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3d Diablo 4 (Next) - My Vision Hello guys, i was writing for some time all my ideas about a new Diablo game and how i would like it to be so check it out. I leave here the link to the document. :D Hope you will enjoy it, feel free to comment, ask questions about it or bring new ideas i couldn’t think of right now. I will update this in time if i think of something new. :DKyubiVal10 3d
17 Jan Diablo (I, II, III) Trilogy Dungeon Run android app Hello everyone, i have an idea to create Diablo game series simple text, picture based game app. Need some feedback which way or what u would like to see in game app. At a moment is only for android devices. Functions: Personal stash, earn loot from treasure boxes and more. First app iteration already in google play store :ŠTIS0 17 Jan
29 Dec [Concept] PvP mode Hello everyone! I was trying to figured out how PVP could look like in Diablo 3. It took me a while to create this concept but I really like it :D Video about my PVP concept: What do you guys think about it? Do you have some suggestions?Maxik0 29 Dec
20 Dec Malthael Artwork I think this might be the best Malthael there is out there: Cheers.Pterodaktol1 20 Dec
17 Dec COSMIC WINGS CLAN? EU I'm looking for an active "Cosmic Wings" hunters clan. Where can I find active clans ? Should I ask another website? If I get accepted in a "Cosmic Wings hunters clan", what shall I do? Is there a requirement I have to do each/day/week in other to stay in that clan? In EU!championx910 17 Dec
09 Dec MemeLevel Difficulty. Wizard. Expert. Hardcore SO I saw that "we're looking for risk takers meme" on instagram , it was something like the title , wiz class, expert and on hardcore mode and decided why not give it ago as a let's play. Im thinking of going mage, unless there is another class that would make it more interesting. But how an ever if your into something like this and want to check it out, my channel name is DownTimeGamer on youtube and I'm going to see how far I get. Warning it's been ages since I've played so I won't be the fastest person in terms of going the right direction.. yeh im screwedAlterElo0 09 Dec
02 Dec Special Nephalem Rift Hello my friends stay a while and listen. After I watched Rhykker's episode about New Nephalem Rift, I wanted to develop this idea. So I was thinking how it might work in game. It took me some time but I did it. The Rift Key fragments are separated to 5 categories: 1.Maps/Minions 2.Shrines 3.Elites 4.Rift Guardians 5.Legendary To open Special Rift you only need first 4 but Legendary key fragments give huge special bonus. If you want to know more watch my video (You can see there how can you get rift key fragments for Special Nephalem Rift and how to open it) Video: What do you think about it? P.S. Special thanks to RhykkerMaxik2 02 Dec
29 Nov GIVE US AH BACK Hello all! How in hell we could get the Auction House back? Everyone who is butthurt for AH in game, here i fix it for you: 2 different servers, one WITH AH and one WITHOUT AH! Tadaaaa! Blizzard lost so many players after they !@#$ down AH, MUCH more than they gain back... So, give the AH back for us!!!!!!!!Biho1 29 Nov
16 Nov Lady&Beny - Diablo 3 Gameplay/Stream Greetings fellows nephalems! :) Welcome in our channel dedicated to Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls! Just like you we are enthusiasts of this famous Blizzard production. We have a lot of fun and pleasure form playing and spending time together along that game but we also try improve our skills and positions on leaderboards. On our channel you would be able to find video clips containing gameplay with descriptions and tips. You are welcome to watch us, and have fun! I invite you to watch our productions on the channel Lady&Beny AR: We are also on twich where you can watch us live: 16 Nov
28 Oct gilde suche gildeRene13300 28 Oct
20 Oct WD LON GUIDE Since I have been playing NOTHING but LON WD these past 3+ months I felt like I learned a thing or two and decided to post a guide for anyone who might be interested in playing this class/build anytime soon! :D If you have any questions about this feel free to ask either in the comments below the video itself or LIVE on :D Have a great day gl and hf! <3Mnemonic0 20 Oct
14 Oct My hardcore adventure Hi all, I am not a deticated hardcore player, its just a mode I enjoy from time to time. This season I decided to give it a good go with a wizard character. I put in about 150 hours this season and ended up with a character that I am very pleased with. I had no deaths entire season, mostly played solo and pushed GR's high enough to get in top 100 on ladder. I havent played for a month but I am quite happy with what I did. I recorded all of this and made a short video which I hope you will check out and enjoy. HF and don't dieHuunreh1 14 Oct
07 Oct Diablo III Stream - [] First of all, I want to thank YOU just for taking the time to read this. I have been streaming DIABLO III for a couple of months,since I bought the game. Played through S10 - Marauder DH | Playing through S11 LON WD My goal is simple, I have always loved GAMING, played for as long as I can remember and would absolutely LOVE to SHARE my experience with like minded people who share the same passion! If you want to be a part of the growing community, tune in! Stream schedule: Tuesdays to Sundays - 5pm (CET) I also have a YouTube Channel,posting guides and my own personal Rift experiences throughout the Seasons.Link can be found on my Twitch Page. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and HUGE thanks to BLIZZ for allowing passionate streamers to be vocal on their Forums.Mnemonic0 07 Oct
02 Oct Diablo III - Treasure Goblin Boardgame The Misunderstood Adventures of the Treasure Goblin. Play with a deck of cards (or a dice) with set of rules you can change if you want and two boards, one with full color, and the other is "Saved Ink Edition" for those of you that can't print it in color. Image-teaser: Rules are pretty simple, take a card. Ace and higher than 10 is 1 step. The game is pretty old but now I want to share it again. The file is on my own personal website, please comment if you tried it out. Expansion: None Free ZIP-file (PDF 64 MB) download: 02 Oct
02 Oct My ideas for diablo 4 :D What I think the Diablo 4 will need to become the best diablo! Diablo is a hack and slay grinding game and that's exactly what we Want, but Diablo3 showed us what the players like and what not, many want features from Diablo 2 back, including me. So I took my time, talked to many other players and friends and now I want to use my ideas and experiences to make Diablo 4 to the diablo which 90% of the players will satisfy. Important is that nothing is changed at the gameplay and the charm of diablo, but new and old traditions and mechanics are taken over, to the old I can only say look back at Diablo 2. and the new I present here now. I can explain all my suggestions in detail and also explain how these would look and would harmonize with the gameplay of diablo 1) Much classes about 15 would be nice (We do have enough Possible Templates) 2) Class systems/Party gameplay(Example WoW) 3) Charakter Customization(Example WoW) 4) Gold and Craft Material Based Market for items(Example WoW) 5) Same Skill system Like D2 or Grim Dawn (respecable any time) 6) Good Balance between Sets and (Non set Builds) 7) Less Difficulty levels with higher difficulty between 8) Better Companion system (equip able/Also for pets) 9) 2 Different Fractions 10) Big Open worlds with also Biger Dungeons and some (Raid dungeons) 11) Bosses Are more Difficulty (Not Only Hp/Dmg Value) 12) Spells should be learned from a class trainer and own categories do not only have Elements 13) Moving Storylines depending on the current status of the Opposing Fraction 14) Professions (Example Enchantment,Smith,Herbalism,Ect) 15) Mounts, now the time has come to intimate the equable beasts in diablo, of course, if Diablo 4 has no bigger open worlds, these are not as useful, but if the developers decide to get closer on diablo 2 would be an exelentes feature BOE Drops, Bossloot,Achievements, and so on The colors show which suggestions must be connected to each other #Green: Reqs That the Players needs to interact and trade with eachother. #Blue: Reqs 2 Different Fractions of Player Base. #Black: Any suggestions that could not contain any colors could be intrigued without any problems in diabloGrieforce935 02 Oct
02 Oct New D3 Streamer Hey everyone, I just wanted to shout out here that I have started streaming Diablo III on a regular basis. I stream Friday and Saturday nights EU time (afternoon/early evening US time). As of next week (Friday 11th of August) this schedule will be in effect: SCHEDULE Friday: 16:00 - 20:00 (EST) / 22:00 - 02:00 (GMT+1) Saturday 16:00 - 19:00 (EST) / 22:00 - 01:00 (GMT+1) They aren't many days but my girlfriend is 30+ weeks pregnant so I wanted to just post times that I know I can game almost 100% of the time. The stream is: Spreading word would be appreciated - my stream is mostly Diablo III oriented!BDubzZz861 02 Oct
31 Aug D3 profile app Hi all! I have working on a web app during this spring for browsing you D3 profile. Here is the result for anyone interested: I still have some things that I will continue working with. One of them is finding a Hardcore icon (the one in the upper right corner) resource. Have anyone seen this icon anywhere? Thanks in advance!fidde0 31 Aug
22 Aug GR110 thorns Necromancer Bloody Revive rank 16EU took me like 1 week to figure out how this build works, really like the gameplay of this build hope blizzard implement more improvement in the feature for this build especially for rift guardian 5 of them takes too long to kill, enjoy GR110 thorns Necromancer Bloody Revive Diablo 3 2.6 rank 16EU 22 Aug
01 Aug New streamer Ayoo folks, I'm a streamer from Croatia. I usually stream when I can due to work and a recently born child. When I stream I usually stream Crusader and as of this seasson the necromancer. You can check out my stream here: Any follow is quite welcome due to still needing 6 more followers to be able to join Twitch's affiliate. Enjoy folks. :)SyntexToxy1 01 Aug
30 Jul WD summons rant !@#$ty page tossed this in the wrong page. No idea why that is though...Semirotta2 30 Jul
18 Jul [New Class] Centurion and Blood seeks Hello For two years I have worked on this project and I wish you send it. This is the creation of two new class, the Centurion and Seeks Blood. I enclose below two topics on which I developed these two new classes. ( Careful! I am a French player. I invite you to make a translation of the presented topics. ) Summary : [Class] Centurion This is a fighter with a spear, either jet or nearby. Their orgine is a Nephalem named Elaria which has been the only one recognized by Imperious (her tragic story will have trained disgust of the Archangel for humanity). The Centurion is a secondary branch of the Amazons, both a conviction and a martial art. Currently, the main stronghold is Westfall. [Class] Seeking Blood On demonic descent, Seeking Bloods are looking human evil whose hand was greater than angelic. Set inland of terror, race still live recluse from the world. A Rathma priest rescued two young children of the Chimeran species and instilled their knowledge of balance and black magic. It possesses their nature the power of metamorphosis may well become a Dark Knight or the royal beast or even wooden spectrum. In addition to classes on the French forum, you will discover the presentation of two new acts (VI and VII) with adventure on Skovos islands and Lands of terror. I worked the lore and history. I also offer ideas for new equipment, integration of a new mercenary character "Heart Golem" and rune stones similar to Diablo II extension. Thank you in advance the curious who will read my writings and especially the brave who take the time to read it in its entirety. And I apologize bonus of using "google translation" which unfortunately is a required step if you read me.Balduran22 18 Jul
05 Jul Lachdanan's Revenge (Diablo 1 Fan Art) Hi Everyone! So I loved the story behind the cursed knight so much that I decided to pay him some homage and do a piece of him overcoming Leoric and his minions :) I decided to give him a weapon from Diablo 3 :) I hope you all like it! Much Love RemiLoKO1 05 Jul
09 Jun Streaming blizzards games! 2 sec ago New streamer...looking to build a strong community within my stream! so all support is amazing! and thanked. Check me out if youve got team. ! thank you ^^^ :DSoulexite0 09 Jun
30 May A new community discord BlizzCenter Looking for a new community of Blizzard Gamers just like you? We have a new community of people that love to have fun! Our discord server is very well organised with everything you will need to have a great experience! We are looking for new Admins/Mod. We have some pretty great Plugins for you as well, such as a Mee6 level system you can win prizes by being active in the chat. If this sounds like a place you would like to call your "Discord Home" then feel free to join BlizzCenter 30 May
17 May My dad has made a few Diablo themed models This is a blacksmith that he made. He's also done a potion vendor and a gem vendor. If anyone fancies seeing them ill post them.Diablosdog0 17 May
27 Apr Bncpwn's stream Mostly streaming D3, and Xbox games, but anything what I enjoy I can. :) If i'm online, if you want, come, watch and hang out. Its not a place which's about giveaways, its about having fun with viewers :DBNCMJR0 27 Apr
26 Apr Crafting materials tip! Farming alot? Did you know this? this show you how to get materials faster. Click on the link below: Thank you for watching.Angerfist0 26 Apr
22 Apr LF Barb - Active, Serious and Skilled Players Hi there community of Diablo 3 Community, We are a group of 3 people from UK, Germany and Italy, that is looking for a player that has experience and skill in playing BARB. ready to climb the ladder in order to be on top 20 by the end of the season, if not higher. Our requirements are very simple: - Having a microphone and be able and free to talk (i.e. Teamspeak), speaking a decent english at least. - Being a barb eligible for SEASON 10, European Server. - Minimum Paragon Level 900. - Able to play Barb in a competitive enviroment, meaning know what to do and when to do it. - Being active during the day and evening/night (we'd like to play every day atleast 4-5 hours together, for farming and pushing) You can reply in here or add me in game Thanks alot!Jokerkira0 22 Apr
13 Apr Clan and Own Rifts [concept] I don't know if anyone has already expressed such thoughts before, but maybe not. Thinking on how to diversify and make more interesting the social component of Diablo3, in particular the clan, I came to the next concept. Since Blizzard like different types of portals (greaters, sets, approaching ones like challenge rifts), why not develop it in the system for Creating Own Dungeons (rifts), at least clans, where you could choose "depth" (up to 10 floors) of the rift, with the possibility of regulating, for example, such parameters as: 1) types of locations; 2) the size of the map on each level; 3) atmosphere (illumination/weather for each location separately); 4) types of monsters; 5) the boss. And in the rift there is no need for a counter, but it would be necessary to go through and find the portal entrance to the boss at the last floor of the dungeon - that the boss would be in a separate room (as 11 floor), like arenas for act bosses. In the end, it turns out something like an event about diablo1 in shortcut form and your own style))) P.S. In principle, I have a suspicion that Blizzard could already think and prepare something similar - something was represented on Blizzcon with the announcement of Necromancer - static dungeon with preset parameters and a portal to the boss's room at the end. P.P.S. Of course, ideally, in order to further accent the clan orientation of the rift, it would be possible to supplement this system with the opportunity to choose the starting (zero) location for the creation of the town - your Clan Sanctuary! That is, with options for choice, not just from existing towns, but to let people equip their own (like garrison in WoW, even better), for example, taking as a basis Alcarnus or Leoric's Royal Quarters(!) and arrange there artisans, traders, etc. It would be great to be like visiting other clans/players, and they in turn to invite in their small worlds. And it is completely "unreal", even as an option, to tie all this editor of bosses - a model of the monster, size, color, ability. But why there, then immediately make an editor of monsters, which could populate your rift :DТэинмар1 13 Apr
05 Apr Un slaved demon class Hi all like most of us all we have played diablo 1 2 and 3 with expansions and played all the classes to reach there full potential but what if we had a demon playable class in diablo 3 or maybe 4? a hybrid class that is mixed with summoning hellspawn and is a shapeshifter like the druid that has the power to shift into its true form? it would be nice to have a change in the story line where a (demon breaks it's subjective control and fights for its self on what it thinks is right...)just something i was thinking of and would like to know what you all think.DarkWolf171 05 Apr
31 Mar Eng 4-man Stream for season 10 Hello guys and girls i'm WristyUK This season me and a few friends are gonna hitting the ladders hard so come by check out the stream say hello and all that. when people start heading to bed we will start opening up the group to viewers so dont miss out will be stream on 2 platforms 31 Mar
17 Mar Instead of Ligthning Wizard, Ice Wizard Maybe? I know ligthning wizard is awsome and fun to play with and it has ton of variation about it as well. But for those who is looking for more variation, i have an offer. To tell you the truth i did not test this yet. I still need to find Rimehearth and cube it. But here is my Vyr's Icy Rasha build. I believe in the end it will have a little bit more defensive capabilities. I really would like to hear your opinion as well and if anyone has the necessary gear feel free to write the feedback here. 17 Mar
21 Jan 2017 Best Hellfire Neck North America I think i made one of the best hell fire necklaces in north america commoncold#1623 I stream at 21 Jan 2017
07 Dec 2016 Epic Tattoo? yep! isn't it lovely? <3Achrdili0 07 Dec 2016
26 Nov 2016 Harrogath violin cover Hi everyone, I'm a huge Blizzard fan and a violinist. I mainly play WoW nowadays so I made Wow covers, but I also love Diablo's music. That's why I made a cover of Harrogath's tune: So, stay a while and listen! :)Djmedic1 26 Nov 2016
15 Nov 2016 Skyrim dovahkin wood sculpture! Hello! Subject slightly refers to the D3, but still decided to post here. I have been carving figurines of wood, if you like, I can perform the exclusive one for you about diablo =))) Contacts: 15 Nov 2016
06 Nov 2016 Help me contact Blizzard developers! I have an idea that will blow Blizzards mind and I REALLY want to speak to someone in Blizzard about it. I am an entrepreneur! An artist with a big beautiful mind and personality! I am begging for the one chance in my life to do what I have ALWAYS wanted to do, be apart of a Blizzard creation. Make my dreams come true! Share! Comment! Lets get their attention :-) Jules from Australia, QueenslandAtaniDiablo1 06 Nov 2016
30 Oct 2016 can somebody help me lvl up my demon hunter can somebody help me lvl up my demon huntertounra0 30 Oct 2016
26 Oct 2016 DIABLO PET Hello everyone, i haven't seen any post about Diablo pet and it's looks so i wanted to share it if anyone wants to get it. Link: 26 Oct 2016
24 Oct 2016 I Finished My First Demo, I'd Appreciate A Listen Thanks for being open enough to let me share some tunes with you. I'm on SoundCloud: All the songs on Early Mornings, Late Nights, and Long Roads were written and composed by me and were produced by Joel Kazmi--who’s worked with artists like The Tea Party, Rush, N’sync, Sum 41, and Anne Murray. If you don't want to listen that is absolutely cool and if you can recommend some new music or mention any great shows you've seen lately, that would be great. Cheers!milkysmooth0 24 Oct 2016
30 Sep 2016 Looking for an active clan Sorry, I posted this on the wrong topicAurora0 30 Sep 2016
05 Sep 2016 I need a texture file! So I'm trying to create my very own Andariel's Visage mask and it's going pretty well, but to really get the details correct I need the actual texture file. Can someone help me? I'm not going to use it for commercial gain or anything like that. I'm not gonna sell the mask or the texture file at any point. I'm not gonna pretend it's my own design. I'm just asking for this one texture file to complete my mask and make it as accurate as I can. It might be a stupid request, but I just had to ask. Thanks for reading this post and have a nice day.Arcaev0 05 Sep 2016
17 Jul 2016 Diablo Paragon Calculator Hello guys! I have create an Application for Windows 10 Desktop/Tablet/Mobile that you can Calculate the paragons level after season end. The calculator cap to 10.000 paragon level Soon I will make this and for other Windows Version and maybe for our android devices. Thanks to this guide for paragon exp: 17 Jul 2016
16 Jul 2016 [TOOL] Play Diablo3 with a gamepad (V1.2.7) Hi all For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that. Link is at the top of the following post: Version History 1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3. 1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes. 1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions 1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast. 1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm 1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected. Basically: - Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support. - Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming. - All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, ended up using it to play Heroes of the Storm as well. I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming. Just a note, I use a PS4 gamepad, as I do need to use the trackpad for inventory management and go through menus, etc. Any feedback is appreciated Thanks!weberto1 16 Jul 2016
14 Jun 2016 Predmet Jak prosim hrat z jinejma hracemasawey1230 14 Jun 2016
11 Jun 2016 Come hang out on twitch ^^ ZikiraGaming Giveaway! Requirements: Follow the channel en have a liking towards it. Hit and run will not work, Zcoins ticketprice will be @ 100 . Item will be given away the 17th june '16 during stream. The current item : 11 Jun 2016
08 Jun 2016 Live Stream Public Event Hi everyone, I will be having some public ( seasonal SC ) events that includes ( puzzle rings Marathon - Key farming Marathon - Bounties Marathon .. ) First event will start around 8 hours from now ( Puzzle Rings Marathon ) me and a friend will be opening puzzle rings on T10. You going low on gold, materials .. ? or maybe a potential legendary upgrade ? drop by and join us :) I will be streaming the event live @ Visit the stream and leave your battletag details over there when it goes live. Event Time: 8 hours from now. Event duration: - 1 - 2 hours or till we run out of rings. (depends on how fast the runs goes) Event requirements: Nothing!! just your presence. Each one joins will be entitled with 3 puzzle rings runs, in order to keep opportunity open for others to join. I know its not much, but its great to share with the players community when we can. Hope to see you there!Tigerfate0 08 Jun 2016
24 May 2016 Comunidad Discord español Hemos construido una comunidad Discord en español para compartir, jugar y crear juntos. La está promocionando BlizzardES en redes sociales, pero si aún no lo has visto, puedes unirte aquí: Si te mola, RT o contesta en este foro para subir el post. _______________________________________ Como muchos aún no sabéis lo que es Discord, he preparado una pequeña guía a petición de la comunidad: Discord es una aplicación VoIP para gamers. Un Ventrilo/TeamSpeak/Skype más potente. Muy util como herramienta de comunidad, puedes chatear con la gente, encontrar amigos con los que jugar y hablar con ellos en canales de voz gratis. Aunque funciona a través del navegador, es más cómodo y útil instalarse el cliente. Descarga: No pesa nada, es cómodo, no consume recursos y te va a alegrar la vida jugando con amigos y conociendo gente con la que jugar. Una vez instalado, creas tu cuenta. Para unirte a este servidor desde la aplicación, sólo pincha en el circulito con un "+" en el panel izquierdo de la ventana, y añade el enlace de arriba en "unirse a un servidor". Uso básico: ▸ Barra Servidores: La barra lateral izquierda es para guardar la lista de servidores en los que estás metido como usuario. Arriba del todo tienes el icono de la sección de amigos. ▸ Canales de texto: Una vez que estás en un servidor concreto, a la derecha de ese panel, se listan los canales de texto del servidor (siempre empiezan con #). Cuando clicas un canal de texto, el chat de ese canal se muestra en la parte central de la aplicación. ▸ Canales de voz: Independientemente del canal de texto que estés visualizando, puedes entrar en cualquiera de los canales de voz del servidor para los que tengas privilegios. Aparecen listados justo debajo de los canales de texto. Para salir de cualquier canal de voz, pincha el icono de colgar teléfono en la parte inferior de la barra de canales. ▸ Usuarios: En la parte derecha de la aplicación se muestran los usuarios activos del canal de texto que estás visualizando. ▸ Profile y opciones: Para gestionar tu cuenta, pincha en el icono de configuración de la parte inferior de la barra de canales, a la derecha de tu nombre de usuario. ▸ ¿Cómo silencio un canal de texto? Cuando estás en un canal de texto, puedes silenciarlo en la parte superior derecha de la ventana de la aplicación, clicando en el icono de la campanita. Una vez que un canal está silenciado dejarás de recibir avisos sonoros en los mensajes entrantes, pero podrás seguir usando el chat del canal. También puedes gestionar opciones de cada canal entrando en "Server Settings", desplegando el menu de la parte superior de la barra de canales, a la derecha del nombre del servidor.Chavo0 24 May 2016
20 May 2016 Can't leave community I'm currently in a "Greater Rifts" community, but I can't enter its chat nor leave the community. Trying to use either option does nothing, then about a minute later it brings up a "this request has timed out, try again" error. All other communities are working fine.Riv0 20 May 2016