Demon Hunter

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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Demon Hunters Avengers of the Fallen! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Demon Hunters in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Demon Hunter class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Demon Hunters: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: The Demon Hunter Den of Info by D3MON (EU forums) Builds: Fast Farming Build in RoS by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Multiple Rocket Launcher" Demon Hunter by Outlaw (EU blog) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "Dark Grenadier" Demon Hunter (+Vid) by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Lightning Rage Nocturne" Demon Hunter by Abachio (EU blog) The "Cold Sentry Build" by BANNDIT (YouTube) The "Rocket Druid" Demon Hunter by Alexus (EU blog) The "Physical Cluster" Demon Hunter by wudijo (Diablofans)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
15 Jun DH Multishot feels like I've reached the end.. Hi everyone I need some help with my build and was hoping u could give me a hand :) Currently I can barely clear a level 90 GR wit the gear that I have now. I know that I need to augement the rest of my gear and get the last ancients but what about my rolls? I've looked up several guides (Rhyker/Icy-veins) and thought that the rolls they suggested fits pretty good, but still I feel that my build should be better. Here is my current gear: Hope u can help!Salkin95103 15 Jun
13 Jun Yangs and CoE Hi I am using a Yangs which has got Poison as its damage type, am I right in thinking that this won't synergise with my CoE Ring and do I need a Bow with the damage types listed to get more damage? TIASwindonUK1 13 Jun
12 Jun Marauder in next seazon Hi, It seems like next season is going to be a Marauder Set. I thought I would give DH Marauder a go. I always wanted to test Marauder and Cluster Arrow. I tried a simple set without going too crazy with Caldesann's Despair and I did a few Rifts / Greater Rifts up 87. I have to admit that the damage is ok but currently I die a lot. It's like DH has little or no mitigation. Do you know what can be done to increase damage reduction? I am wondering what's the best between Visage of Genues, Zoey's Secret and The Cloak of the Garwulf.Céldor3 12 Jun
12 Jun New Player - DH Feels Overpowered/Too Easy? Hi all, I'm coming back to the Diablo series having not played since D2 in like 2003-ish iirc. The only difficulties available to me currently are beginner to normal. Right now, DH feel super OP at normal difficulty in PvE. I barely have to try. I can just spam rapid fire at everything and win without breaking a sweat. I barely even have to heal. My question is, is every class this easy at normal difficulty? Granted, I'm still only at the closing of Act I, but I swear D2 was way more challenging at normal difficulty even this early in the game. You couldn't just run around without a care in the world and blitz everything without dropping below half health. Is there a way to skip to higher difficulties beyond hard without completing the campaign first? If not, is hard much more difficult than normal? It's rare that I criticise a game for being too easy as I generally suck at games overall, but this feels like it should be considerably harder. I remember this series being closer to Dark Souls kind of difficulty back in the day, where you could easily get overwhelmed. Right now, it feels like a shooting gallery. Would you recommend shifting up to hard mode?RivieraKid9 12 Jun
08 Jun Marauder build - please help! I'm at wit's end. Seriously. I've been building my DH on Marauder's set because it's by far the most fun way to play IMHO. But he has absolutely no survivability whatsoever. He gets one-shotted by a pebble, even in GR levels as low as 60 - and he's not even doing that much damage either! His gear is all Ancient (Incl. on Primal) except for the quiver, which seems to be impossible to find a replacement for. I've managed to climb up to level 76 during season 13, but when the season ended suddenly it seems impossible to clear even GR lvl 72 for some ungodly reason. What the hell am I doing wrong? First I thought the DH just had a higher progression threshold than other classes, so I started augmenting with fairly low level L.Gems in order to climb slowly. But alas, it seems that I've reached an unsurpassable plateau. I've been watching YouTube videos, studied variations of Marauder build, tinkered back and forth, but have only reached marginal changes if any at all. Is DH supposed to be one-shot at this level and supposed to run like a scared mouse at all times, and if so, how the hell am I supposed to make that GR timer when all I have time for is to run and dodge? (I did try that too btw, but end up running into more and more enemies, as if I wasn't overwhelmed already. I realize that I'm not the most hardcore player out there, but I know I'm not this bad. Help is much appreciated. Any advice at all. (and if you can, please keep the acronyms to a minimum. I've had the game for a while, but am still not versed in them). Thanks.OrroDan2 08 Jun
01 Jun Marauder Multishoot viable? .Nope1 01 Jun
31 May Need help to push higher GRifts I've come back to diablo after abit of a break and really enjoying the game. I am however struggling abit with my demon hunter. I've managed to hit a tier 80 greater rift so far and not really able to push higher, I feel that I lack toughness as also now damage. I was hoping someone with abit more experience could perhaps tell me where I'm going wrong with perhaps my gear. I'm starting to farm up my legendary gems to augment some of my gear as that wasn't around when I used to play but don't want to waste them on perhaps subpar gear. A link to my demon hunters profile is here. 31 May
28 May DH survivability / general questions I recently got back into the game (after a rather lengthy break), only to discover some nice buffs here and there. For example - my Multishot DH is now capable of T12 (probably T13 even, but with less efficiency), at least after some initial tweaks. I use my DH for farming mats (Deaths Breath) and shards; primarily to gear up other classes (working on the Necromancer now). Obviously if a new piece of gear drops that's better than what I currently got, I'll use it, but that doesn't happen nearly as often now. I AM constantly out of Deaths Breath however... Anyway, I do remember my DH suffering from brittle bone disease back before I took a break, and now with the higher difficulty Tiers this seems to be even more evident. I'm sort of wondering if this is just me playing being bad or having a bad build or if this really IS the reality of the less-tanky classes (like the Mage or the DH)? This also means my approach to clearing (g)rifts has to be methodical and I can't just speed-run towards elites and call it a day, as a random group of non-elites can just 2 shot me (I'm trying to work around that with the Moratorium gem ATM). And enemies which explode on death (or leave deadly bodies) are a major annoyance, as I need to wait for the explosion before I move on - again, not to wind up in the middle of a mob pack which might be waiting around the corner. I'd appreciate some tips on my build and / or a confirmation that, yes, DHs need to be extra careful and die to a nearby sneeze at higher tiers. I've also got a side question - looking through the profiles of some other people, it seems like having all items being ancient is a normal occurrence at higher levels of play... but is that just months of grinding, or is there a trick to this? Especially since an ancient item might still not be good, all things considered - and for example has wrong stats for your build (not even talking about the primary stat being for a different class). Doesn't this make getting a good, useful ancient incredibly unlikely? PS. Here's my current DH for reference: 28 May
26 May Struggling DH Struggling to find better gear than what I've got equipped. I've taken ages to get where I am with Ancients but I've not found one single primal yet. Character is MrsCrowley, Natalya/Marauder build. I'm getting towards the point of giving up the game. What's the point if I can't improve any further? My GR best is 12:47 @ L85, I just can't get any higher. Any ideas?Garrett3 26 May
26 May Shadow Mantle Update? So did they update the look of the Shadow's Mask? If I could post a picture I would but I got a different looking helm from the Shadow Mantle set to drop on my Monk and it does not look the same at all. Either that or I have a bugged version.jdhiatt5 26 May
26 May Back after a longer break, impale build input im back after a longer break after the necro invasion. what should i improve first? whats good and whats garbage :-) 26 May
26 May Item progression - Impale DH Hello everybody. Just came back to D3 after 3 years or so. Enjoying the game a lot so far with a DH with Impale build. Progression to 80GR has been quite smooth so far but now I feel like I have hit a plateau. That's why I am asking for help. In addition to the gems (working on that), what are the next priorities? Thank you in advance :)Spunkete15 26 May
26 May Yang's Recurve doesn't give bonus dmg multishot Hello, i was rerolling legendary on kanai's cube and spotted that rolled Yang's Recurve buff description says that it gives only 50% faster Multishot, with no addictional 150-200% dmg to it. Is it bugged? Adding link to image: 26 May
03 May UE Multishot gear advice Hi All, Im fairly new to the game and have been working on the UE Multishot build. I think i got all required pieces together now, and have managed to get CDR rolls to the point where Vengeance has no downtime anymore. However, there are so many other stats that i am struggling with what my next steps would be. Would really appreciate it if any of you guys want to take a look at my build so far and give me some advice on next steps to take, Thanks! RensRensonthemov1 03 May
02 May Hallowed essence set dungeon. I can't express my hatred for this dungeon. It's the worst one I have done so far. The enemies are to far apart and don't follow so every time I think I have enough, it's almost always 17. I finally managed to get 6 hits on 20 enemies but then the time ran out since I had to waste so much on just placing them. Change it or make it more dense because now it feels like pure luck.Toffifee2 02 May
27 Apr Season 13 HC DH Tank advise wanted I was looking for suggestions for jewelry for a tankier HC DH build. I was thinking CoE with Elusive ring and Compass rose / travelers pledge combo. Current build: 27 Apr
24 Apr Back from a 2/3 year break and lost.. Hey guys! I reinstalled the game and I´m completely lost in all aspects :-( I would like to ask for some advise on where to start build/spec/gear wise but also where to start ¨game wise¨ (solo story line? adventure mode? which level?) I reset my quest line and started the campaign from scratch on T1 and my health pool seems ago but dps saks. Help! Where to start? I looked into some posts and vids but I lack the understanding of them as miss knowledge on all the changes of the last years. Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated..!! Cheers! My current profile 24 Apr
04 Apr DH Issue Hello there everyone i dont wanna be a pain over here but i think i got a issue with my dh natalya/marauder build... this is my profile... ive done 107 but right now i cant do 108 nomatter what i try i cant do not even 107 again or even 106 i strugle im going with the progress bar forword more than the timer but when it comes to boss im stuck there with it for more than 5 minutes. ive seen people lesser paragon and items a bit more lower than mine and still done gr higher than me. now my question is why is it inpossible to do a gr 108 doesent matter how much in in front with the progress i waste around 5 6 minutes do kill the boss im stuck please helpBlu334 04 Apr
28 Mar Impossible to find groups? Is it just me, or is it impossible to find groups if you're not a necro with 5mil sheet damage? No room at all for DH's, not if you're looking to do 95+ atleast. Finding people/groups that are willing to take a multishot dh is kinda impossible. How are you guys solving this?Hedz4 28 Mar
23 Mar Aide sur mon build desacralisé (je stagne...) Bonjour tout le monde :) Alors voilà j'ai découvert Diablo 3 il y a quelques mois, et sur cette saison j'ai décidé de m'y mettre à fond. J'ai monté un chasseur de démon et suis passé sur un build desacralisé que je trouve vraiment fun à jouer ! Seulement depuis 2 semaines j'ai l'impression de ne plus avancer, et je ne parviens pas à terminer la faille 75 pour les périples (pas assez de dps et je suis en carton). Je vois bien 2-3 petites opti que je pourrai faire sur mes équipements, mais je vois pas tellement comment je pourrai encore bien monter dans les failles sup à moins de prendre encore 1000 parangon pour up ma dexte... Mais je me dis qu'il y a surement des petites subtilités que je n'ai pas vu, étant relativement débutant, qui pourraient bien augmenter mon dps ? Je fais donc appel à vous, si certains sont prêt à me donner quelques conseils pour que je puisse continuer à m'améliorer, ça serait top ! :) Mon perso : 23 Mar
18 Mar Advice for DH gear? Anyone give me some advice? I,m new in game and i dont know what is the best gear for DH and where i can spend my paragon points. I do torment 4 solo and torment 2 in a 4 player game. Thanks for any help. Sorry for my bad english.Levwi3 18 Mar
17 Mar Shadow DH please deleteUthred1 17 Mar
09 Mar Where do I go from here? Hi folks, I'm running UE Multishot, here is my profile: Right now I'm kinda stuck when it comes to upgrades. I'm trying to roll a perfect ancient Traveler's pledge since I really like that combo and the potential +300 dex would be a nice boost, but it's really hard to get it rolled juuuuust right. Other than that I'm just upgrading gems right now. Is the hellfire amulet really the better alternative here? Are there items , skills, passives or other significant thing I'm missing? Trying to push GR's and feeling the glass ceiling right now... Thanks :)Ratatatata11 09 Mar
07 Mar S12 Unhallowed Essence advice for pushing past plateau Hi all This is my first real season, and this is my current profile: I wondered if anyone could give me some advice on what I should do to continue progressing at this stage? I have about 1.2 million sheet DPS, which feels low to me. I've reached solo GR 75, but am struggling to go further. I wonder what you think I might be able to do to continue progressing? I would like to push up to GR 100 this season, but seem to have hit a wall. My current game plan is to try to make my gear ancient. I'm working on getting an ancient Yang's and Quiver, but RNG has not been on my side so far and, despite lots of attempts to reforge my Yang's, I haven't gotten an ancient yet. Similarly, countless Kadala quivers haven't yet led to an ancient Dead Man's Legacy. Cheers for any help you can give NB I have an ancient Hellfire Amulet, which is currently unequipped, with the Ballistics rune - I forgot to reset to include Ballistics as a runeMrBaby6 07 Mar
02 Mar Valley of Death Vs Wolf Can someone please explain to me why Companion:Wolf is chosen over Mark for Death: Valley of Death? I myself have been using Wolf cause I was told to and was "stupid for using valley". I mean it seems that Valley would be better cause you can have a 100% uptime on it, where as Wolf is only up for 10 seconds at a time. Is this due to the wording? Wolf: Granting you and your allies 15% increased damage/ Valley: Enemies within the marked area take 15% more damage. 1st- does Valley only effect your damage because it doesn't say "damage from all sources" like other spells? 2nd- Or is it cause of formulas? As in damage taken and damage dealt have different formulas or when the multipliers are put into effect? Thank you for your time and good luck in your hunts!Slee1 02 Mar
26 Feb A great stone of jordan for yangs build. I would guess just by what i know not all % modfiers works the same but. one stone would net like 12 dicipline for a total of 1200% dmg, both to vengeance and multi. But does it really work that way? like dexterity a 1000 increase in dex doesnt seem to add even add 100% more dmg or am i just blind or smth? wouldnt it trash focus/restraint? i know that is a flat 100% increas in total dmg, so if something crit 100 bil it would crit 200 bil, like the elemental afixes. so im just guessing it dont really work that way. and i had full trust in ppl running this as they are the ones doing the good runs with yangs! so i cant believe they miss out in it just want some simple explain really. and to top it of, what does 1000% increase in dmg from 1000 dex actually adds, i cant see it actually adding that judging by the numer i would see with 2x augments worth of it. i know the setbonus from karlei that 1200% melee dmg seem to add it the same way elemental afixes add things up.Bugdrops6 26 Feb
26 Feb Natalya slayer reroll Hello guys, what do u think about this NS, what can i reroll? I play HC and only HC. 26 Feb
03 Feb How can I get my gear better? Hey, I was playing Diablo for just a while now and I love playing DH, I've got only like 120 hours on DH's so far, but my main DH is not bad, but I wonder how could I get it to clear higher grifts and stuff like that. I can clear gr70 with a bit of a struggle. This is my DH so far. Any tips how to make my gear better, or any ideas what I could do to be able to play on higher grifts?Burdas2 03 Feb
24 Jan Advice For Impale Build Hello all, I dont know if it is right place for asking advice or not. If it is not, I'm so sory in advance. I just want to say that im stuck at gr90 with my current equipments. May I kindly request your advice about my items? Have a nice games and may the best loots be with you.Kazal4 24 Jan
22 Jan Yang's Recurve stat replacing Hello guys, so today i got a pretty good Ancient Yang's Recurve to replace my crappy old one, but I can't decide which stat to replace. Here are the stats. DPS: 3254 +1526-1865 damage 7% bonus damage +980 Dexterity Chance to deal 18% area damage on hit Reduces all resource cost by 40% Secondary: +11 max discipline 172% increased Multishot damage I was thinking i have to try to get fire damage instead of normal damage(first stat), but then I saw on few posts that it doesnt to that much diference and that damage % increase is much better stat. What should i do ? Thank you.Pulssqt1 22 Jan
17 Jan Zei + Sentry mechanics I was planning to do the N6M4 build (, but have a question regarding the sync between Zei and the dmg being mostly from Sentries. Does the arrow fired from a sentry get the multiplier based on the distance it travels before hitting, or based on how far my actual character is from the enemy?  EX: I place 5 sentries in a line. 1st on top of the enemy, 2nd 10 yards away and so on, I am standing as the last one 50 yards from the enemy. If I shoot, do all the sentries shoot for the max Zei dmg (50 yards bonus as that's the distance I am on) or does it differ resulting in no Zei bonus for the one on top of the enemy and the bonus slowly rising for every sentry further away (and no Sentry getting the max one, only me as a character)?Seredith1 17 Jan
12 Jan DH NAT Strafe suggestions? Any Suggestions, Other than better equip drops??: Natalya Strafe Build My seasonal DH, Lusha GR61 has been my top solo. Rerolled stats from Mystic were best choices at the time and I was focused on completing NAT set Dungeon. Jewelry Cubed = 1 less set pc req doesn't show on page. I have switched between Hexing Pants & Aquilia. I'm not familiar with all the Abbreviations used in forums, so bear with me.Gandalaug3 12 Jan
10 Jan Some fun in GR My and my dad playing D3 afther long time :) He created video like he created my last video with pushing GR 102 here on forumIvan0 10 Jan
05 Jan Back to the game after 3+ years Back to the game after 3+ years Many new things (Kai’s Cube, new difficulty levels,…). I have a few questions: 1.- I’m spending my old Rift keys, but no new drops. How do I get them now??? 2.- What farming difficulty level do you recommend? I play now level 9 with easy and level 55 Rifts. Is it worth to increase level for farming? 3.- I feel kind of glass cannon now. Easy killing, but a bit weak. I would really appreciate if a seasoned player, good willing soul, can inspect my profile ( Atenea, Demon Hunter) and give some suggestions, mostly on the “passives” from the Cube.Manelus5 05 Jan
31 Dec demon hunter hi in my game i se i have dmg 3.2mil.but when i se it in profile have only 1,5mil. can sombody look my season player maja and tell me if i must somthing to fix?thanksZUPANBOBO7 31 Dec
31 Dec Shadow Imaple I was play for the weekend and achived my goals.. I really like Barbarian but when i first time make Demon Hunter and made shadow set i constantly play them... Soo i am para 1585 and i just cleared gr 105.. I was trying to go to 106 but think that allways i missed about 1 minute.. So do I need more damage (have about 3.6 mil) or i need more para lvl? Pls look at mine profile and share your opinionIvan6 31 Dec
24 Dec GR 102 Cleared GR 102 on video. Personal best GR 105 :)Ivan0 24 Dec
20 Dec Yang's Recurve bonus if i have yang's in my cube and in my weapon slot do i get the bonus from both?Illusive3 20 Dec
17 Dec need help to gear my player hi i am playing all the wey diablo 1,2,and 3. i dont now why am y so weak?i think somthing wrong with my acount...i playing from the bigining in my player is crap...wath is eanglish is bed i now soryZUPANBOBO0 17 Dec
09 Dec thought about Impale rune Hi everyone. Since a long time now, i've been searching for a good Quiver to replace my non-ancient one who miss some stats. Two days ago, i've pulled a Primal one! ... But he has two bonus I wanna change: Rain of vengeance increased damages, and fire elemental damage. So, i'm kinda disappointed, since it look's like he is unusable for solo push. I can either replace fire by lightning or Rain of vengeance by Impale, but i'm stuck with one useless bonus. I know there is a Group version of the build which use the Fire rune on Impale, to make the Bane of The Striken stack faster. So my question is: With some tweaks on the build, would it ever be viable to use my primal Quiever for solo push, by switching all my elemental bonus stats to fire, and of course my Impale rune to the fire one?Darkduprey1 09 Dec
09 Dec Shadow Impale question Hi there, it's my first post here, I decided to look for help before I get suicidal ;-) I'm not very familiar with RPG and Diablo is the only game I've played... I thought I was pretty skilled ;-) before I wanted to try to play in Season. Long story short - I'm paragon 595 now, I got the Champion reward but Destroyer seems absolutely impossible... I have Shadow Impale build, I'm good with this under T10 but T10, T11... I die all the time, and if I don't have a melee weapon, I my shots don't even do anything. Impale should add 50,000% damage, right? My dexterity is 10K, damage 560K, 50,000% of my great ancient cross bow should mean something, right? Do I really need 1,200 * 50,000 by using a melee? I can't even dream about GR60. I don't even know how much I can tweak things... wait and do 500 more paragons to gain 2500 dex? But I saw people with less paragon running through rifts, smashing everything, while I needed to shoot a monster for half an hour before killing him... Can someone point me in the right direction? What should I do, where/how should I learn? Thanks!! My link... 09 Dec
07 Dec UH set dungeon Me and many others find it too hard to shoot 20 spiders 6 times. I allways hit too few or too many what also ruins mastery. Max i have ever done was 5/6. I think Blizzard should rework this dungeon and Wizard's Firebird seems also nearly impossible to master!Dracula4 07 Dec
06 Dec New to D3 Multiplayer - Trying to build a good DH Hi, I'm new to the multiplayer experience of Diablo 3. All I really did was finish the campaign. Now, I'm trying to get started on multiplayer. I'm a DH player. Also, I don't want to be the kind of player with such good gear that I'll be able to clear super high greater rifts. I just need some advice on where/how to get decent gear so I can get started on grinding my paragon level and at least be able to clear Nephalem Rifts on Torment V and above. What are the most efficient ways of grinding set items and legendary items? If I'm looking for specific items for a specific build, what should I do? I would appreciate any clear advice on how to get started and how to start finding better gear. Thank you.cloud3 06 Dec
04 Dec Primal ancient weebs still cant figure out why some ppl are nearly half with primal items so early.. not much over 1k paragon. consider my non seasonal is 900 and this one seasonal is 900 now... i didnt even get more then 10 total i think +- and i use in grand total 1 of them, only 1 item that i can use (set) all the other stuff is just salvage fodder anyway, set bonus render just about all other items useless lol. i guess problem is when i get a primal ancient pus spitter ppl roll a perfect karlei or other things. even my 2 primal rings are worse stat wise then my non ancient rings hah, while i could use one of the rings, it's not ideal anyway lol. and the fact a primal roll can suck aswell. do think this char to 900 net me quite a few more primals then my other DH. i guess i was way ahead this time in ranks because of fast set and more exp.Bugdrops0 04 Dec
04 Dec stuck at GR95 this is the build what should I change...besides another compas rose and helm...I know it suck's...rechinica5 04 Dec
04 Dec Need some answers/advices Hi, being a new player to D3 i'm kinda lost to where should i farm for better gear, should i run GR or craft new gear ? And to farm Paragon levels, which activity should i run ? bounty xp is too low so Adventure, Higher campaign or Rifts ? this is my gear atm Just finished torment 1 with no deaths or problem but i'm kinda stuck without knowing where or what should i focus now. Any tips or lead would be much appreciatedH0enir1 04 Dec
02 Dec [S12] Build question to push high tiers Hello fellow DHers, Currently playing a Natalya/Marauder build, so basically : Rain of Vengeance > Sentry > Cluster arrow (for multiple arrows). My 1st question is: Are the sentries affected by Rain of Vengeance ? That is: Do the sentries also deal 3500% more damage if they're dropped after Rain of Vengeance, or it doesn't matter ? Kinda same question for Oculus ring: Does dropping the sentry in the yellow area boost the sentry damage ? My 2nd question is: Natalya/Marauder <OR> Unhallowed with Yang's recurve? Looks like Unhallowed can reach higher DPS, but what about survivability ? Marauder with Zoey's secret provides constant DR, and good decoys with all the companions.Spip1 02 Dec
01 Dec Speed farming build Not sure what the problem is, but I have been looking at various builds. On the builds I would like to use, Multishot is a rmb choice, I can only get it as a skill option not a secondary. Other builds show preparation,vaulr and companion as skill choices, they all come under the same skill tree for me, so I can only pick one of them. Is this a glitch in my set up? Is there a way to choose all 3 as other people seem to do? Is there any way of getting the build I have been looking at? 01 Dec