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25 Jul 2013 Reporting Potential Exploits, Hacks, or Scams The integrity of Diablo III is incredibly important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring the game remains a safe and fun environment for everyone. If you have knowledge of a possible exploit, hack, bot, or scam, the best way to inform us is by emailing our hacks team at or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue, as well as any additional details you’re able to provide. We also ask that you refrain from posting information or instructions on how to use potential exploits on the forums. We take reports of any potential exploit, hack, bot, or scam very seriously – and while not every reported exploit we look into turns out to be a real concern, we appreciate everyone’s help in keeping us informed of possible issues as they arise.Takralus1 25 Jul 2013
23h Client Update, 18/1 You may have noticed your game client update today. Just a heads up that there are no major changes included in this patch. The goal of this patch was to address crashes that some of our players were experiencing. If you haven't seen the patch yet, you should see the update come through within the next few hours. Again, no major changes.Vaneras0 23h
3d Patch 2.4.3 Hotfixes - Updated 11/1 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated January 11. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.3.0] [2.4.0] [2.4.1] [2.4.2] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General A fix has been deployed that should resolve many of the 64-bit client issues since the release of Patch 2.4.3 (9/1) Please note that this fix will require you to download a small patch If you have updated to the latest patch and are still experiencing issues, please detail your experience in our Bug Report or Technical Support forums and be sure to include your dxdiag report Items Red Soul Shard Fixed an issue where the secondary effect of the gem would add time to its buff duration instead of refreshing it (11/1) The Barber Addressed an issue where having The Barber equipped on a Follower could repeatedly kill that Follower (9/1) Flail of the Ascended Fixed an issue where Shield Glare would only damage the last enemy hit by Shield Glare (9/1)Vaneras1 3d
12 Jan Red Soulstone Shard Exploit Hey all, We’re working on a hotfix to address an exploit involving the Red Soulstone Shard. We plan to implement it as soon as possible in all gameplay regions and will be updating this thread once the fix is live. Along with this, we’ll be investigating accounts which have been found to be actively using this exploit to gain an unfair advantage and take action on these accounts accordingly. This behavior not only undermines the spirit of fair play, but directly violates our in-game policies for Diablo III. It is important to us to continue maintaining a stable, safe, and enjoyable online environment for all legitimate players. This is an ongoing investigation, and we’ll be continuing to monitor and will take additional action as needed. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to game responsibly. Not only can using exploits lead to account penalties, but it can negatively impact the enjoyment of your fellow players. We're working as quickly as we can to fix the underlying issue, and we'd appreciate your help in keeping the effects of this exploit as minimal as possible until it's removed from the game. For more information on how to report exploitative behavior, click here. For questions regarding account actions, please refer to our Account Administration. Thanks!Vaneras0 12 Jan
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58m Help :-( Exporting Data problem Does anyone know if its possible for me to export my game data rewards etc from my diablo 3 pc version to my newly purchased diablo 3 ps4 version? Just bought it and I would love to have my rewards etc from buying all the deluxe expansions (world of warcraft) before And I'm seeing its possible but I dont have a export data option like Ive found on the net in some places.mistressmyth2 58m
3h Getting kicked from games for no reason Anyone else having this problem in T6 public games? I joined a game, went to my stash, and then the find safety prompt came up. No one said anything... just kicked within 20 seconds of joining the game. That's the most extreme example but I have been kicked a lot recently for seemingly no reason. Other games people !@#$% about me being too low and wont open a rift/grift and then either leave or kick me. Are people that ignorant to think paragon means everything? I have been in many games with peeps twice my paragon level dieing while I survive. T6 is a cake walk now and I can hold my own up to rank 30 grifts. Most of the people complaining I go look at their gear and their sheet numbers are lower then mine. And why can someone be kicked when they just entered a game?BunzBun30 3h
8h Chiltara and Gibbering Gemstone drop rate Because all other topics are from a long time ago, here's a new one (now that Whimsyshire is relevant again). It seems that the rare spawn Chiltara is now 100% there, if you get the Caverns of Frost, but she just won't drop the bloody gemstone. I've been farming for this since beginning of last season, and even after probably 10k kills, it still hasn't dropped. I've had all other items drop randomly multiple times, but not the one I actually need. Is the drop rate 0,000001% or just the RNGeezus doesn't agree much? Edit: Well, what do you know. All it took is posting a comment in the forums and the thing dropped.Vilieto54 8h
8h Names allowed?God? Are names with the word God not allowed in Diablo III? Wanted to name my season Barbarian to Thundergod but it was not allowed and then I tried Godofthunder and that did not work either. So it seems to me that the word God is not allowed and that seems strange to me.Western21 8h
8h Inspect function I started playing with a friend of mine recently... he's a new to PC gaming, not just D3. Naturally, as we're leveling, I want to check out his gear sometimes so that I can help him improve. For the life of me, I couldn't find the 'Inspect' function in game. I know that he can link the gear but he's still getting used to using a mouse and keyboard (no joke). I also know that I can view his profile in-game but doesn't that update periodically? Is there a way for me to see his gear, real-time in game? CheersRyanam5 8h
11h Different account on laptop compared to PC??? I have been playing D3 from release on my PC and everything is fine. However I have now bought a laptop for university and installed D3 on it, once I log into the game with exactly the same account and into the same server (EU) it takes me to a menu with only one character which is level 8 and with a name I would never have named one of my toons. In short, I think its taking me through to someone elses game and one of which where they havent even got one character past level 8. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and even tried to change server but nothing is changing. Any idea whats going on or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.Custard2 11h
13h Does Diablo 3 get more challenging? Hello Folks! I've decided to buy D3 yesterday and it's the first Diablo aswell as the first hack and slash game i'm playing. I've decided to create a Demon Hunter and play on the Normal difficulty at first. Slowly but surly i realized the Game is way to easy so i've eventually upped the difficulty to Hard. Even then i felt like the Game is no challenge and i went to the hardest difficulty i can possibly chose, Expert i think it was. Even now the Game isn't challenging atall, i rarly take any damage and i'm now 5 hours in and i'm level 47 and have yet to die. I don't even think i've got close to dying once, the bosses take a while because of their healthpool yet i havn't had any trouble with any of those. I defeated Azmodan which looked like a Special boss ( I lost track of the story because i couldn't be arsed listening to the dialoge after a bit ) I get that theres endgame content you're doing in a Group but is that actually challenging or just the same thing all over - Clear easy Dungeons eventually get Gear?Knix5 13h
13h FPS low. PC not good enough? (GPU-Z PICTURE INSIDE) HellO! I don't own too good of a PC because I lack the money, but I can't run the game smoothly with the lowest settings (except resolution which is maxed out). Is my PC too weak? (gpu-z screenshots on the bottom) Processor AMD Athlon(tm) X4 860K Quad Core Processor 7.4 5.1 Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 7.4 Graphics AMD Radeon R7 200 Series 5.1 Gaming graphics 4844 MB Total available graphics memory 6.4 Primary hard disk 129GB Free (244GB Total) 5.9 Windows 7 Ultimate System -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer MSI Model MS-7721 Total amount of system memory 8.00 GB RAM System type 64-bit operating system Number of processor cores 2 Storage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total size of hard disk(s) 466 GB Disk partition (C:) 129 GB Free (244 GB Total) Disk partition (D:) 119 GB Free (222 GB Total) Media drive (E:) CD/DVD Media drive (F:) CD/DVD Graphics -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Display adapter type AMD Radeon R7 200 Series Total available graphics memory 4844 MB Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB Dedicated system memory 0 MB Shared system memory 3820 MB Display adapter driver version 21.19.407.0 Primary monitor resolution 1920x1080 DirectX version DirectX 10 Network -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Network Adapter Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Network Adapter TP-LINK Wireless USB Adapter 13h
13h Increase in the size of the game. I've been playing Diablo 3 for a long time now and have had few problems with the gameplay. But recently the game was updated to a size that is too big for my computer? it requires 4g of physical memory space and with everything I need on my PC i don't have that space needed? Now I'm unable to play the game because it has been made too big for my PC. It's more annoying that I can play WOW but not Diablo, a game which I prefer. I know there probably can be nothing that can be done and I'll just have to upgrade my PC but that's really costly and is not something I will be able to do in the near future.XavieR22122 13h
15h Grammar !@#$ observations in D3 Haha. Never mind. Delete thread. Decided it was pointless.Gergaroth0 15h
18h Off line option I really can't believe this game does not come with an offline option to play. D2 did and I can see no problems with abuse as long as you can only play online with char levelled up online. First off people could still play if battlenet or there connection is down and second there must be a market of players out there, that for some reason do not have access to the internet some or all of the time. Yes I know its a small % of people but not every one has internet even in today's society. I think it's very short sighted of a company like Blizzard to fail to include such a feature. After all every game sold is profit.VINEUK16 18h
19h Change realms americas/europe/asia I just try to change realm fro europe to americas but now i cant change back!!!!!! keep logging on to americas and i have europe in the battlenet appIlay3 19h
20h Idea for pets I never liked the idea of pets in diablo but they are here so maybe to make some new pets that are hard to claim but they can collect mats etc... it's little boring to have pets and only diversity is in looks (skins) so make some pet collecting gold+DB or some to collect arcane dust etc... they can have much more purpose then only by collecting gold in some of the games pets even have their own little inventory just an idea but what do you guys think ? and one more about stash management : on next patch I can see that most mats, are going to be like bloodshards (having their own tab) why don't you implement something similar for legendary gems so we don't have to hold them in stash tabs or in stashed rings just to make space because over time I can get overwhelmed by them and loose track of what gems do I have and on which level so I guess it would be much easier for a players to keep track on their legendary gems if they would have their own "window" like when you finish Grift and you open urshi panel tySoulblighter2 20h
20h Diablo 2 FULL Soundtrack? Please help!!! Hi, can someone help me with listing (numbering) the tracks for Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction? I know that there has been released album with tracks below: 1. "Wilderness" - 7:58 2. "Rogue" - 2:58 3. "Sisters" - 1:45 4. "Spider" - 5:19 5. "Jungle" - 2:24 6. "Zakarum" - 2:56 7. "Desert" - 3:38 8. "Toru" - 2:57 9. "Sanctuary" - 4:08 10. "Crypt" - 3:31 11. "Tombs" - 5:17 12. "Monastery" - 5:56 13. "Cave" - 3:50 14. "Mesa" - 3:26 15. "Leoric" - 3:06 16. "Coda" - 0:56 17. "Roger and Me" - 1:03 Lord of Destruction Soundtrack looks like this: 1. „Fortress” 4:46 2. „Halls” 3:32 3. „Ancients” 4:06 4. „Siege” 5:42 5. „Ice Caves” 4:40 BUT I have found music files named "Docks", "Kurast", "Maggot", "Mephisto", "Sewer" and "Tristram". They are not included in track listing on wikipedia and other pedias. Can someone tell me EXACTLY how should I number them? And are there more of them? Edit: I just founded this page Some more tracks, but still not numbered. I'm trying to create a playlist, because I'm a big fan of Diablo II's musicSlay3r5 20h
21h Diablo 1 (Blizzard Store) Any chance of seeing this on the digital download. I know Diablo 2 is already there in all its glory. Melkor19 21h
21h party item identification Identification of items is it possible to restrict the identification of the grinded items to the party you are in?? I mean it is so useless to see what others find as we cant share it anyway and if there are questions on what to reroll on it the items will be linked anyway ???? it would make life so much easier when this would be possible. For example in a bigger clan people start grinding and see what happens when 50 online members identify what they found. It spams the chat so questions of gamers will get lost.JustMe3 21h
21h Stash too small For each class there are a few sets, say 3 sets. Each set comprises of 6 or more pieces, say 3 sets total 18 pieces. To complement the build you also need a few legendaries, say another 18 pieces. That is 36 pieces of gear for a high level character to choose from and to be able to switch between say 3 different builds. Add to that a few extra gems, mats etc say 50 pieces of gear for each character. As you play the game you come across great items which can be used in the future on your character or on another class you may already have or make. The standard stash allowance is 6 tabs and they get full very quickly unless you throw away everything and keep only what is needed for your one main toon. But if you have more than one toons the stash is not enough. I would ask we receive more stash space, all of us not just seasonal characters at the end of some season, and as a suggestion can it be another independent stash per character so that character can store his/her own wardrobe independently. In WoW for example you have something like the character's own bags which provide a lot of space, plus the character's own personal bank which again provides tons of space per character. If you have say 10 toons on a WoW account you'd have tons of space more than ever needed. But in Diablo 3 it is very limited and very unnecessarily so.Zilliman3 21h
22h An open letter to Blizzard D3 Team with hints! I write this as I spent now more than 4 years on this game and I would like you to listen to some of my suggestions. I have played most characters and invested thousand upon thousand of hours in gameplay and it would be great if you could at least acknowledge some of the following. It also happens that I have owned and was a director myself of a digital agency delivering applications and apps so I know a thing or two about development, albeit I have never developed games as such. From the start I would like to make a point to make everyone aware that this game has sold more than 10 million copies. That puts in in the top 10 game sales of all time, I repeat of all time. At an average of 70$ per dual copy you clearly can see that you can get well in excess of 750 million dollars of revenue and I could easily forecast you guys made around 1.5 billion on this game. Where the hell did the money go? What I cannot understand is with all this money that was generated why so little of it was re-invested to constantly improve this game and keep it cutting edge. Somehow like many users who made you a lot of money I feel somewhat betrayed. Not only because I can clearly see that no serious amount of money has been re-invested since RoS, but you try and dupe us with these little patches here and there thinking we will be happy with some leftover crumbs. Please don’t fool us with a candle, a hoodie or a "month only" filtered and lazy set of repackaged rifts. No, we want serious teams and serious investment from Blizzard on a game that defined your company as it is now. As to the points, here are some which I feel would greatly improve the game. Please add your comments. Builds This is the most difficult part of the game to digest. So many amazing skills and yet so very few are viable because this game is not about skills but about gear. No amount of new characters, New weapons, affixes, cosmetics and candles will fix this. Why are you not acknowledging this and doing something about it. Balance the skills please! All skills with its immense combination of power should be viable builds all at the same level or in a range of 2% max difference form one another not 20% in some characters. Move away from set gear builds and bring back the skill system where gear only enhances each and any skill like allowing players to enhance skills with points. Use a supercomputer to calculate all the combinations to level-play things accordingly. Nerf Please nerf the monk sunwuko speed rifting capabilities. Its like 10% faster than anything else. It Perma teleports and nothing can keep up with them. Its awful to go and play a rift and see these guys teleport to every elite, kill everything and you collecting things like a dog. Please nerf them. Chicken, Crusader, Wiz and DH are more or less balanced with DH being the less fast of them all because in order to keep up he needs to sacrifice damage by a big margin. Maps/Grifts/Rifts Why have pylons at entrance or exit of grifts? You implemented this and nothing screams “Stupid” like this move. Why do 95% of pylon spawned elites have the “Juggernaut” affix. Again poor design. While the maps are now more random (great job) the density is still a disaster. Some maps have low density for 5 grifts on the row before somehow getting high density again. You need to do New Games to hopefully get density. Your job to balance density has so far failed miserably. Quality of life When in a group game and someone is in the menu, it would be nice to have the option to see who is in game and who is in the menu. Please allow us to see the character stash from another character. Given your inability to give us a lot of stash we need to use char as mules, but we are unable to see that stash unless we load that character. Cmon a bit of clever UI would make things much easier. You’re doing the armoury then please also do this. Give us a Damage Calculator. If D3Planner can do it why can’t you do it? You guys should out-code everyone not the other way round. Social Gameplay Ability to observe a player. It would be nice to right click on a player and have the ability to observe them on how he play or what he does. A bit like a D3 twitch thing. Implement PvP. its been too long. Enable us to play up to 6 players. This would allow for completely different meta and make the game much more vibrant and flexible, but I suggest you upgrade your servers so you can prevent the lagging that will come with it. Ability to put notes on Non Friends. This is important and should be done as this help to weed out the idiots from the good players. Remember that not everyone wants to be a friend of your but you may end up playing with the, and making notes of them is key for when you end up playing again with them randomly. You already have a system for friends, please extend it to everyone. Implement a Speech to Text option that allows a user to press a button and talk. It would be great to have this when you need to write something while u are negotiating doing a grift 110. RnG Re-Rolling a legendary in Cube now sucks. When it was implemented you would get an ancient out of 10. Now its more like 1 out of 30-40 rolls. You must understand that getting the materials to roll 40 times equates to weeks of work. You must reward us for our time so please make the ability to roll an ancient happen much more frequently. Fix the RnG spawn rate for the Cosmic Wings and Rainbow Portrait. Your system needs to know how many runs a users has done and increase the drops accordingly. Farming whymsyshire for 6 hours+ with x 4 people for nothing is not a good way for you to actually reward your player base for their hard work. Then you have some users who go in and find it in 2 runs. You must work on your RNG and somehow get it to interact with the amount of time someone puts in for that specific task. Where is the AI in this? If you don’t start implementing AI in your games then you’re going to be left behind. 
Perks The ability to set a birthday and have a birthday gift i.e. 300% XP for the day or something similar. We spend years on your games so its only just we get rewarded for doing so. Add xmas and other special dates as well. Performance Seriously the mac has lost performance with every patch starting with RoS release. Its now a bloated application and is not in any way optimised as it was at time of the different releases D3 and RoS. The mac lags behind, its frame-rate sucks compared to PC’s and has immense lag in interactions with objects, NPC panels, moving items in stash, its overall horrific. This happens on a top of the range 2016 MacBook Pro with 2 Gig of Video Ram AND 16Gig of Ram with Flash Drive empty. Crazy! I see how PC performs on YouTube videos and we want the same performance not a knock off version! Banning Please ban cheaters who use: Bots, TurboHud, Diablo Helpers, MultiBoxes and do that on an ongoing basis not once a year. There are so many of these people, and not just the top leaderboards. Make vanilla players feel proud to stay clean. You behave like Russia state sponsored doping. It’s allowed from the top down. This must end now. You allow the cheating remember. Also once you ban these users publish the list so they get named and shamed to the community. This will stop people from doing it more. Bugs Fix the chicken click objects bug. Sometimes you can’t click anything and you need to get out of chicken to click something. Be it a NPC, a Door, a chest and so on. This has been going on for ages and has never been fixed. Again what is the PTR for? I noticed bugs in the “Darkening of Tristram” but its pointless as its going to terminate soon. But it begs my question as to what do you guys have a PTR for and who do you use for testing? ... Thanksashtar2 22h
23h Cant find Furnace New to the game but playing my Barb at T12 now and haven't seen a furnace yet. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of finding one?Deadpants8 23h
23h Consumable to Seal an Enchanted Affix This is an idea I've been thinking through for a while playing Diablo. As it stands, maxing out ancient gear seems somewhat frustrating due to the fact you're relying purely on luck when reforging legendaries, and randomness in this game is memoryless, whether you've spent 0 or 10,000 Forgotten Souls trying to get an improved version of an item through reforging, your chances to get one on the next try are the same either way. What I find so frustrating about this isn't the overall time it takes to max out gear, this is totally fine and justified, but rather the last point mentioned, the memorylessness means that as of now, there is no *reliable* way to make - however slow - progress on specific gear slots you choose to focus on. You can get lucky and get better stuff really soon, or unlucky and don't get it after an absurd investment of time and resources, neither of which you deserve by your behavior as a player. So, in order to add a reliable way of gear progression to the game - and hence a second reliable way of progression overall aside from paragon farming - I propose the introduction of a new, very rarely dropping, legendary consumable similar mechanically to Ramaldni's Gift, which, when applied to an enchanted item, seals that enchanted affix, subsequently allowing the player to enchant another affix on that item. Obviously the drop rate needs to be lower than that of Ramaldni's Gift to prevent players from straight maxing out everything. One may argue that this is luck-based as well, but the drops come in eventually without having to specifically apply resources to it, and when they come the player has to make a conscious decision on what item to use it on. Tentative suggestion, they could be made untradable and the drop rate, while starting out a little higher, steadily decreases by being divided by the total number of those consumables you already got on your account (this wouldn't make them entirely stop dropping at any point, the Harmonic Numbers grow logarithmically and are not convergent). A small side effect of this is it would give an additional incentive to play season, as you'd get increased drops of that consumable there again. But with constant or adaptive drop rates, either way I believe this would be an improvement over the current system, giving a meaningful and reliable sense of gear progression.MarioVX1 23h
23h Stash tab limit Dear Blizzard, there are very few reasons I still play Diablo and seasons, one of those reasons are stash tabs. I unlocked every single one including this one in season 9 which I apparently won't get due to your stash tab limit. I am disappointed as lord devil himself while being raped by nephalem, by this decision of yours. I want my 11th stash tab, I earned it fair and square. Whats the point offering rewards to people that cant obtain them. It just awful. Your loyal 1st day fan.Pokahontas3 23h
23h More from the Cube I know there are cookie-cutter builds all managing to do greater rifts at very high levels. I am nowhere near the skill or the gear required to do these high levels, but I have a suggestion. The designers have created a ton of legendary items many of which have some good special affixes on them, but these items are doomed to be salvaged because on their own they do not offer the power that is needed. You can cube some of these items but again there are better cube items to choose from, eg "The Furnace", so again those items remain unused. My suggestion is to allow the cube to equip more than one Legendary Power, so you could have a mix of 2 or even more items, it could be a seasonal achievement like unlocking stash tabs or, because it is a major part of the game, simply an in-game achievement, like a dungeon or a boss kill or something. That way you will be able to use more that one Legendary Power in the cube and in your game play. It will not be "overpowered" because we already have builds coping with Great Rifts 90 and some extra utility or power from the cube is not going to detract from the game.Zilliman4 23h
1d Toggle spellbar/actionbar feature for D3 Do you click your assigned spells with your mouse? (Didn't think so either) Do you find it very difficult to remember 4 assinged action keys? (I don't) Do you feel like going down (screen direction) feels shorter than up? (Mhm) Do you hold LMB1 for navigation? (Don't we all?) Do you feel that its aaaNOOOYIng when navigation/movement are cancelled due to cross the spellbar/actionbar UI with your mouse pointer. (Mee TOOO, pisses me off) Solution. Let us be able to toggle On/Off or even Autohide of the UI. I know that the Alt + Z keybinding excists. but that removes even the resource and health orbs. Which could be useful to take a peak at sometimes. Comments? Like? or Dislike. Let me see what the community thinks.Pitcairn3 1d
1d Ancient legendary reroll problem Legenday reroll problems does anyone have the same problems ????. I rerolled 1 weapon vor 10%cdr but not once i had a cdr roll on it. So its cost me now 1.550.000.000 gold( it has awsome stats ) Is this a bug?Ultrafreezz5 1d
1d Patch in EU and US Are the US and EU servers running the same patch? The reason I ask is that I hve just reinstalled D3 on a new PC. I'm in EU, but my game defaults to the US server and I can't change it! Frustrating! If I'm in the EU then how come the new patch was installed on my PC if it's not available in EU??Lex1 1d
1d changing region how can i change region...i bought the game and now when i want to play in europe in the game menu account is americas and no option to cnahge itVore4 1d
1d Beat my BattleTag number! Rules are easy.. Highest number wins! (a imaginary beta) :P Mine is: #2947 Bah, I got beaten on page 2 :P New BattleTag leader: Venum#2987 (page 6) People that want to get more information about BattleTags, click the link below... UPDATE: Seems that now you can only see a persons BattleTag number if he/she got access to the Diablo 3 Beta... :( I guess the competition is over, grats again Venum#2987!GROBAS123 1d
1d 2-Player Season difficulty Greetings, I've been without a PC for about 6 months now. Got setup yesterday with a new rig and managed to talk my console-gamer buddy into joining me for a season. Any advice on difficulty? We're playing Normal which is what I've always played to level in a season. Its obviously pretty easy but the speed at which we complete rifts and bounties seems decent. Is there a better difficulty for XP-time ratio people have found?Ryanam3 1d
1d ACT IV New Town Long time since the nephalem killed diablo at the pinnacle of heaven, freeing the angels from extinction, it would now be superawesome with a new town/camp/fortress for the nephalem to go to in act IV, instead of act III - bastion´s keep. Angels could have been able to restore some parts in heaven like humans did with the blocked passage in Royal Quarters, Leoric's Manner, Act I.bucanuba4 1d
1d Do you want a Combat Log in Diablo III? I would like to create a thread about this question, because I think its relevant to listen to what the community says about this. I know that there was no combat log in D1 or D2, and so far none in D3. You have to keep in mind that I do not state that it is necessary to have a combat log in Diablo III for the game to be great. This is hack'n'slash not a MMO. That being said, I encourage this community to share their thoughts on this. Do you want specific combat information in a log displaying the amount of damage inflicted by or to the mobs, boss or players etc.? Or do you just want to keep Diablo III as it is?Cura59 1d
1d Are you going to buy Necro? Im just wondering how many ppl is going to. He does resemble a bit of Diablo 2 Necromancer (which is good), but game is Diablo 3 (which isnt good). So, will you buy? (I wont ofc. .. deleting D3 as Im writing this)Mescalamba67 1d
1d Diablo Anniversary Candle not for everyone :( Like the topic title why you crate events and/or contests when they are not available for everyone ? For example.. missing country's.. Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Ukraine and the list continues. Like other players i bought the game too and other blizzard games (in fact all blizzard games ) and if you ask me it's seems like blizzard is selecting his players.. in other words.. don't create contests or give prizes to players if you don't want to give a chance for everyone to win. Cheers and have a lovely evening!Laur17 1d
2d Preveous seasons rewards. Would it be nice if we could get portraits and wings from previous seasons as achievement (or special quests) prizes ? What are u thinking about it ?Kiro2 2d
2d Seaon 9 weapon socket Hi all. Just recently returned and am I'm enjoying the season aspect of the game. I'm having trouble putting a socket on a weapon.... Playing as a crusader, currently paragon 115 - I've used what seems a huge amount of gold and materials, with different weapon types as well... My question/s are: Is there a weapon that is "easier" to socket? Do I try to socket class specific weapons? Thanks in advance to any replies :)Mozzie4 2d
2d Q&A - Community Feedback Yesterday, on your facebook stream there was a question about communication between community manager, devs and the d3 community. Brandy Camel said, there is just a little group of people which is communicating with devs but a much bigger community, which isn´t communicating with them. There is a passionate group of people, which knows, how the game works, indeed, is whining all the time and of course, is endlessly unsatisfied, but has an idea, how the game could be better. There are many good ideas, constructive feedbacks and people telling you day by day, what needs to be changed and what would be nice, if it would be changed. And you like to know, what someone wants, who may even not know, that there is an endgame in d3. I mean, I know many people which played for maybe 30 hours and left the game, and there are many player, who don´t care about the gameplay. If it´s good, they play and if not, they don´t. ... and don´t care about it. I´m pretty sure, this may bring rather good results, if one of these groups is the focus for your feedback statistics. You should trust the passionate ones. Really! none_idNoneID1 2d
2d How to play Darkening of Tristram THIS POST CAN CONTAIN POSSIBLE SPOILERS Hello there, stay a while and listen! Now that the event is here finally and I got my hands on it I needed to figure out the best way to experience it to its fullest. First thing was to make a new character, I always liked playing as a Warrior in the original so I decided to play a Barbarian as its relatively close to warrior(Crusader is also a good choise). Usually naming is very hard for me but this time it wasnt, the only possible name I could give this champion is "WARRIOR" and yes, with capslock on! After I had slain some monsters and and found few items I came to the conclusion that I need to set myself some rules for me to get the fullest of this event and pay my own homage to the original game. The rules regarding items: #1 Only use items on slots that you had access to in the original diablo game #2 swap your gear in to special event item as you gain them and only them. When it comes to diablo and playing as Warrior the game play was rather simple, mainly because there werent many weapon based skills in that game. So to mimic this feeling of helplesness some rules needed to be made for these as well. The rule(s) regarding skills/passives: #1 use skills that mimic "hitting with a weapon" as much as possible, the only exception to the rule would be "call of the ancient", to mimic the use of "golem" skill). #2 no passive skills allowed Last but not least, paragon points: #1 No paragon point usage allowed. When you play like this you can get challenge even on normal difficulty. Well, I did anyways. Happy diablo 20 anniversary everyone~ *edit* Oops I forgot about "NIGHTMARE" version of this playstyle: A small change in the "skills" rule section: YOU CAN ONLY USE "PUNCH" as your only skill(call of the ancient still being the only exception to the rule.)heprea5 2d
2d Return Portal? In Westmarch, when you enter Clyfton Hall (?) when you start fighting the Duke, a return portal appears behind the closed door.. What is its function?Lex2 2d
2d Stash space Come on guys, it costs you nothing, just some database space, to give us lots of stash tabs. I am a hoarder by nature, hate to throw out things, and I am full with just two seasonal toons. What happens when the season ends? Will the stashes get merged. My non-seasonal toons also have full stash. It costs nothing. It breaks no one's game, it does not imbalance anything, it should be a non-issue. Please give us more tab space, not through end of seasons' achievements crap, seriously, just let us have it already. It does not imbalance the game, it does not change anything, it's just a utility to help me postpone a choice of whether to keep or salvage an item. So please, just get on with it, it can't be hard to implement. Thank you.Zilliman17 2d
2d Rainbow Portrait farming group! Hello all, I've been farming this guy Sir William in Whimsyshire for months and months, almost a full year and he's just not spawning for me at all! So I want to maybe get some help from others, each setting up a lobby taking the 'staff of herding' so we can go in and out as many times as we want... Anyone interested? If so just Skype me at kyle939... adding Menphues.2444 and I guess I shall see you there. I'm getting angry now at this game because of the spawn rate. It would be a lot quicker to get others into this because I am about to give up hope! Kind regardsMenphues1 2d
2d Why am i doing a third of my damage in rifts? My gears damage is being cut from 1.5M to 500k why is this happening? i have made no changes to gear, skills etc I did grift 45 which is equivilent of T10 with no problem, yet when im in a normal torment 10 rift my damage is a third and making it tiresome and not worth doing.Ezek4 2d
2d Can you change public servers in Diablo 3? My friends have been pretty inactive this season so I've been grinding stuff with public games and I have noticed that there are a lot of people who come to farm public T10 nephalem rifts with whatever gears almost to a point where they are solemnly there for boosting and it sort of frustrates me. I've boosted people, but I don't want to continue in doing so, but I'd also like to be able to continue playing public with people who has optimal or at least sub-optimal speedfarm gears yet I cannot simpyl leave the server and go to another one because there doesn't seem to be an option for it. Why not?Jonseredi1 2d
2d In Game Warnings for Known Attacks DDOS Server Problems Hello, Recently while playing hardcore d3 characters we lost 1 during the ddos attack mentioned by This message was posted to CS Twitter account while we were playing, so blizzard tech guys saw the problem, identified as attack, contacted someone who manages social media side vice versa and you sent the tweet. But while in game, we had no idea what was going on. I, for myself, barely felt any lag or disruption in game play until i suddenly dc'ed with error 3005 and also dropped from I was lucky but my friends hc wizard died. We know about hardcore policy and it is OK. But i think if there was a system which warns players about "Known attacks, server outages etc" just like the twitter account , it would be a very nice addition. It is a time consuming habit to look for forums and social media before / while playing the game. And i guess not everyone is aware of the twitter accounts and such. A warning text in-game and on welcome screen ( Just the like for scheduled maintenance) will be a good addition. This still would not mean, if there is no warning , no DC'S will ever happen. Some attacks may come too fast, some faults can happen near instantly , we are OK With these. But if you know enough to post and warn on social media, just do the same via IN-GAME methods. So , if i was playing wow, i won't care maybe, but if it's Hardcore D3, i will log off and won't take risks. It is even possible to code this kind of warnings with SIEM devices and automate it if some network traffic becomes suspicous , over thresholds etc. Thanks,Lanetolsun10 2d
3d Cult Page 3 is... More rare than about 100 legendaries, 500 Death breath, 1 (Technically 2) Vault Portals (Got a puzzle ring which is why it's technically 2:P). Oh and 2-4 of all the other pages Wonder how much more I need to kill, til I get it!:D Merely ment as a fun thread.:DMasterZyck8 3d
3d Darkening Of Tristram-Can't Level 5! I have played 1-4, Killed Leoric, but can't find an entrance to the anything further! Am I missing something really obvious, Or do I really need to put my thinking cap on?MacLagerman6 3d