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6d PTR 2.6.5 Necro test HI guys, Im testing the mages necro build in PTR and seem the mages are off, what I mean by that: WHile playing and moving with the Necromancer the mages are staying way back placing your character exposed! since the necro is taking 30% more dmg from other classes is very vulnerable. In narrow spaces like the Barracks and other room types of maps, mages are staying in the other room not doing any dmg instead of following me in to the room I M currently in. It is annoying really!!! Other thing I've noticed is that using Hex pants which increase dmg while your moving, when you move around some of the Mages are not doing dmg, just sitting there!!! Please fix thisRejev1 6d
09 Apr Patch 2.6.4 NO INARIUS BUFFS?? REALLY BLIZZARD?? Patch 2.6.4 NO INARIUS BUFFS?? REALLY BLIZZARD?? So the set that needs it most is not getting any???RuneThor4 09 Apr
09 Apr Inarius Death nova Will an Inarius Death nova variant be worthwhile early season for farming ancients?Damo0 09 Apr
08 Apr skeleton mage spamming I am a strict pet necro fan and have been playing pet builds ever since this class came out on D3. This problem had been bugging me from the very start: skeleton mage are so spammy (even with the pet ring). The reason for this post, while there are already many complains on the internet on this matter, is that I want to know is this the intended gameplay. Can anyone refer to me any offical post from blizzard regarding this matter? I want to at least know if I should expect for a future change to happen as so many patches have gone by already. Please, I am desperate for an answer. Side note: I have many other things regarding necromancer that I hope to see changes (e.g. I hope golem can be offensively useful; hope bone spear can be a stronger, hope inarius set can be more useful), but those are cherry on the top, this one is pain in the neck.albert0 08 Apr
08 Apr Re-work of Necromancer Basically all top builds revolve around usage of Land of the Dead. It is a very powerful spell - even too powerful. All Necro spells and items suffer in the assumption that you are going to use LotD. If we removed that spell, where would Necro be on the charts, and how would it be played? Would it even come close to the other classes now? Instead of having that spell, there could be items (off-hand for example, which are all useless) that boosted Corpse production. And instead of Corpse Lance being the only hard hitting ability, maybe boost some of the other spells. I want to play without LotD.saz1 08 Apr
19 Feb bone armor skill missing Hi i got a problem with my necro it seems like my bone armor skill has disapeared from my skills. Does anyone know why and how i can get it backsofie880 19 Feb
24 Jan Rathma solo progression Hey Guys, Returned to the game with the launch of s14 and picked up the necromancer. I did some climbing into the 90s as Pestilence Corpselance cookiecutter, but got fed up with LotD being your only window for dmg. In the meantime, through random drops I gathered a full set of Ancient rathma, so I figured I'd take that for a spin - and I am loving it, aside from one major flaw. Toughness. Electrified spawn on you? -Proc Touch poison goo on the ground? -Proc Archer hit you once? -Proc Lakuni huntress / Winged assassin leap on you? -Proc I'm dying so much, and it doesn't matter if its GRIFT 70 or 90, my clearspeed is the same, but everything oneshots me. (no augments, but full ancient armor set) I am running: Lotd - Frozen Lands Devour - Satiated Bone Armor - Dislocation Similarcrum - Double essence Spikes, sudden impact and ofc. Skelemage - Singularity. Cube: Shadowhook, tasker & Theo and Krysbins. Gems: Zaes, Trapped & Enforcer Is the build just that squishy? Any initial thoughts from more experienced Necros? I'm thinking a few options: 1) Swap COE for Unity. I don't feel dmg output is a problem yet, but the strength of the build is killing everything before it gets to you, so I'm afraid of lowering it much, as neither of these options will make me "tanky" per se. 2) Swap Witching hour for Dayntees. What skill to change for Decrepify - borrowed time? 3) I'm only paragon 900, with everything pumped into Int. Could swap this around for Vit. Thoughts?Atlas5 24 Jan
21 Jan Final Service is not proccing Final Service is not proccing when it should. Feels good to not have a cheat death passive as Necromancer. Please fix the bugDeathMach0 21 Jan
11 Jan Conquest Level 45 GRift Hi, I would like to complete the current season challenges and I am currently working out how to complete the Level 45 (T10) Grift challenge (conquest) without using a set bonus, I am also not sure if the Ring set bonus which gives you more damage with a complete Ancient set, is viable? Does any one have suggestions? (I will write my own build later) I am pondering between Corpse Lance and Skeletal Mages, which one would be the best way to go?Germidor1 11 Jan
02 Jan Season 16 i don't understand why the buff almost all sets from the classes and the necro just got one buff from the trag oul. please consider that for season 17PhoeniX0 02 Jan
25 Dec Juggernaut affix Take that useless affix out of the game it's completly impossible to bring them down in solo gameplay. Greater rifts if you have one of these skip it.PhoeniX0 25 Dec
12 Dec Favorite build for Necromancer What's everyone's favorite build for this season/non-season Necro? Looking to try new things. Let me know details!Baphomet5 12 Dec
03 Dec How is it? 03 Dec
01 Dec Is the Necro an OP class? Decided to buy the Necro half off and play the campaign again. I'm an SP, casual who plays once yearly probably so I'm not up to date on everything. Anyway on my last character I started ACT1 on Master and pretty much stayed throughout as it seemed like my skill level with a fresh char, but I also tried T1 on my first character which was a wizard which was close to lvl60. This was months ago, maybe last year. Now with the Necro I was already T2 when ending ACT1. I did craft more than usual, but does that make this much of a difference or am I just feeling this class more?Spigy0 01 Dec
14 Nov Pet build Hi figured I would finally try necro wanting to do a pet build wondering what would be the best pet build be out there right right nowsledhead0 14 Nov
14 Nov chance on hit just wonderering if chance on hit things work for skeleton mages? like life on hit or the pioson gem? cheerswainus0 14 Nov
14 Nov People playing inarius set Just been mucking around with this build it seems that bul kathos wedding band the drain life inbuilt of 0.4 % of monsters current life is scaled by the set bonus etc I could be wrong just made a starter class my gems are only lvl 25 and gear is average crusing through GR60 3min rift I was wondering if someone more higher level with inarius build could remove the compose rose and travelers pledge and equip COE with the wedding band have wisdom of kalalh as amulet and cube the krysbins and see how to build performs.Scono0 14 Nov
06 Nov Rimeheart and Corpselance so ive been fooling around a bit with necro builds. and i figured that rimeheart would be a good additional dmg considering they are frozen thru land of the dead and Corps lance fires at a higher. To my suprise u do less dmg than with a shadowhook. Is there a way u can buff rimeheart? really love the item, but the proc rate is basiclly less than of mandal. Could possible make necro a boss killer with a decent proc rate.DarthVaper4 06 Nov
06 Nov Bones of rathma HELP Completed the four Sean journey quests on switch no idea how to claim rewardsKnightsoLuck0 06 Nov
04 Nov Necro Videos and Skill Comment Since it is non-season, I leveled my new necro to 70 in no time (paragon points + Gem of Eased Ancient 2 hand weapon + Hellfire ammy and Hellfire ring means even solo to 70 is very easy) and made some videos. ;) Here I borrowed LoN gear from my WD and playing around with a generic LoN Bone build. (Sorry, no real Necro class items yet.) (Shrouded Moors) (Temple of the Firstborn) Some comment about the skills and passives - Corpse Lance Very high damage! However, it requires corpses to cast. Corpses are Necromancer's unique resource. Killed mobs leave corpses on floor. Several Necro's skills require corpses to cast. Therefore, you need to kill some mobs first with other skills, then finish the remaining with Corpse Lance. - Command Skeleton: Skeletons spawn automatically. Cast it on a mob to have all the skeletons rush to it and deal extra damage! - Frailty Which means mobs have 15% less health! Works on Elites! Blood Rush Basically Necro's version of Teleport. Passives: - Life from Death Currently it generates a lot of health globe. Not surprised if Blizz nerf it in the future. - Final Service Necro's version of cheat death. Heal more for builds that have many pets.Wakeman20 04 Nov
29 Oct Gear advice Hi all, Been gearing to focus on Rath runs, would apreciate any advice on what to reroll or aim to replace? Please check my profile, Skramma. Thanks!qwadd2 29 Oct
29 Oct Need advice on zNec build Just got back to the game a week ago. Been playing a condemn sader solo until now but was thinking about playing my zNec again to do some Rath runs. I tried to find the optimal build but there seems to be a lot of build variations and most of the videos or text builds seem to be a bit old so not sure which one to follow. You can see the build I was using here: Back when I was playing it, I saw a bunch of players saying Pig Sticker was BiS so I switched the In-Geom/Ahavarion(in cube) for Pig Sticker/In-Geom(in cube) but after reading a bit, it seems most players are using Ahavarion. If I use Ahavarion with Gloves of Worship I'll lose the Pestilence 4 pieces bonus but I'll gain the DR from Lornelles' in cube instead of the RORG so damage mitigation should be about the same so the only real difference is trading the attack speed of the Pig Sticker for the shrine buffs. Thoughts from those doing Rath runs past 100? Also, it seems like Halcyon's Ascent/Strongarm is the most popular choice. I was using Nemesis with Rondal's locket for the globes. Does it matter a lot? Is one better than the other at lower or higher gr level? Death Nova vs Bone Spear? I prefer Bone Spear but was wondering which one is the optimal choice. Last question, back when I was playing my zNec, one of the DPS was running the aura of frailty but I saw some builds saying the zNec should run it. Was wondering if anything has changed in the past year? Maybe the DPS don't have a skill slot to spare for that anymore? Thanks for your helpGorrath5 29 Oct
05 Oct Corpse lance build - need help! Hey guys, I was following icy veins guide for pestilence corpse lance build. It says, you can reach GR 100+ on it. However, I need some help with the build. I got most the gear, and I have a hard time getting past GR 50. The problem seems to be the cooldown on land of the dead. I tried watching videos to get better. My current strategy is to run around cursing everything and then pop LoTD when I see an elite pack and demolish them and then run around and try and demolish everything else before the spell ends. That works fine. However, then I have to wait for the next cooldown which is a 120 seconds minus cooldown reduction. That's a lot of time, running around cursing everything. On harder GRs I just die running around, especially in the small dungeons. I can't find a video that does the indoors dungeons and what to do when you don't have space. It seems like I die really fast. I have a hard time believing the guy on the leaderboard at the top is using the same build, and pretty much the same gear, and is pushing gr 110+. Anyone got any tips? I'm still googling and am totally new to the build!aindriu4 05 Oct
04 Oct Please Fix Land Of The Dead so it works correctly Land of the dead freezes every enemy in it's radius as well as any enemy that enters it's radius so why is all this crap still happening: 1. Elites in the radius of land of the dead shouldn't be able to activate their powers while Land of the Dead is active. 2. Elite powers already started/in progress need to stop right as they are, and only continue after Land of the Dead expires. 3. Anything type of of power effect or attack such as elite powers, any and all incoming projectiles enemies jumping in and anything else entering into the radius of Land of the Dead from all sources outside the radius of Land of the Dead, need to be frozen in place and only continue after Land of the Dead expires. 4. Any enemy that would explode/turn into a poison cloud (I.E Accursed/grotesque),should not be exploding or turning into a poison cloud while land of the dead is active. This crap needs to be fixed.TLGamer2 04 Oct
04 Oct New to late game, which stat to focus for DPS? As title suggests I've not really delved into the late game before and I'm starting to get a little confused with DPS. I've been looking through builds and watching people play on youtube and can't help but notice their DPS is significantly higher than mine, I'm almost at 500k. Now my question is: do I just need more paragon levels and better gear or is there a stat I've neglected a bit too much which is hampering me? Thanks for taking the time.Matty3 04 Oct
01 Oct Farming Johnstone Hi fellow Necros, Just got couple questions - how did you guys farm Krysbin's and Nailuj ring? Gambling for amulet is 100 shards, and upgrading rares for either has so many possible legendaries...did you guys just wait for it to drop, or used one of these two other ways, or something else? Cheers!Jarob223 01 Oct
30 Sep Inarius Generator Build - How to improve? I'm having some trouble getting past level 60 greater rifts solo. I'm not sure what I can do to improve the quality of the build I'm using. Does anyone have any advice? Here is my profile: My general rotation is to group a pack using my curse, then cycle between bone armour and death nova. The zodiac ring means that I can keep the packs nearly on stun-lock. When my essence is low I immobilise with ice-golem and/or bone armor, then use grim scythe. I used to run golem skin breeches with the ice golem for the -30% damage reduction. I don't need that reduction anymore but I'm not sure what I could replace the golem with. I'm considering changing the poison gem to Simplicity's Strength.Knightrocker0 30 Sep
27 Sep Pestilence: Survivability problems I have all the items I need for a greater rift push with my Pestilence necromancer. The highest I have tried to clear is Greater Rift 85. I can one shot the boss and everything dies when I pop LOTD, but the problem is: I keep dying to all the mobs and projectiles.. I always have a mob cursed for the damage reduction buff + travelers&compass. What am I doing wrong?Matthew0401 27 Sep
15 Sep Help Hello evryone.What to raise more at paragon lvl and skillsJonarasGR0 15 Sep
25 Aug MEGA set Is Rathma the best build for Groups in Grifts ?RockyGlacier2 25 Aug
14 Aug Wisdom of Kalan rant. Apparently the only necks that exist in my mother bleeding game are Johnstone and Halcyon. That's it. RAGE! /End rantToffifee2 14 Aug
11 Aug Necomancer searching tips Hi, ive just started playing diablo again, i havent played since the first release of the game. im playing a necromancer ive cleared the campaign and is paragon lvl 119. but im searching for tips what to build and how to get the correct gear for it. ive searched on youtube. but no guides there actually explains how to get the gear. can someone maybe help me out :) thanks in advanceXSwagsterX2 11 Aug
01 Aug Moribund Gauntlets help! Hi everyone, I'm doing a Pestilence Necromancer build and I'm looking for the Ring of Royal Grandeur (which I know how to farm, not a problem) and the Moribund Gauntlets - and I don't know if they're craftable, do they drop in a specific location, or are they simply a random drop? Could use some insight into this, are there any strategies for getting this item (difficulty, location, mobs, mats, anything)? Any help is appreciated!DariusBlack4 01 Aug
24 Jul rat necro dps what to change? what should i change to get this mythical "3k dps" except caldesann, cos im gonna do it only when i get better gear, im low on toughness as wellSZLUGi4 24 Jul
21 Jul Fastest/safest t13 bounty build for hc? Is there any build for necro that can take on t13 bounties in hc fairly speedy while still being sort of safe? Or is it just pointless?Pinkie3 21 Jul
06 Jul Best solo build? Hey fellow Necromancer boys and girls! So, I've been playing rifts and grifts as a Rathma Necro for rat runs, while the playstyle works in there it barely works solo. So, to my question; Which set/build is the most superior if I want to play solo as a Necro and carry my own weight instead of relying on others? I've heard a lot of people say Pestilence but I didn't like that playstyle so yeah... Any suggestions? Thank you for your time and best regards! -CarnageCarnage2 06 Jul
06 Jul Nec Rift Guardian Killer Help Hello, never really touched necro before and built a sub par rift guardian killer to play with a group of friends. Ive been watching different people and im wondering why they wait so long to blow cds - I know its for stricken stacks, but ive seen some people wait 2minutes? How many stacks of stricken should you go for before blowing everything?AnxiousPanda1 06 Jul
05 Jul Reduce all resource cost Life is a resource, correct? So for a Trag lance build, you can use this to spend less life? If anyone knows this, Id be grateful for an answer!Kartikeya3 05 Jul
30 Jun Necromancer sucks so bad I dont like that class, it sucks in every way. Total ridiclous, that i really paid 15€ for that trash.Schatzgoblin9 30 Jun
13 Jun Issue with Necromancer Can we edit a bit necromancer game play? I'm really missing the Diablo 2 necromancer vibe. Kinda tired of looking how people make elite hunts builds. A lot people I spoke with start regretting buying the necromancer DLC since most of the builds is just about deal X amount of dmg in X amount time and then just run around and survive until your dmg window is open again.Annaironword1 13 Jun
05 Jun Rathma dps calc I was wondering how people calculate their dps when looking for a rat group. Is it the pure sheet dmg, or do you calculate it with the Physical/Mage Damage/... increase?Thantaros4 05 Jun
04 Jun Help me improve Haven't played since paragon was implemented. Getting used to every new aspect of the game looks kinda overwhelming. IcyVeins took me to GR70 in a few days, what should I do next to improve my record? Feels like I'm so squishy that my own skeletons could get upset at me and oneshot me if I don't follow their lead.Heimdall3 04 Jun
28 May Help needed Hi Guys, I would like to kindly ask you for some help. The problem is that if i want to kill the boss on 116GR - i have to do it at least 3 times. We were playing 4 players - wiz,monk,barb and me as necro. I was checking my CoE,scythe to get on maximum,the distance. Can you please let me know what i am doing wrong and if the damage and paragon lvl is the cause of my "issue". Here is my seasonal build: thank you.Mcquid3 28 May
28 May Immortal Minions? But WHY? T-T Hello guys, after long break from DIII I decided to buy the Necromancer DLC for my PS4. I was always in love with Diablo II minion master necromancer and I felt that it was perfectly designed in DII. Unfortunately, I discovered that my skeleton minions and golem are immortal in Diablo III :( Is it a bug or a feature? I'm asking cause it doesn't make any sense - you can create a wall of minions, enemies will target them and then you don't need to take any actions - just wait few minutes and move forward without taking any damage. I also tested MM on PC (difficulty: Torment II) and it's the same. Another question - if you decided that minions are immortal why the hell did you designed HUD with HP bars for them?! It is absolutely misleading. I'm not a hardcore Diablo III player so maybe I'm understanding it in wrong way :/Tenchion1 28 May
23 May What is the best way to Corpse Lance? i m playing diablo for sometime now including the necro, i started playing Rathma and i still like that build but i wondered about Pestilence build and so i made one. My question is and i tried sometimes diferente sequencies but couldn t reach a 100% answer. what is the best way to corpse lance? Of course using the CoE when using cold damage and have Essence on max when clicking LofD and Simulacrum thats ok for me but what is the correct button sequence? should i just click and hold the corpse lance button? should i click it over and over again? should i use Devour at the same time. i now this might sound weird but i tried several methods and i soemtime i think its better to hold the button other times it looks like clicking on it is better... what are your thoughts there. tks a lotValhalla1 23 May
19 May Necro sale? Is the necro going on sale anytime soon?DiscoPony0 19 May
24 Apr Gain levels - loose power I begun to play necromancer, yesterday I was playing lvl 15, it was needed 40 seconds to kill Hazr at Torment 1 level, Then I had 19 attack points. Now I have 151 000 attack points and decided to continue campaign at same difficulty level, just to discover that now I need 2 minutes to kill very same monster at very same level! So practically My hero becomes weaker and weaker due to his experience! I was always thinking, if I get some skill 8000 more than it was it is still better, no sir! It is 3 times less than it was. Does it mean, if I will reach more levels, I will become as weak than it would be impossible to kill mobs at basic level as well? Torment 1 is is practically inaccessible for me anymore, just because I am stronger and got new and better equipment.Малкут7 24 Apr
22 Apr HELP! Corpse Lance Elite killer 4 man Hey I am looking for a little help in regard to the Necromancer Pestilence Corpse Lance build for elite killing in 4 man. I play the support monk in my regular group and we seem to be making fine progression but our necro seems to be having some troubles. He is a great player so perhaps it is just adjusting to the build but IDK. When we are on the rift guardian his damage seems lackluster and it seems as though it takes 2-3 cycles to drop the guardian. He is also having a hell of a time staying alive. Currently we can run GRift 100-104s with these builds. His build is basically the same as any other leaderboard necro, same gear stat preferences etc. No augments, gear is still being worked on (no ancients as far as weapons yet). As the support monk I have no problem keeping the barb, myself, and wizard up but since he basically gets 1 shot the healing isn't going to help him much. Should he be stacking Vit or Int for his paragon points? We are all Para 950+ so we have some extra points to play with. Is this a gear issue with few ancient pieces (especially weapon)? HELLLLLP! :DNeLomb13605 22 Apr
14 Apr 2018 Advice w/ Pestilence I like to play mostly for fun, but still manage T13 and equivalent GRs. Necro bonemancer was my favourite build in D2 and I hope to bring this back for me in D3. Anyhow, I've got 2 slight variations of the Pestilence build and I'd just like some advice on what would be more consistent and fun. Option 1 (Pestilence/EW): Option 2 (Pestilence/CL): Cheers!Taco0 14 Apr 2018