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25 Jul 2013 Reporting Potential Exploits, Hacks, or Scams The integrity of Diablo III is incredibly important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring the game remains a safe and fun environment for everyone. If you have knowledge of a possible exploit, hack, bot, or scam, the best way to inform us is by emailing our hacks team at or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue, as well as any additional details you’re able to provide. We also ask that you refrain from posting information or instructions on how to use potential exploits on the forums. We take reports of any potential exploit, hack, bot, or scam very seriously – and while not every reported exploit we look into turns out to be a real concern, we appreciate everyone’s help in keeping us informed of possible issues as they arise.Takralus1 25 Jul 2013
3h Season 15 End / Season 16 Start Dates Hey everyone, In order to ensure a smooth transition between Seasons, and give players extra time to enjoy the Double Bounty Cache buff, we will be ending Season 15 on January 6. With this, Season 16 is scheduled to begin on January 18. As a quick heads-up, we will also be resetting the current Era leaderboards on January 8, so you’ve still got some time to push for that final leaderboard placement before the rollover occurs! Good luck!Kheluriel61 3h
27 Dec A Quick Word from Blizzard Hey, everyone, We just wanted to let you know, there are still ongoing discussions as we’re studying your feedback; stay tuned for further thoughts. We’d like to seize this opportunity to comment on something that’s important to us. Nobody is ‘deleting negative posts’ (just look at the first pages of the forum). Actually, we have been diligently poring over ‘negative feedback posts’ these last days as they are really useful for our reports. We read every thread, every sentence and we relay your sentiment so that informed decisions can be made. Personally, I must admit it’s frustrating to witness disappointment, while the future for Diablo is honestly so awesome. You are still missing important pieces from the bigger picture right now and there’s a reason people are repeating the ‘multiple projects’ line. ;) However, posts that might be deleted are, as always, posts that ignore our Code of Conduct and that would hinder the forum’s purpose as a communications platform: troll posts, harassment posts, low-effort and meme posts, posts with profanity (masked or not), advertisement posts or spam posts, etc. Those posts help no one. So, please (please!) keep sharing your feedback and be as articulate and civilized as you can. This forum is your stand, your choice to make your voice heard (and every voice matters). Use it wisely and constructively.Kheluriel500 27 Dec
01 Mar 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 28 FEB Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated December 12. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Items Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Kheluriel4 01 Mar
02 Feb [2/9] Suspensions and Leaderboard Removals Greetings all, A couple weeks ago, an exploit was discovered in which Necromancers could receive an unfairly high advantage over other classes. Utilizing this exploit required both implicit knowledge and intention to execute and, as a result, we are issuing account suspensions and removing affected records from the leaderboards. You may be wondering why we're executing this now rather than when we originally fixed the exploit; the long and short of it is that this was a very complicated issue to track and we are, as always, dedicated to ensuring we are not punishing players who may be innocent. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to maintain as honest and fair a gaming environment as we can.Kheluriel0 02 Feb
14m The Season 16 and Patch 2.6.4 is GARBAGE Hello folks, I tried today Sunwuko build after "buff" and I have to say I see ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE INCREASE AT ALL! Sunwuko 6 pieces get 50% buff but my damage is the same! Absolutely no damage increase! Blizzard announced that every character will be able to push at least 5 GR higher. Absolutely NONSENCE! I can push only GR 102 with my horrible monk in 2.6.1, and my monk in patch 2.6.4 has the same damage, because Blizzard absolutely did not buff anything. They only rewrite some text from 1000% to 1500%, but truth is that dmg remain THE SAME! I also have to admit I do not understand why this is the first season I do not get season buff in for non season characters. Last season I got double bounty stash FOR NON SEASON CHARACTERS!!!! Even double goblins spawns were available for non season players few seasons before. It seems that Blizzard absolutely does not know what to do with Diablo 3. They absolutely do nothing. They do not add new content. Monk sunwuko build is getting worse and worse after every single patch. I do not understand why Blizzard hate this build so much. Sunwuko is the WEAKEST and the biggest GARBAGE set for Monk. Only usable build was Inna's build. I tried Sunwuko and Inna build in PTR. Sunwuko sucks as hell, absolutely no damage increase, but Inna... mmmm it was a different story. I was able to push GR 114 with this build and I was only 1200 paragon. But sunwuko? Naaaah, even GR 100 is hard for sunwuko, because sunwuko damage is the smallest in the game. I want to ask you folks, does Inna is really strong after Blizzard MEGA NEFR? Yes, Blizzard nerfed Inna build without any reason. A lot of streamers now say that Inna is unusable and it is not the strongest build at all. Even Demon Hunter multishot is much stronger than Inna and Sunwuko. I have to really laugh because Multishot set is for SPEED RUN but not for GR push. So Blizzard made DH speed run build stronger than other high GR push build from other characters.. Hmmm that really make sence. This game is getting worse and worse after every patch.... I'm done with this game.Seraph0 14m
17m s16? When s16 stats?Blazefury11 17m
42m Ty Meteorbalde i found missing posts I found them thankyou very much. A lot of topics I was looking for a response on are gone but what can you do. Is there a forum other then Blizzards I can post on?Aysrian17 42m
44m Why is there no season 16 news in the bnet launcher Like its one of the only way to get casual peoples attention to keep a steady flow of players coming back to have a peek and u community managers dont use it ? Plz explain why there is no thumbnailed featured newspost ... . All i see when i click on diablo3, is the darkening event and swith commercial and that mobile disaster. And while you are at it , please explain the reason why other games have events almost every week/holiday/weekend , and we as diablo community get maybe three events a year ... i can count double xp events on one hand and thats for the whole lifetime of this game .... like how hard is it to do a double xp/gemdrops/goblins/caches/keystones weekend/holiday. Its one single digit change to the server code ... And dont tell me its not fair to people who cant play that weekend/holiday. In world of warcraft u have special holiday events that happen only once every 365 days ... , u cant play that day, bad luck u can wait 365 days to try again. Negligence towards the diablo community is the only thing i can think of. 2019 is a new year, lets kick it off with a bang, tease us how many (micro) events are planned for diablo 3 this year, communicate with us!Pesticide17 44m
2h Letterbox Whu do you change the !@#$ing letterbox ?? I'm so salty the game is %^-*ing weird and before the update everything was alright QQLightuchiwa0 2h
3h Average Paragon I see the post hours played I have played since day one probably 5k hours. I am just 1700 paragon sc and prob 1800 hc. It would be interesting to see the average paragon per hours played. I am far below on paragon im not to concerned about it I just do my own thing. I had a lot of hour reaching paragon 100 for the first few years lol .Aysrian3 3h
3h The proposal for a new section of the forum. It is necessary to create a section called "Suggestions for improving the game", which periodically close topics with irrelevant proposals with a low rating and worked out proposals.TankXIII4 3h
4h Profile not working - Error 500 For a few days now, profiles like mine : can't be accessed. Error 500, Internal Server Error. Please fix this !huertgenwald4 4h
8h Joining a game in middle of GR run - Show GR level It would be very useful to see the GR level that other players are running as indication that should I wait or not for their completion of the rift. EDIT: As @Jazz mentioned, Progress bar would be epic as well.fac3s7 8h
9h Is D3 fun? I'm relatively new to diablo 3 and I can in all fairness say I'm newbie. I played D2 long long ago and even then I was very casual with it. Yet I enjoy this game far more than I have expected. I love idea of crafting station, transmogs and lore collecting via books through the game. Tge campaiqn has D2 vibe to it but is also something new. Even if T13 became cakewalk after building right items and skill I can always move to GR if I want challange or start new season. As newbie I started visiting forums to read news and discussions perhaps learn more about my class. Most of things I find is: either someone salty blaming the game for their lack of skills or knowledge when thet can't push GR (then more experienced players point wrong build and details rather than bugs); 'I'm leaving this game' types while still posting on forums; some absolutely absurd complains at some game features. I mean it is Diablo it is grindy at times mindless demon hunting. If this game is so bad then why bothering and still playing it? Stop all the salt and find game that you will enjoy. Is it just newbie thing that I enjoy the game? Are there any veterans that still like it and didn't get bored? I wonder what you lots thing on D3 in general but don't leave comments like: D3 is dead without any arguments. So where does all this forum negativity comes from?Lightfury3 9h
12h Goodbye Blizzard I just got disconnected during GR rift push on my HC char in single game. Thats a great way to punish gamers blizz You know what, I dont need youre games I`ve got my oculus and Xbox account for just a 10$ a month thus dosens of games to play and enjoy. Bye Bye Youre not getting this customer back. P.S. Diablo 3 was failed from the start I just stuck with it due to nostalgia. PoE here I come.Faktuu13 12h
16h LON Hi.I just try some lon builds with my wizard and i find it very good.I created a frost build, an electric build, a death blossom-comet build and tommorow i will try a new hydra buld.From the begining with not so good items i finished GR from 80-100+ with the new builds. Its good that you buff damage but its not good that you didnt with def.Any way i can play easy over 100gr and having good def but i dont know for how more. Keep in mind that i ll try to play with new builds for diversity by using spells i didnt before.For that reason and only that, LON is perfect.greekfire4 16h
17h Total D3 hours played Quick poll time, for science! Add up all your Diablo 3 characters' played time (season, non-season, soft/hard, pc/console) and reply here. Don't be embarassed, there's no such thing as 'too much Diablo'. If we get enough replies, I'll share my own as well (which, I'm guessing, will be embarassingly low).Kheluriel227 17h
1d Diablo 4 Concepts Hello. I was reading up on what people would like to see in a new Diablo game (I don't mean some mobile port but a proper new PC/console game) and it made me wonder. Most people want updated Diablo 1 and 2 combined and remastered, also going back to more serious gore theme. I have even seen some interest in going third-person towards a God of War type of game. In my opinion it would destroy it going TPP, I like it isometric and I can't imagine this game any different. What I would like to see, is more of that more serious, dark theme. I was playing Diablo 1 as a kid and the theme of dark fantasy in a gloomy little village with atmospheric music (hell, I really love that theme melody) shaped my interests in a way. I read fantasy and horror to this day and in no small measure, thanks to that game. I would like to see characters and monsters to blend more in with the location. Imagine going through some corridor into a dark room. Upon entry you see a big fountain full of blood attached to the far wall. The source of blood are human bodies hooked to the wall and bleeding into the pool. You can see ripples on the surface. Once you get close enough, naked vampire females start raising from the fountain, skin glistening with blood, they look at you and then start to scream in high inhuman voice. Moment's later a swarm of bats fly at you and brides become Elites, others appear through the windows and you get into earning your massacre bonus. Nothing cartoonish though! In my head it is a real scary, proper realistic scene. That makes impression, like stumbling on a Butcher in Diablo 1 for the first time! I was young, but I still remember. I don't have a memorable moment like that from Diablo 3 though, maybe it is the age thing or maybe it was just well made. I can see that it would not be possible to grind efficiently having a scene like that played out before any monster appear. This is why I would like these things to happen in a Campaign mode, maybe in some locations during adventure too. I am not to bother as long as it fuels my imagination as first 2 games did. This is a game series that have become a cult classic. To beat that you need a piece of art. I would also take away access to all character skills before you reach lv 70 which I would like to become much harder to do. Maybe there is a thread about it, but i am not much into forums so I don't know where to look... I was thinking more of visuals and atmosphere in here, lot less about the mechanics of the game, I assume that many better players than me might contribute to that. I am looking forward to reading some interesting ideas! Cheerslukkuz2 1d
1d Easiest class for season Hi Folks I would like to know, no trolling please, what would be the easiest class to faceroll the new season, I am just after the seasonal rewards to get them asapShaded9 1d
1d Console patched. PC soon. Seems to be patch time. Edited: Only console patch/maintenance To clarify. Posts about patch appeared on US forum. On my mobile screen (don't you have phones?) the breakings news read: Diablo III All... line break... Console plus the date and time. On a PC monitor it looks different and clearly just reads "All Console".Jazz39 1d
1d I cant login! Error code:34200 I cant login! diablo servers are out for some reason error code34200 Europe Server btwSecctano26 1d
1d search for group/clan with para 1200-2000+ non-season mostly for doing grifts 110+in non-season danutz23#2463 add meDanutz232 1d
1d Dear o Mighty D3 Thanks for your update... First of all your update sucks .. i succed to spend one hour and my point of review is : You grew the bonus dmg, and you grew up the healt of the monsters ... Befor update i was going few times to check the healt of the monsters of lvl 80... was something like that.. now it is 8 ... ... ... ... i just succeed to do solo G R with just 5 lelels from 75 to 80 .... and this just because of your 7000+ bonus dmg... indeed it is a good progress but you will have to work more I dont know how even succeed to do lvl 120 in GR... maybe it is a bug on my character, or my items or i dont know. but the point is that the more time i spend in game the more sucks it is the dmg is going down when im using the skills and buffs... this is not normal. i was complaying about this, ppl putt me to change my gears d and items... i succees but unfortunately the dmg still going down. HOW IT is posible if you have 2.8 mil dmg and you start using skills your dmg to go down??? i dont get the point. This is a game and this must be solved. I invite you to play with my character today. As long as D3 High staffs can have acces to my acount i invite them to play with my barbarian and you will see what the hec is my problem with my character .... or Just go on your Sistem managment and check for bugs what could be posible to lower my dmg . And another thing about my Toughness was about 900 millions and Elite from lvl 90 hit me one time and i was death.. How this is posible. How the hec i suppose to wear a gear that give me more Toughness because this gear what i am wearing on barb is almost one of the mest gear found .... and if i putt more Toughness on me i will lower the dmg and this will result ending up in Solo GR 65-75 because i will cannot handle annymore higher lvls ... I know you dont give a .... about this post and i know you didnt read it all my argues and my points. Shame on you. My Charact is barbarian and i use whildwind as primary skillTheLionKing14 1d
1d Just hit GR70 - No Ancient Primal Ok so i thought I'd take advantage of the set rebalances and finally try and get GR70 unlocked, which I did tonight (finally). I thought with this patch you were guaranteed to get a primal legendary (red) drop on completion of GR70 all I got was the usual legendary rubbish no mention at all of unlocking primals, so what went wrong?Eckethump4 1d
1d [Leveling] Items worth gambling Barbarian: Bracers: Nemesis Bracers: LvL 34 (Spawn elites)Belt: Saffron Wrap: LvL 7 (40-50% Overpower dmg, up to 20 stacks) Harrington Waistguard: LvL 34 (100-135% dmg for 10sec when you click an object)Mighty Belt: Undisputed Champion: LvL 9 (All frenzy runes) Girdle of Giants: LvL 9 (Earthquake %dmg) Chilnaki's Chain: LvL 34 (Movmement speed 30-40%)Boots: Lut Socks: LvL 9 (Cast leap multiple times)Rings: Leroic's Signet: LvL 15 (20-30% exp gain) Skull Grasp: LvL 60 (300-400% whirlwind dmg)Polearm: Standoff: LvL 30 (400-500% Furious Charge dmg of your bonus movement speed)| | | Wizard: Boots: Nilfur's Boast: LvL 60 (Increased Meteor dmg up to 900%)Rings: Manald Heal: LvL 25 (13.000-14.000% Lightning dmg)Bracers: Nemesis Bracers: LvL 34 (Spawn elites) Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer: LvL 9 (75-100% Potency of your shields)Belt: The Shame of Delsere: LvL 20 (50% attack speed with signature spells and restore arcane power) Hergbrash's Binding: LvL 33 (Reduced arcane power on certain spells) Fazula's Improbable Chain: LvL 33 (40-50 Archon stacks when entering archon form) Harrington Waistguard: LvL 34 (100-135% dmg for 10sec when you click an object)Wizard Hats: Crown of the Primus: LvL 21 (All slow time runes) Velvet Camaral: LvL 34 (Double the number of enemies your Electrocute jumps to)Orbs: Etched Sigil: LvL 33 (While channeling Arcane torrent, disintegrate or ray of frost, you also cast your other spenders and you deal 125-150% more dmg) Triumvirate: LvL 60 (300-400% arcane orb dmg, stacks 3 times)Wands: Starfire: LvL 9 (10-15% lightning dmg for every 10 yards away) Unstable Scepter: LvL 9 (350-450% dmg with arcane orb, explodes twice) Wand of Woh: LvL 34 (300-400% dmg with explosive blast, +3 additional explosions)Staff: The Grand Vizier: LvL 60 (300-400% meteor dmg and reduce its cost by 50%)| | | Me and my friend is leveling barbarian and wizard this season, so I thought i'd share my gambling list. Most of these items are very powerful and will help you reach level 70 faster than usual. Please feel free to share your tips for gambling for other classes as well :)Romz1 1d
1d RoS - Prance Around The World Achievement Just completed my "Prance Around The World" achievement. The one where you have to complete all events spread out on Act 5. So that means that all events are currently working, and able to complete. Although the spawnrate could use some adjustment. (Yes, Tollifer's Last Stand took forever to spawn.) Just letting the other fellow achievement hunters out there know. I know some of you are banging your head against the wall for some of these events, but dont give up! Good luck :)Angeroth2 1d
2d Would you please do something DEVS?! Hello, first of all I'm a huge fan and have played really high amount of hours in diablo. I like it. Really I do, but why in god dammit hell you would make this game such a garbage? Everyone is telling me that Diablo is dead. Normally I wouldn't believe that. But now when I can see with my own eyes that you're doing nothing with legendary weapons, armors... Just giving more and more % damage to set items. Is that really necessary? Would you please make this great game, harder and more grinding? Would you give gold some role? As real thing not just "meeeh have few bills in my char...". Literally everyone here is giving you ideas, tips how to make Diablo great ARPG game again! And you are just f*cking them up..... If there will be nothing in this year for Diablo.. it will be the end of the road. And everyone here is just making comments about how I should just be quiet but tell me.. What are you doing for this game? Sitting in forum just to diss everyone who got ideas or have his own opinion? WELL CLAP CLAP for you guy that you're making this community "great". Well Played.Klimex14 2d
2d S16 EU Starting Time Hi Blizzard, Can someone please confirm the following start time for the season? In the blog post the following is written: ... However, this would mean that the season would start one hour earlier than EVERY other season i've currently played (granted, thats only 3, but still). As i'm organizing a D3-weekend with friends, we would much appreciate it if we could get a final time-stamp on the S16 start! Thanks in advanceJelmer16 2d
2d Only Two DBs For Bosses & Elites Running T13 Nephs and only getting two Death Breath every time I kill a Boss pack or Elite. EVERY TIME. Did I miss anything about them dropping from three to two? Thanks, Rich the Kill GuyRich92351 2d
2d Claiming Seasonal rewards is not well described Picked up Diablo on the switch. Hadn't played in awhile on PC. Tried out Season's. Got 4 chapters done. Was a bit unclear about how claiming these worked. I had to go on a business trip and season has ended. Figured from past reading that the rewards would be mailed at the end of the season. Nope. Gone apparently. I've spent 2 hours trying to figure out that apparently you had to go into the seasonal area while it was live, with the character you wanted to claim it on and hit claim. Instead of it putting a mail that gave you the gift on whatever character you claimed it on in the event you might have not been able to login prior to the season ending. So apparently no seasonal rewards last season. So not fun.Zergor2 2d
2d lost season items I was logged out when I was on a season object so everyone was gone when I logged in again. can you get them back again? They are on my seasonal character.molle10 2d
2d Best S16 starter headrigs Hey Everyone wanted to hear what class you guys think would be best to use gift on to build into nice T13 speed set as quick as possible? speed/farming/bounty build with the season gift sets.Darkness2 2d
2d lost greater rift stones i played a couple of hours and i lost now 2times my greater rift stones without any reason, i don't know how.d4vid16 2d
2d Blizz please take it easy We can't handle all the reveals of your multiple Diablo projects that you've been firing out non-stop lately. Please calm down I know you're super excited about how great and totally non-fictional they are but the community can only handle so much. Focus on what the fans really care about - Diablo Immortal. In case you are wondering what the fans want from it I'll give you a hint - "micro" transactions ranging from 5 to 99.99$. These micro transactions NEED to give power to people who spend more otherwise they would not be worth it. I'd recommend loot boxes to keep people buying. Again, thanks for all the exciting Diablo news but you can relax and take a break now.NotMyDiablo4 2d
2d What is taking so long? Its been an hour since they announced they had a problem rolling out the PC patch...Its 2019, it can't be that complicatedOrtellios2 2d
2d Season 16, what you doing? So I'm going to be playing more than just a few hundred paragon this season since it actually looks like a decent looking set of changes. With that said I was wondering what people are going to be playing and why? For me it will likely be a DH however I'm quite interested in the look of the crusader this season. The DH for me though offers the best play style (for me) and I always like how fluid it feels. I love the WD but seriously the post vanilla WD just hasn't done much for me. So what are you guys going to play and why?Fean5 2d
3d LF Legit and experienced Switch players I just got my Switch yesterday and I am looking for players to team up with. Preferably with some understanding of D3, meaning you have basic knowledge of how to play, and gear up dps and support builds, but most important is that you don't cheat. I mainly play play DH (all builds) and zbarb. My fiend code is: 5912-4451-1909Hai4 3d
3d Era now due to end on 14th January ... ... ... It's now... 00:10 PST 9th January 2019 08:10 GMT 9th January 2019 09:10 CET 9th January 2019 17:10 KST 9th January 2019 The era has not ended. Your customers had expectations that the era would end on the 8th January because you told them it would. Not only were the expectations you set not met, but you couldn't even be bothered to communicate that there would be a delay. Is this an example of an experience you expect the community to be proud of? Would you please let your community know when the era will actually end and exactly when Patch 2.6.4 will be released. --==[ EDIT ]==-- ...Meteorblade18 3d
3d review the +Exp% that reduces at lvl70 to 10% Hi All, this is my First post, but I've read these forums for years, I have played since its release and the demo before that. Having time to kill before the season 16, I've being thinking/planning the new season start. I think it would be a good idea to review the +Exp% that reduces at lvl70 to 10%. I know there was a good reason years ago when this was implemented. however I think the bar is a little low. Could this be extended to Paragon 400-800. as these item are now useless past 70, and often not found until too late. It would be great if the low sets [esp Cains/Born Set] could be rolled with stats at your current lvl. I like the use of Gem of Ease/hell fire rings etc, I would love to be able to pass items on to the new season, At say a high Grind cost [Gold+gem at lvl 70-100] this would provide something to work towards before the season starts. I expect the use of this should exclude users from the speed related achievements.Starkiller10 3d
3d Mouse not working I log in to the game and my mouse stops working. Logged in using a MacBook Pro. Anybody else?Tangles4 3d
3d Let's bring back Auction house! I want to weigh in all players who want to bring back the Auction House where you can buy Items and sell your stash! I want to know how many players want it back so I will make a strawpoll just for this forum and for you to share. Let's get this going!! * /Sincerely SneakySwitchSneakySwitch18 3d
3d Blizzard Dev. God Bless you for sticking in after founders have left and bigger money took over. Can you kick someone in the balls get things going again? Probably not politicly correct? In my experience if your not happy and you have skills move on it can be scary but it beats being miserable. Hum do you think your friends will set up shop again. Plz do Gamers for gamer not money for money.Aysrian0 3d
3d Make Double Cache bonus permanent Hi! I love how Double Cache bonus from bounties is working! This is what the game was in need for. This feature is game changing and it's at the same level of awesome as double chance for legendary drop, which you made permanent. :) I came back do Diablo (sadly at the end of the season) after I saw there is Double Horadrim Cache buff during the season. It made bounties... rewarding. They suddenly started to feel so great and I came to really love them. Double Cache bonus makes me feel like the spent while running bounties means something and that's my effort is rewarded. They award just the right amount of legendaries (which I mostly salvage but hey, I use enormous amounts of Forgotten Souls for reforging legendaries). Double Cache bonus actually gives the game variety of ways to play. We no longer have to run Greater Rifts over and over again for legendary shower which will be salvaged anyway for mats if we are in need of Forgotten Souls. Right now we can choose either GRs or Bounties. And the effect in mats count is well balanced for the effort and time put in the gameplay. Thinking that the bonus will be over soon makes me feel like you are taking something away. Running bounties won't be exciting anymore as the reward won't be sufficient. It will be... lacking. Receiving ten caches for five acts feels great and I love opening every single one of them. When there will be only five of them again, I will be like "What? Is it over already?" because it always felt like that in the past. The feeling of disappointment which was the major cause of me leaving Diablo. For me the first impression was "wow, Devs, you really made it happen. Bounties are actually worth playing", so leave them as they are now and let us decide what we want to play without the feeling, that we loose something, if we don't play Greater Rifts. At your end, the change isn't hard to implement and at ours it's a big game changer. So with the minimum effort you can change the game for better. Please Devs, hear us (because I hope there will be others feeling the same as I do) and let's make Diablo great again. Thanks!Zeturion25 3d
3d new patch 5pm 15th or? i just waked up witing for it to come right nowMagicalSouls1 3d
4d Toggle Akarat skin On/Off Crusader Please!! Remove this michelin mode. PleaseE!!! "Please, make an option to toggle on/off Akarat Champion skin when skill is active. There are many of us who don't find it aesthetically pleasant, and would be really great to feel and see our hero with intended transmogs during fights :D" I hope it's ok now. "1. Don't post about locked threads. 2. Don't use all caps, excessive punctuation etc. 3. Don't create petitions."Theros4 4d
4d Blizzard forgotten anouncement Why has Blizzard not announced when the new patch will be released ahead of season 16??? Two weeks: or; even 1 week of build testing is better than none!Ancient114 4d
4d Why??? I know we can't open one topic because a locked one. But i only wanna know to understand the motive to avoid it the next time. Why my topic get closed??? 4d
4d Any Leaderboard banwave? All is in the title. Top LB has become a true botter "competition"... Clean up requested as we're reaching the end of Era, Blizzard! Thx.Æthelstan0 4d