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12 Jul Discussion about Difficulty Hello! I've been playing the Diablo games for a little over a decade now, starting with D2. Got myself D3 later on shortly after launch, but didn't enjoy it much. Didn't feel at all like what a Diablo game was supposed to be. Some time afterwards patch 2.0 came out and I played it again and the game seemed much better paced. Yes, it was even more distant from Diablo 2, but it was progress nonetheless towards being more fun, at least for me. During my first year in University I bought Reaper of Souls, but I couldn't play it due to a nasty proxy mucking things up in the dorm. Now that it's over and I'm back home for a while and I can finally play it... I realized something. This game is way too easy. Extremely so. I switched to Torment 1 at level 17, right now am at level 25 at the Drowned Temple and I've set it on torment 2 and I'm doing well. Only things that offer resistance are the occasional bullet sponges. To me right now it feels more like a puzzle game where you have to get higher and higher massacre counts to win. What happened?Mangame16 12 Jul
11 Jul Characters not showing in Profile page Hi there, Just wanted some clarification on why my other three (which happen to be 2 seasonal and 1 hardcore seasonal) characters aren't displayed on the bottom of the profile menu when you press Shift+P / click your hero in menu? Here are two screenshots showing my hall of heroes (6) and characters 'displayed' (3) respectively. I'm assuming it's only non-seasonal but please help me on this one, thanks! Thanks!AngelôfDeath0 11 Jul
10 Jul im done perment banned., fking. [IMG][/IMG] some report me for what exakly i dont using any bots what shall i do now im bannad ? how can this happen just me what have i done wrong? this its not funny . i blame blizzard i blame you bann me how dare you band me im legit man never using bots on wow or diablo 3 or never any games how can this happing me?urbanstep24 10 Jul
10 Jul Add high-tier seasonal/ns rewards! This is actually a great idea from diablofans. We see that requirements for seasonal journey have been REDUCED this time. So, on the opposite why not add something for skilled players? For example "You get 5 stash tabs if you complete solo GR90 this season". Why not? This will actually fuel some experienced players to grind more and get better rewards. Seasonal journey is SUPER CASUAL now. While i don't see a problem in this, there are a lot of experienced players out there who get bored IMMIDIATELY, like.. after 10 hours in season 7 and it's nothing more to do except grind paragons or quit.DarkSol5 10 Jul
10 Jul LAG LAG LAG and then MORE LAG Well it's only been like 4 years since D3 got released. Not like since then you - Blizzard - had time to upgrade those servers. Almost every damn weekend the same story - lag, lag, and then more lag. Not to mention every season start. And it's not like this isn't the SIXTH season. The moment a few more people have more time to play, your servers fail like a baws. No sweat though - i only payed over 100E on this game. Expecting to be able to play it anytime i want is i guess something for 1000E. And what better way to pretty much ruin the whole experience? Oh yeah - give a 1 day community bonus, and then we can have fun with LAG LAG LAG LAG. I keep getting to this point every time i return to D3 for the past 2 years. So yeah - tks for so much hard work on those servers. They really keep this game refreshing and entertaining - they refresh my distaste for it's shi..tty support.Anubis2 10 Jul
10 Jul something cool for new patch or expansion we could get some dailys and holiday events like wow haveChride3 10 Jul
10 Jul Blue goblins failing to split (vanishing) I am getting tired of this bug, what happens is you fight a gelatinous sire and he splits once into two smaller ones, then you kill those gobs and HE COMPLETELY VANISHES it doesn't say he escaped, he simply ceases to exist This has happened 3 times so far, once in a multiplayer game with myself and one friend. The other time I approached a blue goblin, paused then engaged and the third time when i approached one without pausing. This has happened twice in rifts and once in adventure modeMrGordons3 10 Jul
10 Jul (bug??) re roling glitch myriam suddenly costs milljons All of a sudden the costs of reroling at myriam went up from the thousends to miljons, for example my weapon reroling a stat now suddenly costs 54 milljon, while trying to reroling a same weapon it only costs 10000, same for my pants,rings and helmet,(in the milljons) other items seem to be normal. I made a few rerols trying to get higher stats, i went from 1.500.000.000,- to 120.000,- by just making about 30 rerols(several items), when i saw that the costs where crazy it was allready to late, and my gold went down to practicaly nothing.. Whats going on here guys, could not find anything on the servers about this, or is it just me??deltix11 10 Jul
10 Jul Can't open doors as witchdoctor Well, actually I can with my piranhas but its very inefficient to use them to open doors. Any ideas?Philip4 10 Jul
10 Jul Help with conquest -Cursed or Boss mode or speed demon Fairly new player looking for help with one of the conquests in the title,im on most of the day and would appreciate some assistance. Feel free to add me to friends.TheBigD0 10 Jul
10 Jul Quin69 So I decided to watch a non popular stream on twitch so I went in to D3 and was watching Quin69, the biggest streamer on D3 right now. I asked him if he ever would consider streaming any of the old diablo games, D1 and D2, and he answered..... "No, actually, I have never played the old Diablo games" Do we finally got the answer why the few people actually enjoy D3 and criticize the Diablo players that have been playing this since the 90's? According to me, the answer is YES The answer made my drop my cheek to the ground...I mean come on. Just how can you just not have played the two previous game that actually have so much powerful history in them. Are people not interested in the story of games anymore? Do they really just want a easy mode game to kill and get the most powerful items in 1 month? Damn I miss the early 2000's... Call me old fashioned, I dont care. Please I do not want to bash personally on Quin. I hope you understand that. I think you understand my thoughtsExentic27 10 Jul
10 Jul Non seasonal players kicked in the....again... S6 end date announcement: "Leaderboards will also be wiped sometime after the end of the Season. However, you'll immediately be able to compete in the currently active Era with your non-Seasonal heroes (including those who have just rolled over), and will not have to wait for the start of the next Season. " S4 end date announcement: "Leaderboards will also be wiped at the end of the Season. However, you'll immediately be able to compete in the next Era with your non-Seasonal heroes (including those who have just rolled over), and will not have to wait for the start of the next Season." No words....again...Tormentor7 10 Jul
09 Jul Just a silly idea Maybe new diablo game gonna be diablo+dark souls ? :? That would be cool huh ? Going down that monestary in third person :OStargazer8 09 Jul
09 Jul Gem increments Hey guys, I really think it would be cool, if you could see the lvl-up increments on legendary gems, while holding the shift-key.BigKahuna1 09 Jul
09 Jul User interface options? Where is my option to remove chat and minimap? I dont need either while progressing and they are blocking my view.Boye8 09 Jul
09 Jul Suggesting 6 man grift At log in screen we can select Adventure or Campaign mode, i suggest you add 1 more mode called 6 man grift. This mode would only have a town and 6 man grifting start so no solo no 4 man no normal rifts just the town and all the normal stuff a town have including the cube and kadala. The 6 man grift would be set so only if your 1 of each class accepting the grift(pylon) will accept the group = can't be 2 barbs in group for example. For the 6 man to not make 4 man outdated it is important that the para gained per hour grifting will be the same for the players as if players with same skill and gear did a 4 man. The 6 man option would be made to make all classes be able to group play and not be rejected because they are not part of that seasons meta. It is important though that the 6 man option is no advantage or disadvantage in xp gain compared to 4 man or one of the options will become not used. the option to select 4 man or 6 man should be made for other reasons like¨ we enjoy to play with more players¨ or ¨we want to play a class thats not included in 4 man meta¨.Liszie3 09 Jul
09 Jul Twister Wizard will still prevalent and is it bad? So in the last two seasons we've seen the rise of twister wizard and wizard in general with various bugs and such and for a while at the start this was ok, it was a new meta and had some stuff to deal with as a 4man comp everyone having a role just as it should be and that is okay right? I don't know if you think it is but I can't not say something about it. Here is my stance on this issue. I wouldn't be making this post if it was any game dev than blizzard but I expect more from them because I have seen more, I've seen how they can fix the issues at the start of diablo 3 and I have some amazing fun in previous seasons, fixed issues all throughout warcrafts lifespan so far and if they can do this why is this a big problem? I read their post regarding twister wizard I read that they were going to keep a close eye. I also read the post where they said that they don't want to do events such as double blood shards or double bounty mats because it forced people to play in short periods of time etc and now of course we have a date for the new season with seemingly no eyes on twister meta and double blood shard weekend. Personally I'd like to believe these issues stem from larger things going on with blizzard but maybe I'm being optimistic. for example most people should know about "lag" that has had some major impact on the game such as helltooth firewall WD and immortal kings rend barb being 2 of the big cases does this play into how blizzard are developing d3 going forward? is this a technical hurdle that has to be crossed before we can see new stuff? I am not knowledgable about the technical side to know if this is the case the other possibility that others have suggested is lack of content/meta changes = big content inc. If this is the case then i can understand that less resources are allocated or...reassigned. The main issue is of course if there is an underlying problem that is if there is a reason for builds that has involved bugged sets/weapons, not very well tuned items to be prevalent then is it that blizzard are not telling us and if so why not? TL;DR I do not like how diablo is looking at the moment maybe you think I've totally missed the mark but I felt like I had to post something with the new season being announced and me losing faith in one of my favourite games.Lightplay2 09 Jul
09 Jul Proposal on Convention of elements. Don't hate me fast.. it's just a thought and Proposal :) Option to choose the kind of elemental skill that is active and shown on this superb Ring: Convention of elements ... * Response to this post would be, hey i shoot all the time. Still i want to know when it's active, maybe it's only me -.- * As it is, i don't look at it but i would look at it if it pops up like.... For God sake shoot the Hell at anything :)) cheer'sDolk6 09 Jul
08 Jul Ebenezer Samuel bug? Strange that I haven't seen a thread on this. It seems that the unique monster Abenezer Samuel (the unique zombie that spawns in the Old Road, you know between new Tristram and the ruins of old Tristram) spawns EVERY TIME. Since it seems to be the only random unique to do that, I think it is a bug. Anyone else experiencing this?Nightshade24 08 Jul
08 Jul Regarding the Fallen Pennant Drop Rate In Patch 2.4.1, we introduced a number of new cosmetic items to the game including a few extremely rare items such as the Cosmic Wings and Rainbow Portrait. Among the items intended to be extremely rare are Steffon’s Heavy Lance, Mace of the Crows, and the Harvest Pennant (also known as the Fallen Pennant). As 2.4.1 unfolded, we were surprised to learn that nobody appeared to have found these items. Weeks passed, we checked and double-checked the data, and ran some internal tests—these items were intended to be rare and hidden but perhaps we had hidden them too well? Unfortunately, it turns out we made a mistake. Instead of making the items extremely rare, they did not appear at all. The Diablo Development Team is sorry for this huge misstep on our part—I know that our mistake caused many players to spend hours trying to locate items which we now see in hindsight was a wild goose chase. How did this happen? Testing something that is intentionally extremely rare means we need to use some dedicated testing techniques. Our team uses a combination of code reviews, simulation and cheat codes to verify functionality. Sometimes things can appear to work correctly in parts, but malfunction when they are put together. For example, in the case of the Pennant, we were able to verify that individual portions of the criteria to obtain the Pennant functioned correctly, but the end to end process resulted in the Pennant being unattainable once the patch went live. The development team messed up and we’re sorry. The development team erroneously told our community team that the Harvest Pennant could drop. We can’t make it right overnight but we’d like to start with two changes: 1. We’ve certainly learned our lesson, and going forward when things are intentionally this rare, we’ll have new testing procedures to make sure a similar mistake doesn’t happen again. 2. Although we cannot provide direct restitution to the individuals affected, we’re going to have a 48-hour Double Gold and Blood Shards Community Buff for this weekend. WyattБрайвир0 08 Jul
08 Jul Why do we even have runes for skills? Really why since all builds are armor depend and use one particular rune and the others taking dust. Add spending points similar to d2, that will make armor less viable. And people will finally play their favorite skills -FoH ,Frozen orb, meteor, hydra, shield bash, WW etc etc.Kirile9 08 Jul
06 Jul Having problems with build... Hello. I'm trying to build a zunimassa witch doctor with carnevil shooting fetishes and piercing dagger of darts. Yesterday i found a mask of jarem and now wondering is it worth or not, cuz i haven't found any info about how these items work together. Could anyone advise me, please?mrTrigger4 06 Jul
06 Jul Demon Hunter Paragonlevel 500+ Hello:) I've returned to D3. Sadly no one of my old friends did. Looking for some one to play Grifts and normal rifts with. Ofc i can play public but after around 300 "public" runs and not even an hello it's boring. Glady up for some adventures with People :) Can play most nights after 20,00. From sweden, 30 years old. :)UmpaLumpa6 06 Jul
05 Jul Why not share this on the EU forums as well. Somebody is not doing their work or they don't care about the EU forums. How are we suppose to know what changed and what not?Amaranth2 05 Jul
05 Jul correct me if i'm wrong with the new changes in 2.4.2 to wd can i assume that my LoN dagger of darts build is gonna be really crappy with all the debuffs?SachaZ760 05 Jul
04 Jul Offline mode/local servers. (Feedback) Hey all, I was instructed to voice my opinion on the forums by GM Korethind. I was denied a refund because I bought the game from a 3rd party retailer. This is fair enough so no problems there. What I do have an issue with, which was why i requested a refund, Is the lack of offline play. I live in South Africa. We have terrible internet here. And latency is pretty high at best. 150ish at best to the EU. This combined with just terrible internet in this country in general makes the game pretty terrible to play. My spells rarely land and pulling off a cool combo is a truly ultimate challenge as guys seem to teleport half the time. I find this odd considering the other online games i play run just fine. Games with local servers (CSGO and Dota 2 ) work perfectly - given that the server isn't over loaded. Eve Online also works fine, but that game has such a low tick rate it usually doesn't matter. And this actually counts for Overwatch too. I played the beta and while I have to commend them for the amazing work done on the hit registration, it does also suffer heavily from latency issues. Got hit behind walls SOOO many times. Really think this could stint the pro scene for Overwatch. TL:DR : RSA has bad internet. Local/Offline servers please.Stokkie7 04 Jul
04 Jul Idea for another type of grift leaderboard Hello, This idea comes from the WoW challenge modes. Basically: no matter of your current paragon, once you enter this Special Greater Rift, you automatically get 50 points in all slots (like you would have 800 paragon). All your legendary gems are scaled to level 50. Any gems destroyed into gear are limited to +250 of that stat (if that player did destroy a gem into his gear). Any stats on the gear is not affected. Now, you may say that anyone will be able to enter this 'Special Greater Rift' without using no effort to grow its character. But, in order to make it matter, there are some restrictions in order to join: have all set items from a character already be found by that player, have all your current equipped gems at least at rank 50 and if you want a gem destroyed into your gear to count, it has to be at least level 50 legendary gem destroyed into gear. By finding all the set items on a character, I mean the following: let's say you are seasonal hardcore wizard. Until you have discovered all the set pieces from all the wizard sets on any seasonal hardcore character during that season, you cannot participate with wizard in the competition. This competition will be parallel to the normal Greater Rift Rankings, so for people who wish to get more and more paragon, this will be no problem (there will be 2 different rankings). This is especially useful for nonseasonal characters, because most of top 1k players at the end of the era have acquired quite a lot of paragon, and this won't be helping low paragon players too much (like people who bought recently Diablo 3 or people who haven't been farming in groups the paragon), but will also be useful for seasonal players (in a less significant way), for the same reason. Also, there should be less Grift layouts available in this case, to avoid endless fishing for an amazing layout, or something similar (in this case, I am waiting for your personal opinion guys). So, what do you say? Is this idea good/bad, and why? Also, what should be changed/improved/added to make it a good/better idea? Thanks for your opinions!Emanuel9 04 Jul
04 Jul hardcore character dead when logging in I logged in to find my hero dead please helpIhaydens5 04 Jul
03 Jul Did anyone else's forum history get wiped? It seems my forum posts and forum history from the past few days was wiped. I mainly commented on posts about diablo 4 speculation and a storyline I developed and posted in the lore section. All of the other posts about the storyline that were really unique are also gone.Nocturnal6 03 Jul
03 Jul what is the authorized programs by Blizzard The game client may monitor your computer's RAM and/or CPU processes for unauthorized third party programs running concurrently with the game. An unauthorized third party program is defined as any third party software (including Addons) that facilitates cheating; intercepts, mines or collects information from the game database; or allows modifying or hacking of the game interface, environment or experience in any way not expressly authorized by Blizzard Entertainment. then tell me is there any authorized program list? or how can i know which program authorized by Blizzard. i am using many electricity simulation programs.. they simulating some electricity schemes.. and may you never heard about anything some of them. such as EKTS.did you hear before EKTS..if you didnt hear check this program simulating electricity control tecniques.. if blizzard think about this program as bot.. how can i know?KL3BeRSoN3 03 Jul
03 Jul asking for a slight buff please Dear Blizzard, i'm just politely asking you to please consider slightly buffing the spawn rate of Princess Lilian in Whimsydale. Considering how seldom Rainbow Goblins spawn in general (1 in 10), i don't think this is such an outrageous request. Currently standing on 42 Rainbow Goblins for this season - and still no Princess Lilian. Please. Thanks :)LeRuCo1 03 Jul
03 Jul Obviously you do stuff, why one bluepost/2 weeks? Obviously Blizzard actually does (some) things and read the forums Topaz to RCR in head for example, great choice and you obviously read that post. What I don't get is why can't someone over there take 10 seconds of your time that day and do some kind of respons in that thread? Just a simple "Great idea! We will look in to it during the next PTR" would just show everyone that you ACTUALLY read the forums more than every third day. It's actually crazy how few blue posts there are in this game compaired to most others when it comes to GM/mod-activity. Are you purposely doing this or what?AkaikO10 03 Jul
03 Jul Solo only character option suggestion So i am one of those who wants to play solo only. i play on hardcore and i dont get any boost. i level solo i keep playing solo. i enjoy the game this way instead of getting carried by someone else and get my end end gear/ paragon 500+ in 2 days. and i also want to compete for leaderboards. but it is impossible to compete with players who play with group. they have huge advantage over us. i know there are so many players who also enjoy game this way. What if there would be an 'solo only' character option when u are creating your new character. with seperate leaderboard. this makes game more chalanging imo.SacrdSilence5 03 Jul
03 Jul The "Cow Rift"-Myth Who was lucky enough to have one yet? How is it? At was Rift-Level was it? I made around 230 Rifts, wasn't lucky enough to find it yet - AARR :) Can't wait until I find my first one. cheersJepi111 03 Jul
02 Jul cursed Curses Conquest (350+chest) Dear Bizzard, I only want the stash tab. No further ambition. So you force me to play season. Fine. Worked last season. This time, I'm still missing one conquest. And now you make me look at a loading screen 50 times to find the one and only chest where I might have a chance to kill the 350 required monster in time. And that's what I've been doing the last 5 days. EVERY SINGLE DAY. And then, when I find it, I unfortunately only manage around 325 kills with the only crusader build I can think of that is not LoN based and might do the job (Blessed Shield Akkhans). Unfortunately no clan, no group and only one online friend who is further behind. One day I was even in the community chat, asking, crying begging for help for hours until one compasionate Plvl1000+ monk came for help. I rejoiced, but only for a moment until we only managed 314 together. My fault I guess, not his (I think Blessd Shield damage goes down a lot if the monsters die during the ricochet). Long story short. As far as I'm concerned you can shove this stupid conquest up to some place where there is no light. And that's it.StBonifaz13 02 Jul
02 Jul A few things i hope they would do... 1,. Well since the /Wizard FB set got the power up i been playing this season with it. My question is This Teleport skill do they ever intend to make it so you could go anywhere as its semi-anywhere if that makes sense. I mean you can not go through doors and get stuck behind weird walls and corners, i know some of its due to navigation. 2. Is their really a point in the orby things to drop from elites, does this not just waste time, why not make it so you get whatever is meant to drop all in one go after killing it. 3. The gem levelling sux even with gold why did they not make it so gold would give you 2 more tries instead 1 and whatever grift you are on at least make the chances higher i have had many fails even at 60%.Ultima5 02 Jul
30 Jun Level help Hi guys looking for some people to help me level some characters pretty fast please? Blizzard tag: LeMonkey#21291. ThanksLeMonkey3 30 Jun
30 Jun GRifts Hey everyone! I really enjoy D3 and the way you can push your character build into Grifts, but... It was really good untill GR65, till then I felt the development of the character and my skills. After 65 to smth like 70 I felt the need to use the map correctly and the difference of the mobs, their density and that i shouldnt waste time on difficult groups... Still I felt development in combining all things to get the rift done , but after 70 the game felt really different. I was relying on pure luck for the map, density , shrines I get.... Is that how the Grifts are done? Relying on luck ? If so, I dont think that is satisfying and it should be....changed...Midnight9 30 Jun
30 Jun The next Diablo game is taking shape 30 Jun
29 Jun Few Questions. Hello, I've been taking a long break since the earlier stage of the game. So i've decided to come back! However, my experience is rather futile. So i have a few questions regarding the achievement, and the seasonal features. Note that i'm not talking about difficulty here. It's rather more like whether it's actually possible or impossible. 1. Are you able to complete every achievement in this game if you start today? Excluding feats of strength ... 2. Are Seasonal achievements completely separated from the Career section? Or will they merge once the season ends? 3. As a fresh character/completionist with a goal to reach 100% in the Career section. Should i avoid creating the character on the seasonal side? (This question is connected to whether they're gonna merge or not) I would really appreciate if anyone could answer this :)Arccai13 29 Jun
29 Jun Set Dungeons Where can I find the set dungeon for Inna's set? I'm old and stupid and can't figure out the clue. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?Kaniawa1 29 Jun
29 Jun the game is dead? people are still playing d3?i can find active players and clans here?felixzR50 29 Jun
29 Jun Characters.... So, i've been playing some Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 recently and I have to admit I miss a larger selection of characters. We have: Barbarian Crusader Demon Hunter Monk Witch Doctor Wizard They are all fun in each their way but I miss the old classes still. is there any chance, any at all that you would (just say yes even if you mean no :P ) consider to add a druid, assassin, amazon and most of all necromancer again? revamped versions of cause. Lore wise its already OK as they are seen in Diablo 2. You could say Witch Doctor is a Necromancer mechanics wise, yes true but its about the spells and and the feel of playing/being that character. I for one miss skeletons and bonebased spells. Monk/Demon Hunter seems to be a split of an assassin with claws and combo points and the Amazon but I still think Id like to play an assassin/amazon over a monk. I really miss that sneaky evil feel and building up combo points or throwing javelins that split up into lightning bolts. Now druids... Where are the druids? There is nothing in Diablo 3 that gives me any feeling from the druid game mechanics in Diablo 2... Why were such an awesome character flicked away? In total dearest Diablo 3 team, I miss new characters. Seems like all other Blizzard games get to have new ones over time, why not Diablo 3? Make area related maps for each "new" introduced character for the story line, build up the comeback of the long gone druid. Just do something... You're Blizzard!!! After SO many years, some new skills along with characters would go a long way... Isn't that what your sister department does? Add characters to keep people curious? (Death Knight, Monk, Demon Hunter in WOW just to make an example). Sorry for a "messy" post but I think I got my point in there somewhere and I have no potato for scale either to compare with my long post...Excerebrose7 29 Jun
29 Jun Goblin glitch? I currently have a goblin inexplicably as part of my party. He is picking up all of my non magical items, so I cannot collect any reusable parts. Most frustrating... Is this a glitch? Anyone else seen this?beeslashurt3 29 Jun
29 Jun Random crashes Hello, My game keeps crashing, mostly in act 2 maps (not sure exactly which one) but when it comes by in rifts my game also crashes... I am not able to do bounties etc. because of this. Is there a solution for this? Repair etc. do not work. Thanks :)Insaneyz14 29 Jun
28 Jun Bug - Greater Rift boss inactive and not targetable This has happened to me twice now out of (only) five Greater Rift Keystones used. Yesterday it was in a level 21 rift, today it was in a level 1 rift. The boss appears after I have killed the neccessary amount of mobs but the other mobs don't disappear and I can't attack or even target the rift guardian. He is shown on the map but isn't killable - as said before. Does anybody know what might trigger this? Is it a known bug? I haven't really found anything like it before.PhileasFogg6 28 Jun
28 Jun Access to Adventure Mode? Hello I recently bought Diablo 3 and made a seasonal character so I was wondering if I complete the story campaign on the seasonal char will I have access to Adventure Mode on a normal character? Thank you :)Eirini2 28 Jun
27 Jun Map Icons So I was playing 4-player and pushing some GRs (as supp monk) when I found it a bit hard to sometimes spot the wizard in the ocean of mobs and when some players ran away I sometimes thought it was the wizard and followed him/her and that wasn't the case so the wiz died from no protection (call me bad or whatever). But the reason I am typing this is that I think a good idea for multiplayer is that you can add icons to players (like in WoW, stars, skulls etc), this would mean players would have it easier to spot each class while in 4-player group and people playing with friends would be able to set icons to their friends portrait so they can see them on the map and on the screen with the picked icon of their choice. I don't know much about programming but I don't think it would be too hard to fix that if people would like the idea of being able to put icons next to players of their choice so they easier can see classes or friends. /Benka33benka332 27 Jun
27 Jun Anyone selling some good luck potions :) Sitting on just over para 600 and only have 5 ancient pieces so im after some good luck if anyone is willing to bottle it up and send it :) Struggling to get past GR71 only due to lack of items and its disheartening lol.Jedisapper1 27 Jun
27 Jun WHAT MUST I DO TO GET MY BLIZZARD ACCOUNT REMOVED I've started to hate your company so much that my guts burn. I hate your new games... and I can't even sell them forward because of some legal issues. Im not going to spend any more mony only to send a freaking letter to some office for getting my acces and information removed.... so please, remove all my info and stuff for good. Or must i violate some terms to get my stuff removed....Hulksquirrel12 27 Jun