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2d White balanced dagger I am looking for a 20 ias one for testing... Does anyone know if we could still drop these in vanilla d3? Or does anyone still own one? (eu sc) regards, s0rryS0RRY0 2d
3d GEMS LOST 3RD TIME IN 3WEEKS 1 sec ago Gz Blizz, nice job fixing this problem. Luckly this time i lost 2 augmentation gems lvl 118. Like i said last week, i wasnt using armory so that wasnt the issue, but i discovered something else. When i finished public game bounty with my dh, left it and went private game, the gems were gone and only DPS gems, the defensive gem was still there. This happened last week after going from public to private game, and 30mins ago. So the armory isnt the (only) issue in the case of lost gems. Advice, keep your primary gems socketed in jewelry you dont use in stash, the probabilty of losing those gems is reduced. Thanks to Blizz im not gonna waist my 3rd rollback in 3weeks to get back gems i lost today but would be nice if you finally figure out what the hell is wrong with your game.Aspalathos1 3d
4d 30-40 Hours of grift 80+, still no primal. Im farming grift 80+ all day long (top 174 EU atm) and still no primal. My mates are getting them in like 1 out of 20 grifts. Did the 71 solo on my necro. How low is the drop chance, or am i just bugged?PatrickJesp4 4d
17 Sep Kingmaker Axe (Regreb the Slayer) Does anyone have the Kingmaker axe (white) ? I would like to borrow it to get that transmog. Ive been farming for 1 week without any luck... :(R4VI4TOR1 17 Sep
16 Sep Uber Weapon (Unknown) What is this? Screenshot: I got it from random guy playing online. He had 4700 LVL and he gave me two of these. Is it possible to obtain this weapon myself and maybe there are more interesting items like this?Skynet1 16 Sep
06 Sep Exquisiteness Hello peeps I just have a question. How much gold have to spent to get your socket in a weapon? I have spent more than 9.000.000 gold on it and nothing so far. Can that really be true you have to spent million of gold to do one objective?Tuggy6 06 Sep
06 Sep Caldesann's Despair Fail Hello everyone, I am trying to add Caldesann's Despair to my weapon. - Gem Pain Enhancer - lvl 50 - 3x flawless royal ruby - Johanna's Argument I always get transmute failed, and really don't know why. Any suggestions please? Thank youFalador2 06 Sep
06 Sep Customizing followers look ?? Customizing followers look , how about adding some items , maybe craftings to add and modify the look of our followersJanUlrik1 06 Sep
06 Sep Gloves of worship Do these gloves only work for the owner, or for the whole team? And do they work when killing the demon (combined with Ahavarion) or only with shrine? I am using this with nemesis in my support monk. And I dont think the group has 10 minutes of shrine effect.Kveldulv0 06 Sep
04 Sep What it's wrong about drop rate? What it's wrong about drop rate? I play monk in S10 since start with Inna Exploding Palm build. I'm Paragon 970 now. I get no Inna's Ancient Weapon nor The Crudest Boots. Only Legendary. I don't dear to dream about Primal! But I get some crap Primal Ancient for no use. Only a Convention of Elements Primal, but, of course, with other stats that I need. Blizzard are you serious? Do something about drop rate and items that drop!Joy51510 04 Sep
04 Sep [Help Request] The Compass Rose Enchanting Hello, I have an Ancient Compass Rose with these stats: +105-190 Damage +632 Intelligence Critical Hit Damage Increased by 33.0% Chance to Deal 19% Area Damage on Hit. +11% Movement Speed I am building this character: I need a socket for The Compass Rose, but what to sacrifice? 19% Area Damage or 11% Movement speed? I have 846 para so if i keep the 11% movement I would not have to spend more points into movement speed, but does that provide more or less damage compared to keeping 19% Area Damage? Thank you for reading & I apreciate the helpBlaze1 04 Sep
04 Sep Augment Legendary Gems - Questions. Hello, Im quite new to Diablo 3 and i got some questions about Augment Gems into your gear. 1. Can i still level up the legendary Gem after i augment it? 2. Can i remove the Augment of the item and re-use it into my new found gear? 3. Is it worth using Augment on all your items with level 50 legendary gems?JMeijernl1 04 Sep
02 Sep Getting the compass rose Hi guys, I read the ring requires clvl 60 to drop. Will it /slightly/ improve my odds with Kadala if i gamble for it with a clvl 60 toon? To slightly reduce the drop pool of rings with higher clvl requirements? Cheers :)JackTheDark0 02 Sep
27 Aug Gibbering Gemstone The Best Way Well, after farming and farming and farming last night (Prob about 50 Runs) I had no drop for this freaking stone, and i was running on T6 with my DH in hopes it will drop faster, cause the higher your difficulty the higher your drop rates right??? WRONG ..... You see this freaking thing has a fixed drop rate NO MATTER your DIFFICULTY. So farming this stone on Normal, has the same amount of chance for the stone to drop at T6+. So when i went to sleep last night, the idea occured to me ... why not raise my Magic Find, and then test my luck .... And what do you know, I only did two runs on Master difficulty and i finally got the stone. Yes, you heard me TWO RUNS on NORMAL Difficulty compared with 50+ Runs on T6....So that does confirm that the stone CAN drop in ANY Difficulty. Now here is the catch .... I had a Magic Find of, 171% ..... which if the maths is done correctly, gave the stone a 20% chance to drop which would explain why i only did two runs on Normal This is the gear i wore .... 1.Naggle Ring 2.Cains Travlers 3.Cains Habit 4.Cains Scriviner 5.Flawless Royal Topaz in Helm 6. Leorics Broken Crown (Kanais Cube) In total that gave me 171% MF. So i am sure that if you group up you would get 200+ Magic Find and activate a shrine if your lucky and this stone would have a 25-30% chance to drop on any difficulty. If you are an Elitest gamer like me who want EVERY rare Achievement and Items, then i hope this will help you guys out there. Yes i know the Staff of Herding is practicly useless, but to me, the staff is just a trophy to have. 27 Aug
27 Aug Legendary gem chore Grinding +100 grift to get does augments it's a hustle. This game should be about luck,skill, gear and tactics not grinding. You should change does % chase to upgrade a gem to another system. Make it so, if you do a lev 50 Grift you could upgrade a lev 1 gem - 15 times, a lev 20 gem- 10 times, a lev 50 gem 1 time, or something like that.Nila0 27 Aug
24 Aug Primal drop question? A quick question I have been thinking about, IF I complete gr 70 solo on my necromancer will I still be able to get primals on my monk? or do I need to complete gr 70 solo on him too?Jkarlman1 24 Aug
24 Aug Interchanging Artisan Dye's **Suggestion**, unless, maybe I am missing something... First off, I just want to preface that I am a huge fan of the Diablo series (all 3 games) and absolutely LOVE Diablo 3. Thank you for this amazing game. So, when I buy multiple dye's from Myriam, the Artisan, for the same character, and for the same item, they don't save. Some of those dye's are kinda pricey. Don't get me wrong, I like what you guys have done, in regards to the change with how the dye application works and I know we had to pay for each dye separately before. I just feel like we should have the ability to interchange between the dye's purchased, per item. As a dedicated fan, I just wanted to mention my thoughts. Thanks again and be blessed :)CORPUSJC0 24 Aug
19 Aug Panther Claws Hey, I'm looking for someone on the EU server who has the panther claws transmog item. Hoping you'll let me pick it up for the mog. In return I can help you with some transmog items, I have the following in my stash: - Hand of Despair - Reaper's Kiss - Star Pauldrons - King Maker - Helm of the Cranial Crustacean - Lachdanans Stormshield - Amberwing Contact me ingame or in this thread and we can arrange a meeting :) My battletag is Capricornus#2196Capricornus1 19 Aug
19 Aug Reforging should be better I spend over 1000 mats and 10 000 souls to get compas rose set, and only got a !@#$ty ancient amulet and only crappy rols in the ring. Those amulets and rings should come with slot 100% once ancient, otherwise is waste of time. No wonder this game promotes botting.SoD2 19 Aug
19 Aug wind rose now You shall make something, because sujecion have a high rate of drop, i have 40 hours search a wind rose and nothing pls helpPetanka0 19 Aug
18 Aug Caverns of Frost, Chiltara, Gibbering Gemstone. well, title says it all. I guess everybody knows what i am gonna say, right? seen her 50 times no drop before yesterday's patch after 2.0.1. 5 times now still no drop today. so the drop rate was not fixed post patch as they promissed? Please some blue guy popup and give some information about this item. I ve been farming this item for more than 20 hours already but still got nothing. I guess blizzard just doesnt want us to farm cow level anymore? Please, Fix this!Ryann438 18 Aug
18 Aug First time playing since patch 2.6 - Looking for advice Its 2 things really. I only play on normal mode as i cant find much time to play anymore. But i was just wondering firstly if i complete a level 70 GR with any character on normal mode, will all character be able to get primal drops? The second thing is that when i salvage Ancients I'm still only getting 1 forgotten soul? Could there be a reason for this? I know i have the patch installed as i have the new armoury. Thanks in advance.Awesomebeans1 18 Aug
16 Aug Will existing primals get the new patch change? Will my existing primals get the new item changes with the upcoming patch? Like my mask of jeram for instance. It would be a shame if not. I think all existing primals that people have and are getting a change in the future should get the change. I have played this game for hundreds of hours lol....Cromag0 16 Aug
16 Aug Will existing primals gain new item buffs with patch? I have some primals like for instance a mask of Jeram which is going to get a pet damage buff in the new patch. Am I stuck at 100% or do I have to just play for another 500 hours to find one with the new change?Cromag0 16 Aug
16 Aug Not getting trag ouls damage multplier I have the whole set on, but my health spending attacks do next to nothing damage. They did before so i wonder if it is a bug.Bone0 16 Aug
15 Aug Gibbering gemstone still problem I get that this is supposed to be hard to get but no joke been farming for one whole week now to the point I had to look up if there was an issue , I habe seen more rainbow goblins then gemstones what's going on guys , is it lower on the xbone????Vandal2 15 Aug
15 Aug Probable probabilities! Not sure if I'm allowed to post external links, but here is table showing the probability of forging/finding that thing you want, given a number of attempts. Go File->Make a copy, and edit the 'Probability of success' cell to what you are after. Common probabilities are listed on the document. For example, I'm trying for a primal and I have enough mats to reforge a legendary 100 times. There is a 36.6% chance I won't roll a primal at all. Also, there is a 63.4% chance I will roll at least one primal. Another example. I have enough mats to upgrade rare scythes 300 times. I'm trying for Trag'oul's Corroded Fang. There are 4 possible scythes I could roll. The probability of rolling a primal Fang is 0.01 / 4 = 0.0025. In 300 attempts, I have a 52.81% chance I will roll at least one primal Fang. There is a 47.2% chance I won't roll the primal Fang.qpmzmpq0 15 Aug
14 Aug What can I do with a Fulminator ? Simple question, what can I do with a good Fulminator I have found ? I don't find any build using it with any class.TNTMika0 14 Aug
13 Aug Can't find an ancient Shadow's heels Hi. I have some problem with Thr shadow's heels boots. In season 10 I play with DH. Now i'm around paragon 860, and i still haven't find an acient shadow's heels. I'm crafting all my materials for reforge the boot and blood shards for boots. I find relatively frequently SH from farming as well. So far i've get a lot of shadow's heels, but none of them were ancient. I'm starting to think that it is not only bad luck. Is there any chance there is something wrong with my character or profile or something? I have to say there are more items on my gear i use only normal legendary, becuse i can't find a better ancient one... After so much gameplay it is really annoying i can't upgrade my gear. Do you have any suggetions? Thanks in advance.LadyPaka3 13 Aug
12 Aug Black Smith Lost Plans So I got the level 70 black smith plan for "Plan: Demon's Hide" and many other level 70 sets but for some reason they do not show at my black smith and i really want to craft them for my character :( all that shows up for me for the Demons Hide set is the chest armor and nothing els, the filter is set to All and still most of my sets do now show up. why does this happen? is there any way to fix it ? do i need to find a black smith plan for each part of the set ? plz help this is very frustrating and ruining my time spent in this game. I realy enjoy crafting and collecting sets and mixing them around to make my own builds and i cant do it because my black smith wont show me the full sets ive learned :(alphonsus1 12 Aug
10 Aug Agmentations what is a better way of using augmentations. when they are in game whitch i think is the worst idea ever. for keeping a broader playbase,, only blood fans bother lvling up gems to 90 or 100 even just to put it in a gear whitch you can get a better one 1 rift later so you need to do it again.. a casual player hits a margin around 70+ on gems. so say i grind 70 gems agment all and can then lvl gems to 80 or even 85. and then augment them ,,, this is the most useless action in game.. i purpose making agmentations slots in items to put gems in them so you can remove them as you do other gems,. this will be good for nonseasonal casual players who can not grind the amount of lvls on gems just to get som ekstra main stats.. in season you need to start over any who so this will have to be done. but i cant for the life of me bother lvling up 12 gems just to put them in gear att lvl 70 to later make new ones to 80, this makes the make to grindy.. id grind for primals no problem but this..,,, i know ppl gona just say " o you lazy s.o.b you dont bother you dont deserv it.. but thats not true.i grind like mad man and ther are alot of ppl feeling the same like me.. most dont play this game anymore cuz of this. and thats the trutholebrommm0 10 Aug
10 Aug What to reroll - Circle of Nailuj's Evol What to reroll to critical hit chance? Damage range or int? What would give better dmg output? 10 Aug
04 Aug Which Traveler's Pledge is better Hey guys, I don't know which is better if we consider i roll socket for the ancient one. CHD : 100 / 83 CHC : 10 / 10 intel : 728 / 916 Which is better : 200 intel or 17% CHD thank youPEEEVES1 04 Aug
04 Aug Auto pick up on death breath Guys. Lets make ourself heard! Lets show the devs that we want, need and long for auto pick up on death breaths (and gems).sig12 04 Aug
31 Jul Legendary trait extraction - Feedback It would be super nice to have some sort of indication on a legendary as to whether you have extracted the trait from it. Not sure about others, but for my seasonal character I just save everything, paying little attention until I have the deaths breath I need to extract them. Yes, this is a little down to laze, however, it would be nice to have something to clearly show me if I have extracted the trait so I can throw it at the blacksmith and not have it sitting in my stash until "You have extracted that trait already" pops up. Regards.Saelben0 31 Jul
26 Jul Cosmetic Shop I had a request to Blizzard to start selling cosmetic things separate for those who don't have everything such as the flame wings or angel wings . There are even a few pets that now is unavailable. Hard for new players to collect something that doesn't exist anymore :p Anyway, they told me to post my suggestion here to see the response :) Would it be a good idea?Zpoot4 26 Jul
25 Jul What is the purpose of this legendary item? Can anyone tell me the purpose of this legendary item when i'm playing necromancer? 25 Jul
23 Jul Mad Pet Ideas!?!? Pets can be so much more!!! Suggestions: Pets that give different benefits (extra stash, picks up all legendaries, customisable pick up list). Pets that transform and fight alongside when Elites appear. Pet that dispense health globe but in context of the specific pet like a Duck that gives you and egg to restore your health every so often. Chinese dragon pet that deals %Fire Damage of your char on top of its based damage. Pet who is a man but turns into a werewolf upon elite encountersVampire pet who drains blood to restore health for the player based of %life steal x pet base (something high). Pet Customisation Item pickup pets can be set to pick up certain items like rare, blue, legendary etc, all. Pet amour Dyes can be applied to Pets You can transmog a pet you like the behaviour of to look like another pet that you prefer the look of. Pet GamePlay Certain pets you can only get at certain Paragon levels. This makes it fun to try and paragon level again. You have paragon 3000 you get 2 pets. Something like that. You have paragon 5000 you unlock secret pet skills on all pets in your inventory (eg some pets can now do damage based on weapon equiped or have the legendary attributes of ringes or amulets. This can synchronise to specific pets. This makes the non season gameplay partially viable again. Extra mercenaries unlock along with Pets. Ability to have 8 pets at some ridiculous paragon level. Dont make this 2 or 3 pets. It just wont be worth it. Make it crazy - like 8 to 10.Finally, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a big white Duck Pet!!!ForestSheep2 23 Jul
23 Jul Kanai's Cube - How does it work? Hi, i'm new to the game, and i would like to know how the Cube works, like from start to finish. For ex: I have a legendary ring with a legendary option, puzzel ring, and it's appearing in the list of the rings, but if i want to change the option, i can't cause i don't have anything else highlighted beside that one, everything else is gray. I can't change the actual legendary option on the ring. Where can i find a more detailed page about the cube ? Thank you.mariusmaxx852 23 Jul
21 Jul Make Compass Rose/Traveler's Pledge bad again They are too good. I wan't them to be bad again so we can mess around with all the nice rings and neck passives to make funnier builds. I know I can just boycott them but knowing there is a better choice will most likely make me equip those 2 OP items anyway.Palma1 21 Jul
18 Jul GR70 = Primals Hi, I'm pretty sure I had cleared a GR70 before the hot fix went live. Does that mean, that when my progress was deleted, I can no longer obtain primals until I clear yet another GR70? I have huge issues clearing one and was very happy when I managed to do so.Sami2 18 Jul
17 Jul Anyway to get Guaranteed Leoric's Crown again? I accidentally salvaged my low level Leoric's Crown (Lv 20) which is a guaranteed Legendary when I first killed Leoric on Act I. Is there anyway I can get my hands on one again without hunting for a new one or through Kadala? Tried making a new character, and killed Leoric to no avail..Sparda3 17 Jul
16 Jul Armory Slots The Armory was a great idea - I no longer need to take screenshots of everything in a build to be able to use it again after I try another one! =D But limiting it to five slots is rather constraining. Each character has 4 sets which already naturally take up 4 slots if you want to alternate between all of them, and that only leaves you one more. You can use it to make a Sage's Journey build, or maybe a Legacy of Nightmares build - those are two different options already. Is there really a problem with having, say, ten slots instead? It doesn't give extra storage space, or anything else really - it's just for convenience. So I don't need to take screenshots of everything in a build that I have no room for in the Armory. =) P.S. If the problem is that "Armory Set 10" doesn't fit in the 12-character limit (see about that), then you can make the default set names 0-based or use the hexadecimal digit A for #10. =PKyre0 16 Jul
16 Jul Armory Build Name Length It is currently limited to 12 characters (notably, this is the length of the string "Armory Set n" for n from 1 to 5). Please raise this limit. I can't even spell out the full name of a set like this. =\Kyre0 16 Jul
15 Jul Iron rose improvement I was thinking the proc chance could be 100 percent instead 50 percent. It should also increase blood nova dmg. Atm the damage feels low even with bloodtide. Also it should get the benefit of trag oul (6) even without blood nova being in the hot bar (i run with blood mages).Bone0 15 Jul
15 Jul Butcher's Cleaver Transmog Gone Hello community, Have anyone else noticed that our Butcher's Cleaver transmog has gone missing? I just purchased the Necromancer pack, and shortly after I noticed that the Butcher's Cleaver transmog was gone (the transmog from the Diablo 1 event). Can we have it back, please? It was quite awesome.Chernabog3 15 Jul
14 Jul The Horadric Hamburger. The Horadric Hamburger. What if they made so you can use this item in cube so u come to hamburgerland and fight hamburgers. And rare reward you can get is a hamburger pet and/or even more rare get wings made from salad or tomato xD or bread buns :PLyz2 14 Jul
14 Jul Blizzard?! Whats up with The Slanderer? The SlanderERR! It's been 3 Month's and not even one drop! I think something is wrong with MY ACCOUNT, i don't know. an answer would be REALLY nice, Please!Twisted2 14 Jul
11 Jul The "God Butcher" Transmog Hello Recently, i have been trying to farm the God Butcher transmog. I have heard about people who got theirs at around 7-19 tries, while i am nearing my 50th try with no success. Now, i am starting to wonder if this transmog was removed with the recent patch. Or perhaps i am just very unlucky, idk.Rockboy1 11 Jul