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09 May Season 16 Extension Season 16 has proved to be our most popular Themed Season yet, and we’re glad to hear so many of you are enjoying experimenting with the Ring of Royal Grandeur buff. We’ve seen some really cool and unique builds come out of community theorycrafting and seeing them play out in practice has been exciting! We have plans for Season 17, but they are going to need some time for us to test both internally and via PTR closer to launch. To accommodate both the desire we’ve heard for an extension of Season 16 as well as to give us more time to prepare Season 17 (and Patch 2.6.5), we are moving the Season 16 end date to May 12. We hope that you’re enjoying the change-up to your gameplay during the Season of Grandeur and can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got in store for our next themeNevalistis21 09 May
27 Dec A Quick Word from Blizzard Hey, everyone, We just wanted to let you know, there are still ongoing discussions as we’re studying your feedback; stay tuned for further thoughts. We’d like to seize this opportunity to comment on something that’s important to us. Nobody is ‘deleting negative posts’ (just look at the first pages of the forum). Actually, we have been diligently poring over ‘negative feedback posts’ these last days as they are really useful for our reports. We read every thread, every sentence and we relay your sentiment so that informed decisions can be made. Personally, I must admit it’s frustrating to witness disappointment, while the future for Diablo is honestly so awesome. You are still missing important pieces from the bigger picture right now and there’s a reason people are repeating the ‘multiple projects’ line. ;) However, posts that might be deleted are, as always, posts that ignore our Code of Conduct and that would hinder the forum’s purpose as a communications platform: troll posts, harassment posts, low-effort and meme posts, posts with profanity (masked or not), advertisement posts or spam posts, etc. Those posts help no one. So, please (please!) keep sharing your feedback and be as articulate and civilized as you can. This forum is your stand, your choice to make your voice heard (and every voice matters). Use it wisely and constructively.Kheluriel500 27 Dec
2h Sick to death of the same rift tilesets! - Keep Depths - Corvus - Act 1 Crypts - Act 1 Caves - Act 5 Underground Caves And more often than not the same ones appearing in the same rift more than once. Lv1 - Keep Depths......Lvl3 - Keep Depths again, or worse: 3 Keep Depths levels in a row, same rift. I mean Jesus Christ already! This junk is supposed to have been patched like 2 years ago!!WittyGem4 2h
4h Easiest set dungeon to master? Against my better judgement, I decided to go for Guardian for the first time in my life. Started with a Monk, but I'm at the end of Slayer where it requires me to complete a set dungeon. With no time constraints I can do that, but later on I have to master one. So which class has the absolute easiest dungeon to master, and which set is it?WittyGem12 4h
4h Diablo 3 in consoles Has anyone played diablo 3 on both console and ps how do they compare?Crisper2 4h
7h primals on T16 did you get any? 200 rifts, nothing. Checking LB, almost no primal there either, so kinda wondering, if it drops from T14 and above.sh3riff8 7h
9h Gibbering Gemstone Terrible Drop Rate I've killed Chiltara about 250 times over the past few days on t13 with no gibbering gemstone. The drop rate is absolutely abysmal. They need to fix this.Snowball23 9h
11h Issues in Monster damage/ balancing in t16 Seems like the past few days the randomness of damage in t16 has gotten outta control and Ive tested it now with multiple toons and specs. For instance, a Skelton archer has 1 shot me on both my LON monk, and support monk with 1.6mil hp and 1bil toughness. This makes absolutely no sense and it greatly feels like the mobs in t16 are just not balanced what so ever. Ive done gr100+ this season where a archer arrow doesn't even touch me. Is anyone else seeing this or could this just be a one off? It truly seems like t16 is not balanced though. I cant even count the amount of times I've died to random white mobs 500 feet off my screen.Makeitlookez1 11h
12h Scammed ouf of Cosmic Wings! So yesterday I was minding my business. I'm running bounties with three random and to my suprise I find a Rainbow Goblin. I tell them all to teleport to me and we enter the portal. We go about and then I finally find Princess Lilian for the first time (this is after about 1000 hours of playing Diablo 3). As I start to attack her I notice my spells are not doing any damage. I then DC and start freaking out. I quickly rejoin and the wings are nowhere to be found. I then send a ticket to Blizzard support and the have now answered. All they can say is "sorry about that" and "some players create groups to farm for the wings, that might be a solution". I find this completely ridicolous. The DC was not my fault. I was listening to youtube music at the same time as talking to friends on Discord. I am fuming about this right now but it seems like I have to play another 1000 hours before I have another chance to get them.Floppish5 12h
13h New D3 content Dear Blizzard, i have always believed in you, i`m a huge D3 fan, and i always loved this fantastic game, the best RPG action game ever imho. I`m pretty sure that you have, at this point understood how terrible was to bring this new mobile game as the only new content announced at Blizzcon so far. Here i want to give you some suggestion about what the real adult, mature and enthusiast players want to see instead and strongly reccomend you as company and as top tier world video game passionate producer what you should focus on D3 content: - new classes - improved character customization - 5 men party - new monsters - new GRs maps - superior servers quality - more professional and extensive efforts to fight against botters and cheaters, in season and non season above all, where your effort is near to zero atm - a new pvp system with unique new gears and skills - a new act fully dedicated to pvp If you will manage to work and introduce these things properly D3 will be an immortal (for real ;) not as that abominable mobile game ^^) game as has been up to now. Thank you, i hope you will have the time to read my 2 cents here. P.S.: oh i almost forgot this : !@#$ d4 ^^ . We are not all Rhykker`s sheeps, not all need to listen a clickbait nonsense %^-*! youtuber, all we want is a great D3 , that`s all. With love, Laty.latimeriaex11 13h
1d Season 17 Conquests - Avarice / Avarita The Avarice (SC) / Avarita (HC) conquests require a 50,000,000 gold streak. Whilst it's possible to achieve these conquests by clearing mob-heavy maps such as "Not The Cow Level" whilst wearing a Boon of the Hoarder gem, that method relies to some extent on luck, and having had a trip to Greed's Vault to obtain the gem and level it up. However, there is a slow but 100% sure way to get the conquest done that involves opening bounty caches. Ensure you dismiss your pet and that you stand still whilst opening them. Once you've opened all the caches, re-enable your pet and it will pick up the gold in a streak. A T13 bounty cache contains 1,190,000 gold. 43 T13 caches contain enough gold to achieve the conquest. A T14 bounty cache contains 1,440,000 gold. 35 T14 caches contain enough gold to achieve the conquest. A T15 bounty cache contains 1,540,000 gold. 33 T15 caches contain enough gold to achieve the conquest. A T16 bounty cache contains 1,640,000 gold. 31 T16 caches contain enough gold to achieve the conquest.Meteorblade34 1d
1d Boon of the Hoarder nerfed? Not Working? I've set up a farming death breath/gold set with Boon of the hoarder max lvl, and gold packs are not dropping at alll... jut did a nefalem rift with no gold explosion (as the affiz says in my language)... tried different difficulties, same thing... my finding gold paragon is maxed out. Bwfore season 17, I used to do runs where large packs of gold dropped form the monsters, now I do a run with no gold explosion at all. What's happening? Has it been nerfed?AlonsoTheli6 1d
1d New own record So I already completed all the season chapters, acquired the wings, I figured I'll try to break another of my own records, why not :) . I wish all of you guys good loot and even better fun!CalebForeva4 1d
1d S17 Conquest : Sprinter Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who could carry me or help me through the sprinter conquest, it seems impossible in solo... You can add Karsh#21374 if you're ready ! (just know that it's the forst time that I'm trying to go for full completion, I'm playing Diablo for several season, but I'm quite a noob in conquest matters)Karsh2 1d
1d Suggestion of timer [improvement idea] Hey, not sure if there is one already, but i couldnt find and thats why i am leaving my suggestion here for simple timer, something like world of warcraft have (stopwatch).Waksu1 1d
1d Dropped Items have faded Color Hello, I just started into the new season and all my blue/yellow dropped items so far have a faded color and its sometimes very hard to even see them. I also tried it on my non seasonal character- the Setitems are also faded. The only thing so far that is displayed as usual are materials and gold. Also we realized that my friend cant see my items when i drop him for him- and if picks up an item and i try to pick it up it says that it belongs to someone else( as if he tried to drop me an item that he got when i wasnt in his game). Pretty annoying bug especially in the early game- tried changing several videosettingchanges and did scan/repair.VellSain20 1d
1d Non Season Leaderboards full of botters Community managers please forward this message to your Hacks Team!!!! The top leaderboards spots are full of botters in non season!!!!! The more you wait to ban those cheaters the more you kill your own game. Ban those botters in nonseason ASAP!!!!!!Sephiroth140 1d
1d Cooldown reduction bug So on my Wizzard im running Archon(Vyr set), so for that set you need to have as much cooldown reduction you can get. Now..on my tab it say 53.86% but when i un-equp some item with cooldown example:Shoulder with 7% cds now it say 50,34% cooldown not -7(46,86%) and overall i should have 61% (you can see my profile)NicoSRB4 1d
1d Bounty mats My partner and I did the avarice conquest using bounty caches. After farming 35 bounty caches we got the quest done, however we did not recieve the right amount of mats we only got approx 150 of each . How many should you get for that amount of caches? I believe there are 22 of each in t16 caches. which would suggest 22x35 =770 of each. Can you tell me why that happenedDragonlady3 1d
1d Realtime dps, toughness and recovery Hello Blizzard, I have a suggestion for the next patch: why don't you show in real time dps, toughness and recovery. With the bonuses, I have to check in town and verify everything works as advertised. But during combat it could be of great help. Lately I managed to have 1 billion toughness and was surprised. I wanted to show everybody. This is a serious suggestion! :)Gitanes1 1d
1d Botters killed the season for me in less than a week I'm simply not able to compete with scripts and i am also not able to understand the intentional negligence from Blizzards management to tolerate botting on such a large scale, it almost looks like Blizzard really doesn't give a dime about ethics as long they can generate income. I know there are from time to time statements from community managers from Blizzard who state that they won't tolerate this or that but after all the years it's clear to me that it's nothing but dishing out hollow phrases in blue letters. D3 is bot infested like there is no tomorrow. Ever heard about the saying: Preaching water but drinking wine ? And if you need input or ideas in general how to prevent botting because your developers are not able to come up with good or practicable ideas then ask the community and work something out with them, simple as that.... except you'd like to keep everything as it is. Ps: this applies ofc also to account sharing. (pps: check of the IP-timelines via 24h batches)RandyMarsh2 1d
1d Total D3 hours played Quick poll time, for science! Add up all your Diablo 3 characters' played time (season, non-season, soft/hard, pc/console) and reply here. Don't be embarassed, there's no such thing as 'too much Diablo'. If we get enough replies, I'll share my own as well (which, I'm guessing, will be embarassingly low).Kheluriel231 1d
2d Wizzard Paper Dmg bug is real? Hey, so i was a little confused because my paper dmg is way to low.. its showing 1,2 mil even tho other people with lower para and less good items/stats have way more paper dmg then i do ?! Also... When i stand still, my dmg wont raise (travelers set) a friend of mine without all ancient / 4000 less int / 300 less paragon / basically all items worse then mine has about 700k more paper dmg and his dmg will increase while not moving due to the set bonus... Any suggestions? i did clear a gr116 solo so my dmg is fine but idk if its actually that low or if its just a diplay bug ?! Season>wizLeFux4 2d
2d LON buff should remain and continue... LON buff is a great theme and in my opinion should remain and carryover to non-season. So we don't have to be locked-in to using class sets and can instead do new/different builds.Hoops1 2d
2d Please fix the battlenet service disconnects. Battlenet Disconnect. please fix. its on YOUR end. 4 people all got disconnect at the same time, all being trown off battlenet service. you can see in the app it goes offline and online again. this happens to ALOT of people, its not our ISP. its not packet loss. its on YOUR end.Sheka1 2d
2d Conquest 2 questions Since this is my first-ever time going for full season completion, consider me an utter noob. Two questions. 1) One late-journey requirement is to complete 2 conquests. I noticed there are both softcore and hardcore equivalents. Since softcore and hardcore are separate in non-season, is it the case in season as well? If I completed the same conquest in both modes, would it count as 2 overall? Or count as 1 per mode (1 for Soft, 2 for Hard)? 2) The conquest that requires you to reach GR45 without any sets equipped. I'm at 60+ right now and I'm fairly sure I had an ancient set item equipped at all times. Right now I'm only wearing an ancient Tal helm. If I replace that helm with a non-set helm and do GR45.....will it count?WittyGem4 2d
2d Hear me out people! What is love?Chipoodle1 2d
3d GR70 Primal drop I have to question how the primals for completing your first GR70 are being rolled after the last 2 seasons, are they using smart loot or are they just random item and stat drops. The reason i ask this is because last season my barbarian gets a primal little rogue with agility on, not really a big deal i can roll strength but should have been strength anyway? Then this season my DEMON HUNTER gets a primal furnace with intellect on which he cant equip or even use as a passive in the cube.... what gives with these free primals?ShadzGeeza5 3d
3d Pain Enhancer Attack Speed Is the Attack Speed gained from Pain Enhancer multiplicative or additive with "Attack Speed Increase" by gear?kpk1 3d
3d Can't ressurect after death. This old bug seems to be back. Died in a GR, no buttons to press etc, had to restart the game :( Could you add a command like /respawn or something, so we have a chance to ressurect if no buttons are visible? :PZetItUp3 3d
3d Non Season Endgame Meta not playable atm due to Lags Since the start of S17 we can no longer play Highend Greater Rifts (140+) due to massive lags on spots with more than approx. 80 mobs. Obviously many veterans returned to the game but server capacity was not increased. Very very sad ...Limi2 3d
3d Classes need to be balanced again? I haven't played a lot last few seasons, but I remember the classes being somewhat balanced in terms of GR pushing. Now wizard is pulling ahead of the pack again, and barb is again lagging behind (16 levels between top wizard and barb GR clear). Was it something in the 2.6.5 patch? Please buff my barb, it's the only class I play :)Batza0 3d
3d Kanai's Cube Android app Hey, I know some of you liked my old app "Kanai's Cube" for android devices, its simple app for keep tracking what powers are you extracted ext... Was useful back in a day.. Anyway after Google take it down I updated new version and it is available again on playstore you can cheek it out. Since diabloFans is no longer I plan to implement some news in the app to keep D3 alive. Cheers 3d
4d No primal at Greater Rift 70? Hi all. I completed a Greater Rift 70 solo with my Necromancer and didn't get a primal. I figured there wasn't any point in complaining about it, as I assumed that nothing could be done. I was a bit annoyed. Though I've not come across one at all after that grift and my friends are picking them up like sweets in a candy shop - Am I missing something, is it GR 75 or higher?Axonition10 4d
4d Split bounty wasted loot edit2: This post is about Blizzard having forgotten or not been able to disable loot dropping from chests in zones that you've never been in. Long time ago they disabled loot in zones you aren't in. At least partially, and that should be disabled in all ways. The rest of the post is just about several ideas on how it could be fixed!! Pretty sure the most important thing here is that it's not supposed to drop at all, not that having it mailed to you is ONE way of fixing a mistake that was made years ago. edit: The correct fix might just be to actually not have ANY loot drop while you're not in the zone.. That only works partially already The fact is: Legendaries still drop from chests and perhaps a few other sources even though you're not in the zone during for example split bounties which is a very common thing. These items could be primal ancient for all we know. Why can't they be mailed if forgotten? At least the big items. Or perhaps adding a game wide warning would be more appropriate, at least for ancient or only primal ancient loot. This thing/issue must have come up before..Eiwo4 4d
4d Season 17 two issues Playing WD 1. Most of my items drop are for Crusader. 2. Elite monster density in GR seems strange, Not get Elite/Champion packs as it used to be before. Yesterday I did GR20~ till level 4 GR I encounter only one or two elite, exploring almost all maps.Adamfazai2 4d
4d characters lost after login back in someone help please I went for a break for a few hours and logged back in and all 3 of my level 40's characters were gone like it deleted by itself.izack312 4d
5d Change Haedrigs gift? Hi D3 TS. Is it possible to change the choice i made on Haedrigs gift on season start? I was unfocused since I was changing hero for a boss and then it just popped up and now I'm not sure what i picked and how to receive it? Looking forward to hear from you.GaD1 5d
5d You cant play anymore!! How did you think this season? its not fun anymore, you cant do anything at all before you die of everything little thing.. and every single fing grift its poisonpoison and fireballsfireballs.. and i die like 8 times in one gr just becouse its only poison and fireballs every single grift.. and if you only get hity a little by a meele you die.. dont un dertsnad how you are gona play and have fun when you are dead all the timecolle4 5d
5d Season 17 are wings still obtainabe? Hello guys, If I understood correctly by reading the Journey, it says that to complete Guardian, you need to do 3 Conquests that are associated with the leaderboards. What I want to ask is, are the wings obtainable only by a max of 3k people, or are you still able to get them even if the leaderboards are already maxed out? ThanksDarky3 5d
5d Plan: Sage's Journey i got all plans besides this set and i have no idea how to get them for the last 7 bounty-runs i got exactly 0 blacksmith plans is there something i am missing or just bad lucksatse3 5d
5d Run game @ 120+ hz (frames)? Hello guys, Hope you enjoy season 17 LoN buff theme! Right to the chase, my question is can the game run at above 60 frames? Or is the D3 engine locked at 60? My specs: Ryzen 7 1700 @ 4 Ghz 32GB Ram Gigabyte GTX 1070 Asus Monitor ROG 165hz (cant remember the exact model) 2k panel Are there any special settings that needed to archive this at all? In Nvidia Control Panel or smthg? Or is it even possible? Thank you in advance.Goldberg1 5d
5d Paragon 1000+ in season 17 Hi, Can anyone be so kind and explain to me how come some people are already paragon 1000+ in Season 17? I mean it takes me weeks to even hit 800+ How do people do this and what magic do they use? Thanks KatenipKatenip10 5d
5d Auto pickup crafting materials. Hey! I was just wondering, is Blizzard/ going to make some change. That will make crafting materials auto pickuped, as the gold is? Or is someone else also thinking about this? It would make looting so much easier. Best regards DibbzDibbz2 5d
5d Can't write language special letters I can write ç and ü but when I type ı İ ş Ş they turn to ý Ý þ Þ. I use Turkish keyboard and win10 language, I don't have this problem in Overwatch. Also I played D3 months ago and I don't remember I had a problem like this.volkannergun3 5d
5d paragon level before lv.70 hi i was playing diablo 3 recently with a friend and something happens, he started getting a paragon level right now he has 13 paragon level's while he is at level 60, is there a way to turn off or something to do so he can level up normally ?SICapei2 5d
5d Paragon level before lv.70 hi i was playing diablo 3 recently with a friend and something happens, he started getting a paragon level right now he has 13 paragon level's while he is at level 60, is there a way to turn off or something to do so he can level up normally ?SICapei2 5d
5d Disconnect What is going on lately? I have DC's at least 5 times in 2-3 hrs playing (even solo), showing error code 1016. I have a very stable cable connection (400 Mb) with low latency (~30 ms). This is getting frustrating, especially when running GR and bounties (group play)...MxBad13 5d