the planet... i will just have to bootleg diablo 2 if i have the need to play a necro.... anyways so i already was fed up with the catering in wow so i stopped that and then i was fed up with hearthstone after it became pay to win and stopped playing HOTS after it became catered.... star craft is still fun but there is no community other then korean bots to play with outside of the story mode so that is uninstalled as well.... all that is left is overwatch and it is already pretty badly catered too..... oh blizzard..... how far you have come.... but you have now gone too far.... i'm afraid you are old news now..... BYEKTKadabbler47 22 Mar
22 Mar Unable to do T13 So as the title says, I am currently unable to do T13. To the best I can tell I am only missing a couple of items that may help but I am not sure. Any suggestions as to changes would be helpful. I have a RoRG in the cube it just doesn't show up. I have a 5pc of Inarius as well but I think I am missing a lot of the key items for that kind of build.Xayton1 22 Mar
21 Mar Rathma Cubed weapon question. So as we all know (I assume) if we're running Rathma + Jesseth (Which I am) we normally cube Shadowhook. Shadowhook, assuming an average of 300 essence (maximum is like 320ish IIRC) means a damage increase of 150% plus the bonus to bone spikes. But if we cubed Scythe of the Cycle, we'd get a 400% damage bonus at the cost of one of our skills (land of the dead, blood rush, maybe our curse?) Would this not be a better choice? Does anyone have any theorycrafting or numbers on this?Alexstar1 21 Mar
19 Mar Rathma set dungeon, CD bug? Hey, anyone else got a problem with mastering the set dungeon for Rathma? It's no problem making all the skeleton mages, but I one-shot all enemies and for some reason it doesn't count as damage towards the cooldown reduction of Army of the Dead? It's kind of annoying tbh...Doctor2 19 Mar
14 Mar Johnstone So I got a Johnstone 986 Int 901 vit 93% critical damage +203 physical resistance Now I am fairly squishy as it is and I never seem to get my wanted amulet so this one must suffice for a while. This physical resistance, does that actually add any real survivability or should I try to enchant it? The other stats seem fairly decent though. I've got a full Rathma but it's not a perfect set. Also a full Jesseth, and Focus and restraint. My rings haven't dropped yet either. I can clear the screen fairly well but some monsters really oneshot me on gr70. Will I be noticeably more vulnerable without that physical resist on the Johnstone? No point in looking at my profile since I haven't played the game on pc since 2013. I'm on the Ps4, just got back to the game two weeks ago.rijo0 14 Mar
14 Mar Why Pay for Necromancer ? I have been playing blizzard games since 2004, I did play Diablo I and II back in the days, where the game was complete and I did purchase a game that was functional with complete content. Diablo III is an incomplete game @Blizzard. You are supposed to keep patching it, you are supposed to give us more content and the necromancer is part of that content. I have paid for an incomplete game and I am not satisfied, I do not want to pay for a dlc every time you want to introduce a new character. Keep the wings and the pets. We all paid for an incomplete game, how many years have passed and yet the auction house is still down ?? why ?Pestilencer182 14 Mar
11 Mar Achievment Necro Skeleton Crew hey guys, i m doing the achievment skeleton crew and my skeletons are killing the Elite but it wont count for the achievment so i m stuck. Can u guys help me pls?Pit2 11 Mar
08 Mar For Devs - Necromancer's Skeleton graphics sucks I don't understand why the risen skeletons the necromancer have is so badly made. It look like they run around with plastic swords. if you go to your blacksmith - 1 of the first swords you can make in blue is more detailed. If we look at the armor they wear, this is so shiny that you almost can't see what is bone and what is armor. Why not make the sword and armor look more rusty and the bones of the skeleton look more natural bone.. The skeleton mobs running around is far more detailed and cool to look at instead of the risen skeletons of the Necromancer.Marauder4 08 Mar
06 Mar Help with Corpse Explosion build. Greeings all. I love CE as a skill, ever since Necro was released iv been running CE builds, but i always have the same problem. The builds work, until they dont. Bassicaly there is no smooth transition from content thats easy to speed farm, to 'ok this is getting toughter' ..its ether speed through content, or die instantly becouse ur CE isnt killing sh*t. Im currently farming TX with a In-geom & goldwrap CE Inarius build, which is fine. but i had one hell of a tough time hitting Gr70 with a Ce build (not the Tx farm build). For one its to squishy, even with endless walk set, golemskin breeches, dantes binding, and stand alone passive. Secondly, damage, CE is useless if it doesnt kill with its explosions, u run out of corspes. Even LotD didnt help as i still couldnt kill stuff fast enough within its time frame. So does any1 know any specific builds for Corpse Explosion that can easily attain GR70+ without optimised gear. I know Rathma, Bloodmage, and corpse lance builds can, i just really wanna have a good time with CE. Cheers for any help.SolarNova1 06 Mar
05 Mar Top Diablo progress build season 12 So I was looking at diablo Progess and I was searching necromancer builds. I’m new to necro. The second from top build is a skeleton archer build. Is this viable or is it just someone messing around?Slayde1871 05 Mar
05 Mar Farming Johnstone Hi fellow Necros, Just got couple questions - how did you guys farm Krysbin's and Nailuj ring? Gambling for amulet is 100 shards, and upgrading rares for either has so many possible legendaries...did you guys just wait for it to drop, or used one of these two other ways, or something else? Cheers!Jarob222 05 Mar
24 Feb skill Skeletal Mage There is one problem with skill "Skeletal Mage", that sometimes skeleton mages just staying still. It happens if enemy is too far or location is hallway-typed. I'm 100% sure, It will be not happen if I will come to zed closely and will summon them. But when you using set "Bones of Rathma", it's becoming problematic to do this without dying...endryu4 24 Feb
07 Feb As a HC player it is so disappointing belt still broken Among the top ranking feed back was the belts dependency on having an enemy cursed to benefit from the damage reduction. Why? It still baffelse me why it was designed this way when literately no other class has to put up with similar BS. Just use an ability, get damage reduction for x seconds. Fair and square. But no Necors need to be dependent on the demons you are supposed to slay to be alive and poof demon died bye bye necro. Coz without the toughness from the belt u are dead within a second. Its ridiculous. And frankly quite annoying. How was this not fixed? How has this not been made to work similarly to other classes options? pls inform me about the design philosophy behind it. I love the class, but seeing how i prolly have not died more often and frequently with any other class in game, while just doing some regular farming at that aswell, not pushing GRs. Just doing easy steem roll content that still just oneshots me the moment my curse goes down. I am just sick and tierd of it. Something fun and good like this getting ruined by such a dumb choice of design that frankly diverts from everything else for no reason. Please please please give me a proper explanation behind this choice of design. Why are Nercos by default suppsoed to be so defenseless compared to other classes?Marmites1 07 Feb
07 Feb Necromancer "Frailty" is control impairing effect? Can anyone answer: Necromancer skill "Frailty" is control impairing effect?bankeris7 07 Feb
04 Feb Support with Command Skeletons There are roughly 2 types of necro supports: Death Nova: Bone Spear: Death Nova build is pretty straightforward, but why do people keep taking Command Skeletons with decreased essence cost for Bone Spear one? When Land of the Dead is on cd you probably still should spam Bone Spear for Zodiac ring procs, when LotD is on you should still spam Bone Spear for same reason. So where is the room for Command Skeletons cast and what is it for?PainTrain5 04 Feb
29 Jan Does the Bone Ringer exploite still work? My friend and I were talking about the necromancer and it's builds and he mentioned a Bone Ringer exploite. I have heard something about this recently but does it still work or has it been patched over? Thanks folksdaledude1 29 Jan
14 Jan Arm of King Leoric - Item suggestion (This topic is part of my "Let's save the Necromancer" project.) Dear Blizzard! This is an item suggestion to improve the weaponary of the Necromancer. I will try to explain why I think this weapon would make sense, how does it fit to the current items and compare it with some items. 1) Intro The suggested item ... So the idea is, the Skeletons will benefit from the active damage boost, the ability of the rune without being commanded. It would still not take away the use of the Command option because they are not focusing on the same target. It would not trigger the Bone Ringer ( ), only if they get a Command. It would be also a nice possible choice of a main hand with the Bone Ringer. This item also would be in nice synergy with the Bloodsong Mail ( ). Probably it can be an interesting choice for the cube too. I think this design is loyal to the old Arm of King Leoric ( ) with a new style what is matching much more with the style of the Diablo 3. 2) Compersions I could make a long compersion list here with several items but I would like to make only 3 of them, focusing on the summoning aspect to be able to reason about the power of this Scyhte I suggest. Targ'oul's Corroded Fang ( ) ... This scythe is designed to boost every single type of damage in a cost of including curse or the possibility of cursing with other item or ability - what is a fair cost for the power. It can be in cube. A 150-200% damage boost on every single skill (included the minions). Scythe of the Cycle ( ) ... This scythe is often used to boost the damage of the Skeletal Mage. And yes it includes the Bone Armor to be active - what is reasonable for the huge boost - and gives a giant boost. It can be in cube. A 400% basic damage skill boosted with 350-400% damage. Jesset Arms ( ) ( ) ... This scythe is a set item, includes another part to be active. Gives a giant boost but not a possible cube item or an item to be used with as a Scythe only - what is reasonable. Automatic target saves lot of Essence and time with commanding. But the same time it turns the skill to a simple one target skill, instead of a classic summoner "more target" skill. A 400% damage boost on every single summoner skills. (Skeleton, Mage, Revive, Golem...) At this point you can see the item I suggested is not over powered, since it is only effecting 1 skill (not all skills or a skill group/type). The damage boost is not too much, compared with the expamples above. And it would open a new playstyle, instead of keeping the Skeletons on 1 target, it let them act as a regular summoner skill. Maybe it is not even strong enough compared with the other options, this will need tests in the future. 3) Outro So maybe this can be the 4th 1 handed legendary scythe, since there are 4 legendary phylactery (without counting the Jesset items). I think it doesn't even need any special design (not only because the other scythes are also look very simple), the original item was a 'simple' wand, so I suggest the Apprentice's Scythe picture and model. I hope you like the idea and it will get a place in the game. Thanks for reading my lines! Zkzeka0 14 Jan
13 Jan Bloodsong Mail - Problem/Solution (This topic is part of my "Let's save the Necromancer" project.) Dear Blizzard! The item I will talk about here is the Bloodsong Mail: I think the item was designed on a good idea but to be as useful as it was imagined it needs some change. 1) Intro The basic idea is to give a nice boost for the Command Skeleton skill. It was even worse before because it activated all the runes for the Command Skeleton included the Kill Command what killed every single Skeleton, made the other rune effects useles. This alone hardly questioning how the creators testing their ideas, but for now this issue is fixed. Sadly this item is still not as good as it should be. 2) Problem The main problem is it requires the Land of Dead to be active. Since there are not enough skills or items to reduce the colldown on the Land of Dead or it would cost to lose several damage boosting stats from the items, it turns out the item isn't good enough this way. The cooldown reduce is a hard issue and that is a big problem if a single unique item need this much extra work around to be useful. Most of the unique item effects are powerful just by themself or only need a tiny changes in every other skills and items. It is clear that this item doesn't have any item or cube space in the nowdays power creep set builds, this alone should be enough reason to make it useful as a stand alone item. 3) Solution Fixing this item is super simple. It doesn't need a big change, just a tiny edit on the text. Currently it is like this: ... The way how it would be useful, without damaging the basic design of it: ... This change would make the item: Useful all the time (active) A more relevant choice to use it in the cube Keep the ultimate "once in a while" power (Land of Dead - all runes)... ...without forcing the player to use every source of cooldown reduction to be able to benefit from it sometimes 4) Outro I did not wanted to make a huge list of unique items with skill damage boosting ability. There are many of them for much bigger basic damage skills with much higher extra damage boosting. Based on this I think my suggestion is absolutely relevant. I hope you will see it the same way. Thanks for reading my lines! Zkzeka0 13 Jan
13 Jan Number of Skeletons - Problems/Calculations/Solutions (This topic is part of my "Let's save the Necromancer" project.) Dear Blizzard! I would like to share my disappointment, some compersion and solution about the most iconic skill of the Necromancer, the Skeletons (Command Skeletons). Like everyone else, I also thought the skeleton army will be an option (just like it was in Diablo 2). I think the number of Skeletons need to be increased. 1) Intro The basic skill design is really nice, you get skeletons summoned without the a need of extra actions (clicks, cost) and without the need of corpses (what was a pain many times in Diablo 2). They are functioning as an army to destroy several minions or keep them busy or make a "living" wall around the Necromancer. It is also possible to command them to focus on one enemy, it is very useful vs elits and bosses. So it offers a playstyle where the Necromancer can focus on giving commands to his army, instead of constant worry about corpses and resource source. I really like this full modern skill design! The only problem is the number of them (and their power, but that will be probably another topic). 2) Compersion - between Command Skeletons and other Necromancer summoner skills I was always wondering why the number of the Command Skeletons is 7. I thought it has something to do with the "meaning" of the number 7, like the 7 prime evils or the 7 sins. Other Necromancer summoning skills ... Yes I know they are limited by time but still it would make perfect sense if there was - at least - 10 Command skeletons too. Not long ago, I spoted in the advertisement video of the Necromancer ( ) the probably original idea. There are 7 Skeletons and 3 cool looking mages. So it looks like the skill was going to have 10 minions in the first place. 3) Compersion - between some other summonings and Command Skeletons The necromancer was always the king of all summoners (mostly with skeletons). Let's check some other - not time limited - summonings from the game with different item, skill and cube power combinations. Witch Doctor ... Monk ... Demon Hunter ... All this characters can benefit from the number of the summoned minions with damage bonus and/or damage reduce via different items, skills, cube powers. How can be the necromancer so near or even under this numbers...? 4) Compersion - between Diablo 2 Raise Skeletons and Diablo 3 Command Skeletons At the start of Diablo 2 every single skill point gave a new Skeleton for the Necromancer, not to mention the items, but they was weak and needed a fix later. After several years and patches the skill got some nice balance in Diablo 2 and instead of many weak, we got a lower amount of strong skeletons. Raise Skeleton in Diablo 2 with skill points ... In this point it looks like the 7 and 8 are not that far, but it was possible to increase the skill with items forward. Diablo 2 items to increase the Raise Skeleton skill ... So without a single charm in the inventory it was possible to reach the Raise Skeleton level 40 with a full inventory of skill charms the level 55. Raise Skeleton in Diablo 2 with skill points + items and charms ... If we even add the an effect of a Skill shirne - what was part of Diablo 2 with the effect +2 all skills levels for a short time - it is even possible to reach the level 57. Raise Skeleton in Diablo 2 with skill points + items and charms + skill shrine ... And before anybody say: "Okok, but Diablo 3 necromancer can also use Mages and Revives", well Diablo 2 Necromancer was able to do that too. With the similar skill+item calculation what I made above it was possible to reach even higher level on those skills. I know it is the Diablo 3, a different game and no need to go back in time. I don't even want to, it was just a few information I wanted to mention. 5) Solutions I think it is more than logical to "fix" this issue and increase the number of Command Skeletons. I have listed some ideas, any of them can work. Easy way - Increase the cap This is the most simple way, increase the Command Skeleton's Skeleton cap to 10 (or more?). Diablo 2 way - Items It is a possibility to add the option to some of the Necromancer's unique items +1 maximum Command Skeleton. (Probably in the future I will make an item suggestion topic or topics anyways.) Hard way - Passive skill I was really looking for the Skeleton mastery skill in the passive skill group of the Necromancer but there was not. Maybe the Commander of the Risen Dead can be changed and instead of essence cost reduce, it can give 3 (or more) Skeletons. - or - The Commander of the Risen Dead can be separated to 2 passive skills, Skeleton mastery and Golem mastery. Where the Skeleton mastery give more Skeletons (and maybe a bit damage boost) for the Command skeleton and the Golem mastery keep the golem part of the Commander of the Risen Dead passive. Elegant way - Reanimation Maybe this would be the most elegent and unieuq way. Half of the Reanimation skills (Command Skeletons and Command Golem) has Active and Passive part. So it can be used on the Army of Dead and Land of Dead too, in a way to put the skills how they are now behind an "Active:" tag and add a "Passive:" for both with the ability "Increase the maximum number of Command skeletons". If the goal is 10, I think the best is +1 for the Land of Dead - since it is a strong skill already and +2 for the Army of Dead - because this skill is almost never used anyways. In my opinion it would be the most elegant since it would include all the Reanimation skills, it would still stay as unique compared with everything else. I am sure it would no need all the ways I suggested because that would limit the free choices a lot and it is already a big problem in Diablo 3, so I also wish to only one of the ideas. 6) Outro I hope it was possible to follow all the deatils I shared in this topic. I strongly believe it would be a logical and nice change for the Necromancer what most the fans would love. I hope the options I suggested are easy and makes sense. Thanks for reading my lines! Zkzeka0 13 Jan
04 Jan Nero nerfed ? Hello everyone. I have an issue with my necro. I`m using build with little changes. I was off for few weeks and now i got back to the game but there is something wrong. I made GR 78 before i got away but now i can`t make even GR 72 ?!? Is there any changes or i do it wrong. I changed my legendary gems cuz i used my previous for other characters. That`s my necro - . Please help me.SantaMuerto3 04 Jan
01 Jan Rathma set advice. Hello guys, as i'm very casual player i would like to hear some suggestion or even maybe a help how to properly set up Rathma set. My max GR level is 73. On 74th it's enough damage.. Any suggestions would be great. Profile: 01 Jan
01 Jan Help with my gear Hello guys, I started playing this season, so I am pretty new to the game. I am playing a Rathma necro and i have clear GR 84 so far, but the truth is if sth in the rift gets me, I am automatically dead. Can you please check my gear and tell me what to reroll or enchant and what am I looking for in terms of stats? I really want to start doing higher rifts. this is my profile. Thanksantonistheox2 01 Jan
29 Dec Necro CL Pest build advice I'm using the Pestilence set for the (likely standard) Pestilence Corpse Lance build. I've hit Solo GR 60 and I just find myself having to ask; Does end game solo for this build really boil down to nothing but waiting on CD's while getting one shot by charges/ranged for X seconds of god-tier clear? From what I've read the play style of this build is supposed to focus on "rounding up" a large mass, ideally with multiple elites, to blow the CD's on for nigh instant kills. Problem is enemies don't follow you very far, trying to "blink" around to "round up" enemies at all typically results in multiple deaths, and many map types seem designed against this entirely. Now I'm aware my toughness is low (my health is too low likely as I focused on CHC before realizing the build isn't supposed to use it) and I'm not surprised I'm getting one shot in Solo gr 60's since that's the limit I'm pushing. That said the build just feels so clunky I feel like I must be missing something. I have 46% CDR which is close to the reccomended 50, yet it still feels like this build is nothing but 70% waiting to do something fun and 20% dying to stray arrows/javelins.Quxudica11 29 Dec
22 Dec Blood 4 Blood passive question. Hi, I am currently running a blood mage build with Trag'ouls set. My question is, if you use the blood for blood rune, does it affect the damage done by the Trag'oul set bonus? Do you actually have to lose life from the skill to gain the bonus? I was using the passive that gives 2% life and essence per kill. When I switched to blood for blood, it seemed as if I wasn't doing quite as much damage. I also switched from esoteric gem to Zei's but since I am always running into the pack to use my devour, I don't think I am getting the most out of that gem. What's another damage gem you guys use? I use BotT and Enforcer right now.Chinchilla0 22 Dec
20 Dec Please destroy corpse lance. After having bought the necromancer, looking forward to perhaps a poison build or a pet build I end up drastically disappointed to see every single top tier build uses corpse lance as their main form of damage. A skill that is unbelievably boring to use. I don't like it, I don't like how I'm being pushed towards using it if I wanna try to compete with everyone else. As a side note, necromancer overall has been very disappointing. So far regretting my purchase and would 100% refund if possible.Bibby5 20 Dec