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26 Oct Is Diablo 3 dying? Since the 2.1.1 update, I´ve only seen about 10-15 players on adventure mode from torment I and upward were I usually seen about 300+. It is because of the change of gameplay like increased blood shard cost, there is better games, or just because you want to go back to the all mighty Diablo 2? No I am not a WoW player so please quit asking me that. I ain no fat player that quit job to get more gaming hours and dream about a fantasy female blood elf or whatever it is named. *update: I`ve seen about 40 somewhere players on Torment VICyborg64 26 Oct
26 Oct Tired of playing season for stash... I guess I need to prove for the 4th time that I can get that fracking stash. Obviously storage is very useful in this game, but the mindless grind is just stupid and takes me away from playing the game as I want to. I was having a ton of fun with my hardcore crusader which I have to put on hold for several weeks now to play some boring grind once again. Why not put those stash tabs in the webstore for 5 euro each or something and do yourself and the rest of us a favor Blizz.Gunarson9 26 Oct
26 Oct Blizzcon's Opening Ceremony Hi, do I have to buy a virtual ticket to see the opening ceremony or does Blizzard stream this part for free? Thanks in advance. lukefranzkfk2 26 Oct
26 Oct I play/like this game (even tho I secretly hate it) Why is that? Could it be ~gasp~ I find it fun in some way? Things I hate... Story (keep in mind I don't read lore or anything like that outside the game): The vanilla story feels like a fan fic spin off of Diablo 2, only done horribly. Feels like everything is spelt out for me (or spoonfed) with no room for interpretive guessing (or imagination). Almost like half-way through Blizz just said !@#$ it and went yolo. The atmosphere feels more arcade-like and non-seriouse compared to the dark or eerie atmosphere I got from Diablo II. Gameplay: This game requires literally no skill. I doubt you even need to know how to speak any language in order to complete acts (no exploring required aside from dungeons) due to the map having conspicuous arrows and indicators telling you where to go. But I could just be one of those people who feels that skill or competition have a part in the fun factor. After you're strong enough, you can literally sit in mobs spamming all your skills thoughtlessly. And after every level up, you have giant, annoying banners (which detail what you "unlocked") pop-up in the middle of the screen which take eons to go away. It's like they originally made this game for smartphones, but changed their mind. Yet, as harshly as I feel, I don't think any of these things are so bad that this is no longer Diablo. Thusly, I don't feel like Blizz "pulled a Disney".shiny11 26 Oct
26 Oct How to play Diablo 3 offline? Dear support, Because of my personal, private, situation, I can't be online at all times. But, I *did* pay about 60 EUR for this game. Am I entiteld to playing this game, even when not being online? I hope so, please help. Thanks! PS: I'm thinking about buying the StarCraft games, but should I expect the same behaviour of those games: should I always be online? Because I can not. Thanks!critikaster31 26 Oct
26 Oct Authenticator Mine is over two years in use , what is the life expectancy of these authenticators? When to replace'm?MrDinges10 26 Oct
25 Oct Add an option to read others skills would be nice if it was possible to read what other players skills do when you for instance press "Alt" and it shows the skills and the runes description. would be useful to learn about other classes and what they do or buff while your in game. and not having to Google, or create a new character for this. this will help the players to know the game better, and understand why people use certain skills especially those new. cant expect everybody to be multiclasser's :)Arkaddius0 25 Oct
24 Oct S8 Conquests Stop rotating the conquests, make all available every season! Or at least make some of them guaranteed every season, like the GR45 without any set-bonuses/set-items and the Avarice one.TheReference4 24 Oct
24 Oct Selection salvage Salvaging legendaries and set items gives forgotten soul, but takes time with fast drop rates. If it has identify all option, add selection for salvage. It would reduce time wasted on clicking each one and accept for each one. Unlike rares and blues, we don't want legendary potions to get salvaged accidently if you put salvage all legendaries. Because for now seling them is faster, even dropping them on ground is faster...hunted4 24 Oct
22 Oct D3 not funny anymore... * I bored doing same things, playing seasons for one stash tab... (Didn't play s7 and i'll not play others seasons too.) * Bounties, Rifts and Grifts are totally boring... * You must play same !@#$ sets/legs and same skill combinations... (There is no freedom for players...!) Please, can someone help me how can i happy with this game ? (I'm solo player). *It will never possible but if i can take refund, really i'll be happiest man on this world..hexosphere14 22 Oct
22 Oct not getting the legion wings? Anyone else not gotten the wings`?Roos4 22 Oct
21 Oct Season 8 - "Wanted to Sanctuary" Gone is the task in one session. We do not count that nonsense ((((SENDI0 21 Oct
21 Oct Developers are leaving Diablo 3 team :( Diablo 3 has lost 3 developers: John Yang, Don Vu and Leonard Boyarsky. Maybe that's why this patch will be so small. Hopefully this will not be the end of Diablo... and no more expansions. Maybe blues can comment what is happening. Will they be replaced or are they gone for good and Team D3 will be that small.Shark10 21 Oct
21 Oct Ban Wave States!!! Blizzard i'm curious about the players who in top leaderboard, i see some of them and sure there is more who achieve more than 1200Hours playing this season and with easy Calculation its show they are Botting, Some ppl will comment And say why u care or something , i want to get higher rank but 100% its impossible with this players who keep Benefits from the advantage of these 3rd party apps or what ever they call it. Blizzard until now we didn't see as usual (Ban Wave) So i'm Really get mad in last 2 week when i try to focus on doing more bounties , upgrading low gems , farming and a lot of things to just try achieve 1 higher spot it just not fair and its not fair competition. My Questions and i will said it Directly and like they said Crystal Clear !!! 1- Did we will see bane wave in season 7 or Not ? I need someone from blizzard to give me Clear answer Because if Not i will my self using Botting and i will not Care like most of player in the leaderboard is not care, i mean anyone Can easy detect those players by only check playing hours , what is mean when someone have +1200 hour on only 1 characters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for talking too much but i love playing the game and i don't like what is happen now with it , it just a game yeah but blizzard inform us whatever you change your policy by applying or approve booting so me and all the community can play like the top player which actually they not the super player is just because the advantage that (U) ALLOW THEM TO USE UNTIL NOW WITHOUT ACTIONS.Gad16 21 Oct
21 Oct It seems the Diablo 3 area at Blizzcon is kinda small Does not bode well...Archangel4 21 Oct
21 Oct Worldrank 1 Progressive GRP needs a WD! Hello every1! We`re looking for a witchdoc, for our S8 Group We`re Starting with a 32 H Marathon. After that one, we`re goin`for 18H/ Day for about 7 days. Requirements: Perfect knowledge of your class. Without any exception: The timeplan needs 2 be respected. Solo ladder progression Don`t be shy! We`re STREAMING 100 % Ingame uptime. What do we do 4 you? First EU LvL 70 guaranteed, if no slackerino, or extremelly bad luck! ( Done for the past 3 Seasons so far, with a big advance ) Super high competitive early game, wich opens you the doors into almost every Hard Progress Clan, if that`s your wish. ( Paragon requirement backup ) Secured Marathon! That ain`t just a goal. That`s basic! 2 weeks of constant high progressive gameplay, wich is usually more, then then most ppl do till the end of the season! Note: We do have a life, we do have jobs! The reason for having that much time is none of our buisiness! You do NOT have to explain anything. For any further informations, and a Teamspeak talk : FamilyGuy#21686FamilyGuy2 21 Oct
21 Oct season countdown just an idea...i would like to see a timer wich would count down a time for a season start in app no more troubles around time zones and not beeing 100%sure for exact time when season drops in. like i said...just an idea..rasta33Man2 21 Oct
21 Oct Cool (?) ideas for melee builds, dh. Hi! Was doing nothing so i thought up some ideas regarding the lack of melee oriented stuff for the dh and came up with a concept. I haven’t considered the numbers because i don't know whats reasonable, so i'll just be putting an X everywhere. First of all, i don’t see why the dh has to be so bow oriented. An amazon makes sense (i think), but even she had her spears and such. Correct me if I’m wrong but the dh has like two builds which require a melee weapon but they are still ranged in nature and you don't get a feel for what the weapon is for really. She holds a sword in one hand but she still uses her chakrams? Kind of weird thats all. I propose something that is extremely deadly and requires fast paced action. The dh should be squishy, so no tanking, like at all. And i would like to se something that also rewards you for having movement speed. More speed = more momentum = more damage maybe? and maybe more dodge chance, since she's moving very quickly. Speed is kind of fun in a very simple way, so i’d like to see more of it. And we would get use of certain passives. I would like to see a very quick dh that disappears in and out of the shadows, slitting throats or cutting them in half like a f*cking samurai in maybe the same manner we use the seven-sided strike but with damage coming from extreme bleeding, loss of limbs or something like that. Maybe planting bombs along the way but I wouldn’t find that as appealing. The main hand should be a melee weapon, but i don’t know about the quivers. Shields would look out of place for a dh. So maybe dual wielding daggers or allowed to have a two-handed samurai sword of some kind would be cool. Or maybe all melee weapons could have some unique effect tied to the build, in a certain skill or so: Daggers: Silently killing your enemies hides your presence, increasing your dodge chance by X% for 5 seconds after using blabla. Hammers and such: Causes blunt force trauma, slowing enemies by bla% for blabla second, reducing their attack speed by kind of much% for X seconds and stunning them for like 2 seconds. Dual wielding: With extremely focused slashes you receive a damage bonus of much% and movement speed bonus of 30%. Randomly cuts enemies body parts either impairing their movement speed or attack speed. Here are crude ideas for skills: Shadow kill (shadow mistress, shadow master?) something like that Using her hatred the demon hunter summons a veil of darkness, seemingly going in and out of existence the demon hunter jumps from shadow to shadow dicing enemies in half or bashing their skulls in. This skill could use up both hatred and discipline. The more discipline you have triggering the skill, the more enemies are you able to hit. The more hatred you have, the larger the area of darkness becomes and the more damage you deal. legendary effects on weapons tied to these builds: Sword of old (two handed) movement speed increased with hatred. Moving so fast makes it look as though you’re at two places at once. Your shadow clone does 15% of your damage and has the same skills equipped as you. Dagger of the eternal darkness While in dark areas you gain much% dodge chance and do kind of much% more damage Demon’s demise (one handed sword) protecting it’s master the sword envelopes it’s wielder in a cloak of shadows which blocks strikes whenever possible and protects her against the elements (when equipped with dagger of eternal darkness it makes the bonus permanent since she’s always in a dark area, kind of) Morning never comes (morning star, one handed) In exchange for your life this weapon grants you powers beyond your dreams. cooldown reduction, much% attack speed, very much% Damage, kind of much% recourse cost reduction, much% movement speed increase, very much% Vengence now boost you damage with x% and lets you acrobat between enemies, dealing huge amount of damage. Does not fire rockets any more. Life drain 0,5% per sec and reduces your toughness by 25% (or something) Eternal morning (morning star, one handed) Negates the negative effects of Morning never comes but also cuts the benefits by 30% That was kind of what i had in mind. I'll return to doing nothing now. Interested in your ideas and what you thought of the concept.ToadStyle0 21 Oct
21 Oct Season 8 rewards too weak? Compared to previous seasons, these season rewards seems weak. A mediocre set wings, a portrait, and two set pieces for a generic set. Besides, the class sets looks somewhat familiar. Haven't we already seen these in the game? This time around there's no companions, and they also stopped giving rewards to other games like the mount for hots some seasons ago.MikeJezZ4 21 Oct
20 Oct Farming Wings Problems Hi all, I am farming for wings about 2 weeks now and i don't get any. I am trying to understand if they got the wings removed. As far as i know there are 6 wings: 2 from pre-order and stuff. 1 from magda 1 from adria 1 from riftgurdian 1 from myst chest Could any 1 tell me they r still in game or not? and if they are which 1 of them are?Distroyer3 20 Oct
20 Oct What class will you play in Season 8? There's a lot of hate for the game at the moment which I don't think is entirely fair. This game has been out for a long time, with a one off payment, and a hell of a lot of content, that I for one, have thoroughly enjoyed. It's not the end of the world that there's no new content for season 8 - I say, pick a class you don't usually play and try to master it. That being said, what's everyone planning on playing this season?KoAtheRAGE27 20 Oct
20 Oct Mystic Rhythm indication Would it be possible to add a visual indication when MR is active? It is kind of important to know that.zikje3 20 Oct
20 Oct Wings Hi! i have been farming wings for weeks now, but are the wings still in game? or have they removed them? i heard they got removed from some other players, but they were not sure. i hope you guys can help me :)bird4 20 Oct
19 Oct Suggestions that could have made such a difference hi all "re"-stumbled upon these great suggestions by Edriel (former MVP) the game would definitely have benefited from progressive ideas like these - including the addition of a whole other game mode for the now much needed variety why this was never implemented - only blizz will know 19 Oct
19 Oct Question about season & non-season Hi all! I plan to come back and play.Last time i play was in season 2.I see that many things are changed..You can drop lot of pets and wings now. But i have a question. If i don't play seasonal (because i don't like to start from 1stlvl every few months). After each season start can i find every new item and etc. in the non-seasonal game? Let's say i have a 680 paragon.If i decide to play with my old characters.Can i drop there new wings,pets and other items? :) P.S. Sorry for my bad English..It's not my main language.I hope you understand me what i ask. :)Iroxxar5 19 Oct
19 Oct Resistance - 81.74% + 16.99%... what does this mean? I looked through my character sheet and looked at my resistances, and found the second part here both new and confusing: Reduces X damage from level 70 enemies by 81.74% + 16.99%. Which gives me almost 99% resistance to that element. In my world that'd make me almost invincible to that element. And I'm not. I die alot. I think my armor is way too weak (read alot about a 10(armor):1(res) ratio before, is that still the thing?). Anyhoo! Where does the 16.99% come from? And what does it mean since I'm obviously not almost invincible?XistenZ14 19 Oct
19 Oct DH or Crusader for S8 ? Hi guys, I cant decide between a DH or a Crusader to main during S8. I want to be able to clear fast T13's. So I am guessing its "UE vs thorns". Which is better(faster) and why?GekkeTurk4 19 Oct
19 Oct Diablo prequel? So I watched Funhouses recap of what they think and whatnot and it got me thinking... Libra? Scales of War (or Justice as the wiki points out)? Angels vs Demons? If it's not D4, then a prequel would make more sense no? Maybe do what WoD failed to provide: Lore of the past baked in a decent package. Maybe make it A LOT more open world this time around with PVP combat over large arenas. I mean we saw how brawling went. Just my 2 cents.Neonfox2 19 Oct
18 Oct Did we trash D3 ? Just want to share my theory about difficulties in making a game like Diablo. First of all i just want to say that i put a lot of time in both D1 & D2 (i really mean alot) so i like to belive i got some perspective on the theme by now. The basic game mechanics is as you all know "kill monsters and hope som great loot drops, and if it does use it to kill more monsters". Offcourse that mechanics can be spiced up with some nice storyline and some achivements, but if so those achivements needs to be revarded preferably by some way to get even better gear or other bennefit. Not to complicated right. Now comes the Catch. If you get all the best gear and do all achivements first day playing we all agree that the game would be crap. If we play for weeks in a row and never get rewarded with better gear it will be crap likewise. So balancing droprates is the most centric piece of the game. Problem is that the range of player varies soo much. From 20/7 streamers to casual "once in a month" players and it is no easy way of keeping all those categories of players happy. You can surely verify this by the hordes RnG threads. My Point with the topic is that i belive that we, the Community have driven the game to "oscillation" with all the "i got a work and cant play so much, with these drop rates i can never be as good as the others" threads. So the droprates has been increased to a pathetic level as "the Community raged". What then happend was that as we all got the BiS, the game simply got too easy (wich we whined about) and so we got higher T-levels. And the circle starts all over again. What made this progress even more destructive was that we also find a copy of every item in the game in record time, wich in turn made player diversity next to nothing. makes this post more then an effort to lay out a possible theory, i share some of my thoughts how to adress the general problem. Randomize items: By totaly randomize items in a "flow rule set" you can get unique items. Kind of like the RnG generator works in D3 but taking it a step further. In D3 the item will be one of a fixed typ and the (som predefined) affixes added in a flow (each step random). My suggestion is something like Random type e.g "Sword" and then apply affixes randomly, still keeping track of the total "quality value" from previous affixes and make next affix less prone to be awsome if the previous onces was that. This approach will also need that the separate affixes dont get added in a specific order, as it would result in that a item with very high INT (if it was added first) has a very low chance to have high damage (if DMG is added last). Finaly add a "not so random" name based the affix result. e.g If a knife got a very high poison damage the naming will take that into account. So a knife can be associated with a number of Words like "stinger", "fang" and so on. And poison can be associated by Words like "venom","flu" etc. So in the example above the knife could get the unique name of "Splendid fang of venom". Same aproach can be used on spawning monsters, wich will lead to unique monsters that can be really cool to face (or very challenging in worst case). Offcourse we dont want all mobs spawned this way, we still need the majority to be idetifiable so we can adopt strategies. Add more item affixes: To get maximum diversity there need to be more affixes on items. A player should be able to arrange his playstyle around a single great item or stacking on a few affixes to make him stand out in diffrent situations. Imagine a character in a meta that focus on healing and blocking a specific type of mobs but that needs to stand back and let a fellow handle others. That is what making Group play anjoyable..Teamwork. By adding more affixes to items there will be more ways to tailor you meta. Some surely wonder what affixes can possibly be added, and the answer i simply to "think out of the box". How about "chance to steal Elite affix 2%" also consider the use of negative affixes on items as "chance to teleport you randomly" or "strike a fellow". The above two suggestions is the "base" of a game that keep players interested long term. You never know when that "special unique shield drops" that make you totally rebuild your character and get a totaly new experience. You should have the feeling that the "one in a billion crossbow" can drop at your feet, regardless if you just play 2 hrs a week. Theres off course ton of thing that also must be added to make the game "really shine". E.g More ways to manipulate items (maby with the risk of destroying them). More dull and creepy graphis, and light radius (like D2) as an affix. Maps cant be lit up as a mall on christmas, you shold need to be carefull and in a constant "what is behind that corner" feeling. and.... Well this post is long enough... But please...No more ponys and cuddle bears.....I cant belive anyone see a Point in entering a soaky dripping and fearsome dungeon, fearing for his Life, enjoying a pink teddy in attack mode. Thats really a mood killer. Someone must have a really bad day when that decision was made.ToPNoTCH6 18 Oct
18 Oct 2 Suggestions that make D3 more enjoyable 1. Ancient Legendaries Problem: Ancient Legendaries are only a welcome sight when they're an item you need for your equipment, otherwise they're a waste of a good roll. Finding Ancient Legendaries that you cannot wear is unrewarding. Solution: Make Ancient Legendaries that you don't need for gear more useful: Dismantling an Ancient Legendary yields 3 Forgotten Souls. When converting Ancient Legendary Set Items, there is a 10% chance for the converted Item to also be an AL. When reforging an Ancient Legendary, there is a +10% chance of the new legendary being an AL, increasing the chances for AL's from AL's. Discussion: Increasing the Forgotten Souls from AL's from 1 to 3 ensures that every AL - even if it ends up being dismantled - feels like more of a reward. In this case, through its contribution, it slightly eases the unreasonably high Reforge Legendary mechanic. Giving AL's a higher chance of being reforged as a AL, and a small chance of being converted into an AL Set Item, makes it slightly easier to get another AL. But aside from the Kanai's Cube costs, if you only get a Legendary, you no longer have that bonus for the next Kanai's Cube action and you also lose the 2 FS you'd have gotten more for dismantling it. You have to decide: risk the FS for the chance of a better AL or getting a different AL Set Item, or take the 3 FS and walk away? 2. Greater Rifts & Gem Upgrades Problem: Upgrading Gems from the very bottom takes time. A lot of time. That's okay early on in the season - you are, after all, slowly progressing - but later on this becomes an insane amount of tedious, repetitive, unchallenging work. Let's assume you start late in season, a friend drags you through speed grifts to get your gems up to level 50 to improve your AL gear. From then on, you further gear 2 more characters, and you improve the upgrades on your AL's from 50 to 75. The time it takes for a clear of a grift averages around 3 minutes, and magically, this persists even for the 80+ clears you need to get to 75. To gear your character you need 13 50 Gems for your gear and another 3 for your necklace and rings. For 1 Character - 50: 16*50 = 800 Upgrades / 4 = 200 Greater Rifts to get level 50 on the 3 gems plus level 50 enchantments. (200*3min = 600 min, 10h farming) For 1 Character -75: 13*75 + 3*25 = 975 + 75 = 1050 Upgrades / 4 = 262,5 Grifts. (13,1 h) Now your char farms gem upgrades to get 2 more characters up to 75: 32*75 = 2400 Upgrades / 4 = 600 Grifts. (30h) So even if a friend gets us to 50, even if our character is then so awesome he can even do a 80+ rift in 3 minutes and we first get the gems of this char to 75, before equipping two more characters, this efficient, unrealistically fast example still needs you to do at least 1062,5 Greater Rifts farmed at really fast speed over the course of 53,1 h, and that's just the time spend doing grifts and upgrading gems, not getting gear or anything else. For 3 characters. Not only is this insanely time consuming, it discourages frequent enchantments in favor of "saving up until level x," but it also forces the player to repeatedly farm unchallenging grifts that can be farmed quickly. That might be fun for a hundred Grifts, but it gets old really fast. Solution: Add a second option to Grifts: "Maximum Infusion" (Or some other name) Instead of empowering the Grift, it can now receive an Infusion which costs 5 times the amount it costs to empower the Grift. Increases the number of Gem Upgrades to 5. Unlocks overupgrading, turning surplus levels beyond 100% success chance into a 3% chance to get 2 levels through one upgrade.Example: Clearing a level 40 Grift exceeds the 100% upgrade chance for a level 0 gem by 31, giving that upgrade a 31 * 3= 93 % chance to increase the Gem level by two. Example 2: Gem Level 20, Grift Level 90. 61 level difference = a guaranteed second gem upgrade (61*3=183%) plus a 83% chance to upgrade 3 levels instead of two. Discussion Not only does this further allow players with money to utilize it, but it encourages farming gold next to other activities, engaging players in more different environments instead of repeatedly doing the same speed grift grind. Moreover, it cuts down the upgrade time for players who, due to upgrades, already achieved high Grifts, since now the Grift level can be turned into something that actively contributes to the reward. The difficulty of the Grift directly contributes to the chance of increased gem upgrades, creating a more rewarding experience. This encourages more frequent upgrades instead of always waiting for level x until you enchant your gear via Kanai's cube, and it cuts down on the repetitive grind. I think that these two improvements significantly improve two of the core mechanics, making them overall more enjoyable and more rewarding, easing progression and cutting repetitious farming the more you've already farmed (and thus improved your gear). This should encourage players to play seasons more, since it will no longer be quite such a massive grind to upgrade gems on lower levels. Thoughts? Opinions?Darius5 18 Oct
18 Oct David Brevik The legendary Diablo creator is back for the new Diablo Unannounced Project, as a Game Adviser. Blizzard surely did the right move. His Twitter account and related post Update: He posted a new Tweet making clear he is not working on the Diablo franchise, sad. I still believe that he should be a part of what the '' Diablo unannounced project '' is, community loves Diablo II and he is the man behind Diablo series.RAZERKhas4 18 Oct
18 Oct Help? Where did my old gear go? So, when season 7 started I re-birthed my witch doctor - expecting all her gear to appear in non-season heroes mail. But no. I just thought I had remembered wrong and played whenever I got the time, and forgot about it.. And now I went to get my things and get my old gear on etc.. but no old gear? I first thought maybe I had went blind, thought that maybe I had gotten it when I started and checked my stash, every character I have etc.. Still no gear. Is there any way to get it back now, or is it all too late and I have to start over? :| (Guessing this is the proper place to post it, as it's the only place under support)errgaia3 18 Oct
18 Oct Season 7 ending soon Season 7 will be ending Friday, October 14 @ 5:00 p.m. CEST and Season 8 will begin Friday, October 21 @ 5:00 p.m. CEST. It kinda ends too soon, we did not even had PTR unless season 8 will be copy-paste of Season 7 without any changes.Shark14 18 Oct
17 Oct Did season exp kinda sucks Had 700+ para on season and 877 on norm, got only 43 lvl on season end ?Jarnold5 17 Oct
17 Oct D3 Lag High Latency and huge lag Whats going on?Niche1 17 Oct
16 Oct BlizzCon® In-Game Goodies 2016 Anyone knows what the BlizzCon® In-Game Goodies 2016 are for this year. I got it last year ,cant find it. Before i buy a virtual ticket i like to know. Nice weekend.DTrance12 16 Oct
16 Oct (Second) Addon Idea...what do you think? Hey guys, with upcomminung blizzcon i thought to myself what could be a great addon which not only would add maps. So technically we got all "evils" : death, pestilence, greed etc.... What about a addon deticated to "time" a deity or cellestial beein which is the embodyment of time or destiny. "Time" starts thinking the great conflict wont end and so he/she or whatever decides to change certain historical events in sanctuario. maybe even its creation. so you would have new lands in the current timeline and maybe a few moments where you could travel back and change the present. you could build in a possibility to takedown bosses from the diablohistory or old games in the actual style...f.e kill andariel in d3. what do you think of the idea or do you have another for a second addon :DWatNFeddigen1 16 Oct
16 Oct Is there an app for iPhone/Android? Would be nice to be able to see who is online and chat with friends while you are not on computer. Got a new phone and first thing I searched from App Store was, sadly no results. When can we expect app, if ever?Shark11 16 Oct
15 Oct Are Area Damage and gems bugged on main character Hello Just finished season 7 as a DH scoring top 100 on the ladder with the Unhallowed spec. With this in mind my spec was oriented towards 110-150% Area damage and i tried to keep farming greater rifts with improved gear from season and main character. Where i could just rip through trash with Ess of Johan amulet and Bane of Stricken gem for bosses things turned for worse for my main character. After season 7 ended 300+ Paragon levels, better gear and itemization overall i can barely do any damage. Did over 50 runs and had to quit 99% of them because there was literally no sustained damage regardless of what gems or items i swapped around. I tried checking the critical hits and haven t seen any above 100 bil while in season i was pulling 140 up to 400 on a regular basis. What happened to Area Damage and dmg overall? Am i missing something? Since i have better gear, better enchants and more dexterity (1500+) why i have less damage? Also Bane of the Stricken seems to have no effect on elites and when faced with a horde enhanced elite i takes more to kill it that it takes to kill the rift lord... Waiting of suggestions or people with similar issues. Cheers !Loque3 15 Oct
15 Oct Greater rift leveling This may be a dumb question but is there anyway to estimate the experience gained by completing a Grift? I know it's impossible to give a definite answer on how much exp you'll gain with each run but maybe there was a table to make a good guess. Also, what is the best way to gain levels in Grifts? Is it to clear the highest possible Grift you can, or farm a lower one that you can clear fast. What would you say is an efficient Grift level for P500 that can clear Grift 45 in roughly 5 minutes.Korttiapina5 15 Oct
15 Oct Questions about a seasonal character. why my seasonal 7 wich doctor was transfered to a normal char nonseasonal?DaCapo1 15 Oct
15 Oct Season 7 ending... still no tab for me... Hi to all! As you can read the title, I am not playing D3 as much as i was 1 year ago but I still play all seasons and this one was the one that I played the least. Maybe because of this, I still don't have my new stash tab. I played almost all the time alone. My clan is kind of not that active, if you know what I mean, so I wonder if there is any community that I can join in order to be able to get the T13 rift done in less that 5 minutes - this is the only achievement that I miss in order to get the tab. If there are more like me out there, please help or just let us get together and try to get it.KingZing6 15 Oct
14 Oct I'm pretty new to Diablo 3 Season 7 was my first season and i don't know if my stash is bugged. I lost all of my items/set pieces/legendary items all i have left is some materials.Nocluwe3023 14 Oct
14 Oct What A Wonderful Rift I see sets of green, red health globes too I see them drop for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful rift. I see elites of blue and trash of white The bright blessed pylons, the dark sacred shrines And I think to myself what a wonderful rift. The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the portal Are also on the faces of party members going by I see friends requesting invites saying where are you But they're really saying I want wings. I hear goblins laugh, and I watched them run They'll drop much more than I'll ever want And I think to myself what a wonderful rift. Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful rift.Necroblight1 14 Oct
14 Oct Patch 2.4 and Stash Space unlock implementation.. Dear Blizzard, I'm sure you are already aware of the amount of negative feedback in the US forums from the player base about the stash space unlocking method.. And I wish to open the discussion here on EU forums as well. For the players who don't yet know: Patch 2.4 will finally give us more stash space. Right of the bat we can purschase 1 additional tab for gold. After that it will be possible to unlock 1 extra tab per season conquest reward achieved untill we reach the max of 10 tabs for all our chars. This means 2 things: 1. You HAVE to play seasons to get the stash space, no other way of getting it 2. 1 tab per seasons. Each season lasts for 3 months. To get the full 10 tabs, you will HAVE to play every season for 1 year straight! Getting the extra stash space is one of the biggest QoL changes that has been requested for about 2 years now. I am all for the fact that it should be awarded for achieving something. It should not come free or purchasable with gold. HOWEVER, it should not be locked away behind 1 particular game mode. Every player should be able to achieve this long awaited stash space REGARDLESS of game mode played!! Why not make it an achievement for the newly introduced Set Dungeons? These dungeons can be played in either season, non season, SC of HC mode. This way everyone can keep enjoying the game mode they prefer and would not be forced to play 1 particular mode. There is a huge player base who do not play seasons and never will. I do not understand the decision made by Blizzard to lock stash space upgrades behind 1 particular game mode and have it stretch out for over a year. A proposterous decision.. What does the EU player base and community think about this? I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Edit: PTR players have confirmed you need to reach Conqueror level in the season journey to get a stash tab!!Nectum224 14 Oct
14 Oct Dead game Dear Blizzard! Players are disappointed. You made WoW, and many expansion, Sc with upgrades, Hots with 30+ hero, and now the Overwatch. Million of Players... It's cool, and congrats! But.. Diablo was my first PC game, At the end of 90's. And diablo was the fav. Of my mother.. Sadly she died At 2000.. And can not try the saga's 2nd part. I'm carried her spirit in every minute, and played diablo every single day. Cuz.. I can't forget. When I Bought D3 and RoS, I was very happy, and I still Play with it, but we need upgrades, one New hero, New an expansion. Please, do something, and hold your Players. I wanna carry the spirit, Forever. P.s.: finally u made the fist of heavens buff. But, you have to create a New set for Darklight and a New shield ( Aegis of Light... Hmm good name,not?) the belt is cool. So Please... You have time, and have motivation, lets go and help on your truly loyal Players. I Bought yesterday a New graphics card, and now helltooth set rolling great without lag. I Bought for you and each other!Scarwolf32 14 Oct
13 Oct Blizzards to do list Season 8 First of all: If you open a Rift and see Walls on endgame push you can simply leave the game. There are 2 Cards that are worth pushing and you search 2 hours for it.... Log inoutinoutinoutinoutinoutinout Oh card! Nope bad mobs :( inoutinoutinout and so on... Thats really no fun at all! Give fixed type of map, or restart option + closing rift INGAME. 2. Bounties.. You wanna reroll something to useful to ancient. Maybee one out of ten roll is ancient.. thats one hour bounties... Yeah cool for non season but not in a short Season thx... 3. Fix this rerolling stats... if i have to roll 100 times to get it.. OK! But i dont wanna confirm EVERY roll the stat i was choosing before.... i wanted it because it´s best.... and i get the new when its better! 4. When im crafting 80 Rings from materials. LET THE MATS IN THIS FUNNY CUBE, and take the ring out... BIG THX. Now i have to take out the crafted item and put all new in... arrrr... Really work on this little things that a apprentice can fix in his lunchtime. Pls all PUSH IT so anyone of blizzard may see it :pAntares0 13 Oct
13 Oct Vault Vs Gold Gear Anybody can confirm that gold find gear increase amount of gold from this Treasure destructibles in vault?Bauble2 13 Oct
13 Oct Farming Bounties. Is there a reason to farm higher diff level bounties instead of like Normal ones? Do caches drop better/more items if bounty is done on higher difficulty?LoreGeek5 13 Oct
12 Oct season 8 Dear blizzard are we getting any info on season 8 regarding conquests and free starting setsSachaZ764 12 Oct