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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Barbarians Defenders of Mount Arreat! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Barbarians in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Barbarian class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Barbarians: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Yawp of the Immortal King: the expansion by OioxFûl (EU forums) Barbarian game mechanics info by Nubtro (NA forums) Builds: The "Barbaricare" Barbarian by Squirrel (EU blog) The Leaping Barbarian by Dax (EU forums) Fire-HOTA guide for new Barbarians by demonknight (NA forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "Lead Foot Lacerator" Barbarian by Suckerfred1 (EU blog) The "Rage of the Maniac" Barbarian by PhoenixGod (EU blog) The "Axe-nado" Barbarian by VegaPrime (EU blog) Lightning Raekor's Barbarian by Rhykker (YouTube) The "Ancient Elite Nullifier" Barbarian by Tactik EndGame (YouTube)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
1d GR44 I need help pls! MYucel1 1d
01 Dec Stuck at GR69, help! Hello, Recently I finished my sets and decided to aim at GR70 to unlock Primal ancients. I started at paragon 430. And did up to 65 with no hassle. Managed to finish a 69 on second attempt. But now at 70 I get one shot all the time, some elites I'm even skipping because they delay me. I'm open to any recommendation, please be soft as this is my first ever D3 char. Thank you.KeK2 01 Dec
28 Nov Farming Bul-Kathos's Oath question I have been Tryin to get the Solemn Vow for this set for awhile now and i am curious if there is somethibg special to getting that piece i need to be doing? ive gotten 17 Warrior Bloods now and not a single Solemn Vow... is it just bad luck or am i doing something wrong?Devve3 28 Nov
20 Nov S16 theorycrafting ideas Hello fellow Barbs! With the free RoRG next season, I sat down and looked through all items we could potentially use as Barbs with WW and HotA, so here is my list of items: Magefist (+20% Fire) - nice multiplicative damage for HotA's Smash Frostburn (+20% Cold and 50% chance to Freeze) - WW's Hurricane gets a multiplicative buff and the chance to freeze is great combo with Pain Enhancer, providing potentially great CC. Keep in mind tho you will have to compensate for the absence of Blood Funnel, which means more survivability stats. Aquilla Cuirass (50% damage reduction) - kind of obvious for both, since you always stay in full or near full resource, so nice addition for aggressive pushing. Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan (+25% damage and res. gen while moving, -25% while standing still) - this is strictly for WW, since you never stop moving, so 25% multiplicative damage is always welcome. - Lets get a conversation going :)Herowar0 20 Nov
19 Nov Diablo 3 at its peak... ...or just a shadow of a distant past? 19 Nov
19 Nov Istvan's set with 3 sockets??? Just have a look: How is this possible??? Anybody knows? I can't even fathom my DPS with 6 flawless emeralds!!!!! :-))))Predi4 19 Nov
16 Nov Lack of dmg when playing with Necros Have u lack of DMG in teamplay with Necros onboard ? Seems like all my dmg is lost , wtf is the prob . Blizz fix it fast or Necros can f... off and play with themself :)aykm002 16 Nov
04 Nov BARB UGLY Has noone really noticed but IMORTAL barb is soo ugly , i mean what happened? did they changed game artist?BRUTAD0 04 Nov
23 Oct Barb progress help Hey guys, i'm currently stuck at gr 96 cant seem to pass it. Dying fast is my problem. Could u take a look at my gear and tell me what's needed to change so i can progress ahead ?Verianer1 23 Oct
21 Oct Barb Content on the NA Forums Hello, fellow Barbs in the EU. Hope you're doing well. I'm Free, a long-time vet on the NA Barb forums, and I'm stopping by to say that over on NA forums we have many up-to-date build guides, new player's guide, and various other informative threads tailored to help Barbs at all levels--from newbie to veteran. The NA Barb forums are located here: The Season 15 Guide for New and Returning Players can be located here: It contains a primer for the class and a brief description of each major build complete with pros and cons and links to detailed, current build guides. Since the Season 15 set is Wrath of the Wastes, you can find the complete Zodiac WW guide here: This is the most complete WW guide you'll find anywhere and covers everything from gear and build variants, play style, speed-farming T13, early-Season walkthroughs, and an extensive FAQ. If you want to see how the builds rank, check out the Top 5 Season 15 Barb Build thread here: It has tons of info on each build, links to each guide, and data from previous eras. If you want to see our collection of the highest GR Clear Videos for all major builds, check out this thread: It really helps to learn a build by watching the best players. The videos in that thread show you how great players handle end-game GR pushes. Hope these resources help. Good luck!Free0 21 Oct
15 Oct Are the Ancient Barbarians Pets? If you perform the active skill 'Call of the Ancients' , are the Ancient Barbarians 'Talic' 'Korlic' and 'Madawc' seen as pets? I was wondering this when i saw many Barbs use the 'Tasker and Theo' Legendary gloves.maxim4 15 Oct
14 Oct Witch doctor or barbarian? Hey guys, I can't really decide which class I should play. Summoning loads of toads and animals looks awesome, and summoning a huge zombie looks really great. But all the ''nordic'' feelings and powers I get from the Barbarian are just ridiculous. Especially the skill where you go into a kind of rage and look like an insane murderingmachine. So yeah, can't really decide. So give me your pros and cons why I should choose barbarian!FelixD20 14 Oct
09 Oct Question about Whirlwind Barbs Why is it that on every youtube video players use the blood funnel rune and say it's such an incredible source of healing? The discription says "Critical Hits restore 1% of your maximum Life". If you break that down if you got 750.000 total life (I've seen alot of players on youtube clearing GR 100+ with 650.000 life, so its not that unusual) and have 60% CC (which high for barbs that don't use shields). That means that (only) 60% of the time you heal 7500 life on hit. That seems pathetic considering you can roll 22.000 on each weapon, healing you for 44.000 LOH 100% of the the time. Even better you can roll LOFS (life on fury spent) on belt and weapons for even higher healing values. Hell, most (if not all) top tier WW Barb players use ignore pain ignorance is bliss rune (in higher GR's) for a whopping 5364 LOFS bonus. It seems to me that makes the blood funnel rune absolete at best and useless at worst. Why then does nobody use Hurricane (ideal for grouping enemies together) or fire rune (a damage increase from 340 to 400 seems pretty significant)??? What am I missing here? Is there a hidden bonus for using blood funnel that I don't know about? Am I miscalculating the values?BlackNR12 09 Oct
28 Sep Streamer? Anyone knows of a good barb YT/Twitch streamer?Dex0 28 Sep
27 Sep Raekor + standoff? >Furious Charge deals increased damage equal to 400-500% of bonus movement speed. Does this apply before or after raekors bonus of 1000% dmg?Karl0 27 Sep
09 Sep Best HC barb build? What's the best all around build for barbs in hardcore? Thankful for all answers! Me currrently: 09 Sep
05 Sep Shields - Block chance and block amount I am very confused with shields What does the block chance do ? it blocks the whole attack ? or it only block the "block amount" Also if a item gives more block chance, for example ring, does it increase the amount of shield block and the block amount that is on it?FragHunTer29 05 Sep
01 Aug Little bit lost Hi everyone, I recently started playing Diablo3 again after a very long break. Last time I played there was no seasons, no bounties, no GR... so I’m a bit lost. Specially about the build on my WW barbarian wich back then was good enough for almost everything, but now it’s just not good enough for anything. Can anyone help me? What should I aim for? It’s the same things back then? Attack speed and Critical Change/Critical damage? Thanks guysMacaco2 01 Aug
01 Jul Sudden deaths during T13 farming Hia everyone. I've been working on my Barb whirlwind speed-build (based off of Icy Veins guide described here: Here he is, in all of his glory: It... generally works. I've recently started farming T13 with it and I was able to run past nearly everything. For the most part, at least. Sometimes, an elite pack will just stomp me silly. I THINK it's the reflective affix that's the cause, but those deaths are so quick I'm really having a hard time even realising what's killing me. Occasionally a GRift boss will hit me with some powerful attack and kill me in one go. I... guess I need more HP? Is it just a matter of more vitality, or are there elements to my barbarian that I built completely wrong and / or could vastly improve?Shaamaan2 01 Jul
30 Jun Help with clearing GR 70 Solo Hi guys i could use some advice on what to upgrade to be able to clear GR 70 solo. I can clear GR 65 solo but it takes some time. I feel like i'm close to clearing GR 70 but i get one shot a lot when my buffs aren't active. Can you guys look at my gear and give me some advice thanks.Steven15626 30 Jun
22 Jun [Build Guide] Leap Quake with some speed Hey, Barbs For anyone that wanna try a speedier version of the leapquake here's a build for you, utilizing charge to move around speedily instead of just slowly jumping around. Its very easy to gear for, as long as you have the pieces, the stats of the pieces wont matter much. Builds like ww or hota/raekor will take some nice stats and rolls to get going, not so much with leapquake, you can clear a grift 70 solo with the first pieces you find without even having to reroll them, downside is that it wont go as high as other builds but its damn fun to turn the whole screen into an inferno.Feline3 22 Jun
17 Jun Boost and balancing chars like babas ! Just wonder when Blizz gona give Babas some love ? Have played this game sense beguining and have 3,5 k paragon and full IK HoTa build . Have done and cleared 108 solo and happy with that . Now when i play in team and one Necro with para 1,5 k kill ALL and i still cant kill none on that rift ! . Its unfear and so unbalanced so most off us gona quit playing babas . plz fix that and balanced thing for babas fast ,so some of us can be decent on grifts over 105 or more . This is an Necro game right now , and if no balaced and love for all classes dont come there will be only star packt left . Give IK more then only 1500 dmg , rise it to min 2000 dmg so we can @ least kill something.aykm000 17 Jun
09 Jun Back to D3 with my barbarian Hi there ! Could anyone help me improve my barbarian ? (this one : I am currently cap to 80+ rift sup Thank's for help !Ystalio1 09 Jun
30 May Help just too unlock TXIII "Create game" ability Hello there misters and ladies! This is my beloved barbarian, a 0dps build that I keep and love for group play. Unfortunatelly, I can only pull 40-45 alone, even if this build have already tanked quite easily 80 in a 4 group. Soo... what I ask is simple this one simple question: Whats the best way to get a build/char/skills able to clean 60 solo WITHOUT HAVING to change TOO MUCH of the items I already have? I only want to be able too do a 60 once soo that I am able to create and / or join TXIII games... just that.condutas1 30 May
29 May Skull Grasp in Cube I have the ring in Cube and it shows only 300% Whirlwind damage when it should be 400%. Anyone else got this?Gannicus10 29 May
26 May Help with my WW barb Hey guys. I can only run 70GR and even there i some times die. What can i improve? I appreciate any Tips for gear changes or gameplay! Thanks!Darcore3 26 May
20 May Returning player & leapquake/Seismic Slam barb. Hello fellow Barbarians! I'm a returning player that haven't played since season 7 or 8 so yeah I don't know much about Barbarians current state but I'm going to play leapquake/Seismic Slam regardless of how strong/weak they are. Anyways... I just got this Ancient {[Blade of the Tribes]} from the cube by upgrading a rare item, and I don't know what to reroll since it seems rather strong, so now I'm turning to you more experienced Barbarians out there for help. The stats are as follows; 1731-2183 Fire Damage 1437 Strenght 31535 Life per Hit Reduces cooldown of all skills by 10% + it has 200% Earthquake damage and 21 max fury. I have a feeling I should reroll the Life per Hit into 10% damage or Area Damage, but since I'm not sure I need to ask. What should I reroll and into what? Also, is CDR really THAT important for leapquake barbs? Best regards -CarnageCarnage3 20 May
20 May Why am I dying instantly at T13? 20 May
15 Apr How to upgrade this Barb? Hi. Please advice me what do I need to uprade on this barb? Thanks 15 Apr
06 Apr New player in need of help Sup guys, can someone help me out? Im paragon level 250 barbarian with 1 piece missing from each of the following sets: Immortal kings, Raekor's, Earth, Blackthornes and Wastes. Ive been running very random and nooby build with random skills, mostly whirlwind and groundstomp/avalanche and items which support those skills. So my question is what set and build i should go for? Im looking for something pretty easy and fun to play and something that can get me to 50++ GR. My current best is 36. Thanks in advance :)Samey2 06 Apr
26 Mar Raekor 2 piece bugged or is't just me ? Hi. I'm playing a HOTA build with raekor set but it happens now and then especially against elites that the charges does not reset at all ? I found some old threads from 2016 with this issue but nothing after that, so my question is am i the only one with this issue or anyone else experienced it ? Maybe i do something wrong but then i can't figure it our because it works great then suddently stops resetting charges that leads to i'm standing there looking like a fool without possibility of damage. Thanks in advance Regards Jonas LillmanLillen0 26 Mar
24 Mar returning barb in d3 needs guidance Hi fellow barabarians. After long time i came back to diablo. I see that a lot changed... i have gear for lightning elemental damage but somewhere i believe that changed and elemental damage isn't really key anymore? I put my char in d3planner after some reading on forums... But to be honest i have no clue how to go from here? How schould i optimize my dps? (drop the elemental damage?) I' m going for a charge barb so for the cube i need: Weapon: Standoff armor: Vile Ward all help is welcome, thx in advanceTHAmarx2 24 Mar
15 Mar BLACKTHORNE SET + BK WW BUILD Hi! I have cropped it up, but cant find info on it. Can someone help me with some links, please?Castreader0 15 Mar
07 Mar set specific dungeons i cannot complete my set dungeons no matter what i do. i kill things the second i leap on an enemy and im supposed to leap, ground stomp, and earthquake each elite. ive tried unequipping all my gear except my set and equipping the weakest weapon i have and still one shot everything. how are you supposed to complete these?Theraos0 07 Mar
07 Mar Another question about area damage. Does area damage apply to area damage effects and damage over second effects? Let's say that I have 100% area damage and I trigger EQ (Earthquake) and hit 5 enemies. Then I got really lucky and with only 20% chance of triggering my area damage i trigger i 4 times on 4 different enemies. Does this mean that the central one will take 5 times EQ damage as as I triggered it once and from all of the area damage around it? Also will it continuously do more damage becouse of each enemy in it because of that?godofthewar1 07 Mar
07 Mar What's next? Anyone willing to help? Hello all, I'm super new to Barbarian. This is the first time I've played one since vanilla D3 back in the time of inferno. I play on hardcore. I did manage to hit top 100 this weekend on stream with an 85 clear , but I'm not sure what to do next. Here's my gear currently . I'm not usually this far early usually this is about where I end so I just push despairs and do what I can but not really sure what would be my next best option. Here's what I see for options, let me know if I'm missing anything: 1: grind up gems to my current max possible of 86 or 87, 2: grind up bounty materials and start doing reforges of items like weapons looking for primals. 3: Grind t13 looking for ancient CoE, Unity, Travelors Pledge, and Compass rose. 4: Start grinding up despairs and get 80s I have all but jewerly as ancient mostly well optimized. What do you all think I should do next? I btw HATE the charge barb so I'll stick with IK for pushing even though I wont be able to go as high (though we do have an IK or two in the top 50 and one in the top 10 so it's not that bad apparently).Zanthyst1 07 Mar
06 Mar Leap quake speed version build Hello, havent seen any builds like this for leapquake style so for the ones of us out that that enjoy leap quake have at it. Its relatively easy to gear for and when you got all pieces running grifts at 65-70 can be done very fast as leap quake the only thing is the belt that the guide displays is wrong, for some reason the site wont let me add girdle of giants as a belt. 06 Mar
06 Mar Season 13 BEST Barbarian Builds: Push & Speed (+video) MAIN VIDEO: Season 13 is right behind the corner and i wanted to compile a solid video for the community, showcasing all best barb builds possible. I went through all of them during PTR and pushed to the maximum limits possible for my paragon and gear. Some builds are a blast from the past while some are completely new. You can find all builds here as usual: 1) Immortal King's HAMMER OF THE ANCIENTS GR100+ 2) Raekor's HAMMER OF THE ANCIENTS GR100+ 3) Bul-Kathos's WHIRLWIND GR100+ 4) Istvan's WHIRLWIND GR100+ 5) IK6/R4 CHARGE GR100+ 6) Might of the Earth LeapQuake/FireQuake GR100+ 7) Might of the Earth SEISMIC SLAM GR100+ 8) Immortal King's WHIRLWIND GR95+ 9) Immortal King's SEISMIC SLAM GR95+ In the video you can only see solo PUSH builds, however for speedfarming i recommend this build: or this build: 06 Mar
05 Mar New to Barb - Need some tips (R6-HOTA) Hi guys. Playing Season for the first time and so far, having a blast. :) I'm mostly playing as sup barb with 3 friends - works fine so far (able to clear gr 90 without any problems) Now to my problem: I also try to push some grifts solo as R6 Hota barb. Sadly I have problems going higher than grift 85. I either do to less damage on elites (they live to long imo, maybe i should always get 30-40 charge stacks rdy? Mostly aiming for 20 stacks atm) or I get destroyed by a big pull (I feel like there isnt that much self healing - always have to look for orbs. Could a experienced barb give me some tips ? A look on my gear would also be appreciated. Thanks in advanceZero0 05 Mar
05 Mar Leapquake Barb, can't seem to push past GR81 Recently started trying to push decent GRs and I can't seem to output enough dmg, not sure whether it's my gear and the fact I lack ancient/primals or whether it's a matter of rolling gear etc. Could really appreciate some really good assistance as I'm looking forward to breaking GR100 :pray: ThanksAdam5 05 Mar
05 Mar enchanting +10-11% reduced damage from elites on chest I have a Raekors heart chest that has 14% life roll on it, I have tried at least 15 times rerolling to the reduced damage from elites with no success. I am wondering if perhaps it is a display bug where I can't actually get it, or just bad RNG, or a rare stat to roll. Not sure if I should keep going or not as it costs 50 veiled crystals per shot...harmar39 05 Mar
04 Mar Help with Barb build for GR70 I can complete GR 60-65 fairly well, however really struggling with completing GR70. my build for my barb - I hope someone can steer and advise how to tune my character. Any help would be great (: fibyfiby4 04 Mar
03 Mar Patch 2.7. Diablo 3 Patch 2.7 Diablo 3 Most balanced character patch All classes: New legendary shoulders with special power – increases damage of your pets by 25-30% New legendary pants with special power – each different skill with same element increases the damage by 10% for 15 seconds. Legacy of Nightmares Set: While this is your only Item set bonus every Legendary item you have...... Blackthornes Battlegear Set: 2 set bonus: Increase damage against elites and take reduced damage by 10% 3 set bonus: You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plague monstres ground effects. 4 set bonus: Every normal, magic and rare item you have increases your damage by 25% and reduces damage taken by 2%. Ancestors Grace Amulet: New special power: Every Ancient legendary Item you have reduce cooldown and resources cost by 1% Deamon Hunter Stolen Ring (old new ring with new icon) – special secondary power: Your slowing and chiling efects also increase damage equal to thair movement speed reduction ( not stackable – for example if item does 60% movement reduction and skill does 30%, result is 60% ) Only Iceblink gem can add damage. - it helps to Cold Builds and makes Iceblink usable. Natalya Set 6 pieces set bonus: After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 750% increased damage and také 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds Crusader Akkhan Set 6 pieces set bonus: While Akarats champion is active you deal 1200% increased damage by Condemn, Fist of the Heavens, Heavens Fury, Phalanx and Blessed Shield, and take 15% less damage. Invoker Set 6 pieces set bonus: The attack speed of Punish, Slash and Mirinae Gem are increased by 50% and deal 900% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit. ( it makes Mirinae gem more useble, its holy and healing efect smite nearby enemy every 1,5 sec and also add Thorns efect) Barbarian Immortal King Set 6 pieces set bonus: While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, you deal 500% increased damage. Warmonger – is no longer sword, now its a Mighty weapon, with drop for Barbarian, with special secondary power: Increases all your damage by 50-75%. Skulars Salvation – Increase the damage of Ancienit Spear by 100%. When you hits 5 or fewer enemies, the damage is incresed by 120-150% Witch Doctor Starmetal Kukri legendary power – Reduce the cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo by 1 second each time your fetishes deal damage. In adition Big Bad Voodoo has effect of every runa. Zunimassas Haunt set: Pets are now mean Fetishes and Gargantuans.(not zombie dogs) Helltooth set: Now dont use skills Firebats, Piranhas, Gargantuan But 6 set bonus gain 2000% increased damage for 15 seconds to you primary skills, Acid Cloud, Zombie charger, Zombie Dogs, Grasp of the Dead and Wall of the Death. Necromancer Corpse Lance skill: (it was excessive, need to be decresed) Target an enemy to summon projectiles from nearby corpses that cause 1750% weapon damage over 5 seconds, to the target. Golden Gorget of Leoric amulet – now drop only for necromancer and with changed legendary power to: increase the maximum number of skeletons for your command skeletons +3 and give 30% aditional damage to them. Pestilance set: 2 set bonus: Each corpse you consume reduce the cooldown of your Simulacrum by 2%. 4 set bonus: Each enemy you hit with Bone Spirit reduces your damage taken by 15%, up to a maximum of 60%. Lasts 20 seconds Monk Ulianas set 6 bonus: first part same as normal. But in adition If there is only 3 and less enemies in 25 yards increases damage by 100%. Wizard Ouroboros Amulet: special power – all off damage your skills do is now Arcane.Zasz7 03 Mar
01 Mar I have fury issues with ww build and bul kathos waepons I have fury issues with ww build and bul kathos waepons is it my build wrong for t13 or bonus set of bul kathos does not worksiberian31 01 Mar
25 Feb Might of the Earth set dungeon impossible Trying to do the set dungeon for MoE and the objective states "Use Leap, Ground Stomp, and THEN Earthquake in under 6 seconds on every Elite", but my set bonus automatically applies Earthquake whenever I use Leap, so I physically cannot do the dungeon. As soon as I leap to an elite and use Ground Stomp it says i've failed the objective. How do I do the set dungeon???Kailoren1 25 Feb
12 Jan Make useful(Boulder Toss) with Earthquake Build Hello everyone As you know Girdle of Giants Belt has an effect which is increasing Earthquake damage %250 when you use Seismic Slam(Rumble). Blizzard please add to the belt ''Using Ancient Spear(Boulder Toss) will increase %250 EQ damage. Bring an alternative not extra damage. 6th MotE set bonus is increases damage of EQ,Avalance and Ancient Spear %5600 it writes like this and I think BoulderToss skill only goes well best with this set.If we cant use this feature with this set why did you put then to MotE set? I want to play Ancient Spear(BT) with this build. Now important part is here; I can wear Skular's Salvation Bracers (For BToss damage) on my barbarian without putting on Kanai Cube Because i must use Lut Socks Kanai Cube. Also i can choose Three Hundred Spear kanai cube instead of Furnace this is also ok too. Wearing Ring of Royal Grandeur is not important here. I must have these skills on my skill bar; 1-Leap (Must be Chosen to attack with EQ) 2-Threatening Shout (Must be chosen for %25 more damage also causes Extra EQ) 3-War Cry (Causes an extra EQ) 4-Berserker (Must be chosen for %50 more damage) 5-Earthquake Molten Fury (Must be chosen) 6-Seismic Slam Ok now you may say remove war cry skill and put Ancient Spear skill. However Seismic Slam(Rumble) must to spend all fury to reset cooldown of Leap.Therefore you can never use BoulderToss in that way because Boulder Toss needs Full Fury. You have to attack with Leap skill again within 1 or 2 seconds you cannot use these 2 skills together. But if you bring to the belt this feature that i talked about we can use Both EQ and BoulderToss Also Earthquake build can reach to more higher Greater Rift Tiers because Number 1 Tier is 121 with FuriousCharge but EQ was 111 now.Nightwolf0 12 Jan
12 Jan HoTa build damage problems I've got a problem with my damage and i can't seem to figure out what's wrong. I've been using the full HoTa build for a while now. But sometimes it occurs that my damage is really low, of what it should be (talking from 70b-ish to suddenly 3b-ish damage) without doing anything differently from what i usually do (hope it makes sense). Been trying to change sets for a few days, hoping it would fix itself, it didnt. But now i'm completly not seeing those high numbers anymore, just the low 3b crits. Do anyone have the same experience, and do any of you know what i do wrong or what's causing it? Thank you in advance <3Mizzel5 12 Jan
08 Jan Please increase IK set damage bonus Please increase Immortal King set damage bonus from 1500% to 2000%WMFGREEN5 08 Jan