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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Barbarians Defenders of Mount Arreat! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Barbarians in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Barbarian class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Barbarians: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Yawp of the Immortal King: the expansion by OioxFûl (EU forums) Barbarian game mechanics info by Nubtro (NA forums) Builds: The "Barbaricare" Barbarian by Squirrel (EU blog) The Leaping Barbarian by Dax (EU forums) Fire-HOTA guide for new Barbarians by demonknight (NA forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "Lead Foot Lacerator" Barbarian by Suckerfred1 (EU blog) The "Rage of the Maniac" Barbarian by PhoenixGod (EU blog) The "Axe-nado" Barbarian by VegaPrime (EU blog) Lightning Raekor's Barbarian by Rhykker (YouTube) The "Ancient Elite Nullifier" Barbarian by Tactik EndGame (YouTube)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
15h Need some advice don't understand why i cant pass 87 gr. i have very nice gear and augment. i have more than 1300 ressistens on everything, 115 ad, chc 50%, chd 550%... only what is missing on curent profile is that i use little rogue and slander insted of bull kathos weapon... I really would be gratefull to hear some adviced.. tyIvan1 15h
5d Best way to farm Bul'Kalthos set Hi guys, I'm writing this thread to know what is the best way to farm Bul'Kathos set !! I farmed rift to get death breath and use the Kanai Cube's to upgrade rare mighty weapon to legendary mighty weapon but i don't know if it's the fastest way to get what i want :/ So i ask you guys, what is they best way to get it ? Or maybe my way is good ? Thank you !Lykroze8 5d
6d TOP 50 barbarian youtube video 6d
6d Level 60 build help!!! So I just came back to D3 after about 4 years of being away. I don't have RoS yet and not sure when i'll be able to get it. I have a level 60 Paragon 76 Barbarian and I'm trying to figure out the best 2 One-Handed build to go with as far as what secondary stats to go with and abilities/runes to use. I'm able to do T3 comfortably, although I do die still. Any help would be great and if you wanna add me on Btag and do something, that'd be awesome too!!! My btag is Akumaryuujin#1136Akumaryuujin1 6d
14 Sep Forum update? Did we lose a lot of posts when they updated the forums?Dartok0 14 Sep
14 Sep 2.6.1 Charge Barb viable? Hello, first of I'll start I haven't played for half an year or more. Last I remember IK6+R4 was the best or one of the best builds now it looks like a meme. My question is: Will the 2.6.1 buffs change that? At a first uneducated glance it gets MASSIVE buffs, but idk how that translates to GR lvls.Kompotchorap1 14 Sep
14 Sep Wastes and Rend Dear Blizzard, There are a lot of nice changes with the new PTR patch, but there is still no news regarding the Rend which still stays on the WW set that we (at least me) enjoy so much. Few Seasons ago even the Diablo 3 director mention that the wastes set and specifically the Rend skill that is involved might be a subject to redesign/change. Are you planning to remove Rend bonuses from the Wastes set and replacing it with usable skill or other mechanic that support the set and Whirlwind. I wish to mention and the Kanai bonus to WW where i think all other classes do not rely anymore on the Furnace, but have specific class specific item (You know - > Mighty Weapons (Barbarian Only)) could be a new bonus to the damage and/or armor for this set. Best regards, MdF :)MartelDeFer1 14 Sep
29 Aug Yeah ! Thanks Blizzard :) Yeahhh THanks for this update !! Now BArbs are the chars who deal the most of damage !! Thousands of Billions damages in one hit !!! Yeeah so great :) Byebye DH and Wiz !! Finnally Barbs have regained their place !!! It's so magic to kill mobs in high GR !!! Thanks !! I will give you money !!!VinceTueuR3 29 Aug
28 Aug WW Barb needs defense buffs Where is barb defense? In gr70 while ww (so 50% damage reduction) with mantle of channeling(another 25% damage reduction) with band of might ring activated after Ground Stomp (so another 60% damage reduction) paragon 838 with Wrath of Berserker and 30% armor from those 2 set swords ...the rift gurdian Infernal Maiden one shot me and i lost all my 940k life. Nerves of Steel saved me but wtf is that? Blizz do something also with barb defense.VENOM3 28 Aug
25 Aug WW Barb Destroyer Done - What's next? Today I completed the destroyer part of the seasonal journey with my WW barbarian and am at a point where I don't really know how to move on. I saw some characters with twice the dps and twice the health my barbarian has on split bounties and with the drops I currently get, there seems to be no way I can achieve that (it's only chicken!@#$ improvements like +10 str). Meanwhile I can do GR65 in about 10 min with a couple of oneshots (mostly on the rift guardians). On the other hand with a speedfarming build I can clear a GR45 in 2,5 min. The question is what exactly should I do next in order to prepare my character for the next season chapter (like clearing a XIII in 5 min) - what to farm, what to aim for on my equipment, how to adapt my build, what to spend blood shards on and how to use kanai's cube momentarily?BigBadWolf3 25 Aug
25 Aug Lamentation belt + Pain enhancer gem works? Does Lamentation belt procs Pain Enhancer bleed effect twice? thanks for letting me knowBullfrog0 25 Aug
25 Aug need help to gr70 Hello; can anyone help me with season barb Hydrazina; tried hard to get to gr70 but seems too hard 60 of 65 tough but got there; don't know what else I am doing wrong; need help from someone; tell me what I am doing wrong; kindly please! don't be too rough!!; nearly at 700 par.MinnieBoy1 25 Aug
19 Aug WW Barb GR70's - Die in 1 hit and more Hello, I run into a problem, i die in 1 hit on my barbarian. Its geared for a 70GR just fine, should play it quite easy. My damage is fine, i kill it fast. Only 1 problem: I DIE IN EVERYTHING 1 HIT! Ill discribe you my problem, its not just in GR's. That area were you can farm your materials for creating your Hell Fire Amulet (Infernal Machine Of ...), there is a boss that grabs you and bite you or something. That one, instant 1 hit on me. My friend, Demon hunter, lower paragon, worst gear, can tank EASY 3 times him being chewed by that fat boss. Correct me if i am wrong, isn't it like; Those who run close have higher armor and need to have a higher survival rate than those who shoot from a distance? Just a moment ago i cleared a 70GR, i got killed in 1 shot constantly by; Stonesinger! Common man, 1 hit gives us no chance to play... no chance to survive, no chance to do damage. Yes there are exceptional jokers that make it to 90GR and will say i need armor and what so ever but am i ALONE in this? Please... help... me.... OUT! I really am doubting that Blizzard (Even with this upcoming update) will do any good to solve the close combat skills from Barbarian that is able to tank ALOT LESS than a freaking Demon Hunter that stands on a range shooting with alot of dodge potential. Link to my character: 19 Aug
17 Aug Let's talk about barbarian and it's current state Hello! As a vanilla barbarian player I would really like to see barbarian get some love after all these patches with little or no changes. To me the charge barb has always got to me. I really love the feeling of charging through big packs of mobs. However barb is not doing very great when it comes to speed farm, greater rift solo push and bounty runs. The only place where barbarian is able to shine these days is in a 4-man composition as a support. This is fine but don't you think barbarian deserves a little more? As of now we have wizard that is very strong and can fit in every kind of game type (except really high greater rift groups) and we have WD, Necromancer that is basically meta picks. Even though monks is in kind of a similar position as barbarian I believe monks have stronger builds that can make them viable for speed farm (sunwoku and lon ltk). I know there are other classes and builds that probably need some more attention like the crusader that is really only possible to play solo these days but for my subject meaning and feeling of the game I would really love to see some changes for the barbarian to make it more viable for other things than only support. A few suggestions: 1) Instead of the raekor 2-set we have now it could be "Furious charge no longer consume a charge when being used". This way you can keep the movement up without using in-geom. 2) Damage numbers for the immortal king 6 set could just be increased to for example 450% or 500% 3) Make a new legendary item that makes the barbarian deal increased damage for every ancient item the barbarian has equipped (yes almost like the legacy of nightmare set except this will only work for barbarian and it's only one piece that works with either every set barbarian use or only with immortal king/raekor). Let's say you get 5% or 10 dmg for every ancient you have equipped. This could be a necklage or a ring. 4) Maybe make a completely new set that is oriented around the sprint ability 2-set: Your sprint ability gains the effect of every rune 4-set: Your sprint ability now deal 400% weapon damage 6-set: Barbarian now deals 1000% damage while sprinting and Barbarian is also surrounded with a tornado that deals 800% weapon damage based on your movement speed when using sprint ability (or something). Do you guys have any other suggestions? Or if you wanted to see a completely new set what would you like for it to be based around?oSpreY5 17 Aug
16 Aug OOOOOOh sh*t! 1700% on Devils! Finally some love for us Barbs! I am so excited! :)Herowar1 16 Aug
15 Aug Patch 2.7. Diablo 3 Patch 2.7 Diablo 3 Most balanced character patch All classes: New legendary shoulders with special power – increases damage of your pets by 25-30% New legendary pants with special power – each different skill with same element increases the damage by 10% for 15 seconds. Legacy of Nightmares Set: While this is your only Item set bonus every Legendary item you have...... Blackthornes Battlegear Set: 2 set bonus: Increase damage against elites and take reduced damage by 10% 3 set bonus: You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plague monstres ground effects. 4 set bonus: Every normal, magic and rare item you have increases your damage by 25% and reduces damage taken by 2%. Ancestors Grace Amulet: New special power: Every Ancient legendary Item you have reduce cooldown and resources cost by 1% Deamon Hunter Stolen Ring (old new ring with new icon) – special secondary power: Your slowing and chiling efects also increase damage equal to thair movement speed reduction ( not stackable – for example if item does 60% movement reduction and skill does 30%, result is 60% ) Only Iceblink gem can add damage. - it helps to Cold Builds and makes Iceblink usable. Natalya Set 6 pieces set bonus: After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 750% increased damage and také 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds Crusader Akkhan Set 6 pieces set bonus: While Akarats champion is active you deal 1200% increased damage by Condemn, Fist of the Heavens, Heavens Fury, Phalanx and Blessed Shield, and take 15% less damage. Invoker Set 6 pieces set bonus: The attack speed of Punish, Slash and Mirinae Gem are increased by 50% and deal 900% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit. ( it makes Mirinae gem more useble, its holy and healing efect smite nearby enemy every 1,5 sec and also add Thorns efect) Barbarian Immortal King Set 6 pieces set bonus: While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, you deal 500% increased damage. Warmonger – is no longer sword, now its a Mighty weapon, with drop for Barbarian, with special secondary power: Increases all your damage by 50-75%. Skulars Salvation – Increase the damage of Ancienit Spear by 100%. When you hits 5 or fewer enemies, the damage is incresed by 120-150% Witch Doctor Starmetal Kukri legendary power – Reduce the cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo by 1 second each time your fetishes deal damage. In adition Big Bad Voodoo has effect of every runa. Zunimassas Haunt set: Pets are now mean Fetishes and Gargantuans.(not zombie dogs) Helltooth set: Now dont use skills Firebats, Piranhas, Gargantuan But 6 set bonus gain 2000% increased damage for 15 seconds to you primary skills, Acid Cloud, Zombie charger, Zombie Dogs, Grasp of the Dead and Wall of the Death. Necromancer Corpse Lance skill: (it was excessive, need to be decresed) Target an enemy to summon projectiles from nearby corpses that cause 1750% weapon damage over 5 seconds, to the target. Golden Gorget of Leoric amulet – now drop only for necromancer and with changed legendary power to: increase the maximum number of skeletons for your command skeletons +3 and give 30% aditional damage to them. Pestilance set: 2 set bonus: Each corpse you consume reduce the cooldown of your Simulacrum by 2%. 4 set bonus: Each enemy you hit with Bone Spirit reduces your damage taken by 15%, up to a maximum of 60%. Lasts 20 seconds Monk Ulianas set 6 bonus: first part same as normal. But in adition If there is only 3 and less enemies in 25 yards increases damage by 100%. Wizard Ouroboros Amulet: special power – all off damage your skills do is now Arcane.Zasz3 15 Aug
14 Aug WW Barb wants to reach GR80. What to change? Hello, Im a WW Barb and i have set myself a goal for my Barb, i want to reach GR80 Solo. I know this is not only depending on gear but also on my own skill and gameplay to avoid things. I just want to know what more i should change to push into 80's. Yesterday i managed GR65 solo, my damage is fine i just died a couple times (4). With paying some more attention i should be able to clear it faster without dieing. Current gear: Right now im first aiming to get all gear that is Ancient an Augment 50 on to get some more STR. I've added today 2x 50 Augment and later today i will complete my other 2x 50 Augment, so than i have 4x level 50 augment added. I should add on my head and chest Resistance but what is exactly more needed to reach higher GR? What im still looking for: - Ancient Shoulders + Pants Wastes - Better stats Ancient Bul-Kathos Warrior Blood Aiming 2700+ - More paragon Currently 624 -- Should i go for Vitality or STR? - Skull Grasp ring with better stats due to Crit Hit Damage. - Brawler into Nerves of Steel It is very hard to find a nice guide for Barb to push higher GR this season. Barbs are not that strong this season. I played in Season 5 and now i started again, season 11. Any advice, help, tips, information is welcome! Thanks alot!JMeijernl7 14 Aug
12 Aug Tips to reach GR 70+ on Fury Barb. I finally reached GR 55 the other day but I struggle a lot to clear it and I don't know what else to do. I am fully geared (build-wise), despite not having the perfect rolls and even have a few ancients under my belt. I've come here seeking advice as to how I can reach Torment 13 and push for GR 70+ so I can not only complete my Seasonal Journey, but also get to play on a higher difficulty. I played a Wizard last season and got stuck at GR 55-60ish again with the Delsere's set, so it seems that is my cap as far as GRs and difficulty goes. What should I do to reach higher? Do I have to grind to hell and back to get ancients and reach higher paragon levels? I've seen players reach GR 80++ in a few days and I can't even begin to grasp how they do it. I'm putting like 3-4 hours a day on Diablo and I just feel like I'm doing something wrong. I saw that the Leapquake build was fairly popular while looking at the Leaderboards but now the builds with the highest GRs are Whirlwind builds. Some use Little Rogue/Slanderer while other use the Bul'Kathos blades, so it's not the build but me, although I can't understand what it is. I came here trying to find what that is. Thanks a lot for your time and any advice you may give me. Here is the Build. I normally use the Ignorance is Bliss rune on Ignore Pain and the Life per Hit rune for Battle Rage although I change them regularly depending on the GR I'm running.Hogsy1 12 Aug
12 Aug Why do I keep dying as a WW barb? I can't even clear a Grift 80 in this build with 850 para. I did an 82 within 13min with the leap build, at like 650 para. I've tried every variation of the WW by now. The rage flip, the stomp, both wep sets, etc etc. And in every variation I keep dying... I don't get why tho, my gear is good, altho I haven't invested Augements yet, since I don't feel like wasting a !@#$ ton of gems on a build if I can't even clear decent Grifts with it. My dmg is fine, I don't have rage problems and I would consider myself good at the game, but for some reason unknown to me, I just keep dying like nothing, where if I look at a vid or stream of some1 else playing it, they seem not 2 get 1shot like me.Skazi2 12 Aug
10 Aug Barb WW W-set Hello!! I have now run the Barb WW set about 500 pairs but have not got acenit in armor ?? what has happened!!!?? Have been driving all other seasons and it has gone well !! I'm really pissed off !! Know more have the same.Jumper19780 10 Aug
07 Aug Do the Barbarians have an issue or is it only me? Hi everyone, As the title states and after whole 3 weeks of nothing but barbarian, i've noticed that this class is extremely fragile. Hell, even a wizard can jump in the middle of a huge pull and not have survival issues such as this class. What i've noticed is that I've tried the three different viable specs in the game and none of them is appealing to me, raekor builds demands that you keep charging here and there, gather a huge pull and toss boulders here and there. Yet within a mere few seconds, i here the lovely words "i need healing", even with all the damage reductions the spec and gear has to offer with an appealing 900k HP and over 1.3K damage, I can't even solo Grift65. The WW build is similar, press right click and keep dancing here and there, same as charging in raekor, and my HP is down to 430k. Finally, the leap quake build which is aswell similar, keep jumping here and there to throw eq's. Do you guys see the same pattern that I'm seeing? The class should be somewhat like a tank, jump in the middle of minions and throw slams here and there without worrying much about your survivability. i even did a spec myself with the immortal kings alone with cleave/SS which bought back my D2 memories of how I didn't have to worry about my life going up and down 2 - 4 times per sec, but somehow it's not delivering damage the same way that these 3 specs are. Hell, even my DH facerolls GR70 without dying and the class shouldn't have more HP than the barb, yet this is the fact. Are we forced to play these dancing / jumping playstyles forced by the sets and at the same time worry about our health? If so, then why? What does this class has to offer other than other classes if they can deliver much better results than this class? P.S, Bounties are a nightmare with this class Thanks!Psycho7 07 Aug
04 Aug Help with my WW barbarian Hello,Im unable to clear GR 70 solo with my barbarian. Any advice on build and equipment please?Cabal4 04 Aug
31 Jul Depending on a set of swords...which does not drop Is that some kind of a joke? Either make barbs independent of the sword set either increase the drop rate. Why do you suck so much in doing fast changes which simply balance the game? It is not making the barb OP, it is making the game fun instead of a nerve breaking farming for 1000 paragons without little rogue dropping for example...and no...not dropping from the cube either... Come on please, get seriousGaea1 31 Jul
31 Jul First week of S11 Look these 7 images, showing the top 5 from each class EU. 1. Necro (GR104): 2. Wizard (GR104): 3. WD: 4. Monk: 5. Crusader: 6. DH: 7. Barb (GR86): What we see here is yet again something, that I as Barb player am really bummed out about. There is a clear imbalance in the game. The difference between the best Barb build and best build overall is almost 20 GR levels. That's way too much... I've always been a barb player. Ever since D2 I've always played ONLY barb and mainly WW, because I've always like it and never seem to get old for some reason :) However in the current competitive climate, Barbs are clearly disadvantaged by a lot. Us barb players really need some love from Blizz, cause in the current team meta barbs are pretty much obsolete and if you want to push solo, you need around 30% more paragon to achieve around the same GR level as the best build. Also would be so much more difficult to do, according to the articles and guides I've read - there's a lot of skipping maps, RGs etc. like 60-70% of the time. Please Blizz, answer the call, we Barbs-for-life people are begging you! :)Herowar3 31 Jul
29 Jul Need help! Prgn 770 Barb Grift 70 As the title says, im Prgn 770, I have completed GR70 but I managed to do it in 14 minutes with a alot of deaths. The thing is, I feel like ive optimized my skills and sitting on some good gear. But why have I got so much trouble with GR70? I feel like I should be able to efficiently clear GR70 in like 7-8 minutes, what am I doing wrong? If anyone could check my gear and build and maybe find some stuff I should change? or is it simply that Barb just s*cks? Thanks in advance!Sholeh6 29 Jul
27 Jul WW Istvan's CoE or Unity ? My best GR clear is 76 with this build, and feel that it should do much more. I have augments on all gear, descent str, good area damage and ok cdr. I need to use CoE to go higher but without unity, i simply do not survive 73+, and i have all res in sockets. Please can anybody check this profile and guide me? Thank youNeillDor4 27 Jul
27 Jul Optimize ZODIAC WW BK/Wastes build I'm trying to figure out a few things in the journey of optimizing my Barbarian build and would be looking for some helpfull suggestions. Basically Im trying to build up a ZODIAC WHIRLWIND BK/Wastes build as noted here: My barbarian profile: or (screenshot) I'm very much a noob and still trying to grasp all options in the game, so bear over with me. Question 1 - generel: Do you have any generel suggestions on how I can or how I should optimize my current profile? Perhaps even some "low hanging fruits" that i've missed. Question 2 - rerolling properties: I probably don't entirely understand the reroll concept yet, but i've understood that I can reroll a property to something else. I currently have a few different items that "should" be a part of the build, however one big minus is that they don't have any sockets. Am I actually able to reroll a socket into either my BK swords, or the following rings/amulets that I have? 2.1. Ring: Zodiac 2.2. Ring: Unity 2.3. Ring: Skull Grasp 2.4. Amulet: Maras 2.5. Amulet: Eye of etlich Question 3 - blood shards I've currently had no luck finding: Pride of Cassius - can I actually gamble for that item? Question 4 - follower As for my follower, im not sure which way to go. Currently using a templar with whatever "good" items I have. However not sure if I should use another follower or whatnot.TheAngryNerd6 27 Jul
26 Jul Real Talk Alright Blizz, I get it, game balance is hard as we can so clearly see from your appalling handling of the recent exploit and now the change to the rate at which mirinaes procs with certain skills thus resulting in Inarius dropping several GR levels and no longer finding any real hold in the meta outside of speedfarms. I get it, so im sure barbs are the least of your worries even though they really shouldnt be. Barbarians have now been the weakest, lowest pushing and overall least competitive class out of the now 7 classes in the game (dlc included) and its shaping up to look like thats gonna continue into season 11, with barbs only finding a place in the meta within 4 man groups as a zdps. Wrath of the wastes, otherwise known as the whirlwind set is considered the top meta GR push build for the barbs, and its terrible! Its 6 piece offers a total of 800% bonus damage to its main damage ability, that being whirlwind, yet sets recently introduced with the necromancer offer as much as 3300% to certain damage abilities! My aim for this post is to get the barbs in the community united and discussing ways in which they would like to see our current sets and complimenting legendaries buffed and/or reworked. Cheers for reading this, looking forward to the feedback.MrBrightSide4 26 Jul
25 Jul Slanderer / Little Rogue - fury starved So, I copied the latest build from D3 fans and I'm well experienced with WW and the Barb class in general (usually top 200 in season) but I just can't seem to get the hold of Slanderer / Little Rogue, I'm always fury starved on a lot of mobs and on rift guardians I struggle big time. Is there any tips that can be given / new builds to try out? Using BK weapons, I'm at 90-100% fury at all times.TitCh2 25 Jul
25 Jul Earthquake Damage How do earthquakes and avalanches scale? Like does it deal more damage if you have more damage, or is it just a set amount of damage?PooWho1 25 Jul
11 Jul Barbarian stream on twitch Thought I might as well put up a basic stream for when I play my beloved barb, drop by if you wanna see the gameplay in action or have any questions or just wanna tag along for some loot, feel free to ask Im no alkaizer, chainer, quin, bludd or rhykker but hey, cant get it all! got no fixed schedule, either im on or im not, mostly on these coming days thoughFeline0 11 Jul
10 Jul patch 2.7 rise of the barbarian rend no longer rends -)shinypants0 10 Jul
10 Jul WW Barb help SO... I'm trying to squeeze every single possible drop of improvement on my WW barb. My goal currently is to be able to solo speedfarm T13 rifts with the same ease I do in T11 (2-3 minutes tops!). Currently i have all Ancient Gear (except belt and ring) + 50-70 Augmented Strength on all. I have Furnace, Aquilla Cuirass (ran other items, but this gives me such great survivability) and Obsidian Ring in the Cube. The skills are Ignore Pain (Ignorance), Battle Rage (Bloodshed), War Cry (Invigorate) and Wrath (Insanity) + Rend (Bloodbath) and WW (Wind shear). I'm clearing GR65 in 5-7 minutes with a little ease. Did GR70 in ~12 with substantial struggle. (Probably could do GR72 at most now with some luck) My problem currently is what could I build upon (other than paragon) ? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated :)Herowar7 10 Jul
09 Jul Suggetions to improve the leapquake Hi Blizzard! I really like leapquake build. The last change to seismic slam's rumble rune boosted the girdle of giants build mobility and made the build much more decent than before. But I think there are more to be reworked. Here are my suggestions. 1. The build needs too much cooldown. The cooldowns should have been reduced to reach countinous leaping with a diamond in helm and 8% cooldown on gear. And I think Lut Socks legendary power should have been a part of the MotE set bonus. 2. Moving with leapquake is very slow. Movement speed and leaping speed should have been roughly improved to make the set viable for speed farming and make possible to ignore bad grift maps. 3. The one or few enemy dps should have been increased. There is not enough damage on high level greater rifts to kill elite groups -especially elite group's bosses - fast enough. They alwas must have been lured to other place where are trash mobs. Without luring, the time limit is overpassing, but luring is only possible on large, opened maps. So the rift succsess is highly depends on maps and rift density not on your characters strength, what is no good. And because of the build's low mobility you can't skip bad maps with low mob density fast enough. 4. During the leaping process, barb should have been immune to control imparing effects. It is very annoying if the leaping process is aborted all your mobility is loss (must wait leap cooldown) and you die. 5. If the barb gets fatal hit during the leaping process (cast up 3 times with Lut Socks), he/she dies only the end of leaping. It is a problem because when the health falling down, you drink a potion. But this potion is meaningless, because actually you are dead in that moment (you are dead but you can move until you are leaping). So the barb dies when the leaping process ends and you wasted a poiton in a critical moment (you have to wait for the potions cooldown). It is good if you can't die during leaping, but the barb should have been healed with a potion as well as a health globe. With these changes leapquake would be much more decent and viable build. Lets do leapquake the best build in the game! LadypakaLadyPaka3 09 Jul
09 Jul Helping fellow barbs to get some gear If you dont mind some T13 and/or 65 runs for gear, feel free to join me on some runs, I will be doing them myself either way I wouldnt mind if someone tagged along for a boost or just some lootshare Feline#2894 look me up if you wanna joinFeline0 09 Jul
06 Jul Completetly stuck at Grift 60 ... 61 is impossible Hi all, Could I get some advice/tips to get past grift 61. I'm playing a HOTA barb and I just can not progress further. Every grift 61 I attempt I smash my face against a brick wall. I tried different passives, swapping ruby & emerald gems and it just doesn't change. I can not finish on time, no matter what. I've got full ancient IK set, ancient Gavel, have Unity, Furnance & Bracers cubed. This is becomming very frustrating. What gear pieces do I swap? What stats to change? Link to proifile: It feels like I need to almost double my damage to get the bar filled even though I crit between 1 and 5 billion.Nectum22 06 Jul
05 Jul Wastes set, does it get better? Me and my husband both got our respective set bonus yesterday. He had the witch doctor and his pets does several thousand million in damage. I do about 300 mil when my dust devils crit. I don't have skull grasp, but that is just dubbel whirlwind and will not get me up there.Toffifee10 05 Jul
21 Jun New to the game, any tip? Hiya all and greetings from Ireland! Recently I started playing a little more (got the game 1y ago never got to play it before 1 week ago) and I chose a barb coz I liked the idea. As of now this ( is my toon. I'm in Expert mode and in the middle of act III. Any tip or things I should know? CheersTheCisco3 21 Jun
19 Jun Primal Skull Grasp Roll I was lucky enough to get a Primal Skull Grasp but I am totally unsure how to roll it (and yeah the rest of the gear is not good yet, built the ww only because of the grasp) Any advice on what to roll on the ring? Other advice is also welcome, havent played ww in ages 19 Jun
14 Jun Furious Charge loosing charges Hi guys, Been trying to figure out why I sometimes loose my charges even in high dens grifts. This occour mostly with Elites pack after I killed everything else and the elites are on 10%, I am suddenly starting to loose my charges and have to skip the pack.. What happend is that I keep charging them and suddenly the I am loosing my charges and I run around waiting for the cooldown and charge and loose the charge again.. As every FC player knows, you are a sitting duck if you loose your charge. On thrash with higher life I have no problem with it even, if it is 1-3 thrash mobs.. And this also happens on Grift boss.. Yesterday I was doing grift 76 and had 3minutes left and the grift boss had spawned. Dont remember the boss name, but its guy who spawn some sort of flies and deals poison damage and spawning some force field you can`t move out of. As I am using the Mara`s amulet this was a great boss for me.. But no... I kept loosing my charge for no reason and I lost my 3 MINUTES on a boss.. That is way more time then I need.. So what happends is when the timer goes out my charges suddenly are working again and I am killing it in 30seconds or less after the timer had ended and he had 75% of his life left when the timer went out.. So I had it, I`m trying to figure what am I doing wrong and why isnt everyone else complaining about this =P Anyone who cares to enlightend me with there exeptional talent and skill, guide me in the right direction and through this agony.DannyDamage6 14 Jun
01 Jun This season(10) == lots of fun Disclaimer: casual player, don't play to be the best. Usually just do my season objectives then just play rifts when i feel like bashing some demons into oblivion. So this season so far is uber fun: headbutting people into the ground. Anyone else enjoying barb this season? Also seismic slam works wonders for clearing mobs.Se7enSins1 01 Jun
30 May They must listen us, revive ww barb They must listen us, i love ww barb and i only play with that set.. Rend is usles, i tried to play with that skill on high gr and when i rend enemy imidiatly i died, because when i dont use ww my damage reductione is drope to 0% its bull!@#$... make some changes for us.. Sory for my english it isnt got, just like this set :DMaxSS1 30 May
29 May Spirit of the Earth cooldown bonus not working I use full set Spirit of the Earth and the skills Leap and Earthquake. Earthquake is with The Mountain's Call and has a base cooldown of 30 secs. It appears that no matter what, the "Spirit of the Earth"'s 2 Set bonus (reduce cooldown by 1 sec for each 30 Fury spent) does not work at all, considering I am WW all the time, non stop, so I must be spending some Fury?Zilliman2 29 May
27 May #BlizzBuffBarb Like the title says, lets get this going! Barbarian has to get some kind of buff in the next patch or so, they seem so useless, atleast make em on par with the rest or close to it!Sholeh1 27 May
20 May Leap barbarion looking for GR advice Hi fellow Barbarians, This season i have chosen to mainly play a support Barbarian but when I'm not playing GR's with my clan I also want to try to get as high with another build. Right now I'm using a Leap-build because that is, for me at least, the most fun to play. My current build: What do you guys and girls think are the first 3 things I should focus on to be able to play higher GR's? Thanks in advance for your advice.BunnyNut1 20 May
17 May Skull Grasp bugged? Just had to ask because I have been running GRs and Bounties for over 2 weeks now and still have not found a single Skull Grasp which is reallllllllllly starting to get on my nerves... I am 677 para and not having my complete WW set is just depressing.Thedoctor3 17 May
06 May Returning to Diablo - some advice needed please Hello, I'm returning to Diablo (after maybe three years) and would greatly value any advice on progressing my Barbarian: When I logged in today I was told that my Paragon level is 374 - not sure what it was when I stopped playing but I'm sure it was lower. I forget how to play, in truth! Anyway, any help with either of the following would be greatly appreciated please: - Is my build okay for casual group play; I'm not a hardcore player? - What kind of gear should I be aiming to get, and how should I go about upgrading? - I have a lot of items in my chest, I'm guessing these are old now and should just be sold off? - I see that I've got about 750M gold; what should I be trying to buy now. Thank you!SnapDragon0 06 May
03 May Help with clearing GR 70 Solo Hi guys i could use some advice on what to upgrade to be able to clear GR 70 solo. I can clear GR 65 solo but it takes some time. I feel like i'm close to clearing GR 70 but i get one shot a lot when my buffs aren't active. Can you guys look at my gear and give me some advice thanks.Steven15625 03 May