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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Barbarians Defenders of Mount Arreat! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Barbarians in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Barbarian class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Barbarians: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Yawp of the Immortal King: the expansion by OioxFûl (EU forums) Barbarian game mechanics info by Nubtro (NA forums) Builds: The "Barbaricare" Barbarian by Squirrel (EU blog) The Leaping Barbarian by Dax (EU forums) Fire-HOTA guide for new Barbarians by demonknight (NA forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "Lead Foot Lacerator" Barbarian by Suckerfred1 (EU blog) The "Rage of the Maniac" Barbarian by PhoenixGod (EU blog) The "Axe-nado" Barbarian by VegaPrime (EU blog) Lightning Raekor's Barbarian by Rhykker (YouTube) The "Ancient Elite Nullifier" Barbarian by Tactik EndGame (YouTube)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
2d [NOOB] WW set or LoN? Hey everyone! I am D3 player that started playing again after 2012....and i was pretty buffled with all the changes so i started grinding my whirl BB for a week (throwing away my beloved skorn with atk speed and lifesteal -which i saw it doesn't exist anymore- was heartbreaking). And i am at the point that i have BK with ramadanis and half ancient set of WW, while i am full ancient expect one ring/amulet with LoN reaching a farming level at 60 in Grift. What should i focus on now? continue pursuing better stats for a LoN set or start working going full ancient in WW ? There is much ambiguity in the effectiveness of LoN, so i would like to hear a well analysed opinion. Thanks ;)orcas932 2d
6d What is trick for TXIII WW Barbarian Hi, This is my barby : I can be alive in TX but i cant kill in T6 solo with my weapons. I couldn't find their Ancient. I have 3000dps two legandary swords but i cant use them cause i cant do ww run with them. They dont have resource generation. Is there any other option that i can use for ww with good resource generation? And also i want your suggestion for ww barbar. I can use WOTB infinitely with this build but it does not kill any monster easily after T5 difficulty.SinS4 6d
6d Support Barb Am gathering my loot to create a support barb for my team. I've done a lot of research and pretty sure I know what I'm doing. One question - is it boring? It looks like it could be fairly boring...KoAtheRAGE3 6d
14 Feb Deaths Bargain? Death’s Bargain Pants Found: Act 5 Gain an aura of death that deals 750-1000% of your Life per Second to enemies within 20 yards. You no longer regenerate Life. Anyone tried these pants?Fluttershy23 14 Feb
12 Feb Why no rend builds? Why is nobody using Rend with Whirlwind builds?morty5 12 Feb
10 Feb Hardcore Barb, tips on build? So I've tried "Barbarian Furious Charge Physical Build with The Legacy of Raekor and Immortal King" "Barbarian Whirlwind Build with Bul-Kathos's Oath and Wrath of the Wastes." Was using rubies and offensive gems and I felt a little glass cannon, I had trouble pushing GRs beyond 35. Even lost a barb to it. But I got an ancient blade of the tribes and decided to try this out. Now using defensive gems and diamonds, see my character here. Surviving quite well so far.. still pushing GRs 53++..and beyond next.. T12 rifting, and it's fairly-safe.. I've still got a very decent ancient IK axe and BK ancients for WW wastes. -argh just forget it- died. At least I have the other sets to make a new barb with, and gem of ease, hellfire stuff.. minor set back :DDancook1 10 Feb
09 Feb Help us on PTR Please help us on ptr with some Barb changes! Thank you all in advance!TeddyKGB0 09 Feb
05 Feb Which build for season 9? Getting bored with crusader so might try Barb for a while - I haven't played it for ages. Which build would be the best? Any guides welcome.Scourge6 05 Feb
02 Feb Proposal new set for barb If will come out new sets for classes. I wanted to propose my idea for a new set of barbaric, just to diversify a gameplay preste currently: Set Name: the ancient set 2 pieces: the number of ancient evoked increases from 3 to 5. 4 pieces: the ancient evoked have access to barbarian selected skill 6 pieces: Increases the damage of the ancient (x) for every (ancients / primal)equipped by the barbarian. what do you think ?Neka0 02 Feb
29 Jan Question about the in-game leaderboard !!! 1st I just want to say that I like to take a look at the leaderboards from time to time to get some idea of the top players builds and gear. However I've notice recently that the top 5 barbarian players can't be found on diabloprogress (which reflect the official leaderboard found in diablo 3 website). the question is does anyone have any idea why these two leaderboards are different from each other? (the in-game and the one found on d3 website or diabloprogress) P.S plz mind my bad englishRageWeaver1 29 Jan
28 Jan Need help improving my barb! So I just came back, due to the Diablo anniversary event, and thought I might keep playing. Now I'm WW barb - I like the built and so far, it's my Favourite. Before my break, I could take on about Grift level 45, but I just managed to get 50 done with about 7.5m left. Now, I'm just levelling my gems up to 50, and bloodcoining Kadala for Ancient items of my gear. But would like to know, which gems I should be using and which other items I should aim to get, rings etc.:) Thanks in advance!:DMasterZyck1 28 Jan
25 Jan Loot Pickup in WW build You cant pickup anything while channeling really annoying. You must stop channeling and numlock trick wont work with it. When your dps is so huge and no challange in the torments Blizzard should auto item pickup to the game what can be switch on settings.ICEMAN0 25 Jan
22 Jan Bug or something wrong? Ok so heres the question, im on HC with charge/toss barb, the Raekor set says i get a recharge if i hit an enemy, the problem is that sometimes when i charge him i just don't get the refund, idk why, am i doing something wrong?Please note that this is the first time im using this build, also check my profile barb.Fallro0 22 Jan
17 Jan Spirit of the Earth cooldown bonus not working I use full set Spirit of the Earth and the skills Leap and Earthquake. Earthquake is with The Mountain's Call and has a base cooldown of 30 secs. It appears that no matter what, the "Spirit of the Earth"'s 2 Set bonus (reduce cooldown by 1 sec for each 30 Fury spent) does not work at all, considering I am WW all the time, non stop, so I must be spending some Fury?Zilliman1 17 Jan
15 Jan ancient spear-boulder toss(need help) Hello everyone, i'm currently using furious charge/boulder toss with boulder toss being my dmg skill but i now i met a wall, cant pass greater rift 70. i did 70 one time but its rly hard most time and i cant pass within the time limit. Damage doesnt seem to be the issue it's more like survivalability issues. i die fast and rift bosses especially most times they one shot me.. can some1 help would rly like to reach 80 never dont it before :D here's a link to my character profile 15 Jan
09 Jan Leap gets u stuck Gj blizzard i went into the hardcore challenge. i competed in the top 50 of solo rifts and i died 3 times because i used leap and got stuck in the floor Wich means u cant use any ablities nor movement nor potion. May i really thank the development team of d3 for wasting my time. Best regards Wesleyevolution0 09 Jan
08 Jan Is my barb normal? Hi all! Have 2 barbs, one old and one for season 9. For some reason I feel they are not doing as much damage as they "should". Is there any way of checking if your barb is performing "normal" according to actual level? For ex. my paragon 35 barb is currently swinging 246440 damage. Expected? CheersSolidpontus0 08 Jan
07 Jan IK WW Lightning and Skull Grasp I decided to check how well IK WW lightning performs in T13 since i have to play a WW lightning build since Season 3 ( it is the female Barbarian in my profile if you want to check) and i notice that i have a Skull Grasp rolling 200%-300% Increased WW Damage but also i have a Skull Grasp rolling with 300%-400% ( it is from a previous Seasons.. For some reason i can wear both of them but my question is does the WW increased damage stack and how can i see it since it doesn't appear in my profile damage??And as for the build i had some issues with damage and toughness ( perhaps i have to make a few changes with gear skills and gems.. )Dante2 07 Jan
31 Dec Leap bug? I'm using leap build and I observe quite strange behavior. When the character is to die during first leap despite the fact that I receive some healing during the second leap then the hero dies immediately after finishing final third leap.Kolouš1 31 Dec
24 Dec LoN Frenzy - is anyone playing it? I'm gutted I don't have more time to play, as is I just have my Chicken WD for bounties, my SWK monk for tx and Nothing really for GR.. I see deadset has also made a guide regarding this build and it seems to just melt bosses. So is anyone trying this?? I've seen gr75 but anyone can farm that, we need to see someone break 90 with this!Itchy12 24 Dec
20 Dec Wastes 6th bonus It must increase overall Wirlwind damage, not only tornadoes. Maybe, not by 2500% - it can be 1500%, but it must increase all damage of that skill. Cos tornadoes mechanic are pretty stupid and unhandling - they are running too fast, with low area of effect and, in most cases, away from monsters: it's not too easy on packs and absolutely have no effect on single monsters (bosses). And it can be tested before release - do you did it? Not, really, what is wrong with you? Why ruin true melee skill and making extremely stupid skills, like "ololo I'm jumping" or "ololo, I'm ramming" so powerful? Look at the leaderboard - ALL ladders (SC and HC both) are full of reckor+king Rush clones, at least 1-200. Is it versatility or what?SilverWF4 20 Dec
13 Dec Current best Barbarian build? Hello everyone! I just got back to Diablo 3 after a break. I really liked the Seasonal rewards this time(Andariel's wings!) so I thought I'd start playing again : ). I was able to get the Chapter IV achis for the wings done easily but I then felt the urge to see how high I could go on the GR charts. I decided to use the old WW build from back in the day but with some changes I saw mentioned on the diablofans( website. The WW build on is advertised to hit GR90+ using it however I'm having trouble getting past GR 50. My gems are rank 40+ with the highest being Taeguk at 50. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? or If the build mentioned on is incorrect. If so, what is the current best build to hit the highest possible GR level. Thank you for your time.Maky2 13 Dec
02 Dec Barbar Deutsch Hallo Leute ich habe den build von loutennent gesehen fuer den barbar . Sieht gut aus , wie kontaktier ich ihn ? Habe verzweifelt eine message funktion gesucht .... Vielleicht liest er es ja Danke fuer die tipsLuke780 02 Dec
16 Nov Back after 3 years Hey guys ! I decided to come back after 3 years i think ? The last time i played it was pain in the ***. We had to farm so much to get a leg that was almost always as sh*tty as some random blue. But things have changed. I decided to go with a Barbarian but i'm completely lost... So many builds for solo and multi... Most of them you have to farm specific items. A friend helped me get 70 in 30min and now i'm trying to figure out what build to use. I'd like something that i can use in Solo and later probably go do some GR with my WD and Monk mates. I'm fresh 70, most of my stuff is still 60+. I think i will ask one of my mates to help me farm the Immortal King set but then, what build should i use to farm the "low tourment/rifts" content,? GR content? And later, what build should i use when i play with them ? ThanksKaäl2 16 Nov
08 Nov Raekor 6 bugged with Earthquake? Hello, I tried to use Raekor 6 bonus on Earthquake. While Raekor 6 charge stacks get consumed, the damage bonus doesn't seem to be applied to the EQ. I didn't check numbers though, but EQ did basically no dmg to mobs. Is it bugged or am I missing something?Thormael1 08 Nov
01 Nov Damage and Toughness hello, so i have a problem , when i spend fury my Damage and Toughness go down, is ok that? thank you in advance.Nora3 01 Nov
27 Oct Charge Help Hey guys, was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out. I've really been struggling doing 70+ rifts solo, I may be wrong but I think my gear should be capable than going higher than this? I seem to be putting enough damage out but seem to get hammered and die at least 5 times a rift, often alot more. Is there anything I'm doing it wrong? Or am i just bad haha. Any help is appreciated. 27 Oct
26 Oct Dust Devils appearance Please change it back to how it looked before. They're virtually invisible and you don't get any visual impact. If you need people happy about this change, make them slightly opaque as you do with pets. Their appearance needs a bit of gravitas as it used to have. I wasn't aware of this when I started this class. I thought, surely when I get the set, they won't be the same. But oh no; The development team haven't failed me on that front.Kurthu2 26 Oct
26 Oct Raekor's Furious Charge build stalling I would apreciate any help. I am unable to constantly charge like i did in S6, and i cannot figure out why. Anyone able to give me a hand please? JohnnyJohnny3 26 Oct
25 Oct WW/Bul-Kathos build viable again? So after the season I went back to my other barb, which is a WW/Bul-Kathos build (I switched to a MOTE leapquake build in season). I got around 100 paragon points after the season along with some more WW ancients and did some tweaking. I noticed that now I'm able to absolutely destroy at TX and do TXI comfortably and my gems aren't even rank 25 yet. There is still a bit of work to do with more ancients, etc, but with Skull Grasp, Furnace and Mantle of Channeling in the cube I've noticed a HUGE dps increase. Am I crazy? Is WW getting better? Cheers :)Gergaroth2 25 Oct
18 Oct Does Toxin gem proc bane of the trapped? Does Toxin gem proc bane of the trapped?Sodril1 18 Oct
17 Oct Frenzy Barb. looking for advice to advance into/over TX Hail, this is the current build which is perfectly capable of TXI, i'd like to upgrade it without messing up the fire/frenzy concept. Right now the build is at almost %40 IAS, near %60 CHC and %500+ CHD. Things i can make a list of: Item-wise 1) Get more ancients. 2) Andariel. 3) A useful shoulder piece. 4) Replace some gems ? Skill-wise 1) Replace Nerves of Steel with Brawler. 2) Replace Threatening Shout with Overpower if it makes up for the DPS loss with the current high CHC. Other than that, i feel like i'm missing out some synergy possibilities due to my lack of Barbarian class experience, i would cherish every opinion. Thanks for reading.Stdzx2 17 Oct
17 Oct Frenzy Primary Build - What could I change? Good day to you all! Please see my current build here > Can anyone think of anything I can change to enable higher Grifts? Currently able to solo T 13 no bother at all, but I am def reaching a plateau point. I have started to upgrade my gems for use with Augmenting Ancient Items: Caldesann's Despair. I look forward to the feedback. Thanks, Unknown.Unknown0 17 Oct
16 Sep please help season 7 chapter IV yo i need some help im paragon level 185 and it say i need to complete greater rift 20 im i strong enough to do it ?EpicTroll0 16 Sep
14 Sep Wrath of Wastes build Just got this set in season 7, just wonder what gear/build i should get?Blaine3 14 Sep
14 Sep Really need a rating for HC BARB. Hi out there. Could you please give me some input for improvements, and possibly rate my HC BARB. I know I still need Ancient belt+helm with caldesans in, but other than that I am a little lost for ideas. Especially what to use instead of the SOJ. Thanks for the help.Dactaronia0 14 Sep
14 Sep Want to create Frenzy+thorns barb (goblin hunting) Frenzy and thorns suck when killing goblins so I thought of a secondary either rend or HOTA wich is best?Sodril0 14 Sep
12 Sep Hexing Pants of Mr Yan Dont work on a barbarian Ok so it says in the description that all damage is increased by 25% while moving and decreased by 23% while standing still. Playing as a barbarian when you run it works as it should, however when you whirlwind your damage doesnt change. Intended or a bug? I might be wrong in thinking this here but whirlwinding is most definately moving as its hardly standing still :s Can a blue please advise if this is a bug?Leviathan7 12 Sep
12 Sep caldean despair hello, can i use caldean despair more than once on same item ?DeadlyKitten1 12 Sep
07 Sep whritvind sound LEVEL is greatly to high ? OR ???? PLEES think on it WHEN PLAYING BIT LONGER 45 min that noise becomes impossibly nasty like mi brothers (greatFART) &&&&!!!!!!???????? PLEES people doo somtin MI suferings is REAL WUD BEE not that loud agenst other sounds in game *that bastard sticks out and pises of :-( !"£$%^^ IF SOMONS FEEL THE SIME lets crie togetherjAnis1 07 Sep
06 Sep What to improve on my Leapquake barb? Hi, This is my hero: Can you recommend what should I change? The problem is the healing. I have beaten barely GR66. The obvious first thing is pants with all res instead of the armor, but what else? Is the amulet ok?XerX0 06 Sep
29 Aug Wastes set, does it get better? Me and my husband both got our respective set bonus yesterday. He had the witch doctor and his pets does several thousand million in damage. I do about 300 mil when my dust devils crit. I don't have skull grasp, but that is just dubbel whirlwind and will not get me up there.Toffifee8 29 Aug
17 Aug Need help with my current build I'm still quite new to the game and I'm looking for options to improve my current build. I'm just one season objective away (GR 20 solo) from obtaining the last set item from Haedrig's Gift. However with my current build, I die too soon in GR20. 17 Aug
14 Aug Vitality Or All resistance So I finally got Ancient Skulars Salvations and they are this 553 Strength 564 Vitality 129 Resistance to All Elementes Crital Hit Chance Increased by 6.0% My question is what should I roll to physical damage the Vitality or All Resistance?Andrew1 14 Aug
10 Aug Question bout Bash with Blade of the warlord... Does Bash benefit from Damage increase while wearing Depth diggers pants together with Blade of the warlord? Depth diggers says: "Primary skills that generate resource deal 80–100% additional damage." Blade of the warlord says: "Bash consumes up to 40 Fury to deal up to 400–500% increased damage." Since bash no longer works with FnR as resource generator, I assume that it basically is resource spender and no longer generate fury and benefit from Depth diggers. I am curious because in my IK frenzy/bash build may be better to cube The Undisputed champion over Depth diggers. I am not able to test it ATM. Thanks guys.dottek0 10 Aug
10 Aug Hands Reforge Issue That's the hero, I've got really good Ancient gloves, but the issue is, should I reroll VIT into CHD since AD is really good or to reroll AD into CHD and keep VIT on them. Thanks in advance for the tips. Luv' ya all :)Stancho0 10 Aug
09 Aug Wrath of the Wastes set dungeon This one is simply put the most utterly horrendous experience I've so far had the misfortune to endure in my time as a Diablo 3 player. Specifically, the objective to not get hit by a physical attack. To my knowledge barbarians are meant to be melee...? For the love of God, change this objective into something that actually has something to do with whirlwind. Set dungeons are supposed to test a player's SKILL with a SET - not the player's luck and latency. On a side note: this set dungeon can actually, in theory at least, be completed without using Whirlwind, which, to my knowledge is supposed to be the signature skill of the set... On a further side note, it would be an improvement to all set dungeons if an option was added to restart the set dungeon, once any objective is failed.Lalando6 09 Aug
09 Aug New MOTE build Is the new mote build performing better than the old one (dread iron belt) ?Xenofex1 09 Aug