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25 Jul 2013 Reporting Potential Exploits, Hacks, or Scams The integrity of Diablo III is incredibly important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring the game remains a safe and fun environment for everyone. If you have knowledge of a possible exploit, hack, bot, or scam, the best way to inform us is by emailing our hacks team at or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue, as well as any additional details you’re able to provide. We also ask that you refrain from posting information or instructions on how to use potential exploits on the forums. We take reports of any potential exploit, hack, bot, or scam very seriously – and while not every reported exploit we look into turns out to be a real concern, we appreciate everyone’s help in keeping us informed of possible issues as they arise.Takralus1 25 Jul 2013
02 Feb [2/9] Suspensions and Leaderboard Removals Greetings all, A couple weeks ago, an exploit was discovered in which Necromancers could receive an unfairly high advantage over other classes. Utilizing this exploit required both implicit knowledge and intention to execute and, as a result, we are issuing account suspensions and removing affected records from the leaderboards. You may be wondering why we're executing this now rather than when we originally fixed the exploit; the long and short of it is that this was a very complicated issue to track and we are, as always, dedicated to ensuring we are not punishing players who may be innocent. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to maintain as honest and fair a gaming environment as we can.Kheluriel0 02 Feb
23 Jan Bone Ringer Power Re-Enabled (23 JAN 2018) Hey all, We recently investigated reports of an issue involving Bone Ringer. As a result, we will be temporarily disabling the item’s Legendary power until a hotfix can be prepared to correct the issue. We will update this thread once the hotfix is live. Special thanks to the players who reported this, and to everyone for their patience as we work on a fix.Kheluriel1 23 Jan
23 Jan 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 23 JAN Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated December 12. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Items Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Kheluriel3 23 Jan
05 Jan Wirt’s Leg Hotfix Now Live (1/4) Hey all, We recently hotfixed a bug affecting the crafting recipe for Wirt’s Leg. With this change, using the recipe will correctly produce a Legendary (rather than Magic) item which yields a unique material when salvaged. Old versions of the item will salvage into Arcane Dust instead. If you’ve already given the Wirt’s Leg recipe to Haedrig, it will still appear to be a Magic item in your crafting list, but crafting a new one will yield a Legendary item as intended. Thanks for your patience while we investigated this issue!Kheluriel0 05 Jan
20m Only 2 players in bounties After the last Scheduled Maintenance, all bountie games I create or join just will have just 2 ppl there (me included). If I create just other one player join, if I join, we just be 2 players there and no one more will show up! Any one with this problem also?Draconicus30 20m
33m Auto pick up on death breath Guys. Lets make ourself heard! Lets show the devs that we want, need and long for auto pick up on death breaths (and gems).sig51 33m
1h Workaround for public groups only going to 2 players 1) Queue up for a public bounty / rift / GR group 2) Get placed into a group with one other person 3) Ask the other random person not to leave as you can get the group filled 4) Manually invite someone to the group, e.g. someone from your Friends List 5) Once your group has three players in it a 4th player will be automatically allocated to the group from people queuing 6) (Optional) The player you invited in step 4 leaves the group, again leaving you with three people in the group. A 4th player will be automatically allocated to the group from people queuing 7) Profit!Meteorblade0 1h
2h Will anything new ever happen to this game? Hello. I haven't played Diablo for a couple of years now. I returned to see how the game has become, and it's almost exactly the same. Any news ahead? New expansions? Anything?Teraxion3 2h
2h Wiz Firebird Set - Elite Mob Questions Hi All, Please help: 1. Is the Set On fire Skill on an infinite timer? 2. Do Elites follow you the whole map? 3. If I set an elite on fire and run, does the ability stay with me the whole map? 4. Are Elites all the Blue, Silver and Gold colour? Or only Gold? Thanks and RegardsGadenPhoenix0 2h
3h Paragon levels ruin the game Paragon level really discourage me to play Diablo 3, I dont want to spend 12+ hours a day to farm paragon level just to be able to compete with the leaderboard. Without paragon levels, the difference would be the gems and the gear, which is a much better range of advantage. Every time I play Diablo 3 I enjoy it for the first couple of days/weeks, untill I come to the stage where I just keep on farming paragon level because its going to be the biggest difference in what grift I can achieve. But anyone with more free time than I have will gain a much bigger advantage from the higher amount of paragon levels than I could ever get. Farming paragon levels isnt fun. I think the majority agrees with that. The game would be more competative and fun without paragon levels.Firenzie22 3h
3h [S13] EU+NA RANK 1 CONQUESTS +VIDEO Hello! Sorry, I'm using a translator. As usual I throw off a few videos start of the 13th season with top-1 conquests. This time only on two servers (Europe and America (in Asia we still dreamed sweet dreams)). Europe: as always, it was far from perfect, a seasonal hardcore character was only able to create with the 4th time, but in the end I gathered myself with strength and coped with this difficult task. Also, the absence of the teleport button in the city was very important. Well, my epic death in the GR after the murder of the rift boss, umm, the whole life flashed before my eyes. Well, for dessert, the ending of the video ... no comment. In general, the guys came to success. America: Well, there seemed to be no critical errors, there were small mistakes, but in general they started quite well, especially since we were in the 3rd. Lucky with a rainbow goblin and a bandits shrine after the 70th level. Attention: an abundance of profanity and a lot of inadequate russian humor! When you open this video, remember that you do not throw tomatoes afterwards :) Europe (3/5) HardCore America (3/5) SoftCore Solo conquest "Divinity" on America as monk. Thanks for attention and pleasant viewing :) _____________________________________________________________ Watch live at 3h
4h Guardian stuck at 5/6. Hello, I completed 3 conquests about 6 hours ago, I enlisted for Guardian around just half an hour ago and now experiencing, that the "Flawless Victory' task (Complete 3 Conquets this Season) is not ticked, even if 3 conquests are visibly done both on my own profile and on the leaderboards with spots (Divinity #828, Thrill #61 and Curses #99). I did the whole journey earlier as well in the same way several times in the first day(s) without this kind of problem, which is quite annoying now as I just wanted to reach Guardian quickly again in a day and nothing else. (I have no interest in the other 2, I did them several times already alone and I simply hate them.) I did not found similar topic yet, even on the US forum, anyone else expecienced similar issue now or in previous season(s)? Between now and the completeness of the conquests I exited / entered game dozens of times already, and even restarted the whole game already twice. Which may help, I did everything solo and the only special thing I did this time thinking back, that I completed all 3 conquest already when I was only at Chapter 4, because the Natalya pieces were con dropping for the set dungeon.. But this shall not make any issue, as dozens of similar later Guardian / Conqueror / etc tasks were properly ticked beforehand, as always in previous seasons, but this one. Thanks. Edit: During adding it here just found the same issue in US bug forum (which topic itself at all somehow disappeared from here EU for bugs..)Mike3 4h
4h for auction house what about remove ? i have a question why have there no auction house for reaper of souls for what have removed yet pls let me know guys why the auction house was closet can you guys let me help and explain plslordsidious7 4h
6h Total D3 hours played Quick poll time, for science! Add up all your Diablo 3 characters' played time (season, non-season, soft/hard, pc/console) and reply here. Don't be embarassed, there's no such thing as 'too much Diablo'. If we get enough replies, I'll share my own as well (which, I'm guessing, will be embarassingly low).Kheluriel96 6h
7h Post your Season 3 streams or video channels Hi guys, If you host a Diablo III stream or a video channel full of great content, and if you would like to promote it here, please post a reply below using the following format (You are welcome to post even if you aren't playing in Seasons) :-) Name of Streamer/Channel: Primary language spoken on Stream/Channel: (Secondary languages can be mentioned as well) Link to Stream/Channel: Short Description of Stream/Channel: (Think Twitter Short - 140 characters) Streams and video channels will be listed alphabetically in this thread: 7h
12h Season 13 Journey Bug Hi Guys Not sure if anyone else has experienced this before but I have done 3 conquests this season but it is not ticking on the season journey progress page. I have done GR 75, curses and the thrill and now I'm at the guardian stage but don't want to continue if it is never going to get completed any way. Has this happened to anybody before and is there any fix or do I just wait for Blizzard to sort out?Ka18a3 12h
14h [HC] Boosting Season 13 Seasonal Hardcode PREORDER PREORDER Season 13 :) When Season 13 begins I will be able to boost 2-3 days into the season HARDCORE NOT SOFTCORE Add me already now if you likeCheerleader194 14h
1d Copyright problem? I have no idea if this has been said before or if this is the appropriate place to say it but I found an add for League of Angels with The Butcher on it and I don't know if they have a partnership with Blizzard or not. I have screenshot as proof but honestly don't know how to post it.Lixus1241 1d
1d Season 13 Crusader Hardcore I am considering creating a Hardcore Crusader Invoker Thorns character for season 13. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice? Thanks. P.S. I am a senior citizen and my reflexes aren't quite as good as they used to be. :-)Omulane5 1d
1d Will you play SEASON 13? Tell me please, and let me know if you enjoy this 1d
1d No more T-hud nor botters finaly !!! Similar with pubg, u cannot start diablo if u have thud started, or bot program, on PTR people say, try ur thud and see for urself, good news for some people, for me too, for botters is bad news since they might quit forever now without brother chris :D I thought is important to let people know since nobody did yet on forums, so that people who quit cause of it might read and come back.UndeadMarioE53 1d
1d have you guys too it achievement missing and season 13 can you guys let know that bug achievement went missing can you guys do somenthing with that achievement too it this should went missing data text but you guys have too it r not this check this this achievement went missing on the list have you guys to it ? and this season went missing not see on season 13 ? 1d
1d Servers not available ? i just getting Servers not available message anyone else ?Bertys301 1d
1d Level up season Hi So today we will level up again from 0-70 I normally do it in Public Rift Groups, but has anyone figured out if it is fastest to do it no normal/master/expert To stay on e.g. normal from 0-70 for speed or to move up in difficulty at X level to increase speed? (Disregaring class strenght differences and random super loot drops)Cheerleader2 1d
1d Only 2 players in public greater rifts Seems like a bug since latest patch. Just like it was reported for public bounties.Jazz11 1d
2d D3planner broken? Trying to have a look at the D3planner kadala sheet, but all i ever get is a white page With nothing on it. Is the site broken, or do i need something downloaded to see the content? Im using the latest Explorer browser.GradyK0 2d
2d TurboHUD - bannable or legal Hi, i have some questions about TurboHUD. Its bannable to use TurboHUD in D3 and if yes why? One group say YES, another say NO Some addons in WoW are almost like cheats (for example Deadly Boss Mod) and their using is not bannable. I saw many ppl using THUD and they still playing without ban Thanks for AnswerR1k0204 2d
2d Season 13 LF Supp Barb for Push We are group of 3 ppls and we will try to make some push on the new season. We will run Wizz, BK Necro, Monk and Barb. For now we are searching for a supp barb for our group. We will play for 8-9hours on this weekend. We will play from: 15:30 - 16:00 to: 00:00 - 00:30 in EET (Eastern European TIme) UTC/GMT +2 hours We will start tomorrow at 24.02.18. If you are interested, please reply with your battletag to add you.Furycain0 2d
2d Wizard or Monk for season 13? Hey guys! Simple question! Wizard or Monk? I know that it really depends on what you like.BUT: Who do u think is better at solo Gr push? Who do you think gets the best set this season?antonistheox1 2d
2d Another Wing post There is no shortage of people asking for a chance at getting the white/blue and orange wings. Will they at any point in the future be added, even for a very limited amount of time? I know that people who wanted the Dreadwing mount in WoW had a second chance at getting it when the team over there re-introduced it in the shop. Will we be able to earn the wings or is simply impossible?Cas0 2d
2d update 21.2. 1900 4 hours ago .. game downloaded a patch for diablo .. cant find anything .. what was it? also .. where is some announcement about double goblins? cant find anything too.sh3riff5 2d
2d GR(pub games) for 2pl only after last patch Hello, there is something weird after the _latest patch_(a day ago or so) happened. The most public games(I can join or create for GR) are only for 2ppl and the 3rd&4th players aren't join it. Please look at.. Thanks in advanceyeno5 2d
2d GRIFT not adding more than one player to a game At the moment there seems to be a problem with GRIFTS? When I click on "Join Game" there only ever seems to be one other player in the GRIFT. It doesn't appear to add anyone else. So no more than you and one other player. Anyone know what is going on?Stevie2 2d
2d Bountye Again only 2 ppl in party?Ivan2 2d
2d Sprinter Guides v3.0 released (heaps of improvements) I've just uploaded a new version of my Guides to the Sprinter and Speed Racer Conquests. What is the Sprinter Guide? A detailed, printable guide that gives you all you need to know -- right when you need it -- to smash the Sprinter and Speed Racer conquests. What's in the Sprinter Guide? There are five main sections: Introductory Notes -- (including explanations of how to understand and use the Guides, and tips for builds, tricky maps, etc) Town Camper Guide -- (detailed enough that even a monkey wouldn't mess it up) Runner Guide -- (including maps and strategies for division of labour) Concise Runner Guide -- (just the essentials, for quick reference during a run) Time Record -- (to help analyse what went wrong, and for posterity)The Introductory Notes include separate sections for Runners, the Town Camper, and Everyone. Do I Need to Read the Whole Sprinter Guide? Certainly not! You can skip straight to the Guide you'll need during the run. The Town Camper should print the Town Camper Guide and the Time Record. Runners should print just the Concise Runner Guide. Everyone should skim read some of the Notes, to make sure they understand the Guides, and to pick up any Tips they may not have seen. Where Can I Download the Sprinter Guide? The quick link,, will take you to my Diablo III page at You can download the whole guide (and just print the bits you need), or download the individual sections. I apologise about the two extra clicks for the larger files -- free web hosts... What's Changed Since Version 2 of the Sprinter Guide? A whole new section: The Concise Runner Guide. Much easier to use during gameplay than the full version. Captions on all the maps. Visual directions for three maps in Act 5 (with proper maps planned). Contents table showing the different parts of the guide. (You only need to print the bit you'll be using.) Clearer layout of the Notes (with corrections and clarifications). Each section now has its own page number prefix, from A to E. Corrections and other adjustments, based on experience running the conquest a few more times. Updated target times for Act 3. What's Next for the Sprinter Guide? I have some ideas, and some feedback to address. This includes (in rough order of priority): Adding stylised maps for Act 5, to replace the coloured arrows. Using GameFAQs to host the files, so every download link is direct. Rearranging the sections, moving the heavy text to the end. Adding more icons (like the speech-bubble icon that means "talk"), especially to the older parts of the guide. Adding more colour cues to the Town Camper Guide. Using more headings in the Notes, so specific information is quicker to find. CSS overhaul of my website (it'll never happen: too boring). Items 1 to 3 are likely to happen during Season 9. Beyond that, I'll tackle things based on feedback and enthusiasm. So let me know if you like or dislike these ideas (politely), or if you can think of better solutions. Before any of that, I need to finish off the patch 2.4.3 version of my Kanai's Cube Checklist (possibly tomorrow). Happy Gaming!Starlite2 2d
2d Online profile page not displayed correctly. it shows plvl 1800 which i was on season end feb 9th, i played after this hit plvl 2000 ingame but profile still stays same on 1800. also still shows that green leaf of seasonal char and my 2nd dh whic has mshot build is shown naked. i logged in and out ofc. what am i supposed to do ?TuranDot5 2d
3d Slow motion day? I just logged into D3 to do some rifts and noticed that the entire game is running slower. First I thought it was my system but after asking other players, it seems more people are experiencing it. Any suggestions?Hai9 3d
3d Great game, but needs more new content Hi there, I grew up on the Diablo franchise, and back in that day it was assumed for me and everybody I knew that if Blizzard came out with a game, it would be the very best game of its kind and revolutionary in a lot of ways. I started my Blizzarding on Diablo 1 and Starcraft, and for a long time, it was the only game I played. As D2 and D3 came out, when I wanted a long-term game, that's where I'd end up. But at this point, my friends and I are usually on other Bliz games because those get updated a lot, and D3 doesn't. It's nice to push GR ranks for a while, but after a while it seems to be the same thing with increasing numbers. Necromancer was a good add, and Challenge rifts were... something... but compared to D3, all the other Bliz games are getting way more content, and they seem to have large staffs assigned to it. There's nothing really bad about D3 at all. In fact, it's damn good. The campaign is great, the item concepts are good, there's lots of fun content like the Cow Level -- but there's just not enough new stuff. If D3 was given the same attention as Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm, the campaign would be twice the size, the list of sets and legendaries would be much bigger, and players would not know where to start or where to end. Kinda like WoW. Unfortunately, this is just not happening right now, so the fanbase wanders off. Please revive your signature franchise, or just announce Diablo 4 so we can consign 3 to the dustbin and know the franchise is not dead.Serenicus8 3d
3d Code 317002 - can't create a game is this the new error 37? can't enter any game.. public or solo. any1 with the same issue??Zeru13 3d
3d Classes that works good together? Hey there Diablo experts. Me and my friend plan och going duo this upcoming season. I'll just get straight to the question. He's going to play a Damage build on a DH, and I really don't know what to play next to it, something supportive or tanky? I got support monk + Wave of Light Monk as a tip if we wanted to lootshare, but are there any other suggestions you might have that I can play next to a DH?Sadness1 3d
3d really? 2 player bug back again since your little patch yesterday.good job and that 2 days before new seasonZwiebel4 3d
3d The Promise of Persistence Well, damn. How to say this? Up to and including the end of Season 11, my heroes over the past 5 years have achieved the following: Paragon 756 Greater Rift 50 Gold 21,142,607,644!ApNPUvsKitb8ho5M_r8Li4MTqFLy2Q Now in Season 12, with my solo Demon Hunter judiciously named "Khaleesi", I have achieved something I never thought possible. In just over two months of solo play in Season 12, I have this: Paragon 800 Greater Rift 57 Gold 42,410,830,895!ApNPUvsKitb8hpAujS4clTbOp8unQA That is an increase of 5.7% in Paragon and more than double the amount of gold! Pretty good really! Considering that my biggest detractor this season has constantly been pestering me to change my hybrid Natalya's build to something else, does not even have a Demon Hunter this season, so can't tell me how to play a Patch 2.6.1 Solo Demon Hunter! EDIT (2018-01-23): It has been pointed by some out that I have not been honest about my solo progress. So I'll update this post to mention that yes, my own personal Greater Rift best is only GR59 (achieved after this post was made), but I have some Caldesann's Despair augments on my Ancient Items that far exceed that. Surely it is an accepted practice to use the benefit of group play to make solo play a little easier? Or am I now going to be roasted for not playing a purely 100% solo character?Prometheus92 3d
3d Dear Diablo 3 Development Team I'm hoping I'm not one of those spammers that usually do this but.... I'd like a simple yes and no answer if possible to 2 questions I have. 1. Are the going to be any changes in 2018? By that I mean: community suggestions making their way; gameplay; visuals; lore; characters. 2. Will the be a remaster of Diablo 2?bladefury12 3d
4d Origin of Diablo franchise Here is a nice video with David Brevik shedding some light on development of Diablo 1: 4d
4d Custom Characters? I feel like Diablo III would be much more immersive with customizable characters, like WoW. If you were able to change your race and what you look like, you might be more invested in the game. Or maybe that’s just me?DeadlyKitten6 4d
4d Servers not available. What? Why??phosTR1 4d