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10 Nov new legendary helmet gem suggestion ok i wane say the transmog is super cool but wow i hate it when my char gets stunned all of the time does anyone agree maby remove stun and make less powerfull ? or something like early helfire ringflamishboy1 10 Nov
10 Nov Finally I did it :D Rank 1 True Solo Player Being a true solo player (100% solo all season, 100% legit) , i must say i am proud of myself for the place i am right now on the SC Solo Leaderboards for the WD, in this season (8). Rank 13 which translates in fact into rank.. 1(!) because all the other guys in front of me have gem leveling/paragon points earned in party and brought...sadly enough, to the Solo Leaderboard. It is a dream come true for me, after all this seasons. I really wanted to do this because next year, i will embrace the Necromancer way, so this was my wd swan song, after 3205 happy spent hours. I also have one simple suggestion which i hope is passed to the developing team. Please, put ingame a counter which show the time spent (percent) in solo mode, or group, when you check someone's profile (good especially for seasons). It's interesting to see how a specific or random player spent the time, and why easy for us, true solo players, to make a leaderboard by simply checking this in game counter. Take care guys!Doru5 10 Nov
10 Nov What is this portal? ( Red Portal In Town ) So, what is this portal? Check link for picture.Darkimba12 10 Nov
10 Nov Player since 2012...blizzcon-ptr opinion 2016 Dear Blizzard. I play d3 since release,to skip the period unti ros,i recognise you that with ros you brought us many thing to keep us playing(ancients,adventure mode ,legendary gems,rifts,greater rifts etc).But after blizzcon 2016 news as you can see forum,youtube,facebook,diablo fans,twitch and in game posts there's a majority of players including myself that are dissapointed. We reached a point as a community that we have non seasonal characters at 1 k paragon with all item slots enchanted with legendary gems. Personally playing crusader as my main character i want to bring some issues that probably you all know. examples: 1)class sets-limited builds-and goals As a crusader once again at season 8 i play lon-thorns build,because i like it but also because it's the only popular-viable build for crusader to reach solo grift 90-100 and quick t13 farming.I play this build for 3 seasons in a row now(s6-7-8 so..1 year). and i ask you why do i play? personally to get some quick paragon levels-a stash tab to be added at season's end to my non seasonal character.... but for how long??? I see new changes that you write in patch notes such as: New items have been added to the game Crusader Armor of Akkhan Talisman of Akkhan (Amulet) Has been added as a 7th piece to Armor of Akkhan for what reason??? you as a company-development team,you know that akhan offers 600%dmg 15 %dmg reduction. lon-thorns offers 1300% dmg 52%dmg reduction plus aquila quirass chest 90%dmg reduction. why and with what thought u make a new addition of an item to the game that is useless and will have no ipmpact at all at build diversity??? Even when we try by boredom of the current state fo game,other builds like: lon-fist of heavens lon-heavens fury old akhan stampede 2-3 times revamped roland invoker or light set no build can compete with lon-thorns for 3 seasons in a row now, plus crusader is not wanted at 4 man public parties for grifts cause the ''meta'' is already decided:barb puller,monk healer puller ,monk dmg dealer,witch doctor firebats. same examples goes for wizard and other classes you write at patchnotes also: Wizard Manald Heal Lightning damage done by your Arcane spenders does an additional 20-25% of the damage over 5 seconds This damage-over-time effect can be refreshed by additional Lightning damage and stacks you know already for so many months that a wizard currently must'' be firebird-chantodo to work grifts you know already there's no viable litghtning build for wizard to do quick t13 or high grifts... things like: etched sigil orb cannot trigger talrasha set. old firebird builds with other weapons and not chantodo vyr set archon even experimental lon wizard cannot be viable to t13 or high grifts.. and you put new'' items like these that have no meaning it seems like the d3 is super small and no one in there knows what build is played..or what a built does.. and they just creat an item and put it in patch notes as new... situations like: i played as a crusader season 1(condemn was popula build),found the frydehrs wrath shield. season 2 i had to find it again ancient(ancients introduced) season 3 i had to find it again ancient and revamped(with +100 condemn dmg..) okey... and after season 4 the build is not viable and doesnt the point? all sets needed to be balanced since months now and you know it.... and then it happens blizzcon 2016 2)BLIZZCON 2016 Necromancer..okay in one year i will buy it... what will i do until then??greater rifts?enchantin gems again and again?earning paragon levels? stash tab?for how long? i have already 13 gems lvl 80-90 to enchant necromancer in one year from now... and to enchant him for what?1-2 necro builds to do grifts and gems all over again? and in 1 year from now on top of that? Anniversary event:i m not a nostalgia fan but okay..i entered ptr played it until the end with my non seasonal char 1k paragon etc and finished it after 10 minutes...another ten minutes once it go live. we need: balancing at class sets and lon builds combinations(to do all sets grift 90-100) and all classes to be acceptable at any 4 man public party. goals for our overstuffed non seasonal characters that are powerfull. new modes beyond greater rifts,goblin hunts for wings,and endless leg gem leveling. new lore story and a purpose for the campaign)+acts+expansion new items with meaning and a though behind them before u put them with a random power to a ptr... blizzcon news were sadly few and also later and u know it blizzard... i hope u will make d3 better cause it deserves it... but i personally...probably many others too-i wont start in 2 months from now a season 9 char only for 1 portrait-1 wing icon and 1 stash tab thank you and i hope someone will read all these.gematria3 10 Nov
10 Nov Mouse button 1 never EVER? I literally don't wanna play next expansion unless we have fully bindable hotkeys. S O W T B mouse button 1 - force move (if no longer holding mb1 character will automaticaly stop moving) mouse button 1; modified key - interactive / loot mouse button 1; modified key - use primary skillMorkiL0 10 Nov
10 Nov Belial in 45sec - worst season journey ever!!! This is a rage post!!! So i played as barb this season and paragon 650 at the moment, and the last thing i have left to do in order to get Guardian is to kill Belial really fast. Tried it solo with every possible build, had over 50 tries with different groups and compositions and nothing seems to work. After some research on the internet it appears all you need is a couple of demon hunters to carry you through or level up and gear one of your own which is ridiculous!!! Really bad design imo. P.S. are there any noble Guardians who can carry me through this nightmare???orBeat8 10 Nov
09 Nov Sakura's Items Suggestions "Future PTR" Spellblockers - Artifact Set Shoulders - Cost Reduction 25% Life Per Second 25.000 Spellbreakers - Artifact Set Bracers- Cost Reduction 25% 25.000 Life Per Kill Spellblade - Artifact Set Weapon Socket 50.000 Life Per hit Set Bonus 1+ Cuts the resource cost of your resource spenders by half 2+ 800+ All Magic Resistance 3+ Immunity to Arcane,Lightening and poison effectsSakurarosa0 09 Nov
09 Nov Weak Reactions I´ve seen the presentation. It was a big lack of emotions. I felt kind of sorry for the guy, who announced it (I don´t know him), but I too had the impression, he expected something like that. There was just a polite applause... it was painful for me to watch that picture and I even felt external shame for this whole situation. Urgh! Hopefully, this isn´t all. You can´t honor a 20th Anniversary of THE GAME with that. I´m so upset and if it is no joke, than all this is the worst joke ever. ... a Necromancer and an add on, I would have shrieked like a hysteric teenager, I promise.NoneID21 09 Nov
09 Nov Why not PTR section in Russian forum The question is, why not set up a section for the test server to the Russian forum of the game, or do you think that this is not necessary.Why should we duplicate bugs and bugs here and not on the forum why support Russian online otlichaetsya from the one that okazyvaetsya here.Whenever we find bugs tell us please write to EU forum, we can not make mistakes in Russian forum.Or do you think the test is a failure and did not consider it necessary sozdavavat section in Russian forum? Just wondering what you will sayСтаровер0 09 Nov
09 Nov Bug Report PTR So, since there is no dedicated forum anymore: I ran D1 yesterday - no problems. But today I joined a friend and ran into a problem at the Iron Tome (Labyrinth lvl 13). Friend touched the book and opened the gate, I touch the gate and/or book - the gate closes again (before we were through), the book vanishes and we can't open the gate anymore - had to leave it at that. Otherwise great event, I even found the royal calf - great content. The soulstone transmog looks great and here I got a question. I found some of the "old" items, the icons in the invetory look great but will you come around to actually making those transmogs available? - would be epic. cheersRuarigh0 09 Nov
09 Nov I feel like "DLC" should be renamed to something else The acronym has lost all complete meaning, since literary everything has been branded as such... Also it's a very ugly acronym. So, I propose that we should make a universal renaming of things: Updates shall be called updates, those being content that is added in to the game for free, and cannot be optional because you need to update the game with them. The old term of "DLC" shall be renamed simply as: Content Packs, that being smaller pieces of content packs that you must purchase (I chose that because "Fee to Pay Bull----" wasn't catchy enough for things like the Necromancer and the Commanders in Starcraft 2) And expansion packs are pretty much self-explanitory: Purchaseable content that expand upon the game in a large scale, something that Blizzard still hold on to. Any questions?Kalgert3 09 Nov
09 Nov What direction is this game heading? I was so excited for Blizzcon this year and even reserved judgement for the way the Necromancer was hyped. I hung on to the idea that perhaps the Diablo 1 event would be awesome. Sad to say but I've just played the anniversary event and felt such little nostalgia it's left me wondering what are the real plans for this game? The original Diablo really captured my heart, I have very fond memories of it 'Stay a while and listen!' never get tired of hearing that. I admit it was good to hear the music, good job on that, but the recycled mobs with different names and nothing new to the zones (excluding the lack of light source/view). Please put something amazing in there that makes me think 'fantastic'. Maybe you could at least have a special area for Diablo at the end rather than a few gates to open. Sort of the mobs are in place for the levels, such as magic ball throwing witches but it really, to me at least, feels like a cut and paste job with this level and these mobs will do and we'll add some original music. I want to love this game, but I can't cling on to the ride anymore. My memories are tainted and I don't think that 'Diablo' feeling of trying out builds, being part of a dark universe can be recreated. The moment the Butcher came out 'Fresh meat', the complete !@# kicking Duriel gave you in Diablo 2 created memories. At the moment, again in my opinion, Diablo 3 doesn't have that believable story world about it. The atmosphere and the 'Diablo feeling' just seems impossible for you guys to create. Anyway, I'd love to know the direction this game is heading - More DLC characters like Marvel Heroes? with new zones for free is the only thing I can come up with. Playing the anniversary event just made me realise how far away from the feeling I got from Diablo 1 and 2 this game really is.Xiphos3 09 Nov
09 Nov darkening of tristram will i need reaper of souls to play this?Laurian6 09 Nov
09 Nov At the BlizzCon Q&As People have the chance to ask the game creators some questions at the end there. Were do they find those people? The questions they have are so stupid, and beond common sence! Exsample; Will blizzard add a Toggle Walk/ run mode like D2 had? Will blizz add more NPC conversations? Will blizz add more videos of pictures drawings in the story mode etc? When they can ask what we all want to hear insted! * When will they scale XP from solo / Grp XP? *When will they remove the meta crap? *When will they add a new expantion / major patch ? *When will they the take a stand on TurboHud? * List goes on and on!Condemned4 09 Nov
09 Nov Hard Why is the game harder again and very hard to get legendary like it were in another season,I dont remember if it were s5 or s6?sixpack703 09 Nov
09 Nov Anniversary Event is SO bad Just a 16 level rift with D1 music and some graphics filter. Fanboys rejoice. You can defend more nonsense.Tutunio5 09 Nov
09 Nov Point of Cow rifts now? Since patch 2.1.2 it became pointless and whenever playing rifts I have started to ask myself over and over the point of why keeping Cow rift rare and at same time have nothing to recognise you've been there. Since a friend have found and killed Lords of Bells on 2.1.2 and it was discovered that when getting a fresh new kill on him nothing much to my expectations happend, since we knew it got removed from "You're not the boss of me" achievements list. Since 2.1.0 we had a new addition of Josh Mosquiera giving a new feat of strength if discovered, why cant Lord of Bells be given one as well when getting a fresh new post-patch kill? This could easily fix the meaning and give back some recognition.Zaros9 09 Nov
09 Nov Can't connect to the PTR Hi , i just installed the PTR but it dosen't load properly it just remains a black screen but when i enter to the normal europe server it loads just finePatriarch3 09 Nov
09 Nov Explain the d4 now So they hyped you with obvious Diablo 4 hints to get you to buy tickets. That's pretty low if you ask me.Tutunio10 09 Nov
09 Nov The current state of take I have been reading the forums this afternoon and there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the game and all the complaining that goes along with it. So I'd like to give my take. I've played Diablo since 1997 (I'm 37 this year, lol). I enjoyed the first game but D2 took a lot of hours of my life away and I loved it dearly. I played a lot of mods too. So I'm not unfamiliar with why the first two are held in such high esteem. D2 was a masterpiece. I stopped playing for a long time when life got serious and then returned to D2 a few years ago. D3 came out and I wasn't that interested so I only bought it about two or three years ago. Still, I didn't get that into it just because of time. Marriage, kids, blah blah blah. Now I am obsessed again and I love this game dearly too. It gives me hours of joy and it only cost me an initial investment of about $40. You can't really beat that. Anyway, the main things I see people citing is that the game has become solely about farming XP, loot farming has become too easy and there is build bias at the upper end of the difficulty scaling. While I believe there is some (a little) merit to this, I really don't care. I have a blast every time I play and really enjoy watching my characters grow, even if I'm not competing on the leaderboards or completing GR90+. Loot farming is still there in my opinion. It's just different now. You get legendaries quite easily, yes, and a lot of them are useless, but part of the thrill for me is getting an ancient that's really hard to find, with the right stats and then fine tuning them to be as effective as possible until you get the next one. Being able to increase GR difficulty is great and very rewarding once you complete a difficulty you weren't able to a couple weeks or months ago. That's where I find joy in the game. I don't have the attachment to the good ol' days like some of you do before the current state of the game and I while I think that D2 is a great game, it's time for me has past and I think D3 is a worthy sequel and remains extremely fun for me to play, especially with my friends over beer and tasty snacks. But maybe that's just me. I still have faith in Blizzard and while the new announcement was slightly disappointing, I still support them and think we owe them a lot (considering there are no microtransactions in this game) because for me, D3 is pure joy. All my opinion, of course. Just thought I would bring a bit of positivity to the fray. Enjoy everyone. Cheers :)Gergaroth2 09 Nov
09 Nov No rune selected, which damage it does? Hello. If I don't use any rune at spells, which elemental damage the spell will do? Physical? Second thing I started to wonder: Several spells can be get with all runes enabled by items, choosing the rune to something won't stack (does not matter wich rune you choose). But how if you don't choose any of runes? Like without runes if the spell does physical damage, does that stack with the runes to get more damage (if no rune choosed and all runes enabled via item)MiQMuhis3 09 Nov
09 Nov Sakura's PTR Changes Witch Doctor Few Skills getting some minor buffs/changes Poison Dart Now Deals 400% Weapon damage as poison and 50% poison damage over 2 seconds. Rune Changes Splinters - Deals 200% weapon damage as poison x 3 Flaming Dart - Deals 400% weapon damage as fire and increases damage from all sources by 15% for 4 seconds Big Bad Voodoo Increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 25% - 90 second cool-down Rune Changes Jungle Drums - Rituals radius is increased by 50% and lasts 30 seconds Rain Dance - Restores primary resource instead of just mana. it varies for each class or party member Slam Dance - now offers 25% damage increase with 50% crit damage bonus for you and your allies Ghost Trances - Damage Reduction Is increased from 20%-50% Boogie-man - puts you and your team into spirit-walk as long as they standing in the feild but duration of big bad voodoo is reduced by 8 seconds Fetish Army Now Deal 250% weapon Damage this is upped from 180% weapon damage Fetish Ambush Deals 1000% weapon damage upon first attack as cold Devoted Following You can now "Sacrifice" your fetish army (not your fetish sycophants) Tiki Torchers Now Deal 325% weapon damage as fire uped from 85% Head Hunters Instead of summoning 2 additional head hunters.. you summon 5 head hunters each dealing 220% damage each Passive Changes Zombie Handler - Increases your critical damage by 50% and fetishes/dogs attack speed by 25% Items Thing of the Deep - Increases the Damage of your signature spell by 600% but now they 50 mans per castSakurarosa1 09 Nov
09 Nov Sakura's PTR Suggestions Please Offer Hammerdin more damage reduction of some sortSakurarosa0 09 Nov
09 Nov Why i 100% DISLIKE this season Conquests! You? At first, i would like to say, until current season, i made every season journey to Complete Guardian (included). In last season i was in top 200 GR progress, so - do not tell me, that i am just lazy - i invested alot time and it was worth. But this season is just terrible! When i saw, there will be no patch, i wasn't happy, but when i saw conquest, i was angry. But still - i tried - but they are SO STUPID, that it is almost impossible for me this season even go to stash tab! Reasons why: 1st Conquest: Kill some bosses in 20 minutes of game? Unsoloable and find enough people, when i have not almost infinity people in f list is not possible. So - this one is not for me. 2nd Conquest: Reach GR 75 solo - only one usable. In HC mode is lottery for me, but MAY BE. 3rd: 350 killed creeps during cursed chest event... REALLY? Just now i finished remaking game - 2 hours!!! of create game, see ACT V, if there is just one unique bounty - it is not - remake game. 2 hours! And result? I didnt get it. Why the hell is there ONE single place, where it is possible? Can someone explain me, what should be funny on remaking game x times, to get one bounty? This conquest isnt about kills, it is about patience to make enough games. One of the most stupid conquests ever. 4th: 6 different full set bonuses in gr 55. Really? I MUST make more seasonal characters? I MUST?!?! Why? I MUST play character, which i dont like, if i want conquest? Again - you dont need fun, you need to convice us to something, we dont like. GJ! 5th: Much worse, than even any other conquest! Can someone explain me WHY THE HELL i must master 8 dungeons, when i already mastered them in nomal play mode? And believe me - it was super mega boring! And now, i should go them AGAIN and be much more bored? Again - convice us to somethink, which 90% of players dont like. Summary: This season is the worst one ever - not even there was no change at all, but you ruined all the game for single players and totally ruined for ones, who want some fun when doing conquests. Who was designing these stupid things? Fire him please, to have better future for all of us.Evilbringer4 09 Nov
08 Nov Past Season's portraits Tried to find any info on this, but no luck, so sorry if it has been asked before: Are there any plans for us to be able to gain the portraits of past seasons? Will they ever rotate like those transmog set pieces?Korvyn1 08 Nov
08 Nov Suggestions regarding the aesthetic of Necromancer Posted this at US. I´m eu myself but I didn't pay attention to where I posted it. Figured it'd be ok to post it here too. Necro skellies. They run into things and shatter. Rebuild themselves in various configurations. Cool animations. Jump a gap with Blood Rush and they run after you and kinda smash into the ledge on the other side, that kinda stuff. They would try to climb up and some of them would grab onto other skellies hanging off the edge and climb over them, sometimes kicking them off or their skulls off in the process. Then they would try to recombine into skele with whatever is left. These malformed skeletons would pick up bones from corpses to reassembles themselves while swinging wildly at the enemy and pull the leftovers off of their body. When summoned the skele would come out pretty slowly and maybe get a leg or an arm stuck in the ground sometimes. When they get out they'd pull it up and put it back on their arm. Instead of summoning 1 skele every 1 second you could make it take one second for it to get out of the ground. If 2 skele die then the first could take 1 second the second would take 2 seconds. They would spawn at the same rate BUT you would get to look at those sweet animations for longer. The last skele, poor guy, would take 10 seconds to climb out. First he would pop out his head and it would fall off. He'd watch his first arm come out and try to push the rest out only to fall off. Uses the second arm successfully but both legs get stuck. He puts on the head and the arm then gets back to pull out the legs. Both arms fall off. On they go again and and he pulls out the legs. He smacks them against his head and it falls down, rolling over to a fallen. He puts it on and the club falls down. Dead again. These animations could be used for all skele skills like Army of the dead and Summon Skeletons. Army of the dead should be slowed down as well. With a bunch of skellies coming out in about 1 sec and rushing into the enemy. Some with such force that it will explode in such a way as show in the preview. Maybe they all will but at least if they go at it at a slower pace you can enjoy they majesty of it all a little better. Or maybe some of them would latch onto the enemy. When the enemy attacks they get blown off or blown to pieces. Some enemies might flex as a way to blow them to pieces. When some of enemies non attacking animations play they could perhaps be blown to pieces :^) The skellies could slow them when they grab the legs and give miss chance when they grab the head. Ops that was a gameplay suggestion. They can do nothing and just look cool. There could be a rune called Master promise. It would allow the skele that ripped off the most flesh and cover itself with it to be granted life as a skele in your army. With this thirst of life it would perhaps continue to add to it's flesh armor buffing it somehow. Tankier or going into a frenzy. This could allow your army to grow or it would simply replace on of your skellies. Blood rush could have a rune that simply slowed it down so you could check out the sweet animation :^) The benefit could be 2 sec to tele but the cd is reduced to 2 sec as well. Or maybe you heal for the duration. If you are gonna recombine yourself you might as well recombine yourself into someone that wasn't just rammed by butcher. What if blood golem was all blood? It would require a blood soaked battle field to be summoned. Blood would rise from the pores of the earth and, after 5 seconds, combine into this sick looking golem that doesn't look like a red gargantuan. Maybe it would need blood to sustain itself and the bloodier the battlefield the stronger it gets. Blood would continue to be siphoned from the ground. Synergy with any potential blood spells. Corpse explosion would shower blood everywhere. Blood rushing through the golem would do something? :^) The teal glow coming off the skellies is kinda Scooby-Dooish. I would personally prefer a more naked skele if you know what I mean. uh Siphon blood of the blood golem? Just 'cause it's kinky. Feels like I forgot something and maybe I wrote this badly but what are ya gonna do. I am up for hire at minimum wage if you need an errand boy/idea manSenkon1 08 Nov
08 Nov Developer updates, in video format I would like to see some developer updates from Wyatt, similar to the those Kaplan does for Overwatch. It would be a lot better than the chronicle wall of text they usually post. :/ (although, nice for talking about particular sets and stuff) Quick, easy, short video about some updates or whatever comes in the near future, no need for fancy cinematics or anything. Then post the patch notes and stuff on the battlenet, for more information, like they usually do. Also could be used to answer, explain or de-hype the community when we take things way out of proportions. Kaplans video for referencing: Just some thoughts.Ivers10 08 Nov
08 Nov Maybe? Rune System back again? After seeing how much effort they are currently putting into the resurrection of some of the old Diablo content inside D3.......could it be maybe possible to get back also the old Rune system from D2 inside D3? I think it would be an awesome addition to the game and would create a much biger variety of builds. I would like to see that as a next addition to the game (if we don't get a Diablo 4) + having the old, dark Diablo visuals would be nice as well....just put a filter or layer above the graphical engine. :)Nihil5 08 Nov
08 Nov 20th Anniversary I was just wondering, why all the hate on Diablo's Anniversary event? The Warcraft franchise recently had such an Anniversary too, Warcraft 20 years, and WoW 10 years, and what did we get? A nostalgic event, a FoS, a pet and a mount. For Diablo we get a nostalgic event, and most likely a FoS, and who knows what treasure lies at the Bottom of the chatedral? Maybe a pet, maybe a portrait, or a set of wings, nobody knows. Take away the mount, its basically the same thing, what did people expect? In theory Blizzard did'nt have to do anything, so can't we just be happy we get something?Savator3 08 Nov
08 Nov I would pay 100 bucks for Diablo 4 but I´m not... going to play Diablo 3 again even if they pay me for playing it. Its the same casual crap over and over again. If there would be at least some difficulty to it with premade hard tuned dungeons or something it would maybe enough to keep me playing Diablo 3. In its current state its just boring... Once you ve got sets the gameplay get so monotonous and boring.... Compared to Diablo 3 vanilla the state of the game is okay but a new class wont be enough to keep people interested. Blizzcon was such a big disappointment. I thought they will announce Diablo 4 or at least a Diablo 3 Addon. Diablo 3 has never been really good. it just managed to get it from "super crap" in the beginning to "okay" in its current state. The concept from Diablo 3 was just bad and i think we need a better base game to improve future content. Diablo 3s cartoon Graphic doenst fit and it took away the diablo atmosphere. You wont be able to fix it. We need Diablo 4 with a better concept!!!! FROM US FORUMS: 167 likes: What Happened To The Thrilling Loot Hunt? 263 likes: This Is The Worst Diablo 20th Anniversary Ever 142 likes: Farewell, good old friend 08 Nov
08 Nov Spirit Barrage Hi there, i have 1 question. If using skill Spirit barrage with Well of Souls rune, n holding Gazing Demize (which grant me Phantasm rune) Spirit Barrage will be pure fire or fire/cold spell?R1k00 08 Nov
08 Nov About Necromancer Please Blizzard don't release him as a payed class.. People are asking for content which necromancer alone will not bring, especially since you actually pay to replay already so many times beaten game.DMorhan63 08 Nov
08 Nov Would you like to see D1 remade in D3? Not a full remake, but the basic dungeon diving experience into hell from the church. maybe someone from Archbishop Lazarus's past descends down and resurrects his fallen body. I feel like the devs make the game more easy with every patch. I think it would be cool to remake the Diablo 1 levels with no access to way points, meaning if you left the game you had to start over from the beginning giving more adversity to players. I think this could be a great alternative to endgame for D3 besides rifts and trying to do uber bossesApok14 08 Nov
08 Nov Please don't kill diablo. It's not too late! Ok, Blizzard please be honest with me. Are you really planing to let the diablo franchise die? I know its not an earner like wow. I know t is not an easy work/earning project as hearthstone. God it will never become an esport-relevant game like Overwatch or Starcraft (we got it! You guys really like to focus your attention on esports). But as I recall Diablo had always amazing fans. I know for a fact it made many people become gamers who know buy other games from you. And I know we don't want to see diablo die so please stop killing it. I read a lot of comments and even though you claim you listen to feedback...well we screamed for an expansion with new sets, new mechanics, other new items AND a new guys forgot the important part. I think you do this on purpos to get rid of the weakest link (in earnings) and it saddens me a lot. Sry for the errors above...english is an aquired (skill)Eleqtriqer16 08 Nov
07 Nov Oh goody, I get to pay for a new d3 class! With the same old crappy D3 game mechanics! Oh boy, oh joy! Game is officially done. Unless you're going to couple this with an expansion announcement at the panel and a complete rework of your D3 system, I can safely demolish the !@#$ty bit arrangement on my hard drive that is D3.PapaTizlak11 07 Nov
07 Nov Diablo 1,2 DLC I for one would pay for a DLC of Diablo 1 and 2 but set as mini prequel-expansions for Diablo 3, in other words you will be able to clear diablo 1 content with you Deamon hunter obviously remade for Diablo 3.Calysto8 07 Nov
07 Nov character build help hi. I have been playing diablo 3 for a while now but I have never understood how to build a good character build for the last 2 seasons I have only been able to play with a barb currently I am trying to work on a barb in season 8. I can play t viii (just) in a solo game but as soon as I join any game online my barb is rubbish I at the moment I am currently using just the damage, toughness and recovery % on the item only is there any way of learning more on builds on other characters and/inc barbs many thanks.steveb101 07 Nov
07 Nov FPS go down don't know why I got a i7-6700HQ with 1 TB and 8 GB RAM DDR4 Windows 10 Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Quad Core NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 960M 2 GB DDR5 Intel® HD Graphics 530 The problem is that not to long ago (4/5 moths ago) I managed to play Diablo 3 with 80 to 130 fps (easy) on my pc and now i can't get more them 50 to 60 fps either with maximum or minimum grafics i got always the same fps. Don t know what s the problem, i try everything i can think off, pls help ThxLoneWolf4 07 Nov
07 Nov DLC and stuff Well, apparently, DLC (paid DLC, ofc ...) will include the new class, some stashtabs, cosmetics. Well, I'll not paid for that, whatever the price. Paid DLC is always !@#$. But, if you, Blizzard, considers to make a full new extension, like RoS (maybe without upping max Lvl this time ...) with new features, new maps (uh, not only 2 like the DLC will include), new sets, new skills, new bosses, and the new class, I'm pretty sure I'll preorder. I mean, D3 is pretty dead today, except the first 5 days of a new season, for some of us. Only a new class will change nothing. Ppl will enjoy this class, ofc, play it for 2-3 weeks, then stop. We need new features, new items. Cube was a great idea, legendary gems too.Etuldan9 07 Nov
07 Nov How to get to Heretics Abode First off.. apologies if i'm being retarded or anything... but how do you actually get to the heretics abode in act 1 inferno:? Ive crafted my infernal machine.. turned monster power down to 4 to make sure il be ok for the bosses... and in all youtube videos ive seen the heretics abode is the door behind the healer.. u destroy it and walk through... Thats all fine and dandy, but i cant destroy the door? Am i missing something? i have the infernal machine on me whilst attempting it ofc. Any help would be much appreciatedTezmo6 07 Nov
07 Nov If Diablo 2 on Unreal Engine 4 I can sleep good Come on Blizzard you can do it.Don't be lazy. 07 Nov
07 Nov Reset Diablo III Hello everyone, It has been a couple of years since I played this game. I only play offline and don't enjoy the online mode. Now I deleted my hero's, but when I start a new one the blacksmith is still there and I have a lot of gold. How can I get rid of that. I just want to start from scratch. Can someone tell me how to do that? Thank you!Daandriks15 07 Nov
07 Nov Balance of pet builds As you know most pet builds (maybe except WD to some point) are worthless in end game as they dont scale as much as other ability and gems/items combinations. In order to improve it, i suggest changing the way pet dmg is calculated. Instead of using only weapon dmg, pet's should also gain some dmg from your class main stat. This stat can be improved a lot easier than weapon dps, due to paragon and thus making pets scale better in to late game scenarios. Ofc in oder to keep it balanced and not the best build, the base dmg buff from weapon dps will need to be rescalled. I would love to use some pet builds in end game not only on WD, but atm it's just not possible, because they dont scale as much as other builds. Hopefully someone at Blizzard reads it and consider doing at least some changes for better variety of the game play.WimhWimlaDim0 07 Nov
07 Nov Necro and what we know about it Is the necromancer in itself, so the character, behind a pay wall along with maps (act 3 failure *cough*) or is there still hope that the character will be free but not the D1 stuff and the rest ? EDIT : Also discuss additional contentArche1 07 Nov
07 Nov Save progress in adventure mode Hey, In my opinion there should be some kind of save method in adventure mode. I have had few frustrating moments in solo adventures because of random disconnect. When i come back after logging in the progress is lost and i have to start again from scratch even if i was 1-2 bounty's away from getting horadric cache. It don't happen often but it's really annoying when it does so please take this for consideration. Best regards, NomisNomis8 07 Nov
06 Nov Change the look of Zuni and Helltooth sets cuz necro Okay, necro new class. I love him but these wd set's looks definitely too necroish now. Zunimassa have skull as helmet same as necro...Kaelos0 06 Nov
06 Nov NEW XPACK MEANS RAISED LVL CAP? new expansion pack, will there be a raised lvl cap?lagoon1 06 Nov
06 Nov BLIZZARD DESTROY THEIR OWN BRAND!!! ( In advance, I am german sry 4 my english) I just need to let out my frustration.... - Since 2014 (Reaper of Souls) we got nothing really new, in the D-Universe. - Now we will get a !@#$y D1-blend into D3 ? rly ? - They need the main-stage to showing us the ARMORY ?? On the 20th ? o.O WTF - WE DONT NEED AN ARMORY BLI$$ARD, WE NEED CONTENT - And... we..... also have to PAY for a necromancer ? How much 50$ ? - Blizzard -> The new EA ? - I will pay for ADDONS not for DLCS! This is tremendous..... so tremendous. I loved you guys for years...... I think thats not the BLI$$ARD employees fault. I hope its just the BLI$$ARD leaders.... we need new leaders then -_- @BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT: PLS LET THE DIABLO FRANCHISE NOT DIE! :(Dakama18 06 Nov
06 Nov Necromancer Pack! Good News !!!! Necromancer Pack ...... is coming soon ! GOOD NEWS !!!!SirAlex21 06 Nov