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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Monks Holy Warriors of Ivgorod! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Monks in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Monk class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Monks: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Monk in RoS - a mini guide by Arafaryon (EU forums) Monk spirit generator guide by Davlok (NA forums) Monk InDepth - Wave of Light (+Vid) by HolyHermit (EU forums) Builds: Tempest Rush Guide - Monk TR Builds by IronMan1975 (EU forums) Monk InDepth - Lashing tail kick by HolyHermit (EU forums) Fastest & Most Efficient Farming Build for Monk by HolyHermit (EU forums) The Unholy Monk by Zips (EU blog) The Guiding Palm Monk by Karma (EU forums) The Path to Divinity Monk by Siar (Diablofans) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "Demon Queller" Monk by Vaeus (EU blog) Best Monk build for Patch 2.1 (up to Grift 38) by HolyHermit (reddit) Monk's Tempest Rush and Grift Build by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Sizzle Splat" Monk by Bitshift (EU blog) The "Icepick Assassin" Monk by Capicorp (EU blog) Best Bell Build for T6 & Low Grifts by HolyHermit (EU forums) Quinsane's Strongest Monk Build GR50+ by Quin69 (YouTube) The "High Voltage Monkey King" Monk by Rhykker (YouTube) GR50+ Serenity EP Monk Build by Quin69 (YouTube)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
6d Greater Rift mission issue Hello all, It's my first season in the game but seems I have run into an issue. I have completed all but the Solo to Rank 20 Greater Rift. My friend and I did some co-op higher rank rifts in his game, so I could increase my paragon level as I could solo till rank 18. After I was happy with my upgrades, DPS and survival rate, I went back to try and tackle 18,19 and so forth in my game and found out that my GR rank had increased to rank 33(!?!). Does that mean that I have lost the chance to finish it because I did a co-op in his game or I just need to finish a rank 20 GR solo to claim it?DanteVonHan2 6d
04 Dec U4+Inna 6 SSS viability ? Hey guys, I found a build on Diablofans that seems to be really fun to play : I'm wondering if someone already tried this (or a similar setup), before I start to farm required items.. Here's the build : -U4 for first two bonuses (applying EP + boosted SSS) -Inna 5 + weapon for the damage boost thanks to allies, Crudest boosts being cubed. -Endless walk, + unicity/rorg (one cubed, one equiped) -Flow of Eternity cubed for SSS CDR Any comment about that ?Lynàlia3 04 Dec
02 Dec Dual-wield Lightning Questions Hey so I finally just got my Wyrdward for cube, now I'm just missing a Dovu Energy Trap for my neck (unless Hellfire would be better?) for a lightning stun build. But where I'm majorly torn, is in what weapons to use and and which primary attack to go with; I like Fists of Thunder with the 1st run for dashing around and splashing everything, but Way of the Hundred Fists lands more hits per strike, and some powers are worded "on hit" rather than "on/when attacking" so I'm curious if say for instance, something like Sky Cutter - which in my limited experience only seems to proc once per seven-sided strike - can potentially proc off every hit from 100 fists? My gems are Gogok, Lightning Weave and Stricken for some nice synergy though I've been considering swapping stricken for trapped - only problem with that is even with Dovu stuns don't last long and I really like the idea of stricken comboing with my gogok and 2-piece Storms bonus for rapidly increasing damage. But if anyone has a better suggestion by all means. Anyway, the weapons are the most confusing bit. There's actually a lot more lightning-based powers than I realized at first. Currently dual-wielding Thunderfury and Ruminator (both of which sadly have INT because I found them on my necro, need new ones for my Monk lol) and I have skycutter set as my cube weapon for some single-target burst. I tried out Schaefer's hammer, the constant AoE is nice but I really don't like how it's DoT that doesn't stack with itself considering how many attacks I'm putting in. I'll probably end up using an Odyn Son in 1 of my hands as I forgot it actually has +lightning damage on it which is huge; sucks that it's slower than the swords but that potential 20% modifier is more than worth it. So what should my other weapons be? I do really like the thunderfury + fulminator combo of powers lightning everything up around me but then without skycutter I find my single target damage can suffer. The chain lightning effect from Odyn son doesn't seem nearly as good as those swords either but again, that 20% mod is too good... I also really like that one power that adds 7 more stacks of sweeping wind... a constant 1050% damage aura that spews electric tornadoes is pretty nice. Oh and skill setup is as follows; Serenity (escape button), Sweeping Wind, Seven-Sided Strike (burst damage + extra escape) and Mantra of Evasion ('cause gokok and dual-wield for more dodge) and then I use Tempest Rush on my right click mostly to help plow through waves of trash while splashing for yet more lighting damage, though I've been considering swapping it for Wave of Light for more on-demand burst.Malachite0 02 Dec
23 Nov Need Pinto's Pride Anyone got a spare pinto's pride? been trying to farm it for so long now and it can't seem to drop :(Didzolo1 23 Nov
12 Nov Raiment - Shenlog. HELP ! Greetings, So I saw that guy a while ago playing a monk with the Raiment-Shenlog build which has great damage potential so I decided to make one too ... ouch ... Think is, I never tried to play a monk before but his play-style looks fun and I never looked for any info about him, so I visited a site for the build, and I made it, I found every single item for the build and cube, most of them ancients. I even got the right bonuses, gems e.t.c. The problem is, I went on a rift to try it, I was taking SOOO much damage and I was dealing like none. I figured that I had to hit with my generators until my Spirit is full for my Shenlog to work but when it started emptying the damage didn't make much of a difference, I was dealing Ks of damage in a rift I should be dealing Bs -.- Any tips someone ? I really wanna learn how to play that build but I have no clue xD Any help is appreciated :)) Thanks in advance !Lupinian2 12 Nov
24 Oct Is augmenting on zmonk worth it? I am currently pushing GR with two friends. We are currently at 104. I used the build of some of the highest 3-man pushers in GR. Right now in GR 104 i have no problem surviving what so ever (greatly thnx to the countess julia in kube). I already augmented 2 items for 800 int total getting my average res. at around 2000. My question to those who reached higher GR's. Is augmenting items on zmonk for high gr's worth it? thnx in advance DukeWard PS: Sorry for my english.DukeWard2 24 Oct
24 Oct Enchanting Strongarm Bracers Trying to get Chance to Knockback on Hit, spent over 4 000 000 000, next price is 56 553 088, and still didn't get it once.... Ridiculous... Is this some king of bug or blizz joke?Synq4 24 Oct
03 Sep Build monk lvl 70 What am I doing wrong with my builds? Have a monk lvl 70. Think yourself pretty good, but still I die too quickly during battles. Someone tips to deal with it differently? 03 Sep
30 Aug 2 handed or 1 handed Hi! Should I pick a 2 handed or 1 handed weapon (damage/speed) pls halpHanspi021 30 Aug
29 Aug Improving my Inna EP monk So, a week or 2 back I got back into Diablo 3, rolled a seasonal monk and have now got the Inna's set. So far I've steamrolled everything up to Tormet VI. I haven't tried alot of GR, but my last run through was GR27 and it took me about 7 minutes so... It's a bit slapdash! I haven't read up alot about proper builds aside from Uliana EP/Inna EP builds. It's pretty fun to play so far, though! Anyway, here's how I roll: For basics I got Sweeping Wind (+Vengeful Wind) and all the goodies from Inna's set (Not sure if it shows up right in my profile but I got Royal Grandeur in Kanai jewelry slot so I only wear 5 bits). For attacks I usually pop Epiphany (+Rabid Strike) and rotate through EP, 7SS (+Madstone) and LTK (+Gyana Na Kashu). I don't run out of spirit often with EP and SW almost constantly refilling my reserves, but I keep Wot100F just in case. For defence, I think I got decent resist/life per hit. Zodiac ring keeps the cooldowns nice and short so I can almost constantly pop Epiphany/7SS. Rogar's ring helps a bit with survivability. I quite like Vengeful Wind, but the other weapon would probably be better as a Lion's Claw or Fist of Az'Turrasq. The shoulders and head are right now just what I got, and I'd probably soon replace them if I found something that suited my skill loadout better. In any case, I'm collectiing Uliana gear right now because it would probably fit my playstyle alot better (EP+7SS=<3) Anyone willing to share any ideas that would improve my build before I can collect the full Uliana gear? I'd love to hear it. Cheers!Bart1 29 Aug
01 Aug Dashing Strike Delay in Combat Hey all, I've looked through a few pages of this forum and can't seem to see this anywhere. Is anyone else having an issue with Dashing Strike either delaying before casting or not casting at all? I'm finding that i'm having to mash dashing strike sometimes to even get a cast off, otherwise I can have up to a 1s delay I've checked latency I know my PC is capable of running the game, I've even lowered settings to be sure it wasn't lag. I wasn't sure if it was my cheap keyboard but I haven't experienced the problem elsewhere. I've not had such an issue with any other skill on any other class and this delay isn't present outside of combat Now that i'm pushing 100+ i'm finding that I'm ahead on timer but then I get set back by some really stupid deaths where I just couldn't use dashing strike and god help me if a dashing strike build ever becomes META.... Thanks in advance for your insightsTortoise7 01 Aug
27 Jul What to improve to push grift 95+ (season). Greetings, I just finished grift 94 but it wasnt that easy. For some reason lots of things takes as well loads of time to kill. I know I lack ancient gear (sunwuko wise) but would love to hear some tips/advice to get this toon pushing through higher grifts.Brocade1 27 Jul
18 Jun Dämonjäger Gürtel Zorn des jägers Zorn des Jägers (Gürtel, Passiv fähigkeit nur für dämonenjäger), ich fände es schön wenn ihr diesen gürtel auch für den monk zugänglich machen würdet, bedeutet einfach die klassen gebundenheit vom gürtel entfernen. Und wo wir dabei sind bei gewand der Tausend stürme, erhöhung des primärschaden durch rasenderangriff von 1300% auf 2600% hochsetzen. DankePseudonation1 18 Jun
29 May Dieing lots but why?! - ZMonk This build has trouble staying alive. Not sure why... Not long ago I was doing 110+ and now it is hard to do 110+ I tried getting more globe bonus on my gear but can't see why I should be dieing and it seems to be against melle.jme6 29 May
08 May Wave of Light mechanics questions So question 1 is the driving reason I came back to the forums, but if anyone can answer these others, it would be awesome. I'm a bit of a min-maxer, so I'm trying to squeeze every ounce of potential from this skill. 1. Does Wave of Light benefit from cooldown reduction at all? Adding a significant amount of CDR didn't seem to do much for me. Moreover, it might be my imagination, but it actually appears that WoL casts faster if I slam the button rapidly rather than hold it down. 2. How is the damage split between the initial strike of the bell and the follow up? On the fire rune specifically, but I am kind of curious about the general sense. Is there a difference? Monsters actually struck by the bell seem to take more damage than those hit by the wide AoE and the damage seems to come in 2 distinct increments. 3. Does Wave of Light benefit from attack speed at all? Would a weapon with high base damage and low dps be better than a balanced weapon with a slightly lower base damage and high attack speed? 4. Is there any way to estimate the damage from WoL based on the DPS number on the inventory screen?Judicator5 08 May
03 May Primal Vengeful Wing reroll Question So I was rather lucky I suppose, my question is should I reroll the spirit regen? I am running typical firebell and could already do GR73+ though I am safely farming right now at G70 to get primal ancient weaponsShintenzu2 03 May
25 Apr change to Fire build? Need some help/advice please. I am currently running my monk with the Sunwoko(Sp?) set and geared as described on Icy-Veins but.. I barely finished GR72 with about 20 seconds remaining after having to port to town and repair completely destroyed gear all red, Started hitting a wall at GR70 of dying continually during the rift, but I need to clear GR75 to get the conqueror title. I saw this site: and wondering if I should try to swap some gear, cubed powers etc or is just being only 600ish Paragon points what is holding me back? I got some help in some rifts the other night from a guy running what appears to be a variation of the firebell version and he had crazy damage, but also 900 some Paragon. Looking for helpful ideas here as I am kind of stuck and do not know how to proceed. I have heard of people clearing GR110 which must be how you can get legendary gems up to 90?? but ...maybe just complete lack of gameplay skill.. so, any helpful advice would be appreciated. I would link my Monk Shallamar's profile but I do not know howValkii2 25 Apr
11 Apr Advise needed in regards to Epiphany Hello fellow monks, I seek advice if I should go all out on cooldown reduction or not with my Sunwuko build. Here's my Monk Korabas: (Third slot in the cube is Ring of Grandeur, not sure why it doesn't show) As you can see I'm playing Hardcore so please keep that in mind. ;-) My highest rift currently is 88 and I'm confident that I will be able to push higher, hopefully without dying. My question now is, should I try to keep Epiphany up 100% of the time? I could switch Magefist in the cube to Leorics Crown, to increase the cooldown reduction from my socketed helmet. Also, I could switch out the passive Sixth Sense for Beacon of Ytar. Is that a good idea? Seems to me, that I would be getting a lot but that I also give up a lot. My problem now is, that in Hardcore experimenting is a bit tricky and experimenting on a lower GR would not necessarily reflect what I would experience when doing 86+ (which for me is high ;) ). Oh, and I know about Witching Hour, CoE, F+R Generator and Zeis. I just prefer the more laid back playstyle with the alternatives I chose. I'm not aiming for the Top100 or anything like that anyway.Logros3 11 Apr
03 Apr Seeking for advice to pass G-rift level 20 Hello, I'm a dummy player and just trying to do seasonal for the first time ever in my life. And I almost get all the seasonal objectives complete apart from this one : Complete greater rift level 20 solo. I tried few times but I never make it in time.... I'm not sure if my paragon is too low or I put paragon points all wrong? or is it my gears? or skills or I'm just too dumb :/ So please give me some advice 'cause I don't wanna miss that cute teddy bear pet!! Here is the link to my profile : Thank you. I really appreciate your time here.Littleploy4 03 Apr
24 Mar The Slanderer so i have been farming for slanderer for 3 month and no drops or cube or kadala. wanted to know if 3month is common..?Twisted6 24 Mar
08 Mar Wave of Light Main Hand damage only or not? I've been trying to google my way to an answer for a while now, and I find claims that Wave of Light damage is only based on the main hand weapon damage, and others say it has changed and it now is alternating using both weapons, but not a single one seems to be backed up by any evidence as far as i can find at least. So is there anyone here who knows without a doubt what the damage is based on?Vandreren2 08 Mar
02 Mar Uliana's Exploding Palm GR100+ Build (2.6.1) Hey guys! ------------- VIDEO GUIDE: ------------ ------------ ------------ Classic COLD EP Uliana build here! Superior build of season 6 is back in patch 2.6.1 with buffed Uliana, Fist of Azz and Spirit Guards. Binding of the Lost also gives 20% more damage reduction now! PS: i also realized that during 2.4.2 , 2pc palms were fixed to proc area damage, so you now only need manual EPs for Mythic Rhythm. -------- GR95 Clear Demo: -------- Some GR100 attempts: 02 Mar
25 Feb Thank you very much for the rng Is the ancient reforging / crafting rate !@#$ed up? All of those are crafted and one of them reforged multiple times and still no freaking ancient ones. Is it to piss us off? 25 Feb
08 Feb Give us an option to cance(r)l GR Hi, Please give us an option to cancel a GR, so that we don't have to rejoin a game when the GR100+ is totally trash and we quickly wan't to swap to another one. Thanks in advance.Nairda0 08 Feb
07 Feb Will they make Dashing Strike Monk great again? Will they make Dashing Strike monk great again? I miss the play style of dashing through and killing creatures like the charge barb. Now the set is only good for generator monk which is a shame.YoMoney0 07 Feb
24 Jan LF monk Looking for 200k+ globe monk for 124 pushAlphha0 24 Jan
24 Jan Tempest Rush causing net teleport If there is a way to alter Tempest Rush so that it doesn't get interrupted by anything (with the exception of a Elite CC locking you in place) I'd appreciate it. Tempest Rush has a very frequent habit of making you "internet teleport" back to the last position you got a knock-back, as if there is a internet connection issue. Barbarian's Whirlwind doesn't have this problem as it is completely immune to knock-back. Really quite enjoyed Tempest Rush; hate the teleporting.odvolar0 24 Jan
24 Jan 2nd Support Set Advice Hi There, I was wondering whether I have a good setup for my Monk. I have 6 bonus Inna & also 4 bonus from Sunwuko. Was wondering if I should swap Sun for other set. Your advice & thoughts please. I am currently doing bounties & Grift around T9. 24 Jan
23 Jan 3min video with the fastest char in game? Enjoy 23 Jan
15 Jan monk get past GR 72 tips? hello everyone... since i have no idea if my previous post went trough, i'll post this again. i need help getting past Grift 72. any tips on how to do it? which mobs do i fight and which do i skip? any tips on proper positioning? anything advice, no matter how small, is welcome. or would my build simply not be sufficient? i feel like my damage lacks and i die to easilly? i am working on an ulliana EP build, but i'm not close enough, so i keep using inna since its the only thing i have to get this high in Grifts. here's a link to my profile. thank you in advance, and again any advice, no matter how small, is welcomeDuskwalker1 15 Jan
30 Dec Can't survive 10 secs in GR70 Hi there, This is my 1st time posting here, and this is my 1st season. I'm trying to clear GR70 so as to be able to hopefully farm some primals. I have checked some guides and did some specs, I currently have the following specs: Full 6 pc Inna Explosive Palm Inna / Uliana Hybrid Explosive Palm Rainment Set I did clear Gr 66 without issues, but as soon as I enter GR70, I'm blown away within 2 - 3 secs MAX Any assistance in this matter is very much appreciated. RegardsPsycho10 30 Dec
19 Dec Sunwuko's WoL "FIRE BELLS" GR100+ BUILD VIDEO GUIDE: ----- Another build has returned from the season 6 abyss of mediocrity and it's the SWK WOL, Fire Bells, BELLWUCKO or whatever you call it.. Sunwuko Wave of Light Build. The king of monk speedfarming is now also a surprising king of GRift pushing as well, with greatly buffed Sunwuko and the Torch daibo. ------ ------- ------- GR100 CLEAR: ------- PS: forgive me minor bloopers in this video :(Angry1 19 Dec
13 Dec Name your monk Mordel will be mine I apologize if this topic has been created.Dominet166 13 Dec
11 Dec 2017 monk resistance bug? guys i got a problem , i have atleast 2k resistance on all elements (with harmony passive) but when i as much as look at any element i die. i can do Grift80 easy but any element that hits me wether its a poison cloud or a those firebreathing statues or any other element dmg i die in a blink of the eye. is this a monk thing or did i run into some kind of bug havent played monk for a while , used to play crusader with allot less all resist and could almost make a dance in fireRozallaWow1 11 Dec 2017
11 Dec 2017 I am stuck at T9 Hi Diablo fans! I have been running some GR 9 now. (About 30 runs) And yes, I know that ain't very much. But I wonder why some players have the same game time as me and can make T13+ while I am stuck? Any tip for a new Monk player like me?Skysah6 11 Dec 2017
06 Dec 2017 My s12 whit WoL monk Lol :D got my first Vengeful Wind drop after gr74 and that was my last "best in slot" item. Loveing this build, it absolutly destroys everything! I even did t13 in 4 min in solo what i havent never done before. Now i only need to solo cursed chest, then i try to reach gr90 or something.Dracula1 06 Dec 2017
05 Dec 2017 Uliana's ONE BLOW T13 Speed Build (2.6.1) Hey guys! ------- BUILD: -------- --------- VIDEO GUIDE: --------- I levelled a lot of gems and farmed a lot of gr keys with this build in the past and in 2.6.1 it became so much stronger!. Very fast in solo and group. Keep in mind it's a SPEEDFARMING build and not a GR push build, so they key is to kill everything fast and move as fast as possible. --- If you can't kill everything in 1-2 blow because of low paragon/low damage/etc then just lower the difficulty. Not need to frustrate yourself and crawl through high tier content slowly. I do T13 in about 2,5-3,5 minutes at p1500 and no augments and 1,8 mill damage. What i like about monk in general is that he's very flexible with skills. You can stack a tonn of damage or you can stack a lot of toughness, or a mix of both. I will describe a few options and combinations of skills.Angry1 05 Dec 2017
05 Dec 2017 Set Dungeon Hello, Anyone that can give me some advices completing / mastering ULIANNAS SET dungeon? I´m kinda strong for it so I would welcome all advices cuz it´s kinda hard. :-D Thank youFury2 05 Dec 2017
24 Nov 2017 Plz help whit WoL build So whitch WoL build is better? Use F + R or Unity + CoE, Esoteric Alteration gem or Zei's Stone of Vengeance?Dracula5 24 Nov 2017
24 Nov 2017 Inner Sanctuary Inner Sanctuary: A quite useful skill, that never seem to fit in, at least in most builds. I love the skill, but I can easily see why so many skip it. Here is my take, on some changes, that I think would make it (more) viable, and at least make players use it more often: Rework of the skill; Base effect: Create a runic circle …… for 6 sec ……. Reduce all damage taken by 55%. Cooldown 20 sec New base effect: Create a runic circle ….. for 5 sec …….. Reduce damage taken by 50%. Cooldown 18 sec. Not an all-new take on that base effect, just some small adjustments. Rework Runes: Sanctified Ground: Last 8 sec, the first 6 times a enemy tries to enter the circle, he will be pushed 10 ft backwards and take 75% weapon damage as holy. Safe Haven: When damaged to 10% life, allies and the monk himself, are granted damage immunity for 1 sec, as well as healed for 25% life. This effect has a 120 sec cooldown. Temple of Protection: This one we will keep. Intervene: Every sec Inner Sanctuary is active, allies and the monk himself, are granted a shield that absorbs up to 45.000 + 20% of the monks Health Globe Healing Bonus. Forbidden Palace: Instead of creating a circle, the monk binds himself with and ally. The binding last 6 sec. New legendary item: Shoulders: Inner Soul: Instead of having a duration and instead of being put on the ground, Inner Sanctuary will now be a toggle ability floating around the monk as he moves. The cost will be 6 spirit a sec. Result or at least the idea behind it (with the shoulders): Sanctified Ground: Semi defensive setup which will add a slight knockback, and a small damage effect = chance to proc items etc. Safe Haven: A good group and solo effect = an oh !@#$ I need to get out effect. Temple of Protection: This will be a permanent immune to control impairing effects ability, so there is a chance it will be way to strong. But then again, the place where diablo 3 is = extreme strong setup  :) Intervene: Adds a small buff to allies constantly, allowing for a good supportive setup. Forbidden Palace: Allowing for 2 players to be different places on the map, but sharing this good buff. This is, as said, my take on what could be done, with a fun ability, to make it more fun, stronger and perhaps more used. In most cases, you still need to stand close to the monk, so I honestly don’t think it’s too strong  :)Lathander0 24 Nov 2017
19 Nov 2017 ZMonk third class citizen I remember last season people would go nuts to find a good Zmonk for 100+...seems like meta has completely changed to zbarb+znec. Whenever I enter the game for 100+ they always ask "you have a zbarb?" I say "nope" and they all leave. Everyone else finding this?Leechisba3 19 Nov 2017
17 Nov 2017 Rainment DS Speed farm monk So I recently created this build right God Monk from Quin0s guide right, but I am literally doing almost no damage in T10 Nephalem rifts. I don't know why, but I just dash like 5 times over enemies to kill them. Migght any one help me out here please ?TheDart1 17 Nov 2017
07 Nov 2017 Kyoshiro's Soul post patch? Anyone find this belt after the patch that seemingly makes it superfluous as per the changes in sunwuko's? I accidently salvaged mine and haven't found a new one in about 40 grifts (lvl 80) or through buying one by the corresponding 15000 shards or so. Somehow feels like they took it from the loot table?! The thing is, my witching hour is better for the pushing build, but the t13 speed builds are so much more relaxed with kyoshiro's. So am I wasting my shards and time or have I just been effing unlucky?Ruarigh1 07 Nov 2017
05 Nov 2017 A couple of questions! Hey, so Ive been level 70 for awhile and started going for the equipment listed at this site Now Im sure this requires a certain build to be most advantageous, so what exactly would that be? I also notice most Monk favour dual wielding over 2h, however Ive never been able to score higher dmg with two 1 hand weapons compared to using a 2hander. Has it something to do with spirit generation? Or do I just need better weapons? Is there a way to run into those treasure goblins more often? I never seem to be able to get the plans for the royal imperial gems and Im always on lookout for resources. My guess is that its completely random, but during some nephalem runs theres been an abundance of them, like a gazillion. Now, would that happen more often on higher torment level? Thank you :)Unisexbrian1 05 Nov 2017
06 Oct 2017 Sunwuko's Tempest Rush GR100+ Build Hello everyone! I updated my old Tempest Rush build in the light of upcoming changes in 2.6.1 NEW VIDEO GUIDE: --- --- GR98 CLEAR: --- --- What have changed for Tempest Rush in patch 2.6.1? 1) Balance and Cesar's Memento were buffed 2) Sunwuko 6pc was reworked, Kyoshiro's Soul not needed anymore. 3) Dual wielding instead of two-hander. Furnace dropped. 4) As a result = spirit cost per second increased from 36 to around 49 and now we are not channeling for "free" with OROTZ. 5) It is not uncommon to mess up cooldowns and drop stacks now and then, unfortunately, because of the increased spirit costs. 6) Much harder to play now as you need to watch your cooldowns more closely as well as stack RCR and CDR. But much higher damage. 7) As annoying as before to get !@#$ed by Vortex, Wormhole, Jailer, Knockbacks, Nightmarish.. :)Angry0 06 Oct 2017
03 Oct 2017 Sunwuko decoys dealing low damage? Sunwuko 6piece description says that you spawn decoys which deal 500% * sweeping-wind-stacks damage. With Vengeful Wind's bonus you can get up to 10 wind stacks, which should amount to 5000% weapon damage. Unless I'm counting something wrong, it might be bugged: Below 200M damage? That's 5000%? Those decoys are pretty useless to be honest, unless just bugged. In case anyone's wondering, I have 40% fire damage bonus only, so it wouldn't get much higher with the fire rune. Any idea what's wrong?RUVINN5 03 Oct 2017
28 Sep 2017 Locked topic I want what every monk will see and encourage my idea. P.s. I am sory for the creating new topic , but we need the help.DimonRo3 28 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 Change Uliana's 2p bonus Could you please consider changing the Uliana's 2 piece set bonus? Since you are buffing this set I think this should get looked into (again). Right now we have to decide whether to use Mythic Rhythm and apply EPs manually or rely on applying EP through U2 bonus and take different passive. In my opinion U2 bonus is useless at the moment, since Mythic Rhythm is too good of a passive to miss it. Could you perhaps rethink your opinion on Mythic Rhythm not being applied by this set or rework the U2 bonus? Since this build relies a lot on cdr, maybe something to help with that? This would allow more flexibility with stats on gear.PieknyTomek1 21 Sep 2017