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4d NOTICE: Shield of Fury Temporarily Disabled It's come to our attention that the Legendary power of Shield of Fury is unintentionally affecting other Crusaders' Heavens Fury instead of only your own. We are immediately disabling this power across all regions while we work on a hotfix to resolve this issue. We anticipate releasing this hotfix as soon as possible (after thorough testing is completed) and, in the meantime, believe that it is too early in the season for this to have a lasting impact on the leaderboards. Once the hotfix has been applied, we will be re-enabling the power. We'll update this thread once we can confirm the hotfix and the power are both live. Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.Kheluriel2 4d
09 Nov 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 11/8 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated November 8. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Items Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Kheluriel0 09 Nov
28m Primal Obsidian isn't they say that primal ring and amulet will allways have a socken on it? One question, why this ring doesent have socket and he is PRIMAL?Ivan8 28m
2h Looking for clan Looking to join a PC clanAdrocK2 2h
3h Bots - Are you ever gonna do anything about them? Title. Bots and paragons simply ruins the fun of this game. You can't compete in leaderboards with "people" who has twice your paragon level. This season is one of the best seasons imo. Good balance which made a lot of builds viable and fun again. I've played A LOT this week, actually made top 10 monk EU yesterday, but I lose my motivation to continue when seeing the top paragons. 2000 after a week? I am a bit over 1000 and I've been playing solo (which I think is the most fun) I've played 70+ hours this season already which is a lot. But these "people" are already 2000, which is 5000 more mainstat. FUN! Also, I did the match yesterday. Checked top paragon player's playtime. Last night it was 7,2 days, which is basically 24/7 since the start of the season. So it's either botting or account sharing which is both against the rules. Is the season over already?Minoxz38 3h
3h Death in HC means reset of GR70 for primals? Hello. Got a quick one. If i completed a gr70 in hc this season and after i died, do i need to complete a gr 70 again with the new char to get primals? CheersAreoHotah4 3h
12h How can I leave whisper in D3? Hi guys! I played HotS and there are an option where players can leave whisper. Why don't we have that in Diablo 3 when community chat is so busy all time. It will be very helpful!Viku5 12h
13h Would you buy it? question to everyone, if blizzard added the option for us to buy extra stash tabs, more character slots from the battle net shop for real money, would you buy it?Treaxyl12 13h
13h worst ingame community ever I must say over they years i played online games, diablo 3 has the worst ingame community ever. I dont even mean that no one talks there, but even if you ask any sort of question on multiple channels you will most likely dont get any answer. Like really, thousands of people of people across various chat and no one can answer. I dont even meantion public games, where people dont even bother to say "hi" or "bye". seeing "thanks for runs" its more rare than rarest item in game. It sad, cause d3 is still a game i like, but at the same time i hate the community for being so sh!t.GhostDog5 13h
15h Zero Primal I am Para 700 for Season 12. I have had zero Primal drops and the ancients I am wearing I crafted. To test drop rates, I collected 500 items and identified them, zero Primal and 4 (yes 4!!!) Ancients. After many years of D1, D2 and D3, enough is enough. The game is not random - the game is broken and pointless so I will not waste any more time on it.Soucouyant3 15h
20h Reroll help Hi! Yesterday I had a very nice ancient immortal king's Irons (gloves) drop. It has the following stats: -strength (~960) -attack speed: 7% -chc: 9.5% -AD: 19% I can't decide what to reroll to chd. Plz if you have any good idea I would appreciate it. I have now without thi gloves on gear: - 5+5+7% as - 93% ADLadyPaka9 20h
21h Lags, lags, lags LAGS, LAGS, LAGS Playing over 126 become impossible task. With season 12 start we lost, last old playable servers we had, 209s and 210s. With new servers 37s and some freaking 5s, game just stop if U have over 5% in mobs(and illu pack just rip the game all 2gether). How can we enjoy game if we cant even play it? Pls Blizzard, U not doing anything about boters and cheaters(we get used to that), but now we cant even play the game that we love. with regards ConstConstantine14 21h
1d How the h#¤l do you make a support ticket? Hi! Starting to get extremely angry here. I am trying to write a ticket but I can't for my life find where you do that. I've clicked every thing I can think of in the support and I've searched for ticket via the search engine, no luck. It's like a circle, everything sends you back to the start page. There is a nice button where you can look on the tickets you have made, but is there one on making a ticket... nope. I've played almost every game blizzard game made, I beta tested WoW had the collectors ed of D3 in my hands a day before the game started and been playing it since. I think I've made a handful of tickets on a few of the games, rapporting bugs etc. But damn has it become hard to do one now. So if anyone know how/where you go to make a ticket pls tell me.Darshaagan2 1d
1d Set Dungeon is my Journey Breaker Still, my Journey ends with that Set Dungeon in the way. They aren't my thing and I can't come up with the required speed and skill. Set Dungeon difficulty does not match to the rest of the Journey. It's a Journey Breaker for me. Just saying. I feel, that those dungeons are totally out of place, skill wise, at that part of the Journey. Every other thing on Slayer is quite easily to be finished, even without having every recommended item for Vyr's build. Like I am (at Paragon 260) still missing the Zodiac ring, Fazula's belt and Chantodo's source, amongst others. Lvl 30 GR for example is not a Problem. But, completing that dungeon is. I am short of 100 more Mobs at the end. Collecting the recommended items for Set Dungeon completion will be such a pain. Let alone Mastery.Tamyndris24 1d
1d Message from European Clans (About Botting) Dear D3 Community and Blizzard Entertainment, We want to talk about something which affects our community, our gaming motivation and mostly our game joy. And the thing is, everyone knows there is a big silence about this issue when it comes to developer side. But with a little hope, we thought it’s time to raise our voice about; Botting. For D3’s current state, there is a huge difference between botting and playing legimately when it comes to competition. The advantage of botting is significant and cannot be ignored. We know game’s current state is not like the other popular Blizzard games, but at least we deserve an answer or improvement-solution about it. For our community and Diablo franchise.. Because this discussion not only affecting the leaderboard and unfair competition, also causes our legit players being desperate and having argument with whoever using bots. Even our clans atmosphere and friendly spirit is getting destroyed only because of botting discussions. In conclusion; As European clans, we are gathered to show our state against botting, and here is the list of our clans which are against botting and expecting a solution about it; [WQW] – Quantum Warriors [Hybrid] – The Hybrids [ZE] – Zero Emphaty [PiratE] – The Pirates [DoW] – DemonsOfWind [EoD] – Eye of Demons [VoiD] – VoiD [D3OC] - The Outcast And hopefully many mores are on the way.. All of our listed clans are approved, and not accepting boters (still and no more) And we did our jobs which were extra weight on our shoulders if you consider.. Lastly, we are appreciated about patch 2.6.1 changes. Game balance is getting much better, and we thought it’s not too much to expect same thing about having fair competition environment from our game developers aswell. Best regards.Excalibur22 1d
1d Noob season question Howdy I want to do the season quests but for the moment im stuck on do the GR20 solo i tried to do it on normal dificulty of game and open the grift at dificulty of "level 1 (hard)" but got only to level 6 or so . And there goes my question's: 1 How does one can reach level 20 from what i was thinking there is a cap per level of dificulty but is it per level of which you oper or per dificulty you start the game or both at the same time? 2 do I have to reach it before i kill the boss and what with timer? I rly want that natala set for my DH so can you pls answer as well which build should i use for that ??? THX for answersblury2993 1d
2d Stop this Blizz Rank 1 on 4-man leaderboards: 238 hours played out of 240 hours 3300 nephalem rifts completed this season !!! 235 hours played out of 240 hours 2800 nephalem rifts completed. etc. Ban these idiots already ... botting can´t be more obvious.Willard9 2d
2d Season journey Hellou all. I finished all season chapter and earn guardian achivement. So i unlocked additional stash tab and i get it for the first time in season. My question is, is it normal that I get that stash tab on my non-season player? Because i get them. And i was thinking that i will get that till season end. ThxIvan3 2d
2d set bonus rift run not showing hi blizzard i havent get my achievement for running the 6 set bonus rift in the sunwuko set. for my conquest achievement. for the season game event. look around seems im not the only one who get these problem.Taro1 2d
2d Why do you torture your players on purpose? Wtf is wrong with this season?! The developers are just sadistic's, you have a god damn game limitation which cannot be fixed, aka "upward mapping and downward mapping". Now, there is LITERALLY NO VISION DOWNWARD. Every single gamer, feel like DYING WHEN HE GOES DOWNWARD, vision is humanity most basic survival INSTICNT, its in our NATURE TO HATE NOT SEEING. Now you as developers, what would you do? Of course! because you are too lazy to add new game mechanics to make the game more challenging, you literally take that limitation and STOMP IN THE PLAYER FACE. Every single grift I had this season is the same, ALL DOWNWARDS. WHY DOWNWARD GRIFT ARE EVEN POSSIBILITY ? So instead of FIXING THE PROBLEM but literally making it IMPOSSIBLE for a downward grift to occur, you make it DOWNWARD ONLY! To take it even step further, you literally made 90% OF THE STARTING POINT, point DOWNWARD to make SURE that all grifts end downward, what the hell is this?! And normal rifts? MOST are upward, this is just a joke. Shame on you, nothing else to say, this is just pissing on the player's faces. You must've thought no body would notice, its just sad really, ruining the fun is not going to make people play your game.EliranCohen34 2d
2d Can't get ancient Istvan's blade This season I found relatively lot Istvan's blade and I was reforging too. But none of them was ancient. Do you have any suggestion the most easiest way to get them in ancient? Upgrade doesn't worth if I'm not wrong. Reforge and loot?LadyPaka33 2d
2d I Knew IT...! Necro is OP on PURPOSE...! They made this new class OP just so they'd make more $$$ off the DLC...! TYPICAL actiblizz behaviour...! SAD! I'm 100000% not buying this so-called """NECRO"""...!Enigma10 2d
2d Rerolling follower items I wish there was an option to reroll stat on item for your follower like if you play as monk but your follower is Templar and you wanna reroll dex into strenght then you can just do it whitout greating lvl 1 barb or crus to do it. Sry for my bad english, hope you understand my point. :) Like if you have sword whit dex but wanna reroll it to strenght...Dracula6 2d
2d DMG output - training dummy? Hi, as dmg output is sometimes very hard to test (T6 is joke and almost everyone have so many numbers floating above monsters, that noone can see his dmg), what about some training dummy, at least in Tristam? It would be supreme for testing legendary gems, builds, items, etc. What do you think?Evilbringer8 2d
2d Where is Sage's Journey Set On my seasonal character I dont have and cant find recipe for Sage's Journey set. I dont get it from bounty caches, not from mats goblins... Is the set disabled for the season?DJVibrejtr2 2d
2d What are the fastest 3 T13 build for Necro? Title AceeInHole2 2d
2d Old diablo vs. actual one I would just love to see some reworked early stage of diablo 3 with upgrades and changes. Just watch how Diablo 3 looks now, first couple days after season reset HUGE amount of players come to start playing again cause they love the grind and the game on itself and then give up after 3-4 days of having all items needed and losing interest because unless you are really trying to push leaderboards theres nothing to do except to find small upgrades. Back then I could play for months without getting bored of it and even tho it was kinda pay2win for some, most of us enjoyed farming the gold and items just to buy 1 good item in a couple of days farming. Also other factors like DAMN HARD difficulty which made the game challenging while you were still getting better chance of gear drop and it just felt hell good to get a legendary drop, nowadays its just fishing for 5% damage upgrade and doesnt feel right. And dealing for 5K damage instead 5 bilions was as well way better in my opinion. People could play whatever build almost and everyone had different builds cause of lack of drops and wasnt easy to make a real synergy meta build that everyone else is having right now so everyone was unique and could make his own build which would literally work. You could argue that some just fished AH or bought gold for real money but well its their choice, if they find it fun It doesnt bother me. Its not like its something that would screw up my gameplay if others do this plus I sometimes liked to fish AH as well while relaxing from grind farming. If they maybe added back old stage diablo with AH,rifts,grifts and maybe some new similar ideas, it would bring the game really alive in my opinion.Selfishh8 2d
2d Unable to close GR when player leaves I don't know but I can't seem to find this topic posted anywhere. I guess, this is just a loophole design that the GR cant be closed when a player leaves without upgrading his gem. This needs to be fixed. The experience from closing the rift is very important.Macz37 2d
3d Old Natalya Wrath set. Natalya Gaze Hello good peoples. I m here to ask if someone have the old natalya gaze helm for trade (with socket and cc). I want to create a realy strange built that is based on alot of crit change, reduce cooldown and alot of disc for survivel. Thank you everyone and have a good evening.capShoot7 3d
3d Auto pick up on death breath Guys. Lets make ourself heard! Lets show the devs that we want, need and long for auto pick up on death breaths (and gems).sig47 3d
3d Great patch and all but.. ..I'd like to bring up some other stuff that definitely changed. What's up with ranged mobs? Getting oneshotted with no mob in sight. "Dreaz was slain." By what and/or who? Or the elite you just killed kills you right back with one of the affixes that's still in use even after his death. Speaking of death, when you die in a GR, you don't just have to wait the seconds to get back, you also have to wait for the ghost-thingy to timeout, which is what, 3 secs? That's 30 secs off the timer if you die 10 times in a GR. Quite alot. Riftfloors filled with Betrayed/Reviled, you can't stand anywhere because of poison covering the entire screen. And can we please talk about the Grotesques for a moment? Who's bright idea was it to dedicate entire rifts to these annoying !@#? You don't die because the game is hard, you die because there's no free spot on the floor to stand on when they explode. Further more, environment damage. The Shock Towers, what's still up with those anyway? Even the poison-plant thingy that explodes in Dalghur Oasis kills me instantly. Blizzard, you said you were going to be more communicative in the forums and listen more to the community. Why aren't you? It's a great thing you still have patches and changes, but sometimes you also have to make the changes craved by the players as well. There's plenty of great ideas, just take the time to listen. Okey, rant over.Dreaz9 3d
3d Only me? Hey guys i noticed pylons keep spawning about 100yards from each other (speed and shield for example). This is happening about 6/10 rifts. In some cases i laugh hard as i'm getting 4 pylons in the 1/4 of the map. Also i keep getting the same rift levels. For example i get caverns 2-3 times in a row in the same rift. This is happening 5-6/10 rifts. Didn't they say they would fix it?Filimon4 3d
4d lvl? Hi, I start play Diablo 3 3 days ago and I really want to know what level what i shoul be when I fight Azmodan. I was 42 and he was vary easy and others too so i start wondering I am maybe bigger level. Please say.dragoking6 4d
4d Favorite minor demons? Demons that are not any of the 7 evils. Mine would be Gharbad the Weak, such a hilarious goat guy.Zeox6 4d
4d Challenge Rift Season Journey Destroyer I completed this !@#$ty challenge rift 21 once single player and once in multiplayer. Didnt get the progress for season journey destroyer. What do I need to do?!?!Checkmate923 4d
4d No ramaladni's gift I wish there was some other way of obtaining it than having like 0,01% drop chance. Last season I couldn't get one as well, after first one dropped I started getting them in ridiculous quantities finishing season with around 15 more than I needed. Is there some unlock mechanic like with the primals? I could swear they drop more frequently after para 800.PieknyTomek13 4d
4d This triggers my OCD Seeing this in my crafting materials tab: 0 Vengeful Eye 0 Devil's Fang And not the 3rd mat. Either 0 them all or remove all the entries for the old Hellfire mats if you don't have it anymore.Akasut1 4d
4d possibility to clean enchant property fix needed There should be a possibility to clean enchant property fix, via resetting item to vanilla properties of item. Can be, for instance, as 11th recipe or ~2x money cost of next enchant level from enchant menu. Current approach discourage tuning items, any experiments can be punished because of permanent fix. If one have a good item like primal ancient is afraid of tuning it according to current needs, rather go with property setting "by book" or do nothing. Such item is spoiled when there is a need to change a strategy, discourage trying a new play style for fun, or forbids reuse item on other character...BerenRW3 4d
4d GR70 EXACTLY required for Primal Ancient drops. Also posted under bugs: Bug: You need to complete a GR70 exactly in order to receive primal ancients. I completed GR71 at Para 250, I forgot I went from 69 to 71, at para 850 and farming gr 90s, speed farming T13 rifts in under 3 minutes and thousands of legendary items I still had not found ONE SINGLE primal ancient. Yesterday I realized I actually never done a gr 70. I had speed done 60s, 65s and often jumped to 75 or 80s for speed solo clears. A few hours game time after completing a GR70, my first primal ancient dropped. Prior to this I had played a week completing above GR 70 without Primal Ancient drops. So there is definitely a bug where higher then GR70 solo does not count, you MUST complete a GR70 exactly, not 71, not 101 but a 70. Atleast I'm finally receiving primal ancients but I knew there was some issue as under normal circumstances, the play time I had assembled I would last season and softcore have assembled at least around 30 to 50 primal ancients of various kind. Anyway, problem solved but so you know, GR70 exactly required. I'm pretty sure this is none intentional from blizzard as it should be gr 70+-Waagabond24 4d
4d Error Code 300008 unable to join. Code 300008 Anyone else getting this error when trying to join another's game? First time to see it in a while, I've tried a fresh install thinking that it might fix the problem but to no avail. Anyone else having this issue?Shlion0 4d
4d Season 12 - what's going on ?! Never lagged this bad in a season. I lag so bad i dc and ofc lose items like grift stones, rewards etc. Been like this since day 1 and NO i dont have a crappy computer. This is ridicolous really. I lag up to 2000 msec sometimes >,< Lost count how many rifts ive dc'd from and whimsydale ive been kicked out from or bounty rounds. Ive asked other players and they lag aswell so its not my net or anything. Besides already done my part when it comes to "maybe" its my net....Micha66620 4d
4d In a short time laps, they surpassed Diablo 3 Hello, i am playing a hack and slash which was released one year ago, and it is already getting: -2 new masteries(equivalent of classes in diablo) -2 new story chapters. In other word, the studio behind the game managed to achieve what Blizzard couldnt do in 4 years with less resources and less money. Blizzard has been unable to deliver a proper second expansion and just painfully released the necromancer class recently. I find it very sad, but this shows a small studio canteach lesson to a big company.mageoflight0 4d
5d I'm the backwards man. Sometimes my toads go backwards.Minkles1 5d
5d Diablo 4 suggestions video Hello guys, I came across this nice video, that sums it up perfectly, hopefully somebody from blizzard will watch it. And yeah, did you hear that music? We do not have it in D3, unfortunately, that's why the video creator used D2, same as others do. I love Diablo 3, just because it is. I bought it on launch night, same as expansion and the Necromancer and played it really a lot. As it's good, it is not. It can't be compared to Diablo 2 in play style, but there are some points in the video above, that are true. Diablo is about making choises, about dark atmosphere (it went better with Diablo 1 event look and with new zones that came with Necro, but it needs to be better..). Diablo is about trade and fun with friends. It's not that natural in Diablo 3, as it was in Diablo 2. I am very excited how Diablo 4 would look like. Please do not mess it up. Thank you, I believe you guys, D4 will rock again! KalebKaleb2 5d
5d Lost Seasonal set items During DC Happened to crash between the time i opened the last Haedrig's Gift, opened the chest, swa three items on the ground ond got disconnected, logging mack the loot was gone, since the quest can be done once in season, and it still show as completed, mut hte loot is gone, is there anyway to restore that, since i didint sell or salvage those items, didint even get to pick them up from the ground when the internet was gone, i cant belive all the items are lost forever ? hope not, any way to fix this ? happened to anyone else ? kinda kills any motivation to continue since i lost the thee essential pieces in needed and was farming ..... all becouse of a bad internetSwim3 5d
5d Closing rifts too soon I love doing full clears of regular rifts. It absolutely drives me crazy when people turn in the quest right after the boss is killed with no regard for what is going on with other players. I can't tell you how many times I've left loot behind and today was the worst - I left behind quite a bit of legendaries and it sucked. Yeah, maybe they were crap pieces, but in our mind they weren't. In our mind they were that one primal ancient I've been looking for. It's the same excitement you get each time you see a legendary drop - that excitement that this just might be that one special piece of gear. Well, due to the mechanics of shutting down rifts, we have to deal with the pain of leaving that one special awesome piece of gear behind. It sucks so bad. Please Blizzard, do something about this. It's not fair. It absolutely ruins the gameplay and the fun. It's just totally not cool. I don't know how to put it in to words - the feeling of leaving that loot behind while at the same time the anger against the person that closed out the rift, that doesn't give a crap - at all - about the whole thing. Often they don' teven speak English. This is not cool Blizzard. You guys are better than this Blizzard - you guys solve these problems, you don't allow them to thrive. Get with it man. Don't give me some BS about how it's a hard problem to solve either. You guys have tackled many more difficult issues. I'm a software dev - I will come in and work for free to solve it if I have to. It ruins my experience and sometimes it ends my sessions early. I don't think you guys want us playing less, but that's the net result of this. People can't continue to enjoy the experience if there's something this major ruining it. Please Blizzard, please.SuperBilly33 5d