Witch Doctor

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25 May A word on Spirit Barrage (Phantasms) Hey all, There’s a lot of great discussion and a ton of build sharing going on around Legacy of Nightmares builds for the Witch Doctor that focus on the interaction between Spirit Barrage (Phantasms) and several pet-oriented Legendary powers. It’s wonderful to see such constructive conversation and information sharing as various community members explore the strengths and intricacies of this emergent gameplay. There has also been some concern that this interaction will be nerfed. We wanted to share our thoughts on this today and reassure the Witch Doctor community that, at this time, we have no intentions to make changes to Spirit Barrage (Phantasms) or its currently existing interactions with items such as Mask of Jeram, Ring of Emptiness or The Barber. While this is somewhat inconsistent philosophically from the changes that we’ve made in the past regarding this skill and rune combination, we looked at the situation objectively and asked ourselves a couple questions: Is it fun? Is it balanced? Ultimately, we’ve decided that the answer to both of these questions is yes, and there is much higher risk in adjusting the balance of this skill or the other items than there is to let the community continue to enjoy this fun and unique build. We will continue monitoring its performance, of course, and we’re prepared to make any changes if something extreme arises. In the meantime, please continue to theorycraft and Spirit Barrage to your heart’s content! -The Diablo Dev TeamVaneras1 25 May
02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Witch Doctors Masters of Spirits and followers of Mbwiru Eikura! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Witch Doctors in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Witch Doctor class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to CMTeamEU-Diablo@Blizzard.com tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Witch Doctors: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Advice and general WD info by Fean (EU forums) A WD's Guide to Acronyms and Abbreviations by Arbeia (EU forums) WD Proc Coefficients by Arbeia (EU forums) A WD Compendium to the Grin Reaper by Wachati (NA forums) Pet Damage - a collaborative resource for understanding more about Pet builds by PaulNg (NA forums) Jade SH, DoT & Area Damage by PaulNg (NA forums) Builds: Fast Farming Build in RoS by HolyHermit (EU forums) Videos of different WD builds by Wakeman (EU forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) The "At My Signal, Unleash Hell" Witch Doctor by OftRepeated (EU blog) The "Venomous Horde" Witch Doctor by Thibbledorf (EU blog) TryHard: Jade Witch Doctor Guide by TryHardGaming (YouTube) The "Crafty Spirits" Witch Doctor by Dardor (EU blog)Vaneras0 02 Jun 2014
09 Feb More items for gargas PLS add more items for Gargantuans. We have just 1 stupid ring........R1k03 09 Feb
07 Feb How do you cope with speed addiction? I used to happily run after my pets moving ahead like a bunch of bulldozers watching them work or go with DoT heavy builds making the screen a symphony of beauty with me dancing around. I was content in my abilities and used whatever was needed to make things work. Then by pure chance I stumbled across the chicken set. In fact...had it sitting in my bank for the longest time but never gave it much thought because it sounded so.....boring and more like a "fun" thing rather then a useful asset. The very first time I took out my old mojo and dagger and dusted em off I was simply mindblown. It was raw, unaltered speed without any brakes. It was exhilarating, it was a completely new experience and it was ADDICTIVE as hell. After enjoying racing around for an hour or so I put em back in the bank and went back to my old trusted build. But something was lacking. Something stuck at the back of my mind nudging me. When I watched myself clearing rifts and doing bounties I always had an afterimage on the screen showing the fun I had with the chicken set. I tried to incorperate it into my regular build but sacrificed a lot of power doing so. This forced me to adjust my build for whatever I was doing at the time. Farm runs at T13 could easily be done with the chicken set but doing "serious work" required me to slow down and do it the old fashioned way. I just find myself groaning in desperation whenever I need to push GRifts or go against odds that require me to abandon my beloved chicken set and I am thrilled when I think about farming regular rifts and bounties. It used to be the other way around. I find myself wanting to push that button which used to catapult me on an uncontrolled trajectory at terminal velocity and whenever I realize I dont have it on my action bar my soul weeps. I CRAVE that speed so much it hurts. I am not alone I know that. I introduced my wife to the "chicken experience" and only learned afterwards that she spent 3 hours ON HER OWN to farm them to be able to speed along as well. She never plays D3 alone !!!!! /dumbstruckfacefeelingbetrayed So to all my fellow chicken users....how do YOU cope with the loss? What do you do in order to get accustomed to the snail speed afterwards? How do I become content again? Halp :)MTBFritz1 07 Feb
06 Feb Sheet DPS Hello everyone. I came back to Diablo after almost 5yrs break. Picked WD and really enjoy zunimassa pet build. I've just got one concern - how WDs from the top of the leaderboards and with similar builds can have 3million+ sheet dps, while the max I can make is around 1.3million. The gear we have seems to be similar (of course, augmenting and better rolls make a difference), but how can the difference be so great (more than twice as much sheet dps)? What is more, when I compare the "gear bonuses" part on the battle.net profiles, I seem to have almost a similar level of these gear bonuses, intelligence a bit lower, but when I compare sheet dps the difference is outrageous. Can someone please tell me why? I manage to make GR90 solo, I'm wondering how much sheet dps is needed to push to let's say GR100 and how can i improve to enhance my stats. Kind regards, ArcturusArcturus2 06 Feb
06 Feb [Suggestion] Pet Attack Command The witch doctor used to be the best for pets. (only option but still) now necro has come along and has the one thing that WD needs. A command to make the pets actually attack what you need them to attack! I love WD, its my favourite class.. with the pet build being really fun to play.. other than the fact that pets just dont attack what you need them too... most of the time they chase the adds rather than attack the Elites that are smashing your face in. Then necro comes along (completely different that D2 necro) and gets loads of pets as well as a way to control them. Just give us WDs what we should of probably had from the very start!Ruekatu10 06 Feb
28 Jan Chicken Farm Speedbuild / Need Help Hi there! In the current Season i'm running an Arachyr Firebat WD. There is a speed build on Icy Veins that i adapted. Would someone mind looking over thisand tell me what im missing? (except the Stone of Jordan) https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/arachyr-firebats-witch-doctor-speed-farming-variation You can see my WD in my Profile, thanks for the support and have a nice day :)Invictus2 28 Jan
18 Jan Suggestion: new item for firebats WD I started playing firebats build and I feel that biggest downside of this build is the dps penalties when you have to move around or are attacked by enemies with knockback, in that case it doesn't matter if you move or not it still gets interrupted and damage done is reset back to 425%. I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to introduce an item, that: 1. Makes firebats hit for 850% right away, without the 3 seconds delay. or 2. Allows you to move when channeling. I would prefer option no. 2, but I think people would whine that it reassembles ww barbie too much. On the other hand I guess each season characters are supposed to push few grifts more than the previous season, and imho such change would get it done.PieknyTomek5 18 Jan
13 Jan Focus Fire for pets. The amount of time there has been an elite or an exorcist (Bane of my god damn existence) that need to be killed ASAP and my pets are dancing around killing utterly useless non threatening creatures is too damn high lol. Can we please have a keybind or a tie in skill that lets us target a specific mob and all our pets will make a beeline for said creature and terminate it. Would make me a very happy master! \o/ Thank you.Zerethyn5 13 Jan
08 Jan Zero Dog 1.0.8 rise again? When will zero zombidog sacrifice build available again blizzard? This wonderfull build is dead since 1.0.8. :(Zirli5 08 Jan
04 Jan Helltooth set dungeon - how? hello guys, so i tried the new set dungeon. like 10 times... no success... i know that it isn't supposed to mean 1 run = 1 set, but at least, it should be doable like 1 out of 5 times, right? my problem is of course the 4x "kill 20 enemies with a single wall of death" objective so: . fetish belt = off follower = dismissed grim reaper = off now i can acutally kill the mobs myself. but guess what, there's never enough mobs. even if i'm running through the map gathering every mob possible, i can do the bonus 2 times max, never 4 times. (and by doing so, i leave too many of them behind, as they're stupid, thus not completing the "kill everything" objective). any idea how to be succesful there?Pekelnik20 04 Jan
29 Dec Zunimassa Set Dungeon Bugged Just a heads up for anyone attempting this dungeon. Bear in mind, this post is about completing the dungeon (one primary objective and basic objective), not Mastery. The two primary objectives are: 1) Grip 150 enemies in the primary zone of Grasp of the Dead 2) Do not allow any enemies into melee range Currently, if you complete the second primary objective only (melee range), you will fail the dungeon regardless if you kill the amount of monsters required for the basic objectives within the stipulated time. Completing the first objective only (grip enemies) and also having the minimum required kills will successfully complete the set dungeon.Insanity0 29 Dec
26 Dec season 12 set items So got season 12 set gear on HC and died. started playing on normal season but why does blizzard have that you only get the setitems one time on one character? so dumb not getting it on normal too after levling to 70... sorry for bad englishjojj30 26 Dec
22 Dec Toad weapon?. So I'm playing the current set this season but going out there and using Plague of toads instead of firebats as I like Helltooth type builds.... lots of pets!. My only goal is to have fun and maybe hit GR 70. Though I can't find any 1H weapons that benefit frogs. I don't want to use soul harvest this time and like frogs. I have Anessazi Edge, though seeing as I don't sacrifice my dogs it's kinda a waste.Minkles4 22 Dec
21 Dec Wormwood + Convention of Elements Since Wormwood grants Locust Swarm all runes, does that mean it also has all damage types permanently? and if so, wouldn't Convention of Elements be a flat damage buff for Locust Swarm regardless of its cycle?Seven2 21 Dec
21 Dec fettishes im running a poison build on zuni set and if i have the fettish psycophant passive will they benefit from my poison percent damage? and does the belt of transcendence summon the same fetishes as this passive?if i have both do does the damage stack? because i know you can only have 15 psycophants at the same time... also does the Gidbinn dagger summon psycophants or different fetishes and do the benefit from percent damage affixes?thundore1 21 Dec
26 Nov how do i get bakuli jungle wraps? :)<3 bakuli jungle wraps HOW TO GET!!!! I spent over 4000 blood shards and farmed Griftjimmy9 26 Nov
23 Nov +crit hit dmg 81% or + max 20% poison dmg? Im currently trying out angry chicken spec with arachyrs set. If i accept the +81% crit hit dmg i gain 29% dmg in total.. Or should i stick with +18% poison dmg? ( 2 different necklesses ) atm i have 1.1 dmg, +18% poison dmg with +81% crit hit dmg i get 1,46 dmg and 0% poison dmg.noSkilled3 23 Nov
10 Nov s12 wd +2h MACE SHEET DAMAGE BUG? Rolled a -29L 2H mace for my WD while leveling but the sheet damage seems to take a dive 76000 vs something level appropriate which would go way higher. The WD performs pretty well (did T5 with it)with this mace but why is it the sheet damage takes a dive?Athlonpv0 10 Nov
25 Oct Primal ancient staff of chiroptera any good use? rolls with int vit and LOH...Kelvinize3 25 Oct
23 Oct Sugestions about hex build Any sugestions to make my wd hex build more stronger? It sux in gr higher than 70 but I love that speed and want to keep it in non season for rainbow gob farm, bounties, some achievements...Blueberry1 23 Oct
18 Oct Help with primal amu reroll for lon setup Right now I play firebats and slowly collect gear for my lon build. I got primal amu (blackthorne's but still...) with: 20% cold damage 10% crit chance 1000 int socket I see that in general it is recommended to have amu with %cold, cc, chd and socket, but since it's 1000 int I am wondering if it wouldn't be better to reroll cold damage into chd. Is there a way to determine damage gain/loss in each scenario?PieknyTomek8 18 Oct
14 Oct Zombie Charger Why there isint any buff for that cool and long forgatten skill??? Maybe add it to Helltooth or Arachyr set, buff damage, attack speed and nerf RCR? Plz make it happen... :)Dracula1 14 Oct
13 Oct Jade Harvester GR100+ (in-depth Guide/Build) GR100 clear: https://youtu.be/75qR9CTrT8M Updated, refreshed and renewed build guys!: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/84110-jade-harvester-gr100-in-depth-guide http://www.angryroleplayer.com/diablo-3-builds/witch-doctor-builds/jade-harvester-gr100/ ORIGINAL VIDEO GUIDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwXow_v17wA In patch 2.6.1 Jade finally got the necessary toughness AS WELL AS the important damage boost. Now GR100 is a reality for many players and not just the p3000 ones. I am pretty surprised noone is talking Jade left and right! Jade had no toughness for the last 5 years and it even though the damage was there for the 100, toughness was the only reason why it was literally unplayable in gr90+ unless you had 3000 paragons. Now it has everything it needs to be superior and i am really happy. It was buffed several ptr's ago, then suddenly it was nerfed into mediocrity, then buffed again but was still insanely squishy and noone played it. Now it's in pure glory. The only thing that literally changed in the build is i safely dropped Unity for COE and this is it! Good to go!Angry0 13 Oct
06 Oct Does primary stat spam affect to pet damage? Just want to ask does more intelligence make higher damage of pets (chicken build)?Blueberry1 06 Oct
27 Sep Patch 2.7 D 3 Patch 2.7 Diablo 3 Most balanced character patch All classes: New legendary shoulders with special power – increases damage of your pets by 25-30% New legendary pants with special power – each different skill with same element increases the damage by 10% for 15 seconds. Legacy of Nightmares Set: While this is your only Item set bonus every Legendary item you have...... Blackthornes Battlegear Set: 2 set bonus: Increase damage against elites and take reduced damage by 10% 3 set bonus: You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plague monstres ground effects. 4 set bonus: Every normal, magic and rare item you have increases your damage by 25% and reduces damage taken by 2%. Ancestors Grace Amulet: New special power: Every Ancient legendary Item you have reduce cooldown and resources cost by 1% Deamon Hunter Stolen Ring (old new ring with new icon) – special secondary power: Your slowing and chiling efects also increase damage equal to thair movement speed reduction ( not stackable – for example if item does 60% movement reduction and skill does 30%, result is 60% ) Only Iceblink gem can add damage. - it helps to Cold Builds and makes Iceblink usable. Natalya Set 6 pieces set bonus: After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 750% increased damage and také 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds Crusader Akkhan Set 6 pieces set bonus: While Akarats champion is active you deal 1200% increased damage by Condemn, Fist of the Heavens, Heavens Fury, Phalanx and Blessed Shield, and take 15% less damage. Invoker Set 6 pieces set bonus: The attack speed of Punish, Slash and Mirinae Gem are increased by 50% and deal 900% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit. ( it makes Mirinae gem more useble, its holy and healing efect smite nearby enemy every 1,5 sec and also add Thorns efect) Barbarian Immortal King Set 6 pieces set bonus: While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, you deal 500% increased damage. Warmonger – is no longer sword, now its a Mighty weapon, with drop for Barbarian, with special secondary power: Increases all your damage by 50-75%. Skulars Salvation – Increase the damage of Ancienit Spear by 100%. When you hits 5 or fewer enemies, the damage is incresed by 120-150% Witch Doctor Starmetal Kukri legendary power – Reduce the cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo by 1 second each time your fetishes deal damage. In adition Big Bad Voodoo has effect of every runa. Zunimassas Haunt set: Pets are now mean Fetishes and Gargantuans.(not zombie dogs) Helltooth set: Now dont use skills Firebats, Piranhas, Gargantuan But 6 set bonus gain 2000% increased damage for 15 seconds to you primary skills, Acid Cloud, Zombie charger, Zombie Dogs, Grasp of the Dead and Wall of the Death. Necromancer Corpse Lance skill: (it was excessive, need to be decresed) Target an enemy to summon projectiles from nearby corpses that cause 1750% weapon damage over 5 seconds, to the target. Golden Gorget of Leoric amulet – now drop only for necromancer and with changed legendary power to: increase the maximum number of skeletons for your command skeletons +3 and give 30% aditional damage to them. Pestilance set: 2 set bonus: Each corpse you consume reduce the cooldown of your Simulacrum by 2%. 4 set bonus: Each enemy you hit with Bone Spirit reduces your damage taken by 15%, up to a maximum of 60%. Lasts 20 seconds Monk Ulianas set 6 bonus: first part same as normal. But in adition If there is only 3 and less enemies in 25 yards increases damage by 100%. Wizard Ouroboros Amulet: special power – all off damage your skills do is now Arcane.Zasz2 27 Sep
27 Sep any build base on fear or horrify ? any build base on fear or horrify for WD or necromancer ?kpsia5182 27 Sep
27 Sep Witch doctor lvl 30 build Hello, does anyone know a good and solid lvl 30 witch doctor build? Thank you for your help.Bloomer3 27 Sep
08 Sep REPAIRING BUILDS n III - WITCH DOCTOR REPAIRING BUILDS n III - WITCH DOCTOR Starmetal Kukri Reduce the cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo by 1 second each time your fetishes deal damage. In adition Big Bad Voodoo do 250-300% of your fetishes damage every second. New Shoulders - for WD Fetish Army gains the effects of the Legion of Daggers rune. In aditon Fetishes do 100% more damage. Zunimassa Set (not use Zombie Dogs) (6) Set: Enemies hit by your Mana spenders take 2500% increased damage from your fetishes and Gargantuans for 8 seconds. The Short Man’s Finger (already here) Gargantuan instead summons three smaller gargantuans that have their damage increased by 500-650%. Helltooth Set (not use Gargantuans, Piranhas and Firebats) (6) Set: After casting Wall of Death, gain 1700% increased damage for 15 seconds to your primary skills, Acid Cloud, Zombie Charger, Zombie Dogs, Grasp of the Dead, and Wall of Death. Deadly Rebirth Grasp of the Dead gains the effect of the Rain of Corpses rune and do increases damage by 250–300% SuWong Diviner Acid Cloud gains the effect of the Lob Blob Bomb rune. In adition increases Acid Cloud Damage by 450–600% Scrimshaw Reduces the Mana cost of Zombie Charger by 40–50%. In adition increases Zombie Charger Damage by 350–400% Wilken's Reach Grasp of the Dead no longer has a cooldown and do double damage. Jeram's Bracers Wall of Death deals 350–400% increased damage and can be cast up to three times within 2 seconds before the cooldown begins.Zasz1 08 Sep
31 Aug Builds which was forgetten in 2.6.1 LoN should work for normal legendary not ancient. For Crusader - upgrade builds which using Shield bash, Fist of heavens, Phalanx For Monk - upgrade builds which using Inna set For Necromance - rework Pestilance set, corpse expl and lance is stupid, its supported by trog and inarius, make supported for example primary skills or poison nova. For WD - upgrade builds using Zunnimasa bulds, There is no big diferens betwen zuni and hell for top bulds - always pets also items with special power which is not chose by rhykkers and others who make bulds and others copy that. are now less usable than before - planty of items, sklls - runas, and set (for example blackthorne) is now mega shi tyZasz0 31 Aug
30 Aug New builds, for an oldschool player I played the !@#$ out of this game back when we had a proper jade build It was the most fun experience i have ever had in any game. Im so sad and annoyed that it doesnt work anymore. I also used to kinda like the poison dart build, but that seems to not be viable anymore aswell? I do Grift around 85'ish, i havent played for a few months, but i really miss WD. I have been playing alot of Barb, but WD is the true love. Besides the LoN set, which seems impossible to farm with a life on the side, what cool and fun builds are there for WD? I really, really LOVE the acid cloud ability and i could spam that for ages - But i dunno if u can push 90+ with a build for that? I dont like the swarm of bats build, i dont like standing still all day, with very little means of mobility and utility. I have played alot of the pet build, where u have the 3 gargs with cleave dmg, but that gets boring overall. I checked diablofans, but cant really find anything interesting. Any help would be very much appreciated.Runiix1 30 Aug
21 Aug Why do i keep dying in 4man? I've finally managed to find all the gear required for the 4man meta LoN WD. However when me and my friends try to do some pushing we fail miserably. We started fairly low on lvl 95 which we complete fairly easu, but my WD dies about 5-10 times rach run. I really can't imagine us being able to do 110+ like this. Please take a look at my gear and tell me if there's anything missing. I'm probably going to be told that i need caldesanns on my gear, which i'm working on right now. But does some extra int really improve my chances to survive by such a large ammount? I mean, i've seen people do 120s without ever being in danger of dying as a WD. I hope someone can help.OwNzOr1 21 Aug
21 Aug My Next upgrade would be? Any experienced WD here could guide me what should i buy with bloodshards or hunt now? whats the best upgrade and prepare for 2.6.1patch? Ps: im zuni pet build using SMFKelvinize2 21 Aug
11 Aug What to go for next in my build? Yeah so if you guys don't mind, check out my profile, and my build, and let me know where you think I should go from here. I'm new to the game, this is my first level 70 character lol. I made a character before the season started but it didn't even get to 70. I have 4 pieces of ancient gear, 2 of which are my only crafted pieces (and, yes, that took a LOT of crafting, especially the bracers) so I've only been lucky enough to FIND 2 that I wanted to use. lol I'm only around GR51, trying to get to 70 for primals but stopping a lot here and there to farm bounties. lol I just got the mojo, and yes, I realize it needs to be rerolled. I'll get rid of Sacrifice damage and try to go for a Socket, though I may be content settling for Zombie Dog or Gargantuan damage, maybe even Acid Cloud. I've been gambling hard for rings for a long time, with mojo occasionally, and it has paid off! Though I STILL want the ring that makes you immune to poison because OMG the set dungeon so hard. >.> Poison immunity aside, what else should I be looking for? For the record, I'm not a fan of Piranhas or Soul Harvest or Zombie Bears and have tried many different skills but keep gravitating towards something similar to what I have now. And I REALLY tried hard not to use Corpse Spiders but it was killing me having more than 1 mana spender, as I like to spam the crap out of Acid Cloud. sorry for all the text, Anyway, I hope someone takes the time to answer me. Thanks! :)MeltedWater2 11 Aug
07 Aug Missing legs for too long This is my 2nd season, s10 I got stuff much more easily by ~para300, lacked only endless walk I think. Here I'm farming and farming and never got the real stuff. After depleting kadala and kanai around 150 rolls together just on wd, while farming brings loads of "goodies" like 2h weapons, recurring set rings and lots of no-ability legs repetatively. Oh and like 6-7 set barb & monk items, which is just gross. This isn't slouching, with my nerfed toon I made gr50 pretty easy, that includes psycho belt lvl 39. But... Are there locations for specific legs? SMF, Soul harvest CK, lakumba and Belt ofc too.Benom1 07 Aug
02 Aug The barber issues hello i have an issue using the barber and im uncertain if its a bug or some items that interfear or its working as intended. as far as i understand, the target keeps on absorbing the damage i deal with spirit barrage untill i stop casting, after which it explodes for the absorbed damage total to those around it. thats all fine and good but my barber doesnt do that. i attack, and after 2-3 seconds it explodes, regardless of whether i have stopped attacking or not. after that initial explosion, it explodes once every second afterwards. i dont understand, what do i do wrong?Beardedragon1 02 Aug
31 Jul LF a WD to farm with and share items Hiya, I created another Gen monk for that season 11, para 500, can clear GR 65 right now. I always wanted to try the WD, and i'm up for it, just don't wanna start again with no items. That's why i'm looking for a WD that would be up to farm with my monk, so we could share class items. PM/ADD me in game : Epok#2511 EpokEpok0 31 Jul
30 Jul Witch Doctor summon rant How come Witch Doctors summons are so unbelievably stupid that you wish to smash their little brains to the developers face? They always end up being behind when running rifts of any kind, they always end up fighting one single skeleton or something instead of the big elite group that is right infront of you where you cast spells, they always end up being just completely useless until they realize after a long wait that there are actually elites around to kill and there is a bug with them that when ever something is summoned to the playground, it takes multiple seconds until they realize that it's there and they then attack. Why did the developers make WD's summons this braindead? I bet the developers themself are as braindead considering how Diablo 3 was ruined and made into same old bag of sh*t pipe run and endless grinding. I miss the good old days from D1 and D2 when things were at least a bit more interesting. I wonder if they are going to ruin Diablo 4 too if such is ever coming instead of these insanely high priced "'DLCs" for one stupidly over powered characters. Just wondering. Witch doctor's summons seriously need an "attack this target" button. Perhaps make it so after you summon them, the summons "summoning" button is actually the "attack this target" button instead.Semirotta1 30 Jul
20 Jul Start with wd I am going to play wd only this season,whats the best start for me and what should i do/obtain first?KichaChi4 20 Jul
19 Jul Survival problem... Looking for help here, I'm on 65 GR and cant move farther coz I die to everything (almost) by one hit. It looks totaly awkward to me when I see 85%+85% dmg reduction and I die like nothing... wtf am I suppose to do about it? I have zunimassa set with 7+15 fetish x3% for each one = 66% dmg reduction + lakumbas ornament with 10stacks = 60% with base ~75% dmg reduction When I stack everything it shows ~75%+~80% dmg reduction I really cant imagine more effective defence ...Wejdnart1 19 Jul
19 Jul Potential bug soul harvest Yesterday, also after reloading the game, dropping all pets and follower, I stood in the middle of a mob, clicked for soul harvest, the graphics showed it worked, but no number appeared on the icon. Seems like it worked though I couldn't tell how many stacks were in. This was in HC mode, dunno if matters. Anyone else had that? Seems like it started after last patch.Benom2 19 Jul
17 Jul Ring of Emptiness If my follower is using a Band of Hollow Whispers, which is the ring that occasionally haunts nearby enemies, can my followers haunt proc my Ring of Emptiness' extra damage? It does say "Your" haunt and locust swarm... I have haunt on my bar anyway, but was just wondering. :/Starfyre3 17 Jul
10 Jul new to the class need help with builds and items. so as the title says I am new to playing witch doctor and I am playing around with builds, I have both a full zunis and helltooth, right now I am using zunis (dont have the mask the buffs pet damage by 50% yet T.T) but I was using the carnevil mask so I had that in my cube and tryed to test it out (seeing alot of fuss over the mask for zunis) and noticed my little guys deal LESS damage so am I missing something? so I switched back to the grin reaper mask in my cube. so anyways reccomendations for both zuni and helltooth sets?ProxyJames2 10 Jul
10 Jul Is Witch Doctor the most simple class? I mean they are pretty easy to play with and easy to kill monster with. So are they the best class?Andreas2 10 Jul
02 Jul Homunculus is mine any good? i got a homunculus which has: damage + 6-7 intelligence +152 reduce cooldown of skills 5% increased sacrifice damage 60% increased fire bomb damage 14% maximum mana +60 and a zombie dog will spawn every 2 seconds level 32 Is that any good?Victor0 02 Jul
29 Jun Witch-doctor modification Hey everyone, I played a witch-doctor last season, and one of the annoyances that many players re-iterated time and time again, was the inability to command the pets. Now that the necromancer has been released, and I got a few levels, I see how they are doing the pets. The pet summoning is a 'passive' ability and the main ability commands them. Do you think witch doctors should be done in the same way now?aindriu1 29 Jun
18 Jun Lon WD Sheet Dps Been looking at the leaderboards, and the Lon WD´s are showing up everywhere. But, there is something i dont quite understand here. With the same int as i have dex, and with similar stats on gear, their sheet dps seems to be much higher than my 3 mil ltk monk. They often show at 4-5 mil, with some hitting over 6 mil. Can anyone explain to me, why this build in particular has so high sheet dps. Also looked on the leaderboards for ex. wizzes, and here the top players still only have like 3.5-4 mill, not 6 mill.Esben0 18 Jun
09 Jun Helltooth gift in Season 11 ??? Hey guys, i am eager to find out whats in the store for helltooth in next season. Ive heard HT will be haedrigs gift in next season. Are there any plans with boosting that build or pets are fixed? Spread the news please :DLaesus0 09 Jun
05 Jun Final boss is kickin my WD's butt! Anyone got a recommended build for dealing with boss fights/single target dmg? Also, I'm at lvl 69. Should I grind up to 70 before facing him?RawTheory12 05 Jun