Demon Hunter

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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Demon Hunters Avengers of the Fallen! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Demon Hunters in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Demon Hunter class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Demon Hunters: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: The Demon Hunter Den of Info by D3MON (EU forums) Builds: Fast Farming Build in RoS by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Multiple Rocket Launcher" Demon Hunter by Outlaw (EU blog) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "Dark Grenadier" Demon Hunter (+Vid) by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Lightning Rage Nocturne" Demon Hunter by Abachio (EU blog) The "Cold Sentry Build" by BANNDIT (YouTube) The "Rocket Druid" Demon Hunter by Alexus (EU blog) The "Physical Cluster" Demon Hunter by wudijo (Diablofans)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
2d What skill is this?! I remember watching this gameplay video years ago, before the game was even released. I just bought the game last week, and got my Demon Hunter to level 44. However, I can't seem to figure out the skill the DH in the video uses as its secondary (Hatred) attack. I thought it'd be Immolation Arrow, but it doesn't leave a flame trail, and looks more like a fiery skull being launched. Does anyone know how to get the flame trail attack, or has that been removed from the game?Brazilski3 2d
3d Stuck at GR65 - need help Table of contents (so you only have to read what you need to read): 1. Intangibles 2. Situation 3. Goal 4. Build 5. Possible Solutions 1. Intangibles So I bought the game during the sale 10 days ago, and in that time I plateaued a few times but was always able to find help to get past the next hurdle. I ditched my Wizard for DH and it's fun, eventhough I'm still missing a bunch of equipment. 2. Situation Yesterday I failed a GR for the first time, and while part of that was Perdition, it didn't feel like I was strong enough to move upwards, so my best one was GR65. It feels that my main issue right now is that I don't have enough hatred to get my damage out - and I'm far too squishy to pull everything together in order to save hatred. Another part is that I don't have Vengeance up for far too long. 3. Goal A quick fix to get me over GR70. I know that I could do some gem leveling and general grinding to get in better shape for that, but if I have a shot at doing that AFTER GR70, it'd be a lot more rewarding. 4. Build 4.1. Skills: Evasive (Focus), Multishot (Broadside), Vengeance (Seethe - to deal with the hatred issue), Vault (Tumble), Sentry (Polar), Companion (all of them) 4.2. Paragon: 377 points, Movement -> max Hatred, Attack Speed -> CDR, Life -> Armor, Area -> RCR 4.3. Items: Head: Marauder (Dex, Armor, Socket: +20% Life) Shoulders: Marauder (Dex, Vit, Arm, RCR 8%) Hands: Marauder (Dex, AttSpee 7%, CHD 31%, CHC 8.5%) Torso: Garwulf (Dex, 10 Discipline, 840 Dex in sockets) Belt: String of Ears (Dex, Life after Kill) Wrist: Wraps of Clarity (Dex, CHC 4.5%, Life per Hit) Legs: Marauder (Dex, Vit, 200 Dex in sockets) Boots: Marauder (Dex, Vit, 10% Multishot damage,10% Movement Speed, Health Globes Healing) Weapon: Yang's (2,616.5 DPS, +8% damage, Dex, Vit, RCR 43%, 11 Discipline) Quiver: Bombardier's (Dex, Vit, AttSpee 18%, CHC 9%, HatredReg, 77% Sentry Damage, 11 Discipline) Ring1: Focus (Dex, Vit, Armor, Socket: Zei's (1)) Ring2: Restraint (Int, Vit, 18% Area Damage, Socket: BotT (45)) Amu: not sure... either Traveler's Pledge (Dex, CHD 78%, HP-Reg, Life per Hit) or Hellfire (Physical Skills +20% damage, Dex, CHC 10%, Leech Passive, Socket: BotS (1)) Potion: Rejuvenation (other one is Amplification) 4.4. Cube Dead Man's Legacy, Zoey's Secret, Ring of Royal Grandeur 4.5. Passives Awareness, Custom Engineering, Cull the Weak, Leech/??? 5. Possible Solutions: 5.1. I know what you're thinking... why is Zoey's in the Cube instead of Garwulf - it's because I didn't expect Garwulf to drop, which it did in the rift directly after cubing Zoey. If Zoey were to drop (or I try and get it somehow), I could put on Marauder's Carapace which would free up Ring of Royal Grandeur for a better jewelry cube power. Oculus and Convention would be options. 5.2. Maybe Vengeance (Dark Heart) instead of Seethe... Maybe Vault (Rattling) instead of Tumble. 5.3. Enchant a bit... however, I feel that with all those items I'm generally 2 enchants away from it being good, which makes it hard to invest too much. Besides, what to roll for? 5.4. Swap to Impale build. No... not enough stuff to make it work, I feel.Myrion7 3d
29 Nov DH Damage problem Hello everyone, I am playing a unhallowed multishot dh and currently i am at 380 paragon lvl. I have completed my set and have everything required (or so I think) and my damage output is low. Whenever i am not engaged in a fight my damage stat is 850k. However, when i am in combat my damage stat drops to 500k. Anythoughts? It's really frustrating after all the time I grinded :)ImissYogg6 29 Nov
16 Nov Wow Primal Dead Man's Legacy First time playing a DH and got this Primal Dead Man's legacy. I don't want to screw this up so what is really better +12 Discipline or + 15% Multi- Shot ? I think Discipline is the way to go but would appreciate any advice.Lux5 16 Nov
15 Nov Impale cold build (mechanics) Hello, since I'm new to DH class (actually I'm mostly new to d3 itself and don't understand well all the mechanics) I would like to ask some DH related questions, hopefully I came the right place. 1. do impale build need area damage? 2. the 6 set shadow bonus say that first enemy I hit I do 50 k % damage, so this damage is 1 time only for that enemy regardless if in the process I change target and then change back to that enemy? Thank you in advance.SifRed1 15 Nov
09 Nov impale and AD OK, so with a HPS quiver, you get 3 daggers. AD has a 20% chance of triggering with a monster attack. Does AD only count a single dagger, all 3 daggers with the 20% chance? I presume it's only the first single dagger that does the 50k bonus dmg. Next question - with the ricochet rune, when the daggers ricochet, does that trigger AD on any new monsters hit by the ricochet? I presume not. d3planner doesn't seem to include AD in sim or elemental DPS, so it's hard to judge how good it is. I have watched quin69's excellent video on AD and I'm convinced it's worthwhile and partly moved towards it for s15 with my DH. I'm definitely seeing trash melt quicker, which is important on console due to the NG mechanic (it's vastly different on consoles to the PC version of the game). Can anyone confirm my thoughts?mrtheoden3 09 Nov
09 Nov Some questions on impale So...what is impale's base dmg? The tool tips don't say unlike other skills. I presume it is physical. Grievous wounds rune - again, like above, the game tool tips don't mention the dmg type. I again presume physical. This is a wee bit of an oversight on Blizzard's part that should never have made it past QA... I'm curious to see and test if a higher CHC, combined with physical dmg and the grievous rune is as good as the typical lightning and cold variants. Apologies if this has been asked before - these forums search tools are well, pretty terrible...mrtheoden3 09 Nov
05 Nov Wizzard and demon hunter the belt of rain of vengeance does not work ,please make it easier ,i can`t upgrade 50 gems anymore with wizzard and asshnangard`s bracer the potency of the shield does not pass torrment 11 ,please make it fun.doxo4 05 Nov
03 Nov Can't pass gr90 Can't pass gr90 with this gear: I think to be equipped quite well, what have to improve? just my skill? thanksNikkem6 03 Nov
03 Nov Ancient yang, what to reroll? So I just got this Yang's: 2.999 dps 1391-1693 cold damage 6% damage 980 dex 910 vit reduces all resource costs by 44% secondary 9 discipline Multishot attacks 50% faster and its damage is increased by 193% Overall a pretty decent bow. I will ofcourse socket it once I find a gift. But what would give me the better boost: Trying to roll 10% damage or try to get a better base damage?Maul3 03 Nov
03 Nov Impale - cold build Hello, today i have tried to make my impale from lightning (ricochet) to cold (overpenetration) damage (this because I got a decent primal quiver that has cold and sadly had strafe so i had to choice). Now I confront a problem with my hatred. There is some time when with 2-3 impale throw, I just kill my hatred and i need to run/vault just to not die, but then, when I hit a pack of mobs.. it just jumps back to 100%, just like that. So, what is this issue that I see here? If i use cold-impale (ci) on a single target i lose all my hatred but if I would target a pack of mobs it just stay filled up.. thus.. somehow I leech hatred from enemys ? Just for the note, both cold and lightning have 20 hatred consume, but with lightning I never seen this issue above mentioned. Thanks in advance for anyone who might lift this mystery up for me.SifRed5 03 Nov
30 Oct Unity combo and GR I'm sure lots of you guys already tried... My question is, at which point is double unity + follower relic pointless ? I know it might prevent oneshots in let's say GR35+ Is it noticable in 40 ? 45? I'm trying (well trying.. its RNG :D ) to find second one, but I'm starting to think whether its really worth it... I can manage GR38-39 without it. Should I keep looking or instead focus on not getting hit? There has to be a point when 50% damage reduction isnt enough...Bugii12 30 Oct
23 Oct Yangs Has anyone else been struggling to get Yangs drop since the new season went live? I'm up to P442 and STILL not had one drop, either in game nor through Kadala or Kanai. I've only just gotten Focus.Garrett14 23 Oct
20 Oct New build, gear effects and skill effects questions. so i got this new build i have been trying to put together for fun, still got other items i wanna switch out and in, but this is the version i'm trying out right now my question is, will the fist in the cube also affect the sentries? my second question is, will my sentries also affect my belt for better surviveability? Edit: also does my sentries proc my amulet from the cube? "the ess of johan" My build atm is in my profile, so people can see the changes i have on from the d3planner I know a lot will probably say use this and that instead on other items, but for now i wanna try my own way, so please hold back and just awnser the questions i asked :D Thanks in advance.Dezmo1 20 Oct
06 Oct Why do I suck with demon hunter? I'm level 67, I'm doing pretty well with any other class, witch doctor is just plain overpowered... but I REALLY suck with demon hunter. Half the time I keep running around to avoid getting killed in 4 hits. After a few shots I'm already out of hate. And enemies take a LOT to die... My main problem are my skills... I'm obviously doing something wrong. I'm looking to play a more laid back, less clicky character... focusing a lot on doing damage. not sure if I'm allowed to post pictures but it's basically bolas+multishot on mouse, and preparation, vault, 3x sentry and wolf companionLiviuMarin7 06 Oct
28 Sep Ench! SOS! Good Evening! I have a question :) Few hours ago i had a screen freeze while i was trying to get ench an Ancient set piece.. In the end: I ended up ench the wrong stat and now i cant even get to fix it to it's previews state. Is there any chance a Game Master can fix this? or is it possible somehow to get it back to how it was? PS I accidently ench the secondary stats so I can't get the stats I need atm :/Pudding1 28 Sep
23 Sep Demon Hunter as Real Policy Unit? Here is it. Great Secret from China. My humble feedback as one who reach this Knowledge. 700 hours of Editing work. Blizzard i want tone of Money for that! Its based on my real personal Experience! Here you can try play as 7 ,,Profesionals´´ VS 3 ,,Amateurs´´ Most Valuable on this map is short Briefing during loading of Game. Hope its playable! 23 Sep
19 Sep 1st time DH Hello mah people! I'm gonna play DH for the 1st time the upcoming season and I'm gonna use the gift with Multishot build. I've played a lot of Rathma Necro, Monk WoL and Condemnadin, and a !@#$load of WW Barb. How does it compare to these builds at: 1. Speedfarm Rifts/Bounties 2. Speedfarm Gems 3. Easy to play 4. Damage potential Thank you!Herowar2 19 Sep
16 Aug sometimes cant place sentry turret For some reason i some times cant place sentry turrets when meeting a elite pack in rifts ? What happens is the following, I see a elite pack, come close want to place turrets but when i press the turret button it doesn't do anything, but as soon as i cleared that elite pack i can place them again. as if nothing has happend , and sometimes i can place them when meeting a elite pack. so i was wondering is there is some ability power that a elite pack can have that forces me to defeat it without turrets? or is it a bugRazorSharp2 16 Aug
15 Aug Yangs Recurve question Hi everyone , my first post . I'm pretty much a noob at D3 , but i'm really enjoying it . I see that Yangs recurve is a highly recommended bow for the DH class . I was able to make one in the cube , but compared to my Odyssey's End there is a large stat loss if i go to equip it . Is that because it is a bad version of it ? Sorry for the noob question , i'm trying to understand how items work . Thanks for any help . RedsReds2 15 Aug
12 Aug Build for high GRs I am currently testing three DH's builds: UE multishot, Marauder cluster arrow, and Shadow impale: Unhallowed Essence - Mutlishot Marauder's Spine - Cluster Arrow The Shadow's Mantle - Impale I cannot figure out which build should I focus on to get the highest GRs, not necessarily solo but sometimes it is hard to find a good group. I am trying to get a build which give me a good balance between high DMG, mobility and of course damage mitigation. UE Multishot is probably the easiest with great mobility and decent damage mitigation but I feel like its damage is the lowest out of the three I listed. Marauder's cluster arrow with cluster bombs has massive DMG but is really slow. This one is also tricky but I figure out to let pets lead to absorb damage and where to drop sentries to maximise damage. My problem is damage reduction, though. Around 85 I die a lot. Even though I wear Elusive ring, I have to Vault to avoid monsters. Without Preparation I run out of discipline. Recently, I have been trying Shadow impale, as well. I like this build because it is super fast and has much better damage mitigation. With belt, Vault is just for free and Elusive Ring is triggered all the time. It also has very good single target damage. The latter means I have to Vault a lot and "snipe" elites. Out of three, with my current builds, I managed to reach the highest GR 90. Shadow is different, though. I have to avoid small multiple Elites and focus on big single ones. I think I could push it to 91 or 92 but this is as far as I can go right now. My choice would be shadow but I am not sure if it scales well with compete gear. I was wondering if you can help me to decide which build I should focus on and improve. PS. As you can see, all three builds are incomplete because I was jumping from one to another and augment pieces.Céldor3 12 Aug
07 Aug Been away for a while... advice please I've been away for a year or so, perhaps longer, and now when I log in, there doesn't seem to be anyone playing public games. What does everyone do now? I've been running around killing everything quickly, so I'm not sure that my gear needs upgrading, but I continue to read about augmenting and level 90 rifts, neither of which I do. My DH is here: Any advice or opinion? thanks in advanceOtis1 07 Aug
05 Aug Struggling DH Struggling to find better gear than what I've got equipped. I've taken ages to get where I am with Ancients but I've not found one single primal yet. Character is MrsCrowley, Natalya/Marauder build. I'm getting towards the point of giving up the game. What's the point if I can't improve any further? My GR best is 12:47 @ L85, I just can't get any higher. Any ideas?Garrett4 05 Aug
03 Aug CAN'T PASS GR 89 (MARAUDEUR MULTISHOT) Hello, First time being so far in GR, but I can't pass the 89 one. Each time i either die too much or don't deal enough damage to kill the boss in time. So, i came here to ask you for some optimisation my stuff could get :D I don't have much Diablo knowledge, as i said this is my first time going further than Parangon 400. The only thing i know for now is that i have to put the highest possible Caldesann on each of my pieces and try to upgrade my gems as much as I can, but I'm sure my set isn't perfect and could use some optimization. P.S : If you want to see my character from this site, it's "Lyara". It might not be updated (i've changed gems to diamonds and some spells) so just in case here's the updated d3planner : P.S² : And English isn't my main language, so if there's anything you didn't understood don't hesitate to ask :) (And sorry if there's mistakes :x) Thanks for your help !Mystogan1 03 Aug
03 Aug Hallowed essence set dungeon. I can't express my hatred for this dungeon. It's the worst one I have done so far. The enemies are to far apart and don't follow so every time I think I have enough, it's almost always 17. I finally managed to get 6 hits on 20 enemies but then the time ran out since I had to waste so much on just placing them. Change it or make it more dense because now it feels like pure luck.Toffifee9 03 Aug
01 Aug What to reroll on Rucksack. Marauder Sentry DMG. Can someone correct me or confirm my calculations are correct? I have been trying to work out overall damage when using the Marauder set. Particularly, I was interested in stat I should reroll for the Rucksack, which is between +XX% Sentry and +XX% Cluster Arrow damage. I have read a post that sort of clarifies some numbers but this post is from 2016. The link to the post: I was wondering how the numbers work in patch 2.6.1 and seazon 14. I tried to do calculations but they are suspiciously high (O_o)! I considered how +DMG would be applied, e.g. M6 bonus, M4 Bonus, +100% sentries DMG, etc. I deliberately ignored CHD, CHR, +% Elemental DMG, +% from granades. If you are through the numbers, it looks that the damage when +100% sentry dmg is rerolled on Rucksack is higher: 907,100% vs 887,400%. Sentries also do twice as much damage and this is important factor when wiping trash is concerned, which is important factor in a group. Can you tell me what you think about it? Thanks. I. Overall damage with +100% Sentry on Rucksack and +30% Cluster Arrow on items. 1) Damage done by all 5 Sentries: - +850% by Cluster Arrow (Loaded for Bear) - +30% of CLuster Arrow from items (Boots, Head) - +300% of Cluster Arrow from Manticore - +100% of Any skill casted by a Sentry - M4 bonus of a sentry 400% DMG by SENTRIES = . = CA_DMG * CA_ITEMS_BUFF * MANTICORE * SENTRY_XX% * M4_BUFF * NO_SENTRIES . = 850% * 30% * 300% * 100% * 400% * 5 . = 850% * (1 +30/100)*(1 + 300/100)*(1 + 100/100)*(1 + 400/100)*5 . = 850% * 1.3 * 4 * 2 * 5 * 5 . = 850% * 260 . = 222,000% 2) Damage done by a player: - +850% by Cluster Arrow (Loaded for Bear) - +30% of CLuster Arrow from items (Boots, Head) - +300% of Cluster Arrow from Manticore - +3000% M6 bonus per sentry DMG by PLAYER = . = CA_DMG * CA_ITEMS_BUFF * MANTICORE * M6 . = 850% * 30% * 300% * 3,000% * 5 . = 850% * 1.3 * 4 * 155 . = 850% * 806 . = 685,100% 3) Total damage: DMG_BY_SENTRIES + DMG_BY_PLAYER = 222,000 + 685,100 = 907,100% (Cluster Arrow Loaded Bear) II. Overall damage with +45% Cluster Arrow damage on all items. - +850% by Cluster Arrow (Loaded for Bear) - +45% of CLuster Arrow from items (Boots, Head, Rucksack) - +300% of Cluster Arrow from Manticore - M4 bonus of a sentry 400% DMG by SENTRIES = . = CA_DMG * CA_ITEMS_BUFF * MANTICORE * SENTRY_XX% * M4_BUFF * NO_SENTRIES . = 850% * 45% * 300% * 0% * 400% * 5 . = 850% * (1 +45/100)*(1 + 300/100)*(1 + 0/100)*(1 + 400/100)*5 . = 850% * 1.45 * 4 * 1 * 5 * 5 . = 850% * 145 . = 123,250% 2) Damage done by a player: - +850% by Cluster Arrow (Loaded for Bear) - +45% of CLuster Arrow from items (Boots, Head) - +300% of Cluster Arrow from Manticore - +3000% M6 bonus per sentry = 15,000% DMG by PLAYER = . = CA_DMG * CA_ITEMS_BUFF * MANTICORE * M6 . = 850% * 45% * 300% * 3,000% * 5 . = 850% * 1.45 * 4 * 155 . = 850% * 899 . = 764,150% 3) Total damage: DMG_BY_SENTRIES + DMG_BY_PLAYER = 123,250 + 764,150 = 887,400% (Cluster Arrow Loaded Bear)Céldor9 01 Aug
23 Jul I got lucky but I am stuck with enchating. Need advise! I have found a really nice Yang's, but it has 12 disc. Should I reroll my 11 disc to 12? This is a screenshot of the bow: 23 Jul
19 Jul UE Multishot in need of advice Hello I got lucky with items this season but I am stuck and I dont know what should I craft/reroll next. Currently working on better belt and bracers with LoH. I have problems with hatred management (I swap cindercoat for dmg reduction helm abd nemesis bracers for dmg reduction bracers) and life regen on higher GRs. Should I invest some materials into CoE with CC/CD/IAS? My current setup for speed GR 80: Thanks for your help!Xele1 19 Jul
29 Jun DH Multishot feels like I've reached the end.. Hi everyone I need some help with my build and was hoping u could give me a hand :) Currently I can barely clear a level 90 GR wit the gear that I have now. I know that I need to augement the rest of my gear and get the last ancients but what about my rolls? I've looked up several guides (Rhyker/Icy-veins) and thought that the rolls they suggested fits pretty good, but still I feel that my build should be better. Here is my current gear: Hope u can help!Salkin95104 29 Jun
24 Jun Yangs and CoE Hi I am using a Yangs which has got Poison as its damage type, am I right in thinking that this won't synergise with my CoE Ring and do I need a Bow with the damage types listed to get more damage? TIASwindonUK2 24 Jun
12 Jun Marauder in next seazon Hi, It seems like next season is going to be a Marauder Set. I thought I would give DH Marauder a go. I always wanted to test Marauder and Cluster Arrow. I tried a simple set without going too crazy with Caldesann's Despair and I did a few Rifts / Greater Rifts up 87. I have to admit that the damage is ok but currently I die a lot. It's like DH has little or no mitigation. Do you know what can be done to increase damage reduction? I am wondering what's the best between Visage of Genues, Zoey's Secret and The Cloak of the Garwulf.Céldor3 12 Jun
12 Jun New Player - DH Feels Overpowered/Too Easy? Hi all, I'm coming back to the Diablo series having not played since D2 in like 2003-ish iirc. The only difficulties available to me currently are beginner to normal. Right now, DH feel super OP at normal difficulty in PvE. I barely have to try. I can just spam rapid fire at everything and win without breaking a sweat. I barely even have to heal. My question is, is every class this easy at normal difficulty? Granted, I'm still only at the closing of Act I, but I swear D2 was way more challenging at normal difficulty even this early in the game. You couldn't just run around without a care in the world and blitz everything without dropping below half health. Is there a way to skip to higher difficulties beyond hard without completing the campaign first? If not, is hard much more difficult than normal? It's rare that I criticise a game for being too easy as I generally suck at games overall, but this feels like it should be considerably harder. I remember this series being closer to Dark Souls kind of difficulty back in the day, where you could easily get overwhelmed. Right now, it feels like a shooting gallery. Would you recommend shifting up to hard mode?RivieraKid9 12 Jun
08 Jun Marauder build - please help! I'm at wit's end. Seriously. I've been building my DH on Marauder's set because it's by far the most fun way to play IMHO. But he has absolutely no survivability whatsoever. He gets one-shotted by a pebble, even in GR levels as low as 60 - and he's not even doing that much damage either! His gear is all Ancient (Incl. on Primal) except for the quiver, which seems to be impossible to find a replacement for. I've managed to climb up to level 76 during season 13, but when the season ended suddenly it seems impossible to clear even GR lvl 72 for some ungodly reason. What the hell am I doing wrong? First I thought the DH just had a higher progression threshold than other classes, so I started augmenting with fairly low level L.Gems in order to climb slowly. But alas, it seems that I've reached an unsurpassable plateau. I've been watching YouTube videos, studied variations of Marauder build, tinkered back and forth, but have only reached marginal changes if any at all. Is DH supposed to be one-shot at this level and supposed to run like a scared mouse at all times, and if so, how the hell am I supposed to make that GR timer when all I have time for is to run and dodge? (I did try that too btw, but end up running into more and more enemies, as if I wasn't overwhelmed already. I realize that I'm not the most hardcore player out there, but I know I'm not this bad. Help is much appreciated. Any advice at all. (and if you can, please keep the acronyms to a minimum. I've had the game for a while, but am still not versed in them). Thanks.OrroDan2 08 Jun
01 Jun Marauder Multishoot viable? .Nope1 01 Jun
31 May Need help to push higher GRifts I've come back to diablo after abit of a break and really enjoying the game. I am however struggling abit with my demon hunter. I've managed to hit a tier 80 greater rift so far and not really able to push higher, I feel that I lack toughness as also now damage. I was hoping someone with abit more experience could perhaps tell me where I'm going wrong with perhaps my gear. I'm starting to farm up my legendary gems to augment some of my gear as that wasn't around when I used to play but don't want to waste them on perhaps subpar gear. A link to my demon hunters profile is here. 31 May
28 May DH survivability / general questions I recently got back into the game (after a rather lengthy break), only to discover some nice buffs here and there. For example - my Multishot DH is now capable of T12 (probably T13 even, but with less efficiency), at least after some initial tweaks. I use my DH for farming mats (Deaths Breath) and shards; primarily to gear up other classes (working on the Necromancer now). Obviously if a new piece of gear drops that's better than what I currently got, I'll use it, but that doesn't happen nearly as often now. I AM constantly out of Deaths Breath however... Anyway, I do remember my DH suffering from brittle bone disease back before I took a break, and now with the higher difficulty Tiers this seems to be even more evident. I'm sort of wondering if this is just me playing being bad or having a bad build or if this really IS the reality of the less-tanky classes (like the Mage or the DH)? This also means my approach to clearing (g)rifts has to be methodical and I can't just speed-run towards elites and call it a day, as a random group of non-elites can just 2 shot me (I'm trying to work around that with the Moratorium gem ATM). And enemies which explode on death (or leave deadly bodies) are a major annoyance, as I need to wait for the explosion before I move on - again, not to wind up in the middle of a mob pack which might be waiting around the corner. I'd appreciate some tips on my build and / or a confirmation that, yes, DHs need to be extra careful and die to a nearby sneeze at higher tiers. I've also got a side question - looking through the profiles of some other people, it seems like having all items being ancient is a normal occurrence at higher levels of play... but is that just months of grinding, or is there a trick to this? Especially since an ancient item might still not be good, all things considered - and for example has wrong stats for your build (not even talking about the primary stat being for a different class). Doesn't this make getting a good, useful ancient incredibly unlikely? PS. Here's my current DH for reference: 28 May
26 May Shadow Mantle Update? So did they update the look of the Shadow's Mask? If I could post a picture I would but I got a different looking helm from the Shadow Mantle set to drop on my Monk and it does not look the same at all. Either that or I have a bugged version.jdhiatt5 26 May
26 May Back after a longer break, impale build input im back after a longer break after the necro invasion. what should i improve first? whats good and whats garbage :-) 26 May
26 May Item progression - Impale DH Hello everybody. Just came back to D3 after 3 years or so. Enjoying the game a lot so far with a DH with Impale build. Progression to 80GR has been quite smooth so far but now I feel like I have hit a plateau. That's why I am asking for help. In addition to the gems (working on that), what are the next priorities? Thank you in advance :)Spunkete15 26 May
26 May Yang's Recurve doesn't give bonus dmg multishot Hello, i was rerolling legendary on kanai's cube and spotted that rolled Yang's Recurve buff description says that it gives only 50% faster Multishot, with no addictional 150-200% dmg to it. Is it bugged? Adding link to image: 26 May
03 May UE Multishot gear advice Hi All, Im fairly new to the game and have been working on the UE Multishot build. I think i got all required pieces together now, and have managed to get CDR rolls to the point where Vengeance has no downtime anymore. However, there are so many other stats that i am struggling with what my next steps would be. Would really appreciate it if any of you guys want to take a look at my build so far and give me some advice on next steps to take, Thanks! RensRensonthemov1 03 May
27 Apr Season 13 HC DH Tank advise wanted I was looking for suggestions for jewelry for a tankier HC DH build. I was thinking CoE with Elusive ring and Compass rose / travelers pledge combo. Current build: 27 Apr
24 Apr Back from a 2/3 year break and lost.. Hey guys! I reinstalled the game and I´m completely lost in all aspects :-( I would like to ask for some advise on where to start build/spec/gear wise but also where to start ¨game wise¨ (solo story line? adventure mode? which level?) I reset my quest line and started the campaign from scratch on T1 and my health pool seems ago but dps saks. Help! Where to start? I looked into some posts and vids but I lack the understanding of them as miss knowledge on all the changes of the last years. Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated..!! Cheers! My current profile 24 Apr
04 Apr DH Issue Hello there everyone i dont wanna be a pain over here but i think i got a issue with my dh natalya/marauder build... this is my profile... ive done 107 but right now i cant do 108 nomatter what i try i cant do not even 107 again or even 106 i strugle im going with the progress bar forword more than the timer but when it comes to boss im stuck there with it for more than 5 minutes. ive seen people lesser paragon and items a bit more lower than mine and still done gr higher than me. now my question is why is it inpossible to do a gr 108 doesent matter how much in in front with the progress i waste around 5 6 minutes do kill the boss im stuck please helpBlu334 04 Apr
28 Mar Impossible to find groups? Is it just me, or is it impossible to find groups if you're not a necro with 5mil sheet damage? No room at all for DH's, not if you're looking to do 95+ atleast. Finding people/groups that are willing to take a multishot dh is kinda impossible. How are you guys solving this?Hedz4 28 Mar
23 Mar Aide sur mon build desacralisé (je stagne...) Bonjour tout le monde :) Alors voilà j'ai découvert Diablo 3 il y a quelques mois, et sur cette saison j'ai décidé de m'y mettre à fond. J'ai monté un chasseur de démon et suis passé sur un build desacralisé que je trouve vraiment fun à jouer ! Seulement depuis 2 semaines j'ai l'impression de ne plus avancer, et je ne parviens pas à terminer la faille 75 pour les périples (pas assez de dps et je suis en carton). Je vois bien 2-3 petites opti que je pourrai faire sur mes équipements, mais je vois pas tellement comment je pourrai encore bien monter dans les failles sup à moins de prendre encore 1000 parangon pour up ma dexte... Mais je me dis qu'il y a surement des petites subtilités que je n'ai pas vu, étant relativement débutant, qui pourraient bien augmenter mon dps ? Je fais donc appel à vous, si certains sont prêt à me donner quelques conseils pour que je puisse continuer à m'améliorer, ça serait top ! :) Mon perso : 23 Mar
18 Mar Advice for DH gear? Anyone give me some advice? I,m new in game and i dont know what is the best gear for DH and where i can spend my paragon points. I do torment 4 solo and torment 2 in a 4 player game. Thanks for any help. Sorry for my bad english.Levwi3 18 Mar
17 Mar Shadow DH please deleteUthred1 17 Mar