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25 Jul 2013 Reporting Potential Exploits, Hacks, or Scams The integrity of Diablo III is incredibly important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring the game remains a safe and fun environment for everyone. If you have knowledge of a possible exploit, hack, bot, or scam, the best way to inform us is by emailing our hacks team at or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue, as well as any additional details you’re able to provide. We also ask that you refrain from posting information or instructions on how to use potential exploits on the forums. We take reports of any potential exploit, hack, bot, or scam very seriously – and while not every reported exploit we look into turns out to be a real concern, we appreciate everyone’s help in keeping us informed of possible issues as they arise.Takralus1 25 Jul 2013
3d Season 16 Extension Season 16 has proved to be our most popular Themed Season yet, and we’re glad to hear so many of you are enjoying experimenting with the Ring of Royal Grandeur buff. We’ve seen some really cool and unique builds come out of community theorycrafting and seeing them play out in practice has been exciting! We have plans for Season 17, but they are going to need some time for us to test both internally and via PTR closer to launch. To accommodate both the desire we’ve heard for an extension of Season 16 as well as to give us more time to prepare Season 17 (and Patch 2.6.5), we are moving the Season 16 end date to May 12. We hope that you’re enjoying the change-up to your gameplay during the Season of Grandeur and can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got in store for our next themeNevalistis11 3d
27 Dec A Quick Word from Blizzard Hey, everyone, We just wanted to let you know, there are still ongoing discussions as we’re studying your feedback; stay tuned for further thoughts. We’d like to seize this opportunity to comment on something that’s important to us. Nobody is ‘deleting negative posts’ (just look at the first pages of the forum). Actually, we have been diligently poring over ‘negative feedback posts’ these last days as they are really useful for our reports. We read every thread, every sentence and we relay your sentiment so that informed decisions can be made. Personally, I must admit it’s frustrating to witness disappointment, while the future for Diablo is honestly so awesome. You are still missing important pieces from the bigger picture right now and there’s a reason people are repeating the ‘multiple projects’ line. ;) However, posts that might be deleted are, as always, posts that ignore our Code of Conduct and that would hinder the forum’s purpose as a communications platform: troll posts, harassment posts, low-effort and meme posts, posts with profanity (masked or not), advertisement posts or spam posts, etc. Those posts help no one. So, please (please!) keep sharing your feedback and be as articulate and civilized as you can. This forum is your stand, your choice to make your voice heard (and every voice matters). Use it wisely and constructively.Kheluriel500 27 Dec
4h Leaderboard Hi!First sorry for my bad english.I have a question about different leaderboard.Why DiabloProgress leaderboards or any web site like that or even the ranking on d3 officials website are wrong?Diabloprogress dosent update for week and othersite also.Anything i must do for fix this in my side?Ty!Bl4cklys0 4h
4h Leaderboard Hi!First sorry for my bad english.I have a question about different leaderboard.Why DiabloProgress leaderboards or any web site like that or even the ranking on d3 officials website are wrong?Diabloprogress dosent update for week and othersite also.Anything i must do for fix this in my side?Ty!Bl4cklys1 4h
5h New player looking for advice. Oi oi, Have been playing for a few weeks now got my seasonal Necro up to Grift 59 solo but cannot seem to get any higher (not sure if its my skill lvl or gear) I am paragon lvl 522 running TraG speed build. I am farming Nrift T12 with no real problems but again when i try T13 I seem to get 1 shotted a lot. Is it me or is there something I am missing? Thx for any advice or thoughts in advance.morgothic6 5h
8h Thorns crus Hi. Thorns crus dmg comes from str right? So shud i put all paragons to str or vit also adds to dmg? Ty in adv.Zombie1 8h
12h Intel HD 4000 running diablo 3 dose anybody have any experience in running diablo on the intel HD 4000 series, im looking for a laptop for my Gf and she doesn't have a huge amount of money to spend, sooooo how well dose it run it (top level grafix isnt required, just smooth game play) looking at around 6-8 gig or ram and a 2.5GH processor so these are fine.matt23 12h
1d Non Season Leaderboards full of botters Community managers please forward this message to your Hacks Team!!!! The top leaderboards spots are full of botters in non season!!!!! The more you wait to ban those cheaters the more you kill your own game. Ban those botters in nonseason ASAP!!!!!!Sephiroth14 1d
1d How to get raise characters damage I see lot of people doing solo at higher rifts and greater rifts. Having 1~2 millions damage. The highest damage i got was 500K ~ 800K.And cant go higher than 35 greater rifts and torment XI I know i have to focus on crit damage and chance. What else do I have to focus on to raise my damage.mckay9 1d
1d 100% Achievements Finally, with a decent mob layout in the MotE dungeon this morning... Time for a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst I contemplate how many runs through Whimsyshire it's going to take me to get the rainbow portrait dropping rare.Meteorblade29 1d
1d Diablo Immortal - Device Compatibility I'm pretty excited to see what Blizzard does with Diablo Immortal, and have already registered. I am disappointed however, because I have not found any indication yet of what the system requirements might be. I have a SAMSUNG T535 Tab 4 LTE, 16G tablet: It performs well with 3d games, so I guess I'm hoping to hear something from Blizzard about what kind of hardware support diversity we can expect. Myself, my sister and her granddaughter are pretty stoked at the idea of being able to play Diablo 3 when we're not at home, and without having to shoulder the expense of buying a Nintendo Switch. +1 Blizzard!Prometheus46 1d
2d "Quality of life,gameplay Here is a suggestion on how to slightly improve the "quality of gameplay". When my character is showing both noncritical and critical hit points above 1000 billion (1 trillion) give me the ability to prevent it from showing dmg. points below a certain minimum,whether that minimum is 500 billion or 1 trillion or whatever i wish to see. I DO NOT need to see multiple hit points of xxxx M, or xxxx K or or even 50 billion etc. Statistically speaking, those low hit points are basically equal to ZERO dmg. being done when in high level grifts and are meaningless.EtrnalSlayer1 2d
2d Goodbye Blizzard I just got disconnected during GR rift push on my HC char in single game. Thats a great way to punish gamers blizz You know what, I dont need youre games I`ve got my oculus and Xbox account for just a 10$ a month thus dosens of games to play and enjoy. Bye Bye Youre not getting this customer back. P.S. Diablo 3 was failed from the start I just stuck with it due to nostalgia. PoE here I come.Faktuu27 2d
3d Suggestion: Can we have public game owner? Hi, I am a low level GR 70 goer. I normally take my time in GR as long as it doesn't kill my bonus. And I also like to play in public so I see other people's build and sometimes i encounter nice one i can friend with. Now, for a few days, I have been getting kicked out of my own GR 70. No one joined, so i went alone, and i was doing an okay time. i was going to get 5 upgrades on gem then BAM! I was kicked out. So, the question is. Can we have an owner of the public game that no one can kick? The first one in, maybe? if the 1000+ skin head teenager doesn't like slow people, they can move along, right? Or do we already have something like this that i don't know of? Please say yes. Speed killsLuPin8 3d
3d Auditory Irritability I don't know if this is the right place to post this request & complaint, though I do hope to reach a large audience. There is something to be said about the slight irritability induced by some of the audio in the Diablo III game. First, it becomes tiresome to hear the wizard's self-congratulatory references to himself every 15 seconds. There really REALLY should be a cool down for this. Just as much as there should be a cool-down for alert notifications in the starcraft interface ( an issue of which I seek to address presently ) and secondly.. what the grud is up with that, reverse cymbal metallic slicing affect sound used in virtually EVERY FRIKKIN' song in act 5? Does any one know what I'm talkin' about? To the person who composed the soundtrack, no doubt credit and admiration goes towards the producer who brought about this epic music. But is there any chance you could return to the recording studio, or engineering interface and.. edit out some of those, ever-present non-relenting reverse gong cymbal effects? If you're reading this now and recall the creation process behind the music, it's impossible you don't know what I'm referring. To conclude I find the the quality delivered by blizzard games insurmountable and it grinds me when there be imperfections like this thank you for yore time;PrincePookie2 3d
4d Grotesques and monsters exploding into poison What is up with these this season? It seems that every other GR map has one or both of these. I just had an entire GR with them covering all maps. Did they up the spawnrate of these mobs?Zefre1 4d
4d vALINCANED (18.000 Member Team) is looking for Members Hello Community, Our clan vALINCANED is looking for good, active & friendly members We are all very active and currently 31 members There is always something to gamble and you can always find groups (Push, Rifts, Grifts, Speeds ... etc) Prerequisite Teamspeak³ with a decent headset and from 18+ years You have no desire to farm alone? Dan come to vALINCANED We are an eSports team with over 18,000 members If you are interested please let us know Contact : Facebook: Teamspeak: Ingame acc: xZepŦa # 2962 Ingame acc: vALINCANED # 2563 Ingame acc: Baumkopf # 2659 Best regards, your VALINCANED clanxZepŦa2 4d
4d Primals Just a quick suggestion, you should change the background colors on primal drops to red so they are easier and faster to regonize because when you spam through salvage you may not notice it at first Bonus suggestion: Having XP bonus from killing spree in rifts on pc as such you can get on console would be badass and slightly more fun and refreshing there is no reason to treat another playerbase differently :)Xterain3 4d
5d How to add Diablo 1 tot battlenet account? Do you know if it's possible? I just added D2 and D2-LoD, but D1 has no CD-key.Aelor2 5d
6d Bugs and Gletes lost kill stats' error 1016, set items lower stats, disconnects and glitchesdjtrip6 6d
6d Necro gameplay Somebody knows where can i find Diablo immortal Necromanser gameplay?Dracula1 6d
6d Trading/Sharing Transmogs Hello, I'm Farming Hours and Hours since patch 2.4.1 but I'm still missing 3 transmog Items from the yet found ones. Since I keep these transmog Items I was courios if someone else kept them and might wants to trade/share them? I'm missing: Ghoul King's Blade - Mysterious chest at act 4 Gardens of hope lvl 2 King Maker - Unique Enemey Regreb the slayer at act 2 stinging winds Templar's Chain - Mysterious chest at act 1 Cathedral lvl 2 I can provide any other yet found weapon. Anyone interested? Info: I got all Items in Season SC but I would take them in Non Season as well.Renegade6 6d
6d I really want to know |SEASON 16| Hey, please i'm confused, what is the exact end date of season 16. Thanks for your time. KABTOPKABTOP4 6d
12 Mar What is the point after completing story/campaign? Hi :) I never played a game like diablo, only comparable games are games like Dragon Age and Spellforce. With those two games you play the story once or twice and then the game is finished and you buy another game. At the moment I think the same about diablo. Once the story mode is finished, there is nothing except "leveling" doing the same stuff again and again and try to have "the best" hero and gear. Is this really the only point of playing after completing story? So in case I don't care about competition with any other players, I should buy the next game after completing story? I'm asking because most people here say "after story and reaching lvl 70 the game begins", but I don't see why.FabSerp8 12 Mar
12 Mar Place your bets what will go down when the season ends. ... We all should know what happened on the 15th of May 2012, so this might be hitting close to something big. What will 7 years of Diablo 3 lead up to? If I would be placing my dream for this game on the table I'd say that I would appreciate if Diablo 3 had a true end-game. You can't scale into infinity in the last games and I think that was a fundamental part of enjoying the game. Knowing where your goal is and where it ends. Everything has an end, that's the beauty of the cycle. A moment captured in time to satisfy the one observing it by its existence. What is your take on the subject, fellow Diablo fans?bladefury17 12 Mar
12 Mar Diablo II Local server Hi! i have a question. Can i play on my home computer on a local network then take my computer to a frends hous and play on anather local network and still be abel to play on the same charecter or do i need to make a new one 4 every local network i play on?CtrlMp32 12 Mar
12 Mar A feedback thread for a change. So instead of hating on the game, I thought I'd give my feedback and opinion instead. And yeah, I know it'll be downvoted into gray post area like an hour from now, but I do hope that some CM will see it and maybe forward it to where it's being addressed. I will also say from the start that I'm not against mobile games at all. I recognize that it's a growing market, and 20 years from now - half of AAA titles will be coming out on mobile devices rather than stationary PC. Which isn't bad. It just serves to show that technologies are beginning to allow it, finally. Now, here're a few things that I'd like to see in this new Diablo game: 1) Darker atmosphere and narration. More dark gloomy areas. Less alive NPC in the world - let us have that feeling of being alone when out of the quest hub - something that D3 fails to do because every 5 meters you meet NPC who are not only alive but fighting back. More hopelessness and dark narration. Deckard's death was almost laughable. Instead let us save a dude only for him to be ripped apart in front of us by a demon. Diablo 3, sadly, was very much disney-like. The best part was actually the beginning of Act 1, up to the point where demo ended. After that, the gamma became brighter, the narration became sucked into heroic tropes and silly RPG situations. Even when things like death and torture are brought up - they don't make any emotional impact. It actually looked like the game was trying to make us have a light fun while slaying demons, rather than be threatened by them. Since release, you've had your ups and downs. Some zones like Greyhollow Island, the Act 5 Westmarch city - are actually pretty well-done. Other parts like Battlefield of Eternity or Ruins of Secheron are the same (boring) entertainment areas. You feel like you're in a themepark rather than a dead worrld when you go through them. 2) Talents. You've addressed that in your Q&A session a bit, but I will stress it again. Diablo needs talents. In fact, I would say that having a talent tree like in D2 would be WAY more awesome than rune system that we get in D3. Let us build our character. Let us have a respec cost - so that our decisions matter. Let us have variety. 3) Hardcore mode. Again, you've addressed it before, but I will stress out that this game NEEDS hardcore mode. Perhaps you could soften it up a bit - for example by having a resurrection cost gold instead of being permanently... erm... permanent. Give us a mode with several "lives" that we can earn, and then when we reach 0 the character dies for good. Or even then, you can have some way to revive him (for example by finding an item with your second character) There are so many options! Please do something Hardcore. 4) More mobs. For me, the best experience in Diablo 2 was fighting a HORDE of monsters. When each swing kills 5-6 enemies, but it doesn't matter because there're 50 of them. D3, on the other hand, went for small groups of mobs, 5-10 at most. Even when 2 of such groups stand close by, the effect is ruined. Now, I realize that it's a mobile game, but because the camera is closer to the character, you may actually get away with the same 20 monsters at once feeling like a huge horde. Anyway, please try to preserve that feeling. 5) Offline mode. Please. Just please, let it have an offline mode. The online features you show off are really cool and all, but I wanna play, say, in a train with wanky internet connection, or on a plane. I don't want my MOBILE games to be tethered to online. They need to be playable everywhere, even in a bunker. 6) System requirements? It'd be great if you could at least estimate what type of phone do I need to have to play it. It's Black Friday soon, and I'd be buying a tablet then, and it sucks not knowing how hungry D:I will be! 7) PC client. Look, I know you've said it's mobile only. But PC/Console ports don't hurt. So just do it, please. 8) Be careful with microtransactions. I'll say right away. If you make this game cost hundreds of dollars a month to be competetive - I'm not playing it. There are examples on mobile market. P.s. Hope all the negativity won't discourage you too much. Mobile games are good, as long as we get real D4 later ;). I think it's just PC-Master-Race elitism that gets in the way. Many still look at mobile games as something for grannies. =D Good luck with your game!Aax1 12 Mar
11 Mar Season 16 Problems Hi, I'm on Chapter IV and have completed all objectives bar one. Which is 'Great Expectations' where you need to reach Level 20 Solo on the Greater Rift mode. I have done that and have not received my rewards for completing the last Chapter. What have I missed? I have no way of finding out if I have missed any levels but am sure I've haven't.Caliburn6 11 Mar
11 Mar Gibbering Gemstone Terrible Drop Rate I've killed Chiltara about 250 times over the past few days on t13 with no gibbering gemstone. The drop rate is absolutely abysmal. They need to fix this.Snowball19 11 Mar
10 Mar Unknown build / class with great CC I remember I've played in a GR a few months ago, and there was a player who kept advancing and left in his trail hoards of stunned mobs. They were not grouped together, they were stunned in place and scattered around. I can't remember what class / build was it :( Any ideas? Most probably was a barbarian...ScramMaster1 10 Mar
10 Mar Seeking Macro's for disabled friend have a disabled friend that has problems using his hands and plays many games using macro's though he is unable to find any for diablo 3, any information will be helpful thank you.nightphreak1 10 Mar
09 Mar Diablo Feedback "We read every thread, every sentence and we relay your sentiment so that informed decisions can be made." Kheluriel it's nice to hear that you read everything, thumbs up on this. I decided to share my opinion about Diablo III, i'm no longer playing the game but i hope that the next Diablo game (PC Game) will be a great game. I really hooked on the words "we are committed to delivering Diablo experiences the community can be proud of." Till then work hard guys and make Diablo a great game again. GreetingPaulS2 09 Mar
09 Mar DH NAT/Marauder Loaded bear vs Meal storm..... ! Hi ... If any can help me to understand this ... most of reviews and ppl who play DH Nat/Mau going with Loaded bear instead of Mealstorm .... I toke a moment to do my math LB do 850% Damage while MS does 650% and 3 rockets for 450% each ... and rockets as I Know... still can hits the main targets ( grouped or not )plus u have FrostBurns gloves in cube for 20% extra cold damage and freez effect and Ballistics as passive for 100% rockets damage from 450% to 900% .... so Mealstorm got 3 extra rockets for 900% and extra 20% Elements Cold damage this is an advantage over Loaded Bear ... That's what makes me confuse ppl do higher lvl with LB than MS ... I cannot see how that is work for them ....Alkanphil2 09 Mar
09 Mar A Summoner's Journal (Bugged or not?) I am missing "A Summoner's Journal" journal to complete the "Taking Notes" achievement from Act I. The Summoner is supposed to spawn on a small platform in Southern Highlands. However I've made over 50 runs in different difficulties (Norml, Hard, Expert, T1, T6, TX) and I've yet to come across him, even though some sites state that it's a pretty common event. Info on the subject is either outdated (most references on the it are pre-2014) or unclear (some ppl say it's bugged, other say there's nothing wrong). Has anyone else tried this recently? Is it bugged or am I really unlucky?kambotzis5 09 Mar
09 Mar Diablo on GOG Picked this up on the US forum. 09 Mar
07 Mar LON OF THE RINGS... Remove them but keep their attributes (same as seasons rog)if you use only a mix of ancient or primal gear.Then we will have trully equal damage with players that use sets as we will be able to use the same multiplier rings(for damage or defense).greekfire0 07 Mar
07 Mar t14 t15? When we gona get more then usles t13 here cuz now it total exp lost every time whe need to make it !!! when???Nevrozis42 07 Mar
07 Mar Looking for a fix for a bug in game My latency is good, pc is new I have had no problems until lately. I'm getting delays moving for up to 4-5 seconds in gr. Some skill don't works either. Anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?Aysrian7 07 Mar
07 Mar Sustained batlles/Over speed I get tired of chasing op toons around. Its fun for those that are op or run groups that speed. How about sustained battle with the same xp? Tougher mobs/Elites that actual req group play? Z class and meta in my opinion are for people that just want easy xp? Slow it down make other builds viable other then meta and all the rat bastards. I joined a pub the other day ive cleared 109 on hota Rat group told me to leave group lmao. Enough of that tripeAysrian2 07 Mar
06 Mar Do you still hear us? The frustration I felt in beginning of November is inmeasurable... Then I started reading, searching, asking, if it is only me or only my point of view. Sadly, the answer is still no, not only me. Most of the people are feeling abandoned from the game creator, who gave them so much joy so far. I still continue to search the answer to the question "WHY?" as blizzard is not giving any except "we hear you", but we don't care. I tried, I installed on my Android phone for the first time several dungeon games, similar to Diablo:Immortal, as presented on the Blizzcon. To be honest, on the phone for more than 14 years I had three games, one at a time - Heroes charge, Castle Clash and Marvel Contest of Champions. To each game I gave enough time to see the pay-to-win system and I am sure that without it, these games can not exist. But the main confusion here is the gameplay of all of these dungeon crawlers. As an example all of them have - single story gameplay, some of them with more than 250 levels - guild formation and battling - dungeons - with all the variety of daily dungeons, material dungeons, gold dungeons, equipment dungeons - co-op dungeons with the same variety as above - development of base for offline resourse gathering, with different protection and upgrade systems - PVP arenas with diferent systems for comparison - time limited events - weekly, monthly - challenges with different requirements and tasks - trials with increasing levels and rewards In addition to this you always have the endless task to find, reforge and upgrade your equipment. Most of these games are produced by big companies, but some of them are made by unknown companies. So how come they produce all this ideas and try to keep their customers as much as possible inside the game? How can they find new and new ways to improve their games and we here are stuck with 7 years old game with very frustrating endgame? Blizzard does not have enough skilled people to make this? On a ready platform as Diablo 3 they can not produce more endgame content? They can not introduce new classes or new levels or new equipment? There are more ideas for development on your forums than the development you have done so far, why you don't just use them and test on the PTR? So many questions, no answer. This is what I want you to hear from me - you search for new customers, instead of relying on the current ones. But most people play these mobile games not more than a 3 months, so be carefull what you are expecting. 44 years old and still a fan of all Diablo games, except D:IThorny1 06 Mar
06 Mar NON SEASON plagued by botters We are trying to raise the attention to a serious and disgusting issue here in non season. Since our reports are constant from almost 2 months and only very very few have generated a ban, we are going to post this thread to bring the attention of Blizzard community managers that have the power to push in order to solve this severe main problem. Basically all the main non seasonal ladders are INFESTED (talking about 70% + of the average sample of the top 20 leaderboard spots in solo, 2,3 and 4 men) of botters. We will try to bump this post as long as we don`t see a real intervention/ban wave in non season. You Blizzard have the money and the capability to act and respect your duties, we are tired of vane words and some actions only in season, you guys need to wake up and do the right thing in non season too, this situation is unacceptable, there are players that bot non stop from months, years and they still continue to be up there spitting on the face of whoever follow his and YOUR rules, ethics. Is time to act and show us if you are listening to your own community or if you ignore reports and/or you lie to us and /or you r diving in your own incompetence. The time for words is over, is time to show facts.Virgo106 06 Mar
06 Mar Ideas for a Diablo 4 Hey Blizzard, I know you will not listen or pay attention to the fans, but here are a couple of ideas for your Diablo 4. 1.) Demon Lords attack in unison. 2.) Demons do experiments on humans to turn them into demons. 3.) Demons capture a nephilim and do experiments on he/her, creating a new breed of demon/nephilim hybrid. 4.) Combination of 1, 2, & 3; or just a combination of 2 & 3, since they are mostly related. Anyone come up with an idea for Diablo 4, since Blizzard has probably run out of ideas.Siphron19 06 Mar
05 Mar AI explains the walkaway from an amazing concept And this reasons and many reasons more is why everyone with brain juice was hurt sooner or later from the AH takedown. I never did a realmoney AH trade, but the mechanics of the gold AH itself was so nice and cool that i miss them really bad and i hope for the future that blizz does rebirth or reinstall a tradingplattform for items and stuff. And for all the haters of the good old AH-times. You never really played the Game thoose days!ScienceBust30 05 Mar
05 Mar R.I.P. Diablofans #2019 Diablofans has been a home for us since forever, providing us with tons of information, insight and just a place to share our thoughts... for me, the site will be greatly missed.... R.I.P. 05 Mar
04 Mar Clan population limit increase request Hey there nephalems. We are a (to-the-day) 200-strong Hungarian Diablo community, to the best of my knowledge with that, we are the strongest and the most active Hungarian clan. We recently joined the largest local gaming community, which opened a new door to having an increased number of clan population. With the 150 limit we were forced to create a clan v2.0 and yes I do know that an ingame community could keep us together in-game but honestly this is just a temporary solution. Would it be a reasonable request to increase the maximum clan population? I do not know whether we are the only community with the same request but hereby we want to express our pretty strong desire to make Blizzard come up with a permanent solution on how to increase the maximum limit. :) With your comment here, you can confirm the validity of our request therefore I want every single Diablo gamer to confirm this idea with a definite support. Cheers, Teecha Hck Gaming- Hungarian HeroesTeecha82 04 Mar
04 Mar Pig Sticker Hi I have an ancient legendary Pig Sticker for my thorns build Crusader. Thing is no matter how many times I try to enchant it, to get a socket, it never works? I have also tried upgrading rare items to get an ancient Pig Sticker with a socket, but nothing. Is this a known bug? I have spent tons of mats and gold on this but nothing! Over two hundred million gold so far and the amount of mats I have put into this is just depressing. Playing on the Xbox one XLindy19 04 Mar
04 Mar Can you launch D3 without the app? I know you can for world of warcraft since thats what im doing when im playing it But I personally want to start my games without having to opening a damn app thats just plain dumb.Bloodfang8 04 Mar
03 Mar Immortal on PC What? Diablo players use PC and Consoles. Why would you create a new game on a phone? This is crazy!Hubus10 03 Mar