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25 Jul 2013 Reporting Potential Exploits, Hacks, or Scams The integrity of Diablo III is incredibly important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring the game remains a safe and fun environment for everyone. If you have knowledge of a possible exploit, hack, bot, or scam, the best way to inform us is by emailing our hacks team at or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue, as well as any additional details you’re able to provide. We also ask that you refrain from posting information or instructions on how to use potential exploits on the forums. We take reports of any potential exploit, hack, bot, or scam very seriously – and while not every reported exploit we look into turns out to be a real concern, we appreciate everyone’s help in keeping us informed of possible issues as they arise.Takralus1 25 Jul 2013
15 Apr [2/28] Public Game Matchmaking Issue Hey all, We are aware of an issue where games open to a public are not filling beyond two players. While we have no immediate update at the moment, we are working hard to investigate the cause and will provide updates as they become available in this thread. In the meantime, we highly recommend utilizing clans, communities, or your own friends list to help fill in games. While this is, by no means, a permanent solution, the beginning of a season is a very active time in the community and a great opportunity to meet and make new friends! In addition, we ask that you avoid creating additional threads on this topic; I’ve left this thread open for any needed detail reports or for players to help find groups among each other. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work toward a resolution!Kheluriel8 15 Apr
01 Mar 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 28 FEB Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated December 12. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Items Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Kheluriel4 01 Mar
02 Feb [2/9] Suspensions and Leaderboard Removals Greetings all, A couple weeks ago, an exploit was discovered in which Necromancers could receive an unfairly high advantage over other classes. Utilizing this exploit required both implicit knowledge and intention to execute and, as a result, we are issuing account suspensions and removing affected records from the leaderboards. You may be wondering why we're executing this now rather than when we originally fixed the exploit; the long and short of it is that this was a very complicated issue to track and we are, as always, dedicated to ensuring we are not punishing players who may be innocent. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to maintain as honest and fair a gaming environment as we can.Kheluriel0 02 Feb
1h Please Make GR STONE STACKABLE I know you guys from blizzard dont give the real attention to the game, but can you guys just MAKE GR STONE STACKABLE? i dont have anymore stash tabs, because you guys made this limited, so I had to create chars like mules to grab a part of my stash stuff. So can you guys just make this modification? I dont think it will cost you guys that much. I would be very grateful. 1h
1h [BUG]The lost legion bounty(cant complete) there is no way to finish this, mobs keep spawning after you kill them and the chest does'nt open for you to complete it. we have tried going out and back in only to find more creeps to kill, so this is definitely broken. Not sure if its only for bounty or the normal event. Please hotfix this.ReckITT6 1h
10h Why everyone only plays on season? Why is the normal empty? is season that much different?HyperLad13 10h
11h Account Rollback warning Just a heads up the account rollback works really well with your NON seasonal characters, seasonal ones appear to be hit and miss. Just did a rollback and my poor wizard is back to 2 days ago :(mantle1 11h
11h Start in New Tristram In adventure mode there is no sense to play in Bastation's keep where everything is just far away. The game should be started in New Tristram or in Hidden Camp. Or maybe in The Survivor's Enclave. But never in Bastation's keep. Or if your concept is to change starting locations why is that happening that I'm starting in Bastation's Keep all along? Forget Bastation's keep. That is a bad place for players who play regulary and don't want to lose time with reaching merchants...LadyPaka35 11h
17h GR 100 is unattainable I am only casual player who is able to push GR99 with Monk and rarely GR100 with Necromancer. GR100 shoud be low difficulty. Every high paragon players told me that If I do not play at least GR110 solo, I am not a decent player at all. I am able to push GR90 under 5 minutes and I am not happy with it, because it is too slow. I have problems that I am not able to push GR100 under 15 minutes and I do not know why. GR90 is super easy. I know I am only beginner player, I have no understanding of the game, but why GR100 is so difficult? Caldesan's despair absolutely does not work. I upgraded almost all my stuff for my Monk character, I upgraded ALL stuff for Necromancer, but damage did not increased at all. It ony increased sheet damage, but REAL damage output is still the same. I was able to push GR95 without caldesan's despair and when I upgraded my stuff I did not see any difference when I try to do GR95 again. It was absolutely the same. Damage did not increased at all. I just curious why is GR100 so difficult. GR99 is just fine, I am able to do it every single time even at horrible rolled rifts. But GR100 is difficult. The problem is I have absolutely no damage at all. If I start attack enemies, I am not able to kill them. Toughness is not problem (i do not die). The pro player Wudijo wrote at this forum, that decent player who has at least paragon 800 is ABLE TO clear GR112!!!! So tell me how low paragon players are able to push GR110+? Wudijo also told that if you have at least 1500 paragon you can clear up to GR115! I checked leaderboard in the beginning of the Season 14. I saw a low paragon Monk (941 paragon) who had ONLY 1,6 milion dmg and he was able to clear GR108. How is that possible?! Where his damage came from?! I also chekced few videos on youtube. You can find a video on youtube where low paragon Monk do 10 - 30T damage even when his sheet damage is only 1,8 milion!!! Where is that damage came from? He does 10x more damage than me. I have more than 2,5 mil sheet damage, but my damage output is never that high. I see only about 3000 B damage. It is very very very low damage to be honest. I do not understand how they kill guardian with Monk (sunwuko set) so easily. Every single time they fight against Guardian, they do not have any dmg. But when a few seconds remain to finish GR they kill him in a few seconds even Guardian still has full health bar! Could you please tell me how these players do this? Even Wudijo did it with his Demon Hunter and I do know how this trick work.Seraph10 17h
1d Just a suggestion. Hi all. Blizzard you must implement some sort of search function for open game.. How hard can it be?. Just looking for the right party and i re, re ,re re ,re ,re ,re re, re, re ,re re ,re ,re, re... The same game that i don't wanted in grift!.. Give me a break, do Something about it. God Dammit ~:-O)Dolk1 1d
1d Gearing Guide for new players This is the second of the guides I wrote to help players with few experience. The first one was about how to maximice your damage . This one is aimed to one of the most important things in this game, get the items you need. Some builds need really specific affixes to work (especially those who revolve around CDR), but a lot of builds will run at a decent level if you manage to get every piece of gear, even if the rolls are awful. Getting every piece of the Gear. What to focus and how to ride the RNG Your number 1 priority is complete your build (your set, any supporting legendaries plus decently leveled legendary gems, gems level 35-50 are a good start), this is to get all the damage and mitigation you need to play high level content. If you are lacking some pieces of gear your build will be lacking in some department so it’s important to invest mats to get complete it ASAP. Getting the pieces you need just by RNG drops by killing stuff is awfully slow so you will need a plan: The best ways to do this is by spending shards in Kadala and by upgrading rares in the Kanai’s cube so both rifts and bounties are your friend. When gambling and upgrading rares try to aim first to the pieces with affixes that increase your damage by a lot (like items that multiply one particular ability x4 or something like that) because that will let you to jump to higher torments early and get the farm faster. Different pieces needs different approachs: 1 Weapon: Kanai’s cube upgrade rare (Kadala is expensive and the pool of weapon is too big to gamble for the one you need for your build) 2 Armor (from head to toe) and Offhand: Kadala (pools for each piece and cheap) 3 Rings: Kadala or Kanai’s cube. This is a hard slot, unless your build need a ring affix to work is better if fish for them at the end. 4 Amulets: Kadala (if rich) or Kanai’s cube. Same as rings, hard slot. Amulets and ring are a bit tricky to get because gambling for them with sards is expensive and the pool at level 70 is not as big as the weapon one but is quite big, if the ring you need for your build have a low level requirement to drop you may use the trick I state bellow, but if it needs an high level then though luck, you will have to get it by the hard way. Kadala loot table level trick: Check the loot tables (, note that some items may drop at a low level and others require a high level. If a key item for your build just doesn’t drop and it required level is low, you can increase your chances by gambling with a low level character (the shard pool is shared and can be spent with any character). As long as we aren’t talking about a weapon you have to wield (not one you are going to cube), you can get away with a low level legendary, you will be sacrificing some stats for a legendary affix and that is a trade I’d do any day. Be careful with this tactic when farming specific build items though, do it if the pool is reduced to 4-5 or less legendaries because you don’t want to spend too many shards, all the items will be low level and useless (at least you can soul or cube it). You can also use this tactic to get items that ease the farm early on if you are a new player or starting a season (the best target is a non-weapon item with a big dmg increase to one ability and a low level requirement). I’ll explain it a bit better at the end. The knowledge Learn about your class builds and about the game mechanics! I can’t stress how important is this. In D3 the storage space is very limited so if you want to play efficiently (and more than 1 class), you have to know which legendaries are useful as part of a build of your class and have some system to classify the items in your stash. Then, when you get a legendary, you’ll know if you have to recycle it or not and where to store it. If you find a nice rolled ancient or primal that don’t fit any build, you may hoard it if you have the space, but any other item should be recycled without hesitation. You will also have to know about the stats your build needs / the best stats per slot to know which a duplicate of an item is better, this will also help you to avoid ruining a great drop with a bad reroll (Like rerolling a random stat in an ancient UE chest instead of turning that life per kill into a max discipline roll in secondary stats, yes, happened to me when I was starting to get into D3). If you don’t have this knowledge, you will end with a stash full of junk or you will slow down your farming a lot. In the 30 secs a rift is closing you should be able to recycle the crap (probably the 98% of it) and store the good ones. A very good place to start are the builds in Icy-Veins, these are all very nice meta builds and quite well explained, you can check youtubers like Rhykker which are also meta focused, i`m not into more of them, but I’m sure there are a lot of other great pages or casters, find your favorites. It’s important to make a bit of research about the build you are trying to itemize, some of them are pretty unforgiving with the stats they need to be effective, builds like the manald archon wizard or the pestilence lance build are pretty hard to build because they need to balance CDR, AS and critical damage stats, so again, read some of the great guides that are out of there. Small things like permanent vengeance/Akkarat Champion on DH/Crusader or reaching high AS breakpoints and CDR in a lightining archon build can make the difference between a great build and an unplayable !@#$. Some notes about icy-veins and in general about guides, don’t copypaste them as they are from minute 1, adapt it to your particular circumstances. The published builds are usually high level focused and assumed good gear with adequate rolls, high parangon and rift pushing. So, when you are still starting, don’t be afraid of make changes like switching bane of the stricken for bane of the powerful (better for normal content) or change 1 offensive for 1 defensive or utility gem/passive to make things easier. Another nice trick is to use an obsidian ring of the zodiac instead the convention of element when you are playing a very CDR focused build with not enough CDR, you will drop quite a bit of dmg but you will be able to play the build without suffering 2 min CDs. Also don’t try to use the farming builds in TXIII as they are, they usually drops a ton of damage to enable a light-speed farming style with items like in-geom. To use them in TXIII you will need an optimized build with a ton of damage that won’t suffer from dropping a huge multiplier. Modify them to make them a bit less flashy but able to farm in TXIII at a decent pace in case you don’t find a lot of people playing in other torments (you will want to farm in multiplayer with 4 other players, it’s more fun and you will get extra drops). It’s ok if you go to torment XIII normal rifts with a suboptimal build if you can make yourself useful in any way (nemesis bracers, pulling and speed bonuses for example) but in contracts you will need to carry your weight. You will be getting closer to the meta farming build in TXIII as you perfect your build.Logid1 1d
1d Damage Guide for new players. Hi guys, I was discusing recently with a friend how to optimize damage and how to get certain pieces of gear more efficiently, so I decided to make 2 guides to help players in his same situation. The goal of these quick guides is create a solid starting point for unexperienced players without entering in deep mechanical details... but be ready for a wall of text XD You can find the second part here: Damage in D3 Diablo 3 pushing and farming is all about damage, the bottleneck for pushing is the scaling HP of the enemies and you'll need enough damage to being able to drop some for speed when farming, so your goal should be maxing your DPS. So, how is damage calculated in this game? Basically, you multiply your base damage by some stats and affixes. So, as you are multiplying things you want to have each independent multiplier and optimize them to have as much damage as possible. To make it more visual, let’s imagine in our build we have a base damage of 100 and 6 possible independent multipliers that each one duplicate our damage (unreal but it’s for the sake of simplicity). 100 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 6400. We are doing 64 times more damage Now imagine we skip 2 of those x2 100 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 1600. We are doing 4 times less damage than before! Or let’s say we can optimize some of those and now 2 of them are a x3 multiplier instead of x2: 100 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 =14400. Ok, now we are doing 2.25 times the damage we did with the six x2. As you can see, there would be huge damage changes if you skip or manage to increase some of your multipliers, so get and maximizing them all is the name of the game. So which are those juicy multipliers? 1 Base damage: the damage range of your weapon plus any modifier from jewelry or off-hand (you usually use the mean of it to compare it easier). This is pretty straightforward. 2 Sets: Sets in D3 offers crazy multipliers to all damage or to some abilities, and we are talking about x30 or x50, so there is no other choice than using them if you want to play in high torments. 3 Legendary affixes: Generally builds take 1 ability, which is potentiated with a set, and then increase its damage even more using legendary affixes (including the kanai’s cube slots) to make that particular ability deal crazy amounts of damage. Here we also include the jewelry bonuses like convention of elements or the endless walk set (and that’s also why those pieces are also so widely used), each one is an independent multiplier. Check some guides and you will see this pattern. 4 Attack speed: The quicker you attack the faster you can apply that base damage with each autoattack or ability use, so this is an independent multiplier. But be careful here, some builds benefice a lot from AS, others not so much and some not at all. Read a bit about your build and AS breakpoints to know how to optimize this stat. Don’t worry too much about it, any decent guide will state if the AS is important and which are the important breakpoints. 5 Critical: With the exception of some weird builds, you will want to maximize critical hit chance (CHC) and critical hit damage (CHD). These stats scale extremely well; when you are fully maxed this will almost triple your average damage. In gear you will find both stats in jewelry and gloves, CHC in helmet and offhand and CHD in weapon in form of socketed emerald (and that’s why every DPS character wear an emerald in their weapons). 6 Legendary gems: The offensive gems act as a separate multipliers and offers huge damage increases, you will want to use at least 2 of them, probably the 3 sockets for offensive gems if you can get away with it. Again, check the guides to see which ones fit your build the most. 7 Elemental damage increase: In general, one particular rune of the “chosen one” uber damage ability of the build is the best by far. So we want to customize our gear to include % elemental increase of that rune element. This stat is found in bracers, amulets and in some shields (other pieces, like the stone of Jordan ring, may also roll it but in these slots they usually compete with better bonuses). Note: all identical rolls add together before multiplying (8 and 9 also works this way) 8 Ability damage increase: 2 pieces of your gear (plus your offhand if your class have an specific offhand item) may roll % increase damage for your chosen one ability, try to include 2 (or 3) rolls. Depending on the ability these may be on head/feet, belt/pants or chest/shoulders. 9 Enemy specific bonus: The Elite bonus is the best of them, you can find them in some rings like unity or the stone of johan, but also in other slots like the weapon or offhand. Bonus for specific enemies like demons, human or beast aren't that good but they also works multiplicatively. 10 Passives: Some class passives are independent multipliers, check if your class has one that fits your build and use it. Again guides will help you with this. 11 Main stat: The higher it is, the more damage you gets and it also helps with survivability. This is why high parangon players with augmented gear (using the caldesan despair recipe in Kanai’s cube) gets that huge damage numbers; they have every point of this list fully optimized plus very high mainstat thanks to parangon points. By now don’t bother with this one because it rolls in almost all the gear you drop and you will need every other point of this list optimiced to start thinking about the caldesan despair recipe (you need to clear quite high GR to get gems with levels 95+ that worth the upgrade), just be sure that you are using gear that rolls your main stat (don’t wear STR gear if you are a DH for example). 12 Other important stats for your build: Be careful not to drop too much CDR/RCR/AD for “moar dmg” if your build need them to survive/deal DMG efficiently, and be aware if you need another stat for you build to work properly (discipline with UE DH, Essence with Corroded Fang Necromancer or thorns with Invoker crussader to name a few). If you drop too much of them you could end lowering your DPS/survival. Again, check guides. 13 Follower: It may help you wearing an oculus ring, which works like an independent multiplier. In case you don’t know: Try to find a “Can’t die” item for them and look up the unity combo with follower for solo play in case you can spare a ring slot. The most important ones are the set and the legendaries affixes (2 and 3) by far, but don’t overlook the others, the crit stats, gems, % elemental and % ability offer a great boost on top of your set and legendaries and really make a difference when you want to push the limit of your build. You feel that lack damage? Probably you are missing some of these lesser but important characteristics.Logid1 1d
1d GR XP Boost Hi guys Is it true that there is no additional bonus for loading up with XP gear before you close a GR and the XP is pre-determined ? I know pools work, do shrines as work as well before you close ? ThanksSoucouyant0 1d
1d Meta with only 4 Classes Demon hunters Crusaders Witchdoctors we are left on our on the outs to play alone, because we aren't accepted in any groups no one wants anything to do with us... thanks blizzard for making this 3 classes outcasts in the meta i cant get a gem over 90 because no one will accept me in any party as a demon hunterAcidburn1 1d
1d Recover lost item I started the new season on my witch doctor and she had my Red Soul Shard on her. I forgot to go on one of my other charaters and grab it. Is there any way I can get it back please? It was from this years (2018) anniversary event, I have no way of knowing if I'll be able to get another next event.nighttempes62 1d
2d Search bar in stash please That would be nice. That is all. Cheers :)Gergaroth0 2d
2d [HC] Boosting Season 14 Seasonal Hardcode CLOSED And so it ended for this season 14 - I wiped and will be ready again next season :)Cheerleader236 2d
2d transmogging question Hi I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this. I have a legacy Spectrum on a mid level Crusader. I equipped a Griswold's masterpiece, which is also a one handed sword, went to mog it to Spectrum and it didn't show in the window. Thinking maybe it wasn't there as it is a legacy item I put the Spectrum in the slot and hey presto, it appeared as currently equipped. Switched back and tried again, no Spectrum. The original randomly dropped for me, I had no idea it was rare at the time, just thought ooh pretty! Will I have to farm another to be able to transmog it? Thank you (this isn't the account it's on, Edge always logs me in with whichever account used the shop last and doesn't respond well to change) Account with items is Cerberus#2632LuckyTiger2 2d
2d GR150 4-man has been done on Asian server! They made it this morning. Time to release D4 Blizz?ErrGo6 2d
2d Multiple seasonal characters So I'm pretty new to the season experience. I have one seasonal character on the champion chapter. I created a second seasonal character and am seeing a message on the season progress menu that says the new character's class armor has been added to my collection, but cannot find it anywhere. Does the season progress not reset with each new character?Brian19723 2d
3d What's your highest orange crit damage? Mine's 181BN for my DMO wiz. What's yours? Just curious to see what numbers everyone is seeing. Cheers :)Gergaroth36 3d
3d New player: What's the endgame except rifts/bounties? So, what do I do, generally? I know it's a game about getting better loot, doing more damage and thus doing things on a higher difficulty and getting better loot. So, except for rifts and bounties, what do you do in this game? Thanks!ano14184 3d
3d Noob question So I just completed the game and got right into adventure mode and decided to do a nephalem rift on torment II Difficulty. It was good overall but I felt that my character did soooo little damage...killing elites would take up to 4-6 minutes sometimes My question is, am I doing sth wrong? Should I go for bounties first or go on and continue doing nephalem rifts even if it takes like 1 hour to complete? How can I enhance my character? Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance, friends!!Hosseinhamze13 3d
3d Diablo 3 - Use your own sound and music in the game Only client side, but it works.I recently found a program which lets you replace music in Blizzard games for the one u want it to be.Not only music, but all sound related files as well. I changed couple sounds in WoW before, and it was awesome for having my own favourite theme.I had Barbarian Warcry sound for my Warrior shouts in WoW :) It end up not very well, because u also had woman gnome warrior shouting like a barbarian male which was a bit ehmm... 2 funny This time ill have this music for wandering in act 1 outside city: And act 4, Icy one will accompany with this: Snow explore, i think title say pretty much already... 3d
4d Follower trick? Hi. Whenever i watch any gr run on youtube ppl don t assign follower's skills. Is there any trick for follower or am i missing sth.? Ty in advance.Zombie5 4d
4d Bots - Are you ever gonna do anything about them? Title. Bots and paragons simply ruins the fun of this game. You can't compete in leaderboards with "people" who has twice your paragon level. This season is one of the best seasons imo. Good balance which made a lot of builds viable and fun again. I've played A LOT this week, actually made top 10 monk EU yesterday, but I lose my motivation to continue when seeing the top paragons. 2000 after a week? I am a bit over 1000 and I've been playing solo (which I think is the most fun) I've played 70+ hours this season already which is a lot. But these "people" are already 2000, which is 5000 more mainstat. FUN! Also, I did the math yesterday. Checked top paragon player's playtime. Last night it was 7,2 days, which is literally 24/7 since the start of the season. So it's either botting or account sharing which is both against the rules. Is the season over already?Minoxz282 4d
4d Diablo books as audio books? I think it would be awesome if the series -The Sin War- where available as audio books! With cool sound effects, maybe even some that are from the game itself! Hell they should use the same voice actors as for the game :) Anyway, I was just wandering if I was the only one with these thoughts. So lemme know what you think about this idea ^_^.Saltamontes5 4d
4d Seasonal Still Plagued By Bots ? I played every season until around season 10ish, when a statement was released saying they wouldn't be issuing any bans for using bots that season. Unconcerned about repercussions for using a bot, I watched people I used to group up with in various guilds hit high level paragons in their sleep. I asked them why they even still played and they said its just to get over the early phases so they can push high GRs later in the season. And during he day while their BOTs were playing diablo 3 for them, they were playing another game for something to do. I quit the next day and haven't logged in since. Are bots still a problem in this game ? Debating a return but not if the only way to compete is by using a bot. Appreciate your open and honest input here.Inquisitor16 4d
4d Dissapearing grift progression balls! Dissapearing grift progression skull balls in my solo games when killing floating or flying creatures in grifts over 100 is no good. This only occurs,obviously ,on maps that have pathed runway edges. It happens to me only occasionaly,about 1 in 10 i think,but it never used to happen before this new patch. This same kind of problem has also happened twice to me in vaults with blue goblins being blasted of the edge of the map when they split. Please can someone let me know if this problem is only happening to me,if its not just me is it being fixed? Thanks,i do love the game,sorry to moan ;)serazor1 4d
5d Seasonal character Hi guys just started playing diablo 3 and i have bought all the game just was wondering i created a seasonal character right from start so can you tell me how that works . Just was wondering does its also link to my other characters the process whats the point or will all gain be added to the normal mode later i have a crusader just gonna go kill the squeleton kingJLPM981912 5d
5d The Game is Really Good for Curing Insomnia As a newcomer I'm only allowed Expert mode. By the time I hit the cultist manor (I've totally missed what's going on because somewhere around level 12 my mind went blank) I'm half asleep by how easy it is. But the good news is that this sleepiness is good because I've been suffering from insomnia. So.... I guess I'm off to sleep. Um... is there a faster way to level so I can get to torment and have to, ya know, actually learn some skills other than "press left mouse button and win?" I would like to play this game earlier in the day and stay awake.MarigoldRan4 5d
5d fight with botters? Hello all, i watched youtube video,where some guy told about blizzard started to control accounts and looking for suspicios botters activity.Can anybody confirm this info please?I would like to know if they finaly started fight against botters and will them ban.elusive1 5d
5d European gearstore payment method Why do i still have to have a creditcard / even paypal requires you to have a creditcard. Why can't i use IDEAL ?Necroscope17 5d
5d BLIZZARD PLZ!! why can blizzard not make a gamemode for players that want to play high gr can join without noobs are everywhere. if u join public torment 13 gr its almost impossble to find team without 600-800 para join that just have solo 60 gr.Maaskeweed5 5d
5d Difficulty Lock is Dumb Now that the Game is This Old I can understand why they put it there at the beginning, but now that it's been out for 6-7 years they should allow anyone to start out at Torment 1 and move on from there. The game's pretty cheap, but at level 24 on Expert I just want to quit because it's mindnumbingly boring. I just want to get to level 60, then quit and start a new game so I can do all of it again but with a challenge.MarigoldRan5 5d
5d WD - maximise damage So I've been lucky enough to get into some amazing groups games which has propelled my WD to a respectable 300+ paragon level. However, by doing so very quickly, I reckon I have lost out on the gear that would have come with had I done it alone. Right now, my damage is pretty low and being a newb, I am extremely confused about sets and pets (which I never seem to find anyway!) Any suggestions on how I can improve this? I currently seem to die in a second when I get into a higher level rift! Many thanks!Ram5 5d
5d Idea for Diablo 4 Just like in Overwatch, give player characters ALL of its abilities at level 1. But make the abilities fun enough, and the game difficult enough that you have to learn be CREATIVE with your abilities to get through different parts of the game. That way everyone can skip that whole stupid level grind that everyone hates, these days, and focus entirely on "creative use of ability" (fun!) and finding the right gear (also fun!).MarigoldRan3 5d
5d The most dreaded of posts. So, I really should not make this post at all, as I am aware that I should technically "Try all classes and figure it out myself." but I am making this thread in any case. I am a player that honestly am not great at games, I never was. And I just bought Diablo 3 this week. I have a slight problem using my left hand for the keyboard due to reasons I would rather not discuss in a public forum, but suffice to say using the keyboard is not an option. Why make a topic about this here? A reasonable question. I wonder if there is any classes in Diablo 3 that might suit a mouse only option. And I do not own a gaming mouse, and I would rather not buy one, I have tried one that my brother owns, and I just do not have the muscle memory and capability to use one. So is there a class that is very easy? A class that supports beginners and allows me to have fun? I hope I can have some answers, and who better to ask that you guys, the people that's played for a long while. Thank you for reading this if you have, and if you reply, know I honestly really do appreciate it a lot.Kittenfluff14 5d
6d Dark Bat Wings The Dark Bat Wings is a cosmetic item that was originally added to the 2.4.1 ptr, but removed from the live version. My question is: is there any chance we will ever see them in the live game? 6d
6d Improvement ideas Improvement ideas that you would like to see Blizzard add to Diablo 3 •Daily Goals that allow you to get pets, armor sets, and wings. •Easy mode, a mode that allows mass experience gain for those looking to quickly level. •Allow a way to increase damage resistance substationaly through points by leveling Paragon level.DemonicRen2 6d
6d Wondering about Developers Hell. It's mid 2018. And I've just gotten back into D3. The achie hunter I am. I was still wondering if Developers Hell is still around.. I'm playing master diff (just started a new char). And I've been visiting the cemetery act 1 whilst on the shattered crown quest. Can't seem to find anything. Most post about date back to early 2017 end of '16. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this just a matter of luck? thanks!Ambrotos7 6d
14 Jul Challenge Rifts Any chance these could change daily, or have one for every class each day. Oh, and also make them challenging?Toadpoker3 14 Jul
13 Jul Keep transmogs through seasons Simple idea. I enjoy playing D3 and transmogging my characters, BUT collecting every season the transmogs over and over again is kind of annoying. Maybe some agree here with me that transmogs should be transfered over to new a season. So you don't have to find or craft them all over again. What i also would like to have is more freedom to transgmog stuff. Like turning a sword in a wand. Using the transmogs of ther classes on a onther class. I totally understand that you should not be able to trans mog a 2 handed sword into a crossbow or so but wands, swords, daggers, axes, maces, mighty weapons, flails, spears, scythes and ceremonial knifes should be able to transmog into anything else. I'm playing this season wizard as main would actually prefer to have wand transmog on my sword since it would fit better to my outfit and color combination. I would really like to be able to remove the glowing on legendary weapons and set weapons since the glowing effect sometimes just doesn't fit to the rest. What do you guys think off that more smaller idea for character design thing?Detroit2 13 Jul
13 Jul Macros Hello, i'm kinda new to Diablo 3 and i would like to know if it is possible to use macros or if it will get me banned. The type of macros i'm talking about aren't those that use your skills for you off cooldown, but a macro where it can spam right click ( to buy items quicker) or Enter( so its faster to disenchant items). I don't wish to make the gameplay easier just by using macros to help me in rifts, but to help me in town through the vendors, etc.BoostedHorse9 13 Jul
13 Jul How many people plays this game nowadays? If you know how many please write it down.MrDog310 13 Jul
13 Jul How to obtain better gear and become stronger? Hey! Me and my friend recently bought Diablo III. We are now around 150 Paragon, have completed bounties on Torment 1 - Torment 5, and we are not sure what to do next and how to obtain better gear because it seems that we have crafted the best sets available from Blacksmith and Horadric Caches don't drop green recipes anymore so we don't see any point to do more bounties at the moment. We also crafted Hellfire Rings and amulets. So what should we work on to obtain better gear and become stronger apart from grinding Paragon levels? Also I've read that you should collect all the legendary gems from the Greater Rifts. Could someone explain why is it important to collect them all? TL;DR How to obtain better gear after you have crafted everything from blacksmith?shozis5 13 Jul
13 Jul Diablo 3 Pet Suggestions! I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, and I'm not sure anyone will look at this - but I was thinking. Season 14 reward pet? A new hedgehog. Maybe he rolls around, maybe he just scurries around. My wife has a special fondness for hedgehogs and she enjoys playing Diablo 3 with me, although maybe not as much as me. She still said it would be adorable.BookWyrm4 13 Jul