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29 Sep Master List - Achievement Hunters Site/Forum/Community Hello Hunters! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: our domain name has expired and now redirects to a (likely fake) site of a commercial party, with which we are in no way affiliated. We have not really used the site for a while now, but I just wanted it to be known that this was not a deliberate move on our part. And whilst our website may be down, our ingame Community is still active, so you can still join that for our all your Diablo achievement-related needs. Look for the Community "MasterList" in English communities. We are proud to present the Master List website to you at this domain, which now includes its own forum. ... ... ... This website is for Diablo III players on the EU servers looking to complete ingame achievements, including “Haunted”, “A Unique Collection” and “Bashanishu”. Players can create an account on the website and then manage their own list of unique monsters they require for these achievements. ... You can find all the information you need on the Master List website. So visit the Master List website today! ... Do you have any questions, remarks or feedback on the website? Just post it in this thread. Arveragus#2953 Arutenshi#2886 HorriblyBlue#2705 Viper#2329Arveragus500 29 Sep
1d Achievement Scarab Squashing Hi, Look this video. FriendlyKrysarion1 1d
19 Sep Looking for help with season conquest Hello misters and ladies. If you can help me getting two season conquests, it would be really apreciate. Add: condutas #2364 Really apreciate any and every help I can get. Also, if anyone knows of a achievement community thats active in game, I would like that :)condutas0 19 Sep
07 Sep Can't get achievement self controlled Can't get achievement self controlled of the necromancer. I tried it multiple times, just like video's on youtube. Even multiple times that the simulacrum completely killed the shadowclone by itself, but still not getting the achievement. Am I doing anything wrong? Anyone got any suggestions?Skaratus0 07 Sep
02 Sep Event: The Brood Mother I have been looking in all areas so far and no trace of this event anywhere. Has anyone found it? Is it bugged?pixel20 02 Sep
02 Sep Looking for help with conquest achiv season 11 well either speed run in 2min, 20min all bosses looks like the options... i guess necro aint the best for this. cant do either solo no matter how fast i try to move through it. fastest in rift was 3min 20sec. (ive tried this 20 times now. just this night) bosses i did 4 of 5 areas when i hit 20min. (3 times, same result) I aint lvling/gearing another class, will take too long for me. im most likely on my 400th+ rift X atm trying...GhostInShell1 02 Sep
26 Aug Wings Hello can i buy any wings with cash? I know there is 2 wings from dangune, 1 from overwatch, 1 from act 4 from the chest , 1 from necro pack. All the other i can buy? From prev sesLiorK1 26 Aug
23 Aug 3 items in haedrig's gift? Hi, Yesterday I have finished the chapter IV of seasonal yourney. In Haedrig's gift I have found 3 set items. Besides expected TRE chest and legs there was TRE offhand in it too(ancient version!). I thought there should be only 2 pieces in each gift. Can someone explain this to me? :) Thanks!Yellowhammer2 23 Aug
19 Aug Boss Mode season 10 Are there any people who need this Conquest still? Or want to help me get it some point in the next week? If there's anyone about please let me know! :D.Yawgrimas1 19 Aug
17 Aug Seasonal journey rewards, second character? Hi Guys, Hope this is the place to ask questions regarding the seasonal journey. I have completed chapter 1 through 4 on the seasonal journey on a monk, and am one achi away from completing Slayer. Now i decided to start a seasonal barb, and the game already says i have the full reward set in my collection. My questions are: If i already can access the full armor set for a second character, how do I do it? And if I can´t, how do I start the seasonal journey from the beginning with a second character? Thanks in advance! //GallowGallow1 17 Aug
15 Aug Greater Rift 20 in Seasonal Journey Hi guys! Could anyone please clarify what exactly do I need to do to advance to the next GR rank? I need to reach GR20 to complete Chapter 4, but the current max rank I can access is 15. I've successfully (withing 15 minutes time limit) completed 13, 14 and 15, but I still can't get to 16 or higher.Alena0 15 Aug
12 Aug Seasonal solo grift achievements and necromancer I noticed that I don't have any of the "Reach greater rift level X solo with the full bonuses of one of the following class sets" despite having completed GR79 solo. Upon closer inspection the list of accepted sets doesn't include any necromancer sets. The "Complete one/two/three of the following class sets at level 70" achievements do include necromancer sets, so I'm inclined to think the omission from grift achievements is accidental rather than intentional. Is there any chance of getting that fixed during the season or do I need to start another seasonal character to get the achievements?tdb0 12 Aug
11 Aug Option to keep track on achievements while gaming. I have no clue if this is already posted before, but i would like to have an option to be able to see the progress of my achievements (the ones i select) while gaming / killing monsters like an overlay option. Example: Right mouse click on achievement in achievement overview and have an option available to "track" it. This will show the progress bar of the achievement somewhere on the screen (preferably moveable) while you are killing monsters. An example for this would be the achievement to kill 1000000 monsters in rifts. If anybody else has some other idea's or additions to my post ... please feel free to comment.VYCansMajors4 11 Aug
09 Aug Wrath of the Wastes Set Dungeon - Some advice and tips Like a great many people this season, I’ve spent several days working on the Wrath of the Wastes set dungeon. I won’t say it’s the hardest set dungeon out there (I’ve only played barb this season and have no idea what the other classes are like) but it’s a righteous pain in the back-side to master. Worse, I couldn’t find many decent guides out there aside from the constantly repeated piece of advice: “Run in, ground stomp, rend, repeat”. Yes, that’s the core of it, but that’s far from the complete picture. So having spent about four days experimenting with various strategies and load-outs, I finally managed to complete the dungeon solo with twenty six seconds left on the clock. The following is basically a list of things I tried and advice for anyone else who’s struggling with this monstrously designed dungeon. I can’t give you an exact 100% guide, given the random layout of the mobs (There’s quite a bit of luck involved, no matter how good you are), but I can at least try to point you in the right direction. First off are the skills I’d recommend. My skill load-out was: Primary: Whirlwind (Volcanic Eruption) A lot of people have said Whirlwind isn’t required for this dungeon. That’s technically correct, but that’s like saying you don’t need a saddle to ride a bicycle; you can make do without, but it’s a pain in the !@#$. Remember that WotW’s six-piece bonus revolves around chucking dust-devils, effectively turning you into a ranged attacker. Use the dust devils to kill tougher enemies at range rather than coming anywhere near them. The rune isn’t particularly important, but I like the extra damage from VE. You might want to experiment with Hurricane, pulling mobs into range to rend them, but I find it pulls them too erratically and only one or two at a time. You usually kill them before you can get a pack big enough to rend. Secondary: Rend (Ravage) Obviously this one’s necessary for the objective. ‘Nuff said. Ravage is the best rune you can use here, since it increase the range significantly. Skill 1: Leap (Call of Arreat) I’d go so far as to call this one mandatory. Being able to jump into the middle of a pack or out of the walls of an elite can’t be overstated. The CoA rune also allows you to do a kind of pre-group, letting you grab a few mobs before following up with a ground-stomp. I experimented for a while with using the Lut Socks legendary power to jump around grouping up mobs, but in the end it just proved more trouble than it was worth. You may as well try it though and see if it works for you. Skill 2: Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash) Pretty much mandatory for this dungeon. Group up the mobs so you can rend them. Skill 3: Threatening Shout (Falter) This one might take some explaining. It’s an odd choice for this dungeon certainly, but it has fantastic synergies with a few other skills and items. The weapon I use is Blade of the Tribes, which triggers both an avalanche and an earthquake whenever you use either Warcry or Threatening Shout. This turns a skill that would otherwise be fairly pointless in the set dungeon into a substantial nuke on a ten second cooldown (not including CDR). However, the real utility of the skill comes from its synergy with skill 4. Skill 4: Earthquake (Chilling Earth) This is here purely because it affects the earthquake cast by Threatening Shout. With this skill selected, whenever you use Threatening Shout, it creates an area that freezes mobs solid, allowing you to kill them at your leisure. Even though the cooldown of Earthquake means you’ll only use the skill itself a few times per run, Threatening Shout + Blade of the Tribes means that you can use it on virtually every encounter with an elite or an Armadon. Furthermore, while Earthquake has a brief cast time, Threatening Shout does not. If you see an enemy winding up for an attack you can’t dodge, hit 3 and freeze him solid. It’s worth noting that you can swap this out for Avalanche (Glacier) with pretty much the same effect, which will also let it combo with the Dead Iron belt, but I don’t use it for two reasons: first, it doesn’t last as long as Earthquake, and I’m mainly using it for the freeze effect. Second, if you have a high damage output, the Ground-Stomp / Avalanche combo can kill weaker mobs before you get the chance to rend them. Passives: There’s only a few passives that really shine here, while the rest will just up your damage when you need it. The two that I strongly recommend are: Unforgiving, mostly because I hate trying to Whirlwind, only to realise I’m out of wrath, and Earthen Might. Remember Threatening Shout and Blade of the Tribes? Well Earthen Might adds an extra 30 fury whenever you trigger an Avalanche or an Earthquake. Threatening Shout triggers both, as well as generating 15 fury all by itself. 75 fury with one button press is always handy, especially when you need to be throwing rends and whirlwinds out constantly. The rest of the passives are down to personal preference, but I do like Rampage for the extra damage when you’re shredding packs like a mother***er. Items and cube powers: I spent a long time swapping and switching these around. Obviously you need the full Wrath of the Wastes set (or five pieces plus the Ring of Royal Grandeur), but the rest of the items give you a lot of choices. In case I haven’t raved about it enough, Blade of the Tribes is a core part of this setup, either in the cube or the hands. I like Furnace for the cube’s weapon slot, simply because the elites can take a bit of punishment and I like to drop them as fast as possible. If you have enough damage output, this won’t be a problem for you, of course. The Ess of Johan is a nice choice for an amulet or a cube slot, as it can give you that extra bit of grouping power when needed. It’s unpredictable, but it can be a nice bit of assistance when needed, and it has the added bonus of staggering enemies when it triggers, interrupting attacks. Krelm’s Buff Belt is very useful for the move speed, especially when you’re not supposed to be taking damage in the first place. As I said before, Lut Socks are an interesting experiment, but may not be worth the effort. Give ‘em a try and make up your own mind. Dead Iron is a good choice if you don’t have much damage output, but if you do too much damage the avalanche can kill the weaker mobs before you get the chance to rend them. It’s worth mentioning again that you can trade out Earthquake for Avalanche on skill 4, triggering a freeze not just when you use Threatening Shout but also when you Ground Stomp. If you aren’t doing enough damage, it’s not a bad idea. The most crucial item you should be using IMO is the Illusory Boots. The last thing you want is to get cornered and unable to avoid an attack. Obviously you can whirlwind out, but that might mean killing mobs you need to group up and whirlwind, which is less than ideal. Also, the boots can let you slip straight through the elites’ walls, although I found them being a little erratic about when they can and can’t do that. As far as legendary gems go, it’s down to personal preference again. The only thing I’d really recommend is the Bane of the Trapped, thanks to the level 25 bonus. Slowing the mobs around you gives you more chance to group them up. For the other two gems, I like Pain Enhancer, Mirinae, or Efficacious Toxin; they make sure any mobs you hit are going to stay down, which means you can do less cleaning up. A diamond in the helm is a no-brainer; you need to be Ground-Stomping as much as possible, and throwing out the high-damage nukes faster is useful against the elites. In fact, if you have spare jewellery that you’re willing to mess up, it’s worth rolling extra CDR into a few pieces. Once you’re above a certain level of damage, cramming as much CDR as possible can make the dungeon a lot easier. Lastly, if you can possibly manage it, try to roll move speed into your boots. It makes the dungeon a lot easier when you can move faster.Paradukes2 09 Aug
05 Aug HYADURES does this monster still exist? and if it does where should i look for him in adventure mode or campaign?Gonjero0 05 Aug
03 Aug magic find I seen in details under adventure magic find is it a way to increases itwhatup675550 03 Aug
28 Jul reach greater rift 20 solo??? Hy guys!!! I have played all 20 greater rift in season mode with a monk to get the acheivment above but it didn't gave me the ok... I think i probably missed some greater rift on my way...what do i do? Help me pls!!!ciochinavio26 28 Jul
25 Jul Skeleton Crew [Bugged] Is this going to get fixed? because reaching 500 by killing 5 elites then starting a new game really is frustratingPugLife3 25 Jul
20 Jul Gibbering Gemstone >:( I have relogged at least 100 times and have cleared the caverns of frost at least 30 times trying to find gibbering gemstone. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it's worth it to restart the game over and over again to get the caverns of frost bounty or to keep searching the map for it.PooWho1 20 Jul
14 Jul Can't get Slaughterhouse High Five achievement I have tried several times now and checked all equipment and skills. is there a known bug with this achievement or some hidden objective?Vague0 14 Jul
11 Jul Journal of Hansan Haile, Captain Confusion Journal of Hansan Haile, Captain is not spawning. I've restarted Act III several times, gone straight to the keepsake box by Vidar the Collector, opened it, and nothing comes out. I don't have the achievement for having read the journal already, so that can't the cause. Does this book now *always* spawn? I've worn myself out running very detailed GREP searches for some concise, clear information, but keep just coming full circle to the same D3 wiki posts (various sites), none of which offer anything other than where/when to expect the drop (Act III, *any* quest, the keepsake box by Vidar). Is this tome currently bugged? Is it bugged just on my account? Just on the one character I am using for this? If bugged, why is it not on the list of known issues (and therefore would have come up in my quite thorough searching)? Clarifying post from someone who knows would be appreciated (and is warranted).GoovinHooves3 11 Jul
09 Jul Champions Fallen Grunt,Soldier,Overlord. Changed spawn? I have been looking for 3 hours a day for 6 days in the following areas (with nemesis bracers). Skycrown Rattlements, Stonefort, The Barracks, Forward Barracks, Rakkis Crossing and Arreat Crater 1. I have encountered all possible packs except these three. Can anyone confirm that they still spawn in these areas? If anyone is still looking to complete this achievement, add me and we'll share games :)biaop2 09 Jul
09 Jul Anniversary Event Achievement Guide The Diablo twentieth Anniversay Event is called The Darkening of Tristram and is a recreation of the original Diablo game in Diablo III. The event can only be accessed in Adventure Mode. The portal to the event can be found in The Old Ruins. It can be found south-west of the waypoint, just next to the fountain. The event is only available during the month of January. The Anniversary Event contains the following Achievements: Thank Goodness You’ve Returned! - Kill all 4 bosses * The Butcher can be found in his own room on level 2. Be sure to pick up The Butcher's Cleaver which will give you a new transmog. * Skeleton King can be found in King Leoric's Tomb. The entrance spawns on level 3. * Arch-Bishop Lazarus can be found on the Unholy Altar level, which is the level between 15 and 16. * The Dark Lord can be found on level 16. Adventuring Hero - Kill one unique monster from the Labyrinth Champion of the Townsfolk - Kill 20 unique monsters from the Labyrinth Protector of Tristram - Kill all unique monsterss from the Labyrinth Each level of the labyrinth will contain at least one unique monster. The monsters marked with * always spawn. The levels with guaranteed spawns can contain more than one, some can even contain three. The monsters that are not guaranteed ones spawn randomly. There is usually only one of these on each level. The unique monsters spawn on the following levels: Nightwing the Cold: 7 Viletouch: 12 Baron Sludge: 8 Shadowcrow: 5 Foulwing: 5 Deathshade Fleshmaul: 6 Blighthorn Steelmace: 7 Gorestone: 7 The Vizier: 15* Bluehorn: 11 Firewound the Grim: 8 Lionskull: 12 Rustweaver: 13 Warlord of Blood: 13* Madeye the Dead: 3 Fangspeir: 11 Witchmoon: 13 Red Vex: Unholy Altar* Brokenstorm: 9 Shadowbite : 2 Goldblight of the Flame: 10 Bilefroth the Pit Master: 6 Oozedrool: 9 Snotspill: 4 Gharbad the Weak: 4* Bloodgutter: 6 Bloodskin Darkbow: 5 Zhar the Mad: 8* Breakspine: 9 Blackstorm: 10 Brokenhead Bangshield: 3 Graywar the Slayer: 14 Steelskull the Hunter: 14 Sir Gorash: 16* Blacklash the Burning: 4 Viperflame: 12 Blackjade: Unholy Altar* Stareye the Witch: 14 The Flayer: 10 Rotfeast the Hungry: 2 Alternatively, the same list, but sorted by location: Level 2 Rotfeast the Hungry Shadowbite Level 3 Brokenhead Bangshield Madeye the Dead Level 4 Blacklash the Burning Gharbad the Weak* Snotspill Level 5 Bloodskin Darkbow Foulwing Shadowcrow Level 6 Bilefroth the Pit Master Bloodgutter Deathshade Fleshmaul Level 7 Blighthorn Steelmace Gorestone Nightwing the Cold Level 8 Baron Sludge Firewound the Grim Zhar the Mad* Level 9 Breakspine Brokenstorm Oozedrool Level 10 Blackstorm The Flayer Goldblight of the Flame Level 11 Bluehorn Fangspeir Level 12 Lionskull Viletouch Viperflame Level 13 Rustweaver Warlord of Blood* Witchmoon Level 14 Graywar the Slayer Stareye the Witch Steelskull the Hunter Level 15 The Vizier* Unholy Altar Blackjade* Red Vex* Level 16 Sir Gorash* I Sense a Soul in Search of Answers - Collect all the Cultist Pages from the precursor event These pages are dropped by monsters called Temporal Priests in various locations, including The Weeping Hollow, The Festering Woods, Cathedral and Halls of Agony levels in Act I. There should be one of these groups on each level. The groups also spawn in other acts, like in Act III's The Core of Arreat and Tower of the Damned. They look like cultists, only coloured gray. Each group drops one random page, which can be traded freely with other players. Oddly, the pages you can find in Season 9 are account bound and cannot be traded, so you will have to find them all yourself should you choose to complete this achievement with a seasonal character. Pssst… Over Here… - Acquire Wirt’s Leg + secret cow pet - Find the Black Mushroom on level 9 and interact with it to receive the Rotten Mushroom item. - Interact with the Cauldron in Tristram to receive Witch's Brew. - Interact with Farnham's Corpse to receive Drunkard's Debt. - Interact with Ogden's Corpse to receive Garda's Letter. - Interact with Pepin's Corpse to receive Healer's Prescription. - Interact with Griswold's Corpse to receive Wirt's Leg recipe. - Teach the recipe to Haedrig. - Craft the mace Wirt's Leg. - Salvage Wirt's Leg to receive Map of the Stars. - Go to the cow corpses east of Adria's hut (the one with Cauldron) and interact with the middle, then the left and finally the right one. Go through the now open portal to the Abandoned Farmstead and find the chest called Wirt's Stash there. The chest will drop the Royal Calf item. Right-click the item in your inventory to add the pet to your collection. If you have interacted with the cow corpses previously, just create a new game. The Dark Passage - Visit the Dark Passage The entrance to the Dark Passage can be found on level 2 if it spawns, which is not always the case. If it is not there in your current game, just try again in a new game. The Chamber of Bone - Visit the Chamber of Bone The entrance to the Chamber of Bone can be found on level 6. The Halls of the Blind - Visit the Halls of the Blind The Halls of the Blind can be found on level 7. An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision - Kill the Dark Lord in a solo game starting with a Level 1 character Self-explanatory, though I have heard from some people that this did not work for them properly. The main requirement appears to be that the character is newly created (and not reborn or an older level 1 character). The level upon entering the portal to the event does not seem to matter. The only important things are that the event is finished in one sitting and that you are the only player in your game during the entire run. So do not let other players join you and turn off Quick Join if you have it enabled under the Social Options menu.Arveragus76 09 Jul
09 Jul Master List - Achievement Hunters Site/Forum/Community So I was wondering why nobody was signing up for the site anymore and it may have something to do with the original thread reaching its post limit. Apologies for not noticing this earlier. Hello Hunters! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: our domain name has expired and now redirects to a (likely fake) site of a commercial party, with which we are in no way affiliated. We have not really used the site for a while now, but I just wanted it to be known that this was not a deliberate move on our part. And whilst our website may be down, our ingame Community is still active, so you can still join that for our all your Diablo achievement-related needs. Look for the Community "MasterList" in English communities. We are proud to present the Master List website to you at this domain, which now includes its own forum. ... ... ... This website is for Diablo III players on the EU servers looking to complete ingame achievements, including “Haunted”, “A Unique Collection” and “Bashanishu”. Players can create an account on the website and then manage their own list of unique monsters they require for these achievements. ... You can find all the information you need on the Master List website. So visit the Master List website today! ... Do you have any questions, remarks or feedback on the website? Just post it in this thread. Arveragus#2953 Arutenshi#2886 HorriblyBlue#2705 Viper#2329Arveragus42 09 Jul
08 Jul Older Achievements still possible? Is it still possible to get "older" acheivements - namely bashiok's blade and finding the ghost Drury Brown? Trying to clear things up in my achievement section :)TheBowerMan3 08 Jul
08 Jul Thanks for Nothing Dear Blizzard. I spend entire season as a team support with maximized toughness, great crowd control and insignificant damage. Now, near the season end i was trying to close all achiewments to obtain final pieces of set, but what i see - Close Greater Rift level 20 Solo. Shall i explain why support build Monk isn't able to close f ucking 20 level solo Rift? Or you just hired another jerk as your lead gamedesigner? Thank you for Nothing, Dear Blizzard. For all this time wasted. And !@#$ You very much! Always yours.frozenrei1 08 Jul
07 Jul Hyadures Like many out there, Hyadures is the last mob i need to kill for the Act 5 HC Irreplaceable you. I love a challenge, and really enjoy completing achievements where I can after the season is done with the downtime between season. However, this is the 4th season in a row + downtime after seasons where I have not been able to find or kill this mob. Through the hundreds, possible thousands of times i have ran through Pandemonium lvl 1 doing bounties and searching for this mob. I am almost enraged at how this achievement has nothing to do with skill, but is 100% based on rarity of spawn, that it is keeping me from this achievement. I have spent the last 2 hours running through and don't understand how this mob can be so rare that it doesn't spawn in over 250 games in a row. WTF?FuzzyBallz2 07 Jul
04 Jul Warriv's Body Spawn Bugged? So I have been looking for Warriv's Journal to finish off the achievement and I have run through Old Tristram Road an insane amount of times and still not found him, now according to that is what his spawn looks like I have seen this exact thing several times but with no body: Can anyone confirm that his spawn is still working and the event in my screen shot is something else?CAHelix156 04 Jul
27 Jun Malthael Hello, lads I have to ask here again about something. Im playing for monk and I almost completed the campaign on Master. But I cant kill Malthael. Can somebody advice me good build against him, please?Seven6 27 Jun
19 Jun I can´t play the follower quests Hello, recently I decided to reset quests with my main character to play the story again, but when I reached act five, I couldn´t play any of the follower side quests. I have played them the first time I went trough act 5 with that character, and even now I talked to all of them in all previous acts. But now, when I start act 5 with scoundrel, I can´t talk to him at all (like in adventure mode) and when I try talking to others, I only see the dialogues that come after the quests. I can also talk to Lyndon after few act 5 quests, but only about what happens after his side quest. Can you please give me advice, why this might be happening? Or what can I do to play these side quests again? Thank you.Alpha2 19 Jun
17 Jun Champion Dear players I need assistance with Champion Season Quest. Playing as Crusader. There is a lot of tasks to complete something on Torment 10!.. Im not sure if I am ready for Torment 10!.. Its complicated. Well. I passed GT lvl 30 just for testing myself. But not sure about T10 (i forgot which Gt is equivalent to t10)... Can somebody check my Gear and maybe give some advises?.. That is my build: LMB - Slash guard. RMB - Steed. 1 Laws of Valor. Uns. Force 2 Condemn Vacuum 3 Provoke Too Scared to run 4 Akarat Champion Indestructible, long arm., finerySeven0 17 Jun
17 Jun Class Dungeon Can somebody explain to me what is it and how to get there? I need to complete such thing for my season quest. There is written something about Leoric's Manor. I was there and have not found any enters. Im playing as a Crusader.Seven1 17 Jun
04 Jun Missing pieces after completing Chap IV season journey I just completed Season 10 Chapter IV of the Season Journey. I received the frame and pennant and 2 items from the armor, which were legs and chest; though I already had legs, helm and gloves. I did not get the shoulders or feet. Am I supposed to do something else? I thought after completing the entire journey I'd get all the pieces.Aerynsage2 04 Jun
04 Jun Belial Hi all Im currently trying to kill Belial on Master for Monk. He always killing me. DO you think I have to make my level more higher?.. But I have already 49 so its pretty strange its not enough to pass Act II... What do you think?..Seven7 04 Jun
04 Jun Rift in 2 mins Trying to do this with a well-geared UE DH on normal with Boon of the Hoarder and hot pursuit for speed, but proving very difficult. Anyone got any tips apart from hoping for a good map? Edit: solo only.Scourge1 04 Jun
04 Jun Gibbering Gemstone Impossible? Gibbering Gemstone: This can be found in the "Caverns of Frost Level 2" from "Chiltara." (Who is not always there) (Act 3) Difficulty does not matter right? I have tried over 20 times in the last 2 hours and have not succeeded once..!!! So it's a yellow mob? Or does he jump from the wall (kind of important since I skip some mobs so im not sure to miss him.) This is the final item I need and its freaaking impossible. There is no easy way to get this? U can't trade it right?Reconhell197 04 Jun
31 May Looking for a team: Sprinter Sprinter conquest I am not a 'forum-posting' guy. I prefer playing solo. But Sprinter is far out of my ability range. Looking for a team to achieve together sprinter. I have never tried before, so I would be a towner perhaps. Any help/advice would be appreciated.cannibalp3 31 May
28 May Need help with Set Dungeon I can't finish the Inna Set dungeon. Close a few times but either overpowered or underpowered, can't find the good middle ground. Looking for someone to follow along behind me, wait till i trigger against the big packs and then help me clear up the hunters and bosses. Much appreciate it.TDurden0 28 May
26 May Repeat Quest and Acts will ruin progress? If I replay an act, does it mean I have to restart from that act or does it only affect that quest? So if I replay Act 2, will I still be able to play Act 4 without playing 3 again and will I lose my gears?Gordon9061 26 May
26 May help with level XIII rift in 5 minutes Need help please from a kind soul to help me complete my conqueor stage, need to complete a level XIII rift in less than 5 minutes.... appreciate any help guys... cheersshivarussell1 26 May
20 May Season 10/ Ch 1V - Exquisiteness Could someone please explain what this means and how to do it. ThanksGRISELDA2 20 May
13 May [Bug] A Plague of Burrowers I apologize to the Blizzard staff and the community if the purpose of this post is posted in the wrong board. The quest 'A Plague of Burrowers' in Act 5 is bugged and unbalanced. Firstly, it is merely impossible for a melee class to even remotely come close to finish this quest in time. Secondly, when you first do complete the objective, the quest itself fail to complete.Alphie8 13 May
02 May Bounty: The cursed glacier So the time limit on this one's completely luck dependent. 5 waves need to be killed within a certain time. The problem is, some of them are those lacuni huntress type mobs and they bury the moment they spawn, only to emerge whenever it "pleases" them. This is poor game design at its finest. There are a few similar cursed chest events with burying mobs, guaranteeing you to miss out on the bonus. All events, including bonuses, need to be possible. This obviously isn't.SerpentbreeD0 02 May
01 May Resetting a specific Quest/Boss I just killed Uzreal in Reaper of souls and i really enjoyed it,and i want to kill him again to record it/try diffrent tactics etc.... is there's a way to do that? i mean resetting a specific Boss again? after i killed him the game told me to speak to Tyreal but i haven't done that yet if this helps.Kemolove1591 01 May
01 May Some Hordes Achievement Bugged ? Dear Blizzard, i have 1000000/1000000 kills in my achievements counter but achievement won't unlock, is it a known issue that will be fixed soon or what ? Thanks.Kyashan5 01 May
27 Apr Butcher (Torment+) advice Hi all! Currently playing with three other friends on Torment II. Whilst we got through the dungeon fine, we keep dying to the fire floors after a few minutes pass. Is the strategy suppose to be killing the Butcher before all the floors are on fire, or are we suppose to be increasing immunity to fire or just running to any possibly safe area? We typically get the Butcher to about 1/4 health before the floor scenario. Party is: All Lv. 57 Wizard: Demon Hunter Monk Barbarian (I usually activate sprint for all allies to help with avoiding fire floor, and tank the boss) Thanks in advance!PiersM2 27 Apr
27 Apr Season 10 Conquests Anyone wanna looking for to do conquests? 1.Sprinter (1-5 act in 1 hour) 2.Boss mode (all bosses in TX in 20 min)PsYcHoTrOn1 27 Apr
27 Apr Set dungeons - seasons Set dungeons should be removed from season achievements. I understand that some time from the devs was invested in this "game" mode but : - it's anti-game (mechanics, it's not because you master a set dungeon that you play your set well, you just have to break the way it was intended to work actually) - it's only a change/patience challenge, not a player skill challenge Which in most of the case leads to something not fun to do (eg : marauder. What's the fun in this... really), boring and painful in term of patience/luck, instead of a true gameplay challenge. That mode tend to turn you against the game itself. And what's the reward for this ? For those reasons, they should be removed from season goals. All friends I have who play D3 simply hate it.Eminanza1 27 Apr
23 Apr Rushing/skipping is 0 fun remove elite packs or trash or progression globes or griftsFlea1 23 Apr