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21 Apr 2016 [Concept] Stash Improvement Greetings fellow nephalem! As the current season draws towards its end, my stash is filled almost to the last spot (both season and non-season) and probably as some others of you, I'm NOT REALLY looking forward to handling 150+ items via mail, and trying to fit my two stashes into one. Further once 2.2 lands and multiple sets will become viable, the stash space problem is only going to get worse. And having played two seasons on hardcore now, the "I need backup items" mentality makes it even harder. Anyway, that got me thinking and I came up with this rather simple but highly efficient tweak of the current stash version, while changing as few of the existing UI elements or graphics as possible. Link to concept image: Edit: I have no idea how to embed a preview picture. Help would be appreciated. [img][/img]Heltah59 21 Apr 2016
11 Apr 2016 Diablo 3 HC LIVE streams %) Cozy and fun! Hi ho, catguys! %) ... My name is Tangar Gameglaz, I’m 30, from Moscow, Russia... But I enjoy speaking English %) I'll be very glad to see you at my streams! I'm streaming EVERYDAY at my youtube streaming channel: ... I've just returned to Diablo 3. My first stream after long time: Who I am: youtuber I got ~30 YT channels, some of them in English. Youtube is my life MMO-expert Playing from 1999 (Ultima Online @ Drachenfels and Catskills) journalist author of Russian gaming magazines musician rock band leader, guitar teacher, dj (electroclash, dark d'n'b). ecologist PhD %) I work at university as a soil scientist (computer science staff) web designer I'm developing websites and also work as graphical designer writer I'm in long process of creating my own fantasy world. Writing it for a long years already And I'm founder of Russian streamers community – Stream Guild Also I like sport (a lot of types: from karate to hiking), I do not drink alchohol (mad Russian!?), I enjoy cooking, I'm interested in history and politics, I like to draw (but not really good at it yet), I enjoy making photos (got instagram "igroglaz"). One of my dreams is to learn how to sew. I wanna make cloth for my self and my friends So... Back to gaming staff. From recent times, my main activities now in English. I enjoy speak English with you, catguys! So I got two English youtube channels: ... If you are interested in my videos, please subscribe to my channels I'll be very glad to see you there and I'll give you a drink %)tangar3 11 Apr 2016
09 Apr 2016 Season 5 stash pixel art Hello. As a new player, I decided to play a seasonal hero. I just managed to get the pre-Slayer achievements. It involved some heavy-ish grinding, as I don't know yet how to optimize everything etc. I did take a look at the road to torment guide. Anyway, this is a fun game! I tried some random coop sessions too. It was fun, although I was mostly trying to keep up with the veteran players :) Along the way, I created this stash pixel art thing with gems :) Enjoy: It's supposed to be a Swedish flag (no reason) with the letters S5 under it. My next project will be an animated gif, with 9037 stash tabs and 5 zillion gems. It will be a flip book animation of the "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy.HJanko0 09 Apr 2016
29 Mar 2016 Micro management hey made my first video about micro management in rifts 29 Mar 2016
21 Mar 2016 Artwork creation - on demand Hello people, I am opening this thread hopping that I can reach some of you who are interested in artworks and are willing to appreciate and collect pieces from the Blizzard universe and not only. I know these are trademarks but this is an inspiration and my work will be basically unique and with my own personal touch. Hope Blizzard will appreciate and not condemn me. Again, we can have totally new projects, based on your schematics or ideas, or themes, etc. Its all about what the "client" wants not what I see fit to create. There will be some tolerance here, I will not reproduce something 100%. There will be definitely limitations due to the technique involved, materials and my own experience and feel. Though I am not a professional, I would love to bring to life (as much as I can with my limited options - I cannot compete with studios/teams or pros that had the opportunity to develop more in this direction) some of your loved characters, stances, etc. I am not going to limit myself on creativity, of course. A challenge could only propel me further towards my goal to work in the future in a studio. My limitations are based on material and lack of studio grade equipment (example: a huge ceramic oven) mostly. The "know how" will come along with the process, eventually :) I am working on polymer clay - so the final work will be hard (stone like but keep in mind, still fragile), using a wire skeleton base and filling. I might consider doing some pieces or projects in wood, but on high level of details, that will cost very much, so... I do not know what to say here. Depends on the project, on the scale, on the material (type of wood), coloring or not, and so on. The polymer clay will have the 2 options: colored or not. Of course, without color, it will not be or look so much alive. Problem is, those color pigments (the good ones) they cost and also there is more work needed. Apart by being a sculptor will imply to be also a painter :) Its not bad to have it all, but it takes time, effort, practice and cost will go up again. Again, I cannot compete with studios, where there are teams of pros working together (sculptor, painter, illustrator, etc.) Problem is, they are not offering UNIQUE pieces :) or if they do, it will COST A LOST. If you buy something with 100 usd/euro, you will get something that other people CAN buy, too. From my point of view, the one of a kind pieces, even if they are not masterpieces, are more valueable. And we are not talking about thousands in cash here. I am not here to make a fortune. I am here to develop skilss and creativity. I could do this only for me, for my own collection, but... there is a BUT, materials + time = costs. I am not doing this in my spare time. I will work 10+ hours a day maybe more, depending of project, time frame, and the price, of course. So... you need to understand that this is not easy for me. If you think along the way that this is easy, by all means, please, try it yourselves and we will talk afterwards. So... long story short, if there are any of you you might enjoy, for a reasonable price, a piece of art transformed into collectible, to stay on your desk at work or at home in your room, feel free to contact me and discuss it and prepare the project. There are of course some steps to be considered here since there is distance involved (transport, payment etc.), but hey... we are still on EARTH and we have internet, webcams, etc. Everything can be done if there is a will. I will post a work I've done... just playing around. In this case I used a cheap set of acrylics for coloring so... as you can see, the quality suffers. But it helps here to understand how things are in perspective. The more you ask from the project, the more it will cost. This does not bother me at all, but... it will bother many people. High end art comes with a price. Mine is not at that grade, not at this point. But it will be. So... we will meet in the middle, thus everyone will be happy. Please keep in mind that this was JUST a test. It is not finished - I was only working with the material to get to see how it feels, what level of details I can arrange, etc. There are also mistakes in there: posture, proportion, etc. It does not matter for me. I got what I wanted from this project. Hope you will enjoy my gallery. Feel free to contact me at any time and discuss: and skype ID: lepsulet Cheers! PS: by posting this I hope I did not offend or insult anyone nor do I violated forum rules.LepsuleT0 21 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 Diablo III blog post Hi all. I'm a media student going into 3rd year next year. For those of you who browse the creations forum for Heroes of The Storm you've probably seen those bundles of fan media I was churning out over Easter. I have deadlines now so you're safe from more exposure lol :D. I recently got Diablo III with a friend and we love it! I wrote this 'first impressions' post soon after. Enjoy :P 17 Mar 2016
06 Mar 2016 Nice idea of new weapons set They will drop only if you kill Rime or Cold snap with at least 50% cold damage done to them. Icicle 1h Sword only cold damage then normal stats :D Secondary : Increases damage against frozen enemies by 25 - 50 % Cold Touch 1h Dagger only cold damage again normal stats Secondary : Chance on hit to freeze enemy for 1 - 3 sec (5 sec CD) set bonus : Frozen Shards All your damage is increased by 25 % and turned to cold, in additional all damage that is already cold is increased by 100% what do you think ?Hary0 06 Mar 2016
05 Mar 2016 My first d3 vid hello, here is my 1st d3 vid, looking for any feed back to help me progress in gaming video skills, ty. 05 Mar 2016
02 Mar 2016 Favourite Diablo III Stream 2013 was a great year for the Twitch streaming community and Blizzard games. In order to give back to the community of streamers who have dedicated themselves to creating unique content, growing their audiences, and generating enthusiasm for Blizzard games on Twitch, Blizzard is proud to announce the 2013 Blizzard Stream Awards powered by Twitch. Please vote for your favourite Blizzard content streamers.Vaneras34 02 Mar 2016
28 Feb 2016 PS4 Set Dungeon Set List Hi Created this spread sheet to help me keep track of all the set items I have and need. The PS4 inventory system won't allow grouping of items. :)Firefly0 28 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 Goo Q2 Then it is gone, bye west. Is going 1 level + Q2? No. A quake is more of a disaster or a natural phenomen if anyone feels that way. Yet i perform no miracles and this is not doing so. Neither do i work underpayed. But this system sucks indeedly. and there is Always a marginal of error. Shall every thing be measured in months because of this and not weeks? Yes. Do i get to say a Word? No.CrazyMage0 23 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 How to fix white arrow in 2.4.0 patch In Diablo III patch 2.4 game have New Feature ( LOL ) - awful ugly huge white arrow as "better" cursor. So. I made this mod…. or addon call it as you want. I present you the FIRST MOD for Diablo III – "Classic Cursors mod". This mod contains cursors from games Diablo I, Diablo II, Diablo III patch 2.3 and arrow from original Diablo III in 2012. I made original SMALL versions and BIG versions for people who like big cursors or for people with a poor eyesight. Also I modified D3 cursors with another color like red and blue also there is “dark” versions of cursors. Choose any on your taste. You can download from here or from direct link below Version history: Version 1.0 - added cursors from all diablo games Actual Version 1.1. - added Combat sword from Diablo III RoS 2.3 Screenshots Download =====How to Install.===== 1. You must download YoloMouse from here or from direct link below 2. Go to YoloMouse install directory like "C:\Program Files\YoloMouse" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\YoloMouse\" (in win x64) 3. Delete "Cursors" folder. 4. Unzip "Cursors" folder from my archive. 5. Run game and have fun ;-) --------YoloMouse direct links------- 32 bit system 64 bit system Tutorial for YoloMouse 1. Hit CTRL SHIFT ALT 1 (up to 3) to change that cursor. Hit same hotkey again to cycle through more cursors 2. To reset a cursor to the game default hit CTRL SHIFT ALT 0 3. To decrease or increase cursor size use CTRL SHIFT ALT - or + SheX - Lost Mage Special for TRUE Diablo FANS. have a question? email me lostmageofwind @ gmail . comAllex1 23 Feb 2016
20 Feb 2016 LF an active clan (season) Im currently looking for an active clan that is both social and doing high end grifts Im playing wiz, and barb as an alt. My wizard is well geared but since I started S5 late Im currently paragon 600 - but catching up fast, if I continue to level like this I will be p900+ in a week. Looking forward to hearing from you, so please feel free to add me or reply here for further info - djux#2474 Bonus info: I got plenty cool robot stories + I once wrestled a dwarf at a Harrison Ford lookalike contest in Poland.djux0 20 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2016 Diablo - Valentine Card This time we created Diablo inspired valentine card! Hope you will like it. Drawing : Speed Drawing Video: 18 Feb 2016
11 Feb 2016 Me and my friends playthrough Hi people. I just wanted to let you know of a playthrough me and my friend have started. I have never played Diablo 3 before yet my friend has played through it and is going to acompany me through this adventure. Here is a link to our channel I hope you will find it to your liking and will try to uppdate here whenever we have upploaded a new video or completed a session.Kvalin1 11 Feb 2016
11 Feb 2016 Barbarian Tales - Part I Machinima Hey guys, it's Danion and I have something amazing for you guys to see! Barbarian Tales - Part I! Some of you might remember my previous Diablo Machinima about the Sage Kings and even though I had a lot of fun and enjoyment creating that small movie, it did not quite hit the mark. So, for these new, revised series I decided with a different approach. And that is what you will see here before you, an amazing adventure set out in Diablo after Malthael's defeat with a much more deeper and enriching story for its future! After Diablo's defeat and the entrapment of the Soulstone, Malthael stole the stone and used it for himself. The hero of the story, a Barbarian, eventually succeeds in defeating Malthael, but while he does so all the spirits within are released once more. For a time peace, although yet savage times were still ahead, returned to Sanctuary and the heroes used their power to hold what was left of the demons at bay. However, during a raid from Demon Hunters, they stumbled upon something... Something that gave even them, a chill down their spine... "The demons call him: "The Ancient One" It has taken me, Many, MANY hours in realizing this project. And since this is only Part I, I most likely will spend many many more, but I like the challenge. Diablo comes with a lot of UI restrictions, as well as many other limitations. (Some of you will recognize some of the clips used for in this movie and I have written permission from the creator of these clips, to use them.) Therefore I decided to combine multiple games into one, so that the idea of a worthy movie was still being upheld. I sincerely hope you like what I have created and feel free to ask any questions on how I did, or what the rest for the story is going to be. (Spoiler: be sure to watch til the last second!) Link to the video: Kind Regards, DanionTristarion0 11 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016 [video] Diablo 3 VS Devilian — BIG battle Battle for BEST Hack'n'Slash experience :) Which hack'n'slash is better - Devilian or Diablo 3? Comparison of combat systems would show you everything! So guys.. What do you think about this comparison? :)tangar1 10 Feb 2016
03 Feb 2016 Boosting For Free because im bored Join community Kinks Boost and whisper me for a inv will be boosting for the next few hours enjoy :)Kinkeh0 03 Feb 2016
02 Feb 2016 new video fast xp pools hey in my new video i show u how to refill your xp pools very fast 02 Feb 2016
29 Jan 2016 [video] NEW generation of MMORPG genre Hi ho, catguys! I've made analytical video about new wave of MMORPG hack'n'slash games: Diablo 3 participating in new wave too :) Hope to see your feedback! %)tangar0 29 Jan 2016
25 Jan 2016 How to level from 1 to 70 in 15 -25 minutes 25 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 I got a gift from one of my fans! I got a gift from one of my fans!AJey0 22 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 Diablo 3 Haikus Demonhunter: My Blazing Hatred Is the swift arrow I loose Let it burn their sinsParun56 22 Jan 2016
20 Jan 2016 Guide For Might of the Earth Barbarian Set Dungeon Guide for those struggling or just interested in the Barbarian set dungeon 20 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 New Legendary Gem hey guys i had an idea for a new Legendary Gem of course the numbers i say here are not final and can be changed of course. the stats would be at lvl 1: 1% increase in area dmg which would increase by 1% per lvl at lvl 25 it increases your chance to proc area dmg by 20% this wont increase by lvling it up what do you guys think about?saginta0 19 Jan 2016
17 Jan 2016 Videos of 2.4 reworked sets Made some videos of 2.4 reworked sets: Inna's Mantra Fear the army of bald warriors! Monkey King's Garb (Sunwuko) New mechanics involving Sweeping Wind and other secondary skills. Thorns of the Invoker Thorns might finally works. The Legacy of Raekor Now also buff Fury-spending attacks. Firebird's Finery New damage buff based on number of mobs permanently burning. Enjoy! =) --WakemanD3Wakeman4 17 Jan 2016
15 Jan 2016 Infinite killstreak! So at the moment when im typing this im up to 22k killstreak and it just keeps on going like forever and ever so im aiming for as long as I can possibly go. Head over to my stream to see the rain of pain Im unloadig Is there a record for killstreaks? in that case I should beat it easily todayDithax0 15 Jan 2016
11 Jan 2016 sabbaton of the wastes i dont know how to get sabaton of the wastes can anyone help me. pls i really want themoskarnoah0 11 Jan 2016
10 Jan 2016 Real Patch I want. Each items must be version. For example: Normal furnace weapon, ancient furnace weapon, bronze furnace weapon, silver furnace weapon, gold furnace weapon as... Quality increase looting must be reduced.siyahkedi0 10 Jan 2016
04 Jan 2016 Season Rebirth - Guide Hello! After being asked if I could do a video on how this new feature works and seeing some players posting on forums not quite understanding how this new feature works, I've uploaded a short video on Season Rebirth. Don't hesitate to ask any questions! Thanks Weboiweboi0 04 Jan 2016
05 Dec 2015 We did it :P Diablo 3 Season 4 - EU Greater Rift 84 4-P Well, it isn't rank #1, but we were very proud of our achievement ;) With no further hassles, here's the vid i made from our Grift 84 EU 4-Player Season4 :D have fun watching ;) Side-note: *The lag is part of the game, it's a feature Blizzard provides to players who are capable of playing high on the leaderboards to add an extra difficulty.* Grtz, Equit www.hellfireangels.euEquit0 05 Dec 2015
29 Nov 2015 Diablo 3 TRIBUTE: alternative ROCK ⚡ GameGlaz tay awhile and listen... This is my song about Diablo 3 — Reaper of Souls. 29 Nov 2015
20 Nov 2015 I made Malthael traditional drawing Hello! Diablo 3 is really great inspiration. For almost a year we created game related traditional drawings. Thats why we thought that as a commemoration for achieving 1000 paragon lvl it will be great to create something epic. We choose Malthael. It took 20h to finish with only colored pencils used and black marker. You can find drawing here : And speed drawing video you can watch here : Hope you will like it :DLoedi2 20 Nov 2015
18 Nov 2015 Diablo 3 WEATHER CONTROL @ hc wizard weather... I love to control it :) 18 Nov 2015
02 Nov 2015 [EU] <VALOR> Is Recruiting! <VALOR> A clan with strict rules, and applicant requirements going strong, after 1st of November! We are to be a very strict Clan that only will Recruit progressive players, that will meet the standards we desire our players to have :) We will work on progression in Grifts, for each individual player in the clan, also establishing a Teamspeak Server for communication, and eventually desire to be in the top #10 of D3 European Clanboards. We will focus mainly to detain the Prioritization of Clan Member activity, and be a solid community that cooperates, as you see alot of Clans having widespread players being inactive from eachother. For applying to us: You must meet 2 of the following Requirements. 1k+ Paragon! Greater Rift: 4P - 74+ Greater Rift: 3P - 72+ Greater Rift: 2P - 70+ Greater Rift Solo: 68+ [Class Dependant] Have you any concerns, or interested in joining to give it a try, you can contact me anytime :) I will NOT accept any friend requests without conversation on D3, but you can whisper me. My battletag is: Friswello#2541Friswello1 02 Nov 2015
19 Oct 2015 Community weekend events Is it possible to have more weekend events for the community, people are starting to drop off where as there was 15+ member online at one time with the clan now its just 1 or 2 of us, if the buffs were more regular like every weekend it would make Diablo even better, plus my cache mats are really low heheskinnister0 19 Oct 2015
17 Oct 2015 D3 patch Lots of more mobs. The Raekor set to the Barbarian, made me think of something. One charge, and it goes speed-auto. Thats the mob heaps. And you can power-move through heaps. With one power charge, jump, ww +++ Would need to lower gfx - increase gameplay with that much mobs maybe.bendulf1 17 Oct 2015
16 Oct 2015 Daily series: Diablo III - Seasonal Mode Hey everyone! I have been doing a daily Youtube series on Diablo 3, as I play season 4 of seasonal mode! The footage is from my stream on Youtube. All episodes can be found in this playlist! Thanks for your support!Dagekkie3 16 Oct 2015
10 Oct 2015 wallpaper download script Lately I wanted to download all Diablo wallpapers to my computer. Since there is no option to download all wallpapers inside a zip or something, and the task at hand is quite large I created a Ruby script. You can find it on my GitHub: To run it, make sure Ruby is installed and do the following: ruby save_diablo3_wallpapers_to.rb /wallpaper/location Make sure, you're in the script directory when executing, otherwise you have to substitute "save_diablo3_wallpapers_to.rb" for "path/to/script/save_diablo3_wallpapers_to.rb". The scripts creates a folder named "Diablo III wallpapers" inside the directory where you're pointing too. ps. Didn't know if it was worth sharing, how many people do actually want to download all the wallpapers right?NL3limin4t0r0 10 Oct 2015
07 Oct 2015 Somebody watch stream? Monk 700+ GR 50+Ruthlessman0 07 Oct 2015
04 Oct 2015 [Suggestion]: Cubing QoL change Hello there, I´d like to share & propose an idea about some quality of life change in the in-game interface. I hope it was not already mentioned here many times and that I am not the only one here, who wants to finish the Kanai´s Cube Legendary Power collection and since I have a good time doing it, there is still something missing to make it easier for me. Look at these pictures and tell me what you think (and please excuse my immense MS Paint skill :D): Icon 1.) doesn´t have to necessarily be there (or maybe does, but something else) - Icon 2.) is just added there to simplify the Transmog info (maybe without the "Abbysal Dye" naming, just the icon with the color you used, not related to the problem, but still nice) - Or there could be only 3.) in the interface, stating after the Legendary Power description or anywhere else in the panel that the Power has already been extracted (choose one of the statements "Already cubed", "Already extracted" or "Already in collection" or something else) And in inventory it would look like this: There would be a little cube icon on botton of the item icon for an instant knowledge that you can salvage/keep/whatever the item you just picked up Alright, this was a real quickie, I just wanted to highlight an issue that I have with the current state of extracting Legendary Powers. It looks like this: I "Book of Cain" my items, check which are any good to keep in stash or wear and then, if not, I go to the cube to check if I have it already in collection because I don´t remember 100+ items... You see, it is a lot of running around to do one thing. So yeah, there it is, tell me what you guys think ;)Matisko0 04 Oct 2015
01 Oct 2015 500 hellfire amulets creation here is video from making 500 hellfire amulets enjoy it and have funkunela0 01 Oct 2015
30 Sep 2015 Grift 63 clear HC solo DH Just thought I would post this here. Its my (at the time of clearing) r1 grift on 63 solo HC DH. Enjoy :)Alwaid0 30 Sep 2015
29 Sep 2015 MefistO Gamer - Back to Diablo 3 Dear Nephalems, I was too busy with streams to make some gameplays/videos on youtube recently Previously - mef666 - now: MefistO Gamer. So now I stream from 7pm CET Twitch/PlaysTV For old experienced player I would like to remind you Inferno gameplays :) Also, how diablo looks on triple screen setup. 1). LINK YT: 30.08.2012 2). LINK YT: 22.04.2015 Cow level rift, might be interesting for some. ----------- Channels LINK: Video/Photo BLOG: LINK: EnjoyMefistO0 29 Sep 2015
27 Sep 2015 Some Funny Videos on Season 4 Hardcore Hi, I am doing some videos on different topics as Bandit Shrines TX Vault Highest possible Grift on some classes Builds Farming and loot Some rare Rift Spawn etc... If you want to watch them here's the link to my youtube channel Remember it is Hardcore, not Softcore ;)Roland0 27 Sep 2015
18 Sep 2015 LFM T10 rift within 3 min! Hi. Looking for some decent players to get this Seasonal ach. Contact me in-game: Alillo#2663Alillo0 18 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 Diablo 3, Season 4 Impressions Hi, guys! This is my impressions article about season 4. I hope it doesn't look like i'm over-hyped fan :D. Tell me your thoughts on the article! 16 Sep 2015
07 Sep 2015 [Rework] Inna's temperance rework Hello everyone, After the recent reworks of vyrs and helltooth into functioning sets I thought of reworking Inna's set into something usefull. To me inna's was always about the mantra's. The set sounds like the holy monks that have inner harmony and meditate all the time. I tried to coppy this into the look and feel of the set and the way it plays around the mantra's so lets look at the new set bonuses I thought off: (note: Numbers are a range of what I think is ok for the set) 2set : You can equip up to four mantra's in your hotbars. Mantra passive effects are 100% more effective. When you have 4 active mantra's you deal 1000% weapon damage around you every second. (Almost the same as the 2 and 4 set of the original inna's. The reason I alowed you to equip them on the hotbars is because the set will focus around the activations of the mantra's giving you a constant aoe burn aura and the 4 and 6 set work with it aswel) 4set: Your mantra of healing and salvation last an extra 15 second on activation. Your mantra of healing active effect restores 5-10% of your hp per second and your mantra of salvation active effect gives you 30-50% damage reduction (This is where it gets intresting. Most sets give a nice damage reduction buff on the 4 set and I thought of this set as no other and those two mantra's fit that description perfectly) 6set: You achive perfect harmony. Your mantra of conviction no longer costs spirit to activate but generates 25 spirit per use (This is counted as a spirit generator) and deals (200-300)/(400-600)/(600-900)% damage around you ( 3 activations like most generators). Your mantra of retribution active effect causes enemy's under the effect of the mantra burn that hit you to explode for 3000-4000% damage in a small radius around them. Retributions cost has been increased to 150 spirit. (The last two mantra's are damage mantra's and I turned them into a spirit generator and spender. The end goal of this is to have 4 mantra's on your bars that are the core of your gameplay style) -- Graphical Notes: I Do hope that when you get this 6set the art team can make it so that when you use mantra of conviction or retributions active effect that your character hovers in meditation untill you use an attack skill that has a weapon/attack animation. That would realy finish of the flavour -- Let me know what you think and I'll tweak this set based on your feedback.TaaBoo0 07 Sep 2015
03 Sep 2015 Two Diablo songs. Fusion remake + original stuff: It started as an experiment. I was combining some instruments and I liked how they sounded together. Then I begun playing the keyboard (the one with piano keys, not letters :D because I sometimes play on that too) and just stumbled upon Diablo II: Lord of Destruction's music which has some parts from Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde. Then I remembered some BlizzEnt post with someone that made an original composition about Diablo that sounded nothing like Diablo's music, really. Thus I've decided to create what's in that link up there.deepstrasz0 03 Sep 2015
01 Sep 2015 Efficient Farming: The Paragon Grinderz Hey there, fellows! This season is all about XP grinding. After Paragon 800, EVERY paragon point is worth 5 points in dex/str/int/vit. Everyone will have all-ancient, but to truly shine, you need to get enough CP per hour. This is why I want to establish a new clan for ambitious players who are willing to farm efficiently. You should bring a char who -can farm TX / GR 50+ easily in groups -provides high damage -has at least 40% bunus xp on gear (I am personally aiming for Ruby + Leorics Crown) It would be perfect if you had -decent Area Damage (We'll try to have one pulling char all the time) -group utility (perma-pull, perma-Slamdance, perma Crit-law, auras etc.) -some movement speed Please contact me if you want to be part of the new clan. Cu soon then! ShirmanxxlShirmanxxl0 01 Sep 2015