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29 Sep Master List - Achievement Hunters Site/Forum/Community Hello Hunters! We are proud to present the Master List website to you at this domain, which now includes its own forum. ... ... ... This website is for Diablo III players on the EU servers looking to complete ingame achievements, including “Haunted”, “A Unique Collection” and “Bashanishu”. Players can create an account on the website and then manage their own list of unique monsters they require for these achievements. ... You can find all the information you need on the Master List website. So visit the Master List website today! ... Do you have any questions, remarks or feedback on the website? Just post it in this thread. Arveragus#2953 Arutenshi#2886 DeadPlanet#2899 HorriblyBlue#2705 Sarah#2189 Viper#2329Arveragus500 29 Sep
16h Achievment A NEW START i wanna finish this achievement i looked it up on google and stil dont know how to finish this. its A NEW START complete 5 bounties open up the waypoint map in adventure mode to see what bounties available. but i dont see any bounties available and i realy wanna finish this. help pleasePlakstift2 16h
1d Gibbering Gemstone Impossible? Gibbering Gemstone: This can be found in the "Caverns of Frost Level 2" from "Chiltara." (Who is not always there) (Act 3) Difficulty does not matter right? I have tried over 20 times in the last 2 hours and have not succeeded once..!!! So it's a yellow mob? Or does he jump from the wall (kind of important since I skip some mobs so im not sure to miss him.) This is the final item I need and its freaaking impossible. There is no easy way to get this? U can't trade it right?Reconhell190 1d
1d Starting new game - New Tristram ALL the time? How come New Tristram is so often the first zone you load into when starting a new adventure mode game? I must have twice as many tristram crafting materials as for any other zone. It gets really tedious doing bounties when you have to run through five tristram maps first before the bonus chest spawns somewhere else. So in Intenet Lingo - Blizzard what the frag!Hexatomon3 1d
1d 5 bounties achievment when i open map i dont see the bounties did they change it or how can i complete the bountiesPlakstift1 1d
4d The Seconds - 12 Thralls of Uber Maghda (Seasonal Ach.) Hello! Desperate completionist reporting for duty! I've just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to get this achievement (which has undergone some change since patch 2.4.1 came live and Maghda lost her shields). After finally figuring out how to do it (at least I hope I have), I decided that I utterly lack the skill to execute it properly, so I'm temporarily abandoning this repetitive pursuit before it drives me insane from frustration. Interestingly, relatively few people from the seasonal achiev leaderboards in the EU have this unlocked - hence why I'm writing this. Here's what I've established so far: I'm going in at T10 difficulty with a Shadow Mantle DH, no Area Dmg on my gear/paragon, using the Chemical Burn rune of impale, and grenades as generator, Bastions of Will rings, Preparation Punishment for quick hatred regen, Greenstone's fan in the cube for AoE, and Envious Blade MH. I focus Leoric and burn him to zero in seconds, leaving only Maghda (Merciless Witch). Now comes the tricky part - Maghda summons her thralls at 10 second intervals. If you don't kill any, she will summon up two consecutive groups of 3, and stop at that. No amount of waiting/burning her will cause her to summon new ones until the old ones start dying. The idea is that you have to start killing them one by one, with several seconds (ideally 4) in between kills in order to allow her CD to refresh and her to summon the next wave, while at the same time fulfilling the requirement to kill them in no more than 5 seconds apart from each other. I've established that if you kill 3 of the first 6, she will summon a wave of 4 additional adds. At some point in time (after failing numerous chains in the same instance, and having burned her below 25% HP) I managed to get her to initially summon a wave of 5 adds. After 2-3 of those were dead she would summon the next wave - which would be 3 (or 4?) new ones. Ideally, you will kill all her mobs at exact 4 second intervals, and she will always summon up new ones before you've depleted your final mob. Continue killing them in this sequence, and you should get the achievement. Sadly, I royally suck at timing XD Hopefully someone smarted than me will suggest a better way of doing this. Either that or I've misunderstood the requirement for the task, and the intervals all need to be exactly 5 seconds, no more no less - if that is the case, then I capitulate right now :D Let me hear your thoughts! Maybe we can help each other out! :DArchexecutor12 4d
6d Bashanishu - Rakanishu's Blade How to get the achievement step by step: 1) Select normal diffuculty, then Blood and Sand - begin quest; 2) select skills that allow You to travel faster, monks can use this:!adc!abbZZZ (with a 2H weap.) ; 3) use the waypoint to Dahlgur Oasis; 4) move east, then north until You reach the north-eastern most corner of the map; 5) move south-west and check the quest hub, You want one called Shrine of Rakanishu, ; 6) if it's not there leave the game, resume and go to step 3) ; 7) if it's there, do the quest and pick up Rakanishu's Blade (some claim the drop rate isn't 100%, if it hasn't dropped make sure You are running at normal difficulty and try again), then leave the game and resume; 8) equip Rakanishu's Blade, unequip items with thorns effect and any weapon in off-hand slot; 9) dimiss the follower, don't use any summons/pets; 10) mouse over any skill (preferably LMB or RMB), then click-hold-drag away and release whatever skill you have there leaving only a basic attack in that spot (if You can't do this, go to options -> gameplay and turn on elective mode); 11) use the waypoint to Dahlgur Oasis; 12) look all around the map (other unique shamans won't mean Bashion not spawning!) for a unique monster named Bashiok that looks like a Fallen Shaman, ; 13) if he's not there, leave the game and resume, then go to step 11); 14) if he's there, hit him with a basic attack (look step 10)). Congratulations! :) 18.06.2012 - editted step 12)GrimGreg87 6d
11 Feb [Bug] A Plague of Burrowers I apologize to the Blizzard staff and the community if the purpose of this post is posted in the wrong board. The quest 'A Plague of Burrowers' in Act 5 is bugged and unbalanced. Firstly, it is merely impossible for a melee class to even remotely come close to finish this quest in time. Secondly, when you first do complete the objective, the quest itself fail to complete.Alphie7 11 Feb
08 Feb Bugged Bounty: The Cursed Pond The cursed shrine bounty on greyhollow island. This is the second time it's happened to me. Cleanse the cursed shrine, I get to it and click it, and... nothing happens. The usual stuff in the UI on the right doesn't appear. After a while, the "time has ran out!" message appears in the center of the screen and the shrine becomes usable, but the game acts like I still haven't touched the shrine. Here's the (used) shrine, but the quest UI thinking it's not been done yet: We explored the entire map - that's the only shrine on the map. It's definitely the right one, and the locator arrow led me to it.Roph11 08 Feb
02 Feb Anniversary Event Achievement Guide The Diablo twentieth Anniversay Event is called The Darkening of Tristram and is a recreation of the original Diablo game in Diablo III. The event can only be accessed in Adventure Mode. The portal to the event can be found in The Old Ruins. It can be found south-west of the waypoint, just next to the fountain. The event is only available during the month of January. The Anniversary Event contains the following Achievements: Thank Goodness You’ve Returned! - Kill all 4 bosses * The Butcher can be found in his own room on level 2. Be sure to pick up The Butcher's Cleaver which will give you a new transmog. * Skeleton King can be found in King Leoric's Tomb. The entrance spawns on level 3. * Arch-Bishop Lazarus can be found on the Unholy Altar level, which is the level between 15 and 16. * The Dark Lord can be found on level 16. Adventuring Hero - Kill one unique monster from the Labyrinth Champion of the Townsfolk - Kill 20 unique monsters from the Labyrinth Protector of Tristram - Kill all unique monsterss from the Labyrinth Each level of the labyrinth will contain at least one unique monster. The monsters marked with * always spawn. The levels with guaranteed spawns can contain more than one, some can even contain three. The monsters that are not guaranteed ones spawn randomly. There is usually only one of these on each level. The unique monsters spawn on the following levels: Nightwing the Cold: 7 Viletouch: 12 Baron Sludge: 8 Shadowcrow: 5 Foulwing: 5 Deathshade Fleshmaul: 6 Blighthorn Steelmace: 7 Gorestone: 7 The Vizier: 15* Bluehorn: 11 Firewound the Grim: 8 Lionskull: 12 Rustweaver: 13 Warlord of Blood: 13* Madeye the Dead: 3 Fangspeir: 11 Witchmoon: 13 Red Vex: Unholy Altar* Brokenstorm: 9 Shadowbite : 2 Goldblight of the Flame: 10 Bilefroth the Pit Master: 6 Oozedrool: 9 Snotspill: 4 Gharbad the Weak: 4* Bloodgutter: 6 Bloodskin Darkbow: 5 Zhar the Mad: 8* Breakspine: 9 Blackstorm: 10 Brokenhead Bangshield: 3 Graywar the Slayer: 14 Steelskull the Hunter: 14 Sir Gorash: 16* Blacklash the Burning: 4 Viperflame: 12 Blackjade: Unholy Altar* Stareye the Witch: 14 The Flayer: 10 Rotfeast the Hungry: 2 Alternatively, the same list, but sorted by location: Level 2 Rotfeast the Hungry Shadowbite Level 3 Brokenhead Bangshield Madeye the Dead Level 4 Blacklash the Burning Gharbad the Weak* Snotspill Level 5 Bloodskin Darkbow Foulwing Shadowcrow Level 6 Bilefroth the Pit Master Bloodgutter Deathshade Fleshmaul Level 7 Blighthorn Steelmace Gorestone Nightwing the Cold Level 8 Baron Sludge Firewound the Grim Zhar the Mad* Level 9 Breakspine Brokenstorm Oozedrool Level 10 Blackstorm The Flayer Goldblight of the Flame Level 11 Bluehorn Fangspeir Level 12 Lionskull Viletouch Viperflame Level 13 Rustweaver Warlord of Blood* Witchmoon Level 14 Graywar the Slayer Stareye the Witch Steelskull the Hunter Level 15 The Vizier* Unholy Altar Blackjade* Red Vex* Level 16 Sir Gorash* I Sense a Soul in Search of Answers - Collect all the Cultist Pages from the precursor event These pages are dropped by monsters called Temporal Priests in various locations, including The Weeping Hollow, The Festering Woods, Cathedral and Halls of Agony levels in Act I. There should be one of these groups on each level. The groups also spawn in other acts, like in Act III's The Core of Arreat and Tower of the Damned. They look like cultists, only coloured gray. Each group drops one random page, which can be traded freely with other players. Oddly, the pages you can find in Season 9 are account bound and cannot be traded, so you will have to find them all yourself should you choose to complete this achievement with a seasonal character. Pssst… Over Here… - Acquire Wirt’s Leg + secret cow pet - Find the Black Mushroom on level 9 and interact with it to receive the Rotten Mushroom item. - Interact with the Cauldron in Tristram to receive Witch's Brew. - Interact with Farnham's Corpse to receive Drunkard's Debt. - Interact with Ogden's Corpse to receive Garda's Letter. - Interact with Pepin's Corpse to receive Healer's Prescription. - Interact with Griswold's Corpse to receive Wirt's Leg recipe. - Teach the recipe to Haedrig. - Craft the mace Wirt's Leg. - Salvage Wirt's Leg to receive Map of the Stars. - Go to the cow corpses east of Adria's hut (the one with Cauldron) and interact with the middle, then the left and finally the right one. Go through the now open portal to the Abandoned Farmstead and find the chest called Wirt's Stash there. The chest will drop the Royal Calf item. Right-click the item in your inventory to add the pet to your collection. If you have interacted with the cow corpses previously, just create a new game. The Dark Passage - Visit the Dark Passage The entrance to the Dark Passage can be found on level 2 if it spawns, which is not always the case. If it is not there in your current game, just try again in a new game. The Chamber of Bone - Visit the Chamber of Bone The entrance to the Chamber of Bone can be found on level 6. The Halls of the Blind - Visit the Halls of the Blind The Halls of the Blind can be found on level 7. An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision - Kill the Dark Lord in a solo game starting with a Level 1 character Self-explanatory, though I have heard from some people that this did not work for them properly. The main requirement appears to be that the character is newly created (and not reborn or an older level 1 character). The level upon entering the portal to the event does not seem to matter. The only important things are that the event is finished in one sitting and that you are the only player in your game during the entire run. So do not let other players join you and turn off Quick Join if you have it enabled under the Social Options menu.Arveragus74 02 Feb
01 Feb Older Achievements still possible? Is it still possible to get "older" acheivements - namely bashiok's blade and finding the ghost Drury Brown? Trying to clear things up in my achievement section :)TheBowerMan2 01 Feb
01 Feb Sprinter/Speed Racer Conquest. FAQ/Walkthrough As the end of the season comes, more and more people are trying to finish the seasonal conquests. I'm writing this FAQ/Walkthrough with the hope that it may be useful to some of you. **What is this?** Sprinter is a conquest that consists of completing the whole campaign (Acts 1-5) in under 1 hour at max level. Speed Racer is the same, but in Hardcore mode. Although it may sound easy at first, it isn't. For most mortals, it requires a certain amount of strategy and practice. This FAQ tries to cover the aspects I've learned while doing it. **Do I need a group in order to do it?** In order to maximize your chances of success you should use a group of 4 units: 3 "runners" and 1 "towner". The runners are the ones that do the quests as fast as possible. The towner is a person who stays at town and turns in quests. At some points (such as act 4, where there is no town), the towner may join the runners. Some other times (such as in act 5, after Adria) one of the runners should come to town to help the towner. **What classes can be runners?** The Wizard and the Demon Hunter can be runners. I've read that the Crusader can be a runner too, but I have never played this conquest with one. Arguably, the best character is the Wizard with the Aether Walker wand, which removes the cooldown for Teleport and makes it cost 25 Arcane Power. In practice, this gives the character a perma-teleport. See below for a link to a specific build. The second best character is the Demon Hunter with the Danetta's Hatred crossbows. These crossbows make Vault cost 8 Hatred instead of Discipline. In practice, this gives the character a perma-vault. The perma-steed charge Crusader uses the Swiftmount flail, which doubles the duration of Steed Charge. Add the Lord Commander and Fervor passives, plus a lot of Cooldown Reduction and you get it. **What classes can be towners?** Any class with any build can be a towner. However, since the towner works as a runner at some points, the same requisites for the runners are desirable. **What are good general tips?** * Frequent teleporting to other players is fundamental for success. * Chaining quests efficiently is very important. I mean, once the current objective has been found, one of the runners should head to the next area/point/objective. As soon as the other two runners finish the current objective, they just teleport to the third and continue. * Similar to the previous one, always leave one of the runners out of the boss battles and get him run to the next area. You should have a designated person for doing this. It may happen that this designated person is the one that activates the boss fight (he can't skip it in this case). In order to have this situation covered, another runner should be designated to take the place of the first when this happens. * Another good tip is to agree an exploration schema in advance. One of the runners should always take left, other always right, and the third always middle. * At the end of each act, every player must talk with the corresponding NPC in order to advance to the following one. For some reason, this process seems to go faster if the players that have already talked with the NPC move away from him. * Voice communication is very interesting, although not fundamental. If you don't have voice comm, you can type "+" to indicate that the others players should teleport to you because you've found something, "-" to indicate the opposite, and "e" to indicate that you're going to the exit and they should teleport to you when finished. * Go to Options -> Gameplay and check "Automatically skip all cut scenes". * Map the "force move" key in order to be able to move freely between the mobs. * Map the "close all open windows" key to your mouse wheel in order to be able to spam it very fast. * If you reset your quests you'll get a guaranteed legendary when killing Malthael. **What is a good build for a wizard?** **What are good teleport spots for the wizard?** * On Act I - The Legacy of Cain, in the Leoric's Passage, you can teleport downstairs before the cut scene begins. * On Act I - Reign of the Black King, in the Royal Crypts, you can jump through a couple of holes after the pillars room. * On Act I - Reign of the Black King, after killing the Skeleton King, in the Desolate Chamber, you can teleport straight next to The Stranger. * On Act I - The Broken Blade, you can teleport to the entrance of the Drowned Temple from upstairs. Aim for the low part of the stairs. * On Act I - Trailing the Coven, in Wortham Bluffs, you can teleport to the entrance of the Caverns of Aranae from the top of the cliff. * On Act I - Trailing the Coven, after getting the Khazra Staff, you can teleport up the Khazra Barricade and all the way to Leoric's Manor. Once inside there, you can teleport from the stairs to inside the building. * On Act I - Trailing the Coven, after finishing Leoric's Manor and talking to the wounded man, you can teleport from the left part of the building to the outside, showing up in front of the entrance of the Halls of Agony Level 1. * On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, in the Highlands Passage, you can teleport from the bridge to the corridor leading to The Cursed Hold. * On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, in the Cursed Hold, after killing the warden you can teleport to the stairs leading to the Halls of Agony Level 3. Aim a little high into the stairs. * On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, after killing the Butcher, in the Cells of the Condemned, you can teleport from above the stairs to where The Stranger is. * On Act II - Blood and Sand, in the entrance to the Desolate Sands, you can teleport straight in the S-shaped curve. * On most of Act III the wizard shines and there are too many spots to enumerate them all. I'll describe the most important ones. * On Act III - The Siege of Bastion's Keep, just at the beginning of the act, you can teleport from the roof to in front of the door. * On Act III - Siegebreaker, in Rakkis Crossing, you can teleport all the way to the end, skipping all the obstacles. **Can you give some approximate time references?** * Act 1: 14-15 minutes * Act 2: 13-14 minutes (27-29 total) * Act 3: 11-12 minutes (38-40 total) * Act 4: 4-5 minutes (42-45 total) * Act 5: 14-15 minutes (56-60 total) **What items provide speed bonuses?** * Krelm's Buff Belt gives 25% speed when you aren't taking damage. * Warzechian Armguards give a short burst of speed every time you destroy a wreckable object. * Rechel's Ring of Larceny gives 45-60% speed for 4 seconds after fearing an enemy. This can be combined with a Pandemonium Loop ring (10.0–15.0% Chance to Fear on Hit, drops on Act V caches) or an Echoing Fury mace (10.0–20.0% Chance to Fear on Hit). **What legendary gems provide speed bonus?** * Boon of the Hoarder Level 25+ gives 30% speed for 3 seconds after picking up gold. * Wreath of Lightning Level 25+ gives 25% speed while under the effect of the gem. Continued on commentariesquik36 01 Feb
27 Jan Come to heal (HC seasonal) Anyone up for this achievement or willing to go afk if they don't have anything else to do?DaktaTrinx0 27 Jan
25 Jan Seasonal Avarice help requested. Looking for 3 high DPS to help complete the Avarice achievement (50mil gold streak). I have 3x Bovine Bardiche and a lvl50 Boon of Hoarder. We'll run it on TXIII for the extra gold drop. Whisper me ingame Xabre#2447.Xabre2 25 Jan
24 Jan Rare "Enraged Phantom" Location So I'm trying to complete the achievement "Trophy Hunting" (kill specific rares in hardcore) and the only one left is Enraged Phantom. I searched various posts and came down to 2 possible locations. Festering woods and Decaying Crypts. Many people said that festering woods doesn't spawn the rare version but only common-champion which seems to be the case so that leaves the decaying crypts which I have run a few times already and I havent seen even a white Enraged Phantom inside...If anyone has found one recently I'd appreciate any info on the location.MuFeRmAn4 24 Jan
24 Jan ENRAGED PHANTOM RARE HARDCORE 1 million sc gold if anyone finds the pack PLEASE GOGODestructer941 24 Jan
23 Jan Can't complete journey objective Hey, I was trying to get the "Spitfire" objective completed (killing Urzael). But I've killed him 3 times already and the objective doesn't complete.... I'm a bit of a noob so I may have done something wrong, please help!Tawon2 23 Jan
22 Jan reach greater rift 20 solo??? Hy guys!!! I have played all 20 greater rift in season mode with a monk to get the acheivment above but it didn't gave me the ok... I think i probably missed some greater rift on my way...what do i do? Help me pls!!!ciochinavio20 22 Jan
20 Jan Come to Heal (Monk) Achievement Grind Hi everyone, done cya all on the battlefieldaPhilRa0 20 Jan
18 Jan Some Hordes Achievement Bugged ? Dear Blizzard, i have 1000000/1000000 kills in my achievements counter but achievement won't unlock, is it a known issue that will be fixed soon or what ? Thanks.Kyashan4 18 Jan
17 Jan WHIMSYSHIRE- SIR WILLIAMS I've gone through WHIMSYSHIRE around 100 times soon and still haven't seen Sir Williams... did they remove him or is he just super rare? Was wondering if I should continue farming for that sexy portrait or just give up :P Thanks :)Qurem2 17 Jan
12 Jan Achievements curently unavailable since starting season hero dont get any achievements account wide my season DH is lvl 70 blacksmith and jeweler are 12 mystic is 11 season journey act 1 is 0/9 one other odd thing dont know if relevant but after i made my first season hero whenever i log in retreaving hero list takes 10+ seconds it never did that before so dont know how to fix or what to doNightKnight1 12 Jan
11 Jan Gorging The Forge achievement hello, still says unearned although i achieved the one with 13 propertiesMagicMilk1 11 Jan
10 Jan Shut up and take my money achievement I am finding it difficult to complete the "Shut up and take my money" achievement since the new patch 2.4.3 has gone live as there is no longer any vendors that sell the dyes that i require to complete it. Thank you for any help you can give me :)Getforking2 10 Jan
10 Jan Seasonal achievement skeleton king T13 looking for someone who can oneshot the skeleton king for the seasonal achievement, any help would be appreciatedpaWs0 10 Jan
07 Jan Event: The Brood Mother I have been looking in all areas so far and no trace of this event anywhere. Has anyone found it? Is it bugged?pixel13 07 Jan
28 Dec Boss Mode SC Hey guys, a bit late to the party, but I'm still looking for some others to do the boss mode conquest this season or someone to help with it :D If you can help, please do add me: Vayaa#2740 Thanks and have a great time!Vayaa1 28 Dec
27 Dec LFM/LFG Bossmod & Belial Hello, I'm looking for other players who can help me with Bossmod and Belial achievement. Chrisu#2236Chrisu0 27 Dec
26 Dec LFM Season 8 Conquests HC Hello everyone, I'm searching for some ppl for the conquests "Worlds Apart" and "Stars Align". B-Tag: GenoAlpha#2675GenoAlpha0 26 Dec
24 Dec [Season 8] Belial T13 <45s timer change request I’m posting this on behalf of a friend, but I fully support this request. Hello, Is it possible to change the requirement for the “Kill Belial in Torment XIII in under 45 seconds” objective in the Guardian chapter of the Seasonal Journey? As it stands, the time limit is way too short and unfair, taking into consideration the fact that, during the first phase, you aren't actually engaging Belial himself. In previous seasons (1-7), every objective in the Seasonal Journey could be completed solo (with a fair amount of dedication), but not this time. From what I have gathered this objective was only completed by a LTK monk and a Shadow DH. As you can imagine this is a very strict and limited set of builds, which means that most of the completions so far, have been done in highly optimized groups. As it is with most bosses in this game, there is always a period between first entering the room and actually starting the boss fight. Some of the most obvious examples are Azmodan and Diablo, where there is a long run until you get to actually fight them. The way this objective is set, it would be the same thing as an objective to kill either Azmodan or Diablo within a designated time limit, starting as you enter the room, and not when the fight actually starts. Another difference that makes this requirement an exception to the rest is the increased amount of scripted events/spawns that can only be skipped to a certain extent, thus making this requirement even more ridiculous. As some people already know, before the season started, Tyvalir was kind enough to share the details of the journey for Season 8, and this objective in particular used to have a 20 second limit. This was later changed to 45 seconds to account for the animations and the scripted events, but it's still too low, in my opinion, for the majority of the builds/players. I have a couple of potential solutions to this problem, to make the objective more inline with the others: Option 1 - Make it so that the 45 second timer only starts when Belial (phase 1) spawns. This cuts out the part with the snakes and makes more sense since this is when you actually start fighting Belial himself. I believe that 45 seconds is enough time to burst him down (with some modifications to gear/skills) for most builds. Take note that this option still has to account for the animation that happens when he goes into his second phase, which is a 10-15 second time loss, so in reality you have 30 or so seconds to kill him. Choosing this option i would also ask if it is possible to extend the timer to 60 seconds to make up for this. Option 2 - Simply increase the timer further to account for everything in the fight (snake monster spawns, animation between phase 1 and phase 2). Given that the season has started this, I believe, is the simplest solution. As for which value it's hard to say, but maybe 1:30 would be acceptable? I'm open to suggestions here. It saddens me greatly that I'm going to miss out on probably one of the coolest portrait frames to date because of this, and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this so please, if Nevalistis, Tyvalir or any other Blizzard employee is reading this, please consider changing this objective, as it would mean a lot to me. :) Thanks for reading.Archanoth13 24 Dec
22 Dec belial 45 seconds T XIII LF dh for belial 45 seconds kill i have sets for witch doctor and wizard please add me if you got time and the firepower Reignbow#21931Reignbow4 22 Dec
21 Dec T13 Belial under 45 sec, please help me Hi, I have a palm monk, can switch to Kick monk, can you please help to kill a belial? Edit: Um and playing HARDCORE SEASON only. Will be playing today in evening. Every help is appreciated. Thank you so much. KalebKaleb0 21 Dec
20 Dec How to skip Belial's dialogue? Hello, As the title suggests, I can't figure out how to skip that part when he is transforming (assuming it can be done). There's no pop-up, it appears in the chat. I've seen many videos of the fight where apparently they skip that (not sure if they edited that part out). I've tried pressing the escape key, just like for pop-up dialogues, but it doesn't work. Nor does spamming the space bar. I've tried the above with both enabled and disabled automatic cut-scene skipping. I'm out of ideas; if anyone could shed some light on this, I'd very much appreciate it. Edit: Couldn't find anyone that could confirm that this can be done. Therefore, I'm inclined to think that all the videos were edited. Edit: Managed to complete the objective in a group of 4 (2 demon hunters and 2 monks with full damage builds).Alnimahu0 20 Dec
20 Dec Adria achievements do not trigger upon kill Hello, I have been trying to do some hardcore achievements. My hardcore character has oneshot the Adria encounter a few times now on different difficulty settings above torment and during different playsessions, the following achievements still never completed: 'Really most sincerely dead' 'What the hex?' Does someone know what I can do to complete it? It feels like a bug because I managed to do all other boss achievements. Hope someone can help! :)Hummer0 20 Dec
18 Dec Public Greater Rift fail. Im not sure if its the right place for this topic. Blizzard must fix the issue that is very hard to find proper group to play the GR lvl that you want. Coming in and out of games so many times is hilarious. Just for the GR it should be available the option of lvl requirement when you open the game to the public.Orliakas0 18 Dec
10 Dec [Bossmodus]wer kann helfen? / who can help? Brauche hilfe für die Errungenschafft Bosmodus und Töten der 350 Gegner aus einer Verfluchten TruheMastrix262 10 Dec
04 Dec Is No Reinforcements Achivement Possible Hi tryed on both on my Demon Hunter and Wizard and as soon the gate is up the mob is instantly spawned so is it possible to get it done without it spawned kill Azmodan very fast and i am doing it on Master can whisper me CloudStrife#2921 if you got it on 2.0.1+CloudStrife5 04 Dec
01 Dec Achievement not counting I am working on completing the conquest where you must complete a lvl 55 grift with 6 different set bonuses. The problem is that even though I've done this a few times on my monk already, one of the sets simply will not count no matter what I do. Is there something wrong? The screenshots below will confirm that I've completed the grift successfully and any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated as I'm totally stumped with this one. 01 Dec
30 Nov Will I have to sit season 8 out? Those conquests Will I have to sit season 8 out? Those conquests look impossible... Hi, last weekend I started season 8. The start went pretty well, at least by my standards - with two full days of playing I managed to get to finish chapter 4 and get to Paragon 120. Also, thanks to two good finds (a decent CoE, and an ancient legendary 2-hand weapon that complements my starter set) I'm good for Torment7 and GR30, and probably some more. But looking at the conquests now, and the guides that float around on the net about them, I seriously doubt I can finish this season. I'm not in a guild, and I have no way to access that kind of quality group you need to plan and implement the all-boss run. I also don't have the kind of time I would need to grind another class character. Judging from last season I barely managed to get a char (one char!)that nibbled on GR65. I usually get to Paragon550-600+ in a season. I have no clue how I would bring another one up so that he can manage GR55 with all four different sets, or even just two of them. Aside from that, I have no free char. All my chars are full of stuff - me running out of space is the very reason I'm in this season business at all. I even limited myself to only one mainstat chars lately, because I find no way to maintain a full inventory for even two mainstats. But even if I managed that, some guides out there require me to have 3(!) season chars - one to mule and save away "sharable" items in fresh state. Then there's GR75. Judging from past experience, I stand no chance for that. For one, I would need to get to P800-1000; and I would also need to do some serious Caldesann's grinding. Last season I got away with 2 Caldesann's, which I found quite time-consuming already. I can do the chest. Not alone, but finding a DH to do that quest will be doable. But that's it. And it's not enough. So what can I do?Clavis1 30 Nov
27 Nov Season 8 DH - Natalya's Item set Hey guys, Just complete all chapters in season 8 as DH but didn't get the full set of Natalya's item set. I haven't got the Natalya's Sight (Head) and Natalya's Touch (Hands). The rest of the item set its ok.delije70 27 Nov
24 Nov Can't complete the season journey. I just did the last quest of the season journey which was the set dungeon. i did it with a tal rasha set. But it didn't complete the quest on my season journey list? i'm still at 9/10.Makasu2 24 Nov
20 Nov Have problem whit mastermind q I have done it 2 times now and done all on the list but it still dont get it i have the Unhallowed Essence set. :(Henrik0 20 Nov
20 Nov How many achievement points you got? As there is no sub forum for this I'm asking here. I got atm 3270 Been playing pritty casually so far. Missing most points in hc, 70%Deadcorpse68 20 Nov
17 Nov Need help for killing Belial within 45sec at level xiii Hi. I need help to kill Belial . I've got only a wd for this season and could complete everything else. This quest is frustrating as it only seems to work as dh (solo) or in teams with dhs. I don't want to create a dh just because of this annoying quest. Therefore, I need help pleeease :-) Thank you, Max (Lazarus#2235)Lazarus6 17 Nov
16 Nov LF party to do Boss Mode If you also need this to get a stash tab or just would like to help, let me know please. I am DH UE p565 and can do 3 and a half of acts in 20 mins. Playing on EU usually at 21 to 01 CET. Thank you. Infeldus#2619Infeldus2 16 Nov
10 Nov quest greater rift 70 solo so i have reached greater rift 76 with the help of a party.can someone explain to me how to complete greater rift 70 solo? do i have to do all the rifts until 70 solo or just gr 70? pls help thanks in advance! :-)JackFrost2 10 Nov
10 Nov Season 8 Journey Good day, I am very displease, me and my friends try to complete the journey, but we can't even go any further. We did complete the curse chest of 350 monsters in the season Conquest. please check it out Time of complete 10/24/16 06:06PM GMT/UTC + 02:00Monster1 10 Nov
10 Nov Looking for Help T13 rift whitin 4 min Would be nice if some pro can help me whit that? Ok done!Nazgul2 10 Nov
10 Nov How to repeat quest/boss/zone! Its common question, people ask. How to kill boss again, or how to repeat quest for any reason. On your character screen, there is button : [CHANGE QUEST] There you can change, what difficulty you want to play on and what part of story you want to do. Its also the place, where you get back to YOUR last story point, after helping lower level friend. When you get back to quest, all waypoints in zones more progressed are not avaible (not marked as discovered) in this specific game. But dont worry.. after you chage back to most progressed (quest), you get them back in next game.Silvertaurus4 10 Nov