Demon Hunter

11 Feb 2016 Rate my HC DH. Hi there. I lost my marauder char a few days ago, so I had to go back to this build instead. Could you guys please give some critique, since I can't seem to get that much higher without caldesair.Dactaronia5 11 Feb 2016
11 Feb 2016 About Caldesann's Despair: Yo guys, this is my seasonal UE6 DH: I'm starting to level some gems to 75 and I want to invest them in my current gear... Which gear parts should I put Caldesann's Despair on? I was thinking: Helm, Legs, Wrists, Gloves, Shoulders and Quiver for starters since that's like 6 gems to level to 75 X_x.Ghips3 11 Feb 2016
11 Feb 2016 Demon Hunter still falling behind!? So, after playing a lot with the new rebuffed DH and looking over to the other classes as well, I came to the conclusion that the DH seems to be the weakest of them all. To explain it in the best way, let's look at this table: This is a pretty good overview over all top-builds and their current tier. Every class, except for the demon hunter and crusader, are able to build up a 100+ grift group team. Compared to the others he lacks behind in 8 grift-levels, which sounds quite useless for group builds. In terms of solo play, he has one of the lowest possible grift-level with ~81 (ok, 85 with the not so easy to play Nat Build). The crusader however is a very strong solo grifter, as can be seen in the rankings: And also the barb and wizard are far superior than the DH, with about a 87-88 possible grift-level - 6-7 tier-levels in difference. To sum it up in the best way: In groups he's weak, in solo he's weak. And he's also losing in diversity: Barbs f.e. can always go as support or dmg-dealer, as DHs are always forced to go as dmg-dealers ... and they're not even the best in their job ... Do you guys agree, that he's falling behind the others classes again, or do you have other experiences like 100+ group grifts with him? I doubt it.ScorpioN26 11 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016 Tactics advice needed well, I am fairly happy with my season DH, doing a lot better than I expected and mostly enjoying it. However I think my Grifts are letting me down. I can clear 66 or 67 (forget which) and thats it. from reading other posts, I get the feeling that I should be able to get a few levels higher than that. Gear isnt too bad at al- no complaints there,- so its probably the way I play. Because I lost a lot of hand nerves, my mouse skills can be alittle off at times so I tend to shoot what I see and wait till its dead. Any advice? Happy to try new things if it will improve me, Gems are about as high as they are likely to go for now, about it really :)VPenguin10 10 Feb 2016
09 Feb 2016 "Trapsin" set Do you think that this could be made into a viable gameplay to have and something different to add to the versatility of the DH?KushiSensei0 09 Feb 2016
08 Feb 2016 What to reroll? Found a pretty neat ancient Yangs, but not sure what to reroll... -More +damage or +%damage? They are both pretty close to max... -Reroll vit for something else? Life on hit/area damage/CDR? thanks in advance!Jormunrek5 08 Feb 2016
08 Feb 2016 G.Rift 45 Solo no Set (The Thrill conquest) Hello ! I've been working on that conquest for quite some time now and I really can't see how to make it. I'm getting owned and I can't see either how to "upgrade" my current gear. Here's my build : (< Might not be the right one) ( In-Game version : ) Am I doing something wrong? What would you advice?Nosolee9 08 Feb 2016
07 Feb 2016 Demon Hunter [Essential Skills Guidance] This guide is aimed at those who are starting out as a Demon Hunter and are not sure which direction to take with their skills. If you are like me, I tend to enjoy coming up with my own builds rather than following someone else's exactly. Sometimes it's just satisfying taking ideas from someone else's builds and playing around with a variety of skills until you have something you like playing with yourself. This is not a guide to skills you must use, simply a guide to the Demon Hunter skills you might find very useful to incorporate into builds you play with. These skills below are ones I've used continuously through my journey as a Demon Hunter. Some have NEVER left my skill bar at all because they are fused with my play style whichever direction I take. Hopefully my description of these skills and why i find them useful will help some of you decide what may work well for you also. ========= Vault - 35 yard dash to another area. This is one skill that stays on my skill bar no matter what. Vault is handy in all sort of situations. 1) It makes you more mobile around the battle field. Dodging things is as easy as pressing a single button! (just make sure you don't vault into the enemy) If you want tactical positioning really quickly this skill lets you re-position yourself to fire from a different angle. Dodging incoming attacks and evading missiles at the cost of some discipline. 2) Escape! Break out from sticky situations. If you're stuck in a poison pool or a molten pit, vault away at haste! If an elite has you jailed, vault out of his lock! If you find yourself surrounded, vault away and make some room between you and the pack. 3) Make your runs faster! Finding the 25% move speed cap frustrating? I do! Use vault to get around the map quicker. As long as you have enough discipline coming in then you can use vault to make your runs faster. When coupled with the passive skill [tactical advantage] you will speed around like never before! Most useful rune: Tumble - halves the disc cost of your second vault (more vaulting for less cost) Most forgettable rune: Action Shot - Fires out projectiles at nearby enemies (fires out 2 or 3 projectiles and doesn't do enough damage for the cost of the discipline) Runes of note: Trail of Cinders - leaves a trail of fire along your vault path (Leaves behind a trail of fire that damages enemies pretty nicely. Can proc Life on Hit which is handy for those of you tanking) Acrobatics - No disc cost but 10 second cooldown (Pretty handy if you want vault in your skill bar but have too many disc costing skills already.) Problems with Vault: Most notably the discipline cost of vault. At 8 makes this a heavy discipline drain. Make sure you don't go vault crazy in the heat of battle unless you have enough discipline regeneration capabilities. This is why tumble is a great rune. ========= Shadow Power - Cast to gain 5 seconds of Life steal. This is another skill that doesn't leave my skill bar. Unless your packing Life steal on weapons or heavy amounts of LoH you will need this skill. 1) Regenerate life lost from battle. We all get hit by the monsters sometimes, unless you are some godly dodging DH! Regenerate that like back with a quickly with a quick cast of shadow power and a couple of shots at the nearest enemy. 2) Laugh in the face of reflect damage mobs! Reflect damage mobs are a DH worst nightmare. If your packing a heavy punch, don't expect to kill these fellas off without some life steal. Just don't run out of discipline before they are dead :/ Most useful rune: Gloom - adds 35% damage reduction (with this damage reduction you can take a lot more incoming damage. Quite useful when the demon hunter is hard to gear up for EHP and DPS at the same time. Since most of us prefer to stack up the DPS and settle with minimum amounts of EHP, gloom becomes mandatory in most cases.) Most forgettable rune: Well of Darkness - reduces cost from 14 to 12 disc (although the most useful rune on vault is tumble, the most useless rune on shadow power does something similar. So why is it the most usless? Basically the reduction in cost is insignificant when compared to tumble. Tumble reduces the cost of the next vault by 50%, here we get a measly 14% reduction in the cost. Not to mention you wont need to spam it quite as much as vault. So for what you save in discipline it isnt worth it in comparison to what the other runes give you.) Runes of note: Blood moon - Increases life steal to 25% (very useful for snap shotting skills like Rapid Fire, Rain of Vengeance and strafe) Night Bane - Gives an aditional 3 hatred per second (Helpful when using skills that cost a lot of hatred. You need to regen that hatred somehow!) Shadow Glide - increases movement speed by 30% when active (A great rune for travelling around fast or dodging incoming attacks.) Problems with Shadow Power: Nothing apart from the large discipline cost and the fact that in most cases the skill is mandatory for the life steal. ========= Preparation - Instantly restore your discipline (45 second cooldown) This skill can really save your bones! As a Demon Hunter you must battle to keep resources available. A lack of discipline can be the difference between life or death. Get a larger disc pool from items and you have double the pool with this skill! 1) Restoring your defences. When things get tight in battle and you find you are out of discipline, hit a button and you have it all back at once. Discipline is a DH life source, it is our defence. If you never have enough discipline, use preparation. 2) Fuel your attacks. Some skills that use discipline also give you an attacking advantage. (Caltrops, Marked for Death, Vault) The more discipline you have the more damage you can output. Most useful Rune: Backup Plan - A 30% chance to no activate the cooldown. (If you have a large Discipline pool, you will have a triply large discipline pool if you are lucky with backup plan just once! 50 disc pool becomes 150 disc pool, HELLO! 30% is a good chance for this to happen, just don't rely on it) Most forgettable rune: Focused Mind - Gain 45 disc over 15 seconds. (can be useful if your discipline pool is small, but i think the other runes are much better) Runes of note: Invigoration - Gain an aditional 10 disc for 5 seconds (this is useful as every time you use prep you will have an extra 10 disc to use up. Most the time you use prep when you need that extra disc so its like having 10 more disc in your pool). Punishment - Restore all hatred for 25 disc (great rune if you have a hatred hungry build and don't use discipline for much else. This might be the case for low level mp running where you can one shot a lot of mobs without the need for Shadow power) Problems with preperation: Only that it takes away a skill spot for something that can do direct damage in its place... ========= Caltrops - Lay down a trap that slows mobs by 60% in a 12 yard radius for 6 seconds. This skill is very helpful for keeping mobs at bay and packing them together. 1) Kiting! Lay down a load of traps as you travel backwards and lead the mobs into them. Can let you pick off the mobs much easier. 2) Additional damage. Some of the runes give you a boost to your damage output. With eDPS issues you can make sure your discipline is put to good use. 3) Synergises well with some passives. Cull of the Weak and Custom Engineering most notably. 4) No animation to cast skill. This is great, you won't interrupt any other skills by using Caltrops. Lay them down without any casting delay. Most Useful Rune: Jagged Spikes - 270% weapon damage over the 6 seconds. (This can help you output a load of damage on the battlefield. It also snap shots life steal from Shadow Power so you can steal life back without SP active.) Most Forgetable Rune: Carved Stakes - Reduces disc cost from 6 to 4. (This isnt useless, but the other runes do much more useful things!) Runes of Note: Torturous ground - imobilises targets for 2 seconds. (Since this works on Elites it can be very useful for keeping them at bay) Bait the Trap - When in the area you gain 10cc. (Great if you're using skills that require you to stay on the spot for any length of time) Problems with Caltrops: Elites in Inferno mode won't be effected greatly by the slow effects of Caltrops. They seem to stroll through them like they aren't there :/ Again, discipline cost. It doesn't cost a great deal, but if you're using shadow power and vault a lot, add the cost of Caltrops to that and you might have a bad day. This is most noticeable when casting Jagged spikes continuously for the damage output.D3MON23 07 Feb 2016
07 Feb 2016 Natalya Anyone running Natalya's this season? Really like Marauder but can't seem for the life of me to get an ancient Manticore. Got a pretty decent weapon for Natalya tho, thinking if it's viable at all. ThanksteXCe3 07 Feb 2016
07 Feb 2016 How about you fix my new set? broken. really broken. CoE is BiS for all, alas a piece of junk for my new set. All classes get working new sets. I get a broken non-working set (intended to be broken) DH has 4 sets, the new one I collected is the only one non-viable, the other 3 score across solo grift. My new set improves the damage of one skill only (unlike marauder=5, UE=all gen&multishot, Nats=RoV+Belt+dual wield+FoK dagger now) and this skill lost 2 runes in the process because I need more diversity when I build and optimize my character (chemical burn and GW runes are a logical mathematical choice) so Bliz chose for me to use Ricochet. And I chose it and I spam it. I got a new belt that makes me Vault for free with this set! So I spam Vault. I got a new ring that reduces damage after Vault, so I spam Vault. One off set item dedicated to the set. I cant dual wield, I use a quiver. Quivers is helping me to keep my arrows safe and draw them fast. I have no bow. This is part of the fantasy. Knives & Quivers. Bows and Holsters. Fix it.Heartshard4 07 Feb 2016
05 Feb 2016 What to upgrade next? hello fellow demon hunters, i was a very long time player before expansion hit(since the release in fact), but in last 2 years i couldn't find enough time to play D3. so i was playing time to time and i couldn't track diablo 3's current status and changes. and i need help to improve my gear and i'm open to any suggestions/builds. actually right now i don't know where to start, i'm feeling like i already maxed-out but my dps is still low. also they didn't increase the stack of blood shards? it's still 500, i'm pissed off. 05 Feb 2016
05 Feb 2016 What to re-roll - DML Dex to 1000 or Discipline do 12 or Vit for area dmg? 05 Feb 2016
04 Feb 2016 gearing advice UE build hi guys im kind of getting stuck now on my upgrades i havent found anything upgradeable in the last 70 paragon levels. any advice would be useful I know about max discipline roll on my chest but I !@#$ed that up ages ago and haven't found another yet to reroll. ( gambled about 10000 shards and still no luck) damn you RNG!!lemmoncake4 04 Feb 2016
04 Feb 2016 Does the 2p bonus actually work? Hello fellow dungeon crawlers. I have a question in regards to the 2p set bonus. I've been using a Born's Furious Wrath (1h sword-around 3k dps) and doing pretty well considering I am missing quite a few BiS pieces, managing T8 grifts without many problems. Today, I decided to try out a Dawn (1h-xbow) that has a bit lower dps than my Born's Furious Wrath, for the lulz, only to be baffled when I noticed that my impales did more than twice the damage. I would expect that 600% additional damage on a weapon that already has more dps would far outshine any other option. Any explanation on why this happens? Thanks Edit: There are no special affixes (i.e not showing up on the DPS table) on the xbow that would greatly enhance dps.Poisonblack1 04 Feb 2016
03 Feb 2016 Shadow set Hi ! I'm new on Diablo and i know nothing about loots and stuff. Can someone tell me where/how to get the shadow set? Thank you very much.Lawc3 03 Feb 2016
03 Feb 2016 crit dmg numbers bug? So Shadows mantle set... just changed from sever, around 2200 dmg to bloodedge dagger around 2400 dmg. both socketed with a royal eerald... and my crit hit readings for impale have gone down. all other crit dmg readouts go up, as expected but the impale ones a doing something really weird. unless I'm reading them wrong? so with sever I'm getting crit numbers like 3149,9876M which seems insane, but you know I figured that was down to the crazy damage bonus. Once I swapped to the higher dmg dagger... numbers like 3567M... I don't get it. It doesn't feel like anything is changing re gameplay.Samuel3 03 Feb 2016
03 Feb 2016 gambling a thunderfury with a level 31 character? Hi, I'm trying to get a thunderfury for my follower, I'm cubing 1handed swords, but I wasn't lucky with that yet. It says there, that the minimum level is 31, so is it wise to spend bloodshards at kadala with a level 31 barbarian for example?atzo2 03 Feb 2016
03 Feb 2016 Question about shadow set 2p and procs Before the change shadow set buffs all damage, so I'm just wondering if it still give 600% buff to things like sash of knives etc.NightBladeN0 03 Feb 2016
02 Feb 2016 resources i have a DH that has a weapon with 47% reduce to all resources+10% reduce to all resources from paragon lvl+30% reduce to Fire costs in the cube. i have a total of 150 hatred. if i use multishot with arsenal (witch uses 25 hatred per shot). why do i only get 24 shots before i run out of hatred?King5 02 Feb 2016
02 Feb 2016 Discipline cap on UE 2.4 Whats the new cap? I asked and someone told me 86. Anyone can back this up?ChikCen11 02 Feb 2016
01 Feb 2016 Yang's Recurve reroll help pls I don't know what to do here. I'm not sure whether to reroll dmg, reroll cost reduc to cooldown, or reroll secondary to discipline. Any math wizards here who can tell me which is more dmg? 3,129.3 DPS 1367-1739 (1318-1940 max) 10% ED 844 Dex 8% resource cost reduction (yes it rolled double) +11,283 Life per killTrueGamer6 01 Feb 2016
31 Jan 2016 Dexterity Gain decreasing more u have? Iam keep reading stuff about decreasing value of agility when u have already a lot. Why is that? any maths prove? In the end i wana decide what to roll on stuff % AOE or agility on things ike necks / rings / shouldersReyialin4 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 The Shadow's Mantle Set Dungeon - A few questions Hello, not too sure if this is the place to go, but I might as well give it a try. I've been trying to do the Shadow's Mantle Set Dungeon, and I have been doing somewhat well at times, but there are just some things that bother me doing it.. Now, I am not saying "MAKE IT EASIER!", because that would be bonkers, but there is this thing... Hitting twenty separate enemies in a row twenty times over five intervals. I understand what it wants me to do: Hit twenty enemies with a dagger five times. This isn't a problem for me, only time it does come as a problem is when I have to deal with the Shadow Servants, who don't exactly go down in one hit. Personally, I feel like the only way you can achieve the mastery with doing the twenty enemy objective is if you run it enough times until the enemies are divided in a more convenient manner (Skeletons at the start, Shadow Servants towards the end), or at least make it so that you can hit an enemy more than once without breaking the combo chain, but still getting only one tick towards the twenty mark. I guess you could say that being allowed only one hit on an enemy for the chain to tick forward is part of the challenge, but it can easily lead to the idea that you have to pray for a decent assortement of enemies to stand a chance. If anything, I also wish to ask the expert Demon Hunters on some tips on how to achieve the Shadow's Mantle mastery. It would be very helpful to know. Thank you in advance.Kalgert13 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 Yang's Recurve with only 4 primary stats? After many attempts i finally got an ancient Yang's Recurve bow, but it only has 4 primary stats? I think all the Yang's so far i saw (and currently have) always had 5 stats. Is this some bug or really some intended RNG (and cruel joke if i consder how much time it took to get an ancient weapon) For those interested in a screenshot 31 Jan 2016
30 Jan 2016 Any builds for players that don't have Reaper of Souls? I've turned the web upside down and inside out however I can't for the life of me find any 2.4 builds for players without RoS. Can anyone help me out?Cytrix8 30 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 Un-Meta Build: The Turret God Hello peoples, I am preparing bunch of wacky off the grid, non meta builds for all of you gamers of D3 trying to mix and match all kinds of silly stuff! This build focuses on being a stationery god of destruction while taking as little damage possible and wiping the masses fast, while dealing supreme UNPRECEDENTED damage-per-second-with long upkeep. Basicaly if its a mass, they get wiped. The tankier the boss the more damage he gets over time. Additionally, as the fates bless me on every turn (I played Tal Rasha before it was cool) I had a crappy Compass Rose and The Travelers Pledge equipped. I came to play the new season and lo and behold the set got changed TO BUFF MY BUILD EXACTLY! But still its a great set for this build :(Chakram is resource gen) In the recent changes and additions to legendary weapons I will switch shoulders with another, as well as cubed armor piece with something else; For third gem I will use Zai's Revenge as it plays well with my passive; Basically, buff Physical elemental damage, drop howl of the wolf(+% dmg) drop Rain Of Vengeance(Nuke, constant DPS, Calamity Mark to everyone in AOE); Start channeling Rapid Fire and stacking Endless Walk,Taeguk,Wojahnni Assaulter, Mantle of Channeling(to get list) and recast Rain of Vengeance and Wolf per need; When the boss arrives enter Vengeance and start shooting 20 projectiles at him gaining more and more damage as the time goes.For all the Vengeance use hp pools to almost lower the CD to ~15s. Its pretty fun, you feel like a machine gun nest, and stuff falls before reaching you! There u have it! Comment, like and subscribe!Kusariyaro3 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 Yang's Recurve Resource Cost Reduction Bug The ancient version of Yang's Recurve is dropping with 40%-50% Reduce all resource cost reduction while the standard legendary is rolling with 45% - 55% cost reduction, seems abit weird that the ancient version has lower possible rolls? Example: 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 DH Build assistance Help needed to take this DH to the next level - All suggestions welcome Currently: * Can do solo 47 Grifts * Can do 4 man 50 Grifts * T10 is fineDotNetDoug2 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 Why only bow & crossbow from gamble? When you gamble 1h and 2h weapons as DH you can only get crossbows and bows, not daggers even though we use them.. Wizards for example can gamble wands, daggers, everything they can use afaik. Reason why I think this is a shame is because i'd like to increase my chances of getting an ancient karlei's point since I haven't gotten one from the cube yet and upgrading rare daggers in the cube is more difficult / more demanding of materials seeing as you first have to craft or find them before you can upgrade, rather than gambling and using the rares to upgrade. Am i missing something obvious here?Epaffs5 29 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 Endless Walk vs. F+R So I see that most of the top players are still using F+R (at least on the M6 and UE builds) and I'm just wondering why Endless Walk is less viable. Is it because you have to give up the HFA? Because, aside from that, I feel like the damage gain for both sets is about the same: 100%. Sure, you lose a bit of damage whilst moving, but it comes back fast enough, and you gain extra defense when vaulting around (which usually when you need it). I'm not trying to make a case for EW over F+R, I'm just curious what other players think. At the moment, I haven't used F+R on season 5 and I've been managing just fine, even with the rest of my crappy gear. Thoughts?zoothe7 28 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 How to scale the S6 Bonus? Hello, I like the new Shadow's Mantle Set. I heared that the 6 bonus is bugged, that it does not deal the element damage from the rune insteat it deals the damage of your weapon. Now I'm confused what should I reroll on my gear. I have a Karlei's Point with just damage aka physical. Do I need noch physical damage on my bracers and my quiver or should I go with lightning, because I use the Ricochet Rune? Does Impale Damage on Boots, Quiver and Helm also increase the damage of the 6p bonus? MoeMrM034 28 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 Shadow Mantle Set Dungeon Hi, I just completed the Shadow's Mantle set dungeon. It took a lot of pain and frustration but I finally completed find that I receive no rewards whatsoever for completeing it? Is this an error or am I missing something?Unseenchaos3 28 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Post your builds that failed! Hello everyone! This is the build! it dident work out as much as i hoped it would. even thoo its not really optimal just yet (higher lvl gems, more suitable anchients like a Buriza) So what have other people tried for crazy stuff?Tween1 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Marauder's set dungeon Still trying to master it even if they say that's the easiest. Random worms spawn on my feet and break the objective. The furthest i have been is: all basic objectives completed 6 mobs left. I felt the pain... Your experience???Psycho4Real6 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Hatred regen question Only level 41 atm but I love Rapid fire, is it possible to get 6 hatred per second regen on gear without DML? and if so what gear would I need to look for? Cheers GolGolgoth10 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Stuck on GR60 Hi guys, could you please help me to improve my build? Any tips? I know my rings and bow sux, but is it really so big deal? :( TYPanRadovan15 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Rate my DH How is my season DH doing? Any better gear, leg gems?Blaine4 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Need help clearing 65+ I dunno what to do. I switched my elements ring (200% boost) to elusive ring because I was getting hammered pretty hard in 63. Elusive ring helped me climb a bit. Using Shadow set. I have other sets too but I refuse to use them. I like Shadow more than others.leetk1ng4 27 Jan 2016
26 Jan 2016 Critique my character please. Hey guys. To elaborate on the title i have been pushing greater rifts as high as i can go on this build and i have managed to get up to rift 77 and i am very please with that. However i seem to have hit a wall now and can't progress anymore at all. I am unsure if it is now a mater of my personal skill level / paragon levels or gear optimization. What do you guys think :)?FloppyPoppy4 26 Jan 2016
26 Jan 2016 Gear upgrades Looking for advice on gear upgrades: What upgrades should I be looking out for? I was thinking a better helm, so it has crit/dex/multi% would be the most important for now, not sure tho. My focus need more crit dmg and I need atleast one more piece with cooldown reduction so I have 100% Vengeace (currently a few seconds wait). Anything else you guys can think of? Maybe a better bow? The help is appreciated.delfy1 26 Jan 2016
26 Jan 2016 Have a bug with sentries in marauder build Hello all, when i created hellfire amulet with passive skill Custom Engineering i saw a bug, sometimes i can activate only 4 sentries (but i have Bombardier's Rucksack and can activate 5 sentries in theory). For example i entered to Rift, in 1st tier can activate only 4 sentries, on 2nd tier all 5. Sometimes in town i can activate only 4, but when i entered another area - can activate 5. I didn't see that bug when i have Custom Engeneering on passive skills, not in hellfire amulet. Sorry for bad English, not my native language. Thank you.Helix1 26 Jan 2016
26 Jan 2016 vengeance 40% dmg-buff not working! hello, is the vengeance dmg-buff broken? can't see any dmg-increase when i activate vengeance^^ i can see a dmg-increase with wolf companion. when i switch to barbarian and activate berserk (counterpart to vengeance) i can see a significant dmg-increase too^^ so what's wrong with the vengeance 40% dmg-buff??KatiCat6 26 Jan 2016
26 Jan 2016 Impale and Area Damage Since shadow build with Impale is considered mainly single target, I wanted to ask what you guys think about addind AD as a main stat to this build, making it a bit more splash. I personally think it should be good, but I have to test it. Leave comments if someone already tried it or if you have opinionUmbaru2 26 Jan 2016
26 Jan 2016 Stats. Hey, So I've recently been switching between my Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter, the WD does better than my DH though I feel my DH is better geared. My friend can run Torment X fine and my stats are very similar to his however I can't seem to get past Torment 7 with mine, do stats actually mean amy thing?Haunter5 26 Jan 2016
25 Jan 2016 non F/R build [UE]? Not superexperienced with DH but anyone mind having a look of a thought of mine?: Replace Restraint/focus with zodiac/COE and cube Manald heal ring. Cube Garwulf for 3 wolfs. Change all CDR into CHD. zoeys belt.(dmg reduction) Basically, Manald heal in cube for 6p UE bonus(increased dmg per disc) Zodiac for 100% uptime on companion:wolf buff(this will also be with 3x wolfs) since u also have zodiac u can swap cdr to chd and increase dmg. Im aware F/R is 125% dmg gain, but thats when u arent moving, with this u will gain more dmg from yourself via more crit dmg, while also gain pet dmg since pets hits even if you are moving. Am i completely off here or does this sound logical?Midrax3 25 Jan 2016
25 Jan 2016 UE Manald/SOJ or F/R? Manald and SOJ give 20 discipline, that's a huge (400%) boost in dmg. But I see top players still using F/R. Can someone explain me. Thank You!Curumo2 25 Jan 2016
24 Jan 2016 Wolf dead half the rift I usually take the mark when I do greater rifts, but after using the wolf for speed I tried to take it for solo 72. The result : he was almost always dead, and I could never use the spell for the damage bonus on elites packs or guardian. Is it the same for you guys?Adhael0 24 Jan 2016
24 Jan 2016 2 Ancient Yang's Recurve, which is best? I've got 2 ancient yang's recurve and currently I am using the UE/fire multishot build. Here a picture of the bows: As you can see one has Lightning Damage and I rolled the other one to Fire. Does it matter a lot to have Fire Damage rolled on it? As you can see the one with Fire Damage has -4% damage but am wondering if it's noproblemo cause of the Fire damage added? Hope anyone can clear this up/help me outFayah1 24 Jan 2016
23 Jan 2016 TryHard: Marauder's Frost Cluster Build Hey again guys :D I've made a guide on the updated Marauder's set, going over skills to cube passives. More or less everything you need to know is here, if you have any questions please don't hestitate to ask. The focus of the build is greater rifting, although it's still pretty good for normal rift farm! I've included some GR 76 game play so you can get an idea of what it's like clearing the higher GRs, I'll have the commentary video out over the next few days for that though! Link: 23 Jan 2016
23 Jan 2016 Help with Yang's, what to reroll? Pls. Hey guys so I'm a noobie when it comes to rerolling stuff and I thought I'd ask the people who really know about this stuff :D This is the first Ancient Yang's that I got, and I looked around the leaderboards and guides and rerolled the damage on it. I have no clue if I did well or not, I was just super excited. So here it is: Today the gods were kind and gave me a second one, I want to make the good decision with this one so can you please let me know which one of the two are better and if the second is better, what should I reroll on it? Here it is: Thank you!!!Ghips5 23 Jan 2016