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01 Mar 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 28 FEB Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated December 12. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Items Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Kheluriel4 01 Mar
02 Feb [2/9] Suspensions and Leaderboard Removals Greetings all, A couple weeks ago, an exploit was discovered in which Necromancers could receive an unfairly high advantage over other classes. Utilizing this exploit required both implicit knowledge and intention to execute and, as a result, we are issuing account suspensions and removing affected records from the leaderboards. You may be wondering why we're executing this now rather than when we originally fixed the exploit; the long and short of it is that this was a very complicated issue to track and we are, as always, dedicated to ensuring we are not punishing players who may be innocent. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to maintain as honest and fair a gaming environment as we can.Kheluriel0 02 Feb
4h Sorry but Im done. Im not interested playing your 1 button h o m o meteor build in grifts. Cya!Elencia1 4h
4h Game "Freezes" / "Lags" I don't know what causes this, but it's been a problem for several seasons now. It's on the level of the death bug as well, where you wont get the revive buttons up on death. Anyone else having this problem, and can it be fixed? 4h
8h Caldesann's augments to follower items So the follower doesn't benefit from legendary gems in sockets- as they aren't nephalem, but I'm wondering about giving extra dexterity, intelligence and strength to the Templar's, the enchantress and Scoundrel's rings, amulets, weapons and shield.. Guess there must be a few who have tried it..Shaolin6 8h
8h Finished my first bounty round, only 1 cache Bug?Naoki12 8h
9h Gem upgrades chance? Imo success chance is not showing correctly or there is a bug in the formula. It's not possible to get 1 success upgrade out of 10 at 60 % success chance, 3 failed in a row at 80 % success chance and so many failes at 70 % and that is ALL the timeOmazvam66 9h
9h Not sure the Bounty Cache problem is actually fixed ... Today I have been doing a number of T10 public bounty groups. Whilst most of the hand-ins have been correctly granting two caches, I've had two separate groups where only one cache was rewarded on one of the hand-ins. This is despite having plenty of room available in my Inventory, i.e. it's not because one of the caches dropped on the ground. Latest example... 9h
10h Yes im crying Ok blizzard i never really cared if i died to lag or some other !@#$ but this time it's different (CEST ~13:14 EU HC) me and my partner lagged in GR 75 and the Server DC'D for both of us (no we are not in LAN) . 2 Minutes later me and my partner can log in again and are dead to no f... reason. Thanks for making it easy for me and say goodbye to your superb game.Cheer6 10h
13h Unlimited Progress Hey I though about it lately while considering come back. Yeah we have unlimited difficulty and unlimited levels.. but no means to reach above certain point (gr129 etc currently). It even seems that paragon 5k vs 7k on leaderboards make little difference. Its been like that for ages now. Why did they introduce these unlimited features but since then there has been no words upon how to reach higher and higher? Would it split seasons? Sure, but i think there is always a way... Or perhaps i should just flip a coin and forget. Atleast blizzcon is coming but it sure feels like empty hopes.PaLiKKa3 13h
19h Accidentally unlocked a season 3 portrait Not that I'm complaining about it, just curious if someone else got it too My first season was season 8 so yay! The achievement is called "I've been framed" featuring a diablo themed portrait. Also got accidentally the pennant from season 3 a couple of seasons ago ^_^ Thanks Blizz! <3Naoki0 19h
1d Blizzcon speculations Hi there! Blizzcon will be upon us in less than two months. I am really hoping this year will finally bring us some Diablo news. There is quite a bit of buzz around Diablo now too, so we may very well get an announcement. But what could it be? Diablo 3 expansion? Diablo 4? Some mobile Diablo game? Or could it be a Netflix production after all? I am really hoping for Diablo 4, but I am afraid it will be some Diablo 3 port to mobile. What do you think it is? And what would you want it to be?Pliexn18 1d
1d An idea about the more dedicated season players. I had a blast today. While i was looking at the transmogs , i actually found a nice and worth diving deep in the Journal for to acquire. Those who reach the last chapter of the season to be awarded with ... The Horadrim cloths as seen on the Intro Video , that would be a cool Mog on every hero ... and a try hard for those who want to get it. just an idea :) Like , Share and Comment if you agree. :PxTrapzo1 1d
1d Still wondering .... Hello everyone, first of all - Thank You Blizzard for this wonderful season and the bonus caches ! I still have this idea in my mind and wondering if there is a point in setting skill rune name to skill subclass and bringing us back runes like real runes and also implementing in drop system base items with necessary sockets in order to have a bit more extra chance for having something unique in our personal equipment according to other players in leaderboards. I asked about this few years ago and no one from team responded - It is alright , I would be really happy to know other players' opinion. Another thing - it is good to see someone streaming or just check top leaderboard players and see the perfection in items rolls - That's something I thinkg everyone experienced in past - just see that you need only perfection at the highest GR levels , which could be a bit demotivating because in few seconds you realize that you need many hours - this is controversial and can lead to quitting this game for a while . Thank You for Your support and for continuously game improvement and also for bringing TOP Joy in different ways trough different platforms ;) See you around and good luck with the caches ;)))sixman1 1d
1d Didn't get double cache on bountie Hi all, I just did ACT1 bountie and I didn't get double bountie cache. What gives??Nemesis23 1d
1d Rainbow Portrait Frame Hello guys. Do you have any suggestions to find this portrait frame? Please do not write "look more" "play more" etc. I just want any different ideas. Thank you for help me :)LuckyHorse17 1d
1d where is boss??? Missing boss marker on the map you can't see where is the boss location Why is that???Nevrozis11 1d
1d Great job blizzard! Great job blizzard! You did it again! Aren't you finished with letting down your fans? I thought you had created something amazing last season with the double goblin boon, and I was really hyped for season 15 but then that kind of wore off when I saw this season's boon. The boon that helps you every 2 months! Perfect, now I wont have to do bounties once every month, but once every other month. How stupid are you? Like for real. Can't you exceed our expectations at least once?Virrpah8 1d
2d Dissapointed on blizzard deleteWolper0 2d
2d Pick My Class & Skills for S15 As much as a like playing seasons and pushing greater rifts I actually enjoy the content a lot more when I'm try to push using fun or "why would you even try that" kind of builds. General rule is that I can use my level 1 skill till 70, but from 1-69 the first 4 skills you give me I use next (based on level). Once I hit level 70 I use all skills you've given me and try to work a build around it. If you would like to provide runes too I'm down for the challenge :) Edit: Just to avoid some really cruel builds :P I need at least one generating skill May sound stupid to some but I enjoy doing stuff like this, maybe I might even see some of you try it too. Edit: Just to make everyone aware I will be playing solo with this character to, I don't intend to upset people in public games. Thanks.Keeno26 2d
2d How to get 2 Bounty Caches Season 15! Do 2 Bounties... What I am not wrong, seems like the only way XD If anyone doesn't find this funny, don't worry I am not happy either lolCoyote7961 2d
2d Two Simple Season 14 Questions These two questions are made on the assumption that people spend their time properly and do not devote their entire day to playing games without thinking of other daily needs. How is it possible to reach Solo Paragon Level 400+ and Greater Rift 70+ within 2 days of the start of Season 14? Why does anyone feel it necessary to be in such a rush? Please try to be civil when answering...Prometheus70 2d
2d Season char no double bounties Did ACT1 bounties, no double cache. Well done Blizz! Outstanding one job :)Herowar0 2d
2d Bounties arrow instantaneity Hello ! Sorry for yet another bounty thread, but I haven't really found anything recent about this. How would you feel about having an instant guiding arrow on all the different bounties types ? At first we had them appearing after 5 minutes spent on a map, then it was reduced to 1. After that, we gained the instant purple ones for the Keywardens and the instant yellow ones for the bosses and the lvl 2 dungeons. Since then, every class has gotten a/multiple speed build(s) capable of mechanically completing them efficiently, but some of them remain tedious, and yes, I'm aware that's definitely by design. What "frustrates" me the most are the bounties that are worst breaking those rules, and at best are in a kind of "grey area". For example, take the "Kill Vidian" bounty, in the Temple of the first born. It's supposed to be one of the act 2 boss bounty, but the guiding arrow is not instant (Yes, the map layout is more than manageable, but still...) Moreover, you can get the "Hematic key" as a bounty, which is the event required to get to the Vidian map, and this one is triggering an instant arrow. Are those two got somehow swapped in the source code ? Then there's the bounties that don't fall into the "lvl 2 dungeons" category, but are still very similar. You don't get any arrow for the "Family of Rathe" one in the Fields of misery for example, neither outside nor inside the dungeon, despite requiring you to go down a lvl 2 "dungeon". Same for the "Kill Fharzula" one in the Grey hollow island (makes you climb up a tower to kill an unique). On the contrary, there's also the "Clean the forgotten well" in the the Shrouded moors, which is, If I'm not mistaken, the only "enter location / complete event" bounty tripping an instant arrow. And probably more examples in the Ruins of Sescheron / Elder sanctum but I can't remember them off the top of my head. I'm not asking for a super easy mode per say, I do enjoy the grind, I'm playing solo and I'm perfectly fine with it being the least effective option, but let's be honest, a lot of us are already mechanically completing those bounties, with our eyes focused on the map 90% of the time, why shouldn't we go all the way then ? I would happily trade some mats (amount rewarded reduced ?) for those instant arrows and/or have to do more of them in order to make up for the time that will be gained. I'll even pay for a way to unlock those (think greater rifts empowerment), but how to make that work without confusing anyone ? So, is that a stupid idea ? Am I missing some very obvious balancing reasons ? Will it even be possible to make those changes ? (Code and UI wise, and due to the links between the campaign and adventure maps mainly). At least, since most of my examples are from the new-ish maps, what are the chances that they'll get corrected someday ? What do you think ? Thanks ! On an totally unrelated note, I've been quite lucky finding mysterious chests this season, got my hands on a God butcher, a Sungjae's fury, Steffon's heavy lance, Panther's claw, Mace of the crows, Templar's chain and a Ghoul king's blade. I know I'm missing the hardest ones, but if someone here is willing to trade for what I'm lacking, add me ! (Que-Hegan's Will, Crossbow of Corvus and the Quinblades if I'm not mistaken ?)DUkE22 2d
2d S15 - Boon of the Horadrim So it's official..... Guess I won't be playing S15. What a smegging joke! Double bounty chest drop? Come on Blizzard, use your imagination FFS!Garrett23 2d
2d S14 End Date / S15 Start Date So... Season 14 Ending Soon ... Daylight saving times do not end in Europe until Sunday 28th October, i.e. the end time for S14 and the start time for S15 should be in CEST (Central European Summer Time) not CET (Central European Time). Could the article be updated to reflect this please?Meteorblade10 2d
2d How to do Quick Loot pickup? Is there a way to pick up loot, gems, without the mouse click way. My hand can get tired after repeated Puzzle ring runs.Stegmeister5 2d
2d How to obtain ''Westmarch Holy Water''? Hi, I'm doing al over act 4, with the bonus quest, but it seems after the huge patch it doesnt drop ''Westmarch Holy Water" in the chest? Soo how do I get them properly? Because I only obtain '' Corrupted Angel Flesh "Akorkmazlar8 2d
2d Gibbering Gemstone The Best Way Well, after farming and farming and farming last night (Prob about 50 Runs) I had no drop for this freaking stone, and i was running on T6 with my DH in hopes it will drop faster, cause the higher your difficulty the higher your drop rates right??? WRONG ..... You see this freaking thing has a fixed drop rate NO MATTER your DIFFICULTY. So farming this stone on Normal, has the same amount of chance for the stone to drop at T6+. So when i went to sleep last night, the idea occured to me ... why not raise my Magic Find, and then test my luck .... And what do you know, I only did two runs on Master difficulty and i finally got the stone. Yes, you heard me TWO RUNS on NORMAL Difficulty compared with 50+ Runs on T6....So that does confirm that the stone CAN drop in ANY Difficulty. Now here is the catch .... I had a Magic Find of, 171% ..... which if the maths is done correctly, gave the stone a 20% chance to drop which would explain why i only did two runs on Normal This is the gear i wore .... 1.Naggle Ring 2.Cains Travlers 3.Cains Habit 4.Cains Scriviner 5.Flawless Royal Topaz in Helm 6. Leorics Broken Crown (Kanais Cube) In total that gave me 171% MF. So i am sure that if you group up you would get 200+ Magic Find and activate a shrine if your lucky and this stone would have a 25-30% chance to drop on any difficulty. If you are an Elitest gamer like me who want EVERY rare Achievement and Items, then i hope this will help you guys out there. Yes i know the Staff of Herding is practicly useless, but to me, the staff is just a trophy to have. 2d
2d [SOLVED]How hard is Avarice? Not sure if Avarice or Boss Mode is the easier one.PanicButton6 2d
2d Season rollover. It's amazing that we still have to go through the headache a.k.a. the mailing system to get our stuff to NS. It would be very helpful if we, for a short period of time of course, got 2 stashes and double stashwindows to effectively sort the stuff out, or basically anything else than the current method. I mean, after 14 seasons you'd think there must be a better way doing this :D Also, putting the keys/gems/machines in a separate menu like the crafting mats is overdue. There's still so much potential for QoL changes, (Evil's post ftw) don't abandon D3 while it still got a solid playerbase.Dreaz6 2d
2d Make Rift in Party (Play 5seconds, wait 30) I buy D3.... and i get tired! I give up... but i need to do something... I buy D3 as gift .... I offer him to my brother. Cuz i belive it will be fun. He get tired and he give up. I buy other copy of D3, and i offer it to my wife. She likes it and we have some fun. I help her in her set, and we have some fun play D3 and make some rifts, bounties etc... give up from pets, cuz i have all.... she drop 1 SO, SHE GIVE UP. I lvl up my gems to 100, and i lvl up her gems to 90. And them she ask me: "can we go both lvl up my gems until 100 too". Sure!! We go to 97 Rifts.... We play 10seconds, and we die We have to wait 30 seconds. We play 5 seconds, and we die We have to wait 30 seconds. We play 5 seconds, and we die We have to wait 30 seconds. We play 5 seconds, and we die We have to wait 30 seconds. We play 5 seconds, and we die We have to wait 30 seconds. We play 5 seconds, and we die We have to wait 30 seconds. WAIT 30SECONDS WAIT 30SECONDS WAIT 30SECONDS WAIT 30SECONDS WAIT 30SECONDS WAIT 30SECONDS WHY?!?!?!?!?!? Why you BLIZZARD do that!?!?!?!? in 15 minutes GR time... all we can do is look!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!? lose 10 minutes every GR looking to countdown from 30 to 0.... WHY!?!??! WE BOTH GIVE UP!!! Spend to many money.... i have many fait in blizzard, but, i cant make more... i cant! It's not funny at all!!!! I hope, blizzard fix this !@#$ at season 15 if not.... bye bye! I simple give up!!Theros12 2d
2d Is blizzard going to fix the "lost legendary Gems" ? Yesterday before my sleep, I wanted to try some M6, after configure all the gear I went to my Multishot DH to get trapped and stricken gems. I swapped again to M6 demon hunter and voilá, gems gone. I've lost 2x133 lvl main gems and NOW is really pissing me off, but in fact, is the 4th time it happens to me. How many gems more do we have to lose to get a reaction from blizzard? How many forum discussions do we need to create after reporting this bug from.. March/April? Come on....ag2r28 2d
3d When will the current era close? Greetings! I am wondering if and when the current era will close and a new one will start. Any ideas? Any facts? LOLuckyOwl0 3d
3d Names Blizzard I want to know why I can't name my character Lilith or LuciferRagnaReaper9 3d
3d Stop activating pylons without Nemesis Bracers I'm not talking about an accident, or if no one in a party has them on. I'm talking about the clowns are aren't wearing them, purposely activating them anyway. When in a public game ask if anyone in the party has them on, if not, then it's not relevant, but unless no one is wearing them, then don't be a jackass and activate a pylon without wearing them. All this not only slows rift progression, but also screws the rest of the party out of Death's Breaths, and items that the elites give off in Nephalem rifts. Unless no one in a party is wearing them, then it's inexcusable for anyone to activate pylons without having Nemesis Bracers equipped. And anyone that does this needs to be removed from that game, if the party refuses to remove that person for any reason, then everyone in the party is dumb.TLGamer40 3d
4d Levelling Too Slowly! With the new season starting, I want to find a strategy for levelling up quickly. On average, it takes me about 6 hours to get to level 70. I'm not looking to get boosted because I want to learn how to do it on my own. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong as most people seem to level to 70 in about 2 hours or less! I managed to get to 148 paragon this season, but I can't seem to do any better than T2 difficulty and GR16. I know that having good gear is important, but I don't think I really know how to use that gear to its full potential. I've only ever played solo. Does that make a massive difference?RoseRequiem20 4d
4d Does the Hellfire ring have a Level requirement? I read that it does not, so does that mean I can equip it on a level 1 character?iNTUITION4 4d
4d Epic Fail. 5pm CEST? Epic Fail. It is well past 6pm CEST and the season hasnt ended at all. Very unprofessional, Blizzard.MARO75 4d
4d What is the Fastest way leveling 1-70. Im a noob and i play with my wife 2-3 hours/day, I noticed that if you play expert or above is harded (stronger minions and harder to kill) you get more experience but not so much , and the itemes are not that great (even worse then normal or hard for a new sesonial character) thats why im asking what is the optimal why for leveling is it just going campaign ,rifting or bounties or somthing else? A goal in diablo 3 after finishing campaign? Thank you.Neo27 4d
6d cannot change torment difficulty Hello I just installed diablo after like half a year updated the game to 2.6.1 and is there some specific reason why i cannot change any difficulty currently i am at torment XII and want to change to torment XIII and it wont let me thx for any advice SurkoSurko13 6d
6d Why did I not get my stash tab? I completed the season and yet I only have 10 stash tabs? What happened to the one I earned?Kewian7 6d
6d Why is Whymsydale still in the game? For those of you around long enough to remember before the release of Diablo 3, people had some generally valid complaints. One of those complaints was that the game appeared to be way too colorful and bright compared to previous Diablo games. And one of the released screenshots had a rainbow in it. This angered a lot of people. I wasn't too angry about it but I did agree with them the game would feel much better in a darker atmosphere which the expansion obviously fixed many of those problems. This is Blizzard admitting the issue and fixing it. However the game designer back then thought people were in an uproar over nothing. In fact he didn't even try to acknowledge their problems and fix them. What they did was printed up some Diablo 3 t-shirts with rainbows and unicorns on them... basically making fun of the community. Then they go on even further by not only not giving us a cow level, instead giving us a rainbow level with unicorns and teddy bears. Don't get me wrong it's a bit fun blowing up teddy bears but the general idea behind this level was the Diablo 3 team saying "Oh you have a problem with rainbows? Do ya? DO YA?! Well HAHAHAHAHAHAAH Here's a damn rainbow level for ya!" The dev team pooped on the community which had legitimate complaints about the game they've loved so much for so long, and Diablo 3 team spit right in their faces by giving a rainbow secret level. So why is this level still in the game? And why hasn't there been a REAL secret level added instead of it?Thatguy30 6d
16 Sep D3 game, level design experience Dear Blizzard, I would like to bring up something about the level design and game experience. In terms of action, D3 is amazing. In terms of difficulty design, it's bad. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against difficulty, BUT cannot do anything it's not difficulty, it's BAD design. Open a rift and pray to get a 'playable' map doesn't make any's like starting a soccer game and pray to have a goal on the playground. Start a rift and knowing you cannot even survive because it's full of range mobs that can OS you because you have CDR on everything (including your mobility skill). Where is the gameplay ? Start a rift with three mobs in a huge map is also ridiculous. Yes, it's fishing, I know. Fishing ? is it a gameplay ? If it's on purpose and it's definetely is, then you should rename your Leaderboard in 'Luckyboard' as that doesn't have anything to do with skills but luck. Oh wait, I know it's RNG , sorry but pure randomness doesnt exist in computing. All is about drop rates right ? so why ? you want players to uses their keys and go farm keys again, it's fine,I get it, but it's overkilled. Another thing, in D3 the legendary gears list is impressive but completely useless unless it's in the predefined builds for each season. Regarding the gold you pick it's the same, useless. You basically can only use it to enforce your rift. I guess you are afraid that most of the players will win easily and reach the top of the leaderboard too fast, then increase the cap, increase the playable maps drop rate and let players enjoy the game. it's not fun always running in caves, baracks, sewers...and caves, and caves and sewers again, again and again. it's not fun to know you cannot win when you start a map. It's not fun to trash 99% of your loots. And last but not least, D3 is an online game because cheating is a big matter for Blizzard... but they don't really do anything about botters or third party softwares I don't want to name. So why ? I know you won't change anything. I just wanted to remind you there are still players that would like to continue to have a great gaming experience. Thanks.RedHarmonic6 16 Sep
16 Sep Season 15 theme.... So after Double goblins, what could be next? 1. double gold? 2. double shards? 3. double xp? 4. double horadric chest? 5. double magic find? (or a double primal :P) looking forward to what could be the next theme! :Dskitzoko21 16 Sep
15 Sep They need to do some thing. Either open up trade make an ah or do w/e. They need to have a currency that's worth something .This isn't Post war Germany we have wheelbarrows of worthless items we can burn to keep warm. No offence just a factsimaly. Having stacks of mats you just burn up out of boredom . What is the point of farming end game?Aysrian4 15 Sep
14 Sep REQUEST Blizzard would you please do all this for gr's 90 and above: Instead of the same 6 random gr layouts we want to go through nothing but the Passage To Corvus style we would like to have to open more doors because the current amount in the rift is still not enough. Instead of the same basic 6 random enemies we would like to see on every gr level about 500 more bogan trapper, fallen shaman/blazing guardian combos. Again just make sure that each gr level has about 500 more of each please because the amount of those enemies now simply just aren't enough. Finally there aren't enough yellow elite packs with 13 minions in them so we would like you to just remove all blue elite packs and just replace them with yellow elites packs that all have at least 13 minions each and can you guys PLEASE make sure that both the main yellow elite and all 13 of it's minions are nothing but sand dweller's and all of them have these affixes Wall, Shield, Arcane, illusionist, health link, Vortex, Mortar we know you're busy but it's urgent that these changes be done as soon as possible, as we really want to start enjoying these changes and we cannot wait to play against them. Regards, - The community -TLGamer53 14 Sep
13 Sep Suggestion (shards) Dear Blizz, If you are reading this, please let us purchase gems, deaths breath, forgotten souls, and bounty mats for shards. Can even be something like 10 of everything for 1k shards or something. But please stop making making me fill my inventory with all these gambled yellows when its just a salvage yard anyways. And running bounties is awful after the 8000th time of start game, finish in 8 minutes, disband. Noone ever even says anything except to !@#$% at leechers. Thanks. Love, A filthy casual P.s. seriously, bounties are cancer.Sadrine11 13 Sep